The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 28, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 28, 1859
Page 3
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SALE aprS-il2mo INSURANCE RAILROADS &TRANSPOR'N F 0 R N I T U& £ ir.* feu payln*C rV^rjr^ «»; PAvis», /Vom frt»pOfl.yi ONANDAFTKK Sw£IF^ 1868 > GOING «7EW." f 8 i. u. T' • Jl . Gp]JS8fiA8T: T * * P '"' E*avi! Bglplt for Racine—Pajwtngw. J^O i. a. AUCU1TECT At OWC1 .'Run and •rotated a Aarnjtw Birouia I •mem-M ;uoat|ian proegatolhevaboTe, place! T: n» artfmade at Watwtown with stages! fo? \ Mo. S19 fiAST WATEK'ST., KNEKtAND- Waterloo, Hanchetville, Bun train io Pavis ; arriving at Bavl» at 8;30>. «i. Stage leave* Bivi. Kw.Freepcrf on arrlvi! of S:Su i. m. Davf» connecia ct fi»ci« with afternoon •_"*xv.3S-' 53,- :** *."~-I^V_T'.-i. _^.i.-i .•.i-i;- point* to t> Weit and Nortn. We*t . tralnapn! the take Shore Railroad Bnrtit and Soatb. . , arrftlng al tfie Jonotion frpin the above : freight fonrarded with Uispatcti, c? I ROBERT IURR1S Ha'3 h tie MOwankee * Ml»i»a. B for ranewUlev Madison aoi PraSeTdd make conriMtioni . B^ for ranew and at MU« inlee, with roadi to the. South, Vat Orth.'' . ' •" •' - -' ;• ~- ' -•' • .*••'!.--• / - - -- - f UOWABDJIfl '"" " IURR1S, Ha'i3»rfnt»Djilcnt. ;Ktti burgh, Fort Wiyne & .p W'iB-8 -- Wpifc 4one in a worionanlDte manner, at that notfc* •»HoTOrtprteM.V : >.,^',,'••••.•'':-"•:•. •:',-.'nWMtf" PHtENIX iNSURANCEnCOMPANY, SUMMER OaahflapitilandBarplS,:: From fact* narrated by himself. Jortreoei red bj -4 8TRIOKLAM0* CENTRA Lead Pencils, ' ''"" ; " i; 1 WeBterii (Canada) Railway] B leave ttieOreat Central Depot, Chicago, ai followi : 4:OO A. M.-DEETOIT ACCX)EMODATION,(8an ' BOOKSEJLLEUS AND STATlONEaS, Water street, KOwavtu. E have jn»t received* fall mpply of these Cele- *a|y» exctpted), arrive at Detroit «.OS I Jtoliclt buiincu fot-»h»«)Rit>! naotd - Fenclli Trom the iianBraoterjr of-J/J , tlretj upon their o*nWer1( . . . g:OO A. M.— LIGHTNING EXPRESS. .prjompt and liberal ietUement pf all louea at a •guaranftiefbr 'Ihetttitrt.. KlldS» !•-•> - ^ Offlce, under Mitchell's jSSHci , J. Al. Helfennein, BOOTS, M,A 8. ON, S *B I _ ieslte ; *ii^^'W*lit : e 1 r-''-3iiflm« ( ev H . W . KOOXi, SHOES AW» WAITERS, lf(U 24 , iSPEDTO /ifiirBEBT,"^ o j» p» n t e - A m'et I c an Bo ai-i.e roytl .v'-.;.'.:-!. -;., ; -....-, ..../•..;. • ,'.,-.' -,.,'..-.. ,..,.-. Boot Shoe Storfc , KO. 48 EAST WATER STREET, '-JOHN PHELAN, / / ."it 1 KEEPS alwayi an hand food eaitom made Boon and Shoe). All kiudi at Ladlet' «nd Oentlemeh'p Boota and 8ho,*t cade to oMer i&tbe latest ttylc and warranted to give WHOLESALE DRI7OG18T, NO. 88 £AST WATER STEEET, Bai Just received a toll supply o CakobratedTJoiOB works Cjiinflar (Haw/ ^Mnfaet«r«aM Olerelanl, New Tork. Trmzipor^ entirely by vearel, tt come* in perfect order, ana enable* me to MH at' low :r*te§. I have permanent 'ar- rangementa to wn tiiii brand of 61au hereafter* ' :iS ; -': -j'', r v"'.' .,.-''. 'i .?-,.,..T JQHH KIOE. Hehbach, In Regensburg, Bavaria. They *r.e carefully aasorted, and each grade Is disUngulsheni If » popular brand. ^Particular attenUoa Is culled to the "Opposition Pencil," (round black gilt-) and to the "People's Pencil," (round red gilt) also to the "Engineer's Pencil," (hexagon gilt.) All of *hlcb wfll be found superior to-an^ other pencil In the market. ;jJ4raj» on band a complete assortment of black and -colored lead pencil* of all the desirable grades. A dla- count allowed to the Trade proportioned to extent of " "• ap>29 ', A. W.-OJNCINNATI EXPREEg. (SuDdhyri ezeepud.) Arrive at tndlanaoolU 4:lM p. |n.: Cincinnati 8^0 r.H. ' -! H ar per B r othe r BOOBS ..BIGS, SHIP, OAEBUGE AND ORH AMENTA! Painter*, darters & Paper-Hangers, OHTATOBB OF WOOD AND HAEBLX, NO. SSiOKEIDA SfREET, JONES & General Land and Insurance Agent* NOTARIES PUBLIC, &C., OFFICE, corner of Seed and Oregon streets, Meyrose's Block,.Wfth Ward. , Will atumoTo the baying and selling of Heal XMate, Insuring Goods and Buildings In responsible Companies, Attend to the Collection of Accounts, Making out of De«ii, Mortgages, Contract*, leases, Ac. All Collections made on account* placed in our hand wltl be promptly pal* over. t. • • r. *. a. roses -JyZt:.. —BOUBT WHITIHSJUX SCHNOECKEL & BRCWOTIO, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, £fal 'Estate and Money Brokers, NOTARIES PUBLIC, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. Ornos>—Ko.4 Market Square, opposite the Old Poat- Office. - ALLJBONE'S DJCTIOIVARY ..