The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 28, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 28, 1859
Page 4
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^^&w^i^^^^ ! ^^&&^ ATENT MEDICINES. ,ebbliore,JOcow*,Smt>les. '' ic . JOHN T H o M s o *"*» fitOM the K; »t. UAS 8tmr City of Cleveland, ftjuler, Qrand Haven; WT bbls flour, *ll>fi wheat; « bg* <iom, « baleewool, 8» '" ' '"" " aquare, no m • nf»r Onelda it, Mli »^nkM t K tht- tr#(K«iect an j curt of uf I'rlvatf* <ut the Uii^of mercury. The us i&n^ Ls\t*r~te«CstsUtortsu - v i' . Ontonagon, Wflilns, Colllnffwoodj 74 bbls flour, S casksa.hes,8p»s8erlgers, eler, Bweney, Two Blrelr*. ' Btaiei Bounds, 3uflalo.' ST., NEW *ORK. NO.: to ,may2» .-. Plymouth, JWcksoD, Chicago; •' Po'omac,trebhard, Chicago;] 850 M)'s fl cur. CHANDLER & WgonU, Hood, Chteago. Tbe Btetnubip MrrtM Taylor hM»mv»d, with California, pajwangere *vnd inalU *>f -the 16th inst. She left ABpinwall OB the 19th.— Ib« pmsseagere, dx hnndred in number, hare node the Wp from California In 19 a»jg. mad 22 boars. TheMo»e» T»ylor hu on boa The A»t»s from V»lp»r*i8o are to May 28th. The rSToIution was perfectly, suppressed, but frequent outrages aw reported throughout tbe country by bands of robber*. - - -'„ GCAMKAIA—A convention hai been signed regulating the boundaries between Guatemala »»d British Honduras. ....... Senor Jose Maria Velet Irissari faaa been matned as Secretary of Legation to the United States. . War seems inevitable between Salvador and Honduras, but It iraa thought that GnaUmela would Interfere to preserve peace. NiCAAAflCA.—Oen. Damai, the TJ. S. Minister, had sent copies of tl» despatches from Secretary Cass to the goverameut. The an- •wer of Nicaragua ts to the following effect: . Nicaragua, as a sovereign power, claims the right to accept or reject. the treaty she had previously made—those treaties with the United States,- Which were ratified by her congress and rejected at Washington. That on this treaty she only requires amendments, and that after congress considered the treaty last year, and U had been sent to Gen. Jerez in Washington, who had foil power to remedy it. the cabinet, though agreeing to certain modifications, did not make them; nor was the U. & Minister in Nicaragua authorized to do so. Furthermore that when Sir Wm. Gore Ousely concluded his treaty, which was the Cass-Yriisari treaty, with re-modified amendments according to the American view, Cren.'Lamar made tbe seal on -the treaty with zavorable amendments to England and the United States. In tbe Ousely treaty, the government of Nicaragua cannot see any insult to the U. 8. in this proceeding. As to the Mosquito treaty, it will probably be accepted. Nicaragua claims, in'return,the Mosquito territory unconditionally, and refuses to acknowledge the King, whom neither she nor the United States ever admitted ; and she prefers to let the matter remain in ttatu gvo, rather than act against her honor. In regard to the seizure of the boats in'Nicaragua, she justifies her conduct. CALIFORNIA.—-The San Francisco papers contain no news of interest. The steamer Arizonia arrived at San Franeisco on the night of the «h inst., with N. T. dates to May 10th. LATER FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE STEAMER BREMEN. Poor Day* Later IVew*. SAKDT HOOK, June 27. The steamship Bremen passed l.^re last evening, from Bremen, with Lir.-rpool dates to the 16th inst. The British Ministry has resigned, in oon- aequence of theNvant of confidence resolution in the House of Commons. Lord Palmerston is the new Premier, and Lord John Russell is the Secretary of Foreign Aflairs. The laUBt from the seat of war is, that the Anstrians have evacuated Piaceoza, Pavia, Lodi, Bologna and Ancona. The citadel and fortifications were first blown up. The death of Mettarnich is announced. The steamship Canada arrived out on the llth; the Barrusia on the 13th, and the Vanderbilt on the 4th. LIVERPOOL, .June IS.—Breadstuffs dull ; sales unimportant and quotations nominal.— Weather favoruM? for the crops. Provision and product- market steady. Consols 63 1 8» 931-4. Lord Granville was first summoned by the Queen, but could not form a ministry. "The Cabinet assembled on Saturday, determined to place the resignation in the hands of the Queen, which was done, and a formal announcement made by Lord Derby at a banquet of ther Merchant Tailors Co., at which several ol the ministers were present. Lord Granville had audience with the Queen, and waited upon Lord Palmerston, who consented to waive all claims and serve under Lord Granville. In an interview with Lord Russell, Lord Granville found trim disposed to insist on the conditions which make a union with Lord Palmerston impossible, whether the government was presi ded over by Lord Granville or any other per- aon. The Queen being satisfied that Granville was the only obstacle to a union with Palmerston and Russell, sint for Palmerston, who had an hour's ini^rview, and straightway spnght one with Russell, who agreed to serve under hi,m, but not under any other person. The London Times says that Lord John Russell is an ardent friend of Italy. Both be and Palmerston want Austria to admit her defeat, her ascertained inferiority, and the in< curable disadvantages of her position south of the Alps; both are of opinion that she will consult her own greatness by relinquishing her territory in Italy, which has cost her a great amount of bldod and still greater odium. it is rumored that when-' Napoleon returns to France, Pellissier will be Commander-in- chief. The Anstrians left large quantities of provisions, ammunition and cannon behind them in their evacuation of Piaoenza. Garabaldi occupied Bergamo, and repulsed 1,500 Anstrians who were marching against him from Brescia. Russia has concluded a financial convention with the Rothschilds No details given. The French passed the river Adda without striking a blow. Wheat had declined three shillings per quarter in London. The Anstrians have evacuated all the States of the Church, including Ferrara. The Emperor of Austria, it is said, is to take command in person, acting on the defensive. The Austrian loss at Palestro was 1 general, 23 officers, and 878 men, 6 officers wounded, aad 774 men missing. The French fleet in the Adriatic received powerful reinforcements. It is reported that troops will soon be landed between Venice and Trieste. The Austrian head quarters will probably be at Mantua. •The London Times, speaking of Palmer- eton and Bnssell, says both see in France a better agsnt for the reorganization of Italy, and for the creation of that Federal Union, which is all the unity possible under existing circumstances. Were the position to be con fined to the present state of affairs, the policy • to be pursued might be stated in a single sentence:—Austria is flying homewards; Fiance