Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 8, 1971 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 8, 1971
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Serving Madison, Jersey, Mrn'iwpiu* Greene and Calhonn Counties Vol. 135, No. 302 22 PAGES Allnn, 111., Friday, .January 8, 11)71 Price IOC Est. Jan. 15, 1836 Danforth files campaign cost—in Madison County Off lo jail Leon Brown, left, was handcuffed and herded to the Madison County jail Thursday night by a state agent after his arrest in a narcotics raid inside an Edwardsville recreation hall. Richard Gillig, right, /was taken to the Madison County jail by an armed member of the raiding party. Telegraph photos by Don Hayes. At Edwardsville 13 arrested in drug raids By JOE MELOSl and ANDE YAKSTIS Telegraph Staff Writer EDWARDSVILLE - Illinois Bureau of Investigation agents and Madison County authorities swarmed into a downtown recreation center and a secluded house occupied by SIUE students here Thursday night and arrested 13 persons in synchronized drug raids. In a simultaneous raid in adjoining St. Clair County, 20 City will seek U.S. funds for hospital tract By DENNIS McMUKRAY Telegraph Staff Writer The City of Alton will seek federal funds to aid in the purchase of the state hospital land and to purchase property for small parks in low-income areas. The city's • chances of get- ing funds for the neighborhood parks are "good" since the Department of H o u s i ng and Urban Development places highest priority on parks in depressed areas, Diane Soble, HUD field representative, said Thursday. However, Mayor Paul Lenz and parks and recreation commission members had placed highest priority on the hospital land which would fall under a lower HUD priority. But Mrs. Soble said Alton stood "a reasonable chance" of getting federal funds eventually for the state land. The city will request a "letter of consent" from HUD allowing it 'to pick up its option on the state land, which expires July 1. Under HUD regulations, a city cannot purchase park land and then make application for HUD "Open Space" funds. The letter of consent wll allow Alton to purchase the land with its own fun/Is, but leaving open the possibility of future reimbursement by HUD for up to 50 per cent of the cost. The city had anticipated paying most of the $370,000 cost of the state hospital land through sale of Riverside Park land to the Illinois Division of Highways for the Berm Highway continuation of the river road. Some of the former stale hospital farm land is planned to be converted into an 18-hole golf course. This will have to be excluded in the HUD application since "we can't be in the business of buying golf courses" Mrs. Soble said. A controversial tract of land along Harrison Street could be one of the first new neighborhood park sites in the first HUD open spaces application, Lenz indicated. Developer Ed Morrisey previously fought a long and losing battle with the city to rezone the tract for a public housing project. The Harrison area is large (See Page 2 Col, 1) agents of the IBI, deputies and Treasury agents struck at an East St. Louis residence, arrested six persons and seized $4,000 in salable heroin and a quantity of shotguns, rifles and handguns, the Telegraph was told. The heroin raid at the East St. Louis house was timed to coincide with the drug strikes at the E dw a r ds v ille recreation-pool hall and residence where agents, deputies and police, armed with riot guns and M-l carbines, swopped dow r n on the places and rounded up suspects. N Authorities said all three of the raided places were linked together in a narcotics ring. The recreation center-pool hall is next door to the Madison County jail in Edwardsville. Agents working undercover had purchased narcotics over a three-week period before coordinating the raid Tuesday night, which began about 7:30 p.m. at Idle Hour Recreation Center, 216 N. Main and the house, southwest of Edwardsville. About 30 IBI agents plus Stale's Attorney R. W. Griffith and Chief Prosecuting Attorney Robert Trone, in addition to Chief Sheriff's Investigation Demos Nicholas and his assistant Robert Rizzi police and treasury agents participated in the Edwardsville raids. Arrested in the raid on the recreation center were: Richard Eickmann, 20, 311 Douglas, Rodger Leroy Seals, 23, 625 Brinkman; Wayne Scott, 17, of 215 W. Union; Willard Jesse Dean Jr., 20, of 216 W. Union; Richard Dean Gillig, 19, of 1125 W. High St.; Jack Townsend, 22, 142 West St.; Leon Brown, 21, no address. All are Edwardsville residents. Arrested in the raid on the two story home on Rte. 157 near SIUE were Eugene Ambrose Luetkemeyer, 22, Emillio Lastarria, 20, and his brother James, 19, Donald Robert Bailey, 23, and Steve Pemberton, 23, occupants of the home. A Cottage Hills youth was the 13th lo be arrested later at his home. He is William Davis, 17, of 311 Cinderella. Ten of 13 were being held in Madison County jail this morning. Davis, Bailey, Dean and Scott were charged with unlawful sale of a narcotic and Pemberton, Seals, the L.astaria brothers, Leutkemeyer and Brown were charged with unlawful possession. Two olher youths picked up in the raid were released after they were brought to the county jail. A 15-year old Edwardsville juvenile was nabbed in the Easl St. Louis raid where agents arrested Willie Lee (See Page 2 Col. 1.) By BILL LHOTKA Telegraph Staff Writer 0 Alton Telegraph Printing Co., 1971 S u p p o r t e r s of Missouri Attorney General John Danforth reported campaign contributions of $35,000 in affidavits filed in Madison County, Illinois, rather