The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 14, 1966 · Page 11
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 11

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1966
Page 11
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Monday, March 14, 1966 9aagtam» II Plant Your 'Sellin 17. Houses For Rent | 29. Livestock - Supplies 31. Articles For Sole We FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED i TWO GENTLE RIDING MAKES — For! HOUSES. I sole. Wii. 1 breed to registered Appaioaia \ '•"li ~ YI wiLKS. -s-cww) =>~~- ' ™ ~ REALTY. 602 Per*. 5S2-6IS. I - TOWN HOUSE THRIFT SHOP FOR L£AS6 — Unfurnished. J-bedroomi. I - rt den air carpet. Deposit reQuired, ssasi JU. per montn. 5S3-424I after 5 p.m. I^^^MM Articles Wanted GRANTMAM. W8 — J-Bedroom, JV» onfc W ... T -,„ ,,..„ cenifoi heat. Beautiful fence. Ceil SSJ- i JJXK. ?• KK~. -™ gl7. orter 5 p.m. 566-7877. _ j C°? S8W32S HUNM.CUTT, *» E. - IMPL EM E NTS .lAcpte Bookcase Bed Complete WiTT» MGllress ond BOX SpfinCS WcSiut Bookcase Bed Complete w:?n .vicnress ond Box Swings Tnree Peice Stctionc! ............ 781 N. Kistiway w* Formerly HoJiowcyi Grocery Co ,, LOUISIANA. 221. — 4 Room unfcmished I 583-I9O otter 5. he^se. 2-car garage. '. S&i-sras. . — Trucks For Rent Equipped will) hydraulic lift 9at«s 1«9» — OnfurnJihed J-6*d- room nous* with garcge. S60. ! j>nong 532-9623.| 31. Articles For Sale ! We Sell Custom Hitches IsAYTOWN TRAILER RENTALS. 5S2-SS15 (Next to Kilgare Ready-Mixj OL1VC, 21&5 — Unfurnished, lease or rent.! s;5B month. JOHN M. SKSARER REAL-1 TY, 532-6517. j STEWART, JO* — Smell tarnished house, i ¥V ££* gP"v, "^sSSS?- J ° HN M ' SHEAR -!r.o"c 0r .'o 5 ,cn. ER. Realty. 5S2-4S17. 15S2-52i2. S=^ oJSl. '^oat J^_ !~Ud pC^-TTI, gOO-U £*J'*'I, ---^- *>»» SS-SoeS. r.gftts ^—^^-wi i ADDING MACHINES - CASH 18. Bedrooms - Board j £««; J^™^*^ jSLOO.Vi SALES, 1305 .v.orfce;, 533-3325- AT CREGER HOTEL and apartments, j ARIENS GARDEN TILLERS AND RID«-,!.i oet sx»d 6eOs, gas heot, tuo or show-; ING MOWERS Seo Senrrv , baths; quiet, horr-eliKe. No drunks, j LYNCHBUSG FEED ANO HDW "*"-' :|949 Market — i2i-3!!9. GOOD FOOD SERVED FAMILY STYLE I VouV So^-i-r of Need:* Work end Crofts ! T^?f?2 Hnrp'r "c DONALD NEEDLE ARTS ^1 ^nnSscfo- 9QO Sn,:m Rood, 563-1272. j J ANTIQUES — Special on wash stands —j HIGHLANDS — 524 N. Main, bedroom.: pressed cicss. Open Scturdsy end Sunday! bclh. Gentiemon or couple, ki;che*i avail-! cTTer«!}or:s. :H» Highway B;vci.—Hwy. 146.! pels. -C6-2068. -ANTIQUE CHINA CLOSET — Corner cot>-1 - --- • SOUTH. J« — Nice furnished room with!. net. gtass «rtr>l. rn.rrors SI15. 16922 Ave. privcic scin ona goroae. kitcwn pirvi-JA.. G " jeo>s. prto^e 532-5307. 19. Business Rentals BARBER SHOP IN MONT BELVIEU —; 583-1232. j BRASS !RON BEDSTEAD — MotcMng ! vanity ar*c! stooi. CG!! ctTer i:45 weeKcicys, q i ! saturac,,. SSS-SK-.. __ ..... ! COKE BOX, Scoles. Slicer, Ice House, I ice Crusner, Air Compressor. OFFICE SPACE ON OEFEE AVAILABLE FOR RENT App5y Abe Rosefiiweis. 523-17CS, C"t? r * p.m.. p ' m " 1 DON'T mercJy briqftten your carpets. . . | i Blue Luslre inem . . . e.irninate rapid; NEW Singer ZIG-ZAG ONLY S99.95 WE DO NOT SELL OUR MERCHANDISE THROUGH DEALERS IN THE HOUSTON OR BAYTOWN AREA. FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION The Singer Co. 318 W. Texas 583-2400 • BAYTOWN SUN CLASSIFIED RATES - Phone 582-8323- Minimum Ad 3 Lines Sl.OO Words Unes ! Days i 2 i 3 I 6 I To 15 15-20 20-25 25-30 30-35 35-40 40-45 45-50 50-55 55-60 3 4 D 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 Rate i .33/3! i 1.00 ! I 1.33 i 1 1-67 i ! 2.00 | 1 2.33 1 i 2.67 | i 3.00 ! I 3.33 i ! 3.67 I ! 4.00 i .32 ] 1.92 i 2.56 ! 3.20 i 3.84 i 4.48 i 5.12 i 5.76 S 6.40 \ 7.04 i 7.6S ! .30 ! .25 2.70 I 3.00 3.60 I 4.00 4.50 5.40 6.30 7.20 S.10 9.00 5.00 6.00 7.00 S.OO | 9.00 | 10.00 9.90 11.00 10.80 12.00 ! .22 ! 330 I 4.40 | 5.50 1 6.60 i 7.70 ! 8.80 | 9.90 i 11.00 i 12.10 | 13.20 1 .21 ! 3.78 ! 5.04 ! 630 ! 736 S 8.82 j 10.08 i 11.34 i 12.60 ! 13.86 i 15.12 ! CONTRACT KATE -13 per line, 4 line minimum per day. S-months CARJD OF TKAXKS -20 per line, minimum S2-00, .20 per line over 10 lines LODGE NOTICES 125 per insertion ISTARETT LUMBER CO. Bt/lt-OE«S Of 3rtt«r Hwnas F«r «-«* 1 Your ClxOte O< terse Wooded LjoJs TRADES CONSIDERED SIB N. Main Coil 5S2-M1I WALKER REALTY MACARTHUR, 14$ — Bargain priced with good seen available. A charming home designed for solid comfort, easy entertaining and minimum fnatarecaKe. 3-bedrooms, 1 baths, de«u central air/ heat, built-in kitchen, carpet and (trap*!, 1-ccr gjsroge. Lovely lot. SA-SZT7 4417 Bayway Dr. 5*4-«7» 33, Sporting Goods , 42. Acreage For Sale GOLF CLUBS — Dab Ford Signature, 5 .SPARKY SEZ . irons. 2 woods. Will trode for swn or 47. Houses For Sole New Spanish Home J2M EAVES — EVA MAUD Wrought iron gate opens tele privet* courtyard. ZZ90 sq, ft- o« luxury living area. Large paneled den. nylon carpeting throughout. Be sure to visit mis borne toacy. Starett Lumber Co. Thinking Of Building? IMUSTAMC. IMS — . Interior. 