and Sardinia are pursuing her across the- Adda; Venice is about to be attacked immediately, on the East and on the South; the whole' peninsula is rising against her, and expelling her allies and garrisons. The only advice to be given is. that Austria should accommodate herself to these painful circumstances, Just M England admitted the Independence of the United States, and as France has thrice submitted to the dictation of the intruders. There can be no glory gained by a stubborn and even victorious resistance to the just claims of a great nation, and it is unwise-to wage a war where even military .success incurs moral opprobrium. No' "doubt this 1 , and similar considerations will, in due time, ie urged opon Austria by the two ministers who have undertaken to divide the responsibility of our foreign relations. There U no doubt entertained that the convention bet ween Bnssla and the Bothsohilds trill result in their being contractors for any future loan Russia-may desire. In London a blue book has been published, containing all the English correspondence on Italian aflWrs. The London Daily News of-the 18th says it U believed that Lord'Elgin has been offVred the secretaryship of theoolonles. Mr.Cobden will have the option of the board of trade, and T. Milner Gibson will also enter the cabinet. Mr. Gladstone, it is thought, will be the new ohanoellor of the exchequer. Sir. B. Bethell is also spoken of for the latter «fioe. Sir James Graham, the Duke of-New CartU, and the Duke of Arglye, lure declined to Join the new administration.. __ • The London Times'city article of the 18th last, flays that the statements that Prussia will soon abandon her neutrality appear to rest on no 4sBnite authority,;: and*r*, perhaps^nerelr encouraged in Berlm to meet the excitement 'in.*he 'other j Ike ; bttUneu oai the -f rtock : The same par^ announce! the fallar* of Messrs. Lee Horay *0o., of WaUatfeet, »nd L »dds: "Illi eoldout yesterday, Ide ai*.which cost 31^ and Michigan Southern costlngo}, at S7X, or about tn these proportions. They were not able »*~ we understand to make pood tbctr checks, and their 'bank account Is reported las overdrawn $115,000.'.Tnefeta no question «re believe about the honesty of their Intention, ba they were unable to carry out ttoe'.r plans." IfOVSCDRB or trtaim AID iss PRSCIODS The exports of specie from Sew York to foreign pert* for the weekending the ISA last., were *l,C«9 1 S69. The steamjhip Golden Age left San Francisco on 'the 6th, with $2,648,090 In treasure. Nsw CoDitttniTa.—Counterfeit Dill* are beeomlBi somewhat rife. Here .are a few mentioned:— Threes on the White JUrer Blank, Bethel, Vt., are In circulation in Chicago. Kve* *n the Phllllpsburg Bank N. J., and twos on the Sussex Bank, Newport,N. jr.— Bogus gold dollar* are also In circulation. Besides this the Bufotlo BepubUo notices the following: ALtmaD BILLS.—Three dollar bill*, purporting to be on the People's Bank of Eoxbury, Man,, and altered from the exploded Waneeek Bank, of Minnesota. 1 Freights are very Inactive. So aall craft have taken any flour or breadstoffs for several days. What little has been taken, hai gone forward by (team. BraadstajT* and Prodnce. Hoar Is still very dull—very little disposition to operate being manifested by either buyers or tellers. A •mall sale, which occurred to-day, shows a decline of 25c. The market Is rather unsteady. , Wheat was tolerably active, at 85 cents for No. 1, holders being more willing to sell out since the pro*pecl of demand and high prices becomes less favorable.— The millers being unwilling to pay the prices asked for milling wheat, have gone abroad to seek supplies, and to-day the schooner Live Yankee brought from Chicago a cargo of 10,81* bns wlnter.conslgned to 8 Sanderson, and delivered to the Phoenix HUh. The coet of this wheat, at the mills,!* 1,18 per bns, after paying all ex penses from Chicago here. Rye 1| scarce, and consequently Inactive. Gats are better,owlng to the light receipts and steady demand. Corn Is steady, and rather firm. Very little coming forward, and not much In request. Barley Is very quiet, and price* merely nominal Butter and Eggs are In fair demand, acd prices are steady. Wool continues to come In very slowly, producers holding for higher pr Ices, while dealer* are very loth to operate at present rates. The prices In Michigan are varying from Si to M cts., with an active market. ratlwarakec Wboleaale Market. MoHDiV EVCSIHO, Jun* 27. FBEIGBT3—unchanged; no new charters. FLOUR—du 1; prices rather firm, but lower. Sales SObblemlxel country brands at 6,75. Kedipts 209 bbls; shipments 1,863 bbls. BYE FLOUR—steady. Bales 10» bbls at 6,00. WHEAT—receipts 14,200 bns; shipments 22? bus — L ei 1,000 uus extra at 1,14; 80ft do uninspected 1,08; TOO do extra club 1.16; ZOO do extra and extra No. 1 mixed 1,16; ISO do No. 1 at 1,00; 2,000 do No. 1 at 9S? 5,000 do No. 1 at sellers option for IK) days at 70 Tola S,850 bns. RYE—lower at 95. Receipts 70 bus. OATS—b-tter. Receipts 71S bus. Bales 100 bus at 40; retailing at 44® M. CORN—steady and rather firm, Bales 400 btu shelled at 68. POTATOES—steady at 85&1,00. Recei >ts Kll but.— Sales 100 bus at 9». BOTTER—steady. Firkin 11® 13, roll 1S©15 for choice fresh. EGGS—nrm at 1SX@1S. HIGHWINSS—firm at 26s; not much on hand. WOOL—less active; demand abated. Sales 1,600 Ibi M to foil blood at 30Q.SS- Itallroad ITIattera. Raonrre BT Mn.wj.ircn A MiBsiasirri 11C bbls flour; 4,700 but wheat; 210 do oau; 61 do barley; 70 do rye, £66 Ibs butter; 4 bbls *g(s; 820 Itn Tool; 9,870 do sundries; 10 torn stone. RIOIUTS BT Li CBOSBS t Hn.wauum Riiuioir..— 1,121 bus wheat; SOS do oats; 47 do barley, 101 do potatoes, 25 doz palls; 98 bbls flour; 12,000 R timber; &,14S ft lumber; i,^.rl Ibs sundries . |y" A meeting of the four Presidents or tbe Trnak lines hss tr-en called for Wednesday next, In New York, at which It Is expected that the "water rates," for which tlie Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Is so anxious to retain, will cause considerable controversy. 19 Tbe New York Times understands that for the first half of the current month, tbe passenger traffic on tbe New York Oentral line has slightly increased over last season, whILj the freight receipt* are about $1,000 behind. At a meeting of railroad freight agents In Boston, a few days ago, It was voted to increase th* rates of freight from Boston to the West to correspond with those from Sew York. The Traveller nndentands that this Is c,n advance of about ZS per cent— Bqff. Com. —a— Trade and Agricultural. Caere i» TJEII&.