The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 13, 1914 · Page 3
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 13, 1914
Page 3
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Monday Evening, July IS, 1914. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Page Three Talk of Passing Ordinance to That Effect. PROHIBIT TREATING No Easy Sailing, Say the Authorities. The lid ^ubs are not going to have SltogethT eagj sailing While the authorities sav that there will be a test case started to learn just what can be done or what cannot be done ·with them, no one kaows w h e n the case will be started COUNCIL TO ACT' In the mean time the citj council rna\ take some action that will put the clubs out of business for State« Attornev Deck said Monday mornlns that he was certain the cit had the right to pass an ordinance prohibiting «uch clubs It is prettj certain that a committee from th« Law Enforcement league will ask that such an ordinance te passed, or that an ordinance prohibiting the shipping of liquor Into Decatur be passed Mr Deck having given it as his opinion that liquor can be kept of De^atur b\ ordinance if the cltv commissioners 11111 pass such an ordinance PROHIBIT TREATING Corporation Counsel J S Baldw'n has expressed the sama opinion off hand without going into the matter ·very deepl There is also talk of an ordinance prohibiting treating in these clubs While the rules of the clul s already forbid treating the club rules might be broken more readily and with less danger than a cit ordinance E\CH HAS CARD If a club member nants to take his %eer outside and treat a friend there Is nothing in the club rules to prevent it Each member has a card shonin*? the number of bottles of beer he has to his credit In the cooler, and he has a private compartment in which his beer is kept X\ hen he calls for beer the at tendant punches the card for the number of bottles the member orders and the member pays him five cents for serving each bottle While he cannot treat In-side the club, there is nothing to prevent him from taking a dozei Or more cold bottles out to his automobile and treating hii frlendb and It is claimed that this is not a violation of env city or state law "I believe · said State =; Attornev De"k that the cltv council can pass an ordinance prohibiting such clubs lust exactly as the city can prohibit pool and billiard halls I don t think there Is anj question about the right of the cit to deal with the clubs in this w» if the commissioners care to lo i t " REV. J. H. COZAD GIVEN VACATION Hev J H Cozad pastor of the East Park Baptist church Sunda\ morning, ·was granted a- \acation b the con^re- Kation He will be a-R a^ about three ·week"; in August and tvilt spenrl the time in Southern Illinois and and in St Lotus M*ltmg relate es Mr"i Cozad nnd lit.!· «"n expect to lea-v e soon for M i = Co?ad s home in Parkersburs W "X t to be sone a month or =^o The pra-ver meetings w t n b" dis-on- tmupd at the church until Spptemhd MIO the choir 'will not meet for re- hei'-'-a u n t i l fill I he UTdie* Aid society will h a v e an X da\ m e e t i n g 'V\edne I "da at the hoir- of M i « T P =mith, ISfia fist r u l n o Mr--t The nnmnl = vindi^ school picnic x\ I 1 he held Thur^dav afternoon at 1 IIM!"* piik T w o ha,rucks will Mil' from (he rhiirh it 1 1(1 The if- t c r t n n n " ' « \onlnir \vlll he ppent T t th. nrk ni 1 "I P" will n * sen "1 T^ii w rV In the I i" mcnt «iil hi fillifi t II I" w " ek Th* OPTtMJT w l l lilkr 1 i » T I \ "' w h t n Ihe Md coci- ·t\ w i l l I n e Us Inrnir nnfl p i p p i r Mu*lc w i l l le fiirnlFlpil b\ nn onlici- tra nnrl vl l r f - « e » w i l l t e mi.1e AGED WOMAN IS FOUND DEAD IN BED T i m \ i 1" lu's 11 Mri Ir hn «-i % - A*r nf M n i r N « m l ! t i k i l / * x « n t v .Triir» »ii- fi nt rl dm I III bert n t ' ft in, k t h i f i i ' * r ' l i i R I h t h i«l unil )l^.rl f iihiii- W I I H II . ii · »f I'" Ililltll A · ! · I · ! I " I · " « I" h " '" ''I thl« n r i M M mi 1 ·« I'" I" i h i o l » n d Hn N a x e n iln fr II i w i i K rjill In n '»· 1 .1 i iitnl W HI · f M " r t " ' ' |I|n T ' m t\ ' ,t e f-nx Ille Mlchiuil Mn nnrl M t r K n l c Ixirhrl IKI "I s l ' lllK'1'1 I " n 'l J ,11 i. ,,f \ nlpnt il"" N I I h- f n n i t n l « ill l«" h IM » n" llmt V o l n o i l n t "M'l I'Hllnl « ' H I" '' Nlnr rl». Ill, im't«»J %*nville Farmer's Eyei Picked Out by Chickens, fen'lir 1-iH I" W i l l itn % t r r o n , V*lnff Nlnrtiv ATK! In ,, in l i ,w m r f f «ni