Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 17, 1930 · Page 18
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 18

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1930
Page 18
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olt ra«lc«a you *». * Iu enjoy your tempted to "jori » satisfied until UM toriBbly niied. ^T our m«al rnltM It bulky. T* hold our itomacb muit '·'"I*! 1 , K*P«tltio w titaJatlon, Twice i 1 required to Utlify 1 j ou habitually ^ -you must drink at |re you begin to «ai lot Cold drlnfca jta,t f\ cause Indigestion Ihm on Good Pood 111 M.D. *pn.lco was Installed n air TOute, weather adcast to flytra by * 5 C 9 e 'umpkin fclh, Mgr. 1498 ES KET 6Sc $1.00 $1.90 .60* Bread T,oi»f 4c l,h. lifer Nit, Ih. IOC p«, i.b. _ _ ,_3to -_U]c and itie !!». J5o ush. »SJ»; ftalt. PET»» i founUin ftt i (n bit *DC*« ronger, mot* i for \rine UtCATUR HERALD J-KIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 17, 1930. DECATUR HERALD 17 FEATHER PILLOWS CAN BH RFNOVATED HASILY AT HOME They Must Be Handled Caiefully, But fhc Woik Ii Not Inhicate m i f H-M KKH iihi i jilllii«s tvmkp i luMf c l n t h «l l n n j For the Letter Writer cn«f. \ l n i h l n i ' i t l t ( h till I | i it i i l i t 1t ID Ihi | UKTM fn thnt i » ( i I n (ft n i n t h f i r * fiiini t l « i ' «·· ( '" I ''·""' ll11 I" '*''" '' , twl i i»i itni U i n i i i l Imlf t i t h i e f - . t h J fn I f f 'I" r I , it ( n Hi Ifer (In i 1 Hi t ' ' t ,, I I I u i H 1 n. (i .n t l i l t p i l l . I I ll I II I -(I I 111 ( f n t ltd of tli k i n ; n ("liiini; HHI « 1'iHti t i n 1« i ml !i ( l i t hi i HI elilh "I'-f' I ' "'* "'^'i 1 !- ( '" o' 1 ' ] n ,tl « I m tlu liMlnl l l l Itijr ifnm ljm( HIM luitii t loo-'i (hi ^^ ( ' " S ^H i 1 ' ^ ^i loliuii Mill''' i N f ' I t I'D HiN t h t f i I n i l i ] tnnvlli ! h l I i t ( I n lii'lillns Ihf t w n f nxM t ( t , i 1 h n "li'Mll m \ i i f,i (hi mi Ii ' ' ' ! 'l'l« if Ih'i l i c k i n g c nf K 11 ti in'" llu lui i i loth riw n h ' i r Hi i i ' tiiitft i inii « nnd d i n w dill tli 1 i 'i" l l n u i d ft nil Ihi jmiT nf Ihc !· v, In 11 Imth riiiCH KM i 1v Po not hnitn ThMt Tcntn* itu' 1^ UK I"H^ ( h i Miti hi (win |iilli 1 'Ml of Hi! Mi hlnic i » ' . u n l n h i l t tin C r n l h i i UM itlll i l i n i n l " 1(l ' t (i*(iili.i ml of rlx pllldt i M i i p c t c dp the till. h*s hnldliifMhP two WII.KI t t i f i f u i n .f I In [ t » i - . ( Ii ll ( ! · · » t O K M h i l All 'th I c i i t U i i i « t t l now it* tlcidti. N r « t i i k r out t h i b u t h « ln tb " ilmiirtolli case Int. t l i n i n tn in i In t h i i l i k l n j , ti\ | \\iwliln( nnd lrln^ pulluil Ml lot t I l i i t l fhoull bt l i f t HUVII t u i d ^ n solution 0( hot watci ihlhlo nl l l n Mid tf tlif "-Hni d'lcl u '.«i\ HHli wtll illstolvut tintip Ki'HIoUiii; tht' fiMtlh^is l r i' u JiltulKt t und wush ·fltmlv tint 11i(* I^M ' 11' * will fi(iA\ h. J o i n * d I K h t l ^ FUtiiK 1 In hot wtittr fuovi^h |o B oilH i r' t i l l l t nn (ijiMiliiK Ihi 1 ftitlM l l n u t Ut n ' t out till thp soup linn? Icnith miiiki lti«' f m t h i n r l m n I n t o on Ilif 11m In th( *tiiti A f l r r th* Iti^ r h i H N t h i^i mil II |n * 1^ fl H U 11 hrt h u i di lyjKtl ft.i ^nmv /it iti^ (O(ti)i n tial totnpktt }vha(tt a / u / / / u s Jit Mi H il/i 1/1 ipadvtn (ap uric/ tU/n/rwiJiuiu diaw.i\ atiti ifi t/(.