The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 13, 1923 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1923
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. FKldAY, JULY 13, 19# STORK BROUGHT BIG CONSIGNMENT TO BOSSY * Get In Line for the "JAZZ-a WEE"K" STARTING MONDAY of asu» and hud takrn ':: a'.iiomobUo, a Ford road- traded it, for i\ motorcycle ft homo. Y,'ltn the motor- 'he Ir.iy WJIB the only child in umily ^.nd pf?emli;£ty started out J\V so mo "wild otits." Hut liia r l"ar ::i 'd wht-rc he waa and or- d(.-iv:i tho inarKlial to hoi-d him uutil he (.'mm'. On the arrival of tho father the buy hmko down and cvlod UUo a ]>nhy. No t hiir.Ro ivas brought nfra)n.-it tlv- IK.V. HO ho and his futhur latl for home on tin- motorcycle. River Soon to Surface More Blocks. Lit Mo Kiv-»r. July 13.—UUlo River! ii:ivo three more .-blocks of brick I'livin;: .til soon ay the city council can Jin ordinances to this effect. Tho petition calling for tho paving y: as accepted thU v JOIV, twenty-two out of a pix^ihle thirty two having signed the relit ion. Salt Plant Foreman Hurt. ' Lyons, .July Y, 1 ..- George iPt>tit, mill foroman ot the Bo vis Itook Salt com! )» r.ic.-'.vt -d uovcre Injuries "A 'hen j in Sylvia. THOMPSON PRO.GRAM. H. pofin grow hnnl Address Wheat Growers of Five States at Wichita Monday. 9. Thompson of Sylvia is on thf iiu at the meeting oi tin*, wheat ers nn<l producers of tho i'\\u •who at pflpduclng states, Kansas, Russell, July 13,—Four " calves of normal Rizo 'born to an Angus cow illidontcing to tho Hildobnmd farm just, south of iti ;i;9ell, is a rather unusual occurrence. Tho ctiHort v.*.;re all born al'.vo and •would have lived but Tor the /act Uuu they were not given the proper attention nt birth; as it was two of them died. Tho satno cow gave birth to twin ctUves last eoasoru making a total of six calves in Eixteen months Cor her, a record seldom equalled any•where.. •Ok i a ho in ;i, N eb ranlta a nd Co 1 ora (lo, which meets in Wichita, July 16-23. He was invited to talk by J. A, \VUU«- of the wheat growers association of Oklahoma, wiu> formerly livt.|l WOMAN SAVES ONLY CLOTHES FROM FIRE saaaKssaPSKSii 1S1 p Blew To Every $10.00 Customer No Strings Attached. To every customer making a purchase of Ten Dollars or more, we will present with a new One Dollar Bill, made by tho United States Government. . This One Dollar will not be credited on what you buy from us—you will get the money and take it with you—you car. spend it wherever you wish. For Saturday only. A New One. Dollar Bill .with no strings attached to it. YOU DON'T NEED TO SPEND IT HERE It's a Real Dollar. Good Any Place in the World. We gave a lot of souvenirs to lucky Customers Thursday and Friday- Folks have come many miles for the bargains in this Sale—If s worth while. Sylvia, July ]:>.--Wnile Mrs. Ralph Salmon sat on her trout porch at the William Mangola- farm near here she smelt fire and found that tho house was on fire. She gave tho alarm over tho telephone and being alono with lor email baby was unable to save anything before the entire house wad a maBH of flamos. Mrs. Salmon was alone and no fire had been in the house since the pre- l'U ration of tho noon meal and it was four o'clock wbon the fire waa discovered. Everything but tho clothing thay had on was destroyed. Mr. Mane- eli>, tho owner, said ho would rebuild as soon aa possible- Are you iiifmred? the Klnkel agency. It not better see DID CHANUTE MAN END HIS OWN LIFE? Lyons, July 13.