The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 16, 1916 · Page 2
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 2

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1916
Page 2
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Chillicothe Const VOLUME XXVIII 4 Pages No. 309. GHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI. THURSDAY, NOV. 16, 1916. DAILY EDITION, 5* ATTORNEYS CLASH IN THE MDAN1EL CM:': -- i: A FIG I IT W AS .V A ItiK WLV A YKRT- · EJD AT T i n s ' M l ) U X I S « ' S \ A SESSION. ' \a, Jury Will Bo CompieteU Tomorrow ·?· and tlie Taking of Testimony Will \ ' Ueg-in Saturday. -"· g- 10.--Actual!^, ( B - L i i l l r i ) i'r, St. Joseph, Mo., Xov physical hobitlmes threatoiud in McDaniel case today between the posing lawyers w h e n Judge C. Stropp, attorney tor the delense s "This man Lockwood, one of State's attorneys, has several ti said that I coxild not b l u f f him. X if he means physically, the placs this is outside the courtroom." Lockwood replied in a 1'he fashion i^. and Judge Ryan was forced to inter- ' ^ vene to stop the threatened warfare, j ^. The two attorneys glared at each i ^, other and even w a l k e d toward eacli,^ other. I ^, The State's attornt;. j tod y in e.\_ | f, amining the prospective j u r v m e n laid i /;; great stress on the vcnu-mcn belonging to the secret society a b McDanicl and they refused to accept, without challenge, those who did belong to the same orders. The state also contended that tho jurors selected m u s t f a v o r death penalty in order to qualify. At 11 o'clock, the e x a m i n a t i o n of the entire 40 men had been completed a"ncl court adjourned xmtil tomorrow noon. Bef^~e that t i m e the state will strike eight names and the defendants twenty f r o m the H=t leaving- twelve names to try the case. The 3 state -will present its side of the case | tomorrow afternoon and the taking I of testimony will 'begin Saturday. A DAILY NEWSPAPER IS ESSENTIAL TO EVERY HOMK IN LIVINGSTON OO. : MAKE SATURDAY OUK BAXXER PAY. Did you ever stop to consider the necessity of a daily newspaper, especially on the f a r m ? Did you ever hesitate for a moment to estimate the real worth of the daily to you' If you have you will never class yourself among those few who have said. "Oh! ? 2 . 5 0 is to 0 much. I can't afford it." The stock market is worth that much to stockraisers every week. The grain market will possibly save the man with grain to sell more than that in one deal. Our market reports are absolutely right and are the latest markets obtainable. They come direct to The Constitution over-its leased telephone wire into Kansas City every afternoon, only a few minutes before the paper goes to press. Look over these columns today--right now--and note the big news breaks of the day as told by the United Press Association, and you get it every day eNCept Sunday. Note the local news stories, covered in an A-l manner, and this conies to you every day. You can talk intelligently with your neighbors and f r i e n d s on current news topics--but what under the shining sun would you d 0 with yourself these long nights if you didn't have y o u r daily to read and late news matters to discuss with your f r i e n d s ' You're getting every scratch of BIG NEWS that happens ANYWHERE IN THE "WORLD for only ?2.50 per year --· over T500 days. Study these things in a fair and u n p r e j u d i c e d manner then ask yourself if $2 50 is enough--not IS IT TO MUCH. November 18th. next Saturday, is the last day of the announced bargain period. The daily Constitxition will be '2.50 only until bargain days close. Get in by next Saturday. Mail your check if you can't come. Help us make this a banner week. We need the money and you need The Constitution. It's better than the average now. but it's going to be better than ever in the future. GET IN BY SATURDAY, SURE! ALLIES ARE CLOSING UNION SERVICES TOR IN ABOUT MONASIIR THANKSGIVING DAY OF THIS JJIl'OllTAN'T OBJECTIVE !' XEAli 1'TJTITRE. ram.'O.t-rerbiivn Troops, Have Overcome Every ObbUicle in Their Drive. ( B y U n i t e d J're»».) London, Nov. 16.