Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 17, 1930 · Page 17
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 17

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1930
Page 17
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16 DECATUR HERALD tRIDAY EVENING, OCIOBLK I / , 1930. DECATUR HtKALU Wise Housewife Plans Menus For Week At One Time This Enables Her To Dp Her Buying More Wisely, And Saves Time In I'liinnlng nir motni foi Ihf wosk you will modify those I am giving you to yom own family eon- iSltion'J Whfn thrto are children you will often odftpt every dinner rlantifld (or the family to the noon m««1 for the chlMrer, If vou analyr* mv plan you will nute that a milk o» chewe dlnh t» uaud ttt elthd tuiwh ot dinner In or- dor that domo milk will be used In eookety * that I" iomitlmo» the ^ tv way the jtiownups get milk W moit o( the family me away at hmeh vou wilt muke a special effort to jtH one ot these foods Into the evening meal unlMi you ait certain thai It l» r«rt o( the noon meal »atfn away from horn*. This plan aa I glva II to you must b» general and I bopo It will b* o some nie to you tn the indlvldw plan which you mutt make to sul tha ncodi and tastes of your family WliCflo) wllh lfftl1jn«M« Olwy ,«.»*« T*» - - *.(!«» C(rf«» it win. I 1 ""'. II U I n f f . .. If* 1,«ni hi n Bi.«pliint iil'li Mnnci* I l n h c l t t i n b H n i t Hnk«l Ti i' f H i * 1 t TM i limy .) i I I W I ITI it I t . d f l i l P i l ' li-ll lid 1 tif lo"t"l f n 1 11111 li"in n inn -. n t rv.i it 1-4 c m i u i 1 L (,r*'K«» r l IUI Tonind Ph»'»* f p l n r r flk'l lultn rill! It I Ull t«»Pt f r n n t f r r y mid r*Nn Ktp-n-i 1 1 to FnKllih f mirlumn or P*K WIIIT iitt*l»t if m ir unit imtnl' nith 1 fH M ti n nihn o t-tin « tip liih »(t i i S»t»( p l t l l l M nltid »t**k with fl rnttltiill Mush ml turnip* il imptlnu niih nitr haul Mtiif* /ris Su^esfs Scheme of Color GRILLED DINNERS APPEAL TO EYE, PALATE AND PURSE Ot all the ways of cooking meat broiling may woll be ixmgideied the raout "tkrlstoctatlc," and yet, In (pile of ItB high appeal to appetite and eye, It la J cully wlniplo and floor* economical of fuel But bi oiling, like any other kind of cooking, has iU secrets "The principle of footling la to expose the moat to a high tempera- LUIC at Ihe beginning ot the proceaft, then to a lowci temporatuis lor fin- iMhtog (t. Ther* aro three methods of doing this, gillllng, pan-broiling und planking For FIome-Brulllnf In flamo-brollinB 01 grilling, tht, meat Ja ewpOHEtl to dliect heat 011- jar a goa flame, or decile coil, or ovoi a bed of coala (If the latter It used, the flamcw should not le«P "P and touch tho meat ) AH win an Ihe aldo next to Ihc heat la souicd, thffl meat In turned And th* other aide sowed TnlenM halt ID needed tor searing The hcut ta thfn n ducod for tho tent of tho cooking 'Tho broiling method does not dladln the more plebeian tyjxH nf meat Hamburg Htcah, sauna ^en and ham ate nt their best whtn bl oiled Boudoir in which the ltt» to Hiod »· fmmd«ttoii for the color noheroe By HILDA HUNT Is another Hugswllon for a coloi scheme that U lufigpBlcd by blOKBoms In this we take the put pie IrK With puiplo we In- inrlnbly think of fine linen ttieie- foto. the pin pi? la but lot nulled to Ihe boudoir than to the living room, cnlv we lo not use thn put pie In the dense of lh$ wotd We (its lav- :- not (lie pnsteJ, but the middle