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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
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Friday, July 13, 1923
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THE NEWS BRINOS THE NEWS FIRST TO CENTRAL AND WESTERN KANSAS THE HUTCHINSON NEWS THE NEWS HAS THE LARQEST CIRCULATION OF THE PAPERS IN CENTRAL KANSAS VOL. XXXVIII. IClGHTEtfN PAGES. HUTCHINSON, KANSAS, FRIDAY, JULY 13, 1923 LAST EDITION. 4 O'CLOCK NO. 284. SAYS HE SAW WALT GRUNDY TWO DAYS AGO Pharmacist Declare* Missing Banker Was in Wichita. WAS DISGUISED BY BEARD IT MAY LEAD TO AN AGREEMENT BRITISH WORKING ON THE "NOTE" French Official Circle* Make 1 A "Covering Note" Will Explain Comment Upon Statement. Defaulting Fourth State Head Appeared to Have About * Two Week*' Growth. \ The News has ever reason to believe »t 3 o'clock this afternoon that soother Btate warrant will be Issued before night in connection with the Fourth State bank failure. Btate Bank Examiner Lewis Wilson Is closeted with Count/ At' torney Harry F. Brown, going over legal points In connection with the prospective case. Mr. Wilson oald he did not know wliether the case would be filed or not. The man threatened with prosecution is one of the directors of • the Fourth State bank. Just what the chargo Is to be could not be learned. Was Walter Grundy in Wichita Wednesday night? I. W. Morgan, a local 'pharmacist declared to Sheriff Jesse bangford to- i!.ay thai bo saw Grundy driving a car at the corner of Main and Douglas street Wednesday night. .Mr. Morgan had stopped Klinirltanoous 'ly with a string of traffic and noUcod a lone occupant of a small ear. Ho had a two-weoks growth of heard on his face and Mr. Morgan is confident It VMS brandy. He .had bankod at tho Fourth Htato While working tor tho Bloom pharmacy and . was well acquainted with the defaulting banker. Gone Before He Could Act. "Of course 1 could he mistaken," Bald .Mr. Morgan, "Uut I foci confident that it wan CJrundy despite the hoard. '"Thoughts came thick and fast as to •What 1 should do but heforo I could act tho traffic cop motioned him on and he was gone. 11 was aomo car .that ho was driving, possibly an Overland." - ' Sheriff Ijangford is not inclined to place a lot oj confidence in Mr, Morgan's having soon Grundy. Ho could easily be mistaken tho sheriff ho- llevos, though Gruiuly 'B is a face "which should not bo easily ntistaken. The sheriff feels fairly certain however that Grundy is not in the country; that he probably In in Mexico, life does not believe that he would ho .. daring enough to oome this near to home. "I do not bellevo Grundy would como this close" said ono formor friend "unless he was giving himself up. It doesn't look like ho would give himself up HO quickly." in K. C. Two Weeks Ago. It has been traced that Grundy Btayod in Kansas City until Friday after loavln;,' Hutchinson. In that timo he cleared out Borne accounts he bad In the brokerage uouses and had $6,000 In cash. On Friday evening, June 29th ho was seen in tho Union depot grip in hand. Soon after midnight there aro two trains which lio might have taken, one coming-by way of Newton and tho othor which would necessitate a change at Tulsa, Okla. Sheriff Longford says he has satis- fled himself of tho contents of the two packages shipped by Mrs. Grjundy toy express. One, he says, contained ' legal papers, sent to Texas lawyers handling caso3 for Grundy. The other contained personal valuablos, which Mrs. Grundy sent to her brother who Js connected with a Seattle, Wash., tank. Sheriff Lnngford sought an inter- flew with Mrs. Grundy last night but did not talk to her, he said, because •lie would not s«o him until she had consulted her attorney. THE TONE IS OPTIMISTIC Complete Agreement Possible on Some Things But the French Want the Money. What is Government's View. BEGIANS CANT SEE IT Brussels Paper Talks of Negative Policy of Great Britain Toward Germany. (By The Associated Press) t Paris, July 1.