Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 27, 1959 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1959
Page 5
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DEAR ABBY.., By Abigail Van Burin DEAR ABBY: My son, 22, Is, DEAR ABBY: My husband keeps making a trip across the country j telling- our kids that he met. me on *nd he plans to take a couple of|a corner when we were both wall- passengers along lo help defray | ing for a bus. Tt. is true hut it P X penses. On« woman, 24. who is sounds terrible. How can I get him ft. divorcee,with a questionable rep-',to either fib a. little or shut his iitalion, wants to make the trip.' mouth? isn't transporting a woman from { MARJORIF, State to State illegal? ! DEAR MAR.IOPJE: Ask his ASKING'mother for a few baby pictures of DEAR ASKTNO: Transporting a; him ***** on 8 fllr ''"*• Hold woman from State lo State for JM- lhern for bargaining purposes MORAL purposes is Illegal. Your son would \vi.<se to takn only passengers who were above suspicion. The Mflnn A(;t has come in hnruly for some women. T „ .. t , t Confidential to In Love : if I had write to| En-' stamped a dollar for every married who told a girl he was unhappily married and she WHS the jbest thing that ever happened to DEAR ABBV: T got into a little him in his enllie lif? > 1VI hflve quarrel with mv wife. I shoved «n«'Kti money lo buy th,s news- her once and she. tripped over a P**"*- Do n ° l b ".v hl *» Btl slol - v ' chair. Her son (my step-sont who, 0 "- >' OU1S w '» be « Mfk1er onc ' is 1ft ftnd weighs 210 pounds, think-1 "" ' ing T knocked her down, came in f"'„ " P p ''M>nal reply swinging and I had to .how him ABBy "' ™ re °/. tn ' s who was boss. The wife called the, ( ' lose a * e!f • cops and t was so mad at. this kid .-envelope, of hers that I told the policeman that he was a deserter from tnp :rnpj0 Army, which he, was. They lock- LuU 1C ed him tip and it took three police-! m*n and the desk sergeant to .« dup. my wife. T apopogized now the wife won't have anyth> to do with me. She threw my; LKFORS KSpli T Mrs. Jerry Ja- rlothes out the window and locked ,. o hs wa.s hostss to a birthday rne out. What .should I do? -party honoring her son, Kddie, on LOCKED Ol'T his fifth birthday in the, civic ceil- DEAR LOCKED: I think for the | (er OM Saturday afternoon, present you are probably "safer" j A Valentine t-loth covered the locked out. Wait till sh», cools off; .serving table which was centered and try for a "return engagement" with ied and while cake deroraf- flt a later date. .eel in hearts. Chocolate candy lecorated in red and white iMp^l^^^^ alSt THE FAM ^ "•"""." § y e a f FRTDAY, F Women. * -Activities | Thursc/oy Rev'/«v THUS f AMPA flATMT N1W8 FRIDAY,'FEBRUARY 27, " Doris E. Wilson Dally News Women's Editor 1 Program On Music Presentd For Le/ors Art And Civic.Club Meeting LKF'ORS (Spli - Mrs. .Tftrry Mrs. H Jar-obs presented thft program on,d\iring the social hour. "Music," to the Lefoi-s Art and! Present w*re Mme.s. Ray Boyd. Civic Hub. at !t« ie..-ent meeting;, .lorry Jacobs, Charles Glisen. "Music i.» a mode or way of Raymond Jordan, Bud Cumber- self expiession. The. first inslru- ledge. Carl Ferguson. Claude merits weie merely the clapping Slanlon. James Jinks, Keith Geis- 6f hands and stamping of feet," lei. R. H. Barren, H. W. Callan, staled Mis. Jacobs, adding thai. Floyd Hines. Karl Atkinson, L. R. "Music is a language by Itself. Spence. W. D. McBee. Carl Hall, pullin? expression from one to an- and Misses Norrna. Lanta, and other into sound. Messages sent on Mickey Johnson, a hollow log wa° an early insuu- - — " -W£ WHRKLER iSpl> Thursday lowing dinner. Review Club honored htisibands! Member* And their gutttft with a. Valentine dinner recently: were present for the oticftsloft in Nora's Dining room. The presi- ! eluded Messrs, and -Mme», dent, Mrs. Karl Barnes made the,; Barnes, Dflvid Brilt, fifty Ford, welcoming address and Thtirman.Jfic.