tone very like that of the ills. With thin l i l i coloring we combine n. very light KIWI, Ami a llltle yellow with the meroat suggestion ot biovin oat- thtoush tho coloring of the (lower Its kivca nnd toolt tr the altlthtly mititvlsh tones aomctimes fount) In tho stem In thn town BlceUhed, tlto wall* nro » prtl* Stern with the nooilwoik and pnne! finmeo about tan shtulus IT'S UNFASHIONABLE NOWADAYS TO HAVE DULL, DINGY KITCHEN Evcsy woman Itiinws that It t now i imfoihlcniihla to hnvc nn ntuil- darker, tht aurbwa hilling the abrupt line between the dark Hoot and tho vory light walls The celling ID tinted u sand, obviating the nbiuptnea* ot a dead white wh«te the walls meet It, and itlll keeping the balance of lighter then vails celling The floor la coveted with a muuve ing, bilnKlntf the suggestion of brown The fuinlture la of birds- eye maple, striking A not too yellow note, and the yellow note ii repeated in Lieant yellow mats on pit lures In the preen nnd yellow striping of the window rtrapos and covering ot the aim chair which Utter cairlee a note of lavender In a cushion DrdftprtndK, Irnpcn Tltitnlnaitt Out It In, after nil, the lavendei of the bcdsptoadn and UinnHer dtapet (hat dominate ihe color scheme of Ihn room These aie of t i m t l v o k l l r h f n as IL h to WC-HL an fiut-if rUt (lo(k Tliete-i Ftomothins qultn Clnrterellft-Ukp In thh toom foi It Middfnly loil lit diftb ajittcn'^nt.!) nnrt hotline one of the jrajent placet In I h n hoin( U behoove« Ihn lintno- to knop hei kitchen moio rlcan than ever and to It at rhsimindly (IK iho cnl She (tin f i i « t frlvp tir kllchon wood' uotli rfnois window flames nnd cuj- bo»tli ton It Mho wtoiwi a rlototiv ly KFIV ^ont of pntnt Wnxlng will than piotcft ttlfl hrlfrlit color fiom dlit find I ho Inevitable kitchen npot taring Shu can enilly make cut to hnrmoni/o with the color icherno f t o m chetkcd slntrnatn, ruf- /led -voile or orctndlo lh« small new potn and pant, plterttm and HOW nvallabln will tilao add opi Iffhtly toi« lies of color Floor Cev**ring« Itnoloums may be chosen In ftrten to mutch h«r kitchen decois- tloni Whcthoi thfl flooring is linoleum wood or tile It will last longer and be fnr eatier to keep clean If wnxed nnd polished Gn9 j'ango and cablniti may al^o "ho protector from dirt and gioase by H. Usht wax- Injt In fact, there a an old saying Neat us Wax 1 " -which might have been mount lor klichens, so useful Is hut prepatatlon In keeping the: dtchen linmEiuilule To help make tho kitchen inviting liaie are mtiuy Utllo decorative fca- l\nei whlcli nnv woman can easily ichlevc Uso gaily painted BhrlvcB for cook books An old chali dis- d by a piettv peicale ot chlnli t'lpcovei would be a cornfmtable placo to raat while cookies arc hnk- ng ot egga bolnp timed Have tiny pots of parsley mint and other nmall seasoning j] mtt on tho -window thclf Don I hctltdle to paint the a checitul roloi Some \illia- rti J i l U h t n a even have htlght f m i t t und veficlahles painted on Ihe cupboard docit, und amualng wall decotatlons of flsh and chickens gH- t\ng r«ndy lot their final leap Into the pot How To Keep Plants From Freezing Down The gieatett danger to plants IB not fiom cold but fiom nltomato frnerlng and Ihawlng and exposure of the tops to warm sunshine ana drying winds while the gfQund is still fiozen. The best all-round inMe rial for covering Is coarse marsh .'