„ : OF AUTHORS. A Critical JDicUonan vfJgngUtlt Literature ant <rt, living and dt- . . ttru. OotUain- £ *ng TMrty %Jio**md Mographitt 1 NDC8PEKBABLT ntceraary to all who Bead, all who Write, all Clergyman, all Physicians, all 'Lawyer*, Scientific «nd Literary Men, Merchants and Farmer,* MansJatturera and Mechanics. IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMPANION. I FUENISHKD BY STRICKLAND & CO., BOOK & STATIONERY JOBBERS, ! 135 JEatt Water ttreet, XU.WAUKBE, WISOOJfSfJf. IFrom Theophius Parspns, 1. L. D., Profeisor of Law in - ' | Harvard Univerilty.j .•' . L _. CAMUDGB, Jan. &, 1659. Dial pn:—I have had the Brst volume of yenr Dic- tionaryifor some days, and huve sat *6cd myself that your pin -1* excellent, and that you have carried 1 it onl Bantnel Bale,-' '•'"" •"'*'' - ^JD. Doutman,-" : H. t. Palmer, KdwlnTowmend, ,...,, gojomon Adler. ' .0. 1.0. WiST.Becretary,. until ~~ • 8.8. DAOOHT, Trea*urer; Tr7 -'-'"• H. I^PALWDI, Attorney. , cepled,) arrive* at Detroit I.-OO r. ._._ Buipenslon Bridge or BuiTalo toS A. n j Albany 8.-00 r. ».; New York fcOO- —r, r. It.; Boston 11 P. «r. i 2?dO P. SI.-NILK8 ACCOMMODATION, except «M)O p. HI.—NEwVoRKANDBOBlONETPHEKS, (exccptBaturday.) .Arrive at Detroit 7:15 *. >f.; Suspension Bridge or Buffalo! 4:S£». *.; Albany 4:00 *. n. ; New T«rk; 10:00 A. M.; Boston 1:00 r. IT. <• P. Bf.—CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLE BI- PBK88. (Except Saturday.) Arrive" at -. r- Cincinnati 9:(iO A. ».; Louisville 4iOO '"'" ».«. t One tralfc on Sunday av8:00 r. M. I The8:00i. M. ani8:00 r. it. trains connect at Paris with th« Buffalo t Uke Huron Railway, for BuJTHIo 'and all point* erjt; at Toronto with Grand Trunk Railway, to Kingstcn, Ogdenibnrg, ttoctreal, Quebec and All point* In Canada East, Nor'dern Vermont, .New Hampshire and Maine. t3f~ Baggage chec>»J through. , Through ticket* fp) lale at the principal Bailroad "Offices in the Wecti sn-1 at the general office, corner jvbake A Dearborn street*, ooposlte the Tremont Honie, T HIS tew and direct' Konte now opento!«ew York, HOMD, Httsiurgh, Philadelphia, Banimore an.l Waanm4t,n city, Cleveland, Dunkirk, Bcffaio, Niagara Falla,andaUeasterneltlu. Cincinnati, C6lamt>05, Dayton, Springfield, Drbana, Z»c«rllle, ritenbrnnlle, Newark and [Wheeling, and »U Interior towns of Oliin, p sa n- sylvaniay Tirglnls, .Maryland, New Jersey, Ac. Making one Grand Unbroken 1C. It. Liar 'i »«TWKSa OHIO JOci iSJ) TflJ KAST. *4RX A3 LOW AS AJff OTHER KCVJ-E. fffr IJhose deslringto go by this Roote will b<? particular and enquire for Tickets via Fort Wayne, thereby avoiding the anDoyaUcco! recliecLlnir their UaKKage. TRAILS LEA Vt! DEPOT OK TAJf BI'KEffKI , 8.1)0 r. n.— Night Express, daily, Saturdays nccpted. 6:00 i. ». — Morning &lall and Kxpress, daily, Sunday* excepted. With but one change of cars to Pittsburgh. OHIOIUO BiOOAOI TBaOOOB 'to Pitubnrgh, Philadelphia, Baltimor..- and New York, connecting directly with trains nn a. r great Penniylva- nla Central Railroad, to all eastern citlri. Also, with -Cleveland A Columbus Bailroad to Clevelun.l, Dunkni ! Buffalo, Miagara Falls via New York Central and .«!»» Tort t Erie Railroads to New York asrt Boston. Persons going east wiUund Uii.i rouie by I«r the moat desirablel both from the advantage in point of distance. .variety apU beauty of the country throuKh whicli tht roads pta, as srell as the less frequent changes of cars and the annoyance of re-checking bagyage rcqulreil by other ron ^es. tt for tie transportation of Freight and Live this route are unsnrpasied. Jtatei a-j low u route, and with eqnal d^ipatch. NOTES, PLERZHEIM & CO., o dissolve their Co-PajtntraMp »rr«nseioeats, their whole ,r.«uck is it '.'•• e best and largest stc.;k of .-*? •=• FURNITURE _ EVEil O?7EH£D IN TRI» CITY, AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOR THK NEXT SIXTY DAYS. THE STOCK IS IIE%VY, AND JUST BF «OM> 218 and 220 East "Water Street, mi. \VA t K r:r, u JNI O-SMN. MISCEIiiANEOUS. H. W. fCEIHlF % v I;TI: K i w AH v sl/ - IK.f ON, FORMERLY 0., ry?jiectfully informs the the cftlzuna of Mllwonhce? that, Iriif located In tl.H piifcce, ,011. All ' tiroes professionally in ih»- o nr(-ti«,n with fits pri trill I*Tii k and IBOCK the mo*t approved *'y pubhe, h« re1<?r* tn ihi •Jr. Rc<1h*»:Mi DRY GOODS, &C. i^.>». ,\ K ni i «*:»<> SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! joslifled in hi" Stock by any otbei I CITY co., ' ' In Mitchell' Bniiaingy «ncbigftn.«t. fZOO.OOO OHAB1ERSL i)APITAL\ WKli ve*y great industry and with good judgment.