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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Tuesday, June 28, 1859
Page 2
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French Fill Meed Wheat, > ---.the prindples o ;the Intention of the < iffarent jflgiijeoi the T Una d* mOUM <& '*":.-fi-±3i ',«•»"•!_ .2* -J---M some »hO wlUiettle aUiwia •- *• A.P.PMOS, J. P. HAKBIOK, WM.M.KIMBALL andno writer Is more, fond or parado^ than the reanltis.thit the biflUantirriter In ^ th< iiwof »-joong opWonlnJinijland #&^&n*^&$si#eanfr TamilaA^gyrtiUaiememletof liti Ian In- *^5re»t poUtli^pirUea of the oonntry ooon- W Uthli time in relation to aatwi^doIU- ^r ^COTW^ the dUtinotion between the n««r« •ooUUy «nd politically equals, ihe opposition odious distinction btt ween Item. It Udoabttess regretted hj the to question his theory only ;in'onei and thatis, as to the "degree," Suc respect, Such » JiaS^^Sg^ia::--!^! by ignorant olap- 'ilW^M'** 0 ^ ^^'^^Mto^iri^^^otfl^^vpl. i that omt&oftoO. «ti»ais areabl« to u^atingniflh the difference between the Denio- otatio and Republican policy, in thie respecti It would suit their purposw inncji better ;if oar German feUoW <iU«en8, partfenlarly, ' ii> longed to that-class of persons ^'wio,. having eyeg, aee not,- and, having tars, hear not," BO that thty might play these fantastic tricks with- them, and escape detection and exposure,— One of their characteristics, however, is to underrate and depreciate the intelligence and patriotism of the Irish and Dutch, u they term them; and .this betrays them into all kinds of follies, such as adopting > two years •Mssendment la Massachusetts, which they at. tempt to atone for by abusing Gen. Caw, who they nay makes a distinction ietween' native born and naturalized citizens when abroad. The republicans create an odious distinction between them when at Home. Gen. Cass and the democratic party teoognlw their perfect •ooM' and political equality, when in th!» country. But when the naturalized oltfcen re- tarns to the country of his birth, and the native born citizen leaves the country of his birth, their relative positions become changed, not owing to any rule or regulation of the government of the United States, but owing to the laws and regulations of foreign countries, over which our government-has no control and for which tt is in no way responsible.— We cannot say that a person of forpign birth, on voluntarily returning to the r-onntrj of his birth, shall not become a citizen and subject of that country under the rule, that "once a subject alwaye a subject," whether that rule works to his advantage or not. It U not a regulation which we make, but it Is a regulation which has always existed in European governments, and one which in time of peace Is decidedly favorable to those who would like to renonnoe it at the present time. We are not at all surprised to find the republicans very zealous in behalf of the foreign born cit- isens, oo this question. It is a matter which they oannot affect in any way, by any action of theirs, and therefore they run no risk in agitating thr- subject. So we find Bolts, the know nothing W^mf Virginia, soaring higher in the realms „,' faocy than onr glorious mounting bird ever ventured, and gathering alKhe nations of the earth under the stars and stripes, even as a hen. gathereth her chickens under her wings for safty and protection.— Where they have tbe power they use it for depriving naturalized citizens of their rights, but where they are utterly powerless, and unable to accomplish anything, they are •liberal beyond measure. It is somewhat strange that the champion of proscription in this country should suddenly become such a redoubtable champion of toleration abroad. But the conduct of Botts surprises us less than that of the editor of ths Smtinel, who joins him in denouncing Gen. Cass. He must have kuown that such a course on his part would naturally provoke an exami. nation of his own antecedents on this question. It is the boast of him and his family that the blood runs in their veins that run in SIE : In response to your inqnirj what legel condition you, born in Turk a n«urali«ed citiian of-ths Dnited-Sti .have in Turkey during- a proposed there, I state: - The laws of the United States do not 'admit the indefeasibiltty of natural allegiance. 1 The assertion of the right of BeltexpatriaUoniiacna of the principles of tbe fundamental public law of the American Union. We bold that the power to change domicile is of universtl natural right, subject only to such conditions as may be requisite to reconcile the general with individual interests. These conditions are the exercise of good faith in the time and eJjrcnm stances and in the purpose of the change of domicile, the actual consummation of the purpose, and the discharge of all tuMttino obligations in or to the country left. Sneh. according to my understanding of the niatter, always has 'been, and sUll continues to hie, the doctrine maintained by the American government. • ' It being material toyon.however. to-possess official assurance oa this point, I have