Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on March 12, 1936 · Page 5
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 5

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 12, 1936
Page 5
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ey Ermand suffered Stroke one evening las hile at his office. He has bnflned to his bed par Jme but how is improvec fable to be up and abou se. 3la Abbitt, who is at| school at Maryv.lle, Mo. [ome last Thursday, re! Tuesday. Reynolds and family loved into Mrs. B. H property. Davidson of Omaha came I to see his father, N. C. n, who is quite ill at this Verlee Gordon, who is Id at the Barm Bureau Bedford, spent Sunday P. Swygard went to [.Bluffs last Thursday to i her sister. She plans the last of this week. R. Huff was in Shen! last Thursday evening, a medical meeting. ; accompanied by Miss Huff and Miss Merle City, visited from, Friday until Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Hughes. Mr. and Mrs. Tip Lucas moved to a farm near Nodaway, Tuesday. Mrs. K. R. Huff, Miss Virginia Huff, and Miss Merle Reimer were Creston vsitors Tuesday. While there they called on Mrs Maude Wells, who is in the Greater Community hospital. They report her as very slowly improving. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Douglas were in Shenandoah Tuesday on business. Dr. C. Chapman of Des Moines, and William Chapman of 'rescott, were in Lenox on busi- went Sa t urday night ' flex ln the e° me> They dul1 Spark ought to SUnday and gr ° W lnto a flame ° f !,* the L " H " An ~ ardenc y and Desire. This wil The to n , " " ~ drews home, and with Mrs. Hur- I result in . * " * Vii 4VJLLO* JLJ.U1 "* ley's sister, Mrs. Marjorie Shoenhair, who has been ill Chas. Hewitt has been quite HI for the past two weeks, with pneumonia. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Beck, Sunday, March 8, a daughter. Mrs. Henry Moeller and son Bobby were Sunday visitors at the Noah Brotherton home. We have Semi-solid buttermilk hi 50 Ib. and 100 Ib. kegs and barrel lats. Your poultry and hogs need it after the severe winter just past. Come in and let us tell you about more readiness to serve our fellows, increase our spirit of devotion to God, set us at work in the church. See that you are not cheated out of this new life by sluggishly plodding in the old ways, and refusng to be thrilled by the coming of Spring. Next week Thursday, March 19, we will have a supper in the basement of the Lister will speak. church, and tn-th« r.h, «w» -.U." Skalte** 6 Baptism is wished -please see or to the Church." The subject for get in touch with the pastor and the evening sermon will be, "Es- notify him trangement." ' We extend unto you a cordial! invitation to attend our services. If we would pay more attention to heeding the call of God we would have less time in I which to heed the call of men Anderson Produce. Wade Menoher All our services this Sunday are by way of preparation for our Three Months Personal Workers Soul - Winning Cam- ness Tuesday, "knd while here :alled on Mr. and Mrs. Fred Holben. Mr. and Mrs. Gaile Richard .nd Virginia Lee of Omaha,: spent' SundayTn'Eenox vere vsiting Sunday at the D. Dr. M. J. Sluss is a'business Carter and Arlo Richard visitor In Des Moincs another operation for mastoid trouble at the Greater Community hospital in Creston Monday. He has been in the hospital about three weeks now. Wayne Anderson of Harlaii ••~~"~*" uuui - winning uam- "• paign, which runs from March . . 22 to June 14. underwent _ PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Rev. L. T. Knotter, pastor Sunday School, 10 a.m. 11:00 A. M., Annual Missionary Praise Service. 6:30 P. M., Young Peoples Society. C. Sanders, who has ecu confined to the house and ! the home of Ed Finn dark room for several weeks Vincent Miller of'omahi spent Sunday in Lenox brother, Mr. and Mrs. jtler. lohn H. McCarroll of Des •came Sunday and is attended the Missionary ago at „„ meeting at Annola Toler's, last'in Omaha.' Catherine' M. E. CHURCH Thomas Kelly, Pastor Sunday School, 10:00 a.m. Morning Worship, 11:00 am is | Epworth League, 0:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m. UNITED PKESBYTERIAN CHURCH NOTES Rev. W. A. Thompson Bible School, 10 a.m. Preachin, 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m. Y.P.C.U., .6:30 p.m. who would lead us astray._T.K. The Finance Committee wil PRISCILLA. The Priscilla Cir- meet promptly next Sabbath af cle will meet Thursday after- ternoon in the church at 2-30 noon, March 12, at the Lenox At this meeting the budget is to Hotel. The hostesses will be be prepared and some instruc- Miss Winnie Haigler, Mrs. Lulu tion from the pastor relative to Haigler and Mrs. Blanche the procedure in the Every Touch. Member Canvass. It is very im- W. F. M. S. The Women's For- portant that the members of eign Missionary Society will the committee be present in this meet with Mrs. Cash on Friday vital matter • of church