— .Thefulloetj and accuracy of its information concerning •modem; authors and iLrfr works, are Indeed remarkable. To any one who desire lhe knowledge your book purport* to give— and what educated man does notf— It must be ol great interest aid value. PARKEB. D. DOKSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. I1AE removed to ^Office, No. 6, State Bank Building, cornerol Bast Water and.Michigan vtreet, Milwaukee, martO-dSm JHO. L. DO&AK KIMO«i»TT. I>OKAN & LEVY, Attorney and Connsellon t Law, Offlct—EmpircBloci^yn East Water et., MILWAUKEE, [may22] WI6COS8IN CAPITALISTS W ILL find at my office a Register, open to their inspection of Bonds and Mortgages and other ae- curtties offered for sale. Persons wishing to obtain Loans or having Bonds, Mortgages or other securities for tale, may find it to their Interest to file rite me-thelr applications or statements C-SOHLOEI, yl." Opposite Walker House. . Respectfully, tc , 8. Aultin Allibane, Esq. Irenseus Prtme,.D. D., Editor H. V. Observer.] „ S*w Toa», Feb. 8, 1S5». :— The flrat volume of your great Dictionary of Authors, I have penued with astonishment a d delight. It is just whatl have long desired to have, and have Bought lor in vain. Thousands of clergymen, student!, and all literary and Intellitent men, must wish to have just ttis work; and they will have It, when they learn that Ills in the world. It deterves tht moil cordial reception, and 1 trust that the nuthor and the publishers will have the largest reward for their enterprise and labor. Tours truly, ^ 8. IRENjEDS PRIME. Chads t Peterson. GOOD OHANOK. HOUSE AJVf» COT FOB SAJLE CBE&P. ' I HK undersigned will sell bis House and Lot, now 1 occupied a*« Tav n by him, ittnated on Main >U, Racine, Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Landng and the E. A Id. B. R. Depot. The house Is located on the best business place, and the House as well as the situa- tiot of the Lot, would answer for any branch of business, especially for Wholesale Store, which branch it already now projected at that very locality. Those who like to make a good bargain, are requested to apply. at the nndenljgned. ~' JOHN EARTH. Racine, January «j, 1659. Jan27-d6m sLnmber, Vessels for Sale. Schconer Fashion, 224 tons. '" Schooner D.Uewhall.lBO tuns. Scow Schooner Bogby, 16* tuns. The above vends will be sold at very low priceffor satisfactory leenity. Good title; ZATLOR * JEWZTT, • •-"••'• Balalo, New Tork. Enonlre of B. B. loirs, Mi) ankee, Wliconiin. febii - . Ira.' WHJ>, Jan. 8>, 1869. Mr DEAB 8n :— Witt better knowlrdce of your book from repeated feasts npon it, 1 am asham.ri to have written yon so coamonplac* an acknowledgmentjgf its firat re« ipt. Of all the storehouse of interesting and readable matter the -'Dictionary of Author*" ivein to rae the most caplivaanp. 'The goon taate, industry;»nd •kill of 'arrangement therein manifested could not be • rpiEsed, and It wll mike ;or yo j a reputation very etttytte. 1 shall try <io make amends In print for my apparently tnappreciatlve first acknowledgment of the acquisition. » Uhjmany sincere thanks for ihi prize I have In the book, t remain, ixy dear eir, Tonrs, faithfully, N. P. WILLIS. 8. Austin Allibohe, Enq. mayl» KEW Jt'VENILS CARTERS. Cash Paid in, $109,000. D1BEOTOB8: 0. L. PAiJua, U. D. Ditis, e. TowvetxD, 8. S- Coiova, J. B. OXU-OGO, J, Hcxrasrr, Joairn r. Hni' J. 8. HAKUB. J. H. Ooaos«, JAB. Mcaaii, OHAB. Gnsaaao, •-> -0. CQMOTOOI, G«o. Dvn S. TOWN8END, President. - A. L. WAUUTH, Secretary. H.L. PAUTU, Attorney. S^™ Pire and Marine Bisks taken at current rate*. 1e24 iJIAIHW.3 AND riRK rNSUUAIVCF. rwiHi; nndenlgned 1* prepared to take Marine Risks i aod Kre Bilk* on rrodnce In rtore. In the Norti Western Insurance Co., of Oswego, New York, at a* tow rates a* by other reliable Companies. The reputation of this well-known, long established Company entitles and at tbeiDepot, foot of Lake street, i - t R.H. RIOE,Sup't. I H. J. 8fALPi«G,Gjen Pass. Agt. aprl3 Detroit i Mil. Railway. , THE Steamer CloTcland will tale her place in line of the Detroit t Milwaukee Hallway, on Monday, the lith March. Paasengej-s wlihlng through tldkeu can be supplied on and after •Monday next, at «3d East Water *treet, or at the office on the deck of (he Detroit * Milwaukee Railway Co.— Due notice of the tuie of deparlni* will be given. This will make the shortest, cheapest and quickest route »n all points Eait. ' mar8: '•UJ U*W(M «uubC. 1U1U W1U) CqUHJ U^SpalCD. 1 Mcket»,for sale at allt he principal ticket oftVej In the .West, an'i) at Company 1 ! Office, No. bo Dearborn street. opposite FTreinont lioose, ClitcAgo, and at the office oi .the Lake Shore Rallr.iad, Milwaukee, hy A G. Ui u,.i JNO. 3. HOCBTON, Ocnernl ITri-ighl A.'onl. CULHliuri'h, I'a. O. Vi. BO.«S, General Western Agent, Chicago Chicago, Marjh 6, tSS9. We rlor to the John C. Brn.lh^aJ, of i<*u y»a hi or V^tennary Murray, F»?eT Wm. J«als.