The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on January 22, 1945 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 22, 1945
Page 5
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TOLA, KANSAS Classified ANNOUNCEMENTS Comine Sales Dates MONDAY, JAN. 29-J. M. Bailey 'Sale of farm and pei'sonal prop- Lity, 5 miles west and 1 mile south of Colony at 1 p. m. sharp. See large ad in Regii^ter Wednesday. January 24. QUICKIES By Ken Reynolds^ S—strayed. Lost. Found BILL FOLD Saturday night in or near Ida Eheatre containing money. Hi-Y -^liembership cards, etc. Reward if-'returned to Alan Lynn. The Register. LOST—A g6Jd cro.?s and chain. Re- warn if I 'eturnpd to 003'- South; Jefferson., ' ! LOST—Milk route book with .sales lax letter. Don Nichols. Route 3, lola. Phone 970P12. LOST—Pair of hl!?h topped logging shoes from front of Kelley hotel Saturday. Reward for retu?«i to Kelley. ilRAVED -B\Mk and white shep- Ijerd |)up. HUilfc Phone 1320W AUTOMOTIVE -.Automobiles For Sale TWO 1930 MODEL A FORDS, good tires. Sam Pullan. -u mile east of Gas City. 8—Ante Accessories. Tires, F&rtt THE lOLA MONDAY EVENING, JANUARY 22. 1945. LOCAL PBODVCB Oradsd Efsea: No. 1 No. 2 „ Checks - 34c „.29c ..28c Ungraded No. 1 ButtufM No. 3 Butterfat Sweet Cream ^: Hens, 4-5 lbs. ..32c -47c _JL_44c BOc „...21c No. 1 Ugbt Hens, under 4 lbs„.....igc Heavy bred sprtdgB, 2 OM. up —24c Light qntags. Y lbs. and up —-3Sc All cocks and st^gs, lb :.„-..16c All classes No. 2 Poultry. 3c lb. les* Oreen Hides __ lOc Kansas City Prodoee Kansas City, Jan. 22. (APIProduce: Eggs specials 41-42; extras 37-38; standards 35.5; current receipts 35.5; all other prices unchanged. Kansas City Grain Kansas Citv, Jan. 22. lAPi— Wheat tone 'i-S higher; No. 2 dark hard 1.66-1.68; No. 2 red 1.69. Com: tone unchanped to 2 lower: No. 2 white 1J2-1.23: No. 2 mixed ncm l .U-1.13'.. ; Oats tone unchanged; No. 2 white nom 77-81. Milo maize 1-78-1.96. Kafir 1.78-1.95. Rye nom 1.12-1.13'-. Barley nom 96>--1.17. T do too want a job—I just get Want Ad page!" tired before I get to The Register fiOOD USED PARTS PIONEER AUTO SALVAGE 817 South St.—Phone 969 Duiii Uam Vour Radiator with rust and -.-.cale. Keep it clean. USE P H 7 Cooung System Cleaner and Conditioner. WILSONSERVICit: 301 Nortii Washington LIVESTOCK 21—Horses, Cattle, MIscellane«as Real Estate for Saie 40—Famu and Land For Sale TEAM OP HORSES for sale; also cow and calf. W. M. Gumfory, Gas 22—Ponltry and SnppUea WANTED—Black .-^ustralorp cockerels for breeders. Taylor Hatcheries. Kansas City Livestock Close Kansas City.. Jan. 22. 'APi— iWFA)—Cattle: practically complete clearance on all -Strong to 25 higher; instances up^more oh both killers and feeders; n. load and ahalf good slaughter heifers 14.25; odd head good cows 13.00-25; two load choice fleshy feeding heifers 13.50 and 13.60: few- loads replacement steers 11.00-75: around 4 loads good and choice fleihy white face feeder heifers 12.25: few cows on feeder account 10 ACRES ot land for sale. 1miles^ northeast of Tola, on giavel road:.:| $600. Answer soon. Effie Techan. 