The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 13, 1914 · Page 2
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 13, 1914
Page 2
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Page Two T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Monday Evening, July 13, 1914. Begins July 17 to Finish Before Shelbyville Assembly. Shtibv ·!!!··-, .Tulv !" -- Prac:iea!!v al! prellm'narv irranSeiRtnts tnr thi- rp- tr.lng cr the i - v c - n f - t h l r d a n n u a l a f - ·ernbly of th- Lithli Springs cSautau- qua irf- coRTl«.t*1 C o n t r a r y 10 al! precedent Che a*8L*rnblv is ro open am! cloFe !n t h e month c! Ju!'/. tr-r i!-:ti ? h ! n e frivi f.-.f !"tl; *o t'lr ;~t'r, 'hl!5 li.-:-g w. !! o .' of ;!· hyvtll. chi ; i t A u g . i - i J ·· . i . a. 'ic*. win opi-r. r r t l r .1- u n t i l 'he 16!.'. ' n t l ' t :'.!0!'.s vlll De a l l ! · or ·!]*· «f-fc '? ' - f t hi-tvritr. th- tv-u G E y E n . ' L M A N A G E R P r o f t s f i r r ; Fl-tcher. th* well ' known .ir°*'i' o: ficjd h t i l t h t. - .:cn^.. f h v s i r j i . i ! - p - ! i :· a - t i n s .1? K i . n i . - i i l , Ril'rii-. j I ' ! ' " t:-- rtlrr.t-n of - h . - , Lit 1 -. 1 -; ~,' r ·" - s ' r! I'Tl'-n! l ? s " ~ i t ' n r . j r^-'id pt i irM.. -L i .1 roiiiM'' o^ j · l ·· r !i'n? ir rr-a.l.- ' of wh!.-r r ard M:a B. has »·:· n p" m o n t h i . J' 1 . n. sr fiT t h ' 1 "hi-i ! i:ic i! S t E ' I A L D A T ? K,--i!'h d t v Poiri i n ! i*hllf!rf n f- u v i ' E ^ u c a t l o n l l \ . Vouns: i- l" ! ruViK r . M'' !v rs" FEW F E A T T ' R E ? ? a n i I 3 t i r r , I n u od · Fp 2 k T E . ^ -ik- "".lo t c n lUMorr.i man-i- ::· i- " l do^'-n · oarj M ,- , r _ ... r - m p m y 1 · -- I l J u M M ^ m l ' :·-. . ' .t:^i.r.s h .i:. ^:- · · · i-. Fid r.i f-·::·'.- ij'h · !!' r s . v r i r - r t I ' - - ' 1 " KENNEY FARMER'S WHEAT is SPILLED; Tra!~ Back* Into IVnKOn Bat Xo One Is Hurt. Ksnney, July 13.--While Squire Myers a ' f n r r r . e r living west Of town was crossing the I. C railroad crossing Wedne^riay morning with a load of wheat just as the local freight backed up to couple, his wagon was hit by the caboose. The wagon sled sideways until ons wheel was broken, letting the rails and broken, letting the wagon bed down at one corner and spilling a lot o! his wheat. Mr. Myers was not h u r t NEW S. S. OFFICERS. The Christian Sunday school elected I h t officers on Sunday July :.;o serve 6 months. ^uoerlr.tendent--H. B. Rowe, Jr.. l Assistant superintendent -- Mrs. i White ?-crcta!\--Miss Geneva Kemp. ' A s s i s t a n t secretary -- Miss Clara -Isford. · Treasurer--Miss Cora Kemp. Piinlst--Mrs. Folsom Brlr.kley. i Assistant pianist--Mrs. Zura Kemp, The Christian Reapers elected the ' i:o'-lr.s officers for the next 6 · ·-.-r.ths TVfFilent--jirs. .j.ddie Johnston v.:e president--Mrs Emma Stouten- ?«:.-etarv--Miss Jennie Rowe. Tmsurer--Mrs. Edith Rowe. Miss Alice Powe entertained her t-lass 'he ''Junior Loyal Sons." at her h--iy." Mondiv evening It ·was a fare- -···· ! p l r t v for Ralnh Welton who left f.if week for his new home in Lithany. M i s Carl Rose and son of Maroa. · i»itert from T h u r s d a y till Sunday with H D Nice and ·wife E B. Xeeley has changed the loca- r'on of his creamery depot from the F u n s hmld'.ne to the basement of the Jackson building. I Mr and Mrs T M. Xlce of Spring- 'iid'.l v l f i t e j relatives here the first (.'' the weel; Mr? Roy Hiter is o.ulte sick this MM Flem Clark is undersoinir a Course of treatment In the Warner hospital at Clinton this week. Mrs L i~ Pullen. of Decatur visited her son. r. B and wife here Tuesday operated on, came home Tuesday. H« t* much Improved in health. . Mr« Lou Hunt of Tacoma, Wain., wno spent the plst month ivlth her mother, left Saturday moraine lor a few days' vi»lt mar Peorla before returning home. Mis» Helen Creamer and