-k darrison, Gene Mack, -ttflf- Rives gave the response. . rlson Hall, Marold Lloyd L««, Spud" Rev. Canton Thompson g- a v e Mowe, Bob McNeil, T h ti r m a n the invocation. i Rives, Can-oil Peltit, N. O. W*rB Tables weie centered with at- Jr., Joe Weathefly. BuStef G «t« tractive arrangement.* of red and Ian. C6y Revovis, Rev. dnd -Mr*. white carnations and large red CarHon Thompson: Mme», Y>evfc W. Callan was hostess ,, n(1 white heart.". 'Sue Rioherfton, fJelbeH. Mc-Whort- Table, games were played fol-'er. The late winter and early spring months are the ones when \tK work counts. This girl uses a lotion on her lets befor- Jonnlnj hosiery tnd »gain «t night, tftet her bath. merit. Eygpl had the first orchestra known, soniet.ini<'« with as many as six hundred in one orchestra, consisting of harps, lyres, and bells. Music i.» truly one of Ihe great, ails." WMU Presents RS Program Is RUTH MILLET - , " ""feted On Birthday vtVi IMP ; •* So your husband doesn't appreciate you. .Well, maybe you don't appreciate him. either. Do you ever let him know that you realize he, is carrying quite a load supporting a family? Do you thank him for a good time when he lakes you out in the evening, the way you used thank your date?'.' Do you notice when he especially tired and make an leg Homework Pays Off In Admiring Glances Women's Missionary T.'nion of j A guesl. Mrs. Joe Dan Watson, vv'hite Deer First Baptist Church ; played a series of songs for the. met re ,. Pn t|y i n (he home of Mrs. 'group. iLune." including. "Clare de Ifly philips xvilh Mrs. Glen Rob"Chopin Prelude," "Des- ..,.,'..„„ presiding during the busi- je.rt Song." and "The Best Things ne? ,, lr , eet jn K and program. Mrs. Phillips led the opening prayer. th«: participating in a playlet taken By ALICIA HART NKA Reautv Editor in Life are Free." The program closed with singing of the cluh song. "Fxive ' f,. om ant! Glow." entitled "Alaska, the 491)1 State." Four new members wsra \vei- were Mm » s V. C. Kelly, corned into ths club. Mmes. B. Royal Rervi-e rnaga/ine. Richardson, Tom Ingnim and Ke- Thackei, Floyd Hines, Claude j jx p lVfl |,, Late winter and early spring Canton, and Keith Geisler. j o bring the weeks when a girl refll-| iy needs to do some homework on her let st1e wanls them .smooth seems pf . and pi elly for warm weather. him, even DEAR ABBY: t have been cor- hearts were served also. Favors . .„ responding with a brother of mine'were the party hats and horns. , "Q*"" ' ever , el| ni|n how ni( . p who live.s several thousands of; 'Guests were Debbie and Gay see that nothing disturbs Short skirts continue in fashion if it means keeping the ^ fer nnf1 li " tert n >' 10 "'° w )» abound this spi ,-ng and sho*>s m vivid colors will diaw attention lo to Miss Cleveland Feted At Party miles from me. I know his weak- Daniel, Rrendu Barnes, Gary Lew- IKJPPOS well and have sen! him'JR. Jjnnifer Boyd. Pharlotte .lac- literature On thos*. subjects in ohs. Betty Lewis. Penny Boyd, hopes that it would straighten him Dickie Archer, and Mmes. D. D. out. f jiisl received a belated Davis, Pinv Royrl, and Howard Ar- Ci'.rislmas gift, from him. It was clier Gifts were sent by Gene his persona! check for $2ft.OO andjCallan. Richard and Morris Rob- enclosed was (lie messnge: ; erts. ''Please use this to have your - head read." Now nothing: is the mallei- with my head. HE M more In nee.d of having H1R head read than f. How would you handle th'«? QUITE RANK DEAR Ql'lTE: I'd enjoy the gift and keep sending him literature. Sweetheart Fete For Baptist Youth he. looks when he starts work, wearing a new tie or a new suit '' Do you make him feel (hat you are hiippy with your