The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 14, 1966 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1966
Page 10
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10 Vcgtmmt Monday, March 14, J966 Your Daily TV TeleScope By CYNTHIA. IX>W»Y A3? Teicvisioti-Kadio Writer NEW YORK (AP) — The three television networks did v-ell in the public affairs area. Sunday afternoon — perhaps a tee hearings. CBS also had an. five fine ballet dancers, he illus- ur.usual "20th Century" pro- ir a ted with lively modem gram about the work of Sj-na- dances that encompassed come- non. the controversial self-help K'.y. fantasy, tragedy and even a Drive To Hike U.S. Bond Buying Near Sun Classified Ads Highlands Youth m AltnV Pl*Afir31fTI< HOUSTON" (Sp) — A drive tojdJvis>0« chairmen, and ?pprox>-j en years — nine months less! •II Ml III J I I UUI QIll I increase employe participation i mateSy 100 volunteer workers {than previously. The H bonds! Jin the U.S. Savings Bond pro- James Larry McAdams, son?gram through payroll savings organization for narcotics addicts, among convicts. tiescriptioR of a bullfight. of Mr. and Mrs. Louie L_ Mc| Adams, 420 Center. Highlands. /il! be launched j Thursday. in Houston will be guests at the luncheon The division chairmen include: Arthur E. Bryan, Transcontinental Gas Pipe Lone Corp.; still mature after 10 years. "Another stimulant to greater] sales is that many Americans! _ are highly conscious of what! Mimmum — i Want Ad Rates ju 12. Male Help Wanted : of the weekend entertainment ol several. -. *Mn*Mjr <M*«.^* **W&* —~ ^VT^eA«Ih^& « * « v - , - * m linle too wea for the conscien-L rM ^ 1 stls ^, ui * t j Ixg ._^.ff^ e f!i ;i , broAd - °,~* hopes " * tfae Iirst j tious citizen who had hoped to get away from his set long enough for a short walk or to The program was made! has en jj ste< j jjj the U S ArmV^ Maj. Gen. Lucius D. Clay Jr., |Don Crenshaw, Houston Light- »"d purchases mean to our eco-. Classified Department j £? £!r,,'£%,"v"£,.' T SS «pert •road. One hopes it is the first;' * "• " • commander of the Twelfth Airiing & Power Co.; Tom E. Luke, ji^my .now that we've stepped uj\ --07 oTy) CQ? afiA '"'">• """P 0 "* ' r oi:»ing. E*O shows was NBC's special Fri-' r> anjn . Thomas monthly N'BC! u P° n completion of basic with headquarters at Waco, will day night, 'Ballet for Skeptics.''Loeria7~concentrat«>d on coumrvj 'raining at Fort Polk. La. Pvt. be the principal speaker at a graduate specialist program, j Force. Tactical Air Command. JBaroid Sales. Division of Nation- i the "pace in Viet Nam/ : Bur- Its preme was that ballet. if a chance, is tun to watch. d Weswsn music in a setting vWch sonle Hollywood producer ^ ^^ ^ ^ mu ^ t .craft Maintenance Crewman i Ballroom of the Sheraton-Lin-i <->r. Charges F. Jones. Humble i Bought them back in 1941 — to Roland Petit, the French O bvious7v"beu"eved" resembled "a'School at Fort Rucker. Ala. Heicoln Hotel. |QU & Refining Co.; David Keith ' id «"i*y themselves with our na- .r,-^^™™,™.^,. „„,-„ „ - .... . „, „ , The Houston area campaign is Houston Natural Gas Corp.; ; tlona: security and to back our! lime his Sawn. It wa s hard to find a break between the information programs- NBC assembled a panel of! alert and probing newspapermen to interview Vice dent riuuert n. Humphrey m oi±t .1 _. . —,, - , j .-WI--ACSI:I m \jxnc expanded edition of "Meet ih»l «*""*• the rhythm. Then. wiihl |nw who vodeled . Press." Humphrey, fluent and!»»_.. i_^- *~ ! It may have been McAdams will attend the Air-, kick-off luncheon in the Grand al Lead; Milton E. Goodman. J.jrow said. Weinganen. Inc.. Hal Haze] I "Many people today buy 582-8324 rigg. Brown and Root. Inc. ! bonds for the same reason thev I. Lodge Notices Splendid Spare Time ST6AOY PART-TIME (IX-U noun per w**k> 58 yeor old AAA-1 manufacturer has open. as field manager experience oecrft- :eJient over. «r»te cortwnissio.'M- Call Mr. Oaltof Tuesday e>">«y » » A.M. — 3:M PJA. Pftone 5*3-7*11 nel of Q an«r-cnpreographer. gave a barnt . ard 7^^ was a bored i« a gn ewspa- f ort emanation of ihe basic cow ' in ^ cent a bucket of jHigh Sc Presi-! forn - o£ b ^ liel - the c!ass :, c P°-|:ive ducking coumrv-stvle Pat i Denni r-Liar.' 21 " 0 ^- i 1 * ™° tMns _- and " .