Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 18, 1936 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1936
Page 3
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,¥fitJBSDA>Y EVENING, JUttE 18, (Will PAMPA UAlLf JflBWB, • m LOUIS EXPECTED TO KNOCK OUT SCHMELINQ IN 4 OR 5 ROUNDS TONIGHT 0" WILL NOT AS LARGE AS EXPECTED BE . Ity AjJAN GOULD Associated'Press Sports Editor JjfElV YORK, June 18. (fl^-The weather man forecast showers jfor t^fcy, OMS ekterts predicted taps fdr Max Schtaeluig; tonight, while .flttil fans served notice that ; million dollar, gates no longer can bus ftwunfr by the soft Warbling of ballyhoo birds. Joe Louis, still the No. 1 magnet of pugilism, his punching artistry worth Watching uncjer any circum- stahees, lured the fight faithful to the! big town today from all parts of .the country. But at the box offices, thousands of tickets remained unsold'at all prices, up to and Including $40 top, for tonight's proceedings in Yankee stadium. , Iri- heavyweight history there have been upsets of such startling character 'as'.tb mafce one aria all a bit wary, Including the .experts, but there has not,been;an occasion in this' writer's memory .when such complete, unqualified.unanimity prevailed 6n the day. of "a -big- .fight, with .'so much at stake. Presumably the entire press section will collapse from the recoil if Max Schmeling so much as lays a forcible glove on Joe Louis. We shudder to think of the reaction if Schmelirtg, the 10 to 1 .shot, beats the .brov/n. bomber. The weather, it appeared; might take a sufficiently B'our turn to force postponement for a night. Max will 'collect around $200,000 for|a few. .clouts to , the chin and probably will .be glad to get it all over wjth, . All signs .point to a quick ending. The consensus of pre-rflght views lySs that the bomber would win, by acclamation arid .a; knockout, Within four! orCfive" rounds.-It Is tfyls, writer's opinion he can name the. round and punch, either right or left. The day of .the..fight leaves no doubt that the drawing power of Schmeling Was over-estimated in making this match and • tha't the promoters over-estimated the demand for tickets scaled from $3.60 for .general admission to $40 for ringside planks. Promoter Jacobs ascribed .the failure of Schmellng to respond adequately to the "buildup" processes as the main factoi- checking ad- yarice • sales,' He also conceded' the effect of a Jewish boycott, due to anti-Nazi sentiments, likewise .coh- , tributed to absence of another million-dollar gate. Not even a sudden ,'rush for cut price tickets, it seemed, would develop a .crowd of more than 60,'opo and; gross receipts in excess of $700,000, Speculators who had load- ed' .up .with pasteboards in anticipation of eleventh-hour de- mah'ds %ere "holding the bag." All; things considered, ..however, figures'represent a sehsatiohaltrib- ute to. the drying .power of .a .22- year pld negro yputjy .wiio-.was, f$ unknown, outside of midwe'stern amateur ranks,.two..years ago, They.mean that..for,his .three, big fights in .New York '-within a year, each against a .former ,world heavyweight champion, Louis will have attracted' niore than $2,000,000 -in gate .receipts. • , , 1 Assuming j Louis disposes of Schiheling; Reaving the German to console :hjrnself with life 911 Jtis Bavarian ^estates, the company ,6f.. his ; icreen star wife and a substantial ;jEtdditipn to his personal fprfurie, there;i$najn.s the problem of ;mft'(icl>r ing'lthe ,fcr.pwn bomber with,'James J. uBfaddbck lor-R 'tftle-1igjitMis -- •--' ' -• /T.jiefflcit that the Lpuisrpr.addock- fight 'will' -be a 'fistic'"na^ral'" dqesn't mean, However, ^tljaf V'- can easily-be arranged.- -Demand-for it has growji this spring, largely because of a popular notion that the gaiiie Irishman ; stands a better chance to test. Louis > than any other map he -has -met; demands, as well as prpmotional cross currents,; Jiave compliqated the s^t- uai|ion. 'Whether it's untangled in time to make the match possible ihis year is uncertain." • , Louis, a.nd his. managers have a lpn|g.'teri» a'KeemenJ' % tp fight^xclu- sivply^for ^ke ;Jacops,:the Broadway Nti^ket brokeiv wpo ,has ^become t{ie. .dominant fjgur'e^p Boxing ,prp- rnqtioh..: Madispniji^flijare., Gar to, has Braddockyri4pr:c,6,irit^iact''for;riU> fir4t^Jitl.e.defense;!'B.i;ad.dOck jjatural- \ \y, iwto^ :the'/big prjd'*ol '.the /purse' but 'fiQuis "twon't .:-,|tjj» - \p|rniitted .Jp' |Jgb.t : 'f6r. 