5B9 cu. ln» *-M*»o. good cenctr- tioo, SI2-S41I ottrr 5:30. CnH T. F. Builder Of Beautiful Homes Highway 1** Creative Homes CA 7-*M«. BoytMB «*-7»lJ SOLD OUT We have buyers for executive homes. LIST WITH US LOANS: FHA — Cl — FORD COUPE, 1M» — Modified and customed. SiSO. Coll Channetview. GL 1-1049. McDonald & Herbert DAYS SB-17M NIGHTS JO-W73 51. Cars Wanted . . rifie of ecus! voii»e. 5S2-7J10. MOLIAEPFEL GUN SHOP Scepe cr,<j s<a nt mounting; reblueino refinisftiio. //.:!i»orv Soonerijing. IDS W. Cleveiana, 5S2-55S3. 5S2-71-42. BREAK A LEO and you con hop to th» Gulf Coast Hospital from this strategic JV5 ACRES ON GARTH ROAD Ideal for almost any bosiress use- Realistically priced ond oa terms. SPARKY BOND. Realtor BEAUTIFUL. SMMACULATE HOME — ! CASH FOR YOUR CAJt THAD FELTON FORD A-» USED CAR LOT NO. Z ;540! Hwv 144 Ph. S82-W06 ond pick otrt a _ _ . COUNTRY CL'JB OAKS III — Burning PLUMWOOD JACK HORNEK "Plum" in Beautiful Tree Drive- Five new holies under 1708 COLBY DRIVE MERCURY, Mil - 4 door hordtop. load- wj s . Main S82-SK5 ec!. extra cieon, sell for S7SO or trcde for Nigtits ona weekends, SSJ-4373 or SAA-7751 ; "^^ ' — --- struction. Brick, tnree ond four bed-;This transferred Mumble employe must rooms, gas built-in kitchens, fireplaces. «*' »>» former home. I* Is all brw*, Adiocent to C3^x»« Creek Country Club h « «•"•« Bedrooms, centre! hrtrt and u oroperty. 35 Homesites to choose from.) °'s air conditioning unit. 5375.00^plus pre- CASH FOR YOUR CAR SEE "HONEST JIM" Jim Carier Motor Co. 5S2 W3S 4M W. Texas , rig of ecjoci vdue. !03 Wiidrose.i NOTICE CAMPSTERS — New Thermo| Electric refrioeraTors for your carnper. \1TJ - "10 V. STAHER TRAILER SALES, jw. Mcir, 5S2-S5S1. 42-A. Out of Town Prop, ! COLBY, 1703 — 3-neoroom brick, good i ?KA locn ovo'foble. i««ns moves" you in on FHA loan. _ j price . BURLESON COUNTY, SNOOK, TEXAS— 172 acres near Co!!ege Stoiion. Prontoge- boroecue . electric s^crr.pooer 37. ! BAYTOvVrj HARDWARE. 3J2S Market, j I 553^052- !• .[6LECTROUJX VACUUM CLEANERS,! OFFICE SPACE ISsles or.c S e rv,r.e. Fiocr polishers. -uy\ SUfLQiNG — 11&9 Decker I srtamDOoer, rree c^monsrrctio^s. Jonn ,Drive, ultra - modern in convergence ar.3 I ^elrcsf*.. 5i7 Harvey. J service. Apply P.oo~ri 2QS: Sc^-5235. ' CULPEPPER'S Warehouse Showroom OUTBOARD MOTOR — «O hp Westbend two roods; 2 lotes; Two barns. >J w^h control Used 1 yeor. S2W cash. Con house Cross-fenced far oots. s?i otter J?00° LibeiTY. FE a-3197. ! Cell Cle-Ti Kovor. 5ai-7Jo3 or SK PICK UP CAMPER — Fits narrow or (HOUSE ON DAY LAKE wide standorc b*c. slidina windows, 565. coll A/Irs. W. VV. Oo:es in Dayton 556.53SS. CREEKWOOD — Home just completed. 3 bedrooms. 2 baths, buitt-iis, detaches scroge. S16.700. wooded home sites, A'AL<ER HOMES. INC., 5g3-322fl. ocr«rl DUPLEX — One bedroom, living room, ' dinins room, kiichan, furniture, eoch side. Separate utility meters. HUGHES REAL! TY, 533-2739 or S32-SZSD. SPARKY BOND, Realtor 907 S. Main 5824341 Nights and weekends, S83-4S71 or K6-77S1 35. Good Eating CL S-2S1B. LAND HO!I SAN AUOySTINS. TEXAS. 790 Acres, ccKr;phou5e with fireoicce, spring fed creeic. fenced, with excellent hunting. -~ ' ' " ' " ' — —" ' ' '." i FREEZER — 10 cu. ft. upright design, i I I »,~ _.-_. „_„ WAREHOUSE FACILiTlES AVAILABLE j Seers .V.irra Cc'.c! model. Perfect running! Used Roll-Away Bed ana Mattress .. S29.951 eAS T TEXAS YA-MS — Weevil free, gov- >'» "S^;",^' amj so n Rea | ty — 6-000 w. «- at 113 E. Te*as A*e. cendit:on. Door stcrase. "5. SS3-3',66. i Used 3-Piece Bedroom Suite Sf'.Sb crn .n e -., inspected. 12.00 bushel. S1.25 564-5O&1 or 566-7384 _ „ ,. . ,- _ -^-. ~.. , ! ... . 1 I ,,~~. f..l< C-.-,*. *»***+*—f* tlO O^ > - .F . 1. _« ml CTT-> >, C *lf**n£tl ! -«»-JV«» W JW-I JM-. - ., . . Keysone Realty Co.. S33-3H?. 23. Services Offered | FURNITURE - APPLIANCES WANTED: ! Jse <! Ptotform Rocker, New i (On ?.«.v '.v=y '.Viiri Ca-.h) j Upr.oistery ' ! GRAVSS DISCOUNT rURN!TUR= Used Rectnins Chair. Ne« j Usea Full Size Mattress ........ . ---- S19.9S ,S34.»5 ! .'I? N. Main 533-2321 .'...".... ............ S85.95 ADDITIONS, FOUNDATIONS LEVELED,'cho^ in'ncoachyde Coftee !="-i LMctime s i d i n c.; t . c %' ^ af '. oo;es a -, o 2 ioiss.". v.3) cash. I For estimates. So7-?25i. j Aiso. rw.n rrovress a^S spring set plus! spring 12 r.lsnt s:on3s; S20. Pjione 533-2517 otter CALL US NOW FOR YOUR HOME MO- needs. No down payments, j Go CART _ J1S Qlsa n os» Tionrruy terms, I „ , a e , n .„.»„ 1DSAL HOME IMPROVEMENT CO ' CK N. Aie«-cer Dr. 532-».27 2410 Market NEW-USED FURNITURE ,50 Polo . i ' i Went responsible party te assume pay: mcnti of S6.10 month or poy cff boiancc 2JOC ."orx?!. 582-943. . CRAVES FURNITURE WAREHOUSE . , • Set Sunk Beds end Burfcii-s i .... S AS CO i NEW BEAUTY AND STYLISHNE«~7or i gi=yi or 4l| inev ! Or& l'. 1^ |,^ i ^oZs-E^H^™** 1 ™^^.^ M'^'^'"^::": : '-" : 'l\2^\ fione i32-7«4. | Goo() TV " ;;;;•; '.""." $ M_SO| - c iece Viclr.ut Bedroom C-Ljicic. ic*^ casr service. ROOFING SpeciALIST ~-~ Composition i T W_° c " 5ft ;? n _ c ° 1 ', c ''' and ,ood..R.feren«s furled. . : REMODEL OR BUILD — Commercial. S^HTe LikeNew G.E. Refrfoerctor . OLD PELLY J 35.00 SI 35.00 Residcnf'aL Corrtcle:e service. Terms. FREE cSTi.v.ATES. C. C-. "Rocky' Ro- a-,e-nore. 1^04, Blvd.. 5S2-917». j ,^1^" s^i~_ w«i w sdoy rhr u SoT^ i s ROACHSS? — 6-Booms ond garage. $15.CO. i ficv. 3721 Ccoar Bn^ou-Crosby Rd-. 4th I A'3C C-mr-.c'C'c! Boraec anc Licensed i ricuse on !tft c(f Hic-^wov '•**• i An -!-»« i-xt.