life The «,«„. »,—u ,« members of the Finance Com- Men mittee are: Mr. Albert Glasgow thought enough of the Bible of Mr. Herbert Tully, Mr. E. Doug-' the Christian people that they las, Mr. Ivan Carey, Mr.' Oliver founded many of their laws in Turner, Mr. Joe Tedford, Mr the light of its basic teachings. Fred Henderson, Mr. William If that be so, then it is import- | Bennison, Mr. J. E. Rogers, Mr. ant. And it should be mportant enough for you to READ AT LEAST ONE CHAPTER EVERY DAY. Looking- Forward April 15. On the clay when we ^ commemorate the triumphantal j entry of Christ into Jerusalem— I and which \ve call Palm Sunday [ V :x ^~ | —we are giving (,o those who Call; \vifth it an opportunity to make Friday. SMOKED MEAT-Huv i —'— -.'j-A-j*.JL j. .n..j \ \j L'v, IJ.lXlt.Ll and Mrs. D. L. Carter's; to discontinue smofeinn- meat to the TTnrlrl m rv i-)i-n^ir» < -.i» .-.,-.,.•.. ~ -r_. • _ ° *v*ni u« 45th wedding anniversary was Irving Shafcr _ , ^ . -""-J " "^ J-J- * J-iig, OJ.1LLJ.U1. a few days with hei Monday, March 10. The anni- ; Joy Arnold was we will observe Roll ; Sunday. Bring your roll i--.ll! a public confes'iion "or Jesus decided ' f al '^ ^o the church and hand j Christ. .If baptism of the Roy Long, Mrs. Frank Maharry, Mrs. Irba Huff, Miss Mabel Anderson, Mrs. Donald Tyler On Sabbath afternoon, March 22, the Every Member Canvass is the Lord's Supper will be observed. This week, will bring to us seven different preachers from seven different denominations. These men are successful ministers in their own pastorates and will have a vital message for all. Keep this Pre-Easter season open for the glory of Christ. Plan to be present every night. The public is also invited and many from the other churches will likely want to hear their own men on the nights they preach. Young Peoples' night in our church Sabbath evenng, March 29. The young people of the church will have charge of the entire service. We are proud of the young people of the church and on this night they are gong to more than justify our confidence in them. Let us all be there that night to encourage them. The Spring meeting of Col- ege Springs presbytery will be n Red Oak Monday, April 13, at 2 p. m. THE PREACHER SAYS: If by any chance j April 13. Easter Sunday. 24-1 ; you miss getting your roll call I you • Mr. and Mrs. Arlo Rich- I •rank Maharry drove to Be Tuesday, taking her m, Genevieve Maharry, • her school duties. She •dent at the Maryville • college. • Thompson returned •com Iowa City, where he •pt a few days visiting fcoise Bricker, who is • the second grade in ftenfleld school, spent Bit home. Bid Mrs. Dick Hufnagle •ghter, Mary Lou, have • from Kansas. • Hughes, a student at •ate University, Iowa -••••• v * A %-vtA.jr j iVAClfJ. <^J.J. J.U, versary dinner was Sunday. Those pres joy the day with Mi Carter were their da family, Mr. and Mrs. ard and daughter V of Omaha, and Mr. John Drain of Lenox T. F. Armstrong < was a business callei Monday. Wendel Fleming, v, ployed in the United Leon, spent Sunday tives and friends in I Carl Denz went to Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Hen and sons were dinn Friday at the Ben Ca Mr. and Mrs. Ralph served i — j "iinjiu was LI {juest 01 i ' ° ""<- CIK uim uuuicn on on honor at a birthday party Wed- ' Sunday morning. At the morn- faunday. Those present to en- nesday evening, given by Miss in S worship service the pastor joy the day with Mr. and Mrs. Alison Scurr at her '- — ^ home in ughter and Creston. Other Lenox guests Gail Rich- | were Mr. and Mrs. Dale Reimer I ---tt/—" '• -«.J*» v*.iv,- fJH.£7 UAOil 1 IJi. UJ.1U a guest of i c , arcl ' 8' et °ne at the church on church offered to you or to any FT i^.^ ,,J T-rr_ i ii^linrln't/ TVl n TIT inn 1 A 4- 4-li n « y-il-,411 4.1* t 11 child on this clay the pastor will be glad to serve you. If such to be made. Each member of the church will bo called upon. Please be home on this clay and ready with a statement of what you can do in contributing to the support of the v/oTk" of Christ's Holy Church. Your attention is betas called liVi'V^ ™S to our great week of Pre-Eaatcr d meetings beginning Monday night, April o at 8 o'clock, and continuing up through Easter Day on which the Sacrament of should also face this fact, that in his belief hang the issues of life and death. The Scriptures are clear in reference to this western civilization in which the truth of Christ is accesible That belief in Christ as the Savior of the world is declared to be the only redemptive belief. "He that believeth in Him is not. condemned. But he that believeth not in Him is condemned al- ready."—st. John, Ch. 12. of and Mrs. j The Missionary Society of the ; Church of Christ will hold a Bedford bake sale and serve coffee and doughnuts or pie, Saturday, March 14, at the United Store. 