presented your case to the notice of the Secretary of State; and I have his answer to the effect that, in the case of a person emigrating to the United States, and becoming naturalized here, with no present liabilities to his native country, military or otherwise, existing against him at'the timt of hit emigration —in snob rase the law of nations, or the opinion of tte American Government, gives no right to any foreign nation to Interfere with him, and the attempt to do so would be considered an act unjust in itself,aad unfriendly to the United States. And therefore, subject to the reservations above stated, you will be entitled in Turkey to be regarded as a citizen of th« United States. I am, respectfully, C. Mr. ALIIAKT>Efi SlDI. timaledhyjt»rrtnlte,>hd -*_^^!';»,-w_i' -~?Ni j-f.- » -'^;. .-~*^; >. deliberate mu its influence upon ""' 5»pable;flf than by Its ., ittat:onlj' can, with nswon be styled the power of speaking in the highest degree. Undoubtedly, however, tb» veins of that infos-King who, when representing this country at the Court of St. James, interfered to prevent tbe emigration ofthe Irish Patriots—Enunett, O'Connor, Sampson and NcNevin-^to this country, when his content would have saved tbe life of Robert Emmejt. Thomas Addis Emmett, in a lettsr addressed to Enfus King, said: "Four interference was then, sir, made the pretext of detaining us for /our yean in ousto- , dy, by which very extensive and useful plans of settlement within these States were broken - np. The misfortunes which' yon brought upon the objects of your persecution were incalculable. Almost all of us wasted four of th° best years of our lives in prison. As to me, I should have brought along with me my father and his family, including a brother, LEobert Emmet, who was hung,] whose name perhaps TO° will even not read without emotions «f sympathy and respect. Others nearly connected with me would hav^ come partners' TO my emigration. But all of them have been torn from me. I have been prevented from/saving a brother, from receiving the dying blessings of a father, mother and sister, and from soothing their last agonies by my cares; and this, nt, by your unwarrantable and anfeeKnjr intarfe. renoe." .? Here the illustrious ancestor of the Kings had an opportunity to show some regaijd for persons of foreign birth, and we should have supposed that the dictates of humanity alone would have constrained him to interfere, if at all, in their behalf. He however preferred that those distinguish ed foreigners should remain npon foreign'son, •ren at the cost of their lives. A democrat would have acted rery differently under similar circumstances. The conduct of Chasl Sing, the lather of the editor of the Sentt. **l, in the Dartmoor affair, shows that the Kings are not morfe ready to interfere in behalf of the rights of American citizens than SuFFtajKQs OT THS AuKiCAH KAGiiB.<—Al- luding to the impassioned invocations addressed to the American eagle by such as would have him moult his feathers and assume in their stead the bristles of the '• fretful porcupine" because Mr. Secretary Cass has re-an- noaoced the traditional policy of our Government in the matter of naturalized citizens who voluntarily return to their native country, the Baltimore Patriot sympathetically remarks as follows : " Somebody aught to interfere in behalf ot this unfortunate bird. For now more ithan half a century be has been incessantly persa- cnted by village orators, lecturers, performers at junior exhibitions, and by politicians in (and out of) Congress. Travelers who have visited Switzerland Will recollect that Geneva —of which canton tbe eagle is the heraldic emblem—one is maintained at the public expense in a cage, but which visitors are not allowed to worry. We, who have also chosen him to represent our ' boast of heraldry and pomp of power,' treat him, or allow him to be treated in a very different manner. He is compelled to do ill manner of things which no bird—even an eagle—ever did before. • He is set np 'on the top of the snowy Sierra' and 1 on the Inaccessible peaks of the Rocky Mountains,'* and thence made to descry the » di«. tant shores or lashsd by the Altantio surgfes or laved by the placid swell of th« Pacific.' With ' bis head in tbe North and 'his tail In the South,' he is made to ' flap his broad wings over a free and enlightened nation.' It is unusual, however, for his tormentors to begin their worryinga ao early in the season as has been done this year. Ordinarily it is the custom {although there is no game law on the we have several individuals now prominently before the public who are extremely attractive speakers to popular audiences, and who answer very well the description given by- Lord Macaulay. For instance, a signal example of this class is Mr. Wendell Phillips. He possesses beyond doubt the power of speaking. He affects audiences of a certain description. There are those who conceive him to be a very great orator. We have wen the epithet "golden mouthed" applied to him, certainly not by reason orsuch a pure flow of eloquence as might seem to warrant