Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on February 10, 1964 · Page 2
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 2

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1964
Page 2
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Hospitals ADMISSIONS n St. C •,i»rln« Siturd*- | Debbrg Spor, 211 Conkling r>-ora f lannel, vmi N. fith ' Mrs. Columbus Kiehl, 209 N. 2r-l Mrs. Mary Murphy, 407 E. B--':bcvv Mrs. Ruth Stevens, Rt. 1 Marilyn Espinoza, 1604 W. Kansas Mrs. Merlp Adkisson, TTiysses Phil B. Wilson, 1501 Mike's Drivn At St. Catherine Sunday ' B!n'i" Lowe III, 607 Garden City Ave. markets LOCAL PRODUCt •091 fextra Larg* A'l • Iff* A't Large M Eggt A'l Medium .30 •gat A't Small .M ftggi C'a .11 1»t Orada Cream Heavy Hana .11 ^Ifrlf rfVfW • LOCAL WAGON PRICES Wheat II.9S onthg Mll» IUO wnchg. Rya $'.0$ unehg Bartty .If pu. wnchg to tor** Cftf Cleo William, 901 Jenney Mrs. Richard Widows, Rt. i MamiPl Oarc'- 1 HI. OarHendale Mrs. LeRoy Thomas, 411 N. 1st DISMISSALS At St. Cp'h»r»«« Saturday Jake Roderick, Lakifi Mr-. D-~ild H?Ti*. Bt. 1 Janice Mares, Scott City M-.,. Fe 1 -'tos ''"Etz. Rt. 1 Thomas W. Miller, Holcomb ?''-. Clarence Brecheisen, 1820 W. Kansas i' -nrf" S"> r " r 'ie. Scott Citv Mrs. Omer M. Barnes, 1501 W' nee Mrs. Ralph B. Staley, 2003 N. 7th At LaofMld Saturday ?'«•.«. Wf'-T r)res"her. Rt. 1 At St, Catherine Sunday J -ure^cn / ••'jc'-.v -, . afield Mrs. Jesse R. Avila, 212 Conk- HP Jullanne Stoddard, 619 N. 12th, : rlirrla I-MZ. 1'nO ,» 'I. rd Mrs. Donald Owen, 903 N. 9th ' : d : rav. Rt. i BIRTHS At St. Catharlna /L -in to Mr. and » r . Charles Peebles, 303 Center, Feb. 8, 1x26 p.r i., U pounds, V4 ounce. A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. C. E -.ieh., 209 N. :nt!, l« \ 8, 7:43 p.m., 5 pounds, 9Vii ounces. . aau B n?r to t ,lr. i H Mrs. Richard Widows, Rt. 1, Feb. 9, !>:a5 a.m., 6 pounus, 8 ounces. Legols Warranty Daadt—Nellc Wanda Llle, et vir, to Lcmmie Shepherd, et ujc, the N 1-3 of the NWM of 2, block 8 of Teitelbaum's Addl- LaReta VanVleck, et vlr, to Ruth P. Tabor, the W',4 of lot 2, block 8 of Tcirlebaum's Addition. Charles 0. Smith, ct ux, to Katharine C. Jones, et vir, the SWU of 1-24-34. James R. Carroll, ct ux. to •e«e. tit? tHf>gMM Mmde?, febrw»t 10, 1144 Telegram Photo OARDIN CITY LIVESTOCK Total receipts: 1,214 cattle; 329 ho-"?. , Market here Friday was steady to strong on stocker and fepder iteefs with feeder heifers selling .• .My. Good action on all classes. Light weight steer salves 300 Ibs to 400 Ibs • $24.50 to $26.25. :' iv!?r weights $2T to $25. Holsteins $18 to $19 with bull calves : j ' -» ;,.1.5J. Ho: .jr cat'-es $21.60 tr $23 on weights 300 Iba to 400 Ibs. Brocklcs and medium quality kind $19 to $21.50. "Quitclaim D»*d — Ed Ander-' cident near Downs Jan. 2. Yearling steers steady to strong: son et ux to Jlmmlc cllfford An . j He was born Aug. 1, 1885, at •ome spot* SOc higher, 500 Ibs person, lots 10 and 11 in Block 9 Jamestown and had lived here God and Country Awards Presented Receiving the coveted God and Country Awards during services at the First Methodist Church yesterday morning were these fivs Boy Scouts. From left are Roy Earl Caywood, son of Mr. and Mrs. Warren B. Caywood, 2316 N. 7th; Don Collier, son of Mr, and Mrs. Harold Collier, 202 E. Fair; Bob Bortz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Bortz, 608 Inge; Bruce Francis, ton of Mr. and Mrs. Horace D. Francis, 811 Summitt; and Mike Corrigan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Corrigan; 1705 N. A. At the rear are the Rev. Don Peckham, associate pastor of the Methodist Church who conducted the year-long class for the Scouts, and th* Rev. Paul Hantla, right, church pastor. deaths Wesley B. Ea!Jv/h SYRACUSE — Wesley B. Baldwin, 78, long-time Syracuse rest' John'T Sjmps"on7"c't ~ux,""l'of 2, dent, died Saturday in Trinity block 2 of Holmes First Addi- Hospital in Dodge City from injuries received in a car-train ac- 1 > 630 ) •< - S22 to SM.