Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 27, 1959 · Page 6
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 6

Pampa, Texas
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Friday, February 27, 1959
Page 6
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Itffi PAMPA GAILV NfcWS 51sl Vtof DARK IS LIGHT ENOUGH—Man is catching Up with the cat. A mechanical eye has been developed a low-light-level television camera tube can "see" in near total darkness, fcouise Esles demonstrates the new tube, developed by General Electric in Schenectady, N.Y., above. She appears on monitors in botb pictures, one taken in normal light, left, the other in darkness. The tube is far more sensitive than the human eye, or even the human eye aided by night binoculars. This is a new electronic approach differing from infrared rays. Potential uses are varied. Militarily, it could enable submarines to see much better ahead and below the bow when submerged, or permit trucks and tanks to travel without revealing themselves with headlights. Its use will be confined to closed-circuit television. Reverent View Taken Of US Supreme Court In Session TCU Honored By Freedoms Foundation FOR? WORTH (Spl1 — Texas Christian University ha* b ft e ft awarded $100 and a George Washington Honor Medal for "helping to bring about a 'better understanding of the American Way of Life during 1958" by the Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge. The annoucement was made this .week by the National and School Awards Jury during t h e Foundation's annual event, TCU won second place national ly in tha "Thomas Jefferson Category" for campus programs. Cited specifically were the. university's annual "Citizenship and Career Conference for high school seniors of this area and for the "Sadler Freedom Lecture" delivered on campus each spring. The Chambers of Commerce of West Texas and Fort Worth join with TCU in staging the Conference. Some 1,400 high school seniors attend each year, hearing talks on good citizenship and getting information on future careers. The sixth annual event was held In January. The "Freedom Lecture" was established on campus by the B'nai B'rith chapter of Fort Worth in honor of TCU president M. E. Sadler. Each year, outstanding speakers discuss some phase of "freedom." These, events are open to students, faculty and the general public. REV, JD1N2EL LEONARD , . . supply preacher Rev. Leonard First Meeting Scheduled For Sunday Here The Panhandle Evangelistic As- CHURCH SERVICES CHURCH 712 LSffiri Rev. Bwayne Starling, 163 £. 8«ryi M1ISIUH pastor M „ _, , T j .„, Rev Din.el Leonard pastor of Sociatlon, Which I* an of men from fourteen Christian Churches of the Panhaftdte Area, lg seeking to establish a permanent church in northweit Parnpa. Harold D. Starbuck, former Missionary with the Christian Indian School, Sodona, Arizona, has been employed by the PEA. as the Minister for the new church and will be working under their direction for at least a period of otie year, after which the new congregation should stand ag an Independent body of Christians with their own elected Elders and Deacons. The first meeting of the new Christian Church will be held at 1600 N. Hobart Sunday. Bible School will begin at 9:45 a.m., preaching and the Lord's Supper at 10:45 a.m. There will also be Evangelistic Service * The Lighter Side By FKANK ELEAZEB United Prcao International WASHINGTON (UPI) — As tile nine not-so-old men swept into the Supreme Court chamber, court crier George Hutchinson, after a few premonitory cries of "oyez," 'the court is now sit- save the United proclaimed, ting 1 , God States." Although this Tx>re a similarity to some recent comments In Congress, the American Bar Assn., and elsewhere, Hutchinson apparently didn't mean