tv-'tt ·! lITln n« i i m l « o t id i ,n an nrr »n» fauna 'l-wl In Mi hut "n hl» l»ri» (\nlM mllr« n m t h w m f "T Ihln t t v tr,,*iv Tft» hfidv WHM hndlt rtf i i i n « r i HIM) i hi' km* ton'! H i N n h l n of thr\ di n«S n ·! ·lie BiMfpsntnp dlwro^ i r\ hl« IIM|« illd riot Kn n hid liom« ON THE Rev. C. S. Adams at Second Presbyterian. Rev Clair S Adams spoke pn "The Kuril Church Problem In America* at the morning service at the Second Presbvterlan church Sunday He said In part "Th* 1 - m a j o r i t y of oeople of A m e n c i ^ i x e In the rural districts giving the rmal r h m c h a wonderful opportunity 1 be c i t v is dependent upon the country not only agriculturally but m o r p l i r l i n e * times as much monev ie a pent on fh* education of the cltj bo\ as on the country bo\ The strong and w ik ] u i c * h P b of diffe^e it denominations In t'ie «ame community are coming" m n i and more to federate their forces T TC vD OF CHARTS Mt Adams use of charts showed in rapid form the bigness of thf task \ v h i L h the home boa i d of the P i e s M - tei ian church Is dealing ^ Ith in the i ural churrh problem Mi Adams thorough acquaintance w ith the pro blem and his success In working tt out embles Mm to make the pre^enta- tion of the sublect ver\ interesting and forcible At the \esner service In the evening 1 Miss Fav Fisher jfave a, v e r \ piecing Intel pre'ation of Marv Antin « 'The Promised Land ' She svicceeded in t o r u P M n t r to her audience the spirit of the Russnn Ten ess gn Ins in Mirv Antin ^ cm n ^ ords the ston of hei adoption of the promised hind as her counts T\ hei she came to feel the meaning of "rm countrv TO TXINONA I VXF The Christian F n d e a \ o r "ocletj IB sending its ne\v president Charles Lee as Its representative to the Fresb\te"- ian 3 oung people 1 ? comention at \\ in- ona Lake Ind He with Miss Ethel K\ le and Beiilah Pelton left earl\ this morning for that nlace to be gone e grht davs The Girls' Glee club picnic has been postponed from Tue^d^ The time ·will be dtc ded at the reheiisal r h u r s d a v At t le praver rm etmg 1 \\ ednesd-n nisht the subject '"-hould the Chinch do moi e intitutional TVork or confine itself to Inspiring other agencies to do this -ttork 9 ' will be studied There ·will be no ·xe^per service ne*.t SiinclTt night the \ o u n g people 1om- ing 111 the union service at the park at 6 o clock DECATUR MAN BUYS LUMBER YARD Lo-vlngton Julv 33--E I* Beal ha 1 * di posed of his luml er bu^ine^^ to W J Huff of Decatur Mr Huff ^ i l l not mov e here but the ^ nrd w ill be In charge of ^\ F Diw «on who his been in the employe of Mr Beall for several ears Uneeda Biscuit Tempt the appetite, please the taste and n o u r i s h t h e body. Crisp, clean and fresh-5 cents in the moisture- proof package. Baronet Biscuit Round, thin, tender-with a delightful flavor -- a p p r o p r i a t e f o r l u n c h e o n , t e a a n d dinner. 10 cents. ZuZu Prince of appetizers. Makes daily trips from Ginger-Snap Land to waiting mouths everywhere. Say Zu Zu to the grocer man, 5 cents. Buy biscuit baked by NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY Alwayt look for that name Rev. E. M. Smith Continues to Improve. Dr A. C Foster preached tn o good sermons Sundav at the First Christian church Next Sundaj the pulpit w i l l be filled by Rei Mr Hoppn of Sullhan Word recehed from the pastor, Re\ E M Smith, Is that he continues to ( m- proe He w i l l return to Decatur about Aug 1 The monthly meeting of the board of deacons and elders Tvill be held t o n i g h t at the church at S o clock Choir practice will be held Fridai night CHl'BCH OP PKETHREV The prayer band of the Chuich of the Brethren w i l l meet Tupsda\ night at the home of Mrs Mai \ Moscr 644 T\ est Gulck Teachnrs* meeting w i l l be at 7 20 TVe'lne'wla^ night the praser ser\ice f o l l o w i n g at R The l*adi*s Aid societs u i l l meet at 1 TO Thui %i\ afternoon at the church The teacheis training class will meet Fricla night at S o clock BAST SIDE; CHRISTIAIN. The prajer meetings -nhich had been discontinued will be resumed Wednesday night at the East Side Chllstian church The Christian Reapers uill mee* Wednebda\ at the church FIRST B1PTIST. Re\ J F Mills pastor ga\e a report of the Northern Baptist coniontlon at the m o r n i n g serUce at the First Baptist church SLnda In the evening Re\ "W H Cannon filled the pulpit, he and Dr Mills exchanging places The subject, 'The Lends Praver, 1 will be