--Monastir is almost w i t h i n reach of Gen. Serrail's i indomitable Franco-Serbian forces after one of the most astonibhing advances recorded in the gi eat European war. BattUng against the snow WII^L BE HELD AT ELM ST. MKTJ1- ODJST CHURCH AT 1O:3O. Her. Paul Heiligman of the Presisy. leriaii Clnu-ch Chosen to Deliver Sermon. The Union Thanksgiving services 'this year will be held at the Elm S*. Methodist church. This announcement was made today by the ministerial' alliance. The services will be held at 1 0 - 3 0 o'clock. Rev. Paul Heiligman, pastor of the Presbyterian church, has been chosen £· To Our City Subsrribers. ® Don't feel that you have been ·$· slighted. You have, always been S i n c l u d e d in our plea for · delin- '· q u e n t subscription payments." ·$· A large number of our Chilli's cothe subscribers who have sig- ?· nified t h e i r ^ i n t c n t i o n s to "pay · [ S yearly in the past, have fallen -'· *· by the wayside and are m ar- -4 3- roai s By paying up this wee-c : ? the rate will be $4 50. Later ·$ s the regular rate of $5.00 will be 1- V charged n n d yanr subscription V 3 account will soon be presented s* $· to you a f t e r the close of bar- ·.* * gam daj'5 You'll gain nothing · V by waiting. "\Yliy not help a :' ·c- i r i e n d s in distress? ·' § 5 ' ^ § 3 3 ' S ' J ' ^ ' ^ ^ ^ ^ ' 3 ' ® I and rain over a great natural moim-i Dy the alliance to deliver the Thanks- MEETiNG TONIGHT TO FORMAUTOCIUB MEETING WILL, BE HELD AT TttB , COURTHOUSE AT 7:SO. M. V. Carroll of Sedalia Will Explain the Object and Plan ol the New Association. EVANGELIST COLE A FRIEND JOJTHLETICS K B TOLD LARGE CONGREGATION PAUL WAS AX ATHLETE. 1 tain defense, tho allied forces have I now reached the plains of Monastir [ a n d today's official reports f r o m Par- I is, partially confirmed m tho Ber- |hn statement, indicates the sweeping back of the Bulgar-Toutonic line to ,l point within f o u r miles oi the city of Mouastir itseU. Berlin's a d m i t t a n c e was a brief comment that "prepared new positions" in the Cerrna sector were occupied, j The new positions achieved by the Franco-Serbian forces are the result of two successive successful flanking movements, the first'involving a nearly impossible pass u n d e r fire f r o m f Cerna to the east of Monastir and a · ! thrust west f r o m these hard won CIRCLE ASSIST IN E X - i heights. It was successful. With giving sermon. Rev. Heiligman 1= a good p u l p i t orator and his sermon on that day will be one of great interest to everyone and should be heard by all those who possibly can attend. At this service a free will oftoi ing will be taken up for the relief of the suffering Armenians. Oifenngs for this noble cause havo been taken in other cities and Chillicothe will endeavor t 0 assist m the work. WOODMEN OE WORLD HOLD OPEN SESSION TERTAJNIXW. Kvei-y Teacher and Trainer of Men j More TTum One ITundi'ei] at the J. O. in Any Way AVas Ambitious to Have Those Under Him Succeed," the Spalter Said. Evangelist Cole, who is something of an athlete himself drew many il- O. F. JfoJl Wednesday 'i# A FlensiTii? Program.. practically all of the Cerna bank in Rush at tho Finish. Wednesday and Thursday have been banner clays at The Constitution, in GRAHAM AGAIN HEADS JEFfFM HIGHWAY K'LICCTKI) 1'flUSTDKNT AT AXXll- A L SfKKTi.XC; T H U l t S J X V V S|)ick:mls, and Princeton Will liotli Get tho Route, According to JIN Agreement, Col. Harry W. Graham returned f r o m the a n n u a l meeting of the Jef. terson H i g h w a y list n i g h t , -which was At 7 : S O o'clock tonight in the courthouse, a public meeting will be lield to form the Livingston County Automobile Club as an auxiliary of the Missouri State Motor Association.. M. V. Carroll, of Sedalia, who spoka at Cameron last night .will be present and 'address the meeting and ful-ly explain the objects and plans. To date local clubs as auxiliaries of the State Motor Association have, been