anything by it. At least none of the justices took offense. In fairness to Hutchinson, he did go ahead and invoke divine aid for the court also. Maybe that took the sting out of it. Although it was noon, Hutchinson and other court officials had on morning coats and striped pants. Pages hustled unashamed around the chamber in knickers. Tha justices wore black robes. Tourists (Jape In Awe Front rows in the big marble, mahogany and red velvet cham- the tourists, wearing the usual thing's plus opcri-mouthcd expressions of av/c. For a fact, it was something to be awed about. The: court meets in a Greek Corinthian temple made of marble. The courtroom itself is surrounded by 24 marble columns, backed by red velvet drapes, and has a ceiling 44 feet high. Walk in, and you automatically lower your voice to a whisper. However, that isn't enough. Silence is commanded. Impressive Judicial Front Chief Justice Earl Warren, criticized by some as lacking judicial experience 1 , turns out to look more like a judge than the late actor, Lewis Stone. The rest of the court also put on an impressive judicial front, although it is true Justice: William 0. Douglas did engage in considerable scratching of his nose, neck and ear. At Warren's right and left respectively, Justices Hugo Black and Felix Frankfurter, considered by many to be the court's Intel- ber were! occupied by lawyers inilectual giants, managed to give business suits. Behind them sat, the appearance of midgets beside Acapulco Not Very Restful For Ike By MERRIMAN SMITH I'I'i White House Reporter WASHINGTON (UPI) — Back- Blairs at the White House: "I know a million reasons against it, but what a tremendous hit it would have made with the Mexicans if Eisenhower had just said 'i like this Mexican weather It may have helped American-]^ much that j want to gUy fln the Chief Justice. This was partly denomination's because he'c a big man and part- vention held l-j as a result of one of theu- fre- Calif, recently, qucnt c;:erc!ses of the rljr.t not to conform. They insist on aitting In lower chairs than the rest, with the result that nothing much but their heads show over the bench. Hand Down Decisions Decisions were handed down Tuesday in about 15 cases, and this meant there were about twice that many opinions to be read, some of them in full. On this court somebody is always dissenting and even when they agree it may be for conflicting reasons. Everybody but Black read something, either majority, minority or concurring views. Then there were arguments to be Rev. Starling Reports On Convention Rev. Dwayne Starling, pastor of the Forsquare Gospel Church, 712 Lefors, returned to Pampa with some encouraging reports from the heard. But Supreme Court justices, it develops, quit work for lunch just like people, only more punctually. At the prescribed hour of 2 p.m., Warren halted William B. Mahoney, of Buffalo, N.Y., midway in an enthralling tale of a Chinese sailor named Fong, who was accused of jumping ship in' Newport News, Va. The court will get around to its verdict sometime in the distant future. 36th annual con in Los Angeles, "Figures presented revealed a total of 82,511 converts, 15,861 water baptisms, and an average Sunday school attendance of 69,774," he declared. According to the local pastor, 723 churches in the United States and Canada, and 806 missions stations and meeting places in 28 foreign countries were represented in the report. Starling says that his denomination, founded by the late Almee Semple McPherson, has three Bible training centers, located respectively, in Los Angeles, Vancouver, B.C., and Mt. V e r n o n, Ohio. More than 5,500 men and Mexican relations more than ai Gratitude Will Be Adcock's Morning Topic "Always Thankful" will be the sermon topic discussed by Woodrow