-n, \V:a1«-r Biihop, Kelly, Vilden, 1859. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Milwaukee I tto public confidence. novS HORATIO HILL, Agent, at office of B. * J. F. UIU. Ok Aunt Judy's Tales. Parables from Mature. Motes in the Sun Heam. Fanny, the Flower Girl. tJncie Jack the Fault Killer. For sale by TEEUT* CLEAVER, •naylo 167 East Water.t. WOOD Ai\I> HA1 VAKIK G. H. LAMBKRT0N H ASjustopened^forlhe benefit of all who may become his Otatwoers, a Market ior WOOD and HAT, at the K. E. Corner of / West Water and Clrbaurn Streets, (OOoe with Messrs. Makbett A Bree4.) His Stock of Wood Is large. Dry and Hard, (Out and 8plK or uncut.) • Hit Stock of Hay Is of the'BEST QDALITY, and BALED CT GOOD ORDER. ' Kach will be deltvered to aay part of the City on the SHORTEST NOTICE and the IX) WEST TEBMS. R. D—Wood Pedlars, And those who ''ah'p large (jnvntit,ies of Har will alwiys Ond it to their iaivantage to boy of us. W»wUI sellao that dealers may make a handsome profit by lefllng oa the street. mayl» / O. H. LAMBERTON. NEW BOOKS —AT— TliRRV &, CLEAVERS, . 167 EAST WATER STREET. E ARTH'S Travels in Central Africa, 1 vol., abridged. Livingitop's TravUs in Southern Africa, 1 voL Bpcergeoni Sermons, 6th series. Higher Christian Life. may 16 Quaker City Insurance Co., OF PHILADELPHIA. AUTHORIZED CAPITAL .4600,000. PAID OP CAPITAL AND A8SBTT8, S7T,856. Office, Frnntlln Building, ffo. 408 Walnut rfrert, FMladelpliia. fTIHE subscriber has been api olnte^ agent for| this X Company for Milwaukee aril vicinity. Risk- taken on as lavorablo terms as other responsible Companies. JAMES 8. WHITE, Agent. Office, . corner of East Water and Huron streets, up stairs, over .the Marine Rank. may 29 iY STATE AUTHORITY. WISCONSIN GENERAL INSURANCE AGENCY ,ijT ; ._._.. CHARTER OIK. I IKE INS. f , Hsrtfonl, Conn. OAfig ASSETS »841,556 »8 WORTH AKIERICAN F1BE INS. CO., Hartford, Oonn. OABH ASSETS $SM,86« 01 RAJL ROAD. THK feHOKTEST AND 910ST EXP£DITIOt N ROUTE) TO J^aiiMtng, La (Jfosse, Winona, Read^B Landing, Red Wing, PRESOOTT, ST.iPAOL AND ST. ANTHONY. I .-A 1'hicn^o R. R. 1859. HUMMKK AKHANtJKMKNT. Great United State* Mail and Eipren Kmitr. nnHE only reliable and ju. Rom TO ra* E.IST, SOCTB 4. and NO«TB-WssT, and the only Line making nure connection*. Baggage checked through to principal points. On and after 3IONOAV, Arillf i?.illi, IH.->!), Trains leave Depot, corner of Florida «ml Btr. Jay m , m as folio «ti • 1O:3O A. M.—ExniEss PiaanoM—arnrinb' •' Chicago fit '2:\0 p. M. 3:15 P. .TI.—Exraisn 1'AfsisiiUi—»rnvu.< n Chi. caf!o ftt 6:15 f. it , tuii] ma* n^ i-i, se coDDt-c'iODi with Evening Trains Ks*t and J?ouLh West, and wuh tlie Hacine an:l .Mississippi Railrnat , al Itacin junction, for Helolt and otht-r nuumns on that Line. i Freight Train leaves at S:80 i. it., arrlTrn S.iKI r u 1 Freight forwarded with despatch, ami a: lo» rat.•». Passengiir Trains leave Chl«-»^o i. r Milwsak,-r ai t ,i the North West at 9:00 *. »., and S:15p a., arrlvinu here at 12:}0 r. a and 12:15 « u. apr24 JNO. T. SIOODT, Master Tr .osportat...! James . N. A. Brown, W. J Gam.. White 4 New J. K. Curt.s, Hllas, Coct. |i. A Ac>l<:y. " tl. I.. »rn;ln, •• S. L. H-»lt, Jr. n Kirklnn.l, ulllC *l>". Win nn»n;i.- nirrn. IT. r ^ NIJW r-i L J 'l Hto.TltS The Latest Novelne- Tfli V\'ia. I';itn. \\ m . K. A.Um*. . ^" Oftice. Kirhy's LiTcry j'tabi,-. M.ii IC^Uwtf DETROIT & MILWAUKEE:' Railway Steamboat Um ! PL.F.ASUKK -\I1.IM. ( \N in I MIT .' I Miy nrit. part' - » m ir- - ,,- . f lllr SW I: ftlMj ,l,-.,;it ,-l,:<,ni.T« ' t!y f : trr*. »i i t I>|{KS> DfiPiilJ •trut (,r»r..j I m- j -centT. K.ip u Kl-1 t ' lUvpn, th-ti an.) li.-irK it rfi^ap ^ji a; Changrof Tim a, Monday, April 4, I85O. 1ST TRAIN tUEATES ItlLWAEKEE 11:00 A. M., Arriving at Janesvlll* 2:30 P. M. ; Madison 3:36 P. y. ; Prairie do Chien 8:00 P. M, Connecting with the Prairie du Chlen and St. Paul ^Packets, which leave Prairie du Chien on|he arrival of the 8.-00 P. M. Train. 8D TRAIN LEAVES ffllLWAHKEE 5*5 P. M., Arriving «t Janvesvillc 8i5 P. M. ; Madison ' WfcOOP. M. : low ai any other bouie ap!6 WILLIAM JEHV15, Ornl 8nperlDt>ndrnu LaCroSwe Railroad. Undersigned, havinjj been aj^toi te.l sffer.LH the Pollrction anil .K-iiv^ry ol Krri((M l-.r tlmt company, beg 10 Inform merchants in^ otn^fca thm an office (Ho. 8 Wljconsm Itreel.) openr.1 nn tlie Isi «f April, where or^leri can be left, anil will r*?cei.-e prompt attention. Our authoriieil collectors will rrcet^t eno.ij. at the warehouses of shippers. Information rmp^i-tm.