formed at Bethany, Albany, Bnt- ler, Nevada, Lamar, Carthage, Joplin, Neosho. Bolivar, Humansville, Osce-' olo and Jefferson City, and the-exist.i ing clubs at Scdalia, Kansas City and" St. Joseph have been affiliated. Every motor owner and dealer and 1 every one desirous of promoting th3 speedy completion ot the great highways that traverse this city and coun. ry is invited and urged' to attend tonight's meeting. Bring others with you. so far as subscription renewals are | held at AUerton, Iowa, yesterday. The concerned. As the close of bargain days approaches the renewals beconir heavier and every mail today w a s m e e t i n g \\as well attended and much was accomplished for the improvement of the highway. A change was _ __ laden with renewal remittances. M a n y ] made in the route between Clio and the possession of the allies now. they j have advised us by phone that it will I Norwood, Iowa As changed, the route are striking ouj for th back. The Gernian force: : j i Teutonic, e i m P ° s s ' b l e ' f o r t h e m to get here have aban ' " lis weelt -- a11 those may e i t h e r send .doned a. portion,/oE this section of Olo I remittance by mail or h a n d Monastir front, ,'Berlm admits The now r u n ^ f r o m Clio to A l l e r t o n , Corv- cloii, Chariton and Norwood. The slme to I contested routes between . Sofia official statement todav likewise The Woodmen of tho World and A d m i t t e d the return n o r t h w a r d to- 'the WoVdnien Circle hold a j o i n t open j ward Tepawi^a. and Cigol session at I. O. O F hail Wednesday ] cm the w e s t f r o n t the allies arc night. More than one h u n d r e d %\ e r ^ sustaining again today the same de- present and enjoyed the evening. A j t e r m i n e d G e r m a n c o u n t e r s that h a v j The j u r y will be kept locked in i t - I lustrations last night from the ath.| room until the conclusion of the case.! letio Reid, and took the position con_ trary to the opinion of many, that pleasing program consisting of r e c i - j i n a d e this battle g r o u n d a chaos of Paul was an athlete. tations, music and talks was r e n d e r - ; fire. In a new assault d u r i n g the The text was from Gal 5 : 7 : "Ye ed ' Tho W ' °' W ' dnl1 team p l l t ° n |"'Sht the French succeeded in cIU. did run well; who did hinder yon that I a dri11 f o r tte bene(U ° C t h e v '» U o r s -! lodging the German forces w h i c h had One of the laughable f e a t u r e s ol the | taken a part of the village of Clier- evening's entertainment was runnm UVE STOCK MARKET. Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 16.--Cattle receipts 7 , 0 0 0 ; market steady to lOc lower. Steers S5.75 to .-jlLGO; cows ye should not obey the truth." The speaker said that evory teacher and [ trainer of men in any way -was ambit- I lous to have those under him succeed. That it is just as true he said along and heifers £4.50- to and feeders $5.25 to $7.75; calves ?6.00 to $10.50. Hog receipts 12,000; market 10 = to 15c lower, closing strong. Bulk of sales $9.30 to ? 9 . 7 5 ; heavy $9.BO to $9.85; medium $9.40 to $ 9 . S O ; light $9.20 f 0 $9.70. Sheep 5,000; market strong to lOc higher. Lambs 511.40 to % 1 2 : ewes $7.00 to $ S . O O ; stockers and feeders $5.75 to $10.50. Cash Grain Market. Wheat market unchanged. Xo. 2 -hard $1.86 t o ? 1 9 0 ; No. 3 hard s the lines of religious work and liv- roiza The French statement said Spickard t h e i r postmaster before six o'clock |i.nd Princeton, Mo., was settled by Saturday night. t a l l o w i n g both routes being marked We have arranged for exlra as- (between theso two towns. sistance in the subscription department for the balance of the week and those who have not yet d o n e so had The election of officers f o r the next j ear resulted as iollows: President, Harry W. Craha'ni of t h i s c i t y ; Slate better renew as the Daily C o n U i t u - 1 President for M i s s o u r i , II. P. Hoft- tion will positively go to 53.00 a n d ] m a n . T r e n t o n ; THS V. M. C. A. A WOBJT/IKWIDE INSTITUTION. From