than Missouri. A Telegraph investigation uncovered the reports of six Danforth citizens committees set up for the Nov. 3 elections, on file in the Madison County Recorder of Deeds office at Edwardsville. Danforth lost a hard-fought battle for the U.S. Senate Nov. 3 to Missouri's incumbent Senator, Stuart Symington. The affidavits which show contributions from six sources were filed Nov. 27 by Louis P. Hoist, a Collinsville accountant whom the documents listed as treasurer for all six committees. Missouri Republicans today denied there was anything unusual in the Illinois filing, since Missouri law requires filings in the county in which the committee treasurer resides. (Illinois requires no accounting of campaign contributions at all.) However, Madison County Recorder James C'hapmun told the Telegraph the Missouri filing in Illinois was "unprecedented," as far as he knew. Chapman said he could nol recall a similar action since he has been recorder. Chapman was first elected to office in 1954. Hoist refused to discuss the filings with the Telegraph Thursday night and referred a reporter lo Wayne Millsap, a proininenl Republican attorney in St. Louis. "Hoist lives there and the law requires filing in the county where the treasurer resides," Millsap told the Telegraph this morning. Millsap said that Hoist was an accountant "who works in St. Louis" and was treasurer of some committees. "He followed he same advice I gave to other committees." A press aide to Danforth in Jefferson 'City said today he was certain Danforth was unaware of the Illinois reporting. After the actions were explained to him, the press aide said, "It is fairly normal procedure for committee people lo file in the county in which they live." He then referred the Telegraph back to Millsap who was "one of Ihc people in charge of lhe campaign." The six committee reports on file in Edwardsville include affidavits for the committees located more than 200 miles away. The Greene County Mo., Campaign Committee for U a n f o r t h reported contributions of $2,001) from Randolph T. Complnn and $2,500 listed as anonymous donations with disbursements of $2,000 lo Meclion, Inc., and $2,400 to A r c: h w a y Publications. Greene County is located in southwest Mis s o u r i. Springfield is the county scat. T h c Jackson County Television Committee for Danforlh showed contributions of $0,000 from Complon and $2,5 0 0 from anonymous sources with disbursements of $8,400 to Archway. Kansas City is located in Jackson County. The Jackson County C i t i / c n s Committee for Danforlh showed income of $8,500 from the same sources and expenditures of $8,400 to Archway. The remaining affidavits show contributions and disbursements for the City of St. Louis Citi/.ens for Dan- forlh, the St. Louis County Television Committee for Danforth, and the City of St. Louis Television Committee for Danforth. Complon was the major contributor listed with a total of $26.000 to five of the six committees. A Telegraph cheek showed that Compton, 7H, is a New York investment banker who is apparently related to the Danforth family. Spencer T. Olin, former president of Olin Corp. of Kasl Alton, donated $5,000 to two committees. Olin, 70, was treasurer of the Republican National Committee from 1960 to 1902. Spencer Olin's brother, John, was chairman of a September fund-raising dinner for former Illinois Senator Ralph Smith, U-AHon, and was reportedly a heavy contributor to Smith's unsuccessful campaign against Adlai Stevenson III. Although $53,000 was listed (Sec Page 2, Col 8) Kidnaping wave continues Uruguayan rebels overpower guards, seize ambassador Box Board to reactivate 3 machines; employes needed By L. ALLEN KLOPE Telegraph Staff Writer Alton Box Board Co., which has been operating only one paperboard machine during a 4%-month slrike at its Alton plant, has announced it will put three other machines inlo operation, and is seeking "new employes' lo man them. The announcement, which will be advertised, was sent to some 550 striking employes of the United Paper Makers and Paper Workers Union, AFL-CIO. In addition to the new employes, the company said it will also use supervisory employes to help put the plant back inlo almost full operalion. In response to the letter, William Gibbons, international representative of lhe union, said "it is a further example of the attitude the company has taken and is taking in this dispute." He said lhe company's threatened action "is vicious, anti-union, and unnecessary. If the company would come lo lhe bargaining table with an open and objective outlook, this unpleasant and serious situation most likely could be resolved," Gibbons added. In the meantime, the National Labor Relations Board, which sat in on the last negotiations, had hoped to get the two bodies together this week, but did not. No one was available in the NLRB office lo make any comments today on the new situation. The company hail made an offer to the union during the first week of December, and it was presented to lhe union membership, which it voted clown by 3U9 to 18. Since then, there have been no negotiations. In another matter, the company announced the NLHB had rejected a second unfair labor practice charge made against it. by (lit! union. However, Gibbons said the union did nol. file any second charges, but that the NLHB had decided to further investigate the original charm-. Gibbons did say that the union plans lo appeal the ruling on Ilio first NLHH decision. MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (AP) — British Ambassador Geoffrey Jackson was