*o on choice kind v 600 Ibs to 750 Ibi at $21 to of the town of Pierceville. Mnrrlagt Llcinitt — .lames F. 30 years. He was a retired rancher who had moved to Ham• M. .*r> Ibs to 1,000 Ibs - $20 I Kn l Jr" 22? and Catherine E. ' "ton County from Finney Coimty to $21. Shapey and medium kind from $19 to $-0.50 on all weights. Yearling heifer 550 Ibs to 660 Ibs frf>n $20 to S21.SO. Brockles and j V' medium kind from $19 to $20 on' " m Bull Pn .., nn . .. th uf r ,,. tlcn ri(v P V rov Lee Mowdv 20 and Ka£ J I U V _-tl»C illUn U.V I bV( Ct (III fXfll R > v R „• both of Gar . Tinfilo Gollardo, 28. !3, both in 1928. Hc was married at Randall Jan. 3, 1906. Mr. Baldwin was a member of the Garden City Baptist Church. Survivors incuide the widow, 'Butcher cows were strong to 5/v. ,..' ..; rn-npr 8 "'l cutters I $9 to $12.50. Utility and commer- cruMTY c'"> s *o' '.So to '$14 with yoi'ngcr type cowa and heiferettes $16 to ' Mildred Graves, Denver, Colo., Mrs. Lola Finkenbinder, Mrs. Mav Homing and Mrs. Arlene Hinkle, all of Syracuse; two sons, . Baby calves $15 to $55 per herd. •-.•-.. ,i • Hog market steady to 25e higher. 'j.o'» $b>.S5. Most. Rood butch•Y hogs told from $14 to $14.85. Lights from $13.50 to $14.10. Sows ~lntd — Basil W. Youiit, Sub- Orville and Lester, both of Syra- leUe, operating without a KCC cuse; two sisters, Mrs.'May permit $5 and $5 costs. i Lewis, Topanga, Calif., and Mrs. $10.50 to $13.20. Boars from , vs D E Sroufe ' s> Ul ' ' DISTRICT ' Bertha Snyder of Parsons; a Civil - The Salina Supply Co. brother, John C., Sacramento, vs. Bill Burge, doln« business Calif.; 19 grandchildren and 10 great-granachildren. Funeral will be Wednesday at p.m. (MST) in the Pilgrim as Finney County Plumbing. Suit on account. Divorce Flltd — Julia C. Sroufe $7.40 to $9, Baby Digs from $6 to $14.50 per head, depending on size and quality. KANSAS CITY LIVISTOCK KANSAS CITY (AP) - Hogs 6,000; barrows and gilts weak to mostly 25 lower; sows fully steady; barrows and gilts 1-3 190-250 Ib 15.00-50; 280 - 450 lb sows 13.00-75. Sheep 500; lambs and ewes 25-50 higher; feeders little changed; good to prime lambs 18.00-20.00; cull to good ewes 6.00-8.26; good and choice feeders 14.50-16.00 Cattle 12,000; calves 200; steers and heifers 50 lower; feeders steady to mostly 50 lower; good to choice*, steers 18.00-22.25; good to choice heifers 18.00-SM.50; utility and commercial cows 13.00-14.50; good to choice feeders 19.00-23.50. Stock Market Hears New High POLICE Bonds Poittd — Robert Loui Holiness Church at Syracuse with the Revs. James Grav and Rob_ ert H. Hcckart officiating. Burial Pe"d"gr,2w"'ATbert/runnuig""re'd wil1 be in the Syracuse Ceme- lipM, $10. tery ' Byron Martin Sanclift, Daniels . " Courts, Imnroper driving, $10. Robert 1 Young HorlOW Gerald Eugene Moore, Oakley, SATANTA Flineral for Ro |>. running red light, $10. SATANTA _ Hineral for KOD- here Thursday, was to have been \ this morning in the Satanta Methodist Church with the Revs. Robert Jeffries and Harold Morgan rriiciating. Burial was in the Satanta Cemetery with Phillips^ White Funeral Home, Garden City, in charge. NEW YORK (AP)-The stock market ed<"H into n^w hi«h territory in fairly active trading ep-'v this afternoon. The averages had reached ne 1 - wiks I'tidiv. Prices were irregularly high- r * with s -" s, ir TS end airlines showing the ire 's. Changes of key issues ranged £r~-i r,'C t! ins t' i> wint or so. The business background was fa'"Tfi\>K J' •' sa'es and only a slight increase in inventories were reported for December. A'ter b c in? solidlv ahead in Imnroper driving, $10. Donald Ray Morgan, Rt. 1, drunk, $25. Roger Allen Rollet, Rancho Motel, speeding 30 mph in 20 mph zone, $15. Richard L. Henry. 