Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on April 29, 1897 · Page 9
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 9

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1897
Page 9
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JP-AJRT. STEELING, ILLINOIS, AtBIL 29, 1897. '' TEACHERS COWlE HOM^. V they Report, fe Pleasant, mad f rAfltable The teachers who I attended the Northern Illinois Teachere* Institute at Book Island Friday and (Saturday, hiMre returned home. They report a pleasant and profitable meeting. The attendance was very large and a great deal of interest was taken in every topic under discussion. •-•'.••-;.The opening session was held in the First Methodist church Thursday evening, Excellent addresses;were made bjf Supt. H. Mv Siauson, of Mollne, and Prof. 6.TK Henderlo%r°*-the Univer- flity ojt Chicago. On-Fjriday ,evehlng an address on "True/Socialism", was delivered by* Bev.Washlngton Gladden, of Columbus, O., after which a/reception was tendered the visitors by the , teachers of'Rbck Island;' This affair was very pleasant and everyone was made heartily welcome. • ••• > • The entire work of the Institute was helpful. Many excellent papers were read-and discussed. Supt. B. F. Hen- ivdricks, formerly of this county, was chairman 'qf - the First and Second Grade Section, .held Friday afternoon in the High School rooms. At this session Miss Anne, Durr, of the Wallace School, read a comprehensive paper on "Tne Teaching Jof Little Children to Bead." The paper, contained many excellent eat, , Miss Todd, of Dlxon, also read ( a paper on tbls.subject. Whlteside county{.^as well represented at the institute. /'.The following tea'chers were in attendance: - j , BTEBIJNO. , "X.' Bupt, S. B. Hursh, [Misses -Harriet B. Esterly, Mary B. Meythaler, Anna Frank, Josele M. Buyers, •Marion B. Adorns, Mlasos KatoM.Stoddard Ida M. Robinson, ' Emma G; Btetzler,' Kate L. Edwards. Anne Durr, • Henrietta M. Todd. County Supt. "W. J. Johnston, Bupt. M. M.-Warner, ,; Prln. Mrs. P. F. Burton,.--. ; .Miss Mary Bice, i. ;' .,•>• " Olara Burns; "'. Anna Corcoran, : . Mrs.'W, J.-Jounston. . Supt. Abram Eberaoie, Prln,J.8.Meyer,,./ Miss Qertrpde Smlth, rt FrancenaB7Ma " Bertie Enoch, / ' PBOrHBTSTOWN. • Prln. W. B. Ellison. . STARVING INDIA. ~t~T •^ V ft ••«••. hf,'' '• Our City and ToMrnahlp Ought to Contrlb "' As a community we ought to do our share toward relieving the famine in India. 'Ten thousand miles off, hub eighty millions of our fellow beings are starving, air the same. Eleven thousand a day. It la frightful. Shall 1 we Indifferently eat ou,r, three meals regularly, while a population larger . than that o£ United States is dying by laches for a bare pittance to keep soul and body together ? : ~ : ~~ ~~:— .rrrrrr. . • ' At the Lutheran Sunday School yesterday, tea dollars were voted to .' charity' Every Sunday. School should " give something, Every church should have a special' collection. For years we have sent the gospel to \ India, now, .• lecrua send bread, The farmer* of Central Illinois are giving corn. Thf U. 8. government will furnish ahlps for all corn contributed. Sterling township can easily furnish a car load |of corn. Let farmers bring corn, and citizens " tbeir mite to expend in corn. Let the good work begin at once. All contri- butiona in corn or money may be left at the warehouse of Moses Dillon, 'and •every contribution will be acknowledged io the pipers, ..; f ; 'LIEUT. FRANK ELY HONORED, ' '' „ ' V , Tty Will, be on C«l.''Worti»> SUff at the Grant X>»r*cle. ; .• . .• A lettet baa recently been received fromLIeat.FrankD,Ely,of theiegujar army, an old Sterling boy, say(ng that be baa been chosen a member' of Col, WQJ^B'B St flff tm the owade on the pq- cagipn of the de/iioajlon of the Grant monument, which takes place . U>mor<! 