Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 17, 1930 · Page 19
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 19

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1930
Page 19
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DECATUR HERALD FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 17, 1930. " DECATUR HERALD Mrs. Eldred Mas Request Today From Camp Girl Inquirer Asks For Information Needed In Camp- fir^Work By MYHTLE MGYKK KLDRBD A CAMP FIHE OIHL writ** lo " thl» (Ifipiirlrnnnt ftttklng Information Jtboiitbn bc« which will help ·linn tibout hublMi which will hull 1 ht»r tf MII ' f i n IIWIIK! In niixwcilnt; Tier question* 1 fvol tlmt J IJHIH Rftfillj rcjiln|»nd her tor oiling «n sppcal to anjPtnifi for th* *nsw*t to fixations, "OKrr.lnR" nn awnttl, I' would -t*fim to m« Ihftl ths purpose of "nwnrdV In tho Camp Fir* 01- Mtnlzntlfin 1« Ihe nnrmmiiffmtmt of Irvrnli'tiln* sttmly on thti pint ' th* rf'r!" liHtttwlvcs, The veiy " a w f i i r t ' ,n |illc* «(i m pen ti i Udii I pciioiml · Itmt Slncn baby tare In at) imjiottuni tmrt of tho knowlodtrs to b« «»ltip(l t,v rump Fir* K l t K I bellsvB thai i nlllRMil idudlnjj of Hit* department (tti'.j. tnirt ti tlltfKlUK out n[ IhlH In formation nn It ftlipfttrs will lii helpful lo (HI* Inquirer Tt K Piifv foi me In ttlvp this In formation, PHS foi Ih* yoiinft !"tu dent In iindtni*nl rind cqimlly ft n*y foi tin in foiRPt tf the Umw-l For Bedroom Or Dressing Room trf"tt. It would itity with her And now (hut £ tmvp dellvciml thl* litllc crnmn, hcrt 1« Ml« C F G 'a Mlw "Will vnii [INI«- Klvc '"' '*" fo1 ' lowini. l n r d r i i i « l l « n " H»w inn' h nhfiitlcl H ,Hby bti) n Midi wi-ek during lli» flisl «lx inrmtm if hN llf? Whut It tho K«1n I" UrlKhl during tlit «iunc j*rl(wl* What h ttu rM.\- llnn lit wcltflil to tl !*««» ntict v l l t i l in 1 ' T i l l n\f Ihioi' lilnd-. d( rile 1 ! t,n! «tnl curh iiiMWW? 1 Km " Ciirnjp Mi ' f ; l i l «nl hnvt t u know nhoui ihcift IhlnKS to wirn nwnwl"' Kill* of ^'n In[i'rt*nt A iwbv Rslmt on the ftvnrw mHl f d) f U f to nix ounce* the f i «lx monthi, ot about on" :ind ' ic-tinlf noiinrlK monthly H" Kiln-, nhftut "U I m h M In duiUii; t h n l pm\H\ f\'\\p M*lntlnn to lliMiti» cbi-Unii II UK. li^li' 1 j Id l».v t l i n i i t(,i 4 n M ' · ("'mi I 1 I ii* Hi!- | I t t i t lie t« u i K l i ' i n m i i l - t l i M l «n-l i h c i o t i i i r iilwny* » IculHmiitp prc- t n tin- (llwu-'i' k'pi'Dii whlrh come I hi* « u- II" iinwt have cnniitsl'! t i i n u l 1inii*nl t(i Wtpjilv 11« bort. ' meih food foi i-filt building nnti i n « t o r - l l o n and for «natKy »ntl heat It tl» bfiby Rain* far morn than thli ftvirnRp amount, he N overfed nnd thu condition t f t r i l f i penftl- lief to.) It Is wlio to k»ep In mind what th- « virus* bfiVn- fiend* In thf VKIV of footl for hh iww and *«la;hl at nny tlmn nml neither «sew(l nor B ' itntlw thl* t.motint ^'l