The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 3, 1971 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 3, 1971
Page 1
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WHAT to read JIM IJNDJtKV, a former: [.Sweeny »dioolboy grid ; ! (treat, lu» )u»t rumpletwl; [hi» firm year with Ihe ! Calgary team In (he § : Cauaditm football league, JOIINNV CASH didn't like any t>f Hits movie* |«j'd ifwi about Jrtuft Mt lie's making hit ti*n! Siory MI I'ajfe I* The family daily paper of Brazorb Counfy THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS •£ Uur Mth Veiir No. 23 ft AMoclntcd I'rwis Member * H MM*)*** r Friday, December.!, 1971 Freeport, Texas f)aily 10 Cent* Ctwitt HIMHVB HOl(-IJ»t Hen tW»lt fluittt O (••«,< II It it t« t.l Capitol Hill vote buying out In open I (Al'l SKY and SEA HiU> IMKTt.Vrlowl) « «la) a«*l t»«»jt)>! wl rtxA »>'.h a r»i» H i intni thit-.j; lont viwnM!^ K * 14 n\\tt ujSIs luU; mid >>> \xi »so UtjtJi Sal i !f»» I'rvtu-iiiil; <>! In »ild Oi/itlina » < amjuieri pllUnii a haunted peh njt'ituhrt againtl a are itiiitt«r» politlral 5r» arr UU-raU aixl Karly l <"!au». 4 far manufacturer an Santa North «ortd loyt to tl»eic OK- fir»t o< the II >j) the (lub, leaprt] mtu an Initial teat) Uit »&* i(jick.l) mrjljltrn by a fag tuuh uf £ m, • 4j fTHi II) (luu'.tiiAi. all «ill ^u (o *! - » mrjJlh) K t; ; j !•-, A..1 .-.. r* JJ m feri-». 1> *|t i r.'s, awl U Kt p..«-, Iti^rhii ^-V, » K a fti t !U V(ft SK-fll lor.^4) A't > ?J atx] ii iticrl lo rt. pJjLn fc» >UlKr to u!l«rft »ho »fr in IUITI urg«J lu r*it lfi>.f w» Scrooge U tccking big lalxir vote* on a reform platform, but the Clam force* point lo Scrooge'* early anti-labor stance The Clauk adviiory co(nmittee, meanwhile, tipfsied rejjoru t)iat airline ptloU had filed a confidential complaint about potential mid-air colluiont with frequently ttopplng, animalxlrawn air vehicle* Through »eparate sUlfiiii-nU lA candidacy, lite c-ootenden provided lhe»e appeal* for votes: t I-MS - "I Mncwely fe«-l that th* Houwr of ltej>fe»entj(tne» could u»e tn) eiprnetjce and my pjul'.nophy, not Juil on I>nr ?> IA«I throughout (lie entire year I think America r*rdi» today a »ptrit of un>rlf«»hne».». a (ooch of kindrirt.) a little l>lt of t/rtxhrrtxiod and a lot more Imr (ttt all mankind " M'ltfMK.K "1 rralue that I am «m»i<Jer«id to be »r>d mean, but I kx»fi ago that the t> a irarm UMUMU (•«"* t,i MM. !(><• Kotlls I'ole laid arrf TuorxVrrful lt#ht that Uxiukd ita y hi alt > cjr Wxig On Ux- o<txrr harxj. 'Hjh, twiai " HOT LINE Tax-slashing bill about to be a law H VM(IM«T<iS Al' \ beSJ tvllfrif U»r-> «ii t l«i!v«n OTTI? Ihr }•«-»,< l^inr )rsaf-» arrf r«:n5{>:t«r;{ \jrj-ae-fl jyr: li-jr tr>4>» irAH Hfrtt jrfvi tft.>c«i lo Mtirti; orf l»« (of far buyer* and > tjimuiut lo Ihf bi|[in * ixsi on Tttf VU Vlt Mt an <4 t' wrr en Ihr ig do c^. B II WI\SM Mr* «. I' ft Ojelr jr«! l «. 1'HK.S'THN A Smol*' Hcuw She . rru-iar<c a vhat he wu£h! m »«u)d 4 revived in i crndit, ptrmiiljnj; a Kttti percetrt Ui writeoff f« an productive .!