the term; for it is in power of vituperation that the frequent use of phrases equally at the command of any irate brawler of the very lowest order, that he excels,—in, fact, we fear it is in such employment of language, as would gain for one ofthe latter class rather the less flattering title of "font- mouthed" than the other epithet. ' Mr. Phillips himself intimates in a recent speech before the anti slavery society, that of those then hearing him there might be some who would say that he way*' a vulgar ntterer of. Billingsgate"—and it would he quite un- netfessary for us to quote those familiar expressions, neither very elegant nor very amiable, so often applied by him to the more conspicuous of those who disagree with him, or who have dose ao in the past—to Webster and Everett, Choate and Winthrop, to Eev Dr Adams and Bev. Dr. Bethune, and all others who are not willing to take part in setting on foot a general conflagration, as tbe reasonable means of burning out-a comparatively small firs. A favorable specimen of this golden- mouthed, style, however, .occurs In the very speech just referred to. The reader will perceive what a happy and effective delineation it Is of the Chief Magistrate of the nation. " A type of manhood, if you choose to call it such [I do not} site in the Presidential chair, the like of which cannot be found this side of hell 1—[applause]—the lees of a worn-ant politician—a political slave, who only differs from the black one on the auction-block of the Carolinas in the fact that one is black ontside and the other is black inside.' 1 [Laughter and apolanse J Kow this does not strike us as a very felici. tonssy-accnrate description of Mr. Buchanan, nor as remarkab'y brilliant or witty in concert lion, or even original, or much- above the ordinary flight of a common imagination, in its comparative part—but it certain u is"vulgar." Indeed, we cannot help contrasting a very different view of the case, taken by another orator, at the late Artillery election dinner, who bas'sometimes acted with the Republicans, and so handsomely corroborated by the republican governor of our State. The flrst speaker, as we find his glowing words imperfectly reported, "proceeded to apeak Of the President of tbe United States, and said it was well for the country that we had one of wisdom and discretion aud govern tbe country and regulate ita intercourse with tbe nations,' 1 —and thereupon, Qov. BankH, '*in seriousness/said : "1 trust fa God that the President of the Unifc-d States, whose health has been proposed hen-, and for whom the gentleman before me 1,as made so eloquent, so truthful aad honorable a response, * • will lie gifted by Providence with wisdom and strength that shall maintain the government in its present relations of independence and nni- r-rsal peare." W.- Rhall not ask how It is, that these distinguished orators, Bating substantially on tbe same side in politic.-, can differ so materially !n depicting the head of the opposing party; but shall content ourselves with suggesting that Mr. Phillips is on» of those public speakers only too common in these days, who, to answer his immediate purpose, utters with perfect looseness whatever wild idea comes juirijjdjwlth Ijto be trpobled too*: according to dlftctloti. Me |tralt iru.ihe " parted a large qa»nll»j" ; «f wonni, antthtoki ttiat| one box more of. the i?llli-will rettoreh^r td perfect iesJtJi. Hernune-andreiMencecancelearWcrfey eailiiig on S. I i ThesJl, DroCTlst, corner ef Staler and Monroe itre !*».•..•; ' . . •• .-tv'-. .-.Ill ' < BP*?nrck««eri wlli be careful! tc| Uk for DH. It'll INK'S OKLEBBATED VKHMUT}3E, : manufactured bjr nHODHG BEOS, of Pittsburgh, J>». All other .Venbitagei In comparison an vorthjeni i Or- M'Ltne'i genuine Vermifuge, aliohli eel ebratM^verfPUJi, can be had at : all respectable drogjtorei. Jfone ttttOMG BS08. 86 KKWAHl>~at.Ua? A 8MAJX Black and While Slut, weiring •*«» .leather .Urap around herneck, j ICEKVOOS TBlB la t complaint fay common^ ejjxjcisjly among ffemiu. EoefUauPi German Bitteri.ntia falls to cnreTthla dlseaie. Tbe lyitem, unier* Ill me, U re- •tor^d to Iti original strength and Tigof; ths appetite becomes good, the spirit! become cle5erfeJ, and InIxxly »ad plnS you feel ttw roll reiteration e< health. For sale kir druggiiti «nd dealer* In medfclnel •verychen, at 78 eenti per bottle. . \ \ ' dawlme l. : — ' and ho her e»r» cut -to a point In the thapeofiaxet ean, andaossreri to the game of "Jennie," wa» Ion on B V!£;*' *?S? (i ' on » Jone <u> - Whoever will return isJd Slat to SIT Main itreet, will reaelve the UMTS r« w » ri> -. . JeT •• Max coca, .gown a. .Houoira. .CRAUII c. COTTOS. COOH, HOLEI8TEB. & COTTON. Attorneys and Counsellors, NOB. 4.D, AND«, PHCENUE BUILDING, (1*T East Water SUeet,) or Stolen. A PROHKOBY NOTE for ISO, payable to Barbara Held, eight months after date. Executed by Vreiderleh Proeffel and Maria Ch- Frorgel, dated Milwaukee, October 18, 1S53. I warn everybody not to buy (aid note u It will not be paid to an; one except loins. fje8] - • BiEBAIJ* UIED. , Of tie Condition of &e Mutual. Jntiirintft Company, of iBoffalo, on Uu 8d of February, I8SJ.; Hade to th« Secretary of State, WUconjln, poriuant to the Btat- ot|> of Uiat State.,; • '• : NOTICK. H AVING parcbued ot Mablev a tn., the r atock In trade, consisting of Cloths, Clothing and Qenta *ur- nlihlni Goods, with Interest In tbe bnalneu at the store. No. 193 East Water i net. wi ere I intend carrying on the Clothing bosk ess In all Its branches Milwaukee, Uay SO, 1859. 