—A correspondent of tbe New Tork Journal of Commerce, Jr., writing from Houston on the 14th, says: "Since I wrote yon, the seasons have been just inch a one agriculturist* needed. After a suffloleBt term of dry weather to allow them to ret their farm clean and •n good order, plentiful rains have descended throughout a large part of the State. A full wheat crop has been barrelled, fresh flour t* abundant «nd cheap. Cotn Is BOW beyond all danger from drought, and a fall yield will be realize*. Engage-Bent* are being made at from tsTenty to thirty cents per bushel for tha tacomlng- crop. The prospect for mast of acorns, pecans,etc., for hogs, is good. Beef Is fat. The grass on our prairie* Is luxuriant, and stock of all kind* Is doing well. The cotton plant and sugar eane are both in a flourishing condition, and promise an abundant yield." Caon n MICBJQU.—Tie Michigan paper*, after taking an bad things—frost, Ac.—Concerning the crops Into view, join In a genera! jubilant itrain over the favorable prospects. Tbe low (round yield of all thing* srtH be rather poor, but on the upland everything promises well. BnraoLiE GBOWTS or En.—The Hillsdsle (Mlcb.) Democrat speaks of a prolific stool ef rye found In a wheat field near that town by th* Past-Blaster. Then were M stalks together which were examined by lever, algertleoen, who agreed that the entire growth proceeded from one grain. The (talk* average *!x feet.ln height. TBM CIOPS.—1 be Cincinnati frice Current gives the fo lowing summary of the weather and state of the crops for the past week: Tbe weather during the put weet has been quite favorable to th* grawing crops,, generally. Sunday and Monday were rather hard days opon wheat, being Showery and .close, and In aome sections, we leirn there are appearances of rmst, upon late crops; but yesterday was clear and pleasant. As regards corn, Ifmsy be said to have recovered almost entirely from the effect* of ihe frost of the Oth InsL, and il I* growing rapltlly, presenting a most vigorous appearance. Tbe prospect at present 1* that this crop will be annsnitly large. The damage to wheat from the frost, torn* out to have been comparatively trifling, In the aggregate — Fields that were supposed to have been rained, now promise a fair average yield, while the Injury appears to have, been .confined to a few localities, chiefly In north-western Ohio.and Western Pennsylvania. Harvesting hai already .commenced In Kentucky, and by thelst-of July, fanners will be cutting the crop* in Southern Ohio and.Indiana. In Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Southern Illinois,'the prospect* are, the yield will be np to a fair average. ' Oats and hay will be short. Barley wM also be short, but the quality will be good. Potatoes are doing well, and the prospects are favorable for a large crop. Fruit, such a* apples, peaches and pesrs, will be abort —one hair an average «rop wonjd be an outside etU- mate f.r the central Wat, In flour, consequent upon tbe frost «x- Thtforetgn news, crop prospect, and stocks, all combine In favor of lower price*. «onsumert boy Terr sparingly, and the trade drags most decidedly. From northern Illinois the accounts regarding fall wheat are unfavorable, and the prospects for a good yield of spring wheat are not encouraging: while In lonthern Illinois the Drop Is yielding handsomely.—' Everywhere, in Illinois, as in-Ohlo and Indiana, corn look* well. f 11 / MARINE RECORD, 1859. Port . ...',..../... June 8T ABBIVED./ . , , . 8tm> Traveler, Sweener, Chlcagr; 20 bbls flo«r, 91 His ; hides, 10 bbls whisky,! bbl alcohol 45 hf bbls I beer, 4 bWs vinegar, 66 pas.' ..... :."j fflevelsnd, DougaJ, Grand Hawn. PropDacotah, OolUns,Ohlf-»go._ ; : - _•;;' . | MAKIKK . BUCK Lan. .HAnpk, Mionak*.— The Hollanders have been deepening their I arbor to a* to admit ves- iclsjdrawlng seven feet. Tiie steamer Huron was In theije on the 18th. 80 «ays the Stand Haven Iftta citiaai) racm BuivaU) 22» — Propellar frobe, Pratt, Ohltago. '. •{• PSI«I.LIS BLOWH UT.— The Buffalo Couritr ssys: "Th s Propellir Bovar, bull tat CBay ton last wlnter.bnrst ier jolleron Tuesday last, on tne|8t. L»wreac^ river.— The boat was blown to plec.s andsank Immediately.— Several person* were injured but not f. tally. BonoDira If. 8. Eoorr.— This schooner passed Kings- tonjon her way to Hamburg, Germany, on the Ktb. — By this time ahe must be In salt water. |3 »~ The steamer Arrow cirrles passenger* from BuB ilo to Niagara Fails for 76 cent*. _ Fi on IIAU Etrrtuo*.— The Detroit fret Freu say* the ] iropeller Northern Ug t from Ontonagon Tuei- day evening, arrived at DetrolC on Saturday with a cargo of copper and fish. Her new* wai unimportant. g^*~ The following I* a list < f vessels which passed Detroit on the 2ith : Bound Up— steamer Michigan; propeller Dacotah; bark Naomi, brig Bay City, schooners J. 8. Newhall, Cape Horn, Eagle Wlng.Alnwlck.B. B.!. Bound Down— steamer Elinois; propellers Oriental) Northern Light, Mohawk; brigs R. Holllster, Black Hawk: schooners Arrow, Challenge, Wsnrecan, Traveller, L, B. Goldsmith. Pan Hrao* Haaooa,— Tue steam tug dllah Is plying In the harbor. The work on the pier was commenced^ on Wednesday. Vila Euitort-— The brig Black Hawk, from Port Bamla bound for Europe, parsed Detroit on Friday. Bhe has on board 26,101 standard pipes and 23,537 West India staves. It Is not yet decided to what European port •he will go. So says the Detroit free Preti. BT TELEGRAPH. *«•«• Vorl <arlp-'. Haw You, June 27. FLOUR—Dull, heavy and lOalSc lower, tales 8,800 bbls at 6 30«C 60 for com to good Rxtra Westn; 6 8i«8 70 for po R. H. O; S M>*( for Super State; 0*6 SO f r extra. Eye;flour qnlet at 4s4 TS. WH' AT-Very duU and lower; sales 8,000 bush at 1 TBjfor amber Georgia, 1 SO for red Southn, 1 75*for white do. OOSN—gtcady, sale* 10,000 bush at 81*8ic fur mlxd Western; 884fc for yellow Jaliey. BABLET—Dull and nominal. EYE—Lower, sales small, at 89iWc. OlTS-Heavy at MUSc for State and Canadian. STOCKS—Market rather firmer this morning but laek,of activity—Chic A RI 68*, Gal 4 Chi 63*, Bead- lug*2X,N T O78X,PaciaoMiU67X,Del*Hnd90, N A JW 88, IIS SOX. The best assortment of the finest Watcbea. Silver Ware, Jewelry a»d FANCY OOODS Ever brought to Milwaukee. Just the thing for Boll day presents. Just received verv cheap for cash. MAWON A LOOMI8, declS 201 Ewit Water street, Milwaukee, WIs. MIL.WAUKKK BAXAAK. GsDELORME&QUENTIN 159 Katt Wa'a- Street, BKTT DOOK TO MBSSmi. r.&ADFORD BRO*8, fancy Good*, Toys, WDUm *aiv and Yankee Notion i Alto, Embnldery Sood» uid Zephyr Wonted. BOAKDINO. A FIRFT Poor Parlor and Bedroom adjoining suitable for a gentleman and wife, and several routes for single gentlemen, can ba had, together with, board, by applying at 3*0 Jefferson St. A few day boaroV » can also be accommodated. jeI9 M ANN'S PATKNT PARCHMENT LRTEB COPYING Books, a food supply at low prices, for sale by TERRY A CLKAVER. jelS 15T East Water street. Judgment ai*d a Sale. Ma chanlcs Lleo.., Cm OoMrraoLua'i Ornoa, I Contract Department, Milwaukee, June 22,13o>. f T BE following described lot In the Seventh Ward of the City of Milwaukee, will b* benefitted to the amount set opposite It by filling It with a sufficient amount of earth to abate the-nulsance thereon WM. A. NOTES, VICTOR 80HUTTI, Street Commissioners. Lot 2, block 7?, benefit $806 B6. je22-dSt -«. L'H. GARDINER, Comptroller. 