—Prime Minister Baldwin's reparation statement was generally commented upon In French official cllclos today as a carefully worded document which might lead to an agreement, this being dependout upon tho nature of tho note It announced as forthcoming for tho French government's perusal and assent. Both in foreign affairs circles, and at tho ministry of tho interior, the general tone was optimistic. Some regrot was expressed, however, that the British premier had crltlclr.ed the Ruhr occupation hut was silent regarding the German passive resistance, entailing outrages and losses of lives. Keep Entente Intact. - It was noted that Mr. Baldwin's speech made It appear there was a complete agreement on the sontl- mental, commercial and economic neoosaity of keoplng the entente intact, hut that there remained a discordance of Views as to methods. "Wo seem to have made precious little headway alnco last January In reconciling the British and French viewpoints,"said one cabinet member. The British note, which is expected shortly, will be "examined "with the utmost desire to concur-wjth the con- elusions in it," said one of tho cabinet members at tho conclusion o'f tho cabinet council. He added that tho impression created would have been much more favorablo had the British prime minister opened his remarks by declaring that the debtor should pay his debts, BO that this would have prefaced hla criticism of tho Ituhr occupation. BOBBY JONES OF ATLANTA IS FAR IN THE LEAD He Lead the Field in the National Open Golf Championship at Inwood. CHICAGO HAS THE BEST CHANCE FOR CONVENTION Chicago. July 13.—Committeemen, state chairmen end prominent UOpuh- llcans from Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Iowa and Oklahoma wore enroute home today prepared to oulllno tho party organi­ sations in their states, plans for tho next national campaign •which were taken up at n conference of party leaders hero yostorday, presided over by .John T. Adams, of Iowa, national chairman. While tho scene of tho 1924 national convention was not decided upon, It will ho In Chicago, if Fred W. Upham, national treasurer, who lives hero, nsks tho national committee to sand It here, according to J. L. Bablor, national committeeman from Missouri, nnd William Sacks, St. Louis, chairman of the Missouri Republican ways and moans committee. WEATHER AND ROADS Pittsburg — Partly cloudy, roadB muddy, Emporia—Cloudy, roads slippery. Salina—Cloudy, roads muddy. Ilala 4uring night. Topcka—Cloudy, roads good. I Arkansas City—'Cloudy, roads' good. Cotfoyvlllo — Partly oloudy, roads good. WiGliita—Cloudy, roads good) light rain last night, Ottawa— -Cloudy, road* sotfl bsavjr 0«ow»r.early. ."v. •.-..-,.>. k .Kansss City—-Cloudjr.jSoada mud47< ft HutflbliuoB—Clear, road* good, (By Tha Associated Prtisa) Inwood, Tuly 13.-—Bobby Jones of Atlanta, led the field for tho national open golf title here today whon half of tho competitors had finished 36 holes. He went around in 71-73—H4, equalling par and the record for two rounds of* tho course, made by Joo Kirkwood, In tho qualifying play. Jones sank a six foot putt on the JEth green this afternoon to make par tor tho Incoming nine. He had taken 38 strokes going out. Walter Hagen, his partner, covered the afternoon IS in 75. V Cards: * Jones in ...85365844 3—3G-73—1M Hagen In ..34355445 4—37-76—152 Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen each had a 38 for tholr first uino in tho afternoon. Hagen took threo putts for a six on tho liar five third hole and Jones had a birdie four. The opposite occurred on the fourth, Jones taking three putts for a six and Hagen getting a birdie four. After taking flvo strokes on each of the par four first and second holos and a six on the par five fourth, John Farrell, Mumaroneck, N. Y., had blnllOB on the .fifth, olghlh and ninth for a par 37 going out. Ho took 40 coming In for 153. Mike Brady, Detroit, took 81 strokes In Ills afternoon round lor a day'B total of 155. Chick Kmns took 44 and Qeno Sar- ajieu took 41 for" the first nlno holes of afternoon round. With ilia 37, Hutchison was 107 strokes for 27 holos and with a 36 coining la could boat Robert T. Jones' 144. The Ohicagoan was shooting wonderful golf and was hardly over in trouble. Ills drives were long and true, his second shots perfect and his putting just right. ^(By The Associated Press) London, Juy 18.