2095 N. 6th, parked on sidewalk, $5. Louis Edward Horton, 231 Saf ford, parking between sidewalk ard curb, $5. Mrs. Donald Stoddard, 619 N. 12th car parked in truck zone, $5. Bonds Fortelttd - William | p u a l, will be Tuesday at 10 a.m Daniel Wood, Raymond Fuentes, Larrv Lee Wasson, Ronald Mich- liel Goetz, Paul Martin Sterling, Barbara Jean Jackson, Roscoe Hurd, Mrs. Laverne Tuttle, Kenneth L. Bauer, John Robert Setters, Everett A. Ponder, Paul M. Springer, Zola Gay and L?roy Dolar Fief. Mrv. Nicoloto Oitix Funeral for Mrs. Nicolasa Ortiz, 57, 208 Taylor, who died in St. Catherine Hos ct St. Mr.ry's Catlisli: Church with the- Rev. Clement Goubeaux officiating. Burial will be in Valley View Cemetery. Rosarv wi'l be ct 8 p.m. today in the Phillips-White Funeral Home. Margaret Tenhaeff Funeral for Margaret Tenhaeff, Windsor Hotel, who died Friday, will be Tuesday at 10 a.m. in St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church at Kinsley with burial in the church cemetery. Garnand Funeral Home is in charge of local arrangements. Lester Hordin Clompitt Funeral for Lester Hardin ClaniDitt. 76, 1208 N. 9th, who died Friday, will be Tuesday at 4 p.m. in Garnand Chapel with the Revs. E. P. Rogers and Robert Fleenor officiating. Burial will be in Sunset Memorial Gardens. _____ ' '•* Marilyn Espinoza Marilyn Marie Espinoza, two- month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Espinoza, 1604 W. Kansas, died Sunday at St. Catherine Hospital after a brief illness. She was born Nov. 27, 1963 in Garden City. Death was attributed to pneumonia. Surviving, besides the parents, are twin sisters, Marsha Gail and RobinRae, and Robin Rae, a brother, Henry Michael, two half-brothers, James and Robert, all of the home; four half-sisters, Helen, Elda and Alice, of the home; Mrs. Brenda Morales, 211 S. 10th; and the paternal grand mother, Mrs. Tommy Espinoza, Dodge City. Graveside services will be Tuesday, at 2 p.m. in Valley View Recognition Paid Area's Ea:jle Scouts William Allen White Award To Salina Editor LAWRENCE Kan. (AP) - An editor who "was one of those many and fortunate youngsters upon whom Mr. White practice" received the William Allen White Foundation award for journalistic merit today. 'It was in his Emporia that 1 grew up and learned the newspaper trade,' said Whitley Austin as he received the llth annual citation of a Kansas editor for service to journalism and to his community. "Perhaps he saw in me a lamb peculiarly salted for poetic justice." Austin started his career under White, the famed editor of the Emporia Gazette and was a personal friend until White's death in 1944. Austin has been associated for 30 years with the Harris Group newspapers—first with the Hutchinson News and since 1949 as editor of the Sa Una Journal. The foundation's national citation for journalistic merit went to Clark Mollenhoff Pulitzer prize-winning Washington correspondent for Look Magazine and the Cowles Publications. Mollenhoff gave the annual William Allen White memorial lecture. The ceremonies were at the University of Kansas. Rolla Clyrher, editor of the El Dorado Times, presented the citation to Austin, i He called Austin "the able, Some 300 persons from throughout the area attended Sunday afternoon's ninth annual Eagle Recognition at Co-op Center. Honored were 59 boys from 15 towns in the Santa Fe Trail Council who have attained Eagle rank during the past year. Police Chief Hal