2611 East 21st, Kansas City, Mo. BUSINESS SERVICE 9—Services Offered PASSENGER TIRE VULCANIZING Pa.ssenger Tire Recapping. TRACTOR aVe Service Complete. Dunlop Tire Store Vl '05 rMoy'i^ •'ik-iig" Mann Ha^'St!'. Phon Phone 156 I SEAL YOtm-RADIATORS and cracked blocks for 25 cents. Plenty of good Sinclair alcohol. Ed Hess, &23 South Washington. • ^ CERTIFIED fTREPROpF- STORAGE Ci',ocii-3*rike<rTor .Shipment. , •QEOjloL B HIStR /_^,2:M N JeSIerson PJione 62 _ ~ "em^ S y^ment" ~ ARE YOUR HENS LAZY? Sluggish systems mean low egg production. Give yoiu" hens My- Ko-Crums 10 days in feed, and see how fast they pick up. Goodsell Hatchery, Gas, Kans. MERCHANDISE 24—Articles For Sale (J OOD SMALL M. G. Separator; also good daybed with mattress. Mrs. Walter Skaggs. Moran. GOOD KINDLING WOOD for sale. Will deUver. 223 South Chestnut. A. L. Butt. Phone 1054. 27—Feed. FueH. FertUizera COAL for sale; load or ton. Call 154. CAR OF BRAN on track. lola MUl- ing Company. 1 COAL AS USUAL—Prompt delivery. J. D. Judah, 810 South Washington, lola. Phone 774. 13—Help Female HOUSEKEEPER wanted to cook meak; nite''room with gas heat, ur will c^teider part time work. Phone 28l*%!^.wrlte Bo.x 95, care Register. KANSAS LUMP COAL for sale, $7.00 a ton. Ernest Tippie. Phono 1200. 28—Household Goods HELP WANTED—Woman (white), 'M attend middle-aged lady and rare for modern home, six days f-uch week. Iioning. no laundry, room and board. Wages. Refer- f-nres. Write to Bo.x 506, LeRoy, Kansas. WE BUY. TRADE, seU, houisehold goods and other articles. Hen- iilnger's. West Madison. _ 29—Machinery and Tools 14—Help Wanted—Male MAN OR WOMAN wanted to handle dLstribution of famous Waikins products in lola, .selling and serving hundreds of satisfied custom< rs.., Exceilent.j ojapoiturrity for light partT;")No''investmerit. Write J. R." Watklris Co., D-96. Winona. Minn. F^^ANCIAL 20 HORSE horizontal boiler for sale. M. & M. Packing Co. 32—Wasted—To Buy FORS AND HIDES wlU be at Horde's Fruit Market every Saturday. Kenneth Sliarp. WANTED TO BUY—An electric fan. _Phone_ 1184W. Real Estate for Rent 36—^Fanm and Land For Rent 18—Money to Loan—Insnranea l.N'SURANCE. Surety Bonds, Real Rstate, Farm Loans, Notary Public. The R. L. Thompson Agency. INSURf\NCE. Real Estate, Bonds. Farm and Citv Loans. Charles M. Punk. FOR RENT—80 acre improved farm. Call at 520 South Wahiut. Real Estate for Sale ~ 40—Farms and Land For Sale FOR SALE— 160 acres two miles north lola, gravel road; good 10- room house, new dairy bam, electricity, free gas from well on farm, excellent water supply. Possession August 1. Terms. Write 901 North 5th St., Burlington, Kansas. U. S. 1} HYBRID The Only Hybrid Developed by U. S. Department of Agriculture. -More corn on the cob, more root system, stif- fcr stock, les.s work to shuck. Order now. avoid delay. SHANNON & SHANNON HARDWARE Phone 29—Forty-Ninth Year—Phone 29 ATTENTION FARMERS! NE\# TRACTORS AND IMPLEMENTS ARE SCARCE We have the repair.s to keep your present tractors and implenifinb^ in operation. Mechanics available for those who (JcTTiot to do their own work. I^JOUN DEERE LMPLEMENT DEPT. BUD WHITE