cousin. Ears. M. Creamer, went to Portland. Ind.. Sunday_ to visit the latter's grandparents, Mr. ana Mrs. "rank White, for a. few weeks. Xeison Duell ana wile of Peorte spent several days last week with hit IMher «aa brother, O. E. and Abbott Duell. Mrs Waggoner ind daughter Agues, who have been spending the past «ix weeks in Oklahoma City, came Thursday night to visit her mother. Urt. Herald, before returning to her home in Spenser, ma Mrs. J ». Pulllam has been visiting with he- »on Rev William Pulltam. and funny at Bath, tor Mveral days. Miss Lull. Waggoner, who spent the past two months with her grandmother. Mrs. Harold, returned to her home at Spencer, n jlrs A B. Campbell and daughter. Miss Florence.' left Friday morning for -«. ten days' viBlt-wlth relatives at Freeport and Indiana Harbor. Mr« C. A Mall6ry ha» been entertaining h»r eon and'grandson. E. C. Rtenirdson and son Earl of Chicago, for a few day». Mr4 William Green ha« been vl»ltin». her diushter. Mrs. Ed Fackler and family at LogacBport. Ind.. since Wednesday. George MeSham. who hat bean itudylng unaertiMnK in Chicago, hii returned home and resumed hl« work at the I. C. freight ottice FIRST AID SCHOOL CLOSED FRIDAY In Columbia ball wit also well attended and ffiuch- enjoyed. Cecelia turgeon, Mae Malholt and Mabel Haveriteld attended a bouse party at the home of. Miss Helen McCarthy in Pana. this week and Incidentally took In the hind coricert Wednesday evening at that place. 'Mrs. Eva tHxon ana daughter, Miss Gladys, and Mrs. Ezra Miller, went to AIns-.vorth, S«b., this week for a visit with the farmer's sister, Mrs. John SJaher. Seven Contestants in Third of Series--Other News. I John. Ferre'. and Inez Saffley v!s| it el f r o m Friday t!!i Monday with ! thc-ir grandparents in Lincoln I Mrs Lo'.u = B. Cassel! of Decatu: visited her f a t h e r . J D^itrich, a few days o? the week Mr ard Mrs Nate Gibson of Deca= inoiv, J .1- C S . v i t f t T'. Vr?if . . r-c r. ' T'-j'f For':-" r h ^ ^ ' r . l . v h ! ' 1 " c: * h ^ ,i« p ·-. i- g o m i r by rr Jol.r. I r . t f r r . r i " ral irri an ! n r- . - ,, . ,,a t i" hv -- --' VC l-.g Pf,-- Prrts-ssc.r H L .:iral :.:-h s-'-.ocl. C'-TX Ar.ireBS. 'W B Mor! £ .11 day p.-hool ar.d no:-:: of t.-.._. Baptist | p a i e n ' s ar. P-caclir-.g by Ruth .ho v :U remain for I tur. spent Tuesda^· and Wednesday In H ; K r n n e y w i t h his parents, F. M. Gib' son and ".'ife. M' a n d Mrs. ErmH Benson of Story (~l'v. In are visltins the latter's mf'the-' ^!rs Lydia Lowe. M:--? F'.'th McElhinev '.s visiting her ristT Mrs Dan Van Gurpm. in Harts- b u r g this week F n ."earm.r has moved from the A u g h ^ n b a u g h p r o p e r t y in the east part of 'o"-n to the F.ybo'.t property recent: !-.- Mcated bv F.. M. Suttle. ] M!.=« Lo-i:?e Watson is visiting her 1 ?·.= '· r Mrs I M. Kemp. ; Miss F.--.· Glazebrook left Thursday i f ^ r a visic with relatives in Decatur and Cainsr 1 Mr? Frank Xea! is seriously !!1 with c2"."-r of t*e stomach Mr -n^- Mrs Sam Craig of Clinton visited relatives the first of the week. Mr and Mrs. H E Pulien visited his Mrs Pullen s aunt in Decar from Saturday till Monday. Misses Mir.a Lessman and Lydia Lodd ho have been visiting Miss Gethra j M o r . t s ha-e returned to their homes In E'gth Assumption Women and Many Children Attended. .ASEumptlbn, July IS.