Kane was guest speaker. He discussed responsibilities of citizenship. He was introduced by Mike Blackett. The 59 youths who have made Ea?,le rank in the last year: Garden City—Roy Falke, John Elsey, Roger Smith, John Phipps, Robert Wagntr, Gerald Montney, Wayne Montney, Gordw Montney, Bruce Francis, Billy Reynolds. Scott City — Tom Roberts, LeWayne Hull. Liberal — Wayne Wedel, William Avery, Bob Ritchie, Wesfon Tenney, Thomas Dunlap, Charles Ringer, Gary Dunlap, Mark Devaney, Danny Lee Hall, James Sperry. Mickey Charles, Jerry Deines, David Warner, Mark Ziser, Karl Gartung, Michael Hoskinson. Syracuse — Phillip Hefty, Chuck Willis, Carroll Wainwright. Ashland — Don Harden, William Baker, John Stevens. Tribune — Luther Keith, Jr., Ronald Woelk, John Epp, DeWayne Gooch. Lakin — Jimmy Cole. Hugoton — Doyle Hathaway, Jos Beasley, Rex Beasley. Holcomb — Kent Shaw. Ulysses — Phillip Durr, Gregory Morton, Thomas Stinemetze, Charles Hacker, Wayne Howard, : tireless, irrepressible director I of the* destinies of the Salina i Journal. "He has acquired the deft professional touch for the ca roer to which he was ordained. "Mr Austin figures that he has written, at least, 10,000 editorials—most of which have been forgotten — a fate which is Buddy Jehnsoit In the Service Wilbtr Lt« Motley 5 Garden Citians To Armed Forces the writers of all Traffic County Accidtnt — 'Pridav at 9:45 a.m., 15 miles west on US50. Car driven by James Leslie Willis Colorado Springs, Colo, (extensive). City Accidtnt — Friday at noon at high school parking lot. Cars driven by Jnnett lx>:\!se GiHirist, 1109 Pearl (moderate) and Robert Alan Williams, Rt. 1, (exten- strongest! s i ve ). City Accidents — Saturday at 9:30 a.m. 5th and Fulton. Car driven bv Mrs. Helen Roper, Lamar. Colo., (minor) and Parked car owned by Western Motor Co 5th and Fulton, (moderate). Saturdav at 6:05 p.m.. 8th and Kansas. Car driven by Gary Fer- early trading on news of price rcll Hintolli Tribune , and "truck inert-asps ny i . br-ss m Us, i driven b Wiuiam David Fosteri some copper issues slipped into i702 pat . s Drive Damsse was extensive to both vehicles, Saturday at 1Q:)0 a.m.. 800 block N. Main. Cars driven by cauini". After boosting their quarterly dt- : n •>•', » i" -i & Manufacturing and Pitney- Bow eacu gamed about half i point. '. \ Awtatp'l Press average of 60 stocks it noon had ad- V9P"»d .<) to H.I with industrials up .8, rails unchanged and Uti 1 ' i ?.< i 1 ) . The Pow Jones average of 30 _^ ._. _. indi"; - -\s »t noon was up 1.15 %n9 Wf mMit to 793.74. P. 1 ' 1 " > on the American Stock {Exchange were Irregularly his'r'r in moderately active trading. (.'01 pirate bond* wer« mined jpvernmentf dipped. Cemetery with the Rev. David Clifford Hacker, Raymond Hack- Dougherty of St. Mary's Catholic ; er, Jr., Steve Dieker. Church officiating. Phillips-White Jetmore — Stacy Olson. Funeral Home is in charge. Dighton — Darrell Hallbick, Ian Bentley. Dodge City — Phillip D. Knapp, Stephen D. Smith. George Pinick. Hanston — Larry K. Roberts. Friend — Donaid Corn. shared by editorials. "But Whitley Austin's editorials stand out. They are different and apart from the common run. The man has the knack of pouncing upon a lone fact in a wilderness of drivel—and making of it a vignette that is worthy of being read over and over. All of his editorial utterances strongly bespeak the abiding independence of the man himself. Uniformly, they are couched in unimpeachable prose. They are seldom too long. They snap and crackle as the writer warms to his work." They sparkle with neatly • turned phrases and no grandiloquence." From the age of 12, Austin said. White plied him with books and continued the practice almost until his death. 