^ ir-aSi-c o-jaronteed i I MOUNTAIN VALLEY WATER HARVEY'S" PEST CONTROL. Ph. SSI 9SS4 i GARAGE SALE — B«f Vet; Tors, fwni- JOHN R. MARTIN. 323 E. JacH. SS2-S8U CLOSE-OUT SPECIAL SHERWIN WILLIAMS Super Kemtone $4.95 Gal. REGULAR U.75 Gal. Home Lumber Co. M E. Texas A»e. 3S1-8M1 SHEPHERDS TV For Fast Expert Service Yoi^r lentfrt Deaier - Car. Radio. TV specie!- Starts; SONGWRITERS - MUSICIANS — Lecdi srieers. sry'lrg. Ca;i Before 3 p.m. or after; 5 p.m., 58:.?!37. JACK'S PARTS AND SUPPLY — Auto Parrs, sucphes toc:s. Jack Susseii. Owner. 201 East Texas. Pfio-ie 5S3-8'.«. We Rent Televisions 31-B Building Material TYPEWRITERS — Office machines, cash i LUGGAGE TRAILER — One wheel, goofi j ' c o n d i I i c n. corrpfele with licrtts and half-Sushel. 5S2-KS2. IJ S. Ashoel. ] EXTRA NICE two-bedroom home in Britton Cravens. Den. big bade yard fenced, Sll-SOO. Call 532-S603. ROBERT'S BROASTED CHICKEN HOUSE has food tor any occasion, picnics, fishing trips, banquets. For fast service, call 426-1013. Highlands. 43. Business Property FOR SALE BY OWNER LEAVING STATE — !42i Ealson. Near Robert E. Lee Hish School, on school bus route. 6- room house on 75 X 120 lot, large living room, den, dininc room- kitchen, 2 large bedrooms. TV? baths, 2 1-ton air units. S5.7SO. SS3-2573. j GULF, 700 E. — 3-Bedroom, den, central j heat ond air. 2<ar garage, fenced bock yard, corner lot, 582-9727. 36. Insurance i ^ j GRANTHAM, 405 — Nice brick home, 3 i r-OMMFBCIAL PROPERTY — so It ' bedrooms, 1 full S>oths, family room, cen- lfr?rl?agi in 25) BtoclT of East Texas «rol h*at and built-in kitchen. Located i Ave. Per . I ness. Lot: HAVING DIFFICULTY IN AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE? Call GLENN WHITE INS. AGENCY 'rrfeet To- almost ony tvoe busY-! >" *« heart of Bcjytown. RAYBORN Jitsfot trofHcT ReosonobTy priced | JOHNSON. INC.. 2201 AAarket. SS3-1784. i orooertv is gettin; hard to fmd. Drive > HONEYSUCKLE,110— In beautiful Lake- OBTAINING | S* °™* c °" U J ^? v ;, Rr t . ^ 17^? WMO - 3 bedrooms. 2 full baths, den. IMnj .NCE?? SON. AGENCY. 2201 Market. SB3-17M. , room , bui | t -in wtchen, utility room ano , utility rwo car garage. This modern home has ! EXCELLENT BUSINESS LOCATION —j central heat ond window air and Is locat- ! 311 Scrrymoro Building and property' ed on a large fenced lot with plenty of : h nice living quarters upstairs. For-, trees. New Wen or purchase small eguity Try a flower shop Only S11.9S3 with and assume existing loan. RAYBOR" terms avoi!asle. EDDIE COX. Realtor. I JOHNSON. INC.. 2201 Market. 583-1734. 39. BuSineSS Opportunity j ^VcT flower shoo. Omy_lsn.y» with! and ...assume ..existmg loan. RAYBORN NICE BUSINESS FOR SALE TERMS LUTHER LEA, SB2-7S97 .. (555-7221 or 564-50*0. (GRAVES DISCOUNT FURNITURE—319 1 menf. 426-28J7. IN. Main, 50X125 ft. lot. Building with ._.,„__ rnl | HIGHLANDS — 102 Inwood. 3 bedrooms. . IS350 equity, S77 monthly. Call for appoim- n ir^SSn TBIM l£JTTdu 1 RSEL? *£"R- Bank fencing avdilab... Can be full time for person who qualifies, _^^M_*^^-*»MI>«P>««^—•« rS2^,*a ! S <I Soo n i» r 1f!i« !lf £^b5£t 43-A. Waterfront Prop. a must. Air mail phone numoer end par-1 ^H^^^^HH ticulars to Belgin Enterprises. 2426 W. Mockingbird, DcllGS. Texas 75235. ALL BUILDING MATERiAL NEEDS INSURANCE CAREER Farmers Insurance Group A large multiple line insurance company has a limited number of openings for qualified aoents. Age 2S-»7. High School graduate. Excellent career opportunity for qualified applicants. For information, call or write: HOMER JOBE, 143S Texas Ave.. Texas City. W! 5-7«2 or HU B-3317, i Houston. Sa'es 5. Scrv.ce. Factory trained i txxjrd motor . ANDY ANDERSON BUSINESS- hitches. SJO or wili Trace for electric out-1 5ec us for all your remodeling and build- pood condition. 30S Bowie, i sng. Estimates Free. NOTHING DOWN, E"ijTpV^=NT "cd "3lT= Teinr"s63-27&"' HONDa ~ Mod*! 140. 1945. roll bo,-. s»S. BAYTOWN BUILDERS SUPPLY : T^ _: j J Ke>'5:oie rr>og wheels SSO. New Location, 315 W. Noiro, OW Gray I SS2-7300. S Lpr. Co. Yard. 533-7638. TREE TRIMMING SERVICE — Free s-sTimarsrs. Phone 53?-5C*7. ^.^___^ TRACTOR WORK D'rt - work. Posr Hoies, Mawinp-Plowin Discing - F<-e? £sti^r»a:es. Esrl C. Wecv Hiiriiords. ^24-2853. 40. Real Estate Wanted JOHN M. SHEARER ANO ASSOCIATES Real Estate, Sales, Rentals, Loans iN'EW FURNITURE FOR OLD is wftct a i ALUMINUM SHEETS — 25-ln. by 34-ln ; Day's Upholstery io3 g;y« you; fabric; hish grade, .009 In. thickness. Ideal for j J_^"V^Q rl r^7"3cvtown. 5SS-6517 Tion. roofing, siding. S.25 each !->r sicsTic, Auto and boat upholstering a; insu'cti 10-; SDCcialty. DAY'S UPHOLSTERY, 50-4 N. Con be er. i .Vein, 5co-3C30. ; .v.e-nori VALENTINE SPECIAL! Cl^cri, oil, cdiLrst at', rtxjkes end rncdets sew.r.o .-racmnei, SI.?;. Pr.p->e JS2-333S. INCOME TAX'SERVICE" BOOKKEEPING — NOTARY SERVICE Itemized: as Itrw as SIB Non itemized: as low as S4 JAMES DUVALL i NELL'S FRA.M6 SHOP i CUSTOM FRAMING - ART GALLERY Co-n Tierce Sv Ar:ists 12 5E2-JOS3 e seen ct the Saytown Sun. 130! ! SPARKY SEZ. . . •lal Drive. I LIST WITH US GET SUPER SERVICE EASY TERMS ON ALL REMODELING SPARKY BOND. Realtor LUMBER AND HARDWARE TO MEET YOUR NEEDS Free Est:mcTes and Advice :«ew LEFT HANDED GOLF CLUBS —]?T-lJA~£rZ- a -B '-. 4 Sro^s. ? woods, bas, 530.00. Also, used; . -so *.. c ^eca. a i set, l irons. 