--The "First Aid School." which has been in session here for the past three weeks, closed Friday. Eight women and many children took the examination which if they pass successfully entitles them to a diploma ATJTO CRAN'K BREAKS ARM. Henry Jacobs Is suffering from a broken arm. sustained while cranking his automobile. Born, Saturday, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson, a daughter. First child. Miss EUle Webb spent the fire part of the week visiting relatives at Weidon ana Macon. Miss Julia Tarrant, of Taylorvllle, is spending the week with Mrs). Joe Hoover and Mrs. Charles Miller. Mrs. C. D. Pltzer suffered a light stroke of paralysis the first of the weak. Her speech was most affected. For the time being she Is with her daughter, Mrs. Grace Wallace. Mrs M. H. McGowan and Mr. and Mrs. Peter Myers, of Springfield, are guests ai the home of the former's sister, Mrs Margare* Lacy, west of town. J. F. linklepaugh of Litchfield. has been awarded the contract of Installing the heating plant in the new post office building. Mrs. J. P. Aydelotte and daughter, Miss Dora, of Chicago, spent Friday with Mrs. J. A. Fleck. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Gray visited In Pana Tuesday. Rev. and Mrs. Ira Haverfield of Shelbyville. are guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. X Haverfield. Mrs. Fred Kellogg visited In No- komls Tuesday. Miss Marie Shehaa and her brother, William Shehan, Jr., of Morrisonville, are visiting at the home of Frank Longsworth A large crowd attended the band concert Thursday evening. The dance Tuscola, July 13.--The third of the sliver medal contests being conducted by Rev. Mr. Fisher at the Presbyterian church vlll take place on Thursday evening of this week. The contestants are Will Kfioblock, Misses Helen Meeker, Orpha Mills, Marjorie Baker, Alza Mc- Oulre, Beulah fehonle and Marie Bruhn. There will be no admission fee charged hut a silver offering will be taken. | On Sunday evening there was no | preaching service at the Presbyterian church, but the hour was given over to a sacred song service. There will be no more evening preaching services at that church until about the first of September. F. H. Jones writes from his farm In Charlton county, Mo." that they had a fine rain' there last Thursday and of an amount sufficient for present needs of the corn crop and grass. A Mr. Emerson of the "Flying. Sauad- ron of America," will deliver a temperance lecture at the South Side Christian church on next Sunday morning at the regular preaching hour. MERCURY AT 10S. The citizens and visitors to this city on Saturday afternon sweltered in a terrific heat on the streets. A thermometer hung over the side walk in front of the Farmers and Traders bank at 3 n. m., In the shade of the awning, but subjected to the radiated heat from the pavement registered a temperature of 108 degrees. There were very few people In from the country during the afternoon, but at it grew cooler In the evening they came In and the. merchants were fairly busy after night. Kev tt. B Fisher of the Presbyterian church In this city, went to the camp of the Bov Scouts south of Camargo Sunday afternoon, where he preached a. short sermon to the boys, taking as his eubjeet. "Trees." which was very appropriate as the camp is situated in a. deep wood. ISTAXT DIES. A sinal! child of Mr. and Mrs. Clayborno Manwarrlng. who live In the northeast part of town, died Sunday morning. The child was about two years old and had been aick since Frldav night. The Standard Bearers of the Methodist church will meet Tuesday afternoon with Miss Lena Bruhn. Jamei vTeatherly returned to TuscoTa. Sat- ha« been since early last winter. Raymond Carpenter and family left here Sunday morning for Chicago, whers- they espeet to spend several days with relatives. The Ladles' Aid society of the tlethodttt ehcruh will meet Trlday afternoon In the church basement with Mrs Henry Bollman, Mrs. Kate Wamsley, Mrs. Curt Meadows, Mrs J. M. Goodspeed, MM. Frank Pylei and Mrs. Sarah UCFarland as hostesses. C M Bron-n of Danville, with his family, motored to Tuscola the litter »*rt of last week, where they were the cuastl 01 Kr. and Mrs. J S: Campbell anS other relatives In this vicinity. ON VACATION TRIP. Sev. A. A. White of the Tuscola MethodUt church left Sunday nisht for a