588] SHERIFF'8 SALE. [New. STATE OF WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee County. ) Robert Menzle* and Robert W. atcClellan, Surviving partners of tbe firm of Uenzies, Ls Due A Co., against ClemMs Kamschnlte. I N virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered in laid Court, In the above entitled action, dated February A, 1839, I shall expose for sal* and sell at Public Auction at the Pott-Office, on the comer of Wisconsin and Milwaukee streets. In the City of Milwaukee, on gatnrdar, tbe 14th day of fflar, 1S59, at the hour of 2 P. v. of that day, pursuant to Chapter 120 Revised Statutes, entitled of the lit-n ol "Mechanics and otheis," all the right, title and Interest of thi above named defendant in and to tbe following property on the 9th day of February, 1S59, to wit: "A certain building situate on lot No. twenty- two [42], In block one hundred ard thirty eight 1188], In L. W. Week's subdivision to the nortli west quarter of section five ft») ,K1; hth tVar.l of the City >r Milwaukee. Also the InUrvit ot the said defendant tn and to the said ' i No ids, on tb* 6th day of February, 18.VJ.' Dated Sheriff's Office, Mllmnlc-, April i, I >*j9. FTHOHSS, Lnos i MILLZK, i ». I l.ANdv.O8TMV. Pi'as Att'j-j. | Ri.'-mi n- *is aprl-l*w6w nr* Tba abov* cale Is beraby postponed to iatnrday tbe lllth day of June, 16B9, at the same place and time of da}. Dated Sheriff's O-Bce, MHwankee, May 14.1BS9. A. J. LANOWORTHr, maylB ShtL Mil. Co., Wis. fwT The above sale is b reby fnrUter postponed to Saturday, the 8d day of September, 1859, at the same place knd time or day. flattd Bhertir.Offlce, Milwaukee, Jane 11,1889. A. J. LANeWOBTHY, je!2 BberifTMIUOo. WIs. 92O] SHERIFF'S SALE. STATE OF WISCONSIN, I . { [Nev Circuit Court, Milwaukee Oo. WUllatn Lens, } • M«7-pSSr»d L'-t— !•*. Wilbctf-TntUe. j I TS virtue of tad pursuant^to a judgment rendered In said Oourt, in the sbove entitled action, dated April eighteen, 1859, I shall expos* for sale and seilat^nblle Auction, at the Post Office, In the Oily of Mllwaokee, on Saturday, tbe 26th day of November* U6j>t at the hour of 2 p. jc., of that day, the following described mortgaged premises, to wit: . "Thi east thirty feet of lot number three [3], In block number one hundred and siity-thr.e [148], In the Second Ward, of tie City and • Uobnty of Milwaukee and State/of Wisconsin. - with the bulldirjgs and Improvements thereon." Dsteil Shtriff'. Office, Ullw .rtkee, Mara), 1869. J.TAJfiDom,* A- J/LANOWORTHT. PI'Bs Atl'r. J / tOOt. HU. Co.; Wls. ast Cwlaw 003] ! SHERIFE'S SALE. felATB OF WISCONSIN, I Circuit Oourt,Mflwauk*(!County, f Luclen Battle*, Kxecutor of the last will and testament of Jo !l Buttles, deceased, ; • / against. ',. Ellzabe h 0reenfle1d, widow of Adolph Sreenfleld, de- ccase- I.Lfluis Aner and WlUlamiOlaader. Forecloiore./ ' "i ' ' I N vlr tae of and pursuant to a JadgmcDt rendered In ial I Court, In the above entitled action, dated December UK, 1898, I shall expose for tale and sell at public aWtlon, at the Post Officejn the city of Milwaukee, oii 7 Saturday* tbe 2d star «f J«lr» 1869, *t i the hour ef 8r, «.of that day, the following descnbod mortgaged premises, or' so much thereof as mayo* necessary to raise the amount of said judgment, latcrettjand costs, together wltbfne expense* of aale, to wit; / "Lot number sixteen (IS), in block one hundred and twenty-men-(127)> In the Second W J5J?_ or i b '.? lt ?.£r* I " w f al ' e *' 0°Bnt; of Mil- '_ April l*t,J8B». Attorneyal&Ounselicjris jit NO. 2 ItSEELAND llLOOK, > MILWADBOL . • s - ' i- ai. ..... [aprl5j...i. j a*as«io€coi. I. OEOBS. I CROSS & PARB1SH, ATTORNEYS feCODN3ELTX)BS 4-T : No. IpvAlbany BtfJldJnir, iMni & HL.OODGOOD, ; ATTOBNEYSJii COUNSELLpRS AT LAW, "Arcade Maiditf.mStut Water sfc, 3filaavt4t. G. W. PIOSBAM, formerly I PKJtHlSM * OOLT^41b»n J, J. y»*»OB BtOODOOOO. Hew Tork. : J • . J. BLOODOOOD tt V. B. Court OoamUslonc^ snd Oom- mlsstontr for sev4r»l sutes. • Do?19-dOm ('. ..... _ ............ JOBBOi CTASJt. PAI MKil tS STAltK, Attorneys & Counsellors at Law. J3T OBce.Soi 9, Mltchcll'i New D»nk BailJing.cor- aer of Michlgun snd E&st Water streets, MUvsukee. t. w. VAI srrua oaacar L. nix..;..... PARK A Attorney* and Counsellors at Law. sTJtrfifs rowT,.... Wisconsin, Will practice In the various Courts of the Seventh Jb<*]- elal Circuit of AVlsconsln, and will faithfully atuqj to ell business inlrnsled to us, remittance! promptly ma^lr. Land.Warrants l&eated \n xAecteti )&n4« for those at a distance. UUTB3D * SooE>raK, Bankers, Stcrecl Point. J. R. Snisrimis, Ksq., Milwanlcce. Lrrnu. A iUtKi, M ilwaukct. SlLSHii A Coots, " MITTOOIB ii BaUoa, Ohlcago. ^ Hon. J . OiTOl, Ottawa,111. Je2S JNO. !A. SAVAtiK, JR., j Attorney ahd Counsellor at Law NOS. 9 i 10, PHOENIX BOILOIN ., _,... , ~ WISCONSIN Is OommlKloner for S. Y., Peon., Ohio, InJIant, III and Iowa. United States tmtl Circuit (tour! Cummismlcmer. , jeo J. V.! V. PLATTO, Attorney & Counsellor at Law* £f~ Office tn Uitcbell's Bank Building, No. S, Mlf- wankee, WUconiln. jarilT . . , UiorucyH & Counsellor* ai Lrt». 1ST" Office, Xcs.13 f- 4, Albany Build n,^ c ;n.<t Mich.ipm & Alain Otiritt*. Opposite the Newiall Uoosf... Milwaukee Wij. n. a. oooua 4 a. spiKoiusiO. D.A. /. t... • U I'M AM & OK A HAITI, , Atto -ncyi at Law:and Sollcllon In Chancery, No. Wisconsin street^ Milwaukee. jazi 1 •', Obase & Bradley, PAPKK Atill-) KACi 1108 \VKN-T \VA IF.K .STREET UILW ACKEK, .......... .......... WISCONSIN. «. WTLUAK9 W. B. aorw»». Kodwnv, Auction and Commission MerchanU, LAND AGENTS AND MONET KBOEERS, ' NO. IB WISCONSIN STIIKKP, VITILL glre partlenlar attention to tbe sale of Pirrnl-. W ture, Drj O^ods and ever; description of Ueis- chandiu, at their Hale roon or In iny pan of the Dilj- . Liberal advances on consignments, an u protept returns made. H. B. — Bonds, Nqtes and Mortirapes ne*^>tlatrd. Janl» VV'HOl.KSAI.K • PAPER WAREHOUSFI Hanford. Blacksnarr An Co.) (LAT« HARRISON, BAHFOBD ,% co.) Coonected with HAKKISON. HANKc)ltL> it CO., 11ANCPAOTOBE8S, ^ COYA.BOOA S4LL&, .................... OHIO. H AVE opened at 5 Albany Block, Michigan itreel, orJ; poslte Newhall House, a large stock of Soot, Jfevtt, Cover, Colored and Enveifm* Paperi. Alxo, Ledger Paper*, flat Cap*, folia '. fats, letter and Note Papert, Wfeteb will be sold-very low. Constant additions wll hematic to the «todk to meet the wants of the trade. : (4P Printers acd others are inrlted to call and examine oar-itock add prleai. apr!6 : NOTICE. Geo . K. Puringtod and 1 Abntr E. Scranton, I In the District Court of tht rs. \ United States, tor the Diitrld Schr. Charier Hlobard, | of Wisconsin. her boats, tackl«,appar- | In