home and it» furnishings, instead of forever telling him about the better homes and better furniture other women lui ve? Do you ever ask his advice when you are planning on buying a new dress or considering what color- to paint the living room 1 ? Do you manage to stretch his pay check as far as it will go without talkine about your- penny off to - vclir 1(? ^- <l - So now ' R tll? tirne lo CANADIAN' ispli A coffee put in ."dine leg \\ork. honoring- Miss Joyce Cleveland, The ideal time to remove that, who becurne the bride of Truitt G. red roughness that winter brings 'Craft on February M. was given on is right after you bath. Use a in the home of Mrs. F.d Meek re- softening lotion fiom foot to (high c.entlv. Other hostesses for the oc- and don't, just slap it on; mas-'casion were Mmes. Bill Job, Frank snge it, in. This is good for drcula- McMordie Jr., .John McM.ordie and lion, too. (Ben Darnell. To give you feet and legs a rest. The serving table -was covered take a tip-from professional danc- with a hand-make, ctii-work cloth ers. They rest their' feel and legs with a cent si-piece of while stock, by lying on the floor with legs white p*!rn mums interspersed propped up against, the wall at an with white wedding bells. Blue angle to the body. You can do candle* in silver holders flanked this or vou can lie down on courch the centerpiece. Table appoint- of bed with your- feet propped ment= we:e of silver. Mrs. James Giiinn i pad siiip- ture. Mis. Ralph Higgins offered closing prayer. Refreshments were served during the social hour to Mmes. Felix Ryals, Kugene Richardson. Glen Robertson. James Guinn, C. C. Kelly, Torn Ingriim. Ralph Higgins. Ijuisin Osboine. Dance Concludes "Iwirp Week" higher than your head. But not just a little higher - - a lot higher! LEFORS i.Spli The young pinching so that the world looks people of the Kirs! Baptist Church on him as a good provider, instead were honored with a Sweethcait of on you «.« a good malinger ". Banquet recently in the aiuipx of Do you show genuine inleiesi in . the church with Mrs. Kd Lehnick ins job and ts-ke as much pride Party Motifs TOpIC in charge of the program and dec.- in his successes as you do in your p A rtc Trnffc Til ih orations children's accomplishments- TOT /AITS-^ TO MS V_IUD Do you listen with respect to his CANADIAN (Spli Mrs. W. P Vainell \va« hostess to the children «"d Crafts club in her home le- h"«rt Rev. .lohn Dyt'r of the Hobnrt MIAMI (Spli -- KHA Chapter Street Baptist Chinch WHS guest ideas" entertained recently with a. sweet- speaker oflhe evening. Have you taught your to look up lo their futher and nip- cenm. in the bud nny criticism of The devotional. "The Essence him bv them'.' 'and Foundation of a Christian Do you accept his gifts with Life," v,as given by Mrs. Paul stiearners Me (.'all You Sweethe.-irt." by pleasure instead of wondering. Wood. .loh,, why he bought you somelh'iis! you Demonstration on 'Place Card" was given hv Mri. Bud Webb: "Ta- Presiding at ihe silver coffee and tea service was Miss Jean t.'leve- land, sister of the hrid». Oilier honor guests were Mi">. W a \ ri e Cleveland, mother- of the bride. and Mrs. T. G. Craft, mother of the. bridegroom, from Baud, Tex- Arts as. tf The fellow who doesn't know his c\vn mind probably hasn't nvssed a thing. » «'• diuice at the cpnctjision of Tex Nolan, master of ceremon "Tvvirp Week." ' ies. introduced the program which P etl The American T.egion Hall WHS included a song. "My Heart Cries •lei-orated with large red hearts For Yon." by Maiie Nichols; "Let and \'nlonlines. while. and balloons filled with confetti Krances Claikp. D.