0. R. UABLB7. \1/JC hare sold lo 0. It. Uabley oar stock In trade TT Tlth Inter,«t In oa, business, No. 19« Kan Water •t. We recommend him t j nor co»tinnera auid tbe public generally. Milwaukee, May 80, ISM Biaj81-d2w MABLCT k CO. i asm. 1. thflname of thei Company to Tttt ifutval fntur- aneo CpmpaMf of Bujfalo. located In Baflitlo, State of Nnr York. ; S. lib* amout of aothorlied •. ' capital.. : . $500,000 3. Ihe amount paid up : : SS3,290 4. / ( - , / lli Ist-^OaaV on hand. Id. Jn the hands of and dne from . '• went! A others 4,818 87 •3d. no.'real tftate, ilh.; Bonds held by . the Co. 7s. ' 1. H. B. R. B. bonds, 12100 2. Toledo, Norwalk stClere; boeds.. 4JKW 8. NL I. E. B. bonds, 8,000 i . • J»^»00 ' ». Stdcki: ' 0. 8. is 10,000 irorth 10,<ST M 0. 8. 6t 8,000 S.;N. Tork tn 6,000 ; do £113,600 ! «fofth 26903 75 ', • \ 40^41 « &. Debliaue to the Co. ae- : chred by saortgage on nn- : encurobwed real rsUte, • Worth denble the amount of raortgaBe "per »che- ' dale" bearing 7 per cent, lateral -.. llg,687 If 6. DtbU otherwis« teeured bjr stocks. mortf»|re« and • Insnrauco scrip ol this afid other companies), and iqtertit on same 64,91314 ?. Pibts for premiums, con- ^ s!»Ung of Sills reedrable, 83,824 78 S. An other securities and ; claims dne the Co., lalia- ge«, Vessel!, *c 80,66487' 9. Pettonal property owned by the Ca, Bleam Tup, Pamps,*c 40,630 Tl Total Assets 494.635 49 III. UaBlLITlKF. 5. The amount of liabilities : ; do(e ti banki and other ertdltori. None, excepting what Is contained in Kit. 10. « Lobes adjust*! and dne. None. 7. do do and not 4ue. None. S. Loues unadjusted. 8ap- poied to be at th« exteot abbnt 9. LoMra In suspense. Birae as Mo. 8. 10. Allj other claims against the! company, Ind.riduaJ balances, nnclalmed dlrl- defids, an*l redemption of ' Scrip uncalled for i J. Til 1^ \\, ssfAHCrACTUEVA tUTD ftXTlfL l>CAI.Cal \13 Gentlemen a, Misses' & Children' Boots, RIUIES, SI.IPI'ER.S tc. RUBBERS. FINE BOOTS ^fADE TO ORDEB. No. 285 H«»t U'ttter acrcoi (OpposiXj Walker Hou««,> ....[majSJJ.-- 6UEAT ENGLISH REMEDY, SIB JAMES CLARKE'S Celebrated Female Pil is. Prtpand'from a. prescription of Sir ,/. Olaxe, if- O-, f^S>ieinn : £xtfaordinary to tha Qncen. Thl* InTaltuble medicine is unfailing la thu onr« nf »n thoi» pUnlul and dsngeroas diseases to which the fc- | jnalis'consUtttUon 'j tubjeot. It moderate, all i'xcna \ wO,;remoTe« all obstruction., and a speedy CUM m'ay I be rellsd on. •• f- «0, ITURUIKD LAOIES I It l» ptJoaHarljr snlUsd. U wllJ, in a Jhorttlnie,hrinif oa i th« monlhly period' with regularity. ! Xachboltla, price One Dollgr, bears i oe eoTwnm-nt 1 Btsuapof Sreat Britain, to prevent coua'ierfelu I HATS AND CAP? A I' >• H A T .STRAW TK« PEH Than iluriny Uu Jfoyiaa P / rr«^n. Jn ,. Vl at cuv art »»r«to bring <m Minasrn <lot , ^ tt „. ,.,„ aOur «fim Uuy or stifft. *^* ^ack aad Luntu, Vatl^ut) oa alight exucuva l*%tn\- tation of Ihe Heart, Hy«t«rici, and Whit:,, the'n^ p.ils will effect a tnre srhca ill other raeaw tla .« u.u-.i. , n ,l alUioogh a powerful reinerty, ao not coojvn iron, calo- me), antimony, or any thing hurtful to th,- ....nammion. Fuil directloru In the pamphlet arnuod ^».-»i v *ctw which should be carefully preserved. Sole Ajent for the United States and Canada, JOB MOSES, (Late I. U. Uildwin « C.j. Btciientar, N. V. i "• B.—11,00 ani< • polta«e luapa encl-ise-i to my 4<i- tltorlxud Agent, will Insur? « *ictilo, . 'ntri.r; • _- - - ^0 pUU, by return mail lale by (ittKKN * BL'TH M C. i , ( -AND- G TENT. ANY OTHER HOUSE tTl c' ase flf i^fKxlB, urn r»pmt>rt ray stock before buying. HH I Till convince them fhat I \ m .^| CBlfT. lower than *ny ,,h^r -v i"ty My {on,Is »,.r- [)iir,:h.-i»,.,i llet 7alu>.. »n,l I \m ivilllnu benefit ^f It. \\-f .aanrTm-n tOOIIH ^ •,,irj*. ,,„,.,! OODS IN TFIF W K<' '•UUll^-l 117 jr1' •ONNKU l.H.lx MONNKfi I.TTl BON N KK , KK •<r I- I H \ 1 I B( )N N KK BONN Kit A HIM, [.. Kl i, , H. I' IM , !• Kl M , h t'.l M , |. I it. ALCOTT HATHAWAY & BELDEN, BANKIN(i Land and t'ollcriioii Oliii MI IM IIF.I.I.'S lit.04 U. Halo, 4 A IV I. u (i I I- mh!9 HOTELS, &C RKTA1L 1.. O U I M HO I r IIV HOfiHlv 1,01 iv H TJUON, near East \Viti-»- 'ir-,,-1. T^,^^ L.mi< w!ia established in H43, ao.i h-ia lurun c^nti .he iame pruprielor, who t»fe.-!, 'hi* n-i-*ist'.;, ila ackfiowletJifTiient, to bis irlends ind thtr pu their patjoiiaKe for so many yearn p *.l. ,,mi ». conUnoance of tteir k>n«l i,. ,5 yi j, ( , IM conuins m.injp rouma, »»?|j .uu*-i inr i;iu.,, *-- 'ttrni*..c<. wiUl stoves an.l «vrr/ Rnuv>-m.*n4*" 'ort. Th«-r.j arc notr>e four or flT» »ic», r^ou* house BOW rucs-mi, that can be .irt^ :non. n. 3 ;j 1 «• r FUKNITUKr, 'A A tf kppt ^i r nr K. CHtAT FINL: t I.IFFOIt!