Admiralty el and furniture. J Smith It Salomon, Proctors. B T virtue of a Monition Issued oat of the said Coari at the Instance «f the said Ubellants, for the suiti of three hundred *!nd twenty-three dnliari add fdrtyr* three cents, claimed by tbeui for supplies, I hare at* tached the said schooner, her boats, Ac., at Milwauke«. Notice Is therefore hereby given to all persons clalnr- Ing the said gcrr. Charier Ribbard, her boati, tackle, apparel and fnraltare, or knowing or baring any thing to say.whj the >am* should not be condemned and sold pursuant to the prayer of said Libel, that they be ana appear before the laid Court to be held In and for tht said District of {Wisconsin, at Milwaukee, on tbi twenty-eight day Of June, 1839, at Eleven o'clock ID the forenoon of the said day, If the save shall be a day of Jurisdiction^ otherwise on the next day of jurisdiction thereafter, then and there to Interpcse a clam; and to make their allegation* In that behalf. Mannal'i Office,!Mll vankee, June S3, 18i». jeM-dtt M. J. THOMAS. Marshal iNOTIOk. rflHE AsseKmeai Un for (be several Wards, of th« X the City of MBwaukee, will U» open for th» eximft- nation of the taxable Inhabitants th-reof, at the Common Council Boom!, at 9 o'clock i. M., on the folloiflnl day for tbe several Wards, respectively to wit : '• for the First Ward, on th* flflh day of July neat For the Second Ward, on the- sixth d*v of July u«t. For the Third Ward, on the seventh day of July next. For the Fourth Ward, on the e'gttb. day of July Ksxt. For th* Firth Wa>d, on th* nlntn day of July next. ly next. | July nfext. For tbe Sixth Ward, on th* eleventh day of tor th* teventfi Ward, on th* twelfth day of julj next. j [ • . F4r the Eighth ward, on th* thirteenth day of Jul; next • ; For the ninth Ward, on the fourteenth day of Jul] next. i t • And tbe CKy an! Ward Assessors will make such:n»> cessary addition t^ such list* anA eorreet tbe same> bj changes In valuation or deserlpUon. • i «KO. COQSWILL, Je22-dl0t I City assessor. Oily of Mllwankeo. TICE. OiTvOonrraOLLam's Ornc», 1 Contract Department, June S4,18&9. | T HK Common CCnncil by molntlon adopted Jpn« 20,1849, havlig approved of th* recommendation of the Street Comn&silonen ol tbeftb Ward, It Is Bordered: 1 ; That Teatonla street from south line of aec. Is, tcnnt T, range 22 east, toith* north tine of ssld sect^p Igih. 9th Ward, be graveled and Che sidewalks curb*! and planked.. . i,. , i Owners of pro»e*ly on saldatrrtt are hereby notified! to make th* above improvementa within twenty-i»cf day* from dale, or (be Street Commissioners of Uu»ih Ward, will catue the same to be done and charged to, the respecttTB lotij according to law. I }e24-d6t )B. L'H. OAKD1NIB, Oomptrollej. Dated! Sheriff's office. Mil 8T8J , BTAMOPWI800NHIN, , . Circuit (Idnrt, Mllwanke« <iouaty, f JtnnEerltr, toepftr .,. TNilrtie lo* - .™.- 9oarMalhejdiOT**>> ceobfiill.lflOe,! riuUtxpoM " •ton«*th*»oit-0mos i ittMtt ren4ere<r lo ^^^ to Wf the at Ui* hoar of J r. I, ol that day, IMoftteKerHtd M*ph*Wc»aodOtbtr.,"alItkertkhti*lUean<) Ih , In juidito ^following de*crib«<F M»r<^tllaW, Iwti^'Otaiid Hi ho»0«nttB<M>oVi5reenBay.n tiCmakeTOfj section - togtth- I 4 , EMFJuO •fiO«Mo.itiiaB~ A B AOSNi to wtutted lajnvrjr' AtbeDntteiteutM to enp^t the l«re* mnfl stowdwmy DTATI OF Olreolt Conn, ItU LewisBl&ke, against William W.Kdth. TN virtoe of and rjanuant to (he above .entlUri action, ds*e4 itald-Coart, In (he above .entlU February U r 185t, I shall expbie'for sale and sell: at Pnblle Anctlon, it the Post-Offlce, in the Clty,.oJ Milwaukee, on Satvrdair, tbe 8tb :da JtUr. 1859, at the boor of S *. «., of that tbe following daalbed mortgaged premises, or]foi much thereof M nny b« necessary to raise theamctnt of Mid Judgment, Interest tod cost*, together with en' ' The equa 1 nndWded one-half of lojt No. one. In j block Ho. nlneiy-flve, and. the ecjual undivided { 6ne-halfoflotWx.ln Mock No. one honored.' and eleven, all In th* IUU> Ward, of the City of t ^ Milwaukee, In the State of Wisconsin. t **&.*^***+ mi fifttJS£Xt3£S 1, oUsunvtl n.S^uiT'ii Mich**! Hm and SALE. IHBIH, 1 County, f Judgment foreclosure. 'a Judgment rendered It 73*] SHERIFF'S »AE.K. BTATtOf^IBOOHBIM, I Clrenlt Court, Mil' -ankee County, f Mechanics Uto. Tpvlrtoeflf w dMr*ttant to a Judgment rendered fae i«*M<}onrt, la U,i*koveentlUed*cUon, dated Aprtl M, 188», I shall ex >o*e for saleMa stll at PnbUo Ano- Uon,»ttb«/Post-oaee,lnUJe01tr W MDwankee,_on 8*itBrsSair- fl e^ »3d day -«( J«Uy» ios, DB, HOOFLAMD'S BITTERS, ' AHB HOOFLAW1V8 BAtSAMIC Tht great itandard medidna ef (&« praent age, -time aeymrtd their gnat popularity only tfroti^A year* of trial. Unbemdtd tatiifac- tion ft rendered by then m all cant; and tht peopU htmprovetmeed thm verthy. Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Debility of tbe Hervoos System, 1 Diseases of tbe Kidneys, and aQ ditetua anting from a disordered liter or ueahutt of the itonaeh and digestive organ*, are ipetdily and pemanenllg cured by Ou GERMAN BITTERS. The Balsamic Cordial hta acquired a reputation turptumg that of any similar preparation extant. It triZJ cure, WITHOUT /an, thi nott mere and long-landing Congh, Cold, or HoaneneM, BronoUtii, la- finenia, Croup, Pneumonia, Lncipieat and. hat performed the moit astonishing cures ever known of Confirmed Conmmptioii. A few dose* trill alto at once check and curt tht mott tetere Diarrhoea procicdmy from COLD ts TKB BOWELS. That medidna are prepared by Dr. C- M. JAOKSOS & Co., No. 418 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pa., and an told by drugyiitt and dealer* in medicines everywhere, at 76 cenlt per bottle. The tignature of C. M. JACCSOS iriH be on the outtide wrapper qf each bottle. \ i In the Almanac publithed annually by the proprietors, called EYXETBODT'S AIM ABAC, you will find testimony and commendatory notice* from all partt of the country, f These Almanacs are given away by all our agents. C. HARRINGTON, »nd H, HOSWORTH * SONS, Agents for BoQtfoad's <serm&n Bitters, Uilwmake^. THE I 1VER INVIGOR ATOK! PREPARED BY DR. SANFORD, Oompound Entirely from IIIMS, I S ONG of the best Purgative uod Liv«r DOW prereatlve of t '\, before the pabllo. Tbe*t (fwnt r«mov« all marblbor b&d matter from Ihe ty»tetn,tnppty- leg' to iheir jjlftcc a healthy Oow of Mle, iji- ^ On , „,, MUw „ „_ TlROrallng thf itomach, ,,l lo u,ro» out ul ... caasmg food to »lice«t *••( <T ,trr- 1L -» ... well, purifying 1 A f ^ m^u health lo the »holc ma- "^ chloerj, removiDp tl"- ^j On, CJUine of the dlsea«r— •Jtl t ' 1 '"' 1 effecting a radical rare S *' PI ' One Jo*< often repeal- ii a tare cure for loni cnretl, anil, what is br! trr..pre7fnle<l by the occasional nse of th* Liver Invl£Or»lor. One do4e aft^r fatior is lomclent to relieve th- st/jroacb and prevcul ih* food from ri»in^ anti Ooly one doir taiien.