'I read, marked, learned and suffered literarv indigestion," Austin said of his eariy days. "During my two years at Emporia Teachers (College) I was the campus reporter for the Gazette," Austin said. Austin joined the Hutchinson News in 1933 after a year on the Gazette and brief service as a secretary for the Kansas In come Tax Association and the Kansas Farm Organizations. He established the News photography department and be came the paper's Sunday editor. He was a combat photographer for the Army Signal Corps in World War II and won a bronze star in the China-Bruma-India theater. Five Garden Citians have enlisted — three in the United States Marine Corps and two in the Navy. Now undergoing training at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, Calif., are Richard Baier, Robert Martinez and Walter Witman. Baier is the son of Mrs. Eleanor Baier, 1101 Summit. Martinez is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Martinez Jr., Rt. 1 and Witman is the son of Mrs- Philomena Witman, 605 E. Maple. All enlisted in the Marine Corps Buddy Program and will go through training together. During the 11-week course they will be taught military leadership, bearing, drill, infantry weapons and first aid to name a few. Sgt. McGuire, the Marine recruiter, is in Garden City each Wednesday. His office is in the post office building. Two Garden Citians Take Recruit Training In San Diego, Calif., for Naval recruit training are Wilber Lee Motley and Walter Murray Johnson III. Motley is the son of Mr.,and Mrs. Thomas E. Motley, Gardendale. Johnson is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Johnson, 506 N. 3rd. The Garden Citians are both graduates of Garden City High School. Johnson will be in electronics. mge^S Wu,. A STiu5ta|t«- Garden City Cooperative Charles Carlson, Liberal. Dam-! age was minor to each of three vehicles. Victor Haflich Is Re-elected Victor Haflirh, Garden City, has been re-elected as chairman r ih'> /.-•, Mental.Health Center board of directors. •e Rev. Rr'jprt Fleenor, Deerfield, was named vice-chairman, and James Grilliot, Syracuse, will continue as secretary. Rudv Valenzuela, a new member of the board, was named •usurer. Othe™ n°w *•"»*•(! members are Mrs. H. H. Fankhauser, 1 •• "ne, re -> " o sep*ipg Preeley County, and Dr. J. L. Scates, i ; vs<;es, representing Grant Count. ''••ntiniin to hold office are Ben Witzke, Hamilton County; Dar• • Hc'T'-'n. <;r~>> t »- County; „,„... , — . , _ . Claire Fawcett, Kearny County; place winner in U»e 5th District! and Mrs. Milton Thomas. 1016 j -i ii r . George Coffey, Grant preliminary of the 1964 Kansas | Evans. Third place was won by i County. Cooperative Council Speech Con-' Jeff Painter, son of Mr. and Mrs. test held in the Co-op Center of: Don Von Schriltz, Healy. The ', three district winners have earn- Billy Stone Takes Basic at Leonard Wood Pvt. Billy D. Stone, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Arthur Stone, S. Star Rt., left recently for basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. Private Stone recently enlistjgfl in Btry. A, 1st How. Bn., 161st Arty., Kansas National Guard in Garden City. He is now starting his six-month active duty tour as part of the Guard program. FFA Chapter Ends Contest The Garden City Chapter o! Future Farmers of America ended a pest contest last week. The members wpre divided into two groups, with Roger Cooley and Keith Hi"gs as captains. Members started the pest contest in November and were to check in points twice a week. Prizes were offered the top three members with the most points. The awards will be made at a chili feed to be served by the losers Feb. 18. > Chalking up the most points were Neil Koster, Larry