the St. Louis Star. Atention is called to -one of the great institutions of the country this . week by its observance ot a week of prayer for the furtherance of Us -work. This is the Young Men's Chris, tion Association, now a world-wide institution. Started as a small local movement in London in 1844 and la this country in Boston only a few years later, it has grown to immense proportions, until now it covers the world. U n d e r the charge of American and British secretaries, chiefly the former, it has branches in'"the large $5 QQ a f t e r the close of bargain days. Tlie Weather. Fair tonight and Friday Iowa, II \V. Raymond, c f h a r i t o n Treasurer, Thos. N \ V i t t o n , T r e n l o n ; Secretary, Cluis. D Dnvis, Princeton Warmer iTlio county vice-presidents elected State P r e s i d e n t f o r cities of heathen lands as well aa the strap line. The lead was taken by William Parish and this event was greatly enjoyed by the spectators. At final drive, approximately 6 0 , 0 0 0 t h a t the Germans t h r e w the whole | tion tonight, weight of an entire division in their I tonight south and extreme east por.' w e r e : Clay county. West, C E. Yau- ing. Paul had no higher joy than the development and success of those he ministered to. Paul was appreciative of what they had done and bald "Ye did run well," but wanted to| keep going. The speaker's impersonation of a tired runner wh o dashed ahead at the start and then soon got o,ut of breath was exceeding humorous, as the audience showed by the response of laughter. After searching around to find the many hindering things in the way of life the evangelist finally came to the conclusion that the main trouble was with the the close of the entertainment, a light 1 uncheo'ir""Weis~ served. -The following is the program as rendered: Mr. Williams--Orchestra. Violin solo--Dorothy Shei man Reading--Master Egbert. Piano duet--Lclah Putman Blancho Perry. against the allies in their desperate counter. -^^ King George has telegraphed Gen | Haig, congratalating him on the great success of his troops d u r i n g the last three days on the Aiicre. His message concluded -with the declaration a n d , -- ' this further capture of the enemy lh.3 $1 S3 to $1.89; No. 2 red $1.85 to $1 S S - No 3 red $1 SO to $1 87. man himself. Sin in. the life slows Corn market unchanged. No. 2 | the pace and is such a powerful tack- mixed 1.00; No. 3 mixed 90 to .SSJ 1_2; No. 2 white $ 1 . 0 1 ; No 3 whit-' .93 to $1.00. / Produce Slarket. Furnished by Henderson Son Produce Co., 801 Locust street, Chil- licotoe, Mo.: SPRINGS that it down finally the best of I first line trenches rebounds to Reading--Josephine Meek. credit of your men " Piano duet--Wilma Meiserva and j To this sovern congratulation, th cey, L i b e r t y ; Clay county, east, W. T. McRorey, Excelsior Springs; Ray county T. N. Fowler, Lawson; Cald- weli county, A. M. Delany. Cowgill; Eichler;' both-crf Braymer, were m . i r - j Carro11 county, F. E. Evans, Piy- Braynicr Couple Wed. Paul Culling and Miss Nellie B l y j ried at the courthouse Wednesday afternoon by Judge S. D. Rohrer. Presbyterian Men. mo-uth; Livingston county, A. B. Mac- clonald. this c i t y ; G r u n d y county, T. N. Witten, T r e n t o n ; Mercer county. Croft Ballew, Mill Grove; State-Line The Men's C l u b will meet tonight! M i s s o u r i a n d Iowa ' J ' E ' M«dgett.|has done splendid work among tho at 7 : 3 0 at the Presbyterian church Important matters of business are to be considered, and every man who [has the welfare of the church at Gladys Maxwell. Heading -- Miss Adams. Pian o polo -- Lelah P u t m a n . Reading -- Louise McBride Reading -- Mrs. Alt' Meek Williams -- Orchestra. This excellent program was urrang- · ' ed by .Mrs. G. A. Dunsworth and eacli The speaker made a most eloquent and powerful appeal to men to shake off this enemy of l i f e in all his efforts to do things worth while. Prof. Turner was at his best last night and the song service was very much enjoyed by the large audienc^ The afternoon meetings are being member on the program and ' .Mrs Dunsworth received m a n y pleasin congratulations. jjENS 13 % j -well attended and are very helpful ' Some say the day talks are the best- ROOSTERS . DUCKS GEESE TURKEYS . . . . 