The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 13, 1914 · Page 4
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 13, 1914
Page 4
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T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Monday Evening, July 18, 191* GREAT TO BE UMPIRE IN THREE-I LEAGUE TME-I PIKER "FIND" OF Faber Pitching Great for White Sox. And Twirled Before King of England. Ball mstead of pop bottle*, cushions and other articles common to lots where the national pastime la player, created much amusement, especially with th« fair fannettes who tee-heed and then tee-heed some more white the masculine sender hah-hahed and shouted, the I , lub. Crabb went fo the Philadelphia A t h l f t l o from Davenport and was s h i p p e d by Connie Mack to Los Ange- I«B Lnur he went tu the Oakland. Cal., icum u n j was recently released. Then h« h o o k r j up with Omaha. , Derilcnte FW« fol*. The n*s pol« presenti-d to Dubuque , «'h»rl*s Comlskey will be dedicated n M i t i n . l . i v , Aug. 1. There Is no ob- j . - i t l o n to Dubuque having s. Hag pole I ,n n n t l n M l l * l urc they going to hanB j ' m I I ' i ! Straus;* About" Harper. ^r.. n..r. T Q i n i Central league batting averages show MADE WORLD'S T R I P 1 , , , . , B111 H .ip.r !»· made .Ix hit. in | , l x K anu-. nnd stands third the league \ I t h a .«'8 average. Bill never dared ' h i t like that hero McNocly, who was w i t h Musro,Un« for a time, hit .314. Judo the former Dubuque outfielder, t h i t t i n g add. while McGlnde, the Der a u i r boy. Is h i t t i n g .204. There Is H - n n i-mirs butting .261, and a Sweet .minis next with a .263 average OhllB Bol«f It IK reported Danville has sold Out, Irr George Ohlln to Muscatlne. Alcoholic Name, P i v o n p o r l Times.--Qulncy hae signed pitcher named Bierman. Peorla will . h i h l v rtraft him That'* What They All Say. i.'ulncv lui «l«o slKnort a pitcher. ' M ,,ni. ii-imo t h e y rton t know. All they , .,nw a b o u t h i m Is Hint he Is the beet i Itcher on any of the 600 teams play- ,nar on the Chlcaso prairies. Arthur Wilson Hits Homer. A r t h u r Wilson hit another home run 'or tho Chicago FerteralB Sunday and cored M s n n g o r Tinker utiead of him. His h i t lied the score with Indlanap- i!s nnd Chicago won out in the thlr- t r c n t h l.»c» lUntiuerlnic Drill. Mn-i Bloomlngton h n s sold Lucas to I ,.orli, h» has I.e. 11 h n m m e r l n g the I lull H l » h l t t l n s his h"lped the ris- I t i l l e r s « l n "· !"»' t w o B 1 "" 08 - There ' m u s t be nome J l n t on - fellow when to B l n o m l n i t t o n . «rrk o K*«w»r Claim. \ V i l t . r P a r k . i . n plti-her. relca«»d \ \\ i M ' l f l i l . his b i o j g n t action In a 1,1 u o l o i i r t t o lecovor a claim which i l t s d l l o n t d by tho national com:M ParkiT failed to K«'t Into con- .n K l \ e n t h o pink Blip, ·itl nnw he believes hi has a month's la,--They pullei off an -Umpire Day" down at the city-owned bull yard Friday afternoon and showered Frank Donnelly, the cream of Tearney's umpire staff, with everything from a bouquet of carnations and roses to a shaving outfit Incidentally the Hustlers slipped another w i n over on Bloomlngtoa by the score of 2 to 1. ENTER, MR. DONUELLY. Promptly at «:1B his royal nibs, the umpire, was wheeled onto the diamond from behind the grandstand In an Invalid's chair by a couple ot husky Hustlers. Donnelly had all th« ear marks of a Spanish Peon after an encounter with a bunch of Huerta's guerillas He wore on hi* nose a huge pair of tin goggles and a sign bearing the" words, "I am blind," was attached to hlo starboarv! side. He also wore huge grin In anticipation of the Santa Claus program about to be carried out HAULED GIFTS. The "umps" was wheeled to the home plate and the Bloomington players were given the high sign to form a triangular wedge In the vicinity of ths chair. Then the~~Hustlers started toting gifts from their bench to the fortunate Mr. Donnelly. Joey Evers started off with a box ot New York specials and the remainder of the Hustlers took their turns in their regular batting order. There w a s an umbrella, a. thermos bottle, a couple of passionate neckties, a pair o£ galluses, a sweater coat, a razor Etrop, shaving mug and brush, a lot cf other things we oouldn't see and big bunch of flowers. EVBRYEODT WAS HAPPY. unusual panorama of "Pretty