3 wcotis. Sag IM.OO. 566-SS35. ! DISCOUNT BUILDING MATERIALS i.MISCELLANEOUS - Si, S !e Ro.UA^ | .SEST PRICES IN TOWN" 'Sec: doub-e :nnersorlng ^rcrlress _=nd; rH A N' N! =LView LUMBER AND GOODS S. Main o 2-10/2. LA PORTE — 2-Sedroom livable home with trees. HUGHES REALTY, 533-2739 or 5S2-52SO. LAKEWOOD — 104 Wildrose, modern TRINITY BAY AREA — 7'A miles Bin- brick, 3-bedrooms. 2 baths, 2-car garage, town. Chambers County. Tri - dry Beach • —•— -'- ' •—• "•-"-' " Rd. 2-bedroom, oil brick, centra! heat unit air, corT3ers, terraio, den with real lor. by a central air and heat, 60X125 ft. wooded Sot. Will sacrifice equity, leaving town. 556-7866 after 4 p.m. 1 | MONT BELVIEU — 7-Room house with tM3th. Mus^ self. See to appreciate. Phone 495-3234, Mont Belvieu. WEEKEND RETREAT! One-hclf acre of partially wooded, sandy loom land. Near and with access "to Lake Houston with . . . nice size (4 room) weekend cabin. Cabin and land total price 51,995. Terras. Call Mrs. McLeon S&6-S764. 45. Lots For Sale NEWLYWEDS OR RETIREES YOUR OWN HOME FOR ONLY SJ.OOO. Recently redecorated. 1-bedroom home on half acre lot. Ideal for starting couple or retired folks. Call -today. GRIFFITH REALTY, 5K-2O49 or 533-1533. NICE 4-BEDROOM HOME. FHA APPROVED. S375 Down. Coil Jay Hendrick, 426-4010 or 426-2349. PONDEROSA SOLD OUT!! Watch for new homes under construction. JOE AYLOR, Builder and Developer, SW-M4B "523. ESTATE SIZE HEAVILY WOODED j Slw"'^^ ^oXHs - In most can- HOMES'TES — Cedar Bayou Park on ven j e nt location in Baytown Near schools, Slolander Rood °aved streets, uttUile^ churches, playground, shopping. Neighbor- Model homes. (Office a'_J>ite). J = i ~ F ,..J=. hood is quiet, no throuoh streets. Unique FLEMING. REALTOR, 582-7222 and 533 j desig .,5. 3-bedrooTO, 2 baths. 2-car gar- NipriTs end Sundays- 583-4878 or 564-7751 LISTINGS WANTED! Hd 5^-337! OTIS GRAHAM REALTY 'SUITE 103 — GRAYSTONE BUILDING i PHONE 5S2-5QJS :S« ssrings; 9 X IJ ru S; Roto-Hoe Eda- S DON'T MOVE-IMPROVE Frac planning ond decorating s*rvie*.; ^^ 1ST line materials. Expen work. Discount :.'.••* price*. Rooms, kttcft*as, dens, txitht,! 1 roofing., sidinsj. Vi0rke , i MOTORS — One «-hp^ 3-Ohas*, 323-vo!t, urt^e ocunnci itir* I,up rr.orc^ ? ".c S-np., 3.Dhasc. 22C ? r °e.r ECs ?^f EUHG ^X?^•.^'' D -J'. : :R.:' < :l°V„° r 'l^;'l 0 •= i •;; B t' a . s .1• Ns'" iSeos; reliable CQ: GL 2-71331 WS WANT YOUR LISTINGS List with us. Prospects cre welting. HUGHSS REALTY, SS3-2739 or 582-5150. CURBY LUM3ER, contractors. PAINT — Kuhn's Latex, gal. S7-75; Kuhn's 3Si.5SS r K " tn ^' °°""':OXWEL 3 CUTT.NG TORCH -^7^ ff^%^"^.. °^- ^k.T^ C^" MORTON BUILDERS m^^^^,^^™£:\'$?%Z*^^'^™™^ Mighlanas • j i^7 I ~. T~. , rj - ' pAHTi.M'S USED FURNITURE I tlectnc Motor Kepatrs - i7-in. siivsrwre Porrebie TV cs.oo! Jlewindi^g. cny kind. size. Modem ejguic-' D-x^ Aperient Rart:^ .... STO.OCj Aluminum Screens Vest^rsio'-Te Lot* MoOel crc;.^ v/im AC-OSS TOP £'-^ " : ,^'c "V"."«"i." ........ 175 -°° Bed. Seoly wortre W?rn but usable S!5.00i f- -> n n /-* . ^^ bave 30 rer Cent On i Decorative and practical Indoor window jsdBlfers. All sil«, to r,t any window. ! WE WANT YOUR LISTING Call "Joke" Rutter Realty S N Ashbel. Ba»-towrt, Texas •KM062 or niahts SB2-5O5J. Carter H. Miller AND ASSOCIATES. REALTORS 205 HiStrwoy Blvo. 583-4373 HIGHLANDS REALTY CO. ONE-HALF ACRE weeded for a S15.000 home. A. W. HA.V..V,. Realtor. 1!5 S. Main 426-2411 or 426-3464 . , . .' Call KENNETH KRASOFF, Builder, 1601 Narcilie. SS2-6417. REAL BARGAIN FOR YOU --' . , . ( Two-bedrooms, corners, new 2-tc.i cJr 1M ft. lot ;n restricted arec. nice I conditioning. Cyclone fenced. See 307 IsSchiMinD. shown by appointment. Cell I 5S3-1333. , , — IDEAL FOR MOBILE HOME — 50 X 200 comer tot. Tofal moi-e in ccsf. SJOO, pdv- lot (cpprox.). wooded, ail utilities. See - — ..._... weekends, easy terrru- McCANDLESS, 533-1219. SCHILLING, 701 — 3-Bedroom Home on ments only S75 monthly. This is a home you will entoy living in. Call today. DAN SAVELL, BUILDER, 582-7249. OFF NORTH MAIN — 75 X 107 Ft. lot j WANTED NEW OWNER near new high school. Priced ro sell. ro fi |! ;f,is cul- little home wl!h love and HARDIN ROAD — Almost hori-acre with | ccre . 2-bedrooms. separate dining room. trees and within walking distance of elementary school. BEVERLY REALTY, YOUR PROPERTY LISTED WITH Beverly Realty Co. ! nights. 5J3-1751, 56A-S972 C 15JOLANDER ROAD—Cedor Bayou Park Over l-i-ocre woodet! corner iot. Gets an experienced sales treatment by T Equity buy, owner. 42i-2746. o wetl-ouclified staff. 1 • - • Get Fair Market Price Fast reaped yord. Plenty paper shell pecan trees. Walking distance :rj schools, and churches, shopp'^g. Good loan available, price 57,850. HO E. Sterling, heart of Bay•awn. P.S. Ai! aluminum siding, no paint"'" EDDIE COX, Realtor I LAKEWOOD—Corner lot. heavily wooded. I 5«-722i or 564-5060 oversized family room, beautifully land- 583-1751 CHATEAU REALTY Reasonable Phone SS3-5078 | 3 Oda Criesf af DrcT-A-er-? .S10 end UPi TOP SOIL — FILL DIRT — SHELL — ; 424 .V. .v.ain OLD PELLY 5eS-STUS j _ .. . - -• -- for rent! ———_.-- -—• - • TOP SOIL. FILL SAND, SHELL phane 532-9972. DumD Truck for Rent j PORTABLE WELDING MACHINE — „ « :. ^ «JJHM|»!! G™ Lines!