0 . . . . 1 0 . . . . 1 0 20 EGGS 3 0 BUTTERFAT 3 5 15OLLES ROGERS. Dealers tn Hides, Tallo-.v, Wool, Furs. Bees-vrax and Fejuhers. J. N. PETERS SON, MGS. the evangelist delivers. KANSAS COMMISSIONERS ASK FOR FEDERAL IX. QTJUOT INTO COAL PRICE SANTA KE IS STILL RKADY TO FIGHT TfTIS 8 HO UK UA.W Dallas, Tex., Nov 16.--Th# Santa Fe will be ready for a strike 'January British C o m m a n d e r in chief replied |heart, should be present, with thanks, expressing same with a Spartan like gravity. Lineville, Iowa; Wayne county, C. R. Shriver, C l i o ; Luca s countv, H. W. Raymond, Chariton; Warrea county, E. R Brewer, Liberty Center; Polk county, F J Wright, Des Moines. HUGHES HAS INCUEASED HIS ailXXF-SOTA. MAJORITY · i ( B y Ijiiileil t'ri-,! St. Paul, M i n n . , Nov. 16.-- With Charles Evan Hughes in the lead by 289 votes from all but 3 precincts, the official recount of Hennepm county began today. This count/, of which Mmneapalis is the county seat, polls the largest vote in the state. Including the unofficial vote in Hennepm county, Hughes today has 179,705 and Wilson 179,410. 1st and as determined to fight the 1 State and city elections were held Shorthorns Sold Well. The sale of pure bred Shorthorn bull calves h e l d by J. E. Raulie at his farm in Sampcel township Wednesday was well attended and stocic sold well The calves averaged $72 apiece, the top being $10'5. Mr. Kau- lie tlso sold several heatl ol Vhich averagtd ?S 25 each. TRESJDKNT FIXES xov. :w. AS A DAT FOH THA.VKS. Washington, Nov. 16.--The White House today officially announced for the first time that President Wilson had designated November 30 as Thanksgiving D.iy. Doubt as to wheth Lest You Forset. The annual Wheeling Chrysanthemum show will be h e l d next Saturday, November 18th, at Wheeling Those in charge have m a d e extra effort to make this the bannei C h r y s a n t h e m u m show in the h i s t o r y ing received in the past three d ^ y s . Tho President has not yet completed his Thanksgiving Day proclamation. strikers as it was a few months ago when the nation wide strike threa\- | ened the country, E. P. Ripley, prev ident oE the Santa Fe said today o.i n? uuiti-fl rn-»^.) Kansas City, Kas., Nov. 16.--Fred ^ Robertson, United States attorney for Wanted all FuTs I can"buy. 'Market!Kansas City, was today asked for a Federal inquiry into the coal prices by L. H. Chapman. Kansas City, Kas. Commissioner of Water and in line with the best. Salt Cured Hides, flat No. 1 No. 2 Partly Cured Hides Green Hides Bulls and Glues Deacons Skunks . . . 2 4 c . . . 23c . .21c . -17c Lights. his arrival here inspecting co's Texas property. the Fris, MAXY KILLED AXD IN.JUR- KD IX IXTEKUKP.VX WRECK. D y U n i t e d 1 Pallas, Tex , Nov. 16. -- Several persons are .reported to have been I killed and more than a score injured in Minneapolis on November 7th. three weeks but this is t h e first time they have been able to secure any The chickens making it possible that the official recount may not be completed Cor four days. St. Paul, Minn , Nov. 1 6.--Officially counted .returns from Lacqui Par. le county this afternoon boosted the Hughes lead in Minnesota to 302 Returns have been officially c o u n t e d m 5fi of the S6 counties of the srate Official tabulation in Hennepm Co., Minnesota's largest county, altbo proceeding slowly, has thus far failed i V i l i W l i ilLlU. J J i U I C LJitvii cL S U U J e 1.