kid- . naped this morning and is in Hie hands of the Tupamaros guerrillas. Montevideo police announced. Persons claiming lo be witnesses of the abduction telephoned radio stations saying it was carried out minutes before 10 a.m., when the ambassador, his driver and two guards arrived at the British Embassy at. Aibar and Buenos Aires streets in Montevideo. They said the ambassador's aides were beaten into submission, and tho ear carrying the ambassador was driven away by the kidnapers. The auto, which bore; diplomatic markings, was reported found a short time later a few blocks away. The Tupamaro guerrillas, a leftist urban terrorist group that has operated for seveal years in the Montevideo area, lias held two other foreigners as hostages for more than five months. dlaucle L. Fly, a U.S. soils expert, has been In Tupamaro custody since lie was kid- naped from his place of work last Aug. 7. Aloysio Dias (lomide, a Braxilian eotmsul, was kid- naped by tliu Tupamaros from his home on July III and has been held longer in custody than any other political kidnap victim. A third kidnap victim, Dan Milt-lone, a U.S. police expert, was executed by the Tupamaros shortly after he was kidnaped, on July 31. Jackson, 55, was the 10th political kidnap victim In the Western Hemisphere since September 1969. He was the, second British diplomat abducted in three months. Three of the victims were murdered when authorities- refused to meet lhe kidnapers' demands. The rash of abductions began with the seizure of U.S. Ambassador C. Burke Elbrick on Sept. 4, 1969. He was freed in exchange for the release of 15 political prisoners. The oilier fatalities besides Mitrionc were Count Karl von Spreti, West German ambassador lo Guatemala, and L a b o r Minister Pierre Laporle of the zCanadian province of Quebec. Von Spreti was slain last April after the Guatemalan government rejected kidnapers' demands for release of 22 prisoners and a ransom of $700,0(10. Laportc was killed Oct. 17, Laporte of the Canadian government refused to tree members of the Quebec Liberation Front, in prison awaiting trial. INSIDE Unchanged Saturday Low 24; High 45 (Complete weuthcr puuc A-7) EDITORIAL .... A-4 Congress should provide nationwide referendum on 18- year-old vole. WATER A-2 Jerseyville water board member to conlinue legal action alone. JUDGE A-3 Slreeper to serve part-time. FAMILY A-10 Furs and fur-looks for men: Avenues of Fashion. SPOUTS B-3 Nick Skorich named new Cleveland Browns coach. Ciacco wasn't at death scene Powell's aide lied, he admits HENSEY By AltTHUIt J. TIIOMASON Telegraph Capital Bureau SPRINGFIELD, 111. — The top administralive aide lo lhe lale Secretary of Stale Paul Powell said today he had "left the impression" he was in Rochester, Minn, with Powell when the secretary of state died because he feared the reaction of public opinion the fact that Powell was alone in Rochester wilh his personal secretary at the time of his death. "I did it as an act of human kindness," Ciacco told the Telegraph about changing his story Thursday as to his whereabouts when Powell died. Ciacco admitted to newsmen Thursday that he was actually In Springfield, aad had not been one of those who found Powell's body in a Rochester hotel suite as he earlier had claimed. "I hated lo think of whal the editorial writers would think about Powell being there along with his personal secretary," Ciacco told he Telegraph. Ciacco said he flew to Minnesota later the same day to make funeral arrangements. Following public disclosure of Powell's death about 14 hours after the late secretary of state was found dead on Oct. 10, Ciacco said he and h i s wife and Powell's Secretary, Mrs. , Margaret Hensey, were with the secretary of state In Rochester when he died. Ciacco said "It was common knowledge around the Capitol" that he was in Springfield when Powell died, "but 11 million people didn't know it then." "At that lime I couldn't conceive of $800,000 being found," Ciacco said. Ciacco also disclosed Thursday that Mrs. Hensey told him she had removed $50,000 from a filing cabinet in Powell's Springfield office. The Powell aide said he has been unable to ascertain whelher lhe money was removed al the same time as Powell's personal effects. C i a c co told newsmen Thursday that he had removed some of Powell's personal effects from the filing cabinet before Powell's death became public knowledge "because I thought it was the right thing to do." The three-door filing cabinet was opened Thursday during dramatic ceremonies in the secretary of slate's office. Newsmen and stale officials descended on the secretary of state's office as If they expected the filing cabinet lo contain another large cache. Officials found only virtually worthless performance bonds which have no bearing on the investigation of Powell's assets and the circumstances surrounding his death. The file cabinet was opened by Secretary of Stale John Lewis, J. Waldo Ackerman, deputy attorney general, an internal revenue service agent, and Slate Treasurer Charles Woodford. Ciacco said be couldn't understand all of the concern about opening the filing cabinet. "I think I made it clear from the beginning that (See Page 2 Col. 1.) Real swinger J'aul Powell, late Illinois Summary of Slain, poses for recent vehicle-related poster. Although I'owell, who died Oct. 10 in Rochester, Minn., at age u'8, earn- ed approximately .$800,000 ill 40 years of elected public office, lie was able to amass an estate valued, at present, ftt more than $5J million, (At* Wirephoto)

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