Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on April 29, 1897 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1897
Page 8
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nto JJ «. s ^8#^^ ^*rw»K8&S*^^ WfcAsghSjaSi^-Kfes fgg&tfrgtf&fyg^ ffi^as^^W?W^ STERLING, ILL.,' V AFEJL 29, fh« elate tf> tl-'t i^gfit nf voitr tiara* rtwtr* ttfttn |»W tXHWT {* flflMiMp to. I/ tM* Art* i* «. . 27ie rnff <* ' OF NEWfc. CHICAGO, ILLS., April 28,1897. _ for next 38 hotm ate tot III., rsln, tanch colder toinaorrow'. ' , ,. _,_ j fcev. B. A.' Mbrley,' of Morrison,! formerly President of Fulton College, was a visitor in Sterling Tuesday. ;; -C'-iiThfc K. Q. Bank Staff has received im invitation to gd to Do Kalb on May '' |t to institute a garrison of Knights of ~!$e Globe,. ••;" /,/,': ' ; '•. : -, •, . —When a husband milks, the! cow, and allows his wife to keep the money made by .Belling" the. milk, all the neigh- - head whenever they look at him, j ,! •; : '.^-Henry Qerdes of Coleta, who haa b.ut recently recovered from -a 'severe '"• aitaek of grlp/was in the city Wednes> '., day inconsultatlon with a physician * Regarding hia hearirig.which haa of late been badiy affected. .. , —A nuhciber of prominent officials of ' theC.iJ. '&', Q. railway spent .Tuesday .: night in Sterling.and left next morning: for Burlington.Ia. While in the cjty the . gentlemen were somewhat interested in viewing the rock pile. ••'• —xhe riiembers of the Sterling Chap' ter, 0. E. S., are invited to 'attend tbe funeral of Mrs. M. C. McKenzie, which lt . will be held a^t her late home in Hume .Thursday.morning at 11 o'clock. Mrs. •v.- McKenzie was a member of Minerva -;;» | —John "Baehle'r will build a fine !',house on hia farm'lying three miles northwest of the city. . The building will.have all of. the.modern appointments and will cost between, two and three thousand dollars. Capp & Danreiter have the job. —If the country, editor would just ! Bnap up all • the inducements thrown out, he .would soon,be a millionaire. If .. he ran a paper to suit some people he ; .would be in the poor house. If he pub- -vlishedall the news sent to him he would ''be in jail in ten days. , —Presiding Elder Clark will preach - in MontmorencyMethodist church Sun; ; day afternoon, May 2, and all members ' of the. church and community are oor- 'tally invited to be present. Elder .ark will preach in Harmon in the /ening. Sacramental service in each —Hon. F., S. Potter, of Henry, Mar- ehall county; Judge L. D. Puterbaugh and Judson Starr, of Peoria, were the Republican nominees of the Tenth Ju\ diclal Dlslifict at~TEe convention held at Peoria on Tuesday. Mr. Potter is the father of Mrs. E. D. Lane, of tola city. " '— ProfVS.M. Inglis, State Superln- ' tendent of public instruction, who suffered a stroke of apoplexy two or three •week ago, improves slowly. He was •out 'driving Monday for the first time since he waa taken ill. He left Mon. day for Kenosha, Wis.; for treatment , mi a sanitarium. _ \ —In a ledger of 465 pages which was " found;In' an Alburn. (Me.)"curiosity .ehop among a set of business books used a century ago by a new . Gloucester firm, there is not; a blot, though all the* pages ^arerfull of entries. The ; books were kept with a quill pen and • home-made ink. >,. —Cupid has begun to get a move pn himwf. He/whispers to his intimate friends, telling them to "keep It dark," that'five weddings are slated for tbe near future." Now, Cupid, is an honest little god and he wouldn't tell it if it i weren't true. County Clerk Howe's business is going to boom, ' ( —The Epworth League societies of the Dixon District will bold a convention at Mendota, beginning on Wed• nesday afternoon and lasting until Saturday .