—Dan Wolfe, a farmer living 5 miles north of Little. River, while out to do some work about his farm, yesterday afternoon, found on tho railing of a -bridge across a ravine, a Binall pacltago. Inside the 'package was a pair of BOX and planed to the BOX was the following lMite: "I am tiroil of llv5n£. You will find my body under this bridge. My addrosa is M. Hunt, Chamito, Kansas." Mr. Wolfe immediately called Sheriff Ward. Mr. Wolfo did not look under the bridge, himself awaiting the arrival of authorities. It Is rumored that oUier fann­ ers did look under tho bridge and failed to find the 'body, -There was littlo or no water In the ravine. Henry Yust has been appointed an- cream buyer nt Sylvia tor tho Ilenlng- sen Creamery Co. A malresH factory man Is making overtures to Groat Bend and may locate a factory there. N'ic Kpiiukor and Nic, Kleppor of Kl'in wood got hunting license number one and two 1 uDarton county. K,->v. J. W. Jones of Arlington Is taking a special Biblo study course at hojitliwcstorn collogo at this time. Miss Lucille Jowott of tho Halstoad postoff-ice force is spending her vacation with friends in Hutchinson. •MM. B. I). Chare wife of .Mr. B. D. Cha^e streot car motorman is ^confined to hor bed on very serious 'illness. Mrs. A. 1<\ Fortier of Little River fell off her porch the other day and fractured her left arm above the wrist. .1. B. Hall of Niokorson celebrated tils nintieth. birthday yesterday and has spent one half of that time In Nlc.kerson. Mills f\oln DuBrao, bookkeeper at the Curtis store has gone to Ellin- • wood to upend a month at the home of her parents. Miss Wllhelniina Dusch of Arlington 'Was married at Kingman to Peter I'ureeli .Ni young farmer living noar Muff -City on Thursday. The Commercial club of Lyons has decided on aotlier salos day on Aug- uist fi, 5t which time they will give $200 in awards and prizes. S. II. Wilson who recontly purchased the Pord Garage at Sylvia has sold his interests to F. J. Conn of Tal- mudga and E. L. Smith of Abilene. Thi? Methodist church has Installed electric fans In the church to make liie atmosphere more liveable during services at the church this summer. The dates for tho Meado county Tair have been decided upon, Aug. 2S- 31. J. H. Graves Is president of the fair association and E. A. Kobs, Boo- retaiy. A. W. McBurncy, tho county clerk of Harvey county has resigned to take effect on August 1. Ho will locate at Colorado SL-rtnus, Colo., as agent for tho Oil Co. ' S Miss Delia Eush of Little Illver, who graduated (rom the Suite A^ricul- i tural college this sprint;, lias gone to ' Detroit, Mleli. where she will teach Homo Economics. ! " Tho employes of the Kansas Gas company will have a picnic at Ktver- .-iue partk at Halcieatl this eveniu:;. Tluy will be joined there by the em­ ployes of the Newton office. llcv. A. Daniel of Chase, who has been enndueting a. revival of tho Nuz- arc-ne church at- Olathe bad twenty- [ five conversions and u church was' organized there during ills stay. ^lir. and Mrs. George Kuss have returned from a several weeks' visit at Bllinwood. They were accompanied by their sister, Miss Paulino Nuss, who will be their guest for some time. JerdM. Belew, an old time farm hand down in the Haven vicinity died | suddenly of iieart disease a short time i ago. He is survived by his wife and J son who are in business in Hi Dorado. I Eil MeCany, who is working on the ' tftamey hotel, was in Barton county last week looking aTter tht^harvesting of his 2U0 acre wheat crop. He says ] his crop will averago 15 to IS bushels to the aero. ' j The Women's Foreign Missionary society ^ot! the N'ickerson Methodist chureh •will -pack a Christmas box to be sent this month to Miss I«iura Frazey who Is hi the mission fields in | the orient. j The Kilee county commissioners havo let a contract with the Missouri Valley Bridge company for a bridge on the Blum street road eight miles south of Lyons and five iniies east of Little River. A worn out insulation on a tele- phono firo caused a blaze at the home of Juan Tubbs at Turon the other night at a time when no one but the baby was at home. A neighbor fortunately saw the blaze in time. Miss Frances Torm of iHaven has been awarded one of the twenty five scholarships given by the College of Emporia for highest grade In a state wide competition. The 'scholarship provides free tuition for a year, valued at $'J0. Johnson