- Freight U»n5portatliio un this lint can i>^ hid hy ai,- pllcatlob at the office of Mr. A. FILKVV, Milwaukee, March SO, I 559. )I'K.M)I!1K NOTICE. SHiPPKKS OF PKODUCK C Aii «npply themelves with Bills of lading at 1 TERRY * CLEAVER' TERRY * CLEAVER'S, 167 Eait Water rtreet BOOKS. O Oj itock K the largest in the Wegt. We .ell every Book at the Publishers price. We Ban f ornlau to order any book which exists, either in the .EngUih or other languages. We receive new boob as issned tram the Press. STEIOKALND * OO. GENTLEMEN'S FUHNISH'G. NEXT BOOK TO A. B. VAN COTT^S. > • «• O ®* o o • •a I a as «H •35 I &S . H. RUSSELL. Q \, School Books. \KTE ht(Ve every School Bookindemand, and *e TT .them at whol^jile or retail. J*"^ ' STSIOKLAND A 00. j BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! "\KTIi are prepared in oor Binfliry to Bind Hagulnes, . TT periodical*, or mnythlng el*e in the fora of a Book,tn neat and durable style*, at low rate*. l ui! *> . STRICKLAND * 00. STBRN jTIANS. FIRE INS. CO., Of BttsBeld, Mass. ' CAJB AS9KTT8 »205,C99 41 COKWAY FIBE INSURAIVCE CO., Of Oonway, Hau. CASH ASSETS |S«3,461 41 HAiflPDEN FIRE INSURANCE CO., Springfield, Mass. CASH ASSETS (225,000 GIBARD FIR-E INS. DO.nPAJVY, Of Philadelphia. CASH ASSETS 'IZM.TBJ TS J. W* Grain, Agent* OFnOE, NO. S, MAiTIN BLOCK, DP STAIRS, MILLINERY GOODS. CHANQtl OF O N and allfr Uondav, April <ih, trains ou the Mlli w.nkfe, WaurtoWn t Baraboo Valley Railroad, will arrive lu Milwaukee at 11:35 A. M., ami depart at 450 r. •. arp3-dtf __ i 8. 8. MKRRII.I,, gupX 1859. JTD FAVORITB ROUTE LIQUIDATION Bargains in Dry THAT IMMENSE STOCK Ol liOKTU-WEKT. DETROIT &, MILWAUKEE R, R (How opened to Lake Michigan.) ! ao •> Swift tmc-fretruri firtt-Ciau Steofitn, '. ''City of Cleveland." & "Cleveland," 4 (ThonajchlyTC&Ued for thli route.) O N AKD AFTEB MONDAY, June 6th, 185», Passenger TralDJ will ran ai follows: OOINO WEST: Bap. Bridge, depart •Detroit, depart. *Oswego* arrive 81. Johns, arrtve. Mail, r. M. *M t. H. TOO KhfiO r. •. 12:10 been made in the condition of a' , certain promissory note,- bearing d«t« December 1st., A. B.18»T, executed by W.B, Hibbard »nd John 8. llarri«,an<l also in tfie oondltlon ol a certain Teasel* mortpage of the aame date executed bysald Hibhard and Harris to lecure the payment of said note. Notice is hereby giv«a*» all .parties interested ttat we shall enote for *»te-»nd «eH on Tuesday, the 5th day ;ot JDXT, A.D., 1859, at 10 D'cloik In the forenoon of that day, at the Spring •treet bridge, in the city of Mil wan- ker, the Bchoooer William H. S.ephens, her masts, howjprila, «ails, Jooat, anchor, cahles, aba all other neeesautet toereanto .»ppert»talng and belonging, to satlify the ammmt remitnlng- due on »ald note and penset of aale. BS, and . . ; .:..-. " .. . BOTLia.BcrtEiaK * OoTntn.t,-iUiirnejri. ! ----U CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE 185il 'BIl •JkV -•TAXES «*»** EXPRESS 'I jStereoscopic Views. W E bare retired a flue lot of Bterescoplc Views ^embracing views of Interesting localities in RUSSIA, SWITZERLAND, SPAIN, J£OyPT, NUBIA, 9BBBOS, ITUSK.ST, IRXLAXD, f&C., AC Atap a large variety of new American View*. He* and «ry desirable atvles of Stereoscopic Instro- menta, BTR1CKLABD A CO., . BookaeDen and Stationers, •*P r * 134 Eaat Water street. Wo. ;1 87 East Water Street, MOST BE CLOSED OUT SIXTH VOLUJTIE WISCONSIN REPORTS forMleat feb » STKICKLAND * 00, .184 East Water (trek ; PIKE'S PEAK. H A NBW MAP.showlnj the Route to the Sold Bt- glons In Kansas, jon received by • . • :-: THE AS&IGNtiK, Great Bargajn§ maj be Exptcted, aprlT-dtf JOSEPH CART, Araignee. STATES HIAKeHAti'S SALE The Farmers Loan 4 Tmrt Cam 1 \ • ' Grand Rapids, arr i... 8:10 •Orand Haven, arr...;.... 6:00 i *•••• Milwaokee,arrtve 2:51 Mixed. A.M. ».*. 1^0 7:40 Noon. 12:00 Night Express. a. «. 1030 r. K. 8:00 11JO i. ».i iaso 8.-05«:8«! noon. 13.-00 OFFICE OF B1SUOP t CO., I I» Posvce!ii>niiirMu- i i HICMGO R. K., ', illlvankt'c, April s, lv'9 \ O N' anJ lltrr April 9th, ISM, and nnt.l fnrth. r T.O. tlce, no person l» lOtl-f.r Jr-,| I.T f n-\k- | i.i .!-<•.«. 6f cr otract for material* lor Milirank-t- -ind Cr in^0 Kailro&il vithout » written rriler ri .-.m in^ un-l . • i.-'i CODtluueil with auv e^nreri. Uimt r.rple»-i. t-> .-. I-r monthly bills. i OB HALL, Oer.'l »^t M.rt.-,.-., . aprlli Jl. T. MHOUY, Slaitrr -f T-.i.s...r!»i n i»aaT i?».>i* THE \OIM.BI.j;\ TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Will, daf.og the preaeot Season, run it,,,* well t known aad p*>pular Line ,,( First Clang Sere.* n t r... 111 m.ii ih t. --V i liv.— t , (Ir nnd [U% For ;.art - :, .,f liv,- t., MfalB -;in I r hA.I i YFf I M nri S, »n,l .in- ( > I \ihiJe TIMK. P.rt.. j -in ifir lu-S^L. ni .1,1, val I on.