'i;ow, The colonel will have ; command o« Ihe regular infantry,' The honor ac- ^jrded Lieut, Ely is a high one and Ue is to be coogreitalated. Lieut. Ely says that he is to ride on an Arabian stal- lioo, loaned for the oecasion,by Bofialo ^ili, , It is expected that there'will be t| least &O.QQO men in the parade, head<e$ by the Weet Point corps pf cadets. ^-MIsB Margwet Crouch, of Prairie- fiile, Secretary of the Christian Wow- ftQ*8 Board of^Mlasioae, occupied the of t^he; Christian church la 1 this t yeaterd»y'8 motoing service. f ftbjeoti dealt with tbe»work of the • f^omen «f the church in (he Miasioa- At>I>WIONAIi —A recent eale of 300 acres of land seat Mk ^Morris, ih» Phelpg f arnv brought f40 jper acre. —The people of oar city are '- great banana eaters; one dealer sold ten bunches Saturday and seven Friday. —A herd of sixty Holsteln milch cq'wa, enronte from Wisconsin to Missouri, were unloaded at the stock yards here Saturday and milked. The milk obtained was sold to the Gilbert creamery. ., —Samuel Wetzell had been engaged to teach the West Science Ridge Bchoo '"''" zell is an excellent teacher, the school is a good one, and both are to be congratulated. ' r - : , -'Mrs. John Thompson, of Jordan, eighty-seven years of age, who seriously injured herself in. a fall sometime ago, Is entirely recovered. The old lady now enjoys herself and is almost, as active as many people of half her age, —Great preparations are .being made for the G. A. R.'Encampment at Galesburg, next month. On Thursday con : tracts were closed with Chicago and Burlington professional decorators for the streets and public building display. —John Johnson, a colored man, who conducts a bus line in Galesburg, has been returned as a member of the Board of Supervisors of Knox county^ JohiSorFis BTe"ader = bfa"cons£ltu"ency" which is necessary in the political push. —Some of the Milledgevllle merchants are planning to publish a 'Jdead beat list" for the purpose 6f protecting their fellow merchants frond being beaten by a-few worthless fellows who never Intend to pay their honest debts. —Married—Tuesday, April 19, 1897, in the Presbyterlam church in North Clinton, Dr. H. P. Fischer, of Fulton, to Miss Dora pheann.of North Clinton. The couple left Tuesday evening over the Burlington for St. Louis and other points; They will reside in North Clinton on their return. , . —John Schwab, Jr., was recently elected Mayor of Fulton and boa been awaiting his commission as such to come from Gov. Tanner, says the Fulton Journal. Instead of a commission asiMayor, 'the gentleman;_,received a few days ago a commission as Justice of the Peace. Possibly'the authorities at Springfield are best informed of the needs of Fulton. r=™ i 'AW a - meetlng-^of- the—Keystone- Band Thursday evening, B. P. Werntz was appointed a delegate to a meeting called in Aurora on May 11, to m^ke arrangements for a large band contest, which will take place some time this summer at Burlington Park. All of the bands along the C. B. & Q. have been invited to participate, and it Is thought that the contest will be the largett ever held in Northern Illinois, —A Kansas newspaper man has caused much commotion iuWa town and caused several engagements to be broken off by the publication of .the following observation: "What can a sensible young man think .when he observes a strong, fat girl laying around amusing herself with* fancy work or quoting or running to every shindig and noedown, while her poor, sick and worn-out mother takes in washing to support th« family?" No leai than sixteen young,ladies have called upon him for a retraction, aqd the village is rent from center to circumference over the matter. . SUSTAINS THE LAW. . Burdtck Muet Htay In the Pen Until the '. riuprein* Court Decide*. State's Attorney Edward H.Brew- Bter, of Dixon, received a dispatch Monday noon from State's Attorney Helse, of Will •county, conveying the important information that Judge Dibbel bad banded down hia decision in the Dwight Burdlck case,; It will be remembered' that the suit was brought in an endeavor to secure the release of Burdlck from tha penitentiary, where be had been, sent from Lee county, on conviction of having stolen goods from a car pf theNorth-We^tern Railroad Company, on an iodntermin- *te sentence, Judge Dibbel in bia decision sustaina the indeterminate sentence law and Burdick is remanded to the penitentiary until the Supreme Court has bad an opportunity to paaa upon it couati- tutionaUty. : OpiMmuuUjr tot ituuis^eekerH, There are exeelleat opportunities along the line of the Chicago & North- Western R'y in Wboteta Miaaesota and South Dakota, for those who are desirous of obteipiug firet-clAls lands upon 'moat favorable terwf, fo| geaeral agricultural purposes, us well as stock rali- !ag nad dsJrySag. For particiila} 1 * and ppiy to ag@&t« of Liae. FLINGS AT THE FAIR ONES. Choice Uterary Oem* Coeoerning: : Who Wonid Be <>nr Bl«t*T». ------ — —'•• If the devil knows his business he won't burn them all; he will nag at the worst^ones. — New York Press. Brown— Ever tried one of these curgs for the tobacco habit? Jones— Yea. Here are some cigars my wife- bought for me.