MOTOR COMPANY Service CHEVROLET golea JOHN DEERE I HAVE .SEVERAL desirable lavm>:^ m county for March Isi po.sscs- slon. They vary from 80 to 320; acres. Well improved and well lo -l cated. You can have possession on- a combination rental and | contract, which reo.iUres very llttloj down payment. If interested see; me immediately. G. E. Mahoney, i 204 South Oak, lola, 164 ACRES, extra good, level, productive land; all but 2 acres cani be farmed with tractor; .school* house, % mile east of Leanna Isj on north line of farm. This farmi has always been paying good rate; of interest rented. Price $5500.00. -• Ed Hess, 823 South Washington, lola. 41—Houses For Sale 8 -ROOM HOUSE, other improvements, gas, water and electricity; two acres ground. Mrs. Willie Keen. Gas. Kansans Among Soldiers Convicted in France USE REGISTER WANT-ADS THEY PAY! DAILY, RATES (Minimum 15 Words) ONE DAY: Per word 2c TIIREE DAYS: Per word per day _-._l'/ic SIX DAYS: Pftr word per day -. ic DISPLAY KATES (Minimum One Inch) ONE DAY: Per Inch THREE DAYS: Per Ihch ... ...... 50c ..45c ParLs. Jan. 22. 'AP)—In two weets of hearlng.s, U. S. army couii.s martial have convicted all but one of 32 members of a railway battalion on charges of looting, sing prison terms ranging up to 50 years. Among those convicted Saturday of con.spiracy to .steal and sell 4,200 pack-s of cigarettes. 20 pounds of coffee and three hams were: T-4 Donald D. Studley, Kansas Gity. Kas.. and Leavenworth. Kas., ten T-4 Frederick Rugel. Ka.s.. and Chicago 20 vears and iPittsburg. years. C:ONTRACT RATES (Minimum 3 Lines) 2fi DAYS: Per line per day 4c (9 lines to,the inch) CLOSING TIME 7.'ant Ads will be accepted until 1 p. m. for lliat day"s in.ser- tioii except Saturday wlien tliey must be received by 10 a. m. PHONE 18 FROM STEEL TO RUBBER You can now convert your tractor or any other farm implement from steel to rubbec. For details see us or the Loc^l AAA office. DINTY'S 1!IRE SHOP MEN WANTED! For Right-of-Way Clearance This work officially cla.Ssi- fied as essential war work. APPLY BY WEDNESDAY NIGHt Cooperative Power & Light 109 West Madison NOTICi: FARMERS LET ITS RECAP YOdfR TIRES WITH THE FAMOUS FIRESTONE GROUND GRIP BAR TREAD All sizes of pas.senger and light truck tires c&n be recapped with this tread. See us for this service;- lOU HOME & AUTO SUPPLY South Side Square Phojie 43 lOLA. KANSAS ajOO and 9.25, largely medium; few lcSads,g(xxl heavy heifer calves 13.35 oo shipper account. » ; . Hogs unchanged. Sheep fairly active, killing classes' generally steady; 2 cars good aind choice 104 lb. wheat pasture lainbs to shippers 15.35; others to pjcltti's 35.25; many loads 14.50-70; good and LaHarpe Items I^6B FIVE LAHARPE, Jan. 22—Mr. and choice yearlings 12.75; medium and! Mrs.