^MIsB Elva Osborn will be tbe delegate from the first church of this city and Mre. Luella Mack from the , Fourth Street church. On Friday evening the Rev. Case Davis, of the First Methodist church of this city, will deliver a sermon before the convention. —Postmaster A. B. Case and wife.of . Prophetetown, accompanied by C, C. Case and lady friend, were in the city Monday, taking in the Odd Fellows' - gdiebration. Toe gentlemen called at .' tbe HTANDAKO office in tbe afternoon, A. B. has recently received bis appointment as Postmaster. Be is a capable, maa, a good Jlepublican and, no doubt, the' Propbetatown people will ever tlesB McKinley for the wisdom of bis 1 appointment/".' ' ' . ' , ^—•"I| i ypuare.a kicker and,aes the shadow, of a failure in eveiything that ie proposed to bejp the town," eays an exchange, "fo? heaven's sake go into goma secluded canyon and kick your shadfrw or-eoiue clay banks, and thus give the IXMJU wiio ere working to build * OB tfee town e chitcee. One long-faced Biein epent Moadfty night Stones. John Kline, of Milled.geville, was a visitor In this city over Sundsy. Charles SehSefc, of Prophetstown.was In' We city Sfttnfdfty on business. Nelson Jacobs, of Jordan,came down to the city Thursday, on business. Mrs. John Qeigen, of Kelson, visited with friends in Sterling Thursday. Bev. and»Mrs. Myer. of. Hopkns, went to Chicago Tuesday morning. >.; " Walter.Shoop," of MlUedgevillerwas down to town Saturday pn business. ., Fred Johnson, of Emerson, was-In the city Thursday attending to business, • . • .-..'••'• .•••_ .• Mrs. Aaron Heckman, of Jordan, spent Saturday in this city the guest of friends. , , • i Harry Richmond, of Frophetstown, was among the visitors in the city M6nday. Frank Briggsjnd jamjly Bpent_Suni Say at the home^f Mrs. Brlggs 1 mother/ near Lyndon. • ,' Charles BIpley, of Tamplcd, was in the city Saturday f of the first time , In several months. '";' ' !•. Mrs. Bort Nash went to Mendota Monday fora visit with her brother, Shannon Burk. • • • •• ' '. Misses Mae Smith and Mabel Guffin, of DlxoD, were' among the strangers in Sterling Monday. •..''.'• Messrs. William Detra, M, C. Bump, and.W. Howe,-bf Malvern, came down to attend the<)dd Fellows' meet. Samuel Talbott, of jJofdan, was down to tbe city Saturday for a visit with his sisters on Fifth avenue. Mrs. F. L. Baldwin and Mrs. Charles Olmstead, of Milledgovllle, were guests Miss Cora Sturtz, of Stones, spent. Monday night in Sterling, a gueat at the home of Miss Mabel Mangan. Thomas Phillips, who is employed in one of the large printing offices of Chicago, is at home for a visit with his parents. ' ; , , ( F,rank Miller, of Jordan t was in the city Thursday, a,nd purchased a large bunch of stock hogs, which he took to his farm, Mrs. Nettie Smouse returned to her home in Morrison Tuesday afternoon: She has been the guest of relatives in in Sterling a few days. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Overholser werein Coleta Wednesday visiting at the home of Mr.Overholser's father. That gentleman is celebrating his eighty-eighth birthday. . S. S. Keefer, who is now traveling, ^ame— home-—frorn~:KsrTvnre Monday. night to attend the funeral of Mrs. D. L. Miller. C, A. Keefer and wife of Chicago, also are here. , WANT A COMMANbEfl¥.-__ Oregon KiSlgrhts Templar Ask that One be InHtllutcd In That City. The Knights Templar of Oregon, who are now members of the Dixon Commandery, are desirous of establishing a new Commandery in that 'city, and have made application for it, and they propose to comprise in it part of each of the Dixon and Freeport Com- manderies. It is quite likely that it will not be established however, as' the Knights Templar of Dixon object, • pa the ground that it would take away too much of the Dixon Commandery's territory. .The Freeport Commandery has given consent, but it is necessary to obtain permission from' Dixon. Each Commandery Is under the general supervision pf the Grand' Com- mandery of-the State. -No definite action has been taken in regard to the matter yet, but it is likely that it wtyl, be within a few days. When it is decided, the decision will more than likely be adverse to the Oregon Knights Templar, ^ , ...... SLIGHT STROKE OF APOPLEXY John Arnold is Overcome While Driving In the Country. • John Arnold, an aged and wealthy farmer of Genesee, had a slight stroke of paralysis Monday afternoon while riding in his buggy near Capp's school house. Mr, Arnold became insensible and fell from the buggy to the ground, where be was soon found. Hie son, John Arnold, Jr., was summoned 'and took bis father home.' The old gentleman soon regained consciousness 'and, though somewhat exhausted, did not seem to .suffer any evil effects from his fall. Heis now able .to walk about apd be put of doors, . . . , —The Sterling Schtol Cadets have made arrangements for the purchase of white ducfe uniforms, They are drilling frequeoitly and '. are, expecting to.make a good showing on Memorial Day.':.; ,; i....^.-. . •,-.<•: ,, , ,....• , . -—Senator ; Voorhees once had suc- ceeded-io delivering an appeal which had brought tears to the eyes of several jurymen. Then arose the prosecuting attorney, a graft' old man, with a piping voice end a nasal twang, "Gentlemen," said he, deliberately, you might as well uttderetaad from the beginning that I am not bprjog for water," This proved *fo pjtgcjjual a w^t ^la'pk.ftt Jo' SN JUDOE WARD'S COURT. 'R!nP** TravtusM^tcd nnrtnff t 'RKAL ESTATR TRANS'VERS F. D; Tlanosa? to John W. Hepburn, land In Sterling, $i,l>00.,' ', ; \ John W, Hepburn to 3. St. J. Grees- ongh, land In Sterling^ ,$1,606. J, St. J, .Greenoagh. to ' Diilon-Gris- wold Wire Co. , land in 8tertlBg,;$l,60p Frank Hada way to Mary K, Hadaway,, land In Prophststowh, 87,600. -Mary 'Ward to Lumen Balnsay, lot in 'BbtSk. Falls; 8M>. ; - ' '= ' • .v- • ; ' > •'• ~" r Agnes Ch4mplbn to Ltttiab Rtrmfay; land ifi Sterling, ifeBoo;;; -.V 'V, ' '/. ; '! A. R. Lewis to Jennie tii At^Queeib, lot in Morrison, 840d. ,. . i E, G. Baum to O. G. Morris, . lot }n East Clinton, ©29.90. • ' ' George Farward, to A. L. Farward, lot In Tampico, 82,000. • Paulina Weatphal ^o A. J. Jackson, lot in Morrison, $200, S, B. Dimond to Ezeklel Olds, lot In Albany, $30. ' ' , ; _^F..P, Stabler Ib L Albert Bomanow?ka, land "ia'ciyde," 81,015, " " " - ™T "^-^ Mary J. Traver to John Bi Kester, lot in East Clinton, S100.; ,-VV " John E. Kester to John K» Lundy, lot in East Clinton, 3100. ';;,;. Odella