Floors Nrec' No Longer Be Slippery A ponxiw table k one of the latest thing', in dieting room fur*. /( M smalt and compact yel V!th orffoimle rfiaiver space foi all the liiilt jot* and to/lf« of cojmHiu nnrf wth a mirror /tut righl. , for "making up." 7Vie piece K wall enough io fit into any Itdtoom of dieting room and it may ie jeen in a vai'tety of colon or in in/iil«. RADIATOR COVERS MAY MATCH JDRAPERIES At) aumctlve Htylp (ot ratlin tor uovora In to mttko them of- ftibilo which matches the ovt-i-ditilJeik'H at Ihe windows, jnovlrllns u textile of rathei henvy weave is used Coloi- tuittf Mtrliiod or tf*Hy flowetMl ma- lerinls rnn make |)l««snnt decorative t In a room when used for A cuu lion; however, has been P 'V Piofeiisor A P Kratz of the Tlnlverslty of Illinois, who 1ms recently made experiments In radiation, Us states thnt the cloth cov-r on a moialor should not honR over the odfteJ "The worst offender amorjf obslrnctctl lops," nays Profoi- id r K i a U in uptakln^ of this aub- Jt't-l, "|H the housewife's towel with ' of four 01 Hl-x Inchf* bufow tht top" FOB STHINOING HKADS A Hlai]tl(! pivcaulion to slrenttthen thi' tlueiul wlikh In to b« viwil tor Hlittitilnjf bemla Is to tout It lightly with -wax beture uiinp. This Iwsena the danger of tho beads cutting and wearing through tho fibers of the strands, [t aho makes the thread Blip morn icadlly through the beads A lecent tremor In Olean W, 7, was laid to a meteor se«n to flash throujth the »lcy who ncltiili" the nml *tll kept uppMirwio* of fluutti will tie. Inlorcalcd In knowing lltftl "jtlljiperlnwi" lift* h«n ellin- Inntcrl hy t l i e Inl iniluctUin df tlm *lwtriP pclbhlnu rnnchliic I h c *x- |M'ri«ncc of horns pfonotiile* t««chcM untt I n s U t i t t n d lom«n*lr(ite!i that when floorn a r o poHshKl Mcetrloallv they nre not sllppwy. In fact, If n waneU floor li ullppery It Is fl *uic iilKn l l m t It hut not Von pd1i»h*i'1 pni|i«il\ tt iHUiilly m«nn* that th* VIIY IH.J heen niipllrrt ton thkldy «ntl tin ..... i hii» not t n k e n the lime to polNh It thoroughly Into t h » wood With Ihi- Hi-drip innchln* tile w«x It) d i l v e n I n t i . Ihc |ime» of the wood. filling t h v i- 1 in I- 1 - bclwwn tho burnti* lr-n\ln\ n «nuiflth »nd even, but not » Mltplim- surfarp I h p Hi«l«r tlmt (« no nun h detilted o tl the flomw. llust- \ng IK than oiutlsr, i» there *rc nt obsti m-tlon* an "pocket*" to fitch · ml lii.Ul t h f l U l Charleston Students Learn Civics First Hand f'HAP.r.HNTON-Tlic nii'mbnr« of the M A ctvlcii cl»«« o f . t h e c'hftrli-tilon Mtch tfhool, lounht b\- Mi*. Jennie S, Ftonlunrc. and nhoiit ^0 In number. vliiled the cotii't hotiBc on W«l rcmlfli o t o i n l n f f to t* ln»tntet«d by fnch ortlcer Of hl« oftlelii] (Hitiefl. Clrmli romt w«i tn WHnlon and tho clnMt hnd the opportunity to (it- lend n "civil m m " Th* county clt-rii. t i v u f i i t M . d t r i i l i Jlerk, clietilt