«/- m and beautiful fttash, cowiiiin;) benitli/ tint/ inLfulw'Si Kvi-iue the ciivc, untl lot thf full In lhi othu end of thi ("m tuul ( o n t l u u c tu t l t l p Kcc|i i the case until tin nn h»no di ·, In the ll L Uii h ntnr the open O. R. Morgenstern " l 1 " 1 " Grocen'e* anrf Produce »"'imi O. V. VEST SfrictJj 1 Home Killed Meaty, PHONE'2-1579 162 S. MAIN ST. We Sell For Le*--Why Pay^More? !V7tf^nC (fim«MitiMt ii,,, n « -^C* JEllyVa st,iril\ 1'rtf.h ""' pn ^91 OrtTATftlTC 'TM«'"«' n *' A tu\fr« I'mh .JZgj IBrvAJJIm/AO or iiiiunptu h»r 11,95 GRAPEFRUIT 5KV ri"""-"ii{ APPLES "*S "" r 4k 25c 25c lOc L s i m l l i H d.f rink ititi)iii. n i Call din 3, for Iliiirl*, I luf r Mriilno Hi Svi«dr Cured Picnic H«m», Lb ', (Jl.r~Ot/l( I'KH FS ON 1 f .MM* ( Itli ktn», Cuuntrv bull ilH'SHt,!, I n ix»ly fur tlio ]«m o ^ n. . - · / C v ii K u r -- I' ii r B (tnuitilut* il-- ) Ji ) h ( lutii rf A Mrlcth F n i k llonir Kjllfil l'«ik or ( n m i t n GoldMedall Flour "Kl'UifJLN 'If.S'l hU I UK F \ l K \ h l M . I't ltl'(k9t J, Lb». *t Sack BAKED APPLES WITH ORANGE SAUCE SK applta Jules 11 Ix Juice one km on Two-thi ids cup BUgnr Two tabloBpoons butter One-half up chopped Onr-halt cup chopped Pale unil coif npplt^ Boll Julcf, h mon Julco, BUKar nnd bulUr until the syuip la clcnt S tuft the centei or the apples will) the lalslns nnd nuts and pour syrup ovci I hem Ealic In u mod* 1 into oven (310 de Kt«*t D until trndet, banllnj; with the i y i u p riming haltliiff Stivi hot ot rold »AIiKI) I'EACH DUMPLING Roll out ilch pmtiy to onn-elghth Imli thiLltursH nnd cut In foui-tntli i Pliu e Imlf n pcinh In 1h' ul . n h squatc Spiinkli 1 with and dot with blittui Molfltpn ot pn-iliy with walir diaw to tho cenli i and IJH tose-thci flunly BniHh tops with bttitt n i-KK Buka In a quick ovei tfiO dp^icc F ) 10 minute (e- t'uco hciit to moil pinto OIM (3(50 di RICO D and biiHc about If minute*) SIMITK MUSIIKOOM MIAVY Ofi* cup miifluonini [tonh 01 cnn- nul Onf-touitlt t u i » f n t I sllipd onion ihopp'fl H'om toblispooni ftoin Two eiii'^ sU« k Sull Wish nod ]nfl miiihiooiiit (II f i M h ) Ctil in iilcec-i and til wtlll 11 ic on Inn )rt lilt Utilll Mlghlll Ijiowm'il about t f n mliuili i Add flour and mix well Add stotk (liquid In roasting [inn--odd wntttt to mftko 2 uijw) and cook until thick, N t i r i l n K constantly Season lo tw^t* with suit and pepper Uso with eny kind o( toast meat OltlLLftD BANANAS WITH HAM Remove thu aklna from firm bananas and ftftci marinnllng them In diluted lemon juice tot thltty mlnntea, cut them In halves lunglh- whe Brown -wi-ll undei biollei Ar inngp tiioimd hioilcd hnm on platter, dot with, eunant jelly Wonder Groqery I, Miultcf, I'run 815 N, Van Dyke Saturday Special* I'nliitin it, ^*Jrf» Futk - .--,-,,,^,._. . OjuC - $130 . 