>'!•» JtKD ART ALBANYRESTAURANT I ii . KI .-, ISI4H II \ -4.NO- M \ >-• -''M J<«, i I..ERY, 171 Eoti Water Strtt'.. H A moct experlaDC«'f aperalor ID iht WMI. \1. Haw- keni, (whole sklli m ht.1 depimmtut l> «-ll knave to many of the ritizeui of Milnnkee,) I »n now prepared to offer to the pabtlc erery desir&Dle sly le 5f Ptciur^a known to the commnnitj at lover rat?* «mt ei«cm>d In a better mincer than c«o b» done in tny o:her establishment In the W e«t. OUFPORD'S DAOCK8BFAN (iM.LESf, in Exit Water )tre> t, formerly tnown u Hecley'i Jioomi. mirli ii FEED THE HUNGRY," lHlS Injunctloo, dirlne In It. origin an.i aa a dnt/ apon OB all, U now bting 4fts.>rve.l to tte fullest extent by iitv\ KAST WATEK STHKh-T, MILWAUKEE, Who are just in receipt of the che*p*Jt, uxl must complete stock of Family . <te«4-Ul> \ I: I r H () i H Y A T JASEiVIU.K T ins ji'LtNnrij prl^tors -<f».ji^r Mesars. ?L»iY [} sue The 51ei«.rs. f are keeping, and no nthej aa«uran«-e Hyatt Unase w,h hereafter bv -nn errinff the pstrooAee of »hc puh>i .^ i' r-.M--n'l v ••fi'ir, £• I I -, i (__/ \ ^ i ;»MI: I LOOK HERE, VK WE^hT TK A V Ei.KK.- (« \MX.II » M'N DINING SS A I. i > t . N : L OCATED near ih^ >l,,»»u«— fc MM-M-.;. ±>is jns* the pliCt- m»»li, for the im.ill will he nuppM^ O 1 AT Kits t > Ik «. \v pr- turn i tt^wlth th- -N< I.M J 1 ap Ln tvtry rt mppli^ij with «,OUO Ever exhibited tn this city, th» time > avlng b***n bou»-hi recenUj ID tbe New ¥nr« kod Bo*ton mTirk^t* FOR c A s n , A t »u-h prices aa enable ua \f an«l«r»ell all compel tora in the trade, and ilill aS>rJ oa ahanilsom,. ,irmg profil. Oar programme embraces every artlcl both F.\>» V A\J» S j apon th- ti ne»t anil '. *nn La->-h '»-pt 23 A 4,85778 10,367 78 •abject) to delay these shots until the Fourth of July, when the big gun of the village is brought out and let off at him ia an oration." *tn Doollttle's great ipeebb, in tbe Senate of theCnl- tea Blitw. which earned him the wbrtanet of '• our gloriooi mounting bird." other people,, Gen. Oass fcy ».deg8ner»te icion of the stock U in ; : fay: qnMtloaabletMtetoBsjtheleiuitofit. Gtsa.Caii " ' The London Saturday Rtviev* liken the literary productions of Sir Edward Bnlwer Lytton to the cheap lace of the machines txg compared with theiy»nd-made article '•They claim to be a sort of nlttmate result of human wisdom, and may pass on tb» on- wary for the product of Brnsselt or Valenciennes; but it is impossible to look into them oarefoll/ without seeing that they really come from Nottingham. They are a enperior article Of their kind, but they are not tbe real thing." The writer continues;— i •'The mere popularity—especially when we remember that it has been durable as well as extengire-Twhich Sir Edward Lytton'u novels hew obtained would prore conclusively that their author was a yery clever man. Indeed, no one can doubt that he is so; but, to ose 1 his own curious dialect, between the Clever and the Great there is often an impassable gulf.— The language, perhaps, does not contain any singlow.ord which exactly describes his iatel- Jactual rank. If It did.^that word would!occupy a middle position between Jack-of-all- trades and Humbug. The general fmprefalon which hii books give isone whloh is conveyed by the careers 'of seraral distinguished mei \ in the present day—namely, that he is a man who has passed boa life in gratifying the dot ble appetite of vanity and versatility. For ab ant thirty years be has been ^coupled In telling the world, in a r»riety of forms, how very clever he is. «Yon Bee before yon, ladies and gentlemen, a man of the world, a gentleman of rank,, an excellent aeveligt, a brilliant pamphleteer, a profound -«-"—-«---- - /••••«•-.-,-• politician, a: ^lose of theAddress] *Clu<si[an^seiTati!re:;' a» regards both this world and the next." ; Xb* Ont*td« »5i la tbe «|rlit. We have already printed two "<)»»» . a deep mirpiarj a a lower tone, toward the y prin from i ^ . , theflrst oca from from the New Yor fast by David Barker, about the Jn the flght"-H)ne about the "o answer to it, by onr friend .John . day John Jones wishes a hearing for the "Ont• into his mind, with no great regard to its appropriateness or foundation in f»nt Tb-u^ u no doubt that this is one method of securing at least a flow of words, because in such caw the exercise of thought if not impeded by any restraint of ta»te, Judgment or conscience; and the man who gives unrestricted license to his imagination, in the practice of public speaking, will be pretty sure to acquire a habit of saying extravagant and startling things, whatever justice be does to reason or truth. It is thns that several of the clerical and forensic barangnen of the day have been so successful in making their more recent impressions upon • certain class of popular assemblies—by their dare-devil way of pouring forth whatever crude ideas float over their brains, when their undisciplined minds tip reason out at tbe tail ofthe cart, and they give the reins at once with whoop and holloa to all the excesses of unbridled (peculation. It ia no very difficult matter to acquire skill and notoriety