—The cabinet min isters will ho busy for the next day or two In Completing the draft of tho British reply to the German reparations noto which is to be submitted to tho allies. The document will be accompanied by a covoring note declaring for tho benefit of the nllios the British gov ernment's view on the whole question and this, it is believed, will take more time for preparation than the reply Itself, which, according to some reports, virtually has already been drafted. Pending a dofinlto official statement respecting communication to tho United Slates government of a draft of the reply, there is a general supposition that this step will be taken. A Belgian View. Brussels, July 13.—Tho .Independence Bolgo considers that Prime Minister Baldwin Is unable completely to disassociate himself from the policy of his predecessors... "France and Belgium, despite all their deference toward England," says' tho newspaper, "cannot renounce their defense of what they consider their highest interests, knowing that •tho existing situation results more from Kngland's negative policy towards Germany than from the ipollcy which Premiers Thounis and Poincare seek to realize in occupying the 'Ruhr.' Talked of Speech. (By The Associated I'ress) Paris, July 13—Prime Minister Baldwin's speech in the house of common's yesterday, it was understood was to bo the principal topic under discussion at today's meeting of tho French cabinet. The feeling that prevailed in official circles this morning was that tho speech did not absolutely closo tho door to an understanding with Great Britain although there wns an immense gulf between the policies of tho two countries which the.courteous and friendly phrases used by Mr; Baldwin, did not hide. Tho pross resents what is regards ar, his undue leniency with Germany. Seeks Public Opinion. (By Tho Associated Press) London, July 13.—Great Britain awaited w'lt'h eager interest today for tho reflex on world opinion of Prom ief Baldwin's pronouncement on reparations In - the house of commons yesterday. Officials here appeared especially anxious to soo what tho United Slates thought of tho govornrueut's latest gesture, and tho- evening newspapers were eagerly _ecanued for some reflection of Washington's attitude. If the American government gives evidence of djsappointtment at tho failure of Baldwin to present in specific terms Secretary Hughes' suggestion for Jin Impartial International audit of Germany's assets, it may be raid that the . Idea will probably be set forth more fully in Great Britain's proposed draft reply to Germany's latest memorandum, since it was Germany herself who first adopted Secretary Hughes' formula. THE PRICE OF PEACE IN THE NEAR EAST MONTEVIDEO^ THREE-DAY STORM Uruguayan Capital and Coast Have Lots of Lives and Big "Damage. MAUGHANMAYH0P0FF AGAIN NEXT MONDAY May Once Mire Try to Go Across the Continent in a One-Day Flight. Dayton, O., July 13.—Lieut. Russell L. Maughan, whose attempted dawn- to-dusk trans-continental flight ended In failure last Monday, probably will make a second.- attempt., leaving Mltchel Field, Long Island, next Monday, It was announced by air officers here today after Lieut. Maughau hopped off a*. McCook Field for New York. While an order received at MoCook Field early In the week Irom MaJ. Gen. Patrick, chief of the aanny air service, had called oft a second transcontinental flight, it was said theas Instructions were resclndod late yesterday by telephone from Washington. . Tbs tentative date for, the flight was aet.tor next Monday, weather permitting, H ym aaid, FOURTH OF JULY CAUSE OF TWO MORE DEATHS (By The Associated Press) Montevideo, July 13.