nnl rounty Judpre", ond olhnifl \\i'if nu'innnioilnMnK and told the I'lftst jiut turn u u - l i ' i i f f l ' i - wiw opcmted ' Villa Grove Woman Goes To Ohio For Visit VILLA (UtOVK -M;v (Uiy Bui lett left Thursduy lut Cur,on, U for a few tlnyt' visit with relative. Rev, anl Mra T B. LlltfK and d»lighter of Mattoon were nunaU of R«v and Miw J W Mini t Tuesday Mr Starr will ns^M Rov Mr, Lug^ li a two wc^k;' nioetliig in the Mattoon Methodlhl church the first two weeks In November. Mrs, Laura Glllcus la cntertnlnin/j hor children, MM Fern Atkinson and baby of Waterloo, la, Mn, Mae Gllniorc of Arkdntaa City, A r k , Mlaa Mautilu GlllurlH ot Goodwill!!, and Mra Ted Howard of Mulberry. Ind, and Mrs lluinll Brown ami chlldien of Lincoln. Wilier Flnh^i conductor on the C * K I. ratliond Is off duty rc- from tin tnjurod hip inllaKhof in In. Mattoon ihls ivprlt vlnlUnu' hdr avmti, Mrs. John Mcsriuid tmd Mrs. T. H. Slttfi She nceon\ptinlod her parents, Mr and Mrs. Jake Gallagher to Mattoon tho first of the week Mrs John Duehardt entertained the member* of the Pricllla club In her homti Wednesday afternoon. The time was spent wjth sewtn: VIRGINIA RESIDENTS- VISIT IN VILLA GROVE VILLA dROVE--Fiunk Hanson, Jr., and Jay Httftson, of Hunsonvllk, Vs., arrived this woe It for an extended visit with Dr. and Mrs, C. H. Oll- roer, Mr, and Mrs, W, P. Hanson, Rov G A. FruzlPr and other iel- aUvws, Russell Gllmci. who Imd been vial tine In Virginia for two months Accompanied them lo his home In Vlllu Grove. * Mrw, C, C. Cownn bus returned home from a (ew days visit wltK relatives n«ar Mattoon, Mr. ana Mrs, Oowan have moved from looms (n ths Mrs, Anna Smith home to light house Jwpin jf rooms with Mr, and JVirtti JC, £· CnirOi ^HS* Mrs, George Nichols relurnod homo We»lnesdny from Momcnoe where «he had been visiting rolullves .while her hiiHbnml Is recovering rnm an Bpponillcim npwulion In Groat Lakew hospital Villft Grove Hi S. Band Plays in Cerro Gordo VILLA 3ROVE~Tho Vllln Orove HlRh school bnml was taken to Cerro Uotdu Wodnewdity for a concert In the High dohoo) auditorium. Meri Cross, impeltnlcndent ot the car department of the C. 1C. I, lailroad, received woid Wednesday cvctilnff that the Infant ohlld of Ills clerk, E. Z Klrhy, had died in Ihe hospital In Roxnnnii No iiddrosn was given la the mcHsape and no dolalle Mr. Klrbv cnmc boie from Roxanna, taking Uic position of clerk In the car depart mput and "bumplnfr" Frank Sliitwr Thu funnily recently niovod to Vlllu (irovo but wrr 0 not sctlkd in i h P i r homr In Ihc noith part of town Mid »M utrmngm to moot folk* here, Mr. »nfl Mrs. Harv* McKenxle are upending a two weeks vacation In Florkiii. E, C, Lunttei left Thmsday for · threis dayu vacation and -Will visit his family near at, Louli, The young men and women of th* Sunday eohooi cliM of M)»» Hulda Johnson molored JLo Camp Emit Wodncadny evening for a. wiener roast