— Puck. "My wifejis madj at me about two* thirds of the time*." "Two-thirds?." "Yes. She sleeps about eight hours a day."— Cincinnati Enquirer. "Why do you InBistTipoh taking your wife out for' such long walks in this rough weather?" "The doctor told hefshemust be very careful" not to talk when she was out in the cold air." "Say, who's your doctor ?"— Cleveland Leader. . . . Mr. Henpeck— Do not hesitate, doctor: Tell me the worst concerning Mrs, Henpeck. Doctor— Well, io be frank with you, Mr. Henpeck, your wife will get well.— Philadelphia Bulletin. It may be true that girls don't wear eyeglasses unless their eyes are weak, but how does it happen that no girls to whom eyeglasses are unbecoming have weak eyes?-- Atohison Globe, * The Ji}dge, addressing himself to a witness of a female persuasion, who is visibly . afllicted with at least forty please." Mademoiselle (after a long and interesting hesitation): "Twenty- four, your honor." The Judge (to the clerk): "You may now administer the oath." She takes the oath. The Judge: "And now, Mademoiselle, remember that you must tell the truih."— L'lllus- tre de Poche. . BITTEN BY X DOG. One of the Standard's Carrier Uoy» In .. ' JLald up Today, Charlie Clark, son of Elder and Mrs. G. 0. Clark, one of the STANDAKP'S carrier boys, was bitten by'a dpg at the home of Frdnk Button , Friday evening while carrying his papers. He had left.the paper at the house and was leaving when the animal bit him In the calf of his leg. ' Charlie went home at once and Dr. ^Mr-J,—Hlll-was-icalledr The wound was cauterized and sewed up 'and the sufferer Is doing well-today. He is unable to, leave the house, and Vincent Kanoaly is taking his paper route,——-— . • -.•— . '.• — Hopkins. April showers. First of season. Jacob Bailey is Buffering with erysipelas. Dr. Keefer, of Sterling, is the attending physician. Mr. and Mrs. George Fleming and daughter, Juy, 'of Milledgeville, visited the fore part of, the week. , McElrath school has vacation' to-day, onfaccouut of the teacher, Miss Daisy Pond, attending the Odd Fellows grand celebration in Sterling. A week ago she remained over jSunday with her friend, Elsie Pond, of New Genesee. MeBdames Buckley and Birdeallhave recovered frgm their recent attack of neuralgia. , - • . John Morrison ' spent Friday with relatives in Morrison. . Caseins .Fleming and .daughter, Grade, were Sunday visitors at the home of his slater, Mrs. Edgar Holt, of Sands Station. ' Clark' Buckley and bride, of Sterling, spent Sunday at the home of Mr, and Mrs.. J.F.George. Mrs. 8. Wink .and daughter, Grena.of Sterling, were visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Wink a part of last weak. Friday they took dinner With Mrs, George. Pinkie Birdeall spent the latter part of the week in Morrison with her cou- ein, DaUyPond. , , Josh, Harrison, of Spring Creek, pur- ohased the power recently owned by Mrs. Birdsall. Borneo-four farmers have entered complaints in regard to their oata rotting in the ground. % Not many in this vicinity have made garden yet, The plants John Morrison set out before bur last snow storm look rather sickly. • . It will soon be time for the Assessor. Shoot off the worthless do^B. Lawn mo were, hammocks and bicycles will soon ba in fashion. ! Aprtl2a. •'' «• ..-".• : —Sim Creider ia up to'hia eyes in work on the extension of the Harrison Telephone system throughout White- aide, Lee, and Henry counties, He has just finished a new central office at Prophetstown, au extension of the line to Deer Grove and an extenei.ou of faur miles on the. Aruet line in Henry Bounty. In Dixon the Lee ..County Company now baa £08 subscribers and otost of th@ f oles are e«t and wires e^ruag. Tfcujt work is being puAed to &n rapidly S. PASSED AWAY IN CHICAGO SUNDAY AFTERNOON. the End Cameitt HS(t'clfm)t—T> Til Som« Tirnp »nrt ft SitrKlcnl Opa* S«-!