- w^rK tlflllri n.-.v of Sailing A. Tviiinw. Milwmiie,.,. ... rj .in 4 .„ Grtrxl Havi-o --4.^ p- M. HI Itrai..! KrtpMld I.- • 'II I- M Kunninc at CLOTPI 1 N - I 1 I I DEPARTMKN • ,IHH 01. D ..-a n-f n,. BAST : Mai? I > xpr 1 ! Mixed. Milwaukee, depart L... 8.-00 ' .:... ' i. «r. ».». •Grand Haven, dep... [.... 8^)0 dept Grand Rapids, arr... j.. .. 4:20 6^0 St. Johns,arrive L... fciO KC6 Owoiso,arrive. K.... J« llao •Detroit, arrive......,!.... 11:40 -ftSO : ' , • r.«. A. •. 8a». Bridge, arrive....).... »J5 4KX) Night Erpr'a. Noon. 14:00 r. «. 8:30 10:80 i. •1:15 a. •. 4:50 •Refreshment*—Hot*l to Depot at Grand Haven. Boat will leave Milwinkee on Saturdays at 8 p. u.— for Saturday Night's ei-press .passengers west, bat 8 a. «. tram will »ot leave fan Sundays. Tralni leave termini jdaily, Sundays excepted. pODKNHBlJKOH «t C»s W h.iio, j AKD THU I,IMT.It I \KI> ! •ormlnga Seol-Wetklj line between Oudcns-iur.-. *n.l Oiwego, aod"Xlblciifo, Ujlmukre nn.l inierun; Port*, connecting >t Op.iensburgd « u. me OOnKNSBURGH * VERMONT CEN TKU Rill R.i.» ; HODIE, 3 between Offdenstiurgh, Burlinpt-.n, r,, .-r, r l. Ma CBBIter, Nashua, LawT»nct, Loi-n, H rr. »t»r »t Boston, and at Oswego witn Uie N«-v Of7f?n> Shirty Pint Class Canal Boat* nn lie Enlarged Ctna between Oswcgo.JTroy, JAlbanr A: .\e\» \ ork 1 • ,OonnectlDg aUo al Dunklrt w:ih NEW YORK AXD ERJE RAILROAD \ iind forming a Tri-Weekly Railroad Line between Pfinkirk, iyilwaoke*? & Chicago ! IBf Property forwarded bj this Line will be sobjec t»tut One Transhipment. : fjf~ Merchandise marked ".\. V. <;o. EX titESS," will be forwarded from Nrw York bj an Kairta freight Train oner Uu Xftn Yort rf En ! Satiroad, } And promptly fonrarded from Dunkirk J •; Ai*PIj^ XO . | i. ilisig, Agent N. T. Co., in Broadway, New York. iJ. L. Wiaiu, Agent N. T. Co., 8 Comtles Slip, New K^rk. jOBUS-B. TATTAI, corner 6th and Ohesnnt st Phila ;Hov»v A CMwro«D, Ojwego N. T. ,8. D. CAUIWIXL, Agent, Dunkirk, R. T. ;Onmii»»l,TT, Cuwrosn A Co , Cleveland, Q^ I/OHJI BOOCDIG, Ag«nt N. T. Co., 95 State it., Boston :A.Onssm* t Aftent V.C. Line, 103 Btate st., Boston ;J. P. CaoacB, Agent, Rome 1 * Point, N. y. 10KO. PACtxa, Agent,Ogdensburgh, N. T. ^ J. H1OBI, Milwaukee, Wis., office LaOrosse 4 M < o a cli nii<i IX ^V n 13 ry DE2. N« ^KSBiJOTUEHS OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT DRY OOODS AND YANKtE N' T ; \ - A ' t * f . ( 11 K A r r« • K . \ ^ i, L* ~ I La 4 VD 4IT7 t A I. I'- A N ^ SADDLERY HARDWARE -.f. n— AlilUACU-: I'KIMMINi i H- OHJ \ i nil 4«, Fell M.\lt*, I' 1 " !• .\.\II 1.1 KH »'. ,.i,NM-.i: . -.- .- i. •• .' M . _.. : .. The Milwaukee A Superior Rail- roadOonlpaBy, .. . Oltyof auiwwkte, i '"JnSwarV • JohannO. A.Allerding, febW iny STRICKLAKD 'L -_, 12* East Water strrit. . NOTICE THE IKSPKCTOa :Of FISH, tnw Mllwaokee, In purroarjceof An Act 6JT tbeXegbia- !, approved MarehlT,18B»,berebrtiTe* notice Miat ,veia tete now forntahed with the proper welght»^|-brands for ih* due performance or th« duties of Mi office. . «y thesafd "Act" it is; made the duty of alTperionj . deaung I tptctorthaw . . • •• .-~i 'tato-ittvf^Mlw^ee^ai^-y-a, •9ttfr^:m&*^m£&ttPW&M •- • -.- '•^"^*^i^-'Lj^i^U^"^^'*^;^*'i>^_iiA^-i^^ «at6i, . ,In the D. •. Dto- trict Oonrt for the DUtrict otWUconata. InIq«Jt». - ~ ' '- and by -vlrtae of a decree made by the rt :*.t A- fT.i^^s • «*_«^T:A7_TT^ -..*.' ^*r -, ^_ , - Oportfotthe United BtataiVfor. the i DlitrM of Wisconsin, on the nineteenth day of the abovri«nUiledcanse,IahaU sell on Totadi ly, 2nd day . f Mareb,18». In toe*ftenbo^.fro>n,aettepf : of*bt Custom Soa^ta S«JSL«L*?«? I «*>L«"?.«"f «?«°>"-. a« »ort»Sed in e«^tjnadei«ibed«ii;?'Ali ., and in figure to b« acquired, real and persona; and Bopeilor Ballroad Obu,—„ ^ .„, ^, „, the first dlvulon of the Bailroad of laid Railroad Coin. pany : def«i»dant, from theOityof Milwaukee, to the Oity of Green Bavin laid Btate oT.-Wtacanim, *TdS* tanceof on*hundred and twenty-nfllM.latiadlDjr the !Sl»'7r^S4^;o^l« ««>•« dlvSoi of THK TKLBORAPH LDTE U now open for Prauc Be- '-•-.;., OOKNEOnONS. AT DETROIT-jrOBKAT WffiTERN RAILWAY for all polntt East^-MlCHIQAN ClMTaAL .and MICHI6AN .SOUTHEfU) RAILROADS, and CLEVELAND Line of Steamers. AT _ , Steamer for CHICAGO, jto., ic. •-AT Mil,WABlgEE—With U. OBOS8B, CHIOASi CON BAILROAD9, for Pas* eng»'t» for Great HTJBON" .. the MISSISSIPPI, ), WATERTOWH and HORI- ah Important point* West and Northwe«t,andonHlis»s]pplHlver, and wlthBteamera on the Eail- WeiterB . ir. . . • RIGHT TKAINS nan SLBKPlNt} CABS attached. The Company'* IteigJfaWe* can be had «t anr oftha BUtlon*. ' •• - if -• •••• ; - - : - ' '-w - '"' Wi j Wmnui A Fouu,T Ml/IB . . ouu,T cket Agents, 280 Bast Water it Vfm. Qiuruc, ?relght;AgeBt at Comoany's Dock. 5 «•*«*«••,,, ^tft;M^» her irith rail" and jert*, feajet, equlpiaeuti, neoMaaty°depo»«;ronnd« and ^?