Adcock at the two morning services of the Pampa First Methodist Church Sunday at 8:30 and! - I women have graduated during the past 38 years from the Southern California School, adjacent to the organization's headquarters. Properties of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel include 110 new building projects in the homeland purchased or erected during 1.958, bringing the total of property and equipment valuation for the Foursquare denomination to $26,066,431. The pastor stated further that 28 youth camps are conducted across the nation where hundreds of young people each summer receive physical recreation and spiritual training. the First Baptist, Church, FlomoL, &t 7;30 ^ ^ fee will be supply preacher in services • of Church." morning at the Central Baphst C h u r c h amj Conguering Chal- Sunday. He is a former member of Central Baptist Church and directed the music program before beginning his preparation for the ministry. He is presently enrolled in Wayland College, Plainview. The pastor, T. 0. Upsha.w, is currently in Alaska, holding two revival meetings. This week he- has been with the Baptist mission at Selawik beginning Sunday. Both of these mission churches are lenge," evening. RELIGIOUS CENSUS SET FOR SUNDAY A city wide religious census will be taken next Sunday afternoon ~" L " " l "'"= ""~ 1V " 1 'rT""" ?,' T under the sponsorship of the fol sponsored by the First Baptist .„.„ -* nhl11 JL,. n.rr»n Church, Kotzebue. Sunday School will begin at 9:45 a.m. and Training Union starts at 6:15 p.m. GREEN, GUEST CONDUCTOR AT FIRST BAPTIST Dr. Douglas Carver, Pastor of the Firot Baptict Church, has announced his sermon topics as follows: Gunday morning, "The Undiscouraged Christ," Isaiah 42:4; and Sunday evening, "Job's Song In The Night," Job 35:10. lowing Baptist Churches: Barrett Chapel, Calvary, Central, First, Highland, and Hobart Street. The census takers from these churches will meet at the First Baptist Church for lunch and assignments immediately following the morning service. A nursery will be open to take care of the nursery and beginner age children. The following men will serve as district captains: Warren Hardln, Bob Edmondson, Lewis McEver, Bob Garrett, Wayne Cobb, Pete Etheridge, Jack Frost, W. C. Ep- percon, Claude Brocl;, Charlen Terrill, B. R. Nuckols, Charles Broxsoa, E. W. Bake.r, Wee Langham, Charles Tingle, Mike Porter, HbSARt STRfett BAPTIST CHURCH 1011 West crawfofd ftev. .tohn fryer, pastor. . School 9:45 a.m.; Morning 11:00 a.m. .. _ Uni , n 1' 6:48 p.m. Evening Worship Service, 8:00 p.m. IMMANUEL ftMPLt Rev. Bill Spark*, pastor. Sunday Services: Sunday School 1U ft.*.; ntid Young People's Servlc* 7 ?•»«•, Kvangellstlc Services 7:30 p.m. Tuesday evening j Mid-week Service, 7:30 p.m. Friday evening: Bible study and prayer aefvlce*. HOUY SOULS CATHOLIC CHURCH 612 W. Brownlna Th« Rev. Father Bdward J. Cashman, C.M., pastor. Sunday Services: Mass, 6, 8, !>, 10:30 a.m. itondftyFrldav: 6:15, S, 11:15 a.m. Saturday: G:tf>, "7, 8 a.m. Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Novena. JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES Klnfldom Hall 344 S. Dwlflht S. ,T. T,andrum, congregation servant. Bible Study, Tuesday 8 p. M.; Service Meeting, Friday, 7:30 p. m. Ministry School. Friday, 8:30 p. m.; Watch 'Tower Study, Sunday 4 p. m. LAMAR CHRISTIAN CHURCH Sunnier A Bond Rev. David K. Mills, pastor. Sunday Services: Church School 9:40 a.m.. Worship Service 10:10 A.m., Second Service 7 p.m. CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH 824 S. Barnef Rev. Ennls Hill, pastor. Sunday Services: Church School D:45 a.m.. v\ or- shlp 11 a.m., Training Union B:45 p.m., Worship 8 P.m. Wednesday: Teachers' Meeting 7 p.m., Mid A\ eek Prayer Service 8 p.m. PENTECOSTAL