—Three days of storm and floor havo wrought damage to the city and harbor of Montevideo estimated at $1,000,000, and havo been responsible lor the loss of at lea3t flvo lives by drowning. Up to last midnight tho marine authorities had not located tho position of the British freighter Trefusls, reported aground off tho Uruguayan coast. It is feared that the steamers Kugla, Tuscany and Monttorlaud, which also were driven aground In the storm, cannot be floatod. The last named vessel was at first ei'roueously reported as the Amstelland. The crew of the Tuscany has been.! taken off by ft tug. Tho condition of the steamer Dovonler, which grounded between Lodos Island and the coast, ia unknown. BUENOS AIRES IS WILD WTH DELIGHT All Because Angel Firpo Knocked Jess Willard Out and Won. LADY ASTOR'S BILL WON IN "COMMONS' Coffeyville, Kan., July 13.—There have been two deaths in Coffeyville from lockjaw, which developed from Fourth of July accidents, and a third boy is probably fatally 111. All three wero Injured with pistols, which fired high explosive cartridges. George West, aged 11, son of a traveling salesman of this city, and George Patterson, aged 15, son of Samuel H. Patterson,/both died early today. A JAPANESE STEAMER IS ON PACIFIC COAST ROCKS North Head, Wash., July 13.—The Japanese (Steamer Yono Maru, went «jora Just inside the Columbia bar at midnight In a dense fog. The vessel Is .reported to ibe In no danger as tho sea Is calm. A tug from Astoria was helping the vessel. No wlrehws message wn3 sent from the Yono Mairu at tho time of going ashore. THEY SURRENDERED. Two Men Had Recently Been Fugitives From Justice. Now York, July 13.—Charles II. darkson, and John O. Feoley, under federal.Indictment on charges of having used tho malls to defraud in connection with the sales of tho Btock brokerage firm of Charles H. Clarkson and Company,- who yeatorday wero reported to be fugitives from Justice surrendered" today. They pleaded not guilty and Clarkson was held in $5000 bail and Feeley In ?3,50O. ADVANCS IN COTTON. New York* July 13/—Cctton today, suddenly advanoed 73 point* on active positions owing to Increased apprehension that new orop prospeota hsd been, damaged by drought In th* south! December touched 24.16 centa. (By Tho Associated Frees) London, July 13.—Lady Astor'a bill restraining the sale of intoxicating liquora to persons under 18 years of age, passed its third and final reading in the house of commons today by a vote of 257 to 10. WILSON MAY BE ASKED TO GIVE SOME TESTIMONY Washington, July 13.—A subpoena for former President Wilson, whose testimony may bo sought In tho Morse trial was prepared In the District of Columbia supreme court today at the request o,f counsel for the defense. It was said the defense attorneys had not decided definitely whether tho subpoena would bo served and Ihoy would not Indicate the character of the testimony the former president would ho expected to give. ... Wilson to Ship Yards. Testimony alroady thven In tha trial Indicates that Mr. Wilson waB given an opportunity to look over this work- when he wont to the Morse shipyard at Alexandria, Va., to bo present at the laying of the keel of the first vessel to be built there for tho government- What other knowledge of tho subject he Is believed to have, the defense attorneys would not reveal. Mr. Wilson waB In. the white house when the ship building frauds charged against Charles W. Morse and other defendants ra the suit are alleged by the government to have taken place. During much of the war time drive on skip building th« chief executive gars his personal attention to tha subject and it was jssaoinod that tha defense attorneys desired to draw on his knowledge of the building uattr taken bjr tfcosa on trial. (By Tho Associated Press) Buenos Aires, July 13.—Tumult­ ous enthusiasm, the like of which Buenos Aires seldom has seen be-, fore, followed the receipt of the news of Luis Angel Firpo's victory over Jess Willard. Great crowds marched through tho streets shouting ami syiging ami making impromptu torches out of twisted newspapers. The result was announced hero one l minute after the roferoo had counted out Willard In tho ring at Boyle's Thirty Acres, at Jersey City. Knocked Himself Out. - New Orleans, La., July 13.