The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 5, 1971 · Page 26
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 26

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 5, 1971
Page 26
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Ogden Standard-Examiner, Tuesday,' October 5, 1971 LIMITED TIME MASS ENROLMENTUFFER-JDSF $1 CASH A MONTH TAX-FREE each and every month ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H ^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^••^^^^•M ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^t^^^^^^^^^^f^^f^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^™ as long as ive ...WHEN YOU GO TO A HOSPITAL EVERY TIME YOU'RE SICK OR HURT • No matter what other kind of insurance you carry, group, personal, or Medicare and no matter what company you carry it with — this Mass Enrollment Plan will give you $1,000 extra cash a month protection In addition to all other insurance benefits!.*. YOU GET EXTRA CASH DIRECT TO YOU E veryone is -worried about the way living costs are constantly going up. Even if you think you have enough Lospitalization, couldn't you use an extra $1,000 cash a month, paid direct to you to spend any way you, want? There is no red tape, no medical examination. 24 hours a day -world-wide coverage. YOU'RE PAID FOR EACH AND EVERY MONTH EVEN FOR LIFE! There's no "stop" to the cash payments you get when you're sick or hurt—for as long as you're hospitalized. For here, at last, is an entirely new, remarkably low. cost plan that pays you at the rate of $1,000 cash a month—even after some of your other plans may have run out of benefits. "%u are paid from the very first day of hospitalization for accidents, and after just seven days of sickness. And you continue to .get $33.33 for each and every day—41,000 cash a month— as long as you're hospitalized (other than.a sanitarium, rest- Send No Money! Just mail the application coupon. You are under iu> (>bii^;ition. After you receive your policy in the mail and examine it in your own home, then send in your $1 for the first month's coverage. THIS APPLICATION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER OCT. 29,1971 Headers of this newspaper must mail these enrollment applications by above date or they will not be accepted. home, or Federal hospital).- Without any time limit—. even for the rest of your life. And there's 1 no limit on the total amount of cash you can receive. AND WHAT'S MORE- 1. You're Covered for Both Sickness and Accidents —Imagine a plan that doesn't have all kinds of exclusions or that's not limited to particular kinds of sickness and accidents. Imagine a plan'that-excludes'ONLY acts of declared or undeclared war, suicide or attempted suicide,'alcoholism, drug addiction, mental or nervous disorders and pregnancy. And you are covered even for sickness you now have when your policy has been in force two years. 2. Pays you on top of other benefits—You are paid the full amount in addition to any other benefits you • may receive from Workman's Compensation, Medicare, Group Insurance or any other insurance you may have. And the cash-is paid directly to you.-And you can spend it-any way you please. 3. Tax-Free Cash—Now you can get tax-free cash paid directly to you no matter how many times you .go to ,a hospital. When you-are-sick or hurt. - : - Use Your Polfcy as Often as You Want ... Your benefits can never be reduced as you grow older. Your low premium cannot be individually increased no matter how many claims you make or how many times you go to a hospital. You, of course, .always have the privilege to cancel, but you can never be •singled out for cancellation. In fact, we would have to cancel the protection, or increase the rate by class on everyone in your entire state with this policy before we could ever cancel or raise the rate on your policy. How Do You "Cash" In? No problem. You get a supply of claim cards along with your policy. What do you do? Just fill out •& card and send it in)whenever you go to the hospital. It cuts through all red -tape. Your claim is handled speedily, efficiently—and paid at the rate of $1,000 cash a month. Tax-Free. You Get a Full Month's Coverage For Only $1.00 .. . Take advantage of this low intro-, • ductory cost. Send No 'Money. 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(Date) SA-1S001 App. (Ladies: |l Married, Use Your First Name) LICENSED BY THE STATI OF UTAH 1-721-32 f it 1 1 iuMtii'M<OiijjMj^iuJ^^ )1| '3i: if( m \s' si Mail to: THE COLONY CHARTER LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY • Colony Charter Life Building 3243 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, Cal. 90010 Application tb.The Colony Charter Life Insurance Company fqr.policy form seri'es SA-18001. which pays.for .hospitalization from sickness or accident attfterate.of • ' ' ..•. . 51.000 CASH A MONTH FOR LIFE -./: Please fill incompletely. ;Name in-fulL (Please PrintJ. • Addrgsfi City__l__ First Name Middle Initial (Street Number or R.F.D.) _State_______ _Zip Code Day Year Ma'le'D Female Q -Birth Date: Month. Keight_ .Weight Occupation I understand my policy becomes effective when issued. .19 Signature ••. (Date) SA-lSOOlApp. (ladies: If Married. Use Your First Name) LICINSIP IY tHE STATE OF UTAH . 1-721-3J UlhHlt»M»Wtyl»l»»^»WlHll'MjjH{jj

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