J. Biackiston to • John K. Lundy, lot In E. Clinton, 83.25, PROBATE COURT. , Estate 6f Amanuel Florence. Oath filed, letters ordered. William A James, William iMcLaughlinahd Michael Cochran appointed appraisers. Estate of Porter Benjamin, George B. Shaw, E. S. Bentley and William Mathis appointed appraisers, Estate ipf.Eva J..McKibben. Claims allowed to J. 11. Crandall,-$5; A. C, Smith, 87; John G. Manahan, $37.18; Willlanr A. Jenkins, 810.32. ' ' Estate of Henry Brotherson. Claims allowed to William-A^Brothet'86n]$25[ Isaac Oakey, S5, . ' ,'[..' , In re conservator of John iO'Brlan. Final report, filed and approved and conservator discharged. •••••• ••-.'• ' Estate 'of -Swan -Rhymer.'" Petition of Andrew S. Durwardahd Alex. Bennie to be discharged and released from adminlstratbr's bond. ; 'Petition continued arid' administratrix • ordered to make final report on or before May 3, 1897.; , . . . ''• ^ ; ," -;• • : ; • • In •reassignment of Adam Horlacheri Petition of assignee for order of court.' Wintera.& Rosebrook to pay Influrance, filed and allowed. Order issued. MARRIAGE Ben. Nelson, Bound Grove, Ingra Peterson, Morrison. . .-..•. ••< ,.<;.( ' Carl Newbarb, Mrs. Austina Tees- man, Clyde. ••;'• i Herbert F, Metcalf, Mary E. Lyons, Abe W. Brubaker,' Blanch Carley, Morrison. • \ " •' Eugene L. Freeman, Chicago, Clara 0. Wilson, Sterling. : Daily D7BeFg^er7ElizSbelb7EllntlkBi' Sterling. " . '. ' ' , Hugh W. Leahy, . Jennie ; Little, 1 Prophetstpwn. , , ,-,. ,,., . . , Sidney S. Secord,' Prophetstown, Jennie M' Robinson, Portland. Curious Kaffir Blurrlagoa. • Strange as it may seem, polygamy ia still tha prevailing form of marriage entered into by-the natives of Natal, except in the case of'those Makolwas, or Christians,'who are exempt from the operation ot native law; and the plurals ity 'of wives receives due' recognition from the government—a fact due'in great measure. 4 to the .wisdom of the late Sir Tbeijphilus gheps'tp'ne, who in- Bistei th'Dj't".the keystone' of /effective na- t.ive , admljdiBtration 'was' 'protection; within bounds^ of their existing cus- toms'and usages!, "; !,'..'. . . : .. .,-.(...,.: . !: i ,,, Very Small. ,.-. . . ''_' . "Now, George," said Mr. Minor, pour- ing.out a finger of whiskey and handing it ;to the aged darky, ''this is the flneet stuff in the world. You have never tasted anything like it. It is 18 years old. What.dp you think of it?" After, George had rolled It over his tongue and sucked it Between hie few remaining ,teeth, then swallowed it .slowly and reflectively, lifting his .eyes to heaven, hef replied: "Mara John, hit.pow-f.ul little'fure' age/'— York Press.; ,-...' , . Oo4'e Love and Mercy. . ' Console IjhyBelf with His word.of grace; And cease thy wall of woe; • »'. For Hia mercy never an equal hath, And His love no bounds can know. Lean close unto Him in faith and hope; • How many like thee have found In. Him a shelter and home of peace, • By His mercy compassed round I ••--• —John, Greealeaf Whittier. Beat Attachment for Huiumockti. t This is an invention by wbJcb fe Be^t attaciment frame gives to £he ha,ni- mocli the shape of 4 chair, the seat running longitudinally with the hammock and b^lng adjustable. The hammock passes through the. ring's which cross the longitudinal frame and can be folded b.