<• (he &«" thr Hul it U a t>io» lo t>rrtw:«tal»e hopo lhal Ihc yirld thnf ^t cif a if* 1 » t arei < Uuir Mwt. r»l Sc-» Ntt;ir\ «i«ki »J^n (hf Ui. fc«t }«-WJ-r(^! UJT riRht So MV* rif^wal « »«Ti<- o<hrt to f*r-irr=l Ihr tam TTie canirfvttrt iw«j lo .ji'.fr-.or 'he <favk<4f until y7<. Ar»ij OCT. for foturr actual tS M HIT • M ,\|.K» H ' I IM>\ I II n K A«a«! Mjlr fx mth a HS in pM»ra! «<n-r«cr «hc emc in f Ic erirntai) II \ HI\>'|NS Iwr fwrrnU an- INr I, .S M.i»MlS ai! </ U Me j4ar» ID aUrwJ ia« i at \ui(m araj \hr l*n«-« it II jDSKt. and UUIHY V* (iStlTII Mh o< K1V can<l><ljl<-t Io» lvarhrkv« And maitrri dr^rri t rr*pectivel> for mid lerm cwnnwtwement r\rfci»'T» c*i tXv It. at Tr\jH A4W * Univmlty AtlAI,«KHT» I.MtHV t, \H H I N A (i A m e e (i n u frtemlt at l-mv <W lk»ul«i » Cullen Auditorium StimU) night to MV like eiprrimenUI Ihrjlrr grnup, Kl l}ui)o<e perform in An all Spjnvsh play. "I'ahrw de 1'irdra." by MAIICOK I'HBINX liKiilttiK. and JOHN ;?* -SYMAK WA^KKTtiV. taking In the Alky Theater'! Krewh piay, "A Klea In Her Kar" l>a»l,IK Cli'..MKNT »rf U. critically ill in Houm XU at t (VxnmuAlty Ho»[»t,il ulx're he IMS bivn a pulicnt since Del 7 LJ DECOR, LIGHTING CONTEST SET I -AM: J v» KMIN TW annual Iti^nr tVovfatsrAi; jr*t Ijghtir^j! Contest for shr Ijir Jarkw<n li flut) Vn> l.akr Jackton rt-»(ttffi( n»J> enter aid nur> S'UrAi ,ifr (r al t..a\rl|r t ar.'l the 1 jlr (Ie4i«-r» Urn no 'htxikt t«e filled i*H and rrtunnvl lo Ihr l^ake I'tcanef* i» later (hun n««w th>- 17 Tlw Ihfrt" ulrgitf ir* <i< UK- ivnlol ate tr|i);ii«i» inmlrrn and l'rt.'c» will l«e li>cal merchant* and awarded to the firtl. terond and third prue wiimrr in each category Judging will take pUce lH-c 17 at»d judge* will foe wlevted Irtmi the Mrn't Garden I'luli ul Greater llratotptirt lo f»«-i«V"ima! ^r-lo slxll»«iuat» the txll mran tn eitra 1*1 r»rre,t*tlf»t th'-» *rat IV.'' tx-il >r*r Chairman Wilbur 0 Mill*. t> Art tf Wie Hiww W*y» ind Mrjrs Committee a(,'ered Iho rompromue on campaign riinrkcrff Mill* told !-ic«Mtien at Imrart tr »*• r«a! convince) Ihc Houw incukd [awi the bill in lU initial (arm and »a» ,Niit*i would vein il >. fx* *a»d wuuk! tic to thr (voncMH) . »irx-<- all thw Ul fuvtxtinons »<MW t«r in iSndx f<w mnfithii KCT> Jc*«-, HS lUmrt a! H«vul minimum -*r*jk) tie (T«K»I«! neit yrar (nun II .«» to 1 1, KM Thr rirue lai on and light lnKi.i -c rr)«-alr»i an ateragc iii the Way* ar«l M«jr» Committee, (irmmnciv) the oomprtMniM- a» ' mon »tr<i;u gimrnxkry »nd »Jid »n r(d«-t »till miRht be macie to kill it on the HOUM- flc«.u Hul olht-n on l>ot>! Hide* cV the runt rovers) jutxliftpd the Itouw and Senate wi Petition seeks vote to sell golf course IUiHnl in.'i) lx> (k«i;il«i for .1 ."