_ta?J ll «« n ..W^?D«'f.lla.l^Sl Com, .wglne«,^ieMe«i -Seatf - —V»6*«JJ-ottoriiieri i«=k---- -"* fl"t.«lTl»lb»'or rjfcw^^-Jiflinrato to i* ao- •••;*bej,"*"—-—' — - from, andl all oorporat* and oti«. anipHvlt «e* of tn,«U. «allfo»d: I orconomitnsttewme." ; w*e«» : . s^SIJ) mt«A ^>it^-J;i Ki;';.f:S?g««3 »..-. .h'->--:> 1 >U_>-:j'i"-,-i& 10M1 •~ •^ liSk ^*! ****& **P*.« D. * M.B. H.O. Waso», General Western Agent., Office near M. 4 M. R. H. Depot. . iV^htppers are retineswd to tee «ne of the abov nts befbre making comracta, aa they are prepared Het very lt>* rate*, and their connections wltli the ensbnrgh and Oiwefo rouUs, ami especially «Uh ;Newi"orlt4Eri9aallroad give them unsurpassed UcUitle* for cheap and speedy transportation. L^^^.n _mt. l._._ r . r * * • nar!8-d6o-Uastwlaw IKM>T>. OKNU1NE ARTIOJ.K MANOTACTtniED BY Op N P.H A L E N , , _,™ onlyjone aulhorlzetl to manufacture the abvue J.. named; Boot*, at 1 72 BAST .WATER STREET. She Pliilen Boot is one of the most aniqne and <•> gtnt coverings for the feet that has ever been Invented. They are made »f the but of stotk am) most Balsh»l rimanihlpx and are warranted to cure Corns, Bun- iops.UJreUert Feet, SwelleS lltad, Rhnmatijm, Oout, W B hare several Brifk and Frame Houses to rent .on very reaionabli terms. We havelalio for tale 'a vast quantity of reat estate, to .sirtiDjof Houses, l«tr, Improved and nnlAiproved Farms, School Lands, Ao.- We have 60 acres tifcar th» City, with House, Barn, *^ for the small rent ortWaBd taxes. : , "" '" •'' - '.'. SRBGORT 400., , SUKast Water street., Septeml ClrcultOourt,MilwankeiCounty,f. -,-,itil,--'"--I ','-.-',, lodgment of| ronelonr* and t. ...o::.;?-- 1 . >•,-» ••-.•; ;.-i,;^-.'v .... :'•;• -THrirtne'oTand pursuant..ii>.» judgment tendered : Ui J. Mid j Coort, in th* kbove enUtled a«Uon, .dated Uietwenty^jgtitdajof t*yyl369, r ; shalliexpo»e for Ait Mid aell at Pnblle lAncUon, at the Pojt-office, In a>t>JOitfot Hll«a^k«e,^rh8atard«r.cJbe ember that the Sola Sgen* for these tart Invented BdoU In thirdly, te to be found at 12 East Water St., ejre, al8a,)riay be found a general assortment of HOOT$ 4: SHOES, GAITERS *«J., •Fdr;0«nt!em»n and Ladles that there is In this market' manufactured under the supervision of thesubscri- ;,.. [m»y25] JOHN PilALEN. P|c N|cj ,& Pleasure Excursions* BROUKWAY'S LI,\E AND HACKS. .KT1ES Swishing to engage Back* or Omnibuses fo> the porpdle of vlilting the Girdeas or for Me NIc Pajtles, c»abe^upj>Hed with first class vehicles on ih-, 'ah^rtfst notliei and moil reasonable terms. Aline of Oajibojses.irillcommtncerunning OB the lit cf June for Fomt Home, leaving TaB Cott's corner at»A-*. and •a«it Tii.iOrtmibaiifor Wauwatosa leave* Van Cott's . K. ... ' Foot of Mason street. SljiaHipP AN D- H E A KINO hour »f a, h.,'of thit day,-tho filbwtng de*crlbed mortgaged . imUeii-»r M much tbeteol a* mar be necessary to xaJie th« amounlef *»ld||odgm«nt, intfrest and cost*, togiftiei with the exptnieiol sale, to wit: ~ t "The ronth twenty - .cDated Sheriff 1 * Omc^kllwaake*, Jane «, 1 •«?' ig^i ..•o~»S*«i* »W* hjf fm IMCS; «r^k|i«a; M riot i ^3^* afeil Hfl 3*&r<r i--:_J*;-~T."J — '•"•"•MJiW . i^^ $3^*<Miai$33l£fi. ~SM^^^4»W6fe ,..:.-!'.'.-^- J --..!. .. » ."i" •'' taui •IS ftLiij.S/-uii..«i, srajra^j: fMi ^s A. CADWELL, J; ofi Jrbrento, O, W rt BOW -of Chicago, HI., the eminent and sklllfal operator oath* - 9S ttandolpb, corner of Cwrborn -street, is _ I *WO HUNDRED have been received by .. wtthlri tie last (par weeks, many, of whom have , J>H«*.»kino»ai*«n4yean,have; had- thelrrtghl rtftoVed (ntt 6Uj>..bjr deUcateand difflcatteptraUont, t Other* .^ho'hav* been suffsrert from disease, —IM icolottaly cured by mDd ind genUeireat- heitpi rif'«to now Dr. U.'s »erVlee»are appre- ta,tla .Jielndatlyrecelvlng new-patient* from a&Mi W country, and dhnnls*bijt, : a* Cored, ni*\ ^|fi«tM retting'^- ( ^*; : >'' : -'^- ; L '•--"• f" ; '' ! "^"'.v^'- --; ' ft'fle<pilTtdIor an examination or opiaion.— ft.^^:^v;^I K I < K aoo JllSt ft I" r n - 1 , , fa.- tor P-, liit ij i*i <rh ch w c no-a-l i JPff~ Our jio- ». and f.ff-rt-ii a; I hi? 1- A l.J, i >K 111 ' .V 10., iZi Kl. J/onTi/<wri*rer* anrf ft'.'u^^d^ ,mU Rtiitii D"'ii^rt m W ,OULD respectfully annnancu to th-tir .»Ji|>(D- i ers, that ttipy mill continue to k<.-ep Lfi- Hr«vst i anil be«t jelected S\OC'A of Uomls m Jh*:-r Im.- to i>c t Poand to tJie 8tat<«, *Q<! will conrlorl their business, \* , heretofore, with tJio intention of fiviti^ iatisf-i.