-UJ U t CLI , . Chapman charged that a combine ^^ ^^ mtarul . ban car strucl , to effect materially the general re- of mine operators had taken advan:- $1.50 t 0 $2.00 j a ge of the certain prospect of a win- 25c to 50c Horse Hides Nos. 1 and 2, full mane and tail Pony Hides No. 1 Tallow. . . No. 2 Tallow. - . S S . O O ter gas shortage and that this has been chiefly responsible for all grades of coal being from ?1.00 to $2.00 $4.00 i higher than it was a year ago. 9c' .Sc TttE PIONEER PRODUCE BUYERS SWIFT * C03IPAXY ALWAYS PAY HIGHEST PlilCES FOR PRODUCE AND CREAM. Todaj's Market. HENS SPRINGS COX TURKEYS DUCKS GEESE ; · P. S. BUTTER EGGS CREAM SWTOET WIJjIi BE RETITRXED TO OFFICE OF ASSISTAXT ( TO SEC'Tf OF COMMERCE an automobile near H a n d l e \ , a few mtVes west of here, shortly before noon today. Paul Wanples of PL Worth, chairman of the Democratic State executive committee, was killed in the derailment of the Interurban car, according to reports received here. sult. 9 . . . . 2 0 . . . . 1 0 . . . . 1 0 . . 2 6 % 30 35 (By United I're».O Washington, Nov. 16."--President Wilson today nominated Edward F. ^ Sweet, recently democratic candidate for governor of Michigan, to be assistant secretary of Commerce. Sweet resigned from this position to enter the gubernatorial raeej Secretary i Redfield made a personal request of DEFACTO AND VILLA SOLMEBS CLASH SOUTH OP THE BOHPEK WEBA'ESDAY (Rj- "United T*ro*-i. El Paso, Tex., Nov. 16.--Heavy fighting between Mexican defacto troops and Villa bandits was in pro- last i MOKR1S' PORSIBK MANAGER WOULD STOP THE CHAMPIONSHIP BOUT THIS EYE7 r IXO. of these events and the m a n v C h i l l i - 1 t r a c e o£ lhe C o w l s cotheans who always attend, and o t h - I stnl011 Wednesday night were valu- ers too, arc extended a hearty i n v i t a a h l c ° nes an d a great loss to them. tion. Awarded Medal for Savins J ^ i f . . , . , V, t people The interstate commerce cfcnm.s- ' Whn! Sunday School.- Lack. Mexico, Mo., Nov. 16.--"If all the the world w a n t e d to come Christian, and has become a potent ally of the/regular missionary, its un. denominational character giving it · special advantage in this respect. It has more than, a million active members, while its influence reaches many times that number. In the , United States it has property worth $10,0,000,000 and is at work in almost every city of as many as 10,000- peopic, with 5,000 secretaries and.-' many employes. It has special branch. es among railroad men, foreign groups and other distinctive fields. It ·'-£ ' " soldiers along the border, and in -all the armies of Europe except the Turks it is at work, largely through American workers. The great hold this association has taken Is due to its undenominational character. While strictly religious and seeking to dfr'' velop the religious life of young 'men. it receives the support of members of all denominations and of many who are not church members at all, but who recognize the value of the work it is doing auiong young men. How its work is appreciated in St would be selected'has' resulted i n ! Louis is shown by the recent large thousands of telegrams of i n q u i r y be,! f u n d s subscribed for the building of the North Side Branch and the Colored Men's Branch. Correlated with -v it, a l t h o u g h entirely independent ,in ,' organization, and management, is tae Young Woman's Christian Association, whose fine plant on Locust St. was erected by popular subscription a few years ago. The value of the work of these associations, for the young manhood and young womanhood of St. Louis cannot be overestimated. The people of Chillicothe should sion Tuesday a w a r d e d a medal of honor to E. -W. L a n d r a m , Brookiield, in recognition of his bravery in c l i m b - ing out on the pilot of a locomotive ^ orgMizlng a Y . M , c . A _ be ready to receive them. In Sunday- school work there is to 0 much 'Lord, here am I; send George.' ' on the Chicago Burlington Q u i n c y l This was the high light in the ad. railroad at Cahieron, Mo., Septem- ] dress m a d e before the state Sunday- her ~, 1910 and pushing A. W. Thomason an aged deaf man, f r o m the track and saving .his l i f e Interest in. 3Jeetim;. The Cottage Meetings among school c o n v e n t i o n here today by Marion Lawrence of Chicago who is the president of tho Interdenominational Sunday School Association of America. The three g r e a t ' d y n a m i c s was