.ay, such aa la used foi packing glaes war* Soft-wooded leaves, such as maple, become matted and -when wet will smother the plants, oak leaves do not mat down as badly. Covering should not be put on till th» ground Is frozen, and then It must KO on promptly In applying the matotlal, u fout to six-inch layci 1$ usually sufficient It should be held in place by atrlps of wood, ttce brancho* and similar thing* Where In vend PI »)lk. The bedspieada have a touch of green Introduced In nst- row band deuorallonB to bteak the monotony of the all lavender arcn while the doom at Ions are repeated on the sklit and at tha top of the di eater The top ot the dresser In enameled yellow, and glass coveicd The boudoir Jumps aio ot blark glass, with yellow uhadeu banded In black A Wile tout)) of black la » MI I pioposlllon with tho lavender nntl gicen and yellow than any othei color, but thcie should he \ery,'vciy little of it To tin up with thn black flipsscr Innipif Ihoe N a blauk bnse lump ot IniKui (tliimnslon with ye) low and blntk nhnde, placed on n tlltlfl bfidsnye itiuplc table In the grouping with Ihc chair The bi»nfh In fionl of the die-wei hns n tnno neat snow is on the giound all winter, one of the chief teauons fo covcnnfi \ la keeii it fiom blowing owny nr* oxjxwintf the plant --By Rnmmne T Wato In McCnlt'd fot Novembct LAVNUltY 11ASKK1S Slnctt woven cloilieft' lutsknts hnve ctevlcea that tcadlly tatch and hold dmt, Ihua UircalenlnK to hatm the fiashly laundeied olothcM, t h n y shotild he Itciit IH IhfiroiiBhly InimnC' ulate as poialbi*- An eitiy metbwi for malclnt, s u i e Hint voui ilotheR bo^tcts will ihccl all diiit wlien biu«hed lightly with n cloth IB tn wax them Ihov nmy tlirn be wiped dean In an Inatnnt i (lm« with ft dry cloth TTjrf/ ^ow practice in « always practiced fo roasting JJ/LLS »A«P (ft eooks mor« evenly th«» "he* cooked in large pans, Since Hilli j Bro». roast their coffee *£»»* *i a timt instead of in btdlt, cwy berry is routed evenly. Thi* con- ttnuout pcoce*s-- Controlled Roasung-- pfodueet » other coffee b»t« (urn fit tnyt fttk, Ettily MAIN CASH MARKET 233 North Main St. ROY SMITH, Mar. F!nt Door Sooth of Herald Telephone 240S1 MEATS OF QUALITY BEEF BOIL 9 C PorkSleak.... I8c Meal Loaf I7c BEEF POT ROAST I3c BEEF STEAK 16 C Weiners PICKLES 23c| Bacon 24c 3 DM or Sour for FREE Demonttration Saturday of CAKES and CRACKERS PLENTY OF FREE COOKIES NF^SPAPFRHRCHIVE*.:.. Town Crier Ready Mixed .ffcft FLOUR 33C TOM|M Beauty Hbo-Ronl Head* Legion Women "Bi oiling in' one of the moat ap- petising wnya of cooking m*ata of tender flbei Sooting the outside keeps In the Julio Pnn-biolllng es good ri!jullj If pan Is hot and fut Is not allowed to ,cotloct In It. 'Moaln fo» biollln'g require very Mr*. Wilma D. Hoyal, of Douglu Arizona, elected president of th Womtm's Auxiliary of the American Legion at the annul eonvc* two «t little piL|)iua»lon und »ic eoay to serve Labor, time, nntl fuel are snvcd by broiling Tho meat Jt**K may cost more. Grilled dlnnera are popular tor their awvorlnew and for ihelr t'ye apptnl _ WHEREVER If )bu Go You Find Blue Ribbon Malt Extract Full Ibs. ENSEMBLE CURTAINS SMART FOR BATHROOM The up to data bathroom ha* 11* ihomr curtain* and window drap- ·Tie* made to match * They can bt ilmply fawhlonetl of waterproofed fabric of Uw chlnts or cretonne type or ot «llk ThM« rtibbarl«d m»W-' tint* have b*ea recently perfected *o