Junior High school WHS dlurolKsed Wednesday evening until Monday morning no that the teachers could visit the Junior High achools In Decatur l"hur»day and attend the teachera Institute In Champaign Frl- Any. Other gradet and the High iwhool aie to he dismissed Friday for Institute work. Casey Residents Return from Trip to New Jersey CASEY-- Mr. and Mrs, R T. Wit- mot returned Tueoday from an automobile trip In Lambert vlllo, N. J., where they paoKfrt the tait two weeks with Clatk Cochonoux, who in a ntu- dent In Illinois university. Is visiting his paronU), Mr nnd Mrs, Owen COP honour Mi 1 , and Mrf Charlea Zlmniernian of Akron, O,, motored here and are vHlllna her pii-ents, Mr. and Mrs. Bkhfird Johnston DC, and Mrs C. M. Harris and «on EiijTpn* left Wednesday on an automobile tour to various cHiea to buy Chrlstrmui goods for the K. Z. pharmacy. Mr. and MM. Char leu A Pier eon accompanied Mri. Nick M. Gehl to Sullivan Wednesday on account of I he suildon death of her brother. BIBLE SCHOOL HOLDS MEETING IN FARINA FARINA--The LaCled* township Bible school ooaveullon WM h«td Tuesday *vanlnf In th* German Evangelical church, th« program beginning at a Retook. The song **rvlc* WM l«d by R«v. Mr, HID of th* B, D, B, church with th* Invocation by R«v. Mr. Leyerle of the MathodUl organization, R*v. Martin Ernest, th* Evangelic*! pastor, read the Scripture Ins* son and tb* mualo for th* awning ·WM furnished by th* 8, D. B, orchestra; pi wo duets by Mr*, Laura William* and Mlai Valeria Kc«n from th* LaClode Bible school. A saxophori* solo waa glvsn by Virginia Bwltier and a barltons aolo by Dorothy Maxfleld. 5T " Mathews cave a reading. The address of the «v«nlng was by H. H. Ball«y of Altamont MurleV ch*jrg n Boy Is IB With Blood Poisoning BFFINGHAM-- Byrel Pteeman, 12 years old son of Mr. and Mrs. L, A Freeman of this city, has for the last several days been suffering Mood poisoning In his right hand. Th* Injury was cauaed by running a rusty wire In his hand Mr*. Brant Cox of Hlllsboro, who has been In this city for (tevcrfl day«, to be at, the bednide of her mother, Mrs. A, W. Pfelfer of Van- dull a, who had been receiving treatment In the St. Anthony's ho*pita] here, returned horn* Tuesd'iy and her mother was able to accompany her. While here Mrs. Con was the guest ot Mrs, Anna Collar. Mr», Pfelfer was » fornw resident of MUM TIME And Daitt's ait teady with tt Itiau'iful assortment of cut mums and plant-.. $3 to 16 Doz. · Mum Plants $1.00, $1.50, $2.00 » ^ Roses..pcr dozen,.$1.00, 1.50, 2.00, 3.00 Carnations . . . per dozen $1.00 Dahlias . . . per dozen . , $1.50, $2,00 Tritomas . . . per dozen $1,50 Sweetheart Roses . . . per dozen . . 50c Calendula . . . per dozen $1.00 Snap Dragons , , , per dozen . . . $1.00 t--In lK« doush, Thantn iKt ovtn, You «n b* nn at ptrftct b«ttif»9t tn titln|-- BAKING POWDER S A M E P R I C E KC 25 ounet* for 25e B U L B S Tulip Bulb*, per dozen SQc Hyacinth Bulbt, per dozen $1,00 Jonquil Bulbs per dozen ' $1,50 Paper White Narciuui Bulbs per dozen.. .