-unn.— To IA many new customers *a may ftol ,nv.Un«M vo 417 1 - > us a cail, we woaM say one of ou* flrm reanle-1 in ,\«w i York, an»t we have facilities for th*t purchiwv and maa- \ ufacture nf poods that can not be eic«ille«!. * e \ r *- at i aJl times ready to take advantage of Eastern Markeca, and have bem enat-led t<> red vac e the pncn «>f ?n/kQy tinda of g-ooda, whicti we "hail csoticue i-> **;.. «i './-.•_• lowest prices In Western V rtttfts. \\ e arc constantly rtceivitiK a-'ilitiona r«» utir i'.octt, and will keep it so compltte i^s i-. t>^ ihl^ 11 fc il -. n.-^ In nil nrder« for any kind of Saddlers', ilarr ;fcno Tr'm- m* ' • i -1- Matt-iV ytock, and will do «o in a ni.iii- •- • t . in respect to ijuAi.ty in ( pru-»*» We aisu *cey *n assortmeni of IK'nt amir, i'-iU's, S-'iifta. Velloea, fpoKea, Hubs, *c. t Ac., an.i h*w rondi.vnti B - on hand, or will tn»*c i~ ^rdcr, itny k;n-» ••( Ou/* N, »'n, ri*^e. Wagon or Team Ilarntsfnt, Oall and He* for yoar*elve»- nn .IK.. 1>\VELLLN(, w And K E M O V A L . F . B A i L i: y Has removed tn hla old stand, ^ »«« F.ANT %^ ATI-: »nch addition* t« hia.f*ciliti«.i .1 K Haj>, AT K A S l \V A 1 I . 1. f.; r [>;». T \ i KINK IH O R T K A 1 '1 ' S ! Af. to t!T).lb *? bitn to say to the public with cnr.tldcnc* bat he U nor prepared tn furniiiJi th»m with *vcry ,j,. strahle style of t'ictare knovn to the comm unity, ,.s,i at such Astounding Low Prices AS toilvfy ci>mi>t;Litiun . or ejiample, Dngucrrotypi-«< tor Sl'/.C PHOTORRAPIiv only 91,00 the drst one, and GOc Tor the Dupllcrtfs nF.LAl> ICOTYPES, AjTiaiKOCiHAPTIS Ai d In fact every other style of Picture, at corresponding low prices. I3IPER1AL PHOTOGRAPHS, )olored In either Oil or Water Colors, and finished In the highest style of the Art.| TIIK .vrF.HLOTTfPE, A new ar.d popular stjleof Pictnrc, Cviore.i In Oil, rhich far excels In Accuracy, Huldne^s and Uvauty »i inlsh,any othi^r Picture ever olf«rert to the Public.— Tb«M Pictures have only to he seen to be Bdmiied. All who are desirou* of 8%vin|« money are rtapectfiill; oliclleii to cill and examine 8pe«lm.-'n» as the OM "Hand, Vw. 184 Eaxt Water itrtet* Xitea'JUe, Witr.tMxin. marl8-d6ra W. g. BAYLEV, Aitisufci ATLAV1U FALL .^Tl'iVi U NCLK BKN up i,,ih,. in,,,., Hula ,,i ii'^y. l.,.Jiry t AIJU-: o u 4'i'«> A l t » 1 -if C :i s »»"'•**' O \\ a X G O HK 1 hiK-.-. \<JH-i:x|>I<»MV< T H \ I r-.N La nap. HKpahlic m now anil inoal ^<iual if ;ioi .upenor to id.. HCM i :ttl.t()(,f(t to Churches, II.itt-lH, St..r.-H, i'nvalw Owolltii^. Unilroitil i ; lr i, ,,.- prov,. its auperloruy ,iv«r ill IN.rt.i «iae- U 15 uuake all 'illicr L.uin.^, L...I.I briUiant, econnmlc^l, Tr. ^ 'r.iui <tn . what w mnry, entlrt- ly <:if,. frnm *n >10H. tpply al Joll.v steam to the Principal Towns in X H fn T* /^- I"B" T~> . ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND FOR $30. j The powerful iroa etennubips , IITT OP BALTIMORE, CITT OP WASIUHGTOf. j KANGAROO, W1U sail from New STork for Cork direct »ml Ihenre to Livsipaol, H A » a I Ii i:Nl>l£f-M AK I-.K M<5 Vni«Tt«'im •';- " u -.-"-iiin r o u c h The CITY OFIUHCHFSTBR ana VMO will sail from SKLt AST and COitfl to New Yark once a SIon«6. ; '•• Rate of Passage from New fork • : to Cork, Liverpool aad tne,prlnclpal to-nt in '--' i IBKLANO, BNOLAJOJ MO SCOTLAND ? Wn....^^..:-...! 1 .'... ..... ......Third Class.. ..480, ear Pssaengers fcrwsnjeil to Havre. *n*»«rp, B»e- 8 In Cabin, $35 Third Class. from Liverpool,) Cabin «83; fof their frleads can obtain Certificae tagg from CORK or BfcUAST to ' - e 1W 'TTWOL forW Ho* -UVIBPiJOL $40. apply to-E. J. Oortla It Co., 177 Broad&. D»le,15 Broadway, N. Y., or to, ":-'";!--:-' 1LMOTHY CABNKT, ' ' '' ;-- • •••• •• t j. N. B.— Pasien««ri by thi«*Llne avoid the risk and dalayof calUngatH»liJ»xan<r8t. Jonnfc KiiEl'S CONSTANTLY .>n hanj % Urir- iuo*>rtm,-n Jf M.klioiillij. Iil3i:k Walnut .ititluthur Wmi.i i,'oinn». :,.- KCtht-T Vlth ?)B&> .>letallo llunal CiueH^ Thd :)rtU'tf .if the Port's! fli-m-- t'cmt'irry . '..m[,:*ii , . 19 my place, whi're I havf tli« plar^ r,i th,. ^r' i in Hlwayn remiy tu iciuimpany [jjitron.', ' la?,aof all i t low , of . r plac--» for b'un.-il, IQ.I UBin,;sa .lay .11 :i.,:tii for title. •JU&T1OK AI XNDFACTDRKD expressly fur 1TA offlrst qaalitv i,a|-i>r. purpose, f>u S. fKUrtV A CO.. If! ir.i«i w»t,.r it. F O K IUJ.I- SAL TABLES C tl K A F T HE undt-rslgned will »<:ll four BlUani Table* »it Balli anJ Cues, all iu gaud ordur and quit* nu at a ver/ tow price. jo.O-JAwtf V. BLATZ, Uity Brcnery. "I f\t i J.UU BIKV; In store, for sale. V; In store, for sale. LArrON A PLAJUNTON.

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