in ihta way. It requires some talent, iome practice, a good deal of self, assurance and In their own favorite phraseology—" to leave the consequences. ' We han proposed, if space allowed, to quota a few mow passages from the speech of Mr. Phillips. There is one* man alluded to in it, whom be styles " an accursed Tankee church member"—a= though his connection with tba church were his special sin, who it seems helped to restore a fugitive slave; and Mr. Phillips treat? us to this charitable,' moderate and rational burst of eloquence npon it: "The church of America baa not done in the sight of God, good enough since tbe days of the revolution, to make the wickedness of that one man kick tfie beam I" After this, it is no marvel that he uttered that denunciation upon his native State, which protects hit person and his property, and patiently submits to his ribald nonsense, because she holds back from following him in his frantic bourse—" the Commonwealth of Massachusetts I"—though we observe the Liberator prudently expunges the imprecation from its report The speech itself is commonpbjoe, meagre and barren; and this H must necessarily be for the speaker has now been harping for many years npon the lame wearisome and narrow theme. The people are timd of it, and this makes Mr. Phillips mad. Be ia angry at the diminishing prospects of abolitionism, which h« and big confederates havs longlieeu blowing np by jealous efforts to the dimensions of a portentous-lookine *^J&!3!2£. th ? «?* to ""P** «"» ffie.wind-baguollapsinp, he becomes more de- Total Lisbill-.lea IV. toecELuunoca. II. Tb« greatnvamount Insured in one risk. $4,003, of |^re r.sks Ii tbe usual lunlt; bat In iome cases of short risks 110.000. On Tesseli and catgoei 115,. 0001 is Ihe usual, Including both. 13. Gross smonnt of premiums received •')& State of Wiicotuln for the current year, enAidjf-Pebruary >». TTiomariret value «« H. .UMk. Ik. Cotapany has no istockholderi, tbe scrip issued on the Mutual pup by in charter constitute! Ita el pita) and tte valbo of scrip varies according to Its priority of Isiue- I Ii. Dividend, 7 per cent on Hi outstanding (crip. IS. Tbe. charter or act- of Incorportion of attld Uorap*- . ny.; Sent herewith. ; ; JAMES C. GVARBj President. A. A-iIcsTAFBiCTK, Becfetary. STATE Or WISCONSIN, BKCRKTAKrSoyjaOI, I ; MinaoH, May Kl ,5B59. f Satisfactory evidence baring been furnished to me that the) mutual Iniorance Oompany of BuiTslr*, being an tnantanee Incorporated by the Btate bf Hew Tork, having complied with thi requirement of section one of An Act entitled '•An act t* regulate Ini neance Companies not Ineorported by ths *lat« of Wtscons.n " approved llarcb 17. ISM, an d bav og also paid Into the State Treasury the Mm of three per cent.: ot the grolt •monntjof premiums received In the State Of Wijcon- •In for gie yeir 185S, »s per report of said; Company ' *¥ r efor«, in panuance of the act aforesaid, J, W. Jones, Secretary of Stale of the State of Wi»- conslD, Bo hertky certify that W. F. Burf), ol Mllwaa i ee, iftte be dnl) authorli.d bj laid Company, may take ricks, recclv, premttuns and transact the buitaexs of aal49nrance Agint lor said Company inittti Bute, from ltd* date, until the first day of January, I860. In witness whereof, I hare hereunto'•«» my haBB PL &1 S? d ^""^ed the n-eataeal oftke State, at 1 ; J the Capitol In Madiion, this 31ft day of i May, 1S6S. ' ,t J. D. RC6GL88, Aialstant Becretaty pf State. prices.) leaf, {» T In- ,"\4ir wtrn t^ 1 IHII,- be bouebt elievberr fur 5 aiiTiiiniri. or »lh u pound for mining.) CotTe<», (Mo,-ba. 01 I (>o Java, Lagutra ai-d Ri,>,; VV ai i iil in I Mm' sups, ail binds of Usurer, ,uH. u ».,ho, \V. r- Keadlne and }>a'tao i, i f e latr^j- h^-np « rvfrt plesslug sttinolant :o the ap;«Mte. c mp^« pally nt Turklah condiment, c >mbme I tr ih rarioua cofnary producrons «f il. c taat. It u an cX'iuiaite rellah with Pish, Mens, P,, iltry si! I B»ci., an i f.-nna a valuable aJdjt.-^n lo .^oups, Miii'j^ ll.i«l !•». •* -wi and Me«t Pia, >awel u ,-aUds it al«« nn;.Tts » ntlhly de'icioui H«vor to l-teaks ami Cho t ,a.| Birton and Oeostem Ol;ve Oil, f*a K-UIH of an sloai. ».r.>«sf A Ulacxwe I'* fickle, of t--rj de^crlpt ^n.^. i •i-wlp,! Lobsters, Freah Salmon. Sardluf. Little Ne-k Cl»mi Cove Oysters, Corn Starch, Tapiocn, Sairo, Ric* Cooper i Shrnl Ijtng Gus». Mi« r^ini, V,.-ia.••«.!.. Flirs, Ralalna, Citron, tc . JV \\t ir~ »lao Sole i^-nu lo A tsconsin for Hacombcrs Salad Cream A very popular article irhich ihoiM be .n ef*ij- -r 1 ' curts family. We bare also 20OO StGAIl llUf. I> IIATIS Tbe bevt ever cffered In this city. jMjo i6 RDLS. PORK s^ut up expressly for our trade. - FKtiSH CiKOUNL) Always on band from tbe Einptr? and Nev and TO L'I'T A LOSG uroK)' *i Tbe ben stock of Grocer! ra from wb ^h tn In town and at tbe loirest ral«s AS WE SELL FOR CASH And make no bad debts, we can iffoM io an'ienfi: nUgbbors who do a tune tra^e, and of cours.