The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 30, 1975 · Page 25
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 25

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 30, 1975
Page 25
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of lloudton, « fnr and Life, ««et lh« cwurwersy su more v Worst nof over, AAUW hears Panel mewbeiri riling oo«f of rtslpfncUe* In; lliranee for the federal meeting of th« Hrampwt Branch of the the attorney* rather than American Association of with the Insurance firm*. Uttlmtlty Womefl «grw*l HP ./ml coverage of Jtalthi?|^t>W«niig0lniM0 doelor* sgii»n«{ |W w»r« malpractice claims hm «2L££J1_' w * before become «» unprofitable ,jflftnt*n «nd duetts, the that insurance eompaniti* Mo concurred that an fu*t can't afford to cm i if*r«M« In pati«st claims ttmi* offering it win ccntifliw upward The third panelist w«* lotwtan Attorney Clay J)r J, A Sttwurt of l.uientterti wid the rtiatn tl« ur«bl«in i* a i of tl«) f«ali«ii • fflstionvhip Uisi «iyii(i<jt>«- abwt dtoetors s* tow. Iw wtt«J He &i«» ob««rv«J thai (iwciple «r* more aware of Ihdr rigti!* {Kws they u»«I !« be- The jurors <«o cntrr Jfilo Stifr picture, I, > I s r « t! e r n » a Hi tl*> usuaUy tfcu tK>! rt-^llv t||i it e j » | * n »} | h if ou«, t^rt th««,- tan IJT* *»uJ i»|U(> The jtjerne? fJUfpCdtik* <T4.«<!» J im«rt«e«cjw JhUte V/w rut Wet* , fix**, iuwttt, WVBAWM the among (he Making relief from high insurance !<« <v)miu«! (hat there is for b«t*f to »e*d out Uiat (J»«t Te*a* t»f»M ?t> »f in it* Dealing with holiday dinner stalni mm KXH.OItINf, THK MKllifAL malpractice »rw«rafw-e < nsis fw ih*> lirAfoiport AAl.'W and Dieir •*!-(,•, jfjf/n u?! imuram*- «-*<-ruliv<' Mikf f - i«t l/r J A COUJSG£ STATION After holiday dlrmern, the fftWcflft'*' m»v Mff'm "doom«l"--bul If trtain* are treated while still fresh, generally they e*n be removed. Mns. Janice Carberry. a family r«fourc«.' management specialfjti, iays. "Methcxk for (renting common holiday-type stains depend on what the stain is, she &aid. Mr* C'urbcrry Is with Ihe Texan Agricultural Extension Service, The Texan A4M University "Some drink ntflfns are lnvl*lb)c after they dry but lurti yellow with aglna or heating. And Ihi* yellow stain I* impossible to remove," (he specialist said, for coffee or tea cUlns, If safe for fabric, stretch rlnth and pour boiling wafer through. Uurtder. using bleach or an enzyme pre-soak. When candle wax has dripped on (he Ublecloth, scrape off as much at possible, then place the jrfflin between paper towels and prat with i Wirtfi iron. N«rt, p»*« mm stain tide «UMff oft J*ptf towU and spor^* the back with « dVy d«anwg solvent. Ut dry, (Hen launder. If itaifl fcrttattt, launder again with an oxygen Weach, *«d etpecially »e*»jon of (he Texa* <iurm« if*.- n«xi regular A few ^wiwal hints ar*: Tent any «lain rwnovw tm a wjrner of <a>»fic firs! l>n ;>f>? add chlwirx* bleach to an wtiyme pre- 1' School . from the outside tl««- cwitw r^f itw to prevent it from r. )•$ INVENTORY SACRIFICE Every thing Isrwluced so much ^iifomn .MONDAY C4ke Steak finger* *nh TUKSDAV crfuup Fftwh frtt>». Spaghetti with me*t c«riytStlh (w'A.t^ btrUvOMiy i<tttic < e itreifD &&l£d ^"tih dmt-e t^I (irexwig. green brans. peiicbe*. b<mv«n*<J«» French bread WKUNKSUAV l(<ias! with gravy, DROP! EVERYTHING IN THE STORE,NOW gelatin with ho* rdl* UV Cheeseburger with mutsiard us vsl»d dre«.&)og, rtwpn. ir'!i*ee, tomatoes. pictjw fruit <ttb6ier KKSDAV Ha!!«-r frted fifA with c*!.»up talct tot*, coie «ia» . punt* l*am, Raagrr Hot dt»u v»»tri chili, tittered corn Knghsh PS**. rt»x«iatr fftjiidang Tt.'KXIiAV Chnrkft5 »r>ii <himpliti£g. g,f«v^i twrjins., orange J-uice, btnhday cAkc, hft! rolls TtlUH.SU AY O.icV.rt 1 : lr>ed M KKHiAY hcrf roll*, M. pmlo I You Must See It To Believe It! Buy at Cost! Buy Below Cost! chtlled Utt.l \JHI\ IIHA/j(»HlA Mti.Vfj.AY llArtorfue on Utn. but- !rrc<5 pr/tjUm. M*^x>t>pd Kr-eur^ ctc»k)cs TVKSIMY I 'IMA pse buttered corn, »i»ctx) t:*<pl* HKDNr^DAY Ittrf di-^t* *nd chili xsth cikeeM- stick, park and bean*, touted salad. gHaUn TltritSDAY Fried chicken with gravv s!ramr«i net- , grrcn bciartti. pull-.i-(uirl bread. Rraprfniil juice FHJUA^ Fish ui(h tartar Muce or catsup, macaroni and ctx^rw. English px«a^, hot rolU. tUtcfd pfachrc HEEO HELP? Oonl know wh#e to turn? TU CRISIS HOTLINE 297.32$6» CNT. 700S8 DISCOUNT SPECIALS MONDAY-TUESDAV-WEDNESDAT, DECEMBER 1, 2, 3 IAM/FM/FM STEREI WITH BUILT-IN ft-TRACK PLAYER AND PHONOGRAPH ..MAM Al. (Ill Al TO.MATIi tKA«'h SKI.Kt Tt)M -TWO U IVUI M'KAKKH KNt'U»M'-H»:*i •" KillTM! I'HANSKI. SKI-Ft'Tim •HAI,\Vi>:, TUVK AVU Vdl.l M REGULAR 109.94 SAVE J 10,00 '99,94 »i HVM AUAI'IOlt IM I.I I Or;U XI IVSH Tt KMAUt.i UVAttAY nut IIMUSIMAS MORGAN & LINDSEY •' Th« KN yHIUAV NUitlK lii. » Store itatm from the back of Ihe fabnc Place Ihe »[>o( downward on sorne paper towels *o tha! tJw Main *ill rome off the fabru' twU'ad of going through ii Turnsng io specific M4tn». ifw kpecialt»( s.4id for fruil, where boiimg watrr t,vi hxr uv*3, pwur )i Ihrou^i DM- doth If st*iru He with letnon i or hydrogen SEW WHAT'S NEW AND SAVE BRUSHED DENIMS *WWE ISUXTIIEKT OF COLORS *IM% canon t»K»»l W1SKUU ACRYLIC PUIDS REG. 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