10 is em- | Mrs. Dale Martindale of Clar- store i^inda were visiting in Lenox Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Mills spent guests ^ANDARD SERVICE foil can get Standard Oil Products in Len|id have them delivered to your farm as the delivers anywhere in the territory. iet us know what your requirements will this spring- so we can arrange to have of stock on hand to take care of you. Idon't ,need to accept delivery until you t but we would like to know what you are ,to require. Phone 131 (Nelson Produce) during the day [HARRY HAYNES Residence Phone 140R markets in Kansas City. at the Sharpsburff WE ARE OVER STOCKED WITH COAL , uring the coal shortage a few weeks ago, a little excited as did everyone else and have an over supply of small nut coal, I Yz x 3). This coaUs not from Franklin Y like the rest of our Illinois Coal, but it Central District Illinois Coal. This coal Ie smaller than the nut we usually handle. >ne can use this type iof coal we will sell £6.50 per ton, or one dollar cheaper than anklin County Illinois Coal. >n t forget our big assortment ,of farm frqen seeds. Come in and look them over, [sure to find something you want. R SEED ALFALFA SEED GRASS DUTCH CLOVER BLUE GRASS CLOVER RED TOP tY SEED SEED CORN BULK GARDEN SEEDS Folks are busy moving nowadays. Francis Gundy of Harris, moved _to...the Mrs. G.JB. .Pinney farm west of town, where Ernest Huber lived; Hubers moved to the Will Smith farm, where Earl Shaffer lived; Shaffers moved to where Mr. Newbury formerly resided; Newbury moved to a farm east of Lenox. Lawrence Kirby moved from east of Bedford, where Jerry Green lived; Ira Pfander moved down near Blockton, Monday. Lots of other folks are moving. It is a busy time, especially the way the roads are. Max Griffith, who is attending college at Maryvlle, Mo., spent from Friday until Monday here with his mother, Mrs. Cecil Boyden. Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins of De catur, Nebr., came the first o the week to visit at the Ed Pha ien home. Mrs. Margaret Barlo and children, who had bee I here for some time, returne home with them. Jake Brown had the misfor tune to slip and fall from truck last Friday evening, in such a manner that the back wheel ran over one foot and his leg, bruising him quite badly. M. E. Brown was a Bedford visitor Friday. The Presbyterian Ladies Aid met Thursday at the home of Mrs. Grace Selders. Quite number Were present. Miss Adabelle Pennebaker who attends college at Maryville, Mo., spent over Sunday here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pennebaker. Mrs. D. M. McArthur, who has jeen visiting at the home of ler daughter, Mrs. Marie Patterson at Rockford, 111., returned home Sunday. (Continued on page «i . .. in tfie only car in the lower price range with the '-ACTION RIDE* ,./ L. F. DAVIS COAL SEEDS CHURCH OF CHRIST I. G. Randels, pastor 10:15 Church School 11:60 Morning Worship 6:30 Christian Endeavor "Rejoice a|nd be exceedingly glad." Spring is here if we judge by the temperatures. The natural world has begun to stir getting ready to throw on* the lethargy of winter. Man catches the spirit of restlessness and longs to get into his fields, garden or otherwise expand his ac- NEW PERFECTED HYDRAULIC BRAKES (Double-Acting, Self-Articulating) Iht soffit and imoolhatt ever developed SOLID STEEL one-piece TURRET TOP a crown of beauty, a farina, of taftfy HIGH-COMPRESSION VALVE-IN-HEAD ENGINE giving even better performance with even Itsi gas and ail New Money-Saving G.M.A.C. TIME PAYMENT PLAN Compare Chevrolet's low delivered prictt and low monthly payment!. It is important to go places comfortably, just as it is important to TMNMITMIM go swiftly, safely and economically. And Chevrolet for 1936 maintains its title of the only complete low-priced car by being the only car in its price range with the famous Knee-Action Gliding Ride*-.the most comfortable known. Your Chevrolet dealer believes that "one ride is worth a thousand words." He invites you to nde m the new Chevrolet at .your earliest con- vemence. Just so you'll know how much more comfortable it is on any road and at any speed. The same ride will also prove that Chevrolet for 1936 is safer, more spirited and more thrilling to drive than any other thrifty car. Because Chevrolet is the only car in its price range with New Perfected H ' " ~ Solid Steel one-piece Turret Tn7 IMPROVED GLIDING KNEE-ACTION RIDE* the smoothest, safest ride of all GENUINE FISHER NO DRAFT VENTILATION IN NEW TURRET TOP BODIES »h» most beautJruf and comfortable bodfei •ver created for a low-priced cor SHOCKPROOF STEERING* malt/ng driving easier and safer than ever before ALL THESE FEATURES AT CHEVROLET'S LOW PRICES ANO "P. t»» jrt. o/ N«o S""**""* Coup, al Flim, Michi. *"•; "'"A tamper,, .pare tin • >»; :.•::.:•• ij -•iJh — o . , „..„„» uu. • "—' -^^ •*"" ." ""'""apcn, tpare tin portant features. See and ride in this car-today! S±# ;*--^" «^ S/t? r f g j ^^ti^iT^fV 4 " ^*™«<«>« •• CHEVROLET MOTOR COMPANY, DETROIT, MICH. cote LENOX MILLER CHEVROLET CO,

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