'the jsji^rttarir "iphWtenger's en^i of 12'/l.per CSPfc - ' "' •toHyi^^^^^^ l^aitibForapi The Jolly .Ten pjaygrouud fcalt team,-.pom'posed of women at WH- coj(, quit and -Sun ..oil. compariy camps, h'as b?en .organized and is rea,dy .tp Bieet jstrphg teams in this section. Workouts have been sec- ret'lot. two weeks. '•With B. T. Ha.rjgis In charge, the Jolly Ten club is looking forward to|a prosperous season.. The team WlU-bje ready'to ineet «11, opppsi- tlon after next'Wednesday. Teams wj$;tfte Jolly T,en can oalj /8027 •'and leave word to have Mr. Baygjs get in_ touch .with them. : B. i,. '049m. of Jasper, Tex., started a coimter attack .on b§r^j ; 6 iii Ws pecan giwe, iPbsujg -?4;000 parasites, palled trlchagramma, to fight them. -.. Houston Defeats Beaumont And Steers Lose To Indians Louis, Schmeling Fight Tomorrow ® f .. S fff ,•.., t «" yp. * irf 1 ^ f 'VK •• "••*",-• , y- £• iU .vCfe^V^A^ .V* - g\i?i'fe£WV4<v > ;•, <?-, ,V«*A ,»** Joe. I^ouis,, above, and Max .Schpeling-, .below, will flfflit ,to- morrdw night in Yankee Statium for right .to meet Jimmy P^addock chanipion, in Sept^niljqr. OChe fight will be broadcast over NBC ai?d will begin at 8 o'clock. pa time. FIRST TIME Thp Skelly Oil pitfygrquncl ball l/eam', .from tlic Schtifer plant west of] Pampa, met its'first defeat Iri .twoj /'ears' [on Tu.esidgy 'night wj>|n .jsa.ngi Qt'i, won .a. 4 ip, ^'.fiaM : .to jfevirb jxitva innings. Other victories in league play went to Voss Cleaners, Coltexo, Phillips, and Cities Service. Po'e, King Oil hurler, held the Slugging' Skfilly team to five hits while ,iUs teammjatss .were getting Ijo Hfcys for 12 clean birigles. Wagner, King 'catcher, singled to scpte the/tying run in the seventh "afld s«oj;ed ;.the .winning run in the '.ninth'. Ray was .behind the. plate for gkelly.; 5ob Smith of Kjing played sehs'a- tipinally,}n-the .field.. : ' ' , ,;T,he -newly rejuvenated'. Chr^ttansi five'.V^ss 'Cle4nef's,.a'. ; sqaVe >y?l,th 'a Jast Inning rally ^i>icl>' felUpA? 'rv(n sftpr : t :o'f ; ty.iijB-theistorf, .Vciss' Cleaners finally enterged .witb. a 4 w^n. With th?:.tying -rmi on- tjiiir^d, ; White .rniifle a s^saWQri^'.V^b" ^f i Lagih's foul d^ive tjo: "end -the gam.6. Bherjdaii hit a -home .run 'for:Vos;> Ole^j)ier.s to win trie ga^me. . ' j ' Morrison, dte^nce .for ,,tlie Cleaners ,wiUi Sijeridan be}jiiii,d th'e plate. ; Little Lefty Harvey. :MrJed great ball Tor flip..churchmen, Her^ ring and Evans divided the'receiv- ing duties. Coltexo came up wtth their best game of the season to down the Texas company entry, 4 to 1. • Phillips hurled faultless ball for the carbon black boys. Maxie was behind the bat. Stancil and Covington worked for .the Texas company. Cities Service yron a 15 to;ll-sluij- fest from the fast climbing Methodists'. Campbell .went the distance for Cities Service although hit hard and often. Word. was his battery mate. The Methodists ,used a pair of chttnkers, with Munday receiving. Phillips, with the Dewey brothers working, won 8 to 3 frpm the Bap- ^ts'w&h Gla?set>rook.Dn.$h? mourid an.d Bates'-jbehinti- the jbfct.. ' ' .Tho .schedule for tomorrow evening: •'•.'•. , Ooltexo at Methodfets. Cities Seryi'c.e jit;Ring .Oil. Voss ^t . T,eJi;as CQ ' LITTLE ROAD RUNNERS HAY Tomprrow nigljt the -Little Road Runners will tr'avp} tp 3'pr.gqr -to play the only un^efgated tearii in the Junior. baseball league, the Boy- leer Chr)s,tiaris. Projbably t}ip pnjy, reason" why the Ghrfetians .'jave ;un'-' defeated is because they liave'played only two gftnie.s .Jp the league, .^u|d have not y^t;. fac.ed the hard-hitting Little'Road Runners.' The Chrjstfcns npict wins over the Magnolia peew'ees and the '•Phillip's 66 youngsters, The game will bf pjaye^ at .JHuber park uftdgr the ligh^i beginning at 8:^0 io'flock. ,:T^e' Christ}a'ns are; thipy :wyi giy ; e' .the in- . . vaders a stiff -battle, ti$Q. tti^y iriay, althpugh- they--(lid not rsliow up -ftSi a remarkably strong cliib when they nosed out the Peewees. They !am- 'basted the '6^6 .boys .by a- However,' 1 it'.