A. Black, superintendent of the Snyder Planing mill visited in Sylvia the other day the first time ho had been back there in 17 years. Ho was formerly manager of the D. J. Fair Lumber yard thero and served as mayor and on tho city council during his stay there. He has been living la Hutchinson for nearly lou years. WANTED! Your Tin and Sheet Metal REPAIRS Refrigerators—Water Coolers—Pans— Roofs—Gutters—Etc. —If It's Sheet Metal We Can Fix It— ^ HOSKINS 6c YOUNG Phone 3752 HARDWARE—TIN SHOP (.Home of FRONT RAWK Furnace) 22 First West SPECIAL Dried Pears, lb 20c New Potatoes, peck 4°c 9 bars P. & G. Soap '. 60c 6 boxes Borax Compound 25c 40c Swansdown Cake Flour 33c Fruit and Vegetables: Water melon, cantoloupe, fresh apricots, red currents. Colorado cherries, fresh plums, fresh peaches, head lettuce, carrots fresh tomatoes, 'string beans, mango peppers, cucumbers, fresh corn and new beets. SUTTLE & SON Grocery, Bakery and Meat Market Corner B and Cleveland Clyde E. Suttle, Prop. Phone 381 rr Phone 977 3 15 N. Main 0RSTORE TfT QUICK CONNECTION FOR LONG DISTANCE LITTLE INTEREST {N SALE OF POWELL YARDS • •BIBI Hlllnwood, July 18— A salesman for tho Wolfe Milling company in tho east put in a long distance-call to the mill hero the other day to complete a sale. Wo had an ordor for 5.0CW barrels of flour for York, Pa. It only took three minutes to get the connection, S. B. Reed, ealesmanager of the mills said and the conversation was carried on as easily as though a local salesman had called in an order. 112 North Main HALSTEAD PREPARING FOR ANNUAL PICNIC HBlotead, July IS.—Plans for the annual Old Settlers picnlo to he held here August 8 and 9 are going on apace. Speakers of note havo been arranged tor and eonio of tha best bunds in this part of the state will play, The prospects for a line ot new and novel free attractions wore never better us the cominitteo Is liberally supplied with uKiney to Hue. up something not usually at country piCnleu. Great Bend, July 13.—Very JiJJle Interest was taken in the sale of tho R. N. Powell lumber yards held hero yesterday afternoon. (B. Dlofeudorf, receiver of the company, conducted tiho sale and tho .five yards at ClnTUn, Chase, Bushtou, Beaver, ami Blliln- wood .were bid on (separately and then as a whole, tho O. A. 'Houston ljuniber Yard at Wichita being the successful ibidder. Marquette Journal Sc-ld. Marquette, July 13.—The Journal here has been sold .'by Arnold (Nordstrom to Mr. and Mrs. 0. M. IBolIno of (Lawrence. Mr. Bollue Is on the Lawrenco-Journal-World and Is an ex- eorvlce man. He will take charge on the 16th of this month, v .., . . Tho Globe and Commercial Advertiser, of Now York, the oldest daily newspaper in America, passod out of exlstenco recently when It was merged with tho New York gun. The Ctlolbo and Commercial Advertiser was founded ia 1793. y/ant nf care doe) more damage than want of knowledge, —Franklin, Just call 50 anytime you want the best Ford service, Foixl parts or accessories or Leo Puncture Proof Tires. Itaglana-Klngeley Motor Co. 13-lt "Wats cleaned and blocked. Lewisf U-it 1 . Jtftttt'o Is Essential. ^ f^a^.u:. • Wken your chiU dren are too , yourA to play, , they love to watch and hear mother or daddy play on the player-piano. This modern Player -Piano— $410 is easy to play, and with it you can not only enjoy g,ood music yourself, hut you can |*,ive the children a growing, knowledge and appreciation o£ music—a most valuahle educational ) asset to them as they £,row up. Later;' on, they can take piano lessons on ! this same piano. j fold low, ly th« JenMnt Plan, tut ranked very high in pleasure• printing quality by avery ownerl Buy no player-piano tin- i f.(i yew hear it I June the time to buy. i Payment! Olaily 'Arranged 122 N. Main St. s SONS MUSIC CO, R. F. HOLLAND, Mgr., for Anything i in Muslo Vuit Jtrt&inj' Hutchinson, K«V ' The '/{ouae Vhat'Ovorimlf-ft'AT,L Its- WojiaV. '

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