-<-n»Br.r-Mr*. Mili«r by all. Mrs.D. L. Millet is dead, the e&d cam« at the Women's sad Children's Hospital in Chicago at 3 o'clock.Sun- day afternoon. - Mrt. Miller has been ill for abont seven weeks and bfca been a great sufferer, A week ago last Saturday she was taken to the hospital in Chicago, where she submitted to an operation— the only possible chance of saving her life. Unexpected complications arose in the course of the* operation,and f rom the time it was performed, on Monday afternoon, her life was despaired of, She rallied, however, and at times seemed to be better, giving hope al- m6it against hope. On Friday she began to grow weaker, and messages were sent to her relatives to be prepared for the worBtr-^=i^=-^"~ --—--:--.------- --.- T.hough Mrs. Miller's death was not unexpected, still it was a shock io all, and the loved ones she leaves behind are grief stricken. Mr. Miller was by her side when the end came, , . Mary Jane Keefer was born'near Chamberburg, Pa., Aug. 8, 1851. She came to Sterling with her parents at the close of the war, and has resided here ever since. She was married in this city to D. L. Miller in 1875. To them no children were born,: She leaves a large family of brothers and sisters to mourn her Joss: Mrs. W*il- iam Manahan/George Q. Keefer, S. S. Keefer, Henry Keefer and Mrs. Jt)hn M. Goltman, all of this city; Mrs. Emma C. Goldman, of Center Point, la.; D. M. Keefer, of Cedar Rapids, la.; Jacob F. Keefer, of Conradt, la.; and Toe deceased was known by nearly everybody in Sterling and she was universally beloved. As a sister, she was affectionate and kind; as a wife, true, sympathetic and loving; as a neighbor, generous and helpful; as a friend.loyal and sincere and always ready to give assistance 1 to those In need. Mrs. Miller was a good woman and it can be truly said .of her that the world is better for her having lived in it. To her husband and her brothers and sisters is extended the sympathy of the entire cohimunity. The funeral services will be held at the residence, COS. First avenue, Wednesday afternoon at 3* o'clock. The Rev. William Carter will officiate. THE G. A. R. MEETING., Aa_6ld-;8oldler;Was Mustered In Sutur- At the regular meeting of^the G. A. R. boys on Saturday evening, the old soldier known to us all.'as George Monroe -waa mustered into the G.- A. R. ranks and welcomed fas one of the members of the Post. Orders were read showing that September 28,1897, is old^soldiers'day at the State Fair at Springfield, and that the railroad fare, on that day will be one fare for the round trip for old soldiers. As ROY. Wm. Carter Jwill be in California on Memorial Sunday, he informed the Post that he hadj made arrangements with Rev. Theo. Growl to preach Memorial sermon, and that the Post, W7R7C7Daughter8 of - the Revolution and S..of V. will .attend the Congregational church this season ^instead of the Preibytherian church as expected. Comrade* Harrison read an account of a characteristic meeting of two old soldiers. ' ' ' FOR A NEW TRIAL. An Appeal Hay b« Token In the Kcker- lob« Murder Case. A motion for a new trial will be made by the defense in the Eckerlebo murder trial, aud it is probable that an appeal will be taken to the Supreme Court, though that la not publicly known, Tee 1 appeal, probably, would be made on the grounds that ,the de- feme are not satisfied it was right and just to admit the alleged Murphy confession, when Murphy, presumed to be alive, was not produced. No ruling on this question has ever been made in the State. , . ,.