|HM(K' prnott * jco>uiil fo( gem' iw. or a> the "prejiuum " (IK a oneyear liliH*! in kurance pnilcy for one .s own lamih To hHp puWicue the Hliwdnuitnle, mnnbeni irf the rtmrch Hpunitored lloy Scout Tnwp 3C7 make and put up posters HtKKPOKT — A first Mep toward moving and expanding the Municipal (^rff Cgurae *a»> taken thi* wcsk by the (•'rwpofl Unlimited Committee, () V Collins, president of (he committee, and st-vcral 11 pr«-M-nu-d a petition asking the (.'Hy Council lo call an liiit would authoriM' *ale of the present kite of the nine- t»le OWJTM 4 Die «jji-, CoIIim t-ajd, wi/uld accomplish C*o purposes Kirnt, ihe "I acre tract i» exptcted lo bruitf Liw/uRh money to pay for law! purtiiate ami improvement!. e{w*tiere for a more diallengir:); l&-l>olv course Seoxid the land would Ix- sold for two Unrig* the committee feels Kree-prjri iit-Mli - bouMng and a consent ton center The pe«ition» presented by Collins to City .Secretary B K Waliwt held W/J signaturr;*. There must he: Vffi siHrwU'rw of rpialifiwl volws tn mandate ;in eUftion The (ViUncil i!> cxp*x"twl to t;ikc action on (he petitions at next Mnfiftiy's regular mee(m(( Several yejrs ;i>'/> the City Cour/.'il respfiri'Jed t'< rctjuestii for an impruv«-d gulf <:r>urv: lj> ;ippr,uuu,g ;i coriimit'e*' tn study il, l^iO-r. the Fri.i'(»irt t.'nlimiicd <"<immi(ti-e a<!njXc<f fhih a* a (VilhrH')t*-<.'rN'-dto'nvcFii(.l» thai :.i.: ^•ji'ci.ursfsile -A.I.S now tw< valunUe to Ije UM.I! for ttui! purfxrs''. ix^iui 1 :-. v-ir./ lr«» small. Ili.stwmritlte'f fjropov.s a pla;j in which Ihc IjulV. of th»- "«'.'' "'" !.•• .surxliv idr-d into large lot.* for homesitca. Thi* jxjrtiwi 'Aoiild U; iu.-ar">( the high school. At the other Page IS< I). V. COl.M.NS PHUSKN'TS HCTITIONS TO CITY SKCY. WATSON Back, Krrfport V'nlimili-d memhers U K Krau-.p. Jack Slockum. II. 1.. \ ern »' \KIST.\M jtUckM Ihrtx- .iiriieiiis in •*•<-» Jet Ti Indu !ni,i), an Indian reported The Nf* *i'T»'. dari, in arc urve air rA(d aimirtg t« m-j >ign t«( in stuck. Conference on delegates want action SAU, US The .South »( hrlicx>plen> to Omtxidu tc«ia) to hrip ex trirate relreaUnjB t.'.imt«adwn fiwre* '<n the m»rthea.itern \S \SIII\(iTHN The JuttK'e IVpt hav c>c\len-d a 40- j»-r cent re<!uclion in pep-pill production next \ear. dettKned lo curb oxer l>r«luct!on and illegal uw of amphetamines and mel Blood Insurance plan is available niKKI'OHT - ttVn the t>«p Kldocimotule rolls, inlo lo*n Saturday, il Iwingi. viilh it .in iipfx<fUBiit> for inT\ire Uith lo me '» neixht»>r!> .i» veil .i» to sell and faiuih 'Hir lUt«»hiuilnle.«l h\ lik»»1 Sen ires of llnustim will tvl»n-;ite\t»t the Kir*t 1'rt-sJjytcnan iTiurch. war the downturn .ire.t frnin^aiti m I! «u l u tsjirs K> ni,ik.i' an .ippiutilnuf)! thr> ma> rail Iherliurrtv 2U-28SC. iv ii&t cvmebv NATIONS. NY L' S diplomats exp>.vt K(0pt. in tlx- Middle Kast debate sUulln£ today, to ask the General AiM>mbly to demand Out brad withdraw from all Kjiyptian tcmUiry seued in the 1967 war Listening _ B> LAWRENCE MAllOY I was using for m>se!( luJ's purtiun ul ttul which !«• tuul tni»ti-d me and thought I «as domjj no vkrvmg "WH.I. A MAN HOB GOD 1 YKT YOl' ARE KOUBI.Nt; MK HIT YOU SAY. "HOW AHK WE HOUHINU THKK' IN TITHES AND OKKKHINUS " Matochi 38 iH S V ' WASHINGTON 'AI J The WKite House <'wiferiT»ce on Aginx may have drafted not unly a national pohrj Ixjt also a political platj«r:r. Ruidir.p ;v.i million elder)* '«!fr> M-\I ;• ear TTn- 3.:*.0 deli cam (hrixjphtHj! the r..i'.)»ri made t! drar ihej war.! at'ion .irwi more money, not empty [•romistrs A» !hf