-inny Hill, and randy. Sublet, and Oci* Robinson. Mi«.» Biu-baia Holland. FHA A Hill-Billy Wedding was pr»>president, ciowned Wilev B.iilev nt sputed with Mint's. Alba Shoios. valentine King, v.tuln Larry Rog- W. B. Minter, H. L. T».el, J. \'. eis. tn.'iS I-'HA Sweetheart, crown- f'.uthr-ie. David Robinson, and Ed I ed Miss Holland a * Valentine Lehnick us characters. Music for Queen. Ewi-h \\a." piesentPd with 'lit> enure pro^taiu was futnishf'd n Valentine box of candy. Both ."y Miss Pat Berry, pianist. i name? had been U«pt a secret viu- InvocHtiou was given hy Rev. \,. I til the crowning. M. Berry, and "Into My Hear'.." Refreshment'' were served with was sung by the entire group as 'pending, instead \r>, W R Holland presiding at benediction. I the crystal purn-h bnul. Mrs. \Vil-. . . Read The \e\vi Classified Ails, Appoximntely S6 guests ed the courtesv. attend- It's Fix-Up Time Rverythine for The Home Home Builders Sup. SI2 W. Foster >|O 4-8411 Beautiful, dutiful two placer answer to your quest for this practical, transitional dress lhaf keeps its good looks from dawn to dusk , . smartly styled of "cotena" uith white linen collar, pearl buttons, grograin ribbon detail.! black or navy sixes 10-20 use our career charge account with up to six months to pay fli<" Clarl; nssisieil in the serving. Attending weie: Misses Jennie I Mather-!, B;i i ha r ,-i I-ioll'Uid, Kathy I Harris. Snrah Kll'/rey, \'eiriM Brid- l-well. (;i>ru|-< r):>flson, Annette nyi's, GlP'id.'i'l. Sue Claik. ^y. Arnn«ton. Jolin Biyam, '/.»" oroiiiS, Mnicifi \Vanl, Joyce nou Al-o. 'I'uby f'iiiuiingliam. Rill 1 P.I t»p(.|in«. hairy Rogers. T e r r y Gill. Billy l.<»rd. Konme f! i I i. Sain HIM r is, Thi'o Mayo. Wiley Railey, I.nny Anderson. Jinimie Seil/, Paul Thompson, J o h n S.dilh, Gerald Anderson. Wendell Hinton. ("haihe Chnsiophei, Bob and Don \\'illiarns. didn't really need when there were so many things thitt you did? ble Decorations" by Mrs. Charlie Do you listen as attentively when Burton and Mrs. Cleo Jahnel. he is in a talkative rnood as you Members attending were Mmes. listen to Ihe men you meet social-'Charlie Burton. Gilbert Dickers, ly- ' W. R. Hext. Ren Hill. Cleo Jan- Do you ever lell him you're a ncl. James Mitchell. Rav Morey. lucky woman' 1 Amelia Ramp. M. H. Smith Jr.. • Do you try to cooperate when he. Bud \v>bh and Paul Wood, nslis you to cut down a little on "~ of getting an- life" gr\ V ' If you can't |M<s this test with Do you try to ?how him every flying colors, chances are your day in little ways trial he is the'husband feels taken for granted. most important poison in your loo. WITH PROFESSIONAL RESULTS t. . SAVE HALF THE COST It's easy now lo keep your rugs rlcan, sjniiai v and sparkling with beauty! Just rfi:t our Clarke Rug Shampoo Equipment and get iuana/ results at halj ihe Quick, easy, and sale. PAMPA GLASS AND PAINT NOW IN Gi : B 1431 H. Hobart Htt V- ' »; f - '. - ' just an old 'SOFTIE' To caress...ana blase!, .. Every ttap yon lake mis spring, tnena lilllg p«tt that ara loft, flexible, light,,.yet just right in the amount of support ana comfort they give your foot. So super sofll. Punchy lea I her In black, red, alabaster $14.95 paradise We Give and Redeem Pampa Progress Stamps a QUALITY oHQES fOB THE ENTIRE FAMIL* 207 N Cuvler MO 5-5321 SPECIAL "FACTORY RUN" SALE! UP TO 52% Off finest.of all meiamori^iifnnerviftire Boonton Potriciqn Solid Color Falnilous, luit. iniv! A special "factory run" 1'or this sale trives yuii o!)' ( to ."»-'. off j't-gulai' open stock jii'ii-t's. fur a lintitvd Unit'. Hoontunwai't's i'fii);ii'kal»k j beauty is practically i..destructible, dish- washer-saff. C'hoose from 3 exquisite patterns, 4 solid colors, pins a complete line of open stock service pieces. Save now! BUY MORI-SAVE MORE! 4 Plqce Settings f *) REG. 120.80 Boontonwqre Pqtterni Singl* 4-pc. Ploct Sorting . . .$3 DEC $ 6 4 Place Setting* *12» 5 KEG »?SOO THOMPSON HARDWARE CO, ^.^ W.

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