$1.00 Visit Our Green/iouses --. ^^^^^. FLORISTS M I L L I O N S Qf ilV OUR r. We Stnd Flown By 120 Eut Prairie Avenue Phone 5281 Foreword-- Slnu« tn« of Ute I'luraolw FOREWORD hM tried lo ellmlrutto th* Jobber from tfae trlanfk, M*nnfM)Uiror, Jobber, ReUller, hut Without ·uoce*a. In hi* p)M* womn ronratrtM nttilntaln » line of vranhousft* Mid trucks with tho ftcoompitnylnK evpeiMM which follows, such as rrnt, mnnl«rf, aupervlsora, atochment »x«kli»j- fn, drlvert, cudlton and profMlonAl tnvoloers, Ala«l Yon c*n't have the c«k» ami Mt tt «t the win* Urn*, DECATUR Saturday Cream of Wheat Fit tor A lilne · Specials 24c Cans 13c Salmon Marshmallows ·. Red Beans liAMPHEMVS TOMATO SOUP Cons Fnr 2Sc 25c Libby^s Milk CORN Vnry Rlcli Country GehtlMnan Ciius For 27c 39C Raisins f - r 18c Macaroni or Spaghetti 2 p 15c Dill Pickles )uart J«r 23c Clothes Pins VS^ 3 °Jr 17c Fig Bars MEAL" Coffee !· 0«r Meat Departments Stnoiced Sausage Hockless Picnics Fresh Spare Ribs Mi ""« loVt,bV PerLb. I.b. 15c Fruits and Vegetables Cauliflower Ohio Potatoes 15 nnothi)»s or Urlrnes Golden TOWN CRIER FLOUR S Lb. Sack 24 LB, BAG 89c Be turc and tune In on Station WLS program Every Tuesday and Friday at 11:15 «. m. Phone for Folds Prompt Ucllvsry Se'rvloa NOKTHWBM W. 'rrtnlur, Vkuni *.*«)s w.^w iwfJTM 1 vtZSt »"MM C. t-tujru a *io, I'huiHF nil) K. P. ftitj. rtt"M t nut I. J. TlftMM, riWIK l-tllKt ttO Clauwn, t*mn t-SttS HMI « .Upln-p, PHi... 1-19 i H Mil*., Ifewr S.)l(» NUKTn * NOKTIlKAKt MNlMrr HlwkFi, l^iiMir Ml) PnO H«llv, rhuw Mium R. IT, N*lll1. I'hlllf S-HHIl IVIIIUin II «V«ltiir I'l ..... f t uttM Or*. O MiwlMl, I'linitt -J-l*n* HUMIO * Kiwrirlnt Mi, IM t Mtl V U WMtUr*, fNlMtr f. AmrriVHN Itairr) Ph«nf C. C HnrrU. rlwiw Ml In W II, Iliivklnii tMiiiHh I3M II, Hill. pn»Hr t «·!«·:, 1-a/lW , nn, rii»» 4-nm Curl i'olh-r PtHnw MW4 Una, tV» J-Nt» Ottu D.fl I. t'lstlli RAVI * ·»!» IWH thin city *nd quit* w«1l r*m«mb«r*d In Efflnghtm, Circuit Jud«* WlllUm B. Wrltfhi ·nd hta brother, Attorney David I* Wrtiht, both of tht* cfty, mre in Chi- ctfo thin w**h Atttndtnf th* Masonic Ormnd Lodg*. IS RE-APPOINTED VANDA)*(A-Rev. Paul U. Bolman haa been rs-tkcted pastor of the First Christian church her* foi the coming year, This 'will he hi* fifth consecutive year as pastor or the local church. Rev, Mr. Bolman also news* M pastor of the Ramwy Christian chuich. He cum* to Vandalla from Ashland, on* of his flrH charges after attendlnf school MI Wes)*yan university and Eureka rot- leg*. Since hi* coming a new church on North Fifth street was dedicated and now h*« a membership o? num than Mo member*. Rev, Mr, Boiman Is prenid»n at the Vandalla Rotary club, and \* director of th* Community Chorus which Is being sponsored by the Vnndnllii Woman', club ErTlNCHM CffiL SINGS OVER KKflNOHAM-MlM Ada daugbwr of Dr. 8. p, H*nry «M ** Henry of Oil* oltr, who la a tn^. more in lh» Unlverslly «| m^^ WM heard from broadoastlog n^L WILT* Thursday aftr *h^ ssng "Danny Roy" I wo acewdlon union Mr* Ambrose PMh*N* wss tn* \t hr brldgr club »iv*nlnK, (n her of honors wve Smith smt M I R . · ·-.