ftfjftTenti' wrapped up its fi\c d:i>> uf work TJiur>.ila> the U-adrrs uf >.ix r a ! i o n a i o r R a si! / a 11 o n i ri-j>rc~c-iuuij: more than six million elderly so'*t\i no 1 , to let the bulky report ^a'.iwr tiu>l on a £a\ ernment ht;rjry shelf "We will ma-.itor un a continuous hasi> '*l)at i> lui^x'timg to thi»e nvom- metxUliofts adiin-.VM-'.l to the public stvtor at all li-vels. (HI! especially those which are addressed lo the federal government "We will do everything [KiNsible to develop strong political hacking at all levels of government for such revomnu-ndaUons," they >jid in a joint statement The National Council on the Aging. an independent voluntary agency, invited all organizations participating in the conference to join in a series of regional meetings and a national conference next April "tu assess the progress made in carrying out the conference ntommeiHialions and to plan for concerted action in any ar»'as tlu! have !«-.-;) M-^^T'I-«: i >rx- of thi- statemi-nt >:^n«.-r> A.'IS riiurv blunt m ilexntur^ "Tl>c l'n->id<-n! mj) .".o! U' pleased with the results because tin- conference rixc..m(i-,i-;vi.-i!i'.tro run dirtx-th v't.»ur.U'r '.it the ^..'hcio uf tht' adminislr.i',!i.m sj:ii Nelvjf, II Cruik'.ruriV. prt-Mcit-n! of llie Natifinal Ci>uncil of Si-nior i'ilut-n> '^ith '.hri-t.- ''.iillu.'n !iu-intH-r> He s.nd delegate^ "nudr U vii'.ir they want the Ni.vm .•idminislriilion to re-align Us prmrilii-s m fivor of p»i>p!e." ;i!xi thai the administration will h;nr to 'turn .iround a full iwdcgrtxis' to implement the revommendalmns SHOPPING DAYS TO CHRISTMAS Riverside building bids due Dec. 29 .) til' .irv i-:ea-i-d (l-cc Hn«.-fc and WHERE YOU CAN GET SYMPHONY TICKETS Tickets to next Tui->i1j>'> perloni..n!Cf ni she Hi.'iiMofi S\mptiun\ Urclu-stra .it lirazi.epur'. llnit\ .vt».-ui i-,ia\ !.n- piircliaseil at the following places l;i I'lute. Jt the tkiJtti!ii l.Viil^r KI*K; C'entt-r. K.i;:.iki C.i?h r'irst St.ile Hank. Jerome Hemien In Krtvjxirt. the H<«.IJ; Si-..,.p. Her:>-,ce I'rj.-idv.i:. Hra/;iS[«irt H,i!ik of <\in;n,i-rce. Mary lU-'.h Hickerson. Ur.i/ospurt Savings and Uum Kuth Stuitn Kir>! Krex'port Natuxial lUuik. Joanne ximlti. Krt-epiirt Inn. H and H Music Co . Wemgarlen's. Gerald Mormv. In l-ike JacKNUi. Anu-ncar. Savings .i;;;i l.uaii Allen Nork lirutosptirl Saunas and l^ian. N'elvu Ui>hUv. Kirsl National Ikink. M-isiin Kvans. Utke I'rug. Kiciuni Ap plmg. the Lake Jjck>on B.uik .Nina K:rk. Wemgarten's Darnel I. Juluisdn In AngleUw Angleton SavingN and Wandj Hmper. Kir>t .Nalioiwl liiink .Mrs H 1. Sjn.ill. Ajigit-toii H;i.-ik of lommerce. Uirdie Kncbel Attorneys query initial revaluations ByJIMHAHNKTT Altorney» for four Urowritt County lonpayer* Thurtday m- troducwi evidence Indirallnii that a lurgi- p»-ri-nila(je of taxable property may have been initially revalued over Us (air market value The material wa» introduced by Anglelon attorneys U-lond Kw and Cleveland Davis during the third day of the District trial of o *uil filed by I'crry McNeil). J I 1 Bryan, Ik'tty Bryan and Asa (JiesHx-kf The *uit it ugaiiul Commiisioiicri. Court