-, weteer on irciier. lXS=u,-ln. Grooved Bircft Plywood, S10.1 Sheiey Lumber Co. •ran Market St. SSJ-I7<5 2; Avenu« l A-l condSl.on. 423-4761, CrosDy, day or 26. Plants - Seeds Gel. PRINTING DONE QUICKLY, when pro; Tilscd. a-.d aone rich:! Co!i M.A - |TH£RNES. 533-1713. o:! your needs I icrce or ST'-cl". 'Or Q'JC':*V worfc. PiNK INDIAN HAWTHORNS cans. S2.T9. irult and pecon trees. SZ5C| RANGE — 30-ln. Frigidaire up Aiso. cood selection oi rose Ousrics i ^o-.dir.'cn, time.&cke even, In'S-oaL cans. SV.ITH BARROW GAR-i jumjr S33.3S29. DENS, SS02 Tfiomoson Rd. <2i-3?15. i — - CURBY LUMBER Mrs- Malone, S33-32S2 or Realtor, 740] Norcille after A p.m. LIST WiTH STEWART REALTY 18 N. Ashoel SHEETROCK: 4XS-W Sheetrodc GULF AT COMMERCE 42. Acreage For Sale in perfect speed-heat SHADE FRU.'T TREES — Thousands In ' SHOULD SELL coniatnirs Fi_as. Grcocs. J. _Pcrsirr.rnorj. , ; Kedoe, D A Shrs,__. ... . th- £}«.. 25. 50 ood 100 lets. Largest se-1 lection in Texas. Lawn Ornomerits. Rare; H^er Plants, Trocicals. Orchicis. Weeping ; s 7.95 Rockers. Cfterrv 0^3 .'.".DlberrY. Tree Wisterias. '. G^oynd covers Ywcccs. oJ' kirtds. ' Ai'je veia plants. Violets and pccoiv JACK HEARD FURNITURE CO. fre*-s 52 W. Defee. B-ytown. SS2-J962 Chonneiview r4urser!es — Florist | ———— —— . 165B1 .V.orket St. Rood. Channelview I SIX ORINK Co*e machine, like I ACREAGE — S miles south of Cleveland. «•—»«—••••••••—•^—^^—i™ i =V. 321 $ to 15 acre tracts. Call Clcve- 31-C. Musical Instruments! ^- LY ^^ , i ARCHER RD. — Near N. Main, edge of ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^""^^^^^^"^^^^^^ i Bavtown, 2 or more acres, paved rood. m sail. Low faxes. S100 down, easy 47. Houses For Sale WEST LOBIT, 209 — Only 511,500 moves you tn*o this big 4-bceiroom, 2-bath home. Huce Jiving room. den. separate dining ! room, screened back porch, fenced backyard. "2-car oarage. Cell 582-3603. BARK6S, 319 — Wooster. Forced to scnl due to military service. No Equity, as-[ sume payments of S65 month. 3-SecJ- j rooms, both, living room, iarge kHchen.; screened porch, attached oorcae. large | sloraae room. 522-96*? alter 3:30 p.m. j WANT TO MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS? — Here's your chcnce in fast growing Highfc^.ds: 611 S. Main —The Morton Building Supply, oil lond, buildings and tnis beautiful 3-bedroom homef situated on rear of property, i! has BUILD ON YOUR LOT Built on your lot or ours, from your plan or ours, homes ouilt bir mcst*r craftsmen and designed with you In mind. Cos! kept to a minimum by preplanned construc- >loi> aialysls. Slop by and see haw easy it is to own the very best at the lowest budget price available. Beytown Realty. 2317 N. Main, 5S2-J13?. Eva Maud SEE THESE FIRST!! OPEN FOR INSPECTION 1203, 2Z37 and ZH» TUSCAN LANE Others Under Construction On Mockingbird Lane E. F. LUQUIRE CHEVROLET PICK UP TRUCK- IMS— A-l condition, S300. 5S3-1856. DODGE PICKUP, 1765 — Extra dean. .D rniies, SI^OO. Call Jim Hale, 5824202. CONTRACTOR SS2-7W3 FORD PICKUP, mi — Half-ton, I Ft. Styleside Bed, 6 cylinder, 6-ply tires, blinkers and heater. 25.000 miles. A-l AUTO SALES, 915 N. Main, 426-3735, Highlands. Reading This Ad Won't improve Your Mind — JUST YOUR HOME Thrse bedrooms, 2 full barns, double garage, all bride central air and heat. Priced 'way below owner's cost. See it today. 140 LINWOOD DR. Dean King and Son Realty 56A-5040 or 544-7334 FORD PICKUP, 1951 — Radio, heater, rear bumper, pood motor on-5 tires. Call 566-5S39. TWO Vi-TON PICKUPS — 1963 Ford, *rfde Bed; 1961 Chevrolet, standard; both very clean aid new paint. 2108 W. Main. 582-2893. SPARKY SEZ . . . "OH SWEET LUXURY OF UFE" Luxury Is exactly what you get in this exquisitely beautiful big Holiday stone home on 2Vi acres of landscaped rolling tavid, iust north of Highlands at 1501 NORTH MAIN You've often admired it. Now why not own it? Three big bedrooms, two tile baths, trltra modern kitchen, central heat and air, 2 car garage, study that can be used as 4th bedroom, and the biggest wood burning fireplace you ever saw. Priced low ecouafc to interest any Qualified buyer. SPARKY BOND, Realtor ?07 S. Main 5B2-S248 Nights and Sundays 83-4878, 5*4-7751 PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE APPRAISING Residential, Commercial, Condemnation Clifford M. "Sparky" Bond 707 S. Main 5*2-8248 SPARKY SEZ . . . "DONT PUT THE KIDS IN AN ORPHANAGE" Boy a Bigger Horns ond Make Everybody Happy. Look at 109 MAPLETON AVE. 5 Bedrooms, Vs baths, and Best of All a Whole Acre of Good Land. SPARKY BOND, Realtor 907 S. Main 587-8248 Nights and Weekends, 5S3-4873 or 546-7751 HOUSE PLANS DRAWN TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS J. P. Booth, Ph. SSJ-3M3. WHEN THEY ALL BEGIN TO LOOK ALIKE It's Time To See 4-2-3 N. Burnet 3-Bedrooms, 2 baths, large den, separate living room, sesarate dining room, utility room, central air and hect, carpeted, drapes, intercom, beautifully landscaped. If you're looking for the unusual, make an apptoint- ment to see this lovely home today! Dean King and Son Realty 56&-5C61 or 56A-73S4 FOR SALE BY 3WNER 1 !2 Live Oak Large 3-bedroom, 1 bath home, recently remodeled, almost new wall to wall carpet. Central neat, 4 room air- conditior.ers, built-in dishwasher. Detached double garage. Small western _.. _. ,—^ — . cedar utility building. Large corner :harrn, built to last o 100 years. AM | o t, several trees. Ideal location. Con- Tiodern conveniences including com - j to schools, churcnes. ACCORDIONS - Ne S35 for used . As low struments. Guitars. 