HOLINESS CHURCH Alcock and Zlmmeri BETHEL ASSEMSUV 6P 66» CHURCH H«mlM4fi A Worrell * Rev. Paul f. Bryanl, pastor 1 , fiun* dav Services: Sunday School a.m.; Worship It a.m.: Service 7:.10 p.m. Wednesday: ftlbl* Study 7:30 p.m. Thursday: Missionary Council 9:45 ft.rti. BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH 326 t. Tyftfl Rev. M. H. Mutchlnson, pastof. Sunday services; 10 A.m., fllht« School II a.m., Preaching; Evening Servlc* Wednesday 8 p.m. Midweek gervlc*. CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH 613 C. Frlmcil Rev. T. O. tjpahaw, pastor; Bob Callahan, minister at music and education. Sunday Services: Church School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Training Union ft:15 p.m., Worship 7:30 p.m. Wednesday] Prayer Servlc* 8 p.m. CENTRAL CHURCH OF CHRIST 500 N. Sower-villa J. M. Ollpntrlck, minster. Sunday Services: 9:45 a.m. Bible School; lfl:SO Morning Worship, 7:30 p. m., Kvening Worship. Wednesday: 10:OT a.m., Ladles Bible Class: 7:30 p.m., Mid-week Service. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN 600 N. Frost Rev. Darrell Fryman, pastor. Sunday Services: Church School 9:4."i a. m., Morning Worship 11 a.m., Youth Fellowship 6:30 p.m., Evening Worship Service 7 p.m. Thursday: Junior Choir Rehearsal 7:30 p.m., Senior Choir Rehearsal g p.m. CALVARY ASSEMBLY OF SOD 1124 S. Wilcox Bob Goodwin, pastor. Services! Sun- nesday: mid-week service Thursday: Women's Auxiliary 9 a.m. REORGANIZED CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS (Non-Utah Mormoni) Leland Diamond, pnstor. Sunday Services: Sunday School 10 a.m., Preaching: 11 a.m. Communion served first Sunda:; of each liionlli. PROGRESSIVE BAPTIST (Colored) 838 S. Gray Rev. Ij Services: H. Davis, pnstor. 9:45 a.m. Sunday Sunday School ; WELLS STREET CHURCH OF CHRIST Welli and Browning Sunday Services. 10:30 a.m., 7 p.m.l Communion 11145 a.m.; Mid-week »c.r- vlcc, Wednesday 7:30 p.m. dey S p.m. CHURCH OF CHRIST Wsry Sllen *t Hurvestor Jon Jones, minister. Sunday Services: 9:45 a. m., Bible Study: in;4l and James Nipp. , OCI*I*-«to* tf •"• — -- „--. .. „ There will be a telephone fol- ii:00 a.m.. Preaching Service: .,.„.,,« ,, 0 u,,.o.- mei-iiuK. "-.-iv v. 111. The Church Choir begins its fifth lowup of the people who were, not R^- ^nlng %j,$ 5 ?:$3" ^K. n ^^ n & K?™Tp. ^ a. m., Church Services; ii:«n p, m.. ;young people's meeting, fi:00 p. m. annual Clinic this evening at 7. Paul Green of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, will be the guest conductor. This will be climaxed with a concert of sacred music during the regular evening worship service Sunday. Green is well known as the conductor of the famous Baptist Hour Choir. This choir has been heard over many radio broadcasts and Television series. Members of the Church will participate in the city-wide census Sunday afternoon. During the week the VVMTJ will observe a "Week Of Prayer For Home Missions." Mrs. L, R. McDonald, president, has announced meetings for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday evening the WMU will conduct the Mid-Week Service at 7:45. CONVICTKD OF SPYINK BERLIN (UPD—Willi Kuprat, a West Berlin engineer, was convicted of spying for the United States and sentenced to six years in prison, the East German news agency ADD said today. at home on Sunday afternoon. Cards of members and those preferring other churches will be given to the, churches who are members of the Ministerial Alliance. DR. R. H. RUTLEDGE CHIROPRACTOR 111 S. Ballard MO 4-4627 Mission. Weil nesday: 7:»0 p.m., Teach- •< nibla" Study'and Prayer' Service, era Meeting; 8:00 p.m., Prayer Service SALVATION ARMY 837 S. Birnet Envoy and Mrs. If. C. Sengo, officers In charge. Sunday: Company Meeting, 9:4!