and Tax /Vsiessor Collector Ii. A. Utomiw and &cvki> to block new comity valuation*, u new la* role and Ite 1972 budget- AJ»o beard Thursday at Uie CourUwuM in Aiiglvton was a omtentwn fay A»M District Ally. Richard McKlya that he is prepared to offer a oiotiou tlwt would remove a restraining crdcr from ^^0Mri« County' 'to Uitse people can get back to the ( o( running lhi» county." McKlya's motion, alleging that the petition of the (our taxpayer* u fault y, lit pending before Judge John Compton AIM) pcndii^ for Comjilnn's ruling is an alfadavil asking that Bruzoriu County's four commissioner* be held in emitempi of court for allegedly disobeying a restraining order issued by iuiotlter district judge Tlie hearing is being continued from day-to-day until the end of the trial. Judge Compton told The Facts Tltc cwitempt of court charge is related to the adoption of the new budget and valuations two dayii alter the restraining order was issued by District Judge Thomas Stovall of Houston Cuunty Judge Ailo«> C. Arnold is the only member of Com- misjiioncrs Court not named in the allegation He voted against adoption of the budget Another highlight of Thursday's testimony was an appearance on (he uititess stand by veteran tax man, H A Tliumas llwmas. like Judge Arnold earlier, admitted that i*me stale laws were neglevted in connoctiwi w ith taxation for 1ST I K W Canted, an appraiser for i'ritchard and Abbott, the county's tax appraisers, was the first witness Thursday In addition to questions related to appraisal procedures, attorney Kev asked Uanwlt abwut one case where the owner of a 2-1 acre Irucl of land received a valuation in excess of Jli million tianuHl agreed Uiat this was a mistake, and told the court it occurred in the use of a computer When the mistake was called to Harriett's attention, the tract wus revalued at a much lower figure "Mistakes are going to occur in a program of this kind." he told the court Testimony related to the authority of I'ritchard and Abbott personnel to change values during consultations with taxpayers led into the calling of James, W. Sanders Jr., another appraiser (or the firm Sanders told the court that he spent the entire lime set aside tor Hoard uf Ki|ualualion hearings with attorney Cleveland Uiv is and a number of the law (inn's lax clients Testimony from Sanders indicated that a hi,Ui percentage o!" property appraised by IVuclurd and AUmtt v, J; , ixiluced in value after physical churaciertMics ot the land were called to the attention of tliv appraisers Kcv aski-vl Sunders il alniust lou per cent of the tracts owned by Davis clients were reduced m value after Sanders was taken on a 'ride" lo investigate the land thai had been appraised. •'Close lo thai i percentage i," Sanders staled The hue ot questioning otfi-red by attorney Kee indicates that he may try to prove that because a large percentage of sumpk- tracts of land were valued downward, all liu;d revalued under tlie program wus appraised above Us fair market value. (Continued on Page 14)

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