1 ^ rms - 5^-2077. O-UR PRICE! r - . . _ _ 5)6.95 up. BAYTOV.-N ACCORDION CEN ! APPROXIMATELY —4 ceres with every- BEVERLY REALTY — S South CORNER 5. K1LGORE AND UXK DR. — Specious solid brick end masonry home completely rerecorded inciud- Ing new carpets. It's cm almost ?•* cere corner in Deer Park Scnooi D'sTricf cncf hos 5-rcom ^arccje apartrnent to hslp pay notes. Phone 553-1)37. AMELIA. 1721 — Nice 2-fcedrconn home on • - plele electric kitcnen, centra! heat and oir eo-TrfiSionina. Home we$J insu'oled. Screened-in 2Jx2S patio, nice utilty roorr;, 2-car carport. All clean as c whistle. Second dwelling at front of the property rented for $75 month. Would. make a fine doctor's office or cny other t nice fcusEness. Drive by and rake a look- Priced for Immediate sale, $22.500. Call EDD!£ COX, REALTOR, for other information. 566-7221 or 566-5060. shopping area. By aopointment only. Phone 5S2-2S97 or JS2-5W1. new finish Will sell for S500. Caii SS3-HI9. Pt:"_ _ ,._ _ . , , app-oxirnate!y 1 acre. Priced low foriWOOSTER TERRACE — Two 2-bedroom Out city taxes 10% down, terms. £ J ^ •- I ti'iclt. homes for sole. 1100 Cown, SS5 j SMORTY THARP REALTY. ! " u ^ "• e ' j mon!h | y ^ c tuai na taxes and insurance. MINES, 211 — 2-tedroom norre with oyer- i Also frame house, S700 aown. £>5 month, sized garage, chain corner lot. Small eausty S51 total rnonJh ly nates. GOOD CREDIT and 5500 moves you into this lovely 3-bedroom, 2 bath home with central air and reat, all bride, 2-car oarage. 103 LAKEWOOD, "Buy your castle from a King" 5«-5041 or S64-T3S4 GRIFFIN EKTE8PRISE — •<• PlytlMOtll. sir cylinaer. 4-csor. ro«J!o. neater, new Hres. reol elecn, ISTSi '57 ForS StaSoiv- wogan. 4-docr, sir. si 95. 2200 N. Main, across from O'Brien* Grocery. S S S WE NEED CARS TOP DOLLARS PAID FOR CLEAN USED CARS Quality Motors IMPALA SPORTS COUPS. IMS — to»«C. j-oo-the-floor. assume cavments. 5E3-2B13 or see at 1133 Wrighl Blvd. IMPALA. 1«« — *<toor hardto|i. VJ, «*• tomatio liant Wue. New tires, fIXS. 12S-I7*6. Crosby. MUSTANG. I*i5 —J-Ooor. hardtop, yr> Mim *speed. Cai! after 5, 553-2Z7J. See at 60S E. Honnicutt. 3rva! Dcntnm Lon Wlllicm* TOO E. Tena OLDSMOBILE ft". I»S» — «-do«r. paver OraKes. steering, windows and seats, factory oir. sood Jires. recent twie up. S425. 5S2-S2W. 52. Trucks CHEVROLET PICKUP. 1»SO — 'S> Zt3 V* rodio. heoier, good tires, S300. Phone ^26-3793. CHEVROLET, 1J43 — One-ton, V^, 4- soeed. cob and cttossis, extra good tires, i-jals. S950. 583^38!. RAMBLER. 1«3 — Classic 779, automatic transmission, 4-daor. 34Sf> miles, owner, excwisnt shape, perfect car pool economy car. 566-7472 after 4. '63 FORD PICKUP Half-ton, fawn beige finish. Excellent tir«, 6 cylinder, standard shift, deluxe healer- Drives exceptionally well. Ideal for tne sportsman. $1095 DON DITTMAN Dittman Motors Ernie 532-2470 707 E. Texas '66 GMC Truck $1,795 .vinny of last year's options are standard 700 W. Texas BAYTOWN MOTORS 53. Work Cars LOTS OF WORK CARS WE CARRY OUR OWN NOTES Pelly Motor Company PS7 W. Mala 582-4202 54. Automobiles EUICK — 195? Electro *<Joor, all power, cir good tires One owner. S600. Crosby J2S-5976. CHEVROLET STAT1ONWAGON, 1»S? — Parkwood, 4 door. V-8. aufa-natic, radio, heater. ST75. 566-7153. CADILLAC, 1557 — Sedan, all power anC a:r conditioning, one owner, 566-7014 or 566-7717. CHEVROLET 1MPALA, 195? — VDoor sedan factory air, power brakes, power steerina, S5J5, Phon 566-7503. CHEVROLET. 1957 — 4-doOr Bel Air, ro- dio, heater, aood tires, clean, S29S. Ph. 566-8767. CHEVROLET. 1959 — Automatic, good US encine. new tires, will trade. 405.34-3. V.ont Selvieu. CHEVROLET, 19S9 — Station wagon, radio, heater, automatic, 6 cylinder, S275. 5S2-8SS3. CHEVROLET, 1955 — 2-Door sedan, radio, heater. Real clean, good tires. S275. 425-J067 ofler 4:30. CHEVROLET, 19S5 — Impala Super Sports. VS. automatic transmission, air conditioned with a new car warranty, 533-4071. CHEVROLET, 19i2 — «-aoor, new ttres. battery, carpets. Real clean car. One owner STRIPLING OUTBOARD MOTORS. 718 E. Humble. 583-2053 or 533-2DE5. DATSUN 1944 4-door sedan. Real nice- FULLERS. 913 S. Main Classified Display , crre with aver- j Also frome house. S700 down. s?5 fence on nice j !v PCvments.CZcI^I Houston 7T3-MO ~ New i.... sVyji JUST SID MONTH RENTAL - On o ne» j JONESBORO. TEXAS - N leor H iw_ay ^ J6. ) 544.5,72 NiBhIS Ft. 3!X3t Paddles S l.ySjLowery Piano, rental applies to purchase I '." J BEVERLY REALTY CO., 553-'751 _^el land. Fenced, water, half: posture, 17 ceres Coastal Ser-1 ; per cere. 532-5735 Beytown. i eRO'.VNWOOD 318 E. HUNNICUTT j ^ livcbie 3-bedroom home in the heart i of Bovtowfi, convenia"t to scboors, t churches and stores. Fenced yard and pecan tree. Classified Display MERCURY STATIONWACON, Mtl — KM- aoua'^er, v-», orf combiiooea, poaurr steeriAQ, auionxitic. rarjto. new wntie- woll tires. SHIELDS MOTOR CO. INC, 2912 Market. S»2-»lyo. FORD CMLAXIC 5W. J»« — Air CM- ditionect power xteertng, automatic trom- mission. Good condition. 