that they arc of really practical character Many ot them have amunfng pictorial pattern* or gay f)or«l pattern* and Horn* of tho «llk lw* »r* of liMtrou* plain U*t*ur« dainty yianUl color* Water Is Fattening For These Reasons Large quantU1«* ot wat*r with maala may make you fat Why Not th» watw lUalf maku ·» M but iljtt tottwMh bttaa fr*ikn t£ tutt w that you wjoj yow r*2 lonfar and an iampt*d to "*»»! AIM on* I* not mttafltd onMch If oomfortahly fl 4*lug« added to your mtal ·I iMtt twlc* aa bulky. Tt | twin* tho btilk xour momtoli nru! atratch to twlc* Ita HIM. ttoptthtoa. CAIM* permanent 4)alatloa, T»E a* much food IN required to MUM* and connequtnUy you habltuaUvTu too much If yon mi»t ddBa .! meal*, drink btfora you but i n i» J, »nd Mm«lMnir hot Cold dMnht j»u n*fore a md may MI IM lnfl| --From "Grow Thin on OON) by Luellft IE AxteU. K D. FEATHER CAN BE EA They Musf Carefully, Is No To caw nl Before radio MI vice we* atonB *n *a*Um air tout*, wrtthtr afltnaJa war* broadcait to flytrii by « of flarfH SATURDAY'S SPECIALS Coffee Cakes Cinnamon, Peanut, Cocoanut Sttttuwl. 2 For CUP CAKES 25 19 Cocoaoul, Maple Nut Honey Cream. Doten October Is The Mwtfc For Do-NuU «nd Pom»Ua KM FEDERAL BAKERY M. 124 Merchant St. Kal 2-1498 can* of a fill'" «iwmn M'f-pt K thM np»n Shoke U* f to thnl «n~ ' fiom "id ' 11 ' nl ou i iMiittfnK q u n l l r r i of in thlc f-tt'l ( 'he [)Bft(» one ) ' I hi* f l i f f l ' i H i onr tn^h I f I* cf l h- I'll Cloth r»*! to Inrh below ih" t w o f t r pxi-pp Th" MI the out thf- ba»lln of the ci', v Dine tn Bill*' KIMHiri M l t |xtrf Summiirv K.vmv SjUurdav Kvcntnir 6 4ft p m Central Standard Ttnii', tVHAQ, Chicago. C A R L H U G H E S ST. LOUIS MARKET ·U E. WOOD-IMS N. JA8PBB V»T Kmut Red Onions Cabbage Red Potatoes Flour 6SC 100 Gold M«d»1, 24 Lbi Hard Wheat, 24 Lbi 71f Oleo IK Me Sugar *fi M I t K K $1.26 Eggs ' Brud \t, » lurgn ttalmon, I largn tiftiw .... «, Inrirf (Mm* , .. nntl Wfuni*, » raw , '«)im(n Hnrclium, ) gat. ..ft limn-), Mtralneil, Lit -- nnw, )t r***-^- . FKKOS-lli-n ttlork, SRo; IM "HonWuN, LK ..He )A ..Ulcan* MJH, Kc K Mm*, K, KV; Itmn and Short*. h^i-n pullp'l on anil while tho I of ' N- IttK thnt i f n i i pulllnff thi kni Vl-fblo at the Hrm»\ In The tovo -U' W H I C H I S W H I C H ? P Y R A L I N PENf Your nedem fenMab ^Tf, -TT --' i ,,, ' "«"' t OLEOMARGARINE S I M U L A T E D PEARLS «dor, tmtre-- *11 tbi bnl- b»ncj iNMUtf of natural pe»ril. You w«ar them, *nJ«njor them, at a fttf- Tastes as Good and is as Good, but Costs About Half! You don't insist on wearing natural pearls proves its purity. Scientific tests rate it the --why pay two prices for your spread- equal of any spread in vitamins A and », for-brend when man makes this one just That is New Style GOOD LUCK, just as asgood? NewStyleGooDLuoc--thegreatest delicious, wholesome and convenient as the margarine improvement of a century is now most expensive spread-for-bread--at little a fashionable, light color, ready to slice and more than half the price. Buy a pound serve. It has perfect flavor, deliciourfy fresh today, see if yon can tell which i» which. and sweet. Good Housekeeping Institute ap- and save the difference. JELKE GOOD DUtiibiftor. M*tekr A Smu, In e., 3^0 E. Cttre Gowfe St, PHONE I EGGS POTjS GRA1 IAPPI nl, ! K. 10 Tall ( a n 1 Honn*. Lli Brnln*, t h Sugir Cu NFWSPAPFRHRCHIVE®

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