^cfc at $ny a,ngle .de's^red. , . Consulting Surgeon—What is the matter here? ...... ... •: ,. , House- Surgeon— This jg. g, awn who ate. the ar^t dumpling- n!s wife ever made. . , . , , , . Letters rerosioSng In thfe Post Ofiion at Sterling, lih, for f,he week ending Friday, April.30, 1897: LAfrlftS. O'Nel), Miss Vina, Waller, Mrs. Morton, StwlU, Miss Wzr.le, , Wflhpr. Mrs. Emma, GENTLEMEN. Krtse, (i. 0. t«Shs*igt,frran5c, .; Xftylor.F. A* . When calling for above letters please flay "Advertised." ; JOHN K. JOHNSON, P. M. W. A. Sanborn'8 fifth annual sale of light harnosa horsee will occar at the tatchwo6.d;|t8blei M^y SOth, th« ptfer- jng will cpri'sisTbl about ibrtytieaa of filUeB and geldingB, three yearis old and over. Stock will be shown in harness BORN. , ^ivr^E-x—To Mr, and Mrs, E. M. Hlgley, Sunday April 26,1897, a daugh-. te ?' -•»..'; ^."•:,r ; ....i •" •'.'...'• ,.,-,.. '•• TO Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Heed, of Emeraon, Thursday, April 22, • 1897, ' ' . wllger, of Jordan, Saturday, April 17, 1897,-a daughter. • •••. • ?' - . : •• ' ' .Weekly Weather .Report., C. E. BENSINGER. Week ending April i!l. , ^. Sunday. ,, , •* Monday ^ , Tuesday "Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 7 : a. m. D2 ( ' ^ 92;, 41 GO CO 58 • 12 m. C8; 43 4t' 63 73 C4 C2 . .10: pm. 47. 30! 40 ( 02 : , C4 C2 GO *J to "fi a 70 48 •: .'»•'. t3' .80 CO' 70 .IS' .37 ' 26 • ,22. . •38 ; 68, - 63 ' C6i 5 gallons of Gasoline 45 cents, at 0. ; Get ice from Rock Falls Ice Co. 23tf ,',' .'.','. "'.,,,",, Notice.' 1 , ';'','.:' ' Those wishing, to breed to stallion "Beecher," owned by Samuel Wells, of Como, can leave word with J. S. Scott, at his feed sheds, in Sterling, or John Rosengren; east of Rock Falls. 16t4w The ladies of the H. H. spciety, of Cpmo, will sell two' (2) quilts and serve a supper, at the school house. Wednesday evening May 12, for the benefit of the Sunday School and to get money to repair the old'Como church.' Every one cordially invited to give a helping hand. •• .» . r 16t3w \-. Something to Eat. Did you ever try the Merchants Cafe ? Everything. first-clasr.' Low prices. Good grub and courteous, treatment: Try It. ,>..,' 0,8. Estate ot Thomas E. Facey, deceased, The .undersigned -having been appointed Executor of tha last Wlllaiid Testament of Thomas: r' VH?,. of .' tbo County of Whlteslde and State of Illinois, deceased, hereby gives notice that he will appear before the County Court otWhlteslde County, at • thQ_County_CQuri_ -roonr^ln— MorrlsoBT-at-the-Jtino-Tenn— Ar-Dr 1897, of said Court, on the ; ' " ••>•>• First ifonday in June next, al! which time 1 all' persons having claims against nald Estate are notified and requested to attend for the purpose of having the same adjusted. All persons Indebted to saidTEstate are requested to make Immediate payment to the undersigned. Dated this 13th day of April. A. D. 1897. 1B13 ELWIN B. FACKY, Executor. For sale. One to 2,000 gallons.' Age 1 to 8 years old. Recommended for medical purposes. For••' partlculara address - t. HORNING, •.. •..•L,.,'.,.- V <. I .M. .•.•-.•.-.: ...... Malvern, 111. ' > ,?•=»',,' * *"(8> r Is offering tne b&st line of Ladies* and Ohii- : tj 'drones•'••Sutler--'-^nderwear to be iound in the City. Prices* are !Lo^er;than eter before* i;L!/-J&Ott^^p; : .to;-::'s^e; other < house and pay* ibc for Jersey Ribbed'Vests, no better In '••;-=-|Don:t^pay;l'6p."f6rones ifcat you can of us: for 106;;' ., : : , Or.'Sac for ones* ,V0 can sell you for 25c, •; ' i ;.'