5J2-C17. otter 5 P-m.. 5&6-7S72. FORD. IMS — Faar - door Jiirtm, air conditioned, ocmer brakes, radio, heater, automatic. One owner. I99S. 566-511*. FORD. 1»5» — ?W-d«*r, V-t. sfidc SJBft. almost new tires, no rust, extra dcon- Pnone FORD, IMO — Ooiaxle. ejtcelHot eHt- cation, air conditioned, StOOa miles. WOQ- 523-5570. FORD, 1»« — Goloti* S»» ta*»r. automatic, power, oir, ond otner extras- Low mileage, excettenr condition. Dr. A. P. S.Saddix. 532-6373 Uttsti S p.T>-, SS3- 2139 after S p-m. PLYMOUTH. i»« — *-toar. radio, b«ot- er, clean. S1S5 cash or trade. See at 206 Lang Drive. PLMOUTH. 1»S3 — *^!oor, radio, beater, good mechanical condition. Phole 5S3-M1*. PONT1AC. VtSt — Bonnevllle St=tiqnwo»- on. factory cir, power, radio, vinyt interior, carpeted. Fine condition, BPod buy. Owner. WILLYS JEEP PICKUP. 1JS« — 4-Wneel drive. Dark metallic green. Front end winch. Ideal for the hunter, rancher or farmer. Gsod condition. LUMUS BAYTOWN DODGE. 2SOO Market. 583-7474. wi~MAKE MISTAKES'! tverybody Does — BUT — NOT ON OUR DEALS. See a '64 3UICK or Used Car SUSBY BUICK "Where Customers Send Their Frlencs 513 W. Texas 583-7371 •id PONTIAC — Nine passenger station- wagon, air, power, 4 new tires. One^jwn- er car. CREEL'S AUTO PARTS. 504 5- Maln. Highlands. O6-2S11. SHIELDS MOTOR CO. Your Plymouth-Valiant-Chrysler Dealer »12 Market '64 Chrysler Four-door sedan, foresl green, neat factory interior, fully loaded, power and oir. Bargain. Drive it to-toy. $1795 Quality Motors Orvo! Dunham Lan Williams 5E3-3»17 700 E. Texas '61 Buick Crisp sOid ciean <rs a n*w one. Four- door with extra low mileage. Brand new tires, full power components* air conditioned. A real buy. Dan Hufchins Motors Hlway 14i at Texas 581-7151 Bayshore Motors, Inc. 2113 Market LINCOLN — MERCURY — COMET BUY WITH CONFIDENCE 1963 OJdsmob/le Super 88 A gorgeous blue with white top. If yoo want a "like new" car, this is it! A 4- door sedan ecujpped with air conditioning, power steering and brakes. COME BY TODAY, you'll be impressed. Page Ditfman Motors Hoyt Poge Fred Dittman Jr. Hwy. 1« at Foyle SBI-9IW "It Mokes A Difference Where You Buy. Let Us Prove It." "Baytown's Best Used cars" Buck Turner Chevrolet IB E. Teaeos 552-83C7 '63 Ford Galaxie 500 fast bock coupe. A beautiful rwo door hardtop tust mode for "fun". Immaculate white finish with clean blue Interior. Air conditioned for summer comfort, automatic transmission, radio, heater. A one-owner car wffh especially law mileage. Be sure to see it toddy. Neal Dickens Motor Co. "Where Quality Is Always Consistent" Hiwcry ]« Under The Big Shed, 533-4115 Classified Display '62 CHEVROLET BelAir four-door sedan, V-8, automatic, poxver and air, one owner, Xice! $1195 J-B Motor Co. Shop Under The Shed 2012 Alexander Dr. i ' . _ ._; — - fountain. S300; 2 secretarial i TRUCK LOAD BALLED ANO BURLAP la -sn •*•;!* choirs. SSC set; I execirfive I Japanese Yew 51 50 ar.s S i.SO: desk witn cncir. s',30: S66-mi or 544-70EO p.i;;;.rs 53-00 ond * " "' 32. Articles For Rent JJ.7772 ACRES IN HIGHLANDS i _,' oj r>e.-s H:U Rood. i rn'l lav He^driclc, £26-^010 or ^26-23^9. ; ADDITION — L.'nwood DAN SAVELL. SUILCS3, 5S2-72J9. i Drive. S1QO down, 3 tedrco-ns, 7 &c*hs, | _________ . ; douD'e gcrcge, SS3-7273. BEYOND YOUR DREAMS BUT WITHIN YOUR GRASP Soiree (S'iSe Wrealh) .. Sl.OO ond S 2.00; SLEIGH BED — Pampas Gross S 3.00 : Vcnooony. Dwarf 5 2.00i Ph_after 6 p.m.. 5K-7M9. \t ACRES PLUS — Located in Chambers! i County. This acreage Is priced reason-; 304 MAPLEWOOD. In beautiful Grcy- ! able. Won'! lost iong at this price. HUGH-; woo( j. Irco.-porated inio these lovely i,, „„..,.„ c»,^«_ «~-.coo : somes are the wonderful features found i in exclusive custorn bu'it Save!i homes. ; Every modern device Jo maKe your life 12200 SQUARE FEET LIVING AREA — ! .'700 Oitvc. Price reciucea" for immediott : sale. CHATEAU REALTY. 583-3253, or |5«:-9757. nights 5W-S6OS. __" «M and SIO'OO' s«o(»r:ed pane. 5,2^5, s;ec: over frame.) sycomore """i".::::::.::'.?. SS.OQ; W '" !r °« g -^ ^ compressor. KWZ. , DAVIS NURSERY : TV'S - I7-in. PhilM, 523; porlablcs from! 4311 t>ec»er Or.. 54A-S01! 1527^5,- offters, S?9.95 and up. Shoo re-i TRUCKS FOR RENT . _ iprtve yourself. Eauipped wilh hydraulic \ ES REALTY, 5S3-273« or 533-iS9S. j 'itt cares tnew trucks). Local ana one-wav I - r~ ' ,~ —^i_ ' ' '^"7 .' 2IOJ Wcrket, 5ff2-?&15. ; **^»vS - I? a H- °*_T e ' ^ ~D!»«»,, • tvery mocern oevice -o ma.^e your lire — Utility custom mode Steel i BAYTOWN RENTALS a: S13S an acre in Hardm County. Plenty . enioycble plus the spaciousness * • (Nex! to Kilgore's Reody-.wlxl deer. 5^ cotiiecc^Iry marketable! you cre tooW . a (or Liv ^._ rM ^ MMro , e "mScr. SOB GREENE. 426-3157. i dining room. 3 love:y bedrooms. ? batra I .p, . ^—.. land breakfast areas. Plus double garage !' TAKE A'TRAM'P m THE WOODS != n _J a l^. ! =' s ._Y o y_? AN _ B UY ONE OF FOR RENT For Dependable Moving Service Local or Long Distance — Call 531-2051 Hasty Transfer and Storage North American Van Lines Agency 28. Pets - Supplies " j WOSLD TV 5E3-U33. * $0j N. MAIN, Power Tools, Floor s Sewer .•TIRES — Four new Goceyeor custom i 'nylon iubeless whitcwci! Tires Two 650! AKC BEAGLES — t Monrtis 0!d. Also, j X 13, two 700 X 13. SIS eocn. 583-1693. I Leopard stock does. Call 582-5513. 