^ before retiring, jircTentj ^^ Only one dosp taJten ftl nlfTht, loosens thr bovels gently, aod CUTM ('o*- .^. ••"!nr fr m tf.c tkHi. One do.^ nkcn * ifiort llmf b^fort; r-auoi: jiv^s viiror u. lh^ ipprtilc v - n »t^l ' t t f 'oo 1 !>• 7 . n-.- I. r^j'l ID ltd wont fora while Sumni'.r ./ n J Bf/^rel < \*mpl-tlnl* fitfhf al",,.$t to tht flr»l Jo«^. A »lll ' each meal will care />y«- peptia. One Jos« of two tea spoonfolj will alwayt relieve Sitzi' IjMfidcAe. Only one dost 1 imrac- dlaU-ly rellevei cWi.-, -» mg to tmtlfy'.<i iu won. wBlle *^ Jerfnl rtrton. ny in Me favor. Jfiao letter in Ae mfuth trriiA i^e /nviVfr-tf-" . it" We '.%.k. [•). a^ur^ n re cotDmni j i o jr ihia n; - 0 r.oe *5 » prifTfnt 7* tr, ftffr and A-j*+t, < •'< i F+vfT, ^n 1 kit Ktwrj a Bi^-i <?**-* typ«. It operates with certainty , %n*l ihoii3*n«ls are will DR. BANfORD, Pror.n<-tor, No. MS lir.,ajw»y,. Nr. Tor^. Rrltaled by all Pruirglstl. Bol.l allo, by JOHN RICE, iyl W>inlesale»ale and Retal, Mil»aak^- . * ». N J : W T K K A T M 'E N T . •Joiifideulial Aledieal Advice 1 A T the Buffalo Prlrate Qoipltal—ntabl shed f«r the core of rlyphtlis. Seminal Weaaoeaa aad the riee Innrrallles ol Youlh and Malurltj, by Dr AMOS BON, Uuffalo, N. T. Office, comer of Main and Quay streets, (dp stain.) A MOST SCIENTIHC INVENTION. An |cstrum<Dt for the care of Geaital Debility, Nocturnal Emissions, more properly known as Seminal Weaklueu, Ac.—can be permanently rurfl in Irum flfWea day* lo two moD:bi by the as? of thu last rumen l, wh«n Used conjointly with medicines. YOUNG HEN TAKE PARTICULAR NOT1CF Dr. AMOS A SON take pleasure In aonoonrln; lhat thiry hare inTented^a most Important instrument Tor the ctzr* of the aboTe diseases. It has been subjected to {t Irst by the raoit eminent physicians In Loadoi, Paris, Philadelphia and New York ; It has been declared the only useful instrument ever Invented for the cure of Seminal Weakness, or any disease of the genital organs, caused by the secret habit of youth. Price ten dollars by mail or express. A CURE WARRANTED. Dr. AMOS * BON hare devoted their attention exclusively to this peculiar claw of maladies, and the relief they bare consequently been enabled to render their fillow creature*, Is fully testified and gratefully acknowledged by convalescent patleotj and others daily arriving la town.from all parts of the country for the express purpose only of consultations, while their exertions ftav« been erowned-wltk the most signal advantages ; jet from what they hare experienced In en- qolrtnglnto the causes of those infectious complaint*, (from tbcir mo*t simple condition to that ol the most dangerous and Inveterate,) they have always entertained: t&e possibility of their prevention and temoual, and Ifhfewise Invariably fovnd that the most horrible and malignant forms of ditease could almost invailahly be-traeed to OM ef the following causes: Ignorance, neglect, or the HI affects of unskillful and Improper treatment; Aeretore, Da. *j«o8 A Son have succeeded In discovering, In the selection of their remedies, a safe, effectual, and cautious course; omitting all com- blfi&ttoD of remedies which bear an equivocal character^ as; vrell as those whose premature or Injudicious ap- pllcatlon might be productive of bad consequences In tbe hands of private Individuals. In short, the laudable end oT their remedle* Is the lessening of a great massof'" human misery by the alleviation, relief and prevention of those grievous afflictions thai are to reality:lh« secret foes of life, md whieii, while the; so extensively surround as, call aloud for our skill and Interference In their extermination. ; : COUNTRY INVALIDS. Per* Mis tn any i«rt of the world may be inccetsfully treated by forwarding a correct detail of their ease, with t remittance for Medicines, Ac. Address Dr. AMOS A BON, corner Main and Quay street, BhSalo, N, Y. jaaT-dAwly NEW BOOKS I JUST BICEIVED BT S TKICKL AI¥D & CO., 138 EAST WATKK ST. A uL f TBEET to Cashmere. A. journal or flva 2 tars In Asia, Africa and Europe; with 100 Illustration ifrom aketchei nude on the spot by John B. Irc- Ufejtod Times of Carey, Manhman and Ward. Embracing lie history of the Serampote Mlasloo ; by John 0. MaHU&an. Price 6 00. Hani i's Bdence|of Donbl*-Entry Book-keeping, l so. Leelnrt on Metaphysics and Logic, by Sir William Hamlltop, 8 OOJ The S mplre of Austria; II* me and present power, by John «. a Abbott, 1 60. ' »- . J Wyoi dog; IU h'story, itlrrlnf locMeal s and roman- tia adTtatures, by (targe Beck, D. O., 1 W. Th* Hsrp of a Thomand Strings; or the qalntessence of huraan wit, waggery "and wisdom, 1 2i Arm* iLUe on toe Paci&e. A' Jouinal of the expedition agilnst tbe Northern Indiana. Ihe tribes of the Cosur ffAlenes, Bpokansand Pclouie*, In the *amm» of 1888,! bj Lawrence Kip, ot the D. 8. Army. Price T)Oi ': I ; ' Art ofixtetrpore Bpeakl*g. Bint* for the Palptt,th» Seoate and tbe Bar, by M. Bantain. nice 1 00. Diary of Ladj Morgan, 1 SSo. The Kimance oft Poor Young Mao, 1 90. New: Illustrated Rural Manual*; compcUInr; the Jonjej yie Garden, the farm and DoauUo Anlmsjs.— Hints ^towards Physical Perfcctton, or the Philosophy of tneHjoman Beauty; showing how to »cqolr»and retain bdduly symmetry's health and vigor, secure long IUe,anofavold the Inflrmltles and defontttles o/age, by . A4. «JHJ4(UC*r • vw« .-. ^'--^ti. • Bpurg&n'i iSemOiir, ToIflmtiaTe. 1 JO.* r LoreUe Little. Lore Me Loo* by Cbu. HM^P, TW. Hlstdir'of UiflDomlnloQ 0; the Ar»b« tn Bp-Un,8 794 A Jott&er Due Horib, being "nolet of • r«4d«c« W iiiitliirgT Gftargc*ogv»to B»i|i; 1«L -• - lA*nt)iit'* MtdJcfcl AdT icr mil M4mU£eGuU« f with ne&rljilW engr»rtngi. ; frit* 185.- v.. ;.. V ! _»1^fiS" r - bf ****?^?' ri * lrjji '-?? > ??W •*&***•$• w ] LUc of W.uh!ii^n,^liiwe §w/V W. ' J AUU.tiafc^rDicllo.i.tnror/ " tlffc of|Ktt OW«D, » 00. . 1 STKICKL \NDtCO., j^ v*^ 1 "' -' ! » fiulunaif Htiniflii he t>nrtl**it**;* i Tilimentablc, yet Incnntrovtfr • ** ffttTl» that mviv B.vt^ 111 '*^ f^ti''*. are mftilt* miserable wlili ,niic*^ coQ9*l!utIo*i)i by mal-tre-ilm^nt fro n ine«p«-rie«n.?* < * IthysfciaDs In gtntftti jrructnt'6f for .t i* a f<'ir. genrrally co-oceded by the hfst ayt>iiilr>(r?np)iiT<i, th,i thf*Hi.lj »nd m«nagcm,ratt of these cwmplatot (linui'I ehpr-isa thf *hn T e tlwtf of Ihoae whr* WOIAJI! b^ --OIU'M- tent »nd anvTcyful tn the r trtfaitni'wi nn ' <vire. Thi lo-.-rper'^nci-il i*. n^rsl prurritu-nor »nv|ni • - ther «p porttinitV nnr HIP** tn n.«lrt? himf*»ll inHtoiaJn' 1 v ir*nLl.T,;t)t More cautioo, however, slm-it t lie uatil by Uif lyphti who assume Premrh tfi-l oil.*" ntrn.-« mj S r t - w,th«ui ioy cUtros to mcilicai kn.iwlt-*i^c, T!ir*iv* Vnavish r*w- advertisemcnl* fimt iK^ti-rs, itirv i .im-.- (ti« .. ( !.»-««'} to cnlrr i^cir kVlrr funk shops. *-. ' ...m.» • i .. i!