soft for you, you take for the Job.' Frank. Wot'll . The score of the game follows: R.H. E. Decatur ____ 0 0 2 1 0 0 2 0 x-- 5 8 « Lincoln ____ 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 3--4 S 3 Batteries -- Sutherford and D. Cope: P. Davey «nd B. Davey. r TOP JE LEtt Close Game is Taken from the Lincoln Club. By defeating the Lincoln Moose on Sunday, the Decatur Mooae team again takes the lead in the league race. Th» score Sunday was 5 to 4 but was almost changed in the last frame, when Lincoln staged a desperate batting, rally, which barely fell short. Before the game, the players of both^teanw en- .owing were the winners: Fungo hitting-- Demmon, Deeatur. Circling bases -- Houck, Decatur. Running; to" first-- Schwelnbold, De. Accurate throwing-- Williams, Lin- Annual Trip for Encampment on Aug. 23. Captain Roy Riggs and member* of company L, Fifth infantry, Illinois National guard, will leave on Sunday morning, Aug. 2. for Springfield, whera pill srend the day shooting on he range at Camp LJncoIn. The com« pany contains a nfimber of expert riflemen and they are hopeful of ttlll further Improving their standing oa the range during this trip. The company will make l*s annual trip to Camp Lincoln on 'Aug. 23. for a week's encampment with the Fifth. Company L now contains a totttl of !orty-four officers and enlisted men and is in the best of condition. FEDERALS BEATEN AT BLUE MOUND The Decatur Federals were defeated at Blue Mound Sunday In a close game, 3 to 2. Htse, a pitcher from Stoning. ton, whiffed twelve ot the Decatur players. The score: E. H E, Federals . . . , 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0--2 3 t Blue Mound 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 x--3 6 I Batteries--Swisher and Hawk; Hise and Bea'd. F»lrvlew Arrests. Charles Miller and Elsie Wright wero arrested Sunday evening for disorderly, conduct In Falrview park. They pleaded guilty and-Justice Glle fined eacli J12.30. GOING Before You Go-- Check the List Don't take chances on finding just what you want away from home. The best plan when you start on your outing is to take along the things you're likely to need. No matter where you go to the country, to the lakes, to any of the large cities, or out on a t1» 'I t h i n fit 1 -' )·' r . 1] , i on* ·m I ' " i r 11! 8 In" rin 1 ' r t - n f ,,' T» i r ,. f i »m 11 i R i « . II « , i . n i ···· hn r , i ,i i h i t i n, t r ^ " l | i r In h i n t M '" "' ; I i I if. i t «"IH , r n t ' " r t U K H f l ' . Spiro Powder Just a little SPIRO POWDER applied after the bath gives one such a comforting sense of cleanliness--free from perspiration odors all day. It makes your feet feel fine, especial!v when on them long hours or wearing tight shoes; and does away with chafing, prickly heat and such annoyances. Don't you wish to be comfortable?T!se SPIRO POWDER. 25c metal box with shaker top, our price... gOOO.S ana me low yucca we HUULG an a" nm.--. .. ·-., ---- ~~ ting these goods here? We're headquarters for helpful Summer Vacation Goods---A Few Suggestions 20c * t" i -, i ' t o r n t l v SPORT STORIES BRIEFLY TOLD h.. r ( rnliti VI ltd .,, ,, e n - I ' · · n u h i « » » t ' ague No Game Sunday at Quincy --Other Conte»ts. The Commodorrs and Qulncv could not I ' l l - ^ u n d n \ biCiUDe of a h e a \ y - n l n % u t fie K»'i'e was scheduled f o r v u l n ·· ami not In Decatur. The 'oral ,.h w . i u l r t lie K'nil to l u s t ona day for ,, ,r,,l m i l w l . l l p Q l l n e y would l i k e (n lone a n t n for a Sunday game be,, i*. n e x t v,'edn*sila Is pay dav. PLATED DO' - BLB BILL ri i n p o r t and B l o o m i n g t o n pla cd T. 'r .v,i,i, c ad«r f - u n d a j one of these J ! k i n t tho p!a-o of the Kame schefl- ' u l t d ('·· Tii.sJ.iy T h a t will give these t c a m m o divs o'.t in n row. Wednes- i!aj iiay ilv- m the league "·nrlpp:"'!d nnrt PanvilU are not play- I n s M"-diiv n ' t » r n o o n . but will make t h i s t h ^ l r holidav I r s t u d of next YVtdncsflay. n« that dav if the half hol- i d a y In S p r l n K f l e l d and furnished bet- t u r opportunity t o g^t a good crowd | Hay's Hair Health Why Have Grey or Faded Hair That Makes You Look Old? Whs- lose your good looks that Great Shirt Sale! RIGHT in th* m:d?t of the Negligee Shirt season we're going to givp you a regular shirt benefit. 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