-- inn " »r» i n , t Comer. , ATTKNI) , KFFTKf;HAM- Mr. anu Mm, j of thin olty, attended th» i. of (heir little n«ph*w, UKU Ire Dudley Hlpen, In JClnmundy, M Tuesday, the child having dirt v ry suddenly, Funnm! Mrvtw. \.tre in Ihe Methodist church «e ducted by Knv. J, E, S!»»fer, (arm,,. ly the pnHlor of th* MtUiojlit ( h u r r h tn Ihl? city ' 01 now *rf «, 246 N. Main 2006 N. Union KM Order* ndlvcrMl l''n-,._t'lic,nr 1338 N, Buy Your Grocerict Her* and Bank the Difference Potatoes 'pirtat!^ p "' i( 35c r ' r HN Bag» Polatoe* Not Delivered «t Thii Price 1 s^^^PV l?i^ift ^f Kurtry Ijtirjti* \^\ KiHM'h f VMSiaUlUn K Mlrhljciiti , N«'.irrtrt C ·*?fe Hoc Mlc fatwy ptnh, tall 1 e lOc ftrprrrult, ^·titntay, 2 far Head he»ds, ObbHice, tor HrHrit, sntld heads. HH) III*. R«d Onlonn, another bargain, f pound*... 1'rnntn, new crop, just Saturfa.v, Ih,. 9c 7ic lOc lOc r, piii-i- emie, fl '·In.H tM|, I IK»([ ft » Tuniul'ifs, »IH X'i. J tin, I'timpklti, lnr(i (ill, I.V value, J} an, tin, In Our Meal Departments Al 2006 N. Union -- 1538 N, Jupcr BKKF HOI! I'(H M) lite IIBKF KOAfsT , I'OCNft Jlc BBKF STKAK POVVn W* VKAL ItOAST POl'NItWe I.AMK ( IWPX 1'M'M) *«·· IJtMB HRAI.NS IHH'NI) lac BACON S^DARKS . IOI ND l»e SI.irr.ll HACON .. - - - l-Olj'NDtk 1 BACON. Halt or Wh.4e Side I'OtJND Mt HANDY DANDY CAFE 242 N, Main Creirn Oravj, Dinner ·SO* Thit Sfor«, One of Many Slow in Dwatur, InttalM $*rv*l Commercial Rtfrigration A Larger Variety of Stock Attracts More Customers With Servel, you can -take ndvtmlnge of the demand for the perishable and profitable de- hcttcie*. «uch «· brnina and other aimilar wliele*. Thene (oodn need the constant even tempet- aturc which Servc.l affords--nnd when you always provide your customer* with «uch things, naturally they will t«lk wboul it--keep nfld «n- cournRe thrir friends to buy from you, al»». Buy Larger Quantities"' Save Time and Money tjtruust' ynui iffi'lgPinlInK i (|ul|»n«'nt will be *l1e U carry a bigger land You can buy larger quantlttei ot th* staples and know ihal th»yil heap safsly for «aj* Thiw you RCI better pik*it and »!M save much of your time. Serve! provide*, *vm (emp»r»tur«s without wide varlBilonn whlrh ai* so d'trlnifn^t W tlw proper utomsc of poiiahabl** A uniform de«r»e or cow- ntnn Is malMnliwI from the flrst hour your Servol Into . tVVII !M xttut lo Rive you t*»rvH rpfritrrntlnn »t*d Pwj-mmtt Plan. -l«tti ntll full lnf..nit*tJon mplalH our 41*1 «t a«y Ua*e, Illinois^ Ptnver and Light Corporation 124 South Water Street NF FWSPAPFR Prront4l21 IBCHIVE®

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