—A variation of that rare occurrence in pugilism—the knocking out of a boxer by himself—was reported from Monroe, La., where Ewell Paul, of Lawton, Okla., put himself to sleep long enough for the referee to count ten and award the decision to his opponent t. It was a scheduled 12 -round bout with Grady Franklin, of Shrevc- port, and the feature of tho evening's program. The first round had been umlor way less than two minutes, when, breaking out of a clinch, Paul aimed a healthy right swing at Franklin. Paul failed to register, hrs balance and fell, his chin striking Franklin's knee. Tho Oltlahoman was unconscious when ho reached tho floor and Referee Kenneth Elliott counted'him out. FRENCH ADVANCE OCCUPATION L NE The Town of Limberg, Beyond Coblenz Bridgehead, Included in Area. Berlin, July 13.—The French evacuated Barmen at eleven o'clock this morning, according to reports received here, taking with them as hostages the manager of the local retchebank aVid n number of police officials. They also eeized eight billion marks. (fty Tho<v'lji,t«<! I'rvss) Duouftoklorf, July 13.—Tho town of Llmboi'g just lioyotul tho Coblnn?. bridtfoHmid, which tha AinericanH RAIN GENERAL . OVER THE STATE Was Especially True in Northeast and North Central Parts. SOME STREAMS OVERFLOW Kaw Valley, at Manhattan, at Lindshorg and Down tho River to Lawrence Wet. Topeka, Kan., July 13.—Rain was general over tho statn last night especially tho northeast and north central portions, following hoavy ralua In those part a Wednesday night, tho weather lutram reported tod^iy. In north central Kunsan crc-fita and soma rlvera aro reported to bu overflowing tho lowlands, Concordia today ra- • ported the Rnpubltoan river 1B over tht? lowlatula, tho Missouri Pacific tv »i :k la washod out In tho vU-iuity of Clifton and Talinor where tho rainfall last night way reported to bo of cloudburst proportions, from tour to six inches. Huin was especially heavy In the Kaw Valley. Manhattan reporting 2. OS inches; I.awrenca 2.CO and as far went aa Llndsborg WIUTM the precipitation was £.4!) inches. Oj>aj;o City reported 1 -37 Inches and in excess of an inch was general over the northwestern quarter of the Btate. Heavy local rafna a I HO were reported In scattered localities , Tomorrow promises a return of midsummer temperature, from 95 up, tho weather bureau predicts. Good Rains Near Salina. Salilift, Kan,, July Kl.~K.uii measuring from half an in-.di to tvt 'u Inches fell in tho vicinity a round Salina southeast, south and southwest, lant nig-ht, accompanied by an ntct -lrUral storm of unusual severity. Many Tanners lost livestock and several wheat stacks struck hy lightuiiiK. were burned. Tho rain fell no rapidly that the roads, packed hard, generally were BOtHl today. Big Rain at Pittsburg. Plttidnirg, Kan.. -Inly W>.— A rain amounting to inches fell here early today. The rain was accompanied by a terrific electric storm and strong wind. Hot ween *4 and U> Inches of rain ffdl between here and Haymond early t-hla morning according to reports reaching here. The rain extended as far east as I^vton but did not extend a?i far west as Dodge City. There was a fall of a tenth of an inch in HuLe-hltiHon. RAISE" PRICE OF MILK 6ENT A QUART SN TOPEKA Topeka, Kan., July 13. - Tlilrtison li-mling Tiipeka milk (llMlrilnHlnif con- ct -i 'ijH toilny.--fln Friday thu lStli--an- iiouricort that tho prli:o of milk I« to bo iiilvancbit one .cent to 11 ci>nts !u>x» WEATHER REPORT. Temperature Peat £4 Hours, National Bulldlno. 