> a.m.; Holiness Meeting: 11 a.m.! Junior Legion, 11 a.m.; Junior Soldiers, 11 a.m.; YP r.Bglqn, 7 a.m.; Sal EVANGELICAL METHODIST CHURCH 1101 S. Welli Rev c R Rh Sunday Hun.eams 4 p.m.: Company duarrt Praparatlo 7:30 p.m.! Holiness Meeting, 8 p.m. HI-LAND WASHATERIA 2000 N. Hobart MO 9-9083 • open 21 Hours Daily Wash 20c Dry lOo for 10 minutes Pictures Framed AH Stylea of Molding Sherwin-Williams Paint Co. 110 S. Cuyler MO B-582! People's Worship . . ... meeting p.m. Friday: every Tuesday evening. Kvangellstlc [ration Class,'services at 7:15 p.m. each Thursday and Friday, SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHURvH 425 N. WARD Rider R. A. Jenkmx, paalor. Saturday services: .Sahliath School, f:.'!0 CHURCH OF CHRIST SCIENTIST 901 N. FROST Sunday Services: 9:30 a.m., Sunday Si-hool: 11MJO a.m., Sunday Service. Church Service.'It a.m.: Mls-PVednesday: 8:0» p.m. Wednesday .. . slonary Volunteer Meeting-, 4 p.m ST. MATTHEW'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH 727 West Browning The. Rev. William K. West, rector. Sunday services: 8 a.m. Holy Com- 0:15 a.m. Morning Prayer Service. KeadlnK Room hours: 2 to 4 ;>.m. Tuesday and Friday and Wednesday evening after the service. REVIVAL CENTER Dw ght A Alcock (Borgsr H'wy.) Ruhy 31. Burrow, pastor. Sunday Services: Church Sohcml 10 a.m., munion, 0:15 a.m. Morning Prayer f Worship Servlcn 11 a.m., and Church Schoo., H a.m. Holy '•ivaiiRollstlc Service 7:3U. ThurKdny Communion, 6 p.m. Youth Oroup. '3 p, m .: Women's Meeting. Thursday Daily prayer at 8 a.m. Wednesdays: , Nljfht KyancPllHtlc Service, 7:.10; Hat- GIVES UJ» TEST ORLANDO, Fla, (UPI) — Skin- diver Duke Myers gave up his underwater endurance test Wednesday after 17 hours and 30 minutes, far short of the 40 hours and one minute record set last' year in New Orleans. I Miller-Hood Pharmacy Better Prescription Service FREE DELIVERY 1122 Alcock MO 4-8469 little when President Eisenhower decided to pass up a golfing weekend at Augusta, Ga. immediately following his visit to Acapulco, Mexico. Mexicans are highly sensitive and proud people. Among their sources of prid e is Acapulco with its sparkling blue bay, glistening white beaches and 90-degree days Of sunshine in mid-winter. sextra day.' Quotes In The News SAN FRANCISCO - Rear Adm, 10:55. The 8:30 service is broad cast over Radio Station KPDN. | The special music for thia service will be the anthem, "Seven Joys" j an English Carol sung by the Carol j and Wesley Choir. The special mu-j sic for the 10:55 a.m. service will! be sung by the Sanctuary Singers, j Sunday evening Fellowship will | begin at 8 p.m. with a light sup-1 per for the entire family in Fel-l Jack P. Monroe, commander ofjlowship Hall. At 6:30 p.m., chil- Some of the people around! the Pacific missile range, reply- jdren, youth and adults will sep- President Adolfo I^pez Mateosjing to a question whether a Rus-iarate for one hour of planned ac- could not get through their heads sian attempt to put a man into tivities according to interest and why Eisenhower knowingly would space would be a suicide mission: —"• " v "" *™ Tmnm-tiint. To Jeave what they regard as the! "I wouldn't say suicide mission, finest resort in the world to go,But they won't be as cartful as to another resort-and the very;we are. They like the quick and next day, too. | dirt y ^ Talk along these lines began to there. ' filter back to the White House party even as the President's Air of getting it CHICAGO - Sen. Hubert H. needs. "You Are Important To! God" will be the subject Rev. Ad-j cock will use for the Sunday night; service at T.30. The special mu-, up i sic will be the anthem, "Ail, Praise To Thee" by Tallis sung by the MYF Singers. . The fifth session on the Church: Force aide, Col. William G.