the subject of Lawrence's address. The town has put it off too long as it is. All of the larger neighboring towns have their Y. M. C. A. for the young men of the town. The civic bodies of the town should get 'busy. All it needs is for some one to take hold and push the proposition. riy Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 16 -- A petition for an injunction against Carl Morris, fighter, and Gabe Kaufman, promoter, was filed by William Nev/man, Morris' former manager in the | at the home of Mrs. Julia A t i n s o n , W members of the Christian Church and Tlie dynamics are organizations, elfi- their friends are a decided success The meetings were well spoken of br those in attendance. Tonight there will be at least two meetings. One at will be at least three meetings. One ciency and preparedness, he said, laying special stress upon organization. circuit court here today. The petition claims that Morris has violated the terms of a five year contract he had with Newman and asks that a tempor- gress throughout yesterday and 'night about 150 miles south of the Border on the Mexican National Rail- ary restraining order be .issued to stock his fight with Battling Levinsky at Convention Hall tonight, Uhe President that Sweet Tie returned | road llne according to reports reach- to his old position. Dr TOURING CAR in first Must be sold at once. Best . tasks it. At Wilson Bros. Barn, ,..3 N. Locust St. J -°~" I»entnl Xotice. vr. G. G-oodrich left Thursday Louis to attend a two days' ^ gi ven by the St. Louis ^^ tte members O £ tbe Association . 2t Ing here today. Apples Snle. Good Gano and Ben Davis apples at Dr. Campbell's farm. Sprayed fruit. n9dwtf Auction Sale Tnte^. I have made arrangements the Scruby Bros. G. I Co to handle my sale dates Anyone services call at that 'date, or telephone me thru Springhill Central, or address Chillicothe, R. F. Calhoun, and Mrs. Laura Graves, cor 10th and Broadway, and Mrs Win. T. Norman, 116 Herriman St. These meetings will probably 'be continued throughout the winter following the revival. Ih a Worthy Institution. The Constitution is in receipt of a 'letter from Dr. D. Richardson, corresponding secretary of Mercy Hospital o£ Kansas City, making a request that all those who may desire to donate to the expenses of thK splendid charitable institution may do so by sending check or other nieth* od of payment to the Mercy Hospital, "ANGEL" OF THE SIINERS CONGRATULATES WILSON (IJy Unit.-.I Prexx.) Washington, Nov. 16.--"Mother'' Jones, angel of the mining camps, called at the White House today and conveyed to President Wilson, thru (Secretary Tumulty, her congratula- }tions on bis re-election. "1 want to congratulate him on our great victory," she said. Stolen Chickens Ideiilifleil. The Buff O r p h i n g t o n chickens which were f o u n d i n a nalley in the ar of tbo Fred Clem home on North which mil be greatly appreciated by them. Mercy Hospital takes care of infant crippled children and other Attention Free Masons. Special communication. Chillicothe Lodge No. 333, A. F. A. M. Thursday Nov. 16, 1916 at 7 : 0 0 p. m. Kansas City, address to the secretary Examination in second and. work in Read the Constitution Want ads U u » wibhin- mv! Cherry street Wednesday night have children who have no homes and office and make'been identified by Mr. and Mrs. John , one of the most commendable charita. Pennington of Highview as belonging able institutions in the % i 3rd degree. J. D. Stewart, W. M. Visit the big Rexall OneCent Sale at Clark's Pharmacy, Thursday, Friday and Saturday/ Take advantage of this 'sale for holiday gifts. 15-3 to them. The thieves b r o k e the lock Constitution can endorse, the worlc o f ] re^ble Tol. ZTM'. ' ' 1 Mercy Hospital which should receive j FOR RENT or SALE--House close, j. ^^^. 1= .on have lost a ' l i b e r a l support from the charitable! in. Address Mrs John Milbank or er of chickens within the past' inclined. .phone 176. 14-S iNEWSPAFERr iNEWSPAPEr

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