- lose n 9r lass of their profits In that way. Call and Examine Our stork, whether yna want lo buy or r.o will freely show ynu our goods and pricea wl.ich w« know cannit tall to please you. JeS BCSN A CROSBY Tin- Franklin rbemieal \VorU JfO. 231 NORTH FRANKLIN STREET, Off 1C AGO, . . I LLI SO if i t i 1 1-1- •^ X 2 sf V^.4' $i0S¥Z~- MHJVMKE I " ^ v«* ; 7. •f. A R . C JOBBER V D Jl u K, T. t from V a 11 k \ o I i o 11 * . ; FULL. n 1 COtVKTKY nFRIII wrs Are requested to call an,I exatatn.! GOODS AND HUICK.s. Ii . P. f I U \ . t rv CO u o 1 e a a r c ^ 1 AND THE OLD . Or i.'al.f.rnla . JL in rcmantlc aspects, by It W Pi/mr-r. >[ Sloaaic*. (jy the miithnr >f 3«io.l for rh- .^ A B«ehelor'j ^tory, l.y O Ir-r HUD.-I- I.lf* <»f General !Ur»locB. by J T ij-»,li "—Wutcrn Paper.; r prate of your t -ran'"-' •' '• King in ...,_..„. Dartmoor prisoners, we, too, will join in tlst <i>ratner l,n«£ flaw - ~ ;; - --'•'-«' ---' Benrrer derirtt to be counted to, ^Tonnhoirtn«; an lotUaot bright; Be*aveiUiKrlBa«ilV>r jwUMUni '• Mr. S»enanm»7 try aiiong-u be like* .JJR» ilaiiuigs) hl» foeman'f aight, fct the pleaunt position ef looMnj on t Battb* onHUadoc to tte Brtt; - : ' ••-'— - • ents, which are more tban ordinary, to a course of general cultivation, and had given half the time to the practice of public speaking npon subjects of general Interest which he has wasted npon anti-slavery oratory alone, be would b,aye : Been a pleasing and even elegant speaker. His voice «nd manner are both unusually agreeable; britit is now with him little more than voice and manner, for-: he; "ito ;so 'hinji mered away ttpon big everlasting subject, that filmy vapor, that melts in the morning beam into the very air upon which only sometbina •o slight could hang suspended. And astral gUtteni.ln the sunbeam and is gone, so hli eloi quence sometimes U remarkably effective for the moment, and when'that is past all ia over,We are not aware thatlie has ever »ald^.%- thlng.whiphhM impressed itself^rwn the WAREHOUSE SALE i OF ! r Unclaimed Freight and Baggage OF MIL. * LACB08SE B. St. wariij.besold at Hood'i AuctionRoomiJNi^.Snrlni " ,"h on J ban 2 v . """"to*. «ke SOtb. ity of JUM tbe follok'og lost frelgbt and Bagrafe, unless called for aad charges paid prerlons to day of sale, i \ : Jfartt. 1 Black Trarelirv Bag. 8 I" 1 Carpet, 6 Black Bin, 1 Oarpfet Bag, 2 Black Bags, 1 Carpjet Ba», 1 Black Bag, 8 Carrjt Bag, 1 Leatier Bag. 1 Uarpbt Bag, 1 Bundle dotbini. No W E beg l*«Te to annnnoc* to oar eaatomen, »n,l m tke trade lo general, that during tbia season an travtl.Ds sjent wlli be dlapaicbed tram our lorlj.— We Inrlie our old cuatomers and otheri to favor aa by letter with tbeir orders for Essences of Liquor*, wMcb, at alwajs, will be executed to their entlrt latis- faction. Thousandl appreciate the plan upon «h:ch our Kiseneea are mad« whlcb presents the following id TKDtlfres and laeilitlrs netar cffered bj others 1. The Essence* from these works are actually gamed -bj distillation, therefore Healtbj and Purv some felng ibat others caiarjot or dare not claim for theirs. t. The Costs are much leas tbao otheri, became tbese Ksirnce* >re put up lu packages, each contains?, enoagh for forty gallons, and comprising not out; ill the required Ingredients,-tui atta the coloring. Addreu letters to CAKL EKLEB, Manager, rrankilB Chemical Worii, Chicago, DL, P. 0. Boz, SJ43. J«4—d«m The Convilescr.nt. r The Sparrow ffraia P by F. T C..i2?iu. J aa; HecciT»-l Fr-r N P N < > I 1 < . t- T'KRRV J' 1 Band Box, 1 Btwett Trunk,. 1 "j " I Blacl " 9 Black. « IChttl . 3filack • . rr*d.iBnaels. 0. M, Ferrto. J. A.I Blanebard. lObect, . . • IBoz, 1 ROJII tt *• IBlact " • 1 Veatl er Bed, 4 Blacl Batcbeli, 1 Carpet Bag, 4 Hat lloiei and Hats, . • '• V ). . lSBunolei"DlolDlng, !* !: • The tb ra goodi bar* ronalned on hand it the Depot of the La-Oron* and MUwankee BaUroad one year and over, and frill b« >old without rtttrr* for club, J. HOOD, Auctioneer. JellM^tlnJOd , H.S.'Qrten. No nark. ' Otrica o> raa Uo>. 4 MmcnTa K. B. Co., ( Ullwaukee, Juoe S, 1*59. f N OTIOK Is bfftbj glTen, that th: deed of organm- tion of this Company, Is In the offlos of the Secretary of this Oempiejr, In the City of Milwaukee, readr to b« executeil by holders of bondi secured bj ux mortgages of the LaCrosse t Mllwaultc* Railroad Co^ under for«closure of which this Company Is organjini; and penoc» holding such bondi who hare not alresdi executed ih» sam* are notified to do so In person or »j Attorney duly authorised. Notice Is also glTeo, that tie Secretary of this Ooa- pany will lane certificates of the atoek af this Company to the holders of such bonds npon snrirender tbcfi- ef, In pursuance of the provisions «f the deed of «r- ganiaatlon. Notice Is alto given, that the Board of Director! »f thi« Company baa made an asaeument on the slock it the rate ot one per cent, for Oie i upon ot p.ying UM expeniei of foreclosing the aald mortgagee and 01 a- gaolzlngthli Company, payable on or before the 6nt day of Jaly n«»t, to tne Treasurer of this Company, it his office in the City of Milwaukee. JeT-dtt DW1GHT W. KBTK, Secretary ROOFING, HARDWARE, &C. «. i * MANCFAITTURKR .if rr CATAWBA BRANDY, '.tie Ca ^ of ^h tr.U >f thn.i... 3ULE OHIO T HIS Brandy has been m*rm jean from the pure juice of thu ajording additional evident- Amt'l,:an enterprise and Indosirj-, protlUt*e articles at home equ&l tn 'ho.!,: rn.v(v hy other nation. The ^Hllo Cauwba Brandy D.II o .'7 -quals MU JT,-^» thebeit lot. -t.