vacation trip In the east. Kext Sunday mornlnrth* pulpit at his church will be occupied by Dr. C. B. Taylor of Urbana. at the morning hour and on Sunday Aus. ». by Rev. O. B. Hess, of Garrott, at both morning and evening services. On Sunday, July *6. «« w ' 11 be a Sunday school convention held la the church. MIES Clemma Cooley. primary superintendent at the Methodist Sunday school. w»» in Decatur Sunday vliltlntr the sun- day schools o^that^clty^ f ^ motored to Ridg'« Farm Sunday, where thep spent the ai DV W M h E fr 'l.oner accompanied bT hi. family and Mies Helen Murphy, motored to Champaign .Sunday morning, where the doctor was calling on a patient. Meisrs. Albert Stovall and Orson Moorshead accompanied by their wives, left here Saturday for a fishing trip at Roby, on the Sl MfsYTau r ra e M..tthew. and Mrs. Elmer jratthews were among the Tuacola. people who were In Decatur Saturday. States' Attorney W. Thomas Coleman made a very Interesting address to the Methodist Sunday school classes of men ano boys, taught bv Joseph O'Neal ana O. C Jeffers, Sunday morning at the lesson hour. HINDSBORO WOMAN ON LONG VISIT Mr». B. S. Coylc Ha» Dauuhter to Oregon and Son In California. Hindsboro, July 13.--Mrs. E. S. Coyle and sister Mrs. Gladys Cash, of Indianapolis Ind., left Friday morning for Hillsboro Iowa, to visit over Sunday with their father, Eli Brown. Sirs. Cash will return to her home, while Mrs. Coyle will go on to Central Point, Ore., for an extended visit with her daughter, Miss Edna, who has held an excellent position as book-keeper with one of the leading lumber firms for the past year, and her son. Harry Coyle, and wife, In Sacramento, Cal.. who li a wireless telegraph operator there. She expects to be gone about two or three months. Mrs. M. A. Bush visited from Wednesday till Saturday with her brother, W. D Mover, near Kemp. FUNERAL. The funeral services of Mrs. Bertha Mitchell Caldwell were held at the Union cemetery Saturday morning at 10-.30, eonduoted by Rev. D. T. Black. Bertha Mitchell was born and reared in the Greasy Point neighborhood her parents having died when she was but a child, with tuberculosis trouble, which was the cause of. her death. She made her home with her uncle, George Beasley. MADE FIGHT FOR LIFE. Miss Mitchell wss in verv poor health all winter, but made a fight for life, and on March 31st was married to Sam Caldwel! and left immediately for Colorado Springs, Colo.. In the hop* that the change of climate would prove beneficial to her health, but she suc- cumbed to the dls«a*« Tuesday, July 1, In Colorado Springs. The body was shipped back to Hindsboro Friday evening and taken to the home of the bereaved husband's parents. COUSIN DROPS DEAD. On Monday, July 6, Mrs. Elmer K««n, her cousin, dropoed deajl with beatt trouble and heat Tha two girls had grown to younsj womanhood and were almost like sisters. Mrs. Coen Starr has been suffering for .everai days with facial eryjlpelaa. Charles Powers and mother returned Thursday from a week's vlalt with relatives in Star City, Ind. Mrs. M. A. Hull is visiting relatives In Arthur this week. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Powers, of Brocton, visited with H. H. Uttle and wife Prl« day. LIQUOR SELLER GETS FIVE YEARS Sentence I. HeaTicit Under Prohibition Rule IB Oklahoma. Guthrte, Okla., July 13.--Qeorg* Woodland was found guilty at StllH water Saturday of violation of the pro. hlbltion law by aellins liquor and.senJ tfcnced to five year» in the peniten* tiary. This IB by far the heaviest sen* tence Imposed, upon any violator of the prohibition law in Oklahoma, and the case will be carried to the higher court as a test case. siMlatingitefbod I tingUieStomadis PramotesDigesttonflKiM- nessaMReslContalnsnetor Opiuni.Morphinfi nor Mineral NOT NARCOTIC. AperfectBemedy for Consul- tlon.Sour Stomadi.Dlarrtoa Warmstorotilskrasfevaisli- ness andLoss OFSiEEP. flm CENTAUR COMPAHJ; NEW YOBK. CASTORIA For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of Exact Copy at Wrapper. Thirty Years CASTORA tHKO.UnityHttOMN.MT. IMtW p-s C h r l s t i . I rif, rin ector Your.