4 P. M i P.M.... 8 1>. St.... X0 P.M.... A .M.... Minimum, 71; 89 4 A. M 72 S8 8 86 8 A. St.... 71 80 10 AM 73 76 IS 71 * Maximum, 88, troops yesterday aa a permanent occupation town. Barmen, in the El-berfold manufacturing district, also was occupied by a detachment, of French troopa. Several of the Barmen city officials were arrested, after which tho Kreneh withdrew. Tho French official announcement of tho occupation does not give the number of officials thus taken as ISOM- tage;i, but It is understood the operation which was op a considerable .scale, waa undertaken to Lmpone a •poiialty for numerous roeont frontier incidenta. Barmen i« juat outtdrio the occupied area, and the frontier affair:* culminated recently in ono -whir!) involved the Hecurity police noar that town. Kidnapped the French. Day heforo yesterday two Kn-neh soldiers following some German aniug- glofH wore .surrounded fu the woods by tx band of 'fifteen of the security police. The police aolzod the Frenchmen, kidnapping them and taking d that, ihey would not Join in the raue. Reasons given for the increase we're hot weather which neeoflfdtateH use of greater amounts of ice and scarcity of m.llk supply. FRED LUNDIN FOUND NOT GUILTY TODAY Chicago, July 13.—Fred Lundln, of political farns In Chicago, charged with conspiracy to defraud the Chicago school board out of approximately $l,0W>rOGO wa3 found not guilty by a Jury In Judge McDonald's court here late this afternoon. CONTEMPT OF COURT. This Waa Decision Against a New»paper Man Down In New Mexico. „ , lt »B Vo«as, N. M., July 13.--Carl C litem to Eiborfel'cl, where they 'wero '^'"Seo, editor of ibo Albuauorque Tri- rjueistloiicd and dUarmod. Their iiruia were finally returned to lliom witli- bune, wan held sullty of eoutumpt of court by District Judjre IX J. I.oahy out cartridges and they wero taken to ! here today. The dei-irtUm was rendu (he frontier and allowed to reenter tho' ei ' llfll ' r fie olose of Magee's trial for WEATHER FORECAST. Kansas—Generally fair tonight and Saturdays little change- In temperature. flMWW t3 AN UNLUCKY DAY FOH You if you F\\t& ftE/\D\M& THE AOS OP SATURDAY occupied area. When tho soldiers got twek they reported they had been insulted and jeered at by civilians wlill-e In the •luuulB of the police. This incident, It was expiated, hits caused the puul.i-lwnont of Barmen. It lfi also claimed that tho eeco>rlty pol-lco In Uarmen and Klborfeld have recently been ointajrlnK in untplng opura- tlona against the French. Reports Reached Bertln. (By The A*aoi:hiud l'mil Berlin, July 13.%---Reports that tho big indUHtrlal olty of Klborfeld, on tho edge of tho Ituhr region had heen occupied by French troops reached Der- lln from tho Ruhr this forenoon. Tbs reporta were given credence here fur several hours, but this afternoon word was received that Elberfeld had not actually been taken po«Besn!on of. French patrols advanoed to the outskirts of the city, hut withdrew shortly afterward. THE CHINEE ROBBERS LOOTED GERMAN HOUSE (By The Associated Pree-) Hong/- Kong, July 13.—Chinese robbers today raided end looted the residence of a German «t Tungshan,. near Canton. Foreigners of the djetrlot ere In a state of consternatlonv l>ubllshlnK article:* derogatory to Judgo Leahy and other oh 'lelata. MaKco was Honteneed to 00 days In the county Jail on euch of thu four counts on which he was convicted, the sentenced to run con.seeuMvely, a total of JliU days. He wa;i fined ?i and voMr, on each count, a total of $-1 The MHKOO 1'uhlUthinK company which issues the Albiupi-iruue Tribune, was fined 11,000 eai h on three ':eunta and $1,0!>0 on one count. MAN DROPPED DEAD. Ho Was at the Head of a Milling Company In Coffeyville. CoffoyvlUe, Kan.. .1 n 1 v i:'.. —Kilwanl fl. Ron. uj;ed MS yivu-; .iM h>-ad of the Itoa-Patteraou Milini.. * i i: '-ny one of the larireat c'tu'.-r:;:; <>t tlie kthd In KuoPas, dkd •« his h.-.m« hero » few mlmitei aft-.r ne.-r, !'.n .i>- following a stroke ot apo.-h'-.y tnti-rii -W minutes oarltor. The tvStV, who ti visltiuK friends In K-. II-.HO City a daughter, Hiss J.V.U.. H<n, «urvlv»*. The Priio Flnht Didn't Help Any. The Uino Rbelliy, Mont, want* a little advertb'inx it will hold a religious revival.—Jamej J. Montague. Atchison fias a most unusual woman. She can swat tiles, scratch chlggreo and pick tloaa off a dug at at tho same time. We have long coo- i tended that a - woman ran do nior« ' Work than a niuu,—Atchison, Oloh*

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