. 11 • • i • • - • ';'•.* , - ' ' ! ^ " ^ this stock J • (, i ( . , - . : i ' . t ' ' * l ** ' is not goOd,7and very cheap in price•'. '. .•••"'.•>•''• , \ 11 " i ,t' •;•....•• '.. '• •< < .-. -.• •• •: •••!,. • • ' '* < Bargains at lOc, 15c, 25o. 29c, 35c. v . - - . . ^ ,.. • • . , • • • -. , ' 7 , , r SPECIAL BABG-llNS in Ladies'Black Opt- ; J ton Hose—.-fine .guase,' regular made— worth 46c—Our Price. S9e- . • -...-. • • . : , ... ;•...'.• • . . ' .. i , • i Best assortment of Ladies'-Shirt Waists, in town. Call and see our Capes. QHABPENED AND rQLI8HED.r-»rQp E. 1 KJ Bauder a postal and he will get your lawn niower, sharpen it; and return It, and polish your flatIrpns.•;:•...<.,.,..,.-.•' ,, -M • . , ioU2w -! have all kinds of ( fruit trees, grapevines, shade trees, slirnbs, roses, etc.. for sale cheap. Wpi. Evans, 724 Broadvyay. sata A Fine Line of Shoes. ' I wish to call attention to my flne line of sboesi • The very latest in utyje arid color, of any shade. I fully guarantee my goods,, and 'ask you to call and be convinced that I .can save you money. . . v J. F. STROQK; . 06tf ;.,... . 119 East Third Street. Very 1 I.9W 'Bites to the West au<! South. ' 'On May 4 and 18 the '' North- West'er.n Line ,will sell Horne Seekers' excursion tickets, with favorable time limits, to numerous points in the West and South at exceptionally low rates, . For tickets and full i information apply to agents Chlcagof& Northr Western ' . . Ice Cream, ; I am now prepared to serve delicious ice cream, in all flavors; at my elegant new parlors, Also to furnish it in any quantity for sociables, Bocletles,picnic8, etc,, on e.hort notice. > , •,'.'•' J, A. GEOV'K, 24tl2 Star Bakery and'Restaurant. For nobby things in Spring Shirts call on W. C. Kier & aon. • 23tO i Jacob Treaslier , Says his Kentucky coal IB selling at S3. 50. The genuine— rnot only called BO. When You Build, You want good lumber, I am 1 / Tisc'elyitig the nicest lot of Finish, Common, end^heatbing lumber ' , ,you .ever saw.', Estimates made 1 out promptly••• pn anything you , want., I can save you moii^y OQ * lumber and For the hostess '!''''! ' ' ) ' ' i ' • • f ' - ^* ** Visitors natui#Uy:ip'o£ »bout ttiera. Being strangers? i they naturally note the ^lightest jar— the slightest in- harmonipiis detail, Th^ W^LIU ,|»APER is the keynote .ofbeauty in every roornJf. There 'is^o excuse for oW i and raussy paper on any w^lls in^Sterling, while t we are here, and charge the prices we 1 do. There is no V, .excuse ;fqr .ugly, inartistic paper'on any walls in Ster. ling while we have the stock of beauty we have. Drop in and get acquainted. with it. . , Leave Orders for Angel Food Cakei A. R. HENDR8CKS, OPPOSITE CALT HOUSE. us . . . .• ' A'p|ME--and take your ( cho^e from an elegant B y assortment of bottled goods: Chow-chow, , Catsup, Muetard,' , Sweet Gherkins, ; Qherkins, Pickled Onions— Only 10 '-''''' '-' : ' ' .. CENTS--and you ca?i' have Six , g€8 of Sweet Pefts or Pansy Seed, These, I , are all different varieties, and only 1& 'I _ ; cents for 6 papers. , ' ; ; /^ '•'•• - . • • - ' ! A QUARTER-and we will give you three cans o> solid meat TcMQftto^-Buby brand, onl^ 7 • •• ' '25 cents'. ' - ' ' * ]* are overstocked, and; the public is reaping the bene%'' - ,DID ¥OU buy your garden seeds in bulk—It ' ' ! " • - ^ THE BEE iMVE -

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