^ P?3i-!j =. ' ch.ircr. o: !li:*:u. H-ctnir.gv 2:* 5^2.'.' Ee^ crsi flay? o:" ; P u b l i c H c a ' t h ' ^-- ur.-Ur direction ot i"*Eorr! to Mr ar.d Mrs. Henry Davidson Dr. F.-ar.kiir. P V«:d ct ShtlbyvilK- A-i- j Fr'tl.i". July 3 3 daughter. dres?LS l.v D: .-.I'^r- T S u m n u r s of | H o r n to Mr and Mrs. Frank Stiles . T u e f d a y J u n e 30, a son. ! M:*s Florence McElhlney went to Champaign Friday for a visit with Friday. J-:iy : j .-- ' Political" ·with speech-'? by Senator L Y. Sher ?o- the P.f r ji!:car.s. MM! 11! McCcrr ic- for the- Pr^ r:c£S:vt£.^ssnian Tjawren** E Stringer for the D-.rr.a- crats B^r. A V/Mte for *V- ?3c!a:;sts. Johr. A. £r-,:_-!3s f i r thr- FrohibU' Saturdav, Julv 25--Thip brlng^-a r.ew feature to 2-itr.ia--a "Setter Eafc'.es" '* o r. t c=t a r. d r t j 1 · h e x h i b i t , h I ci :i -. "1 e r the r'ilcc o: the- l;ctt^r Cables' Bureau rtf the ^Vontan * Hcrr.? Corr.r^^ion H-- am!nat!cn? ^ basics ^'11! be ir.i3., daily d u r i n r r fir- ' a s t '-vc-. V: cf r he chin- inuqua by a. ·orr.rotenr p h y s i c i a n , an-1 th* award? w.!l he mr.clo J u l v _'5 Sunday. Jo--J; Lecture bv Graco ?*:!bur Tr'-ut of a^o. Closi n g e?.crc!S?F Mo\ :r.£r p ' c t u r - ? \'l\ } b- ?ho^ n everv n:gnt ·"'f t H . r as?:rr:b!:, 1 · F. S. Russell of thir c!tv ir.^I there will be many f^aturc-s of ont Tt un-r^nt TOLONO. CISCO. Mr an- Mrs A F Pr!-c r:t-;r-.:d Monday frorr. ^ -.::.: v. :f r .a:.- cs ,r. D . c a r u r Mr? t!2! Is ·:;!'.r.s I:· r f i t ' , r r.^ar Es- I H. PJnehir* cf D.:-tr.d with h!p s^n. J B'ir- Re-si Sarnrart Is c- | r rta:r:«? trom Mas. -r. C ·- Mire P u h / I'^:r.' r has ^or.e to Ana r go *o mak'j ar c"ttr.d^d · .s.: M ::h '·°!s:i\ c? C h c u n c v ir.d fair.!.-.- ha"e moved to the ar.i \\i\l work ior yre-j^iar. CJow A birthday party w a s s-Jvsa W:i;.s Marsha! 1 »t th« ho.T.e or Mrs Er.r. "Wi^rlr.r. The boys' of the Prestovtcr.3r; S ^ r d i v school vas de- lisht:ul]y entertained, and" a fir.e tlrr.e !s reported Mr» Erader. ar.fl da'jr-tcr Hc-ssls wart In Decatur ^'idresdav "Mrs Dr. Ne'vso:r.t r,f jlm.-r.I:, Mr ar.d Mrs G H TrEr.charfl ar.A Mr and Mrs ! I* Risehart of De'.ar.d visited. J E hart ana fmr.II" Mar.dav Mrs M TayJnr o; Teh-jran. r e t u r n e d horrc- Monday after a visit vith her sisters, Mrs Frajok Painter and Mrs £arr. Clover. Marffuerite Price ar.d Helen Elack are \ls- Ulnc sn Decatur GaorgCf Wbisnant it J n Springfield. Dr. Patter si!! ar.d sort wer in Decatur Tuesday, where they went to meet t h e icr- mer'B mother, who returned from a \ is It with, relatives In Oconee Threshing has begun around here It stil! continues dry and hot. Eob«rt "Wykoff of Decatur returned to h's home TVednesdav a f t e r a v!«-it with his yrandparantg atr ar.ft Mrq Brad e n M ' £ - E.! 1 , Cr-a«*.cr of Brunswick, ". J, ·*nr".f V,'t 3".frscla i f for ar. extended ^iS!t w i t h /·,- -.r.c S C Crea-itr and familv i!i£5 M c ' h e John wer.t to Peoria Thurs- da- :s a d i s t r i c t delegate to the Christian E".t!r i or ror. er.tion in scssSo". there Miss O ' v n Mocff- w-er.t with her as a delegate L - s M ^iids and Donnid Durfey le:t ?J"-;T for V i r r n n , Ind TV'"ere they will r o p r ' S ^ n t tr.i- Christian Endeavor- society fro:r. T h!s p!=ce. Thty v ill be gor.a E!I Mrs J T Turner vs. a business visitor F.-od T o i g ^ t r ' t t c r who has "been at Burnham h'rsn'tn^^p Charannign -w-h^rc hf was FACE COVERED WITH PIMPLES- RESINOL CURED Atlanta, Ga., April 24, 1913.