-i Itrjr. |,;.,,,. ^ur::/ an,I Uav,, r h , In fac lli.- I,-it,1) in , r . 1 : u:( uatemcni 'a lu(, . corio*-.. rated t>y in* certificates o t -or oiost .list, litruisl ed %n^ Tttcal chemiata. The ^ inTaf Pnre Brandy hsa loo^ txren f^-ft n ih:. country, ,ti.i u.. ,iir ^.|a. i-m -,i »n article ^fmt-h iu.iii- ty aj to superKc«tc Uku sale anil use fit those vi,r* *nm. pounds hitherto aold under the oame of Brandy.,-nn >n.v be regarded a great public good. Tbe Cata*ct>.i ilran-Jy poasesses ail the good qualities claimiM :n>-* ^>^<f Imported liquors, and Is of perfect purity in,I IU;><TI«. flavor, and asoverlgn and sure remedy for Oytpepsi;,. Flatulency, Cramp, Oolic, Laniraor, Low Spirit?*, frocer al Debility, Ae. NO FAMILY SHOCLD BE WITHOLT >r V ^ Boitl, . I Ir UNDS AND WATER POWERS. 49O.OOO At/Jtisai i i; :'"'.'.'''.' Q*^^ -•-!}! Choice Farming and Pine lands, IN WISOOIV8IN. nacvlU) jean ago from the then 1/aadf tn that Btate, are no* offered • FOR SA*jE.i -.. • - i '• srna | M rox aid Wisconiin ImprovemJpfl.1i At LoWjPricei, on Liberal Tenu of OredJi, aad In W. M E A C I, E A. SOW! SIGN OF THE BIG RED KETTLE ! |8tovei, 8he*)t Itpn, Tin, " , t- -' :_•?_ ' -T-4ND— . MJBlCllLTlJUAl IMPLEMENTS, With ! BPADB, SBOTKLS, And Atitealtval DnpiemenU ! ' ..: .-'• :-••• •--•.; ••• aorta .SHEET IRON article,, BOE8, u waBasall quite tti«taken in attribnttng any of oratory to sno tte different varietlei or 0»t openin ard Wood Lands, are wen Irateredbi: nerer-faUlDgBrooki, and ar« lei thaflelnf-! arJtet*.-:-!-/'!-;'.'--'------'-];-^! •••: '|; P«j»ora aw »m ses> formal or Jardlner fraud to certain jprehenirfons will hav|e the Bimilitude' of , We hare fiMv^^ 1 ^*^* 5 * Tork LifeMdTrrot Company.-TH '.comities, aia KttWtD AT. C«lM«,TAtI^rtaS . . . Retail Price, »l,i.> Per Recommended by th« phyilcjana of the United States. G.Simmondshas appointed J. P. A ? !l. IL^l.iTT, N UlEjiat Wtter«reet, sole agents for the' of Ws conain, where dealers aud customers tylll please f<" ard their orders. By calling on the igent-i, the puhlVc will rsceiv- i ple (rratuioualy. ln ,. | j THIS WAY WITH YOUB MOJfEY JOHN W. LED YARD, Cash Grocer and Wine Dealt r, NO. Ittl EAST «• ATER ST. T HE BEST PlAOS TO BCT FINE GRIEN *.VD BLACK TEAS, The but place to buy OLD JAVA and MOCn.< Col'. FEES; The best placa to bur nice SYKUPS , The best place to buy all kinds of HOLASSK3 The beat place to buy all kinds of SCO AB3, Tke best place to bay all kinds of SA L r rl.iH . The test place to buy Cross t Blactwell's PICKiE- Tha bert place to buy all kinds FOREIGN SdCi:£tf The belt place to buy all kinds PIE P8UIT3 . The beat place to buy 9CQAB CURED UAM.i The beat place to buy SMOKED B»EF, Tha beat place to boy CHOICE BUTTER , The belt place to bay PALB ALE : The belt placa lo buy FOREIGN ALE and POHTK3 The bat p'aoe to buy TOILET SOAPS . The bait place to bay all kinds WASHING rOAPS , Tha beat place to boy belt STARCH , The but place to boy FIGS, RAISINS, PRCNKS , The belt place tobuyallkindiNUr*; The belt place to bay pare LIQUORS for farm!? we, Ta«:but place to boy Native and Foreign WINK 4 ; The best place to boy a good box iHBABS, The belt place to bay Meenhaum SMOKING TOBACCO: The beet place to buy high and low cost. CHBWIN01 TOBACCO; The hot pUce to buy Wetdham Pino Apple CHEK3G, The belt place to buy English and American " The kdt place to buy (rood GOODS; The belt place to buy GOODS CHEAP; ' The tat place to buy all klodi G til CKR1H?: Wa l(k tne cillsens of MUwankee to try QJ—rlc: poor. JeM : . JOBS W. UPYAHJ). At t '111,1.3 U . t .K > \ 1 i> I •» . A t 1C II .1 u- r •> IN •.-. \l U.e SMtttaa 1 M > ..VIC w,'io: <nx :n,>,'.'7 HALI.UNS H»|.l^ wbi-ai CaltL-a. *t nv.ll I > Sl'KJVr.LJ t»y ilr^t r>.'it i Y HI F i liuirali. n. «.. I IV 4 tOf* I i thp l>f^t u ;h« citj, at 111 NN .t CKOilllVA. KAMH.\ ur» Mills i' :, o M h. A .N L> !•; VAL,>( mi entirel.!- nen •! i and .»rai:ric»ii ! tp' r "'llil Hto K. Domestie Exehaoge and Specif. rriHE higheat rate* paid for all kinds of Gold aad Sil. X TerOolnand Bullion. exchange camtanUy for tale at the lowest priou. . Ail make dealing tn»peela and fachanto my entire i^}d' exelitilTV'boslneu, Z ui able to (iTemy cuailo~ aseri aa adrantage over current flgom. List of prlcw wiUbe.fttmJihedatmvoffloe, yo. Aa ^iscoitant STREET. Pruncii, I J ir* i^y "..c 1 T 13 ^^ i .Cl \nf JEissI *a.Lal fm 2 1 af L^iesi Stylus, at V . B J V A N €' O 'I' T » S , Cor. Sttit Wattr ami Wwctxufirk titrate. liaving lately ^lapudej of-^nuai uf my formtsr 9 to cit T I exercisei* tnyjelf m icarchiDg u tho Kutern MarkeU far &11 tbu i\rw Styles auU Patterns, "•Vhlch hftvo been imported and manufactured llnca tha iMt panic. 1 have aJao purchaaeii & larga ttoelc <ut Lidiea' and Gentlesaeii'a Wateiios* With movements acknowleilgc'l a^ ihw most superior by tbe Am«rlc*a pabtio. QOT8Q »RE3H COCOA SETSjttit resclved at "

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