continued at the ^ ednesday night service District 3 will meet Tuesdav afternoon w l t f i M r f , Elmlra ZHgler, WWest Eldorado street Mrs \ei\sham w i l l assist Mrs Zeigler SECOND t B. Quarterb conference w i l l be held to night at S o clock at the Second United Brethren church r-ond icted b\ the presiding elder, V AS O \ e r t ^ n of Bloomington The Woman s Bible t lass wlil mee*" Tuesda"* aftei noon at ° 3fl ST The morning sei vice at St Pan s Ger- rmn L u t h e i a n church ^unda^ wa* largelv a t t e n d e d considering the hot i\eathei The evening s p r \ i c e was in FiiKlish The pTstor Pe\ T Txihrmann will attend the meeting- of the hoapitai hoard of directors In Springfield Tuesday The young peoples socie'} will have its monthly meeting at the school building Friday night FIRST U. B. Sunday nights service of the First United Brethren church was held on the lawn at the church The Junior Endeaior society will meet at 2 30 Tuesdav afternoon Quarterly conference will be held at 'i 45 Tuesdaj night The Otterbein guild will meet Thurs- daj night at the home of Miss Jessie Conard on East Cantrell street THIRD r. B Re\ V w CHerton of Bloomington presiding eider preached ^nndaj nlglit at the Third Lnlt"d Brethren church The Christian End°a-*or societv will have a business meeting Tuesday night at the church The Brcithprhood will meet Wednesdav night Th Ladles Air] «orle* will meet Thursday afternoon it the home of Mrs Ed Dow- nev 15^1 % o r t h Calhoun -=Te"t Thp L,adles Aid soriot} of the Westmln- sfr Piestn terlan rhurcli w i l l meet at 2 o clock Wedneday afternoon at the church Thp subject for the prajer meeting \Ved- nesdav night at " 4" w i l l he "The Parable of the TV Ise and Foolish \lrgin" ' LUTHERAV Communion was obsened Sundaj irornlng at the English Lutheran church and four n e v members w e r e rerpKed One Infant was baptized Teachers meeting w i l l be held Wednesday nlcht 81. PAUL'S METHODIST. The Ladles' Aid society of the at Paul's Methodist church will have Us Ice cream social Tuesday night on the lawn at th« tabernacle 1300 block East Prairie street The official board will meet Friday night Re^ J C Brown the pastor, returned Friday from Stiles la where he had been conducting a meetlnR CHURCH OF GOD ENDEAVOR ELECTS Officers for the coming six months ·were elected by the ChriBtlan Endeavor 'society of the Church of God Sunda evening They are a g follows Presid-ent--Wilfred Miller Vice Presld-ent--Helen Fisher Secretary--Ruth Flaher Assistant--Irene Walker Treasurer--Mrs J W Fritz Organist--Ilene Walker Assistant--Jerome Braden Misg Clara Richmond of Fort Scott K a n , spoke at the morning- sen ice In the e\ ening 1 communion and baptismal services w e r e held The outdoor services at the home ot A J Roher In the Pvthian home addition win he continued this week meetings being" held each night except Saturday On account of these services, there ^111 be no Wednesday nigrnt service at the church ELWIN SMITH AT CENTRAL CHURCH Elwm Smith, of Oklahoma City who Is visiting in the r-ltj, eang 'Lead Kindly Light" at the morning «ervlc« at the Central Church or Christ Sunday Mr Smith formerly lived In Decatur At the night service Rev J F. Mills of the First Baptist church occupied the pulpit In spite of the heat, there was a good sized audience The choir will meet Tuesday and Frl- daj nights for rehearsal ELECTRIC FANS FOR CONGREGATION Rev W S Dando, of the Illinl Con- ffregational church preached Sunday morning at the Congregational church, he and the pastor Rev H S Roblee. exchanging pulpits for the morning. Besides the sermon a pleading feature of the service hei e was a violin solo bv Professor Daniel Bonus Electric fans have been placed in the church for seivice to make the room comfoitable Men of the church T#bo had been asked about the best place to put tile fans had considerable discussion as to whether thpv ought to be installed behind the pulpit so the preacher could h a v e the benefit ot them or m front of the pulpit where the would be of! more benefit to the congregation Tt was decided at last, however, thit It wouldn't do to have the preacher too comfortable and that the fans should be placed in front Mrs Roble accompanied Mr Roblee to IlHnf Any Silk Coat in Stock $9.75 "The Store With the Electric Fans Any Colored Trimmed Hat $1.00 Summer Underwear Reduced Wonderful Values in Light Weight Knit Underwear Tuesday O UR big knit underwear section starts now to reduce stock. Even though