Goss and Richard Hahn. Members reported during the contest the following pests were killed: 2,102 rabbits, 131 rats, 153 coyotes, 681 spirrows, 11 crows, 145 mice, 14 magpies and 283 starlings. Members also it- rrrted settimb up 46 rat bait stations. — Ellis D. Hahn, reporter. Hacker .... at Ktesler Hacker at Keesler For Technical Training Airman Raymond D. Hacker Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D. Hacker. Sr., Ulysses, was recently reassigned to Keet- ler AFB, Miss., for te'cKnical training as an Air Force radio and radar maintenance special* ist. He completed his initial basit military training at Lackland AFB, Tex. The airman is a former student at Garden City High School. Collon Phillips Serves In Washington, D. C. Collon A. Phillips, communications technician second class, United States Navy, son of Mr. and Mrs. David C. Phillips, 509 Moore, is serving at the Naval Communications Station, Washington, D. C. i He was recently promoted as a result of his proficiency, leadership ability and score on the Navy's service wide examination. The Naval Communications Station provides a primary link between shore bases and units afloat. SPEECH contest winners, from left, are Keith Henderson, first; Bonita Thomas, second; and Jeff Painter, third. Keith Henderson Wins Co-op Speech* Contest Keith Henderson was first . Bonita Thomas, daughter of Mr. Oklahoma !1RE&5UPP_I HOMIOMfTTMVAUJtS FOI OVf 141 VIAK NOW-a Must In Every Home! John B Kennedy —Whether buyirg or «01ia|, we Telegram Witt Adf! COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - The 10 acn s of lawn surrounding Ohio's statehousc in downtown Exchange, Saturday. ! ed an all-expense camp scholar- Keith is the son of Mrs. Leona" ship to the Youth Recreation and Henderson, 607 North 3rd, and is Leadership Training Camp on the a junior in Garden Cit^- High School, a member of Future Farmers of America and Happy campus of William Jewell College, Liberty, Mo As first place winner, Keith Hustlers 4-H Club. His winning will compete in the state finals speech was on the subject. "What j with winners from eight other I believe a career in agriculture} districts in a try for College I offers youth". ' Scholarships of $100, $200, and Pother Order* Beit DES MOINES, Iowa (AP)-The Rev. P.M. Casady, in discussing the problems of raising youngsters, told his parishioners that boys usually should get orders from their fathers. It is natural, he said, for males of all ages to rebel against orders from women, and he suggested Record Album A Collection ofSpeeches Made By Prtsidtnt Kennedy The recorded tcpct of some of his most memorable speeches, in the rich, mellow tones of his own voice. Truly o collector's item, which every American will want in his permanent record library! have -is»p- j This same speech won the Fin- ; «300. The state finals will be • that boys are less embarrassed nev County 4-H Speakh'g Contest, feature of the annual meeting of j when they tell their chums, "the peared Machine! and, men are digging' and Keith will offer it again in I the Kansas Cooperative Council a huge hole three-quuvrs of the way around the capitoi building for » IS million, l.aoo • car underground parking garage. competition at the Regional 4-H ; and Managers and Directors. Con Contest in Dodge City this Satur- ference in the Student Union on day. the campus of Kansas State Uoi- Second place honors went to j versity, Feb. 17. old man says I can't." New York maintains 2,600 pieces of snow-fighting equipment on a year-round basis. Specially priced Thii Week Oriy! each OTASCO SAM U 4»7W4 - SAIOIN CITY-THI OAIDIN SPOT The? wSf *•* Al AH OTASCO StoreH

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