-Raymond Mefford and family good kind downward to 12.00; to;;' • ewes 7.75; many good and ^bice Wads 7.35-75; common and mediin* kind downward to 6.00. Moran Saturday evening. Wm. McKorkle is. in Denver. Colo. Both boys are in service. Mr. Nichols, wlio is caring for the Breuer and Nichols Service Station, was in Ottawa Saturday. The City Hall telephone is in working order again after being out of order the last few weeks. Kans;^ City Estimated Receipts- Kansas Olty, Jan. 22. (APi— AdVarjce estimated livestock receipts for tomorrow: Cattle 6500: calves: 600; hogs 2000: sheep 10.000. of Des Moines, Iowa, are moving to LaHarpe. Mr. Mefford is the grandson of Mrs. J. W. Shorter. They have rented the Dimkerton property In the south part of town. Mrs. Geo. Teague underwent surgery at Bethany hospital Friday morning. Her many friends wish for her a speedy recovery. Her room number Ls 304, Bethany hos- City. Kans. Mr. Mrs. Elva Hamburgers in Cans To Front Line GI's Kansas City Livestock Kansas City. Jan. 22. <'APJ— j pital, Kansas (WPA ;)—Cattle 13.500: calves 1300:iprank Steveason and slaughter steers, heifers and cows\Knepp. sister oi Mr. Geo. Teague largely 15-25 higher; stances iip ' went to Kansas City to be with Mrs. more:'bulls, vealers and calves •'feague. Mrs. Knepp and Mr. Stev- . , J , J ^ i 'l , ' enson then drove'on to Savannah, svrong: stockers and feeders largely , ^.^.^ ^.^^pp.^ ^^^^^^ Chicago, Jan. 22. (APi—The humble hamburger has been in a front-lines war role for. delivery to American .soldiers in the field. Packed two to a can. with salt and pepper added and featuring a charcoal broiled flavor they can be eaten cold when necessary "but the flavor Ls improved upon heating," the army said today in announcing the newest addition to its precooked meats. I Champ Calf Roper Dies 'Of Injuries at Rodeo Denver. Jan. 22. (AP)—Clyd • (Sagey) Burk, 31, world's champloi ' calf roper from Conoancbe, Okla jdied early today of Injuries suffera : ypsrerday at the National Wester stock show rodeo. Burk, not entered In the bulldog| , ging event that brought death j him. was hazing steers on horse back for other bulldoggers. Hi 'mount, owned by another cowboj stumbled and threw Burk. The Die ; lahoman tried to regain his seat, bu , the horse, attempting to elude I steer, slipped and rolled over him.l ; Last Wednesday the rodeo assocll I ation of America named Burk thi : champion calf roper and one of thf , ten leading cowboys of 1944. Insects may have green blood o| i yellow blood, but never red blood. 25 higher; good grade slaughter steers largely 14.25-15.00; 2 loads Mr. W. S. Teague, who is in Savannah for medical care. good medium weights 15.25-35: sey-I Mrs. Hallie Beard returned to eral loads medium and low good . Erie Saturday evening after visit- 15.50-14.00: small lots common 11.00: heifers chiefly medium aUd low good 12.00-13.50; part load godd ing her mother, Mrs. C. A. Walker and other relatives. • Rev. Mcintosh and Bobby went mixed yearlings 14.00; few lots me-; to Silver Leaf Friday evening for dium and good cows 11.75-12.15; 'supper. Mrs. Mcintosh is teaching rtiost common and medium 9.03- ^at Silver Leaf, finishing the 11.75; . medium and good sausaj ?e i.half of the term after the resig- buUs 10.75-12.00: odd beef kind jnation of Mrs. Charley Smart. 12.50: good and choice vealers 13.00- \ The LaHarpe elevator has been 14.00; • medium and good heavy 'a busy place for the past two calves 11.00-13.25: medium and eopd .