^s' 'extremely .the ore. .smith • -Night' is fiousitqn (By The Associated Proas) Todays! games: ' ' Oklahoma- -City at Dallas'. Tulsa -at •fcyii Worth, " Qalvestpn at -Sari Antonio. Beaumorit at rtbUstdn. (All night games.) Ira Smith, who manages and pitches for the Houston Buffaloes, knows how to return the compliment. Last night 6,300 fans turned out td do him • honor as a hustling, popular r<lpper who has kept the Buffs inline Texas league fight all season. They named-It "Ira Smith Night" and before the game many nice things were said about him by civic leaders. • .- •• > In turn Smith marched -out to the mound: and set. down -the second-place Beaumont Shippers 5-4. He allowed but two earned runs although he was touched for 12 hits, fanned 10 men -end got a double and a single. His mates, meanwhile, were riot idle. After two were down in the .ninth, the Houston batsmen opened up for tr/ree rliris. 'The loSs kept -Beaumont f rPm taking the league leadership from the Dallas. Steers. The Steers discovered that a change of climate didn't improve their luck in their game with the Oklahoma City Indians, who won, 5 to 3. Klaerner pitched 6-hit ball for the Indians arid blanked the Mavericks after the fourth innings. 'San Antoriio continued its trick of losing by the thinnest of margins as Galveston came -through in 13 innings to win 6-5. -Howard Mills, pitching for the Missibns in the last four innings, retired .12 of the 13 men he faced. The -thirteenth was his nemisls. Jim Moore 'belted a homer to break up the overtim'6 congest. ••'•, . • ' Fort Worth gave 1 evidence of its recent resurrection and won its fourth consecutive game, a record this season for the Cats. They trounced Tulsa 8 to 4 in the first of a series of home games. It marked a turning point in the Cats' season because it was the first time this season the Cats have beaten Tulsa in nine attempts. ily since they played in Gray county. They have.been working out daily in anticipation of the game tomorrow night, and the feathered covey may find a determined opposition when they walk out on the diamond. The Borgans have a smart, capable pitcher and if he is given flawless support, trouble looms ahead for the Pampa boys. Next Sunday afternoon the Danciger bojfs will • play. at LeFors in Shaw park, lieginnlng .at 3 o'clock, with isic.'s 'LeFors, Pirates. furnishing the opposition. The ,I?eewees will go to .Phillips, and .Hoover will go to Borger to play the Christians. .The Peewees have not been practicing 'this week, due to injuries and 'other;problems.- JJnless 'all 'are playing Sunday in .their, .regular.. pq- Sitions, ar)d are c'bopet'ating. with one •'another "to the /fullest -extent, they njay hayp, tjoujple ,at .Phillips diamond. Tjie 66 crew has been .improving 1 with every .game. , HOov'ei is. degtined for more, troiibie ?it Borger. -'The'big Hpoyer team is now ;the ce'fl&r Occupant., ,' ' '••'. ;'-The;sec9nd h'ali. of" jsho season .will start'-'June :27,' and it-lias .been ^uggeste.(J jtha,);. the first, second-and jthi'rd placp winiiers''-'6f: the sec6ri<3 Ka,lf ,wIU ; :play: ; f6r ; -th& title at : fend 6'f'.j^ie'seasbli'. V! 0 . '' '- : i 1 WWiSg^'VoV''-^^!?!^?!! o( the Little' JRpail .Rfinrieiis will have the foJl.dwWe : .nqw'-rps:ter Available foi tomorrow night: "I?r?d MdG'^hey, ss 1 ; Harold Nichp^on! 3 ; b"i.>Iage'-^eysfer, If; Bob iBailey, Ib,"-Jjepn 1 ,Crane; i'cf; Denver Hubert, 2b;-Henry-Stevens c; .Paul ^Montgomery, p; Jack Cun- ningiia'm, c; Brownie Boyington, rf; Carl Noland, Due Keyser, Carpenter utility. , .» OMAHA SECOND ASCOT, Eng., : June 18 (AP)-~ Lord' Stanley's great tUly,- Quashed, tofey -won,the iAscoji.gpld cup r^ce with .WilUam" Woodward's Ameri- caia-pwn'e4 :pnia'ha .second. .. " " B^ripn , jgdpuayd de, Rbtyischild's Bokl>ul w^S '.third In the two and niile .classic; -Nine horses ' INS to x! '•• ^ ••' :- L ' car. ^»r^v-J^.. ,n-r'- .^.™ . • Reduce payments. ..•.Raise money to meet bills. Prompt and Courteous Atten- given 'all »pplicftttons. iNHANDLE AGl .^lefitric. ^$$m' .f-UI . 4 Wi-M<^* .^1*MWUW11WU -W»'»»W .•.««-• -Iff^m - • FRANK E. THOMAS, Antonito,CQ|or*«iQ. 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