25c (lolli Bus FLOUR Stutc 69c UNI. Round or Loin Stenk. Hi Bfet Dolt, Ih. \H»| ftleuU, lli __ Vork und HiiirtN, 1 CH UK .25c 12|c ..30c Hlpc, Bit 95c Brim; KM tour Hill IT and I I I « I 1 T^ 71 r TT T T-v RAZLE I--/ CASH M A R K E T THE BEST FOR LESS AT ALL TIMES BEEF ROAST BOILING BEEF BEEF STEM 4 Ml t (II(N ( limk Imli ii I'lnlp tt^cf itpiiW i|i'i I J^.ill irt PORKRMST LARD BJJTTER" COFFEE" t th tlrnml 14c 1 10c · : 22c| l_2_%c "· 14c llrlllc lh C W u i ri Our 4i"uit \ nlilo Urn nil 17c Royal Palm 2 lbs,2Bc Junedale, 2 Ibs. 29c FRESH OYSTERS DIRECT FROM THE COAST KROGER STORES COMPUTE MONEY In your Kroger (tore, foods are told at a tavingt, and the tmaller amount of money that you pay i», indeed a worth* while contideration; but -- money isn't everything. Our fitct thought in serving customer* U not "How cheap u it ?" but "How good i* it?" Economy that follow* tliat U altvayt FLOUR Pillsbury 48 Lb. Sack $1.57 Country Club, 48lbs, SI.35 Gold Medal, 48 Ibc, $1.57; 24 lbs.79e CHIPSO fe 2 - 37c APRICOTS HONEY WHITE CHEESE 1 vitporulcd llutk, I b J,b, 19c 19c American, Pimento or Brick Loaf Lb. HEINZ 9c SALE Tomato Sauce Baked Btani Boston Baked Beam ..... . Vegetrian Baked Beans Baked Kidney Beans ......... 9$ Spaghetti . . . ............ 9? Cream Tomato Soup Mustard Mustard Sauce ....... . ...... 9C Sandwich elbh .............. . 9C Mayonnaise .............. , . Peanut Butter 29c ILK Pel-Bofden's-Camation Tall Cans BUTTER Country Club Creamery COUNTRY CLUB 3 r» 23c 2 ] r I S c 37c BREAD ...H,, Lb, Artistic Mantle Clock With Alarm Attachment Beautifully De tignetj for only $2.48 Aik the Manager How to Secure One P O T A T O E S $2.43 BU. $1.89 Red River Ohios 15 Lb. 01^% 2Bu. Peek W I W 'Bag BANANAS TSS 4^ 25c APPLES 234 N. 22nd St, MEAT DEPARTMENT 1464 E, Wiliam St. PORK ROAST a * 12V 2 c Short Rib Boiling Beef, Lb. 9e Wieners and Frankfurters, Lb. 20c Sirloin and Tenderloin Steak, Lb 22e CHUCK ROAST » ^ir ISc Meat Loaf, Fresh Ground, Lb. ....I5c Pork Steaks, Lean Slices, Lb. I9c Fresh Pig Hearts, Lb Mo PICNIC r 17%c KROGER/TORE/ "Thrift Plus Satisfaction" ALL WEEK SPECIALS! Clover Farm Apple Butter A IMIli IOIM Spr ml 'Tm»if, Taxtitro, I'urltj 30 Ox. Jar CLOVER f-AHM C O F i E E Ctover F*rm Spinach \nr\, Tfn4rr ts»\f» No, 2i Tin 19C Marshmallows Uttht nnd 1 l u f f v FREE, While They Us! Bsauliful Full Color bby Picture With Each P»a«g* RALSTON WHOLE WHEAT CEREAL 23 Clover Farm Luncheon Size Fruits Deliciout for ^rnall partict and quick detterti. Keep » supply in your panliy Handy 8 O«. Tim PEACHES, Y. C. Halves or Sliced Each ·· ROYAL ANNE CHERRIES Each I3e FRUITS FCR SALAD Each I3c Clover Farm Macaroni Spaghetti, Noodles Full Wfllttit. 'lil|tli V»ltd 'lll|tli Vnlctl 23c Palm Rose Soap Great Northern Beans Evaporated COCOA CLOVER FARM Fall Pound Drum I7c HERSHEY'S (·2 Pound I2e "wtftiT \ 41 ij ^ Tim MiMlcrti Hulixi-liiild ·nd Aluminum h IIIMT 3 * c " kw u* 22c For lC ·*» SATt RCAY Cauliflower , Freih, Snow White Heidi Each S U G A R 10 "» S2c Lettuce Fancy Iceberg Extra Large Heads 12c Milkolet Puff Cookies A Milk Chocolate covered Marnhmallow Cookie. J( I scums cnk* baie. A wonderful barg.nn Saturday Only Ib. * * 26c Bananas Potatoes Tokay Grapes Grape . l r lnn, «nldi'ii U S 1« 4 25c 15 Lb. Peek |lillrltiii Firm tinnier* 3 Lb*- 23c M Sin* 2 F« 19c WEINERS Pound 23C LARD U. S. Government Iniptctcd 15c Lb. Smoked Cottage Butts Chicken Loaf All lMt MM| HIM S*o»t l.unrli U, 33c CLOVER FARM BUTTER Dull} Fr«m Prroh Lb. 43c

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