-... ' . ' , It waa reported Saturday night, by gentlemen in a position to get reliable information, that the defense have ee cured positive .testimony that Murphy was viiited while in the Jackson coun ty jail by aome person or persons sev eral times before he gave the alleged confession, v The trials are said to have cost Jack son county nearly ten thousand dollars so far. ' . • " ' ' CAPT. PARKER'S HOSPITALITY. Din' He KuterUlon a few Frleuds Wltfe nor Today, Capt. William Parker entertained thre,e newspaper men and other guests at the W. R. C- Headquarters with a dinner today. The guests were Messrs. Shirley and Emmons, of Rock Falls, and Gosaert, of Morrison, Aleo, De ; puty Sheriff Brewer aud Mr, and Mrs. Taadsrup and Mrs. Pet@reiH t of Mor- The party had & jolly tioia at WALLACE BLOCK, A Dollar Saved is a Dollar Made. Our untiring efforts to sell the most goods for tlie-least-raottiy,-Has sfaowa h«re below, -,WILL NEVER CEASE, Paints, Paints. Are you going to paint, this Spring? The very best White Lead, per 1± -, lb., this sale „ OC Mixed Paints—all colors. . 1 gallon cabs, per can, ....$1.15 "3 We guarantee our Faints to be the best in the market, and we will cheer* fully refund the money, to anyone to whom, it does not prove satisfactory. HARDWARE SPECIALTIES. An excellent all Steel Hatchet,. "21o Carpenter Hammers...,...*.... ' Oc Shelf Brackets, per pair........ 4c Screen Door Hinges, per pair... 5c Full line of Screws and Curtain Hooks. Good Tack Hammer, wood handle].... 4o Harness Snaps, 2 for........... 5c 16-inch Meat Saws 3Oo 14-inch Compass Saws.... 23c Ifcin«h .fcg^n fljge Panej Saws^. .__2gp ranted — ,•• Fiill line of Auger Bits and Files at exceedingly low prices. Oil Stoves. One-burner, solid one-piece Iron tank,removable micafront... 43c 2-burner, same as above ...".......' 73c 3-burner, same as above ........ 1.23 MONARCH LAWN MOWER. Solid steel Cutter Bar, all parts interchangeable, simple in construction yet the best and most effective mow- tr made. Our price for O ' - this sale only>: ... . . ..... • Weeding Hooks............ -..•• 5o TrowfelBr-BandCinch;^..^.^^^-— Co Garden Sets7~."conTpising~:hoe -~rake and'spade ...... ......... Larger ones for.... .... : .. ....... Brass Lamp Burners— very best 7c Great Tin and Granite Ware Reductions. Tin Pie Plates.... ......... .•••• Tin Pint Cups ......... . ........ Full-sheet Graters ....... ....... Tea. and Coffee Pots,' 2 qt ....... Wire broilers, large size .;•...... Cookie and Cake 'Cutters, only.. Tea Steepers, nicely finished.... 10-qt. Flaring Pails ............. 2-qt. Covered Buckets ...... .... Granite Washi Basins . V.T". . . . . .". Granite Dippers only . ..... ..... All Copper Nickel Plated Tea ann Coffee Pots ............... Extra heavy Bice Boilers. . . . . ... 2o lc »C 8c '4c We 15c 29c Hosiery Dept. Children'B Fast Black Hose— • sizes 5^ to 8^............60 a pair Ladies' Hose, Fast Black, Full Seamless, 3 pairs for 25c Gentu' Hose, Fast Black, Full Seamless .3 pairs for 25c A full line of higher grades and'low grade prices. It pays to buy Hosiery of us. • Lace Curtains. Three yards long, White or Ecru ....,.....,......•••• , - a Pair. Pelt Window Shades-* ^ r\^ with Fixtures, Complete... JL \JC Genuine Opaque Window Shades ......' 23c Corsets, Corsets. ' Summer Corsets, best quality Only ..... ..... ...,,,....,,. A »1.50 Corset-t for v. A'$1.00 Corset— for ....,,,. ;.. It's .no exaggeration when we say $1,00 Corset for 48cr it's a plain, cool fact. Crasli Toweling, per yd.... 8c Turkey Ked Hdkiw, only,. 3o Shirtwaists. Lndfe*' '* Was), Waists- New Hpringf Immense assortment, 23c.. Laundered Waists, The newest styles, with detachable collar and cuffs... Better grades at 59,69 and 89c. Ladies' Wrappers A full and complete line. JKJTio One lot Indigo Blues, all sizes Q \J\* Better qualities at 79, 98c, 91.19, 81.89.' l^yarda ot Torchon Lace, like cut, f or ~ A complete line of Valericjee, Oriental and Spanish Lacea at ekceediogly low, prices. • ' One lot of Embroideries . at per yard...;.. 4.... One lot of Embroideries, 14 inches wide, per yard Better qualities at ,. 69c, 98c, 81.23 and 91.48 a Pair Chenille Portieres— 2.24 4 yards long...-.- * ..__j_— —»- — Ladies' Ribbed; Vests. 35c quality for 19c 50c quality for 29c Gents' Balbriggan Underwear. OQ 75o quality this sale,... ,...OC7C Qents J Over- shirts MolesJdng and ,. Percales—^ .value at 78<j. For tWa 48c St«el Itotl Gloria •Umbrellas, a good va'ue i;t •LSa-our ptiee - • for this esl« only STERLING DEPARTMENT STORE,

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