--"M7 face was covered with pimples which defied creams, soaps and cosmetics. Thcv were a source cf constant humiliation" to me, coming in contact with many strangers as I do, as a busine'ss woman. '·'By the time I tod finished a caka of Resino! Soap and half a jar of Etsinol Ointment, my skin was soft as velvet, and as smooth. My friends were stunned, and everyone aaked me what I had done. When I told them, I think they hardly believed it, for the transi formation was simply wonderful. ''Since then I have been using Resinol Soap and shall never ibe without it osain, for I have learned the delights of a clear, soft, beautiful complexion that may be attained by its constant use." (Signed) Miss E. P. Saddis, 2S4 South Pryor St. Ecsinol Ointment and Kesinol Soap sold by every druggist. J\ F. F^ * you have a small debt that is crowding you. let us attend to it. We will loan you on your,piano, furniture, team, wagons, etc., without removal, making your payments any size to suit yoar income, either weekly or monthly. If you owe any other loan firm or furniture store, we will advance you the money to pay there and give you more rooney if needed. YOUE VACATION TIME is here and perhaps you will need money for a trip. If so call and see us. Remember, we give a liberal rebate on all loans paid before due. We mate loans in all parts of the city arid al! surrounding towns. Mail or phone applications receive prompt attention. Kooms 1-8 Conklia Bldg. 144 N. Main St. EelS Phone 20-U. Auto 1535. Open Saturday Evenings. COMPANY BACHMAN BUILDING-NORTH MAIN AND PEAIRIE AVENUE. STORE CLOSES EVERY THURSDAY AFTERNOON IN JULY AND AUGUST Clearance Economy in Wash Fabrics While there are still several months of extreme hot weather for the wearer, it is time that our stocks in these lines should be reduced to the limit that we may avoid having to carry some of them over to another season. We are therefore reducing the prices to a point for quick clearance, that makes them exceedingly interesting for anyone who is likely to require them within the near future: White Plaid and Check Plaxons, 32 inches wide, one of the best popular fabrics, especially reduced to clear, to yard . . . . White Sice Cloth, 40-inch, is one of the most popular fabrics and we offer an extra good quality for clearance, at yard · --.- White Crepes, 36-ineh, with dainty embroidered designs in all colors. These are especially popular this season, and have been reduced for clearance to yard .,....-. Fine Sheer Organdies in all the latest styles and beautiful fast colorings, a splendid 28- inch wash fabric, especially 1 OJL/» priced to clear at yard *- 2 ^ Colored, Half-silk Wash Fabrics, all in up- to-date styles and colors suitable for young or old. A 27-inch fabric reduced for clearance to yard THIS Stunning Rippled Tunic (7077 SkM; 7050 WW it ONLY ONE of tte .mart Butterick styles in the August Butterick Fashion Sheet Call at our Pattern Department and get your copy of the Fashion Sheet FREEt English Crepes in Oriental printings and pretty combinations of colorings which are absolutely fast. A 30-inch fabric at 1Qf» the Gearance price of yard.. ... r ... .....*' Printed Batiste, 30-inch, in white grounds and attractive floral and conventional designs. An extra fine fabric at the 1 ()/» clearance price of yard ..". .=..._... ·*·"** Printed Voiles, 40-inch, attractive white and colored fabrics of extra fine quality, with pretty new floral designs, at the Clearance price of yard.....,.;. .-...,... .* Pattern Table ClothB 2x2V£-yard lengths with circular designs. Nice Irish Linen of good quality, at the clearance price of each .-.;....-. .-....-. Napkins to match at dozen $2.98. Remnants of WaghJFabrics, including Crepes, Lawns, Batiste, Organdies, Voiles, Ratines, Etc., we shall offer to clear as long as they last, at One-Half the Marked Remnant Price NEWSPAPER!

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