\ Humphrey (D-Minn.) commenting |ori pressing for peace at the same time building defense: "We must arm, and yet at the same time strive to turn back the tide of fear that is engendered by Augusta "was a'possibility, Draper j the mounting arms race." quietly filed a flight plan for the Columbine III from Acapulco direct to Washington. Draper, was getting frequent weather reports from Georgia. Even though the White House continued to say that a stop at One oficial of the United States NEWARK — Agriculture Secretary Ezra Benson, advocating lower price support of crops: Wide Mission study will be conducted by Mrs. Glenn Cox who will study on Hawaii at the Adult j Evening Fellowship this Sunday in the church parlor. The Sunday Evening Adult panel will have "Christian Principles In! Business" as the,theme of discus- 1 sion based on the sixth in a series of religious films over the television program, "Talk Back" seem on KGNC, Amarillo. V^*1W w»»»- <M* *»» »•«•» — •--, --- — --- TVV tOW*4*W QpT=t III *JU1 0CI • C<V I embassy in Mexico City told] mt o higher prosperity, but we can United Press International; "Lopez Mateos and Eisenhower got along famously and I'm sure the Mexican president understood thoroughly why Eisenhower want-j ed a weekend of rest in Georgia, i "But from our viewpoint, it. would have been so much better; if even the off-chance that Eisan- |ower might go from Aca-pulco to j 4ugu«t» h*d never been disclosed. ; , Whil«YeuW 0 it Mack 1 ! Shoe Shop "We cannot spend ourselves: The following will serve as panel members' E. A. McLennan, R. H. Dyson, Charles Shelton, Mrs. J. L. Bain, Mrs, Elmer Fisher, and Mrs. Don Wilson. spend ourselves into real trouble." Bead The News Classified Ad». H, C. GRADY, JR. Announces The Moving Of Hit Office* Te 1921 N. HOBART $9W*b Of Highland t«a»b*r $9. Pboo* M$ 9-949! FIRST SERVICES Sunday, March 1st A New Christian Church IN Northwest Pampa ORDER OF SERVICE Bible School 9:45 a.m. Lords Supper and preaching 10:45 am. Evening Service 7:30 p.m. SERMONS A.M. "What Kind of Church" P.M. "Christ Conquering Challenge Meeting Place-1600 N, Hobart Harold Starbuck Minister Phone Mo 5-2960 9:.'!0 a.m. Holy Communion, 7:30 p.m. choir rehearsal. Women of St. Matthews meet list Wednesday* at 10 a m., 1st and 3rd Thur.sdiivs at X p.m. Parish Pay School. KlnderRarten through third prrnrte. Mrs: Clem Fol- lowcll, Church secretary. Clem Folio- well, Superintendent. unlay Night Kvanfiellsllc Service, 7:30. CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST (COLORED) 404 OKLAHOMA EVANGELISTIC TABERNACLK 324 Starkweather ST. PAUL METHODIST Buckler & Hobart Dr. Hurgin Walklns, pastor. Sunday JTueiday and Thursday: Services: 9:13 a.m., Sunday School;' 11:00 a.m., Morning Worship; l'>:;!0 p m MVK; "TWI p.m., Kvenlng Worship. Choir practice at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. Rev. Txmnle pavls, pastor. Sunday Pervlrm: Wfipihlp. JO R.m. and 7 p.m. ":4. r > p.m. THE CHUrtCH OF ODD OF PROPHECY Zimmirt A. Montagu* Sunday Services 10 am; Sunday School ST. MARK'S METHODIST CHURCH,!! a.m.. Worship Service, 7:110 p.m., (COLORED) 408 ELM Hev. C. C. Campbell, pastor. Sunday Services: 9:45 a.m., Sunday School; !0:5'i a.m . Morning Worship: «::<0 p.m., t'pworth league; 7:30 p.m. HIGHLAND BAPTIST CHURCH 1301 N. Bank! Itev. M. It. Smltli, pastor Boh Hnm- llton. music director. Sunday Services: Evangelistic Servlcn. Tuesday services: 7:30 p.m., Praver Meeting. Saturday services: 7:30 p.m., Younf People's V. L, B. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 20} N. W«»t Dr. Douglas Carver, pastor. J. n. Strohle. minister nf eilucatlon. Joe AVhlllen. minister of music. B. R. Sunday School !i:4", a.m.; Mornlinfj>ucUol.