-months taking care of the enor- stocker and feeder steers maihly .'mous corn harvest this fall. The 12.00-13.25: around a dozen loiTds |:corn Is being shelled and the cobs yearlings and twos 13.40: eood and j become as large as a small hill, low choice yearling feeding heif- | reaching almost to the roof the ers 11.25-12.00: good .steer calves elevator, affording the children a 13.40. i wonderful time as they go from Hogs 1200; active, fully steari -v: ! school in the evenings. Many are 170 lb. and up 14.50: sows mostly hauling off the cobs and Saturday 13.75. I the Nel.s.)n Bros., ased their load- Sheep 16.000; slow, no lambs . er to help lower the pile, held above 15.00: .scattering sales Robert McKorkle and wife were ewe.s steady to weak: 4 cars good through LaHarpe on their way to and choice offerings 7.35: .some held- • ' ' ; — considerably higher: medium .shipments 6.00. INTERPRETER, PLEASE 'r't Oi^lilhorpfr, C.u . .luri (AV' [ T;II (- lli-:t coiitlnHi'lit lit H :iv.';illj^i WACS—5K of Uiem—have arriv'^d ; heic for basic training. • | Of Chinese. Filipino. Japanese-Hawaiian arssi Ifi.'h-Hawaiinn ancestrv. they c*!- Irc'-ivf ly speak 15 different Ian-' yuageJi. CASH for DEAD Horses 'Cattle • Hogs Phone •--••"r» 834 lOLA FREE REMOVAL -OF- Dead Horses <> Cattle -Hogs HELP SALVAGE WASTE FATS FOR EXPLOSIVES Telephone 638 ^ola Call Ua GoUect lOLA RENDERING WORK^ WASH TUBES CIX HUNDRED MILES e ^ACROiS tHE EAST CHINA bE'A...A.SD EASY NEARS THC CCA»T OF JAPAN Says You! BY LESLIE TURNER SIMCU EKGlNErEH? WOULD SUGGEST Mb« SLEEP FOR VOUR JITTERY NfitVE$...NO ENEMY «NCa.E 1MnOR£0 PLA(il£ WIUtDYREACHmo rJmH VIT/ BOOTS AND HER BUI>DIES ^OO'O t^MSQV fi OV\ ,9l.iO 1 \mocE .Ki"\ ^' 5i wo^ WWA : 6oo'0'e>vt, ---- —^- _ ^ . . . -^v^xc^ y Fast Work BY EDGAR fllARTIN S\AiU"\V\^W5fT CHORUS ^'fcPiVJf ^y u RBD RYDER One-Man Invasion BY FRED HARMAK V s! "HAT c\-^ \-»Li I-E: —•^Rie- ALLEY OOP WHILE KINS GUZZLES IMVASION OF LEM WAS A SUCCESS, HIS SEIZURE OF THAT K(ING DOM'S ROYAL JEWELS HIT A SNAG WHEN HE FOUND, NOT KING WUR, BUT ALLEY OOP, ON THE , THRONE... WHO CHOOSES TO SETT-V TLE THE MATTERU BY NEGOTIATION V' Great Day Is Here BY V.T.HABILIN THAS WHAT 1 SAID.' IXAME FOR TMtM JOOLS. A N' I 1 -MEAN TO HAVE 'EM' YES, I GRANT VOuR MOOViAN> HIGHNESS TH' i^lGHT TO COVET TH' 5PLEND0P. OF TH' LEMIAN ROVAL JEWELS BUT THIS BARBARIC TALK OF FORCE -^jj^ TSK, TSK.*, ^WE ARF HEADS" OF CIVIL:Z £D NATIONS, AN' O UR RESPONSIBILITIES ARE TERRIFIC WE CAN'T PLUNGE OijR PEOPLES INTO &LOCDY CONFLICT ^VER EVEN SUCH A MOMENTOUS MATTER A 5^ THIS.' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS / AO «e THOUGHT I'O " see-TH 'DOY WH£N These mo Dopes WOULDSeeKA \^AY TO SeVTLE A MATTEQ in WHICH SOME i CMP DilM'T Wh UP WIT}! A FiS 1 'ME IN His L'Fc. lACD lS"GETriNji5 600D GRADES .^M AMD ME WAS JUNIOR VGS£L , To THANK nCE IT; A9 LONS AS JUMOIS DQ%S LACOS HOWf- i.MlL 55 SUFEZ. •.yZ CVLV MOPF •T-P-'^P Awful Thought BT MERRILL BLO ^aSl AwO IF THAT MAPPEN5 TOTME LITTIE TaeeP, ILL , ' FLUNK.' / ' f • 1 •I > i

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