-—-j *vn<l JMIMOO Ihum »UH m^r^ni-v. Peif oni Urtnif at 4 *Hst*nce in thr- counny nrc w .r, »pt fi i-e ilajiw»'l by th»! lyfnf nott^-s <>/ ,o.r>: • >r,.i' Dr J Twniir*o>» has r^ceiYciI miiJu-at »m ru -tid hi* r^thrr. Ur. Wm. Thomson, <»1 i.M*-a,fu, iUin,*i hail t>r*n:it"tMi nvt-r T»» y-sr*. »n.. ton.;.- .-HP.- » failures nf th» l><*^t IJhvs^l fU u> Kur»|.>- f*r T reip«:tfu;iy \^v-ye ihe |«ni-tir nri »•> h-r .i;.| .-.i "Periodical I'lll" t-omhoif, i.k.rf,if>!y *i -.H,-H i,. * clan who can lr»rai snch ca-*-< it:l.-ntir.,-nl!j %r,.( Tti Tally. ^neTmatnrrhccaorSfmlna! Kmis^lona, rSn quemv of n-lf a'-ue<e, trc:it*«t with -.•m^Irt,- • itbojt th*- i»s« nf mar<lpr<-iiif in*rru*n*'T)ta. AH .1 «t lues 'ucldental f . f, tnaJt-3 ire tii-,( «. ,- J, « The- iit-w frunrliiSTiMJ rrrer,"f ^*t-n> •'• •> coontaittly on tmn.'II'. Ttf I'tif^r'un *t^ 11 »,.'•» DR. M'LANE'S CELEBRATED VERMIFUGE HllnoU.Hoi 7-e, To r I'' THE GREATEST IEIICA1 OF THE AGE. 'ircrc I - r.j- ! I v I N J ) t t I M Tlif« . "" ^ j - r« » f » .- : :. kiaa 01 LI; . .,.,;&*». Oae to two bottlti ire v~irr*n:o i •. > a Lhc. cyei. Two bo tiles *re warranteJ to :a-c r^n «au blotcbei unoQjftht! tiAjr. Four to ira botuc.1 Afe var-initf.! t.i *u niQQlog alcers. Oatf tjotlle T:!] car-; i«-a)y ^ni Two or lhr.=« Lollies »r* w*rr U nl of ringworm. Two or ihren totUea a-f wirr Jel*Mfr*»Lc cue of rh«acinU3ai. Tl.ree to foor bottl«?i »r« T*rraots-J to -j rbeam. rive to eight botUea will care th« worst SAM* a>tv. A benefit L* eipt-rldocaJ from U.<? :lf and a perfect cure n **vrraDt*tl »h«n ihe atK,?^ ty l« ukeo. KAB MIDAM, — Tt.e reputation of li.* Vl.',i!. ery, n rurmt; all k.nj of tiura jf*, m so WCH . by the un»nimr,u» vot*-^ of iii w'"i !..* vi- < . tr .: 1 Dt-ed not lay anylNmc -ID t.'-f lU.tjr-. t. »-, : 'i .Tut jiti^jUiacs nijij ih« KI.JSI 1-a.rviul ir-,j.-.- In prrttQtinft lh<r Me-tica) Dmco7rr> to y.jr do it with & full kQ..«Mtr-i|fe of its rurikliVr' ^o*. r - iievlnjt all,and curing D.'>^t. uf ui«-s*? Jtdcsjfe-a ui w are anfortuLately • .1 .. »t>te Tt»»l tiro^t •• • c • < rVITItM M. »OI« K '101 TIB. sicct*' r-1 MJ if by A tntrn-'ie, your uwn i«mp«-r ••» • • to tla afttar&l ifffcfllQfi:', Anil your b?*-.^ '- to In the morr aJv&nrcU iLa^cji of t V\Kl U u V > aothmtt bat ^a KFM %, oo*J<- rom i creauai? & linking, face fe« tn i'^ • ITM of /oar fimiiy ? UJ r itotTttveh IB Ii \ \\ AND /oar f<> id Jutresaes yoa, *ad ycju c ^ a , Ul , Kinds, in t •'Vi-a *\f '.*• \t yonr a, *'em •!.•«* the ao i' J .n. at L ...ivr.s, i». .he aL-ricin the ea:.*tf C&.IA il up , Uictt jfnar -oni|'.- t>toom *.id becomes jallow *n.| rr~ . ,i*y n . r .f. for »anl of :. .,,1 A;,m.- ,. becom»ai .,...-,. i-i i di'-t'/. \ : ,,e ibr-s bet--*mr re»*vir,j. T'^ra iuii.,w » iram >' i ihe Meilical d^covtrry is pwuli&r!/ i,i;i[>i- c i K i;: PmJpii*tK.o of ihe htfirt, pum i Q ih? n-Jf Lhe ipme nod imili of the back, pain if wh*n you retire, irre^ulanty of tn«? l>,v that 31 oil excmclatlnff if tji3»>a.<t>^, Lhe dow many Ihotijan-is of poor wom^a fr-itD thli Jti«i\j« and pminK iwty \ mift^r^nic* '-, * tbrir on. door neighbor J»««i aotinoTthfru- IT^ lo .mpress on yoar mind thM .rood oM pr-.v-ri. •• \ ounrt of preventloa is b«*u<*r lhan * pouud f»f 'ur-. MEDICAL DIMOVI li\ 70a h&Tc both the preveaL&Livt* &n*J irtr rurr, v ^ -'-i (Teat And food qaality, that it w\\\ never, noder \".j-< eamiuoce, Jo you an injury. Touri iraly, DONALD SKNNKPV Prictj $1.00 per botUe. for iale by W>i,,i^^ie .t^ni in Milwmkcc, Grtren *t Buuoa, and Bnytrn^n % .^ur a •vod &l retAil by drai(t;)St3 tfVirryvtier?. ;y"Jl T1OKE TO BE AD'll.ii:.) THAN THK RICHEST DIADLM Kvtr fforn by Kings or Einpcri>r>. A BEACTU'UL Uf.\l> Of HAIR » BKALTlFUU UKiU Of HAIK. A BKAUIirUL HhAO Uf bAIK. A BlAUTirUL MtAU Of HAIR. NATL'SK'S OWN ORNAMKST NATURE'S OWN nKNAlItCNT SATURK'S OWN OK.NAMKNT. NATURK'S OWN URNA-MKNT CAN B£ PRESERVE INFALLIBLY. OAN BE PBK8KKVKD INPALUBLY. OA.N tiH PHKSKKVEl) INfAJ-UBLV. CAN HE PKK.-EHVED 1M KALI.IBLY. BOTH TUE tiliurtTH AND CULOR BOTH TUB GROWTH ANU COLOK. BOTH THK GROWTH AND COI-oR. BOTH THK QSuWTU «>D OHLOR TO Tllr GREATEST AGE. TO TUr. »RKATEST ASK. TO THK QRKATKST AGE. TO THK OSKATEST AGK. UY I SINU WnuD'S miR RESTORATIVE. I!V L'.-I.Mj WUO^'S UAIK KKMTDHATIVK. BV UrtlNrt WOOD'S HAIH RKSTORAI-lmii HY USING WOOD'S HVIK RKJTuKA VI VIC IT ALBO RK-TORB) liRAV H.\!li. IT ALSO H.L3T >lt>^ nn\\ HAUL IT ALSO RlUTuBU GRAY HAlS. IT ALSO RESTOCKS GRAY HA1K. TO IT» NATURAL COLOEL TO ITS NATURAL COLOR TO ITS NATURAL COLOR. TO ITS NATURAL OuLOtt PREVENTS ITS fALLLNti. PKEVENTS ITS fALLlK«. PttEVBNTS ITS FALLIxNtt. PIUCVEJiTS ITS PALL1NU. COVERS THK BALD HtiAl). COVEES TUK BALD U KA U WVKHS TUE BALI) UKAD COVKS3 TUB BALD HblAll fUETS THE SOALP FROM ALL DISEASED. PREGS TUE SCALP FROM ALL DISEASES. FUSES THE SCALP FROM ALL D13&U3KS. FREES TUG SCALP FROM ALL DISEASES. SOLD BT ALL DRUGGISTS. SOLD BY A LI. DBCQljISTS. 30LD BT ALL DRUGGISTS. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. AND BT O. J. WOOD 4 CO. AS0 BY 0. 3. WOJl) * UO. AND BT O. J. WOOD i CO. AND BY 0. J. WOOU- * CO. iu MARKET ST., ST. LOUIS. IU MARKET ST.. ST. LOUIS. 114 MARKET St., ST. LODIS. •14 MARKET «'., ST. LOUIS. ANJ) 312 BROADWAY » f AND 312 BROADWAY, N Y s^f AMD 312 BROADWAY, X' Y' AND 312 BROADWAY, S. V. The Restorative Is put up In tattles of 8 iLses, via largt, medium, and small; the small holds >j a pirn, and retails for one dollar per bottle; the meUium hoMi ai least twenty per cent, more In proportion than th»* sm.tli, retllls Tor two dollars per botUe; thw large tu>*tl3 a quart. 40 per cent, more In proportion, and retails for td,tlO n bottle. 0. J. WOOD A CO., Proprietors, 31; Broadway, \e« York, (In the great N. Y. Wire Kalllnt; Sj-lablijhtnrnt and 114 Market it., 81. Lonis, Mo. Sold 67 C. ilARXINOTON anj all fno.l DniKtr'u anil 1 anoy Good* Dealers. • marl s TO KKNT. have several Brick and Frame Houses to rent exceedingly cheap. We have for sslu a- last <tnantlty of Real Estate, consisting of Uou<es snd Lot.i, Improved and CnlmprovcJ Farms of every size to suit purchaaera, School Lands carefully aeliMted it in ««rly day. Time will De given for part of the pnrcbua money, clear UUe* and warrantee deeds. GREGORY t CO.. 284 Bast W»it-rst. CIRCUIT COORT, I HUwaokee County, Wis. t Bagdalena Slesl. I asainst > Jacob Hsff. \ State at Wisconsin, to j*eob Haff: . 'VT'OO are nereby scmmoaed an* required to aaawer J. tbe complaint In this action, wMch has this day keen flltd in th«offlce-of the Cleric of thaOlrealtConit, of the County of Mllwaniee, at tha City of MUwaniee. and to serve a copy of your answer to the sjiayrosn- plaint,on the subscribers at, their office, InsiUdolty, within twenty days sfter the service of thin summons onyou.eicloslve ot th* dayof snch JSrvloe; and If jo* fkll to answer lie said complaint within the time tfonMld.tbapUlntlfflathli action will apply to the: Court forth*, relief demanded In the complaint. Dated May !