9-5:30 weekdays, 8-1J Saturdays. and Polisher* 6QU1 i QUALITY DOES NOT COST, IT PAYS. ! DAN SAVELL- BUILDER, SS2-7249. Classified Display Tow Bars ond Car Tops Fans. Ladders. Chain Saws Rug Shampoo Machin. °"<1 (TELEVISION — 23 In. G.E. Console. Like new. S«8.50, ter-ns. 5S3-7977 after 6 p.m. Jo* Cares. AKC REGISTERED POODLE PUPPIES— Five we<*s old, fenale. Slack, S50. Phone 533-1536. AKC REGISTERED MALE CHIHUAHUA | PUPPIES — Five weeks old. S75 each.! Phone 533-1536. „_____ I COMETS. 10 cents — ShuBUBklns ana! USED GARDEN TRACTOR — With 35- Fans s 20; Calicos and Moors, s.30; Fe- inch mower ond electric sorter. See at mole" Chihuahua PUO, HO. GREEN -1 SMALL ENGINE SERVICE. Crosby-Huff- WOOO'S PET SHOP. 80S S. Main. 426-ZS37 men Road. Crosay. GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES —AKC j USED WOODEN WINDOWS — 10 In oil. Up to 50C; OFF on MUFFLERS Up To 70% OFF on Snock ODSor&ers Soin - on filters, all cars. II.94 WATSON'S. 3707 V.innesoro. 533-3S7/ Televisions Camp Trailers Trucks We Rent Most Everything BAYTOWN RENTALS Next to Kilgare Ready Mix 7191 MorXBf — 5S2-SS1S registered wormed, 8 weeks, moles, S75; females 150. 582-4489. POODLES. — 3 femrte Mlnotor. AKC registered, block. 7 wetrKs. 160. 532-7290. POODLE GROOMING — Boarding, stud service. CLAIR LAC KENNELS. 1300 Cteor Lake. Hlghtono's. 426O2S5 evenlnoi and weekend!. 29. Livestock - Supplies APPALOOSA AT STUD — Gnorontee< to color colt. "Hove frailer. Will Travel". MEAT SOLD FOR FREEZER — P <* vour com fed coif from our feed tot. Also custom »taught«nnp and cuttlno, ,BROW4 SAUSAGE CO., 818 E. Wolllsvllle Rd., 426-3815. three different sizes, will sen separately or lojetlier. 582-5722 or 582-2317. ~V BELTS AND PULLEYS for refriser- otors, oir conditioners, pumps, co^npres- sors, wasners. attic ond window tons. 3,000 belts In stock. MASSEY ELECTRIC, 823 S. Proett. 583-rtM. WANT TO 8UY — Used sheet metol (tin), ond used lumber I2x4's ond 2x6's}. 126-2403. WANTED — Someoie In this area with good credit to take ever payments on lot* model Sinotr. Does everything. 11.25 week or s4?.« cosh. Free nome frail. Houston UN 9-3376. Singer Auto Zig-Zaq Used only 4 months. Mokes buttonholes, MWS on buttons, many fancy patterns without attachments, 5 year guarantee. 157.00 cash *r *5.fv ptr f.wntn. Free home trial, 5*3-21 U. NEED IT?? — RENT IT!! Chemical Sprayers UNITED RENT-ALLS Pruett ond Pecrce, 582-8019 OFF DEAD END N. ! This land is unrestricted and could have; Travel Trailers i a variety of uses. Owner has priced it Utility Trailers • telow most larger tracts located farther: -"* i out. Terms. l_ j SPARKY BOND, Realtor |l I N'ghti oad Suntfoys ?83-<S7g, 5A4-7751 | •ACRES — ACRES — ACRES :| i Corth Rd., 22 ocrcs, iost minutes from; { Boytown. I • HIGHWAY 90 — » ocres with highway •• frontage at Crosby. Classified Display Planning To Decorate? s See Denman's Complete Line of I McDonald & Herbert Days 5S3-17M Nights 583-4877 !l 33. Sporting Goods BOAT RIG — 1»AS, 18 ft. Storcroft with •45. 60 ho Evinrude motor. Big wheel trailer, 2-wav radio, composs, tachometer, fcHge pu-np, speedometer, 18 ft. yhrimp Irowl, sieeos 2. si .795. 426-3055 after 4:30 p.m. and weekends. BOAT — 14 H. Redhead boot with bail well, little wheel trailer. Sell or trode. See 9104 Wode Rd.. Highlands GUN REPAIRS Cusiom Barreled Actions. Douglas or Apex Imperial Barrets, precision cnam- bered. o04 E, Jock HUNTER'S DEN Baytown, Texas STOP The Presses! Here's a tract of land that deserves an EXTRA! M Acres fronting on 2 roods, close to U.S. Steel. You'll never find o better investment. Call today for more Information. Oeo-i King and Son Realty or SM-73S4 SPARXY SEZ . . HOTTEST SPOT IN BAYTOWN 4S Acres 1,75? Ft. on Garttl Rood south of Baker Road. Don't miss It. SPARKY BOND, Realtor W7 S. Main SS3-S24S NiatHs and weekends $U-U7«, 544-77S1 t Paint and Wallpaper I I We Give Big Bonus Stamps | |DenmanPaint&Hdw.| • ItS E. Tex** Mt-5111 Order Sun Phofos Place orders for reprints of pictures made by Baytown Sun photographers by calling 582-8302 or writing to The Sun af P. O. Bex 90, Saytown. The pictures are $2 for tha first print, up to 8x10 inches in size, and $1 for each additional print from tri3 same negative. Standard sizes are 8x10, 5x7 and 3'/jx5 inches. The Baytown Sun 582-8302 FOR SALE High Grade ALUMINUM SHEETS 25 Each 25x36 inches, .009 Inch thickness Idea! for insulation, roofing, siding. CAN BE SEEN AT gtntun 1301 Memorial Dr. FARMS ACRt I AGE LAND C. H. MILLER BROKER CO-OP PROPERTIES CHAMBERS COUNTY 23 Acres on Hwy 10 16 Acres on Turtle Bayou 63 Acres on Old River LIBERTY COUNTY 80 Acres near Moss Bluff 240 Acres, St50/ac, 40 Acres near Cleveland 73 Acres, $300/ac, HARDIN COUNTY 1,700 Acres, SISo/ac. 240 Acres, S125/ac. HARRIS COUNTY 223 Acres, Garth Rd., S850/aC- 50 Acres Sjolander Road, §l,200/ac. BASTROP COUNTY 40 Acres on Colorado River 242 Acres, deer and game, S150/ac- 71 Acres partly cleared, SI75/ac. 254 Acres No. of Paige, S175/ac. FAYETTE COUNTY 79 Acres all improvements, S200/8C, 89 Acres, good improvements, S350/ac. 320 Acres, So. of West Point, S200/ac, 1.055 Acres, So. La Grange, $12S/'ac, Drop by our office. We will be glad to point out the above properties on our new large State. Highway, COUNTY maps which show small I bridges, houses, I streams, churches munities. and small com- CARTER H. MILLER . And Associates, Realtors I 205 Highway Blvd. 58S-7S4S '

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