^, Sunday School Superlnten- Worship 11:00 a.m.; Training I'nton. |deiit. Wesley I.. Langham, Vralnlng 7:00 p.m.; Kvening Worship services, | Unioni director. Sunday Services: 9:45 'K-.nn p m.: Midweek Prayer nervlccs at;a.m. bundav School; 11 a.m. Worship 7:45 p.m. Choir practice at 8:30 p.m. I Service; 6:30 p.m., Training Union; 7:30 p.m., Kvening Worship. UNITED PENECOSTAL CHURCH 810 Naida Hev. Nelson Frenchman, pastor. Sunday Services: 9:45 a.m., Sunday School: 11:00 a.m.. Devotional. 7:30|»" -..,,• ,.; . . >»,,-p.m., KvangellBlIc Service. Tuesday: IJ [>m Atkln. Minister of Music; 2:0i) p m., Ladies Auxiliary Wedne»-jl?'ack. Assistant to Pastor. 8unda\ i . *».«i, _ _ . *^ -\ c. .,.*{..._ 1.1 >.t Sfrrvli'fla* K • SO a m r FIRST METHODIST CHURCH * 301 E, Fottar Rev. W. W. Adcock, pastor: Charles Thompson, Director of Ktlucatlon; ., .lay: 7:30 p.m., Prayer Meeting. Frl- ;<lay: 7:3» p.m., era Meeting. Pentecostal Coiiquer- ?ION LUTHERAN CHURCH 1200 Punctn A. Bruns. pastor. Sunday Services: Cliurdi School !):45 a. in., \Vorahlp \ .Service II a. m. Weekly Meetings: Junior i'lshtrs of Men, Monday, 7:30 p. rn ; Adult lliljle Class. Tui-sday, i":30 p. m.: Walllier T.euKue, Wednesday, 7:3') p. rn. Sunday School teach- i era intet Thursday at 7:3u p. m. La- idles" Aid. every second Wednesday at j7:JO p. m.. and Men's Club every 4th j Monday at 7:30 p. in. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH 600 E. King.mill Rev. Richard Crews, minister: Oeorge Taylor, director of Christian Education. Mrs. "Lavinia" \Vehb, music director. Sunday Services: Church School 9:45 a.m., Worship ami Communion l'):50 a.m., Chi Kho Fellowship 5:30 p.m.. Christian Youth Services; 8:30 a.m., morning worship, broadcast over Hadlo Station KPPV; 9:45 a.m., Church School; 10:35 a.m., Morning Wor»hlp; 5:30 p.m., Youth 1 Choir Rehearsal; S:30 p.m., Intermediate and Senior MTF; 1:10 p.m., Fellowship nudy classe* for all ages; 7:30 p.m., Evening Worship. THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LETTER DAY SAINTI (MORMON) Kentucky at Slain K. P. Hollingnhead, branch president; W. II. Mikelson, first counselor; James Waldrop, second counselor. Sunday Services: Priesthood Meeting 9:3() a.m.. Church School 10:45 a.m. Tuesday 7:3U p.m.: Relief Society. Primary Wednesday: }:<5 p.m. MIA Wednesday: 7:30 p.m. FELLOWSHIP BAPTIST CHUHCTi 221 N. Wirrtn Hev. Earl Maddoz. pastor. Sunday Fellowship t p.m., ; \Vtdnt-sday : Prayer 'Choir Practice 7 p.m. ,St-i vices: Uible School. 10 a, m.; Worship 7 p.m. j Preaching, 11 ». m. ; Evening Wot- Meeting 7 a-.m., ,«hip, g p.m.; Mid-week Worshib FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH | 515 N. Gr*y Rev. Uotialil K. HuMmid. minister Sunday servirea: Cliiurli School 9:15; (Uy 9:30 a.m. CHURCH OF COD 1 Campbell »nd Riid Rev. J. i>. Walter, pastor; Sunday Service*: .Sunday School, !i:4."i a.m.; Preaching, 11 am.; KyangelLstic S*r- i vices, 7 p.m. Wednesday, 7:30 p.m., [ Young Peoples Endeavor. CHUHCH OF THE NAZARENE 500 N. W«»|. i A. T Moore. pastor. Sunday Services: 9:46 ».ija., Sunday School; 1U:5S a.m., Morning U'ojnhlp; 7 p.m., N.y.P.S. and Junior Hoclt-ly; 7:4", p.m. Wednesday Ifid-wegk Prayer Service. .. Service, 8 p.m.. Wednesday. FIROT ASSEMBLY OF 600 S. Cuyler Rev. John S. McMullen. pastor. Sunday Service*: Church School !i:4S " ' — - • Ser- Ser\1c». S«rvlc« Midweek Ser- p.i HARRAH METHODIST CHURCH 6)« S. Birnu Rev. O. M. Butler, pastor. Sunday : Services: Church School 9:45 »-u».. i Morning Worship 10:45. Intermediate : aini Senior MVK 0:3Q p.m.. Adult Uil-le Study 5:30. Junior Choir Re, heursaJ Si-.30, Monday 7 p.m.: Sco^H Troop l\'t meet*. Second Tuesday T p.m.: Men's Brotherhood, Fourtj| Tuesday 7 p.m.; Workers Conference. Wednesday 4:46 V.KI.: ChQlr E«ln-ar- s»l anj Bible Study. Thursday 9:34 R.UJ. und 7:30 p.m. WSCS .Clrrlt* Thursday N'lght: i'lsherojen'j Club

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