«, 1849. < ^' : ' BODB4PAIHI, ;may22-law««r . ( PI«lnUTs Altoraejs.lIU. dPlRS Mills E»U» famllj floor always OB h»nd, LIVERPILLS. beg leave to call the attention of the Trade, and more especially the Physicians of the country, to two of the most popular remedies now before the public We refer to Dr. Chas. Jl'lanrVi Celebrated Vermifuge and Liver Pills. We do tiot recommend them i~ universal Cure-alls, but simply rut what their name purports, viz. THE VERMIFHrE, For expelling Worms from r he- human system. It has .ilso beer administered with the mosr sans factory results to vinous Animal 1 subject to Worms. THE LIVKR PrU,S, For the cure ot Li v K;< Co vi PI A i v rs ill BlLIOfS Dr. R V VI. KM ;- \ i s, M* K HEAD-Ac HE, cVc. I;-, , • i--r\ . >r FEVER ANH AI.LH, preparatory to or after tnk.:n br Qu; nine, they almost :nv;ir:iNv ni.ik, i speedy and perni.i.'-crir ^.r-,-. As specifics for ''':•• tficv •• me:- tioned diseases, the 1 , .irt- I r'r:vaiei! ind never known 'u m! w-.t-:- ^: ministered in .iccurdani-e :\\:;\ :':.( lirections. Their unprecedenri'i! pnni;lj r ---. has induced the [in^-rieriir-,, FLKMIV, BRCIH,;^,, Prr:s,u .«,: ( , I\ "O dispose or" ' : -.e-.r [>-•:_• k '_; -±e~.- m which they h.u c ';><••. :• .'...•-,• fully en^a^ed for r .*.• :.j-r ! .'. •. Years, and rhcv '•>. '' r> « j-. • -• ,- • undivided time ir.,: ir"--v •-. •: • :heir manut.ii_rur-j. \-.i ''<:•• ^ '.-• :ermip,ed that I)r M 1..." • (_ •' orared Verrniru'Je ir..: L. -•- !' ihall cont:r,'.;e '-i »(>.:.;•. • ,- josition r; ;ev ">><•*. ,''c.,'il .•• • - - - jreat remcd: Ar'ill continue lor expense : md Pi.resr >ju:\l r'lem -, 11 ', .e ;• i s' • Tl.l.'KX-r. A.idr-.-s^ i. • ; - FLKlIINi; BliDS. PiiMiiir-.-ti. AVER b CHKRUY SECTORAL Honrsoness. l i Uiia I • v tn [,>ti. ui » HIT ii T '.irmly r?or »irtu*-« i.r thn rr»atni«at .f :f...^. wnplalnM KBK.N RNhillT. M '.• I B MORTI.KY K9Q....f '>!!•» S V »r1lM fan intr.-anvl it, »n«l Wll«»» it th* '•«H frarptw Hv«r pn* -mt. * Stul i.i. (»y twenty fl^« li.Uar* ^r » v>ttl* ;h.. t*k« uiy other r»mt*ly * Croop, Whooping C'oagh, ^pai^'imiLj. \lituL, th» \» th* t>«(t 5OO^h, -n>u four l*r*»U»rnlty In tb« •'"nth •OtBIDeml T (1| lr :na*iirtn* to itir f>*.ij til :•; i \i A.tiOS f.KR. K*i-. M.ivTKajT. U. « 44 I h*l • !*'• tr1«J joar f*€brr'il by tbo •vtlTii-c .if > flrrt -loan raUtt-vm] *.ht* i»n»nt?wi .n ui t*a than on* tiadf :he Sntio oiM^n Tour ED»«liclni*f ITS Cht* -hf»;»«i aj «»n buy. ftod WH MIUMIITI rtm. Di-oTur \u,l fur -*ui.' j a* th« poor mao't friend/' Asthma or Phthisic, and Brnnchi;i*. 0QFM In Uilj *jecncD. tt tiM r«ll»»«i M*nral n>>iii ing »rymptomi of <~oo*raropt!on, »nil IB now ?udn^ w&o ha* labored nn-icr «*n »ffp<U«>n 'f ;h« ,nng^ tart forty year*. UKNilY L. PtRK^-t. M.-r- A. A. RAMHKY M D , ».L.HOX Uomtnv t> wrltoi, d*pt. f3, 1S5A " Daring tay pnwtlf* of man [ bar* (bond ngthln£ «qo*l u» {Ivtujg Aa*e and r*li*if u> ~<>nciimptlT*i p«cl«DLa, T -T rvch a* aro cnrabl*. " Vf« might add vn)nm*M of «rli«Bn*M. bat th* cno-t proof .if th« »1rtn«ei of %htt ramoity ^ fr-vind I pon crtal. Connamption. Probably DO uo« remedy ha« iT*»r Wen knowi c«r»d K> many »nd mch lanjnmoj ^MMI u thti as baman ti*! -an r««c5 . Sut *Tm to tbx>M th« /^rforoJ »lTord» psli»f »nd romrttrt ASTOR Elonaa, v iw Y>itt*i CTTT. \lMfcn 3, ' *\6 Dot"PO« Arra, LOWWIL I fowl it « -inrr »n.l * ^i.-^nr-- to InfiinB yon what 7,«ur T't/n-'y /Vtor«t .1*- i.,n« frr n » wtfK. Bhe had hw«o r!»o month* lahonn^ :h- Uu garnua lymptoina ->f Cunmroptlon. from irhl-h no t,i.i *•• aould procurw jmT*« ti^rmach mllef- Sh« -wiw »te»<ltl7 'ai Ing, untU Dr dtron«, of this «*ty. whrr« w« h*"* -in- ^. •vJMca, rocummandod » trlaJ af ynar m«*di.-tnti W 4 • i^*. hiB kindneCB, M wn Jo yoar »&1U , for iho *i*\*t r«*i from that lay 3h* l> not y«t u itmnn u ih^ i*^ • o«, hut Ls frm from h*r ^Dgh, *\nd o-llj b«nialf ir..,i Yoon with gr»t!rad» ind r^i^&nl, ORLANDO 3HKL3V. ->» 3H«jiTTTUJ. do ant iMpalr till yon h»T« Lr1««d Artni L. U IB mada by °n» «f th*> r>Mt n^Mliai cix«miita ID tbe world, and Iu earn* all around a* b*Mp«sA th» high raerlta of lea Tlrtn*». — * Ayer^s Cathartic Pills. T llB KlanctK of Cli«mlitr7 «nd M»rtlrln« HUT. !««n taxod their atmocC U> prodac* this teat, miwt ^r'^-i pnrjmdT. whlcb la known to man. Innamnrahle ;ir"..« u« ihown Uut thua PILUI hire Vlrtnei w'lli-:, inrjui.. n •xraUen** th* ordinary modldniw. ODI! lh«t cb^y Tin 'in precedantodly Qpon Ula sstaem of all man. Vhe? u-t>4MU> and pleasant Co t&k*. bnt powerful £n cum p«in» (rating proportliwitlmalate th« nul •cU'ldraor thn >•!•. r«moT« ch« obstmctlotls of IU oripuis. purify Eho blr>o<l, and axpal dlsvaae. Tnaypnrgnont tbafbnl 011010*4 vhlch braed and grow distemper, rtlmalata ilnirglBti or lim.r dantl organ* Into thatr ajltnral icden, ant] Impart bailtby too« with ftrength t» th» wbole fystoai. Voi .inlr 1<> caro Ui* ^Tory-day complalnta of itr«ry Cwdy. r>nt al*o Ibrmldablu and Jang^ron* illinaana tb«t OJITA bairh^l Uia bevt of bomaa iKJll. While thoy protlno* yo-^nrfnt •ffbctl, thay an at the nun* time. In dlm'.Qlihmi iluneii, th. «a£»st and bes't phyala that can be employ*! for .:h1l<1rnn sngar-ojatod. they or* plaaaant to t&ka; t»t h^lnu purely Tegerable, are fr*» frnm aay risk of harm. Cnro* bays been made which inrpaas belief war* they oat vu. stantlateti by men of rach AxalUd poidUon tml chamcti>r as to *JrbliLlha suspicion of rmtrotk. Many "mln.-iu clergyman and physicians haT» lent their nunix » tortlfy to the pnblle the rollnblUty .f my ramadlea, whllo nthon bay* sent ma the assurance at thalr ronrlctlon -hat m v Preparations oontrlbnle Immcnaely t& tha mllef if mv afflicted. inQnttnf fia{low-m*n, a> Tha Agent below oam«i I* pleaaad to rnmlah jratli m7 American Alroanae. oontalnlng JJraction* fbr thalr am* IQ.I rUBcmlas of thalr ran*, of tha following com pin.' tun - CostlTMn6B8 > Bffions Complaint* Rheumatism, D'nnay Heartburn, UenJacha arlilnj from a fbul §tonu>ch. Nun sea, ladlgMtlon, Morbid Inaction of the liowels , n d I'nm arising therafroro, Flatnlonor, Lcaaof Appetite, all liltvr ons *nd Cnjaneons Diafaue* which require >n sTacn.oi medicine, Scrofala or Kins'* grll. Thoy .!», hy. purir, Ing Ui. btoftd and stlmulaHn. tht system, ran, m ,oy wmplaints which It wonM not ba snppMwl they ronld w ' TO £r,Pn 8 !£ 1 T PllrtW B »i>1ne«, N.nral K la an.l Serroos IrrltablUlr.DManKMnent. of the Uyar.nJ Kid. low stats of th* body or obstruction of. It* fnnctloM. ™ * Do not b* pnt off by aoprlBelpled deal«n with •cm- other pill they mak* oior« oroflt on. Ask fcr ilia's Pan, and take nothing «lse. No other they can five yoa eompare* with this In It* Intrinsic vain* or enrattvo power*. Tha sick want Ih. best aid there I* t>r ihera, an* they should hava It. Prepared by I*. J. C. AYEE, PtMtleml and, Analyti"! CueaxUt, Lowall, Mas*. Prnna 88 Ota. m Box. Jrr« BOXM roa t j. 80U> B7 A)BN RICE, Milwaukee. toJ.H. BKKDA 00., Chicago, and Azenu la •very ,„ fa the United States. mhl, eowdAw

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