we are in the midst *| of our hottest weather, we are compelled to sacrifice our cool, light weight garments in / preparation for our Semi-Annual Inventory. Reduced prices go into effect at once--strictly de- I pendable underwear for men, women and children. Read what you will find here Tuesday: $ Men's $1 Union Suits 79c. Men's Union Suits, knee length, no sleeve and low neck, "Forest Mills" make, $1 00 7Q/» value ................. ' *'*Men's 50c Union Suits 39c. Men's union suits, high neck, long sleeve, ankle length. Essex make. 50c value. Women's $1 Union Suits 50c. Women's union suits, low neck no sleeve, lace trimmed, loobe knee, £1.00 value for Men's Separate Garments 39c. Men 's Shirts and Drawers, high neck. long sleeves, drawers ankle QQ/» length, oOc value for ..... O«/C Boys' 50c Union Suits 39c. Bo.^ s union suits, high neck, long sleeve, ankle length, low neck short ^leeve and knee length and low neck, no sleeve knee length. ")0c value for Womens' 25c Vests for 19c. Women's vests, silk taped neck, in round and V shaped, regular sizes, 1 Q/* 25c value for ................... -Li/C Men's Underwear at 19c. Men's shirts and drawers, high neck short sleeve drawers are ankle length --porous knit, 25c value, Tuesdaj- Boys' Underwear for lOc. Boys' shirts and drawers, Balbriggan, shirts are high neck, long sleeve and high neck, short sleeve, drawers are knee length, 1 Of* 25c value, choice ........... -Lvv- Children's 15c Underwear lOc. Children's knit pants, tight knee in sizes from 4 to 14 years, loc value .............. Boys' 15c Shirts lOc. Boys' athletic shirts, all sizes from 24 to 34, loc value for HEALS HUMORS We Guarantee Saxo Salve So many remarkable cures have come to our attention from the use of our wonderful new skm treatment that we offer to pay full price for the empty tube in every case where Saxo Salve and Saxo Soap do not help those who suffer from eczema, salt rheum, itchinghumors or skin eruptions. Can any offer he more fair 7 Saxo Salve is an antiseptic penetrating ointment that stops the itch and clears the skin. Try Saxo Salve and Saxo Soap at our risk. (·Ill), « An.istrong, 13ruKgl»t, Decotur, HI BOOKS BOUGHT We want everyone to visit Hainefe and Essick--whether they buy or not. For we know that anyone who knows Haines and Essick will sooner or later buy here. Nowhere else will you find a collection of books on every imaginable eubiect that can be bought at such little prices. Books for vacation reading. Haines Essick 217 N. Water. Both Phones 1256. Blood Risings Not Sign of Health Boils are Caiued by Sluggith and Impure Blood Look Out for Volcano Effects When there arc sw]i|n B !! gatherings or risings of the skin it i-? a sure sign that the blood needs holp it needs the cleansing that can be hiij only by the famous blood purifier S S S Anv eruption of the skin shoirv! the body Ii re- tlinlng impurities and either eontimi» to circulate and lmpo\orHh the blond or are deposited nere in I the-e In the form of absce^es or surface rislnss and eruptions. A host of people u*» g g g e \ery spring and summer (o withstand those habits that !ea\e the b\stem tired out Get a bottle of S S s todav of any druggist Ghe jour blood a good bath It will cause ^our Iher to con\ert impurities your lungs to burn them your kldne-vs to excrete them and your skin to carrv them off thus l«a\ing vonr entire s\stem fre'h and clean to revive ana again be conscious O f renewed health Write to The Swift Specific Co 106 Swift Bide At antn oa for their great book on skJl afflictions "What the Mirror tells ' Let Us Help Furnish Your Home The invited guest admires the well appointed home, where furniture, tapestries, window hangings and other fittings all harmonize. There is still a place in your home that we can help you furnish Our entire building is filled with goods that go to furnish the home complete. Cash or Easy Payments. Both Phones. 1025-31 N. Water St. Your Eyes Are Obedient Servants The} maj complain but will toll on in ^our behalf The} will stand more abuse thin an} organ of the bod} But when, through constant neglect and rough usage their delicate adjustment becomes disturbed, now quicfel} the servant becomes the master. How utte-l} he'pless }ou! are without jour ejes. Gi\e them. attention at once if the% are ailing.' Let us examine the-n frt" of charge. o WILLIAMS V PTDMETRIST OPTICIAN. I 107 N. Water St. Opposite Millikin Bank. .FWSFAPFR!

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