^|2uttram in" overalls, "and a fcl-iof Mrs. £ /vijyc:** tn^» r+ivthri* Tri^ari ii-ith S _ _ bored [is a graduate of Robert E. Lee School. fun for . . —. well-informed, was never more' KCrr Tttat IOH \yTOUp ! viewers whose taste runs to i specialist program. Upon com- i.-npressive than under their in- BAYTOWN COUNCILL for Re- Callus-snapping humor, but this pletion of basic training at Fort teliigent questioning. tarded Children will meet at 7! v : ewer was preoccupied with' Polk. Pvt. Campbell will receive ABC had a timely interview p.m. Monday at St. Paul's Luth-i Thomas. In spite of his irequsnt training in the administrative with India's Prime Minister In-,eran Church. Garth and Schil- ( protests that he wzs reaiiy a field. dira Gandhi. Both NBC and CBS • ling, for a short business session: country boy himself, Danny j had special programs of high-;prior to the mental health meet- looked mighty uncomfcnable; The house of Tokugawa once lights updating last weeks Sen- ing at 7:30 p.m. at the churchU.nd subdued. It was not his hap-;ruled Japan. They were shoguns ate Foreign Relaions Commit- fellowship hall. ':>iest show of th e season. 'for three centuries. Dennis L. Campbell, husband Oak. Highlands also enlisted ini26-man U. S. Industrial Payroll; Dick Wegner, Southwestern Be'i' The the U.S. Army under graduate Savings Committee appointed by I Telephone Co. i goal ls CALLED MEETING ol Cedor; Bcyou Lodge- No. 33! A.F. did A.,VI.. win Sf fwio Tues-i acv, March 15, 15>66, o» 6:30 cna tea 10 committee's 1966; 1.200.000 new savers.; O. A. w.lson. Secy. . In announcing the campaign. |w j" ch w °' u!d bnn S to more than : 'Secretary of the Treasury- Hen-j — o — > ... ry H. Fowler. The committee I Burrow pointed out that th e re- 9 -°w.wO the number of payroll 'theme for 195S — the silver an-!cent increase in the interest Savln 2s plan participants „..„.„..„,,, 'niversary of the U.S. Savings Irate should provide a stimulant th ™"g«out the Ij.S. The Hous-. tend. Masons ond Ecster stars c.r e co.- Bond — is "Join Business onto payroll savings bond Bur-: ton area S oal is 24,000 new sav-j • • • Jaime Cirtui . W . A . GOOSE CREEK ASSEMBLY NO. 80. RBin&o« *or Girts. *-!ii ho ! O >ts resuicr rneeTing en ftAoncfov. .v.arcn 2s, 19ee, 7 p.m. in The ftftcsersic Hc:t. rg*<3 to a!- the Payroll Savings Boadwag- • chases. The new 4.15 per cent, ers - Lcur ° " crren on." irate applies to both E and Hi Burrow empnasized that the;. Houston area business and in- bends, "with the maturity period i : >'' vro!! *?a^;0n method K th.M •dustrial leaders the campaign's for the E bond now set at sev-; most systematic way for the av- ; , 1-A Special Notices DOUBLE BIG BONUS STAMPS EVERY TUESDAY MARKET SPECIAL MARKET MADE-PURE PORK-PAN STYLE SAUSAGE W FRESH ^ LEAN i STORE NO. 1 221 & FAYLE r STORE NO. 3 710 W. MAIN Fresh Northern Corn Fed Pork DELICIOUS LB. ^^ rresn norrnern w^orn reu rwn*. i SHOULDER STEAK u, 59c • W Good Beef Rib or Brisket A I STEW MEAT Lb 39c ^^ NX Fresh Ground 1 I HAMBURGER MEAT , 39c Swifts Premium ^sssssssisssssss^r^ssss^^ BOLOGNA slc . e . d . Q, 65c SOUTHERN ROLL Ranch Style BEANS ¥2 Lb. PATTY Rosedaie 29c FRUIT COCKTAIL 4<2L 1.00 Rosedale TOMATOES Alcoa ALUMINUM FOIL Del DLxi Sour or Dill PJCKLES Red Heart DOG FOOD 7cansl.OO Gladiola White or Yellow CORN MEAL .u.*« 45c Pioneer 5 dl 1.00 .. Keg- Size A * C ....Qt, Jar WALDORF BATHROOM ISSUE 4 ROLLS Peter Pan PEANUT BUTTER Breast O' Chicken TUNA Alma Mustard or 43c TURNER GREENS 2 Rainbo C a ns 3 c *s 1.00 ROMAN MEAL BREAD Yellow Onions Lb lOc Ruby Red Grapefruit 2 Lbs. 19c Lb. 21c 29c lOc Jumbo Size Celery Stalk New Red Potatoes Lbs. 43c Louisiana Klin Dryed Sweet Potatoes 2 L-, 33c FRESH HOME GROWN MUSTARD GREENS BUNCH erage employe to buy bonds. KARL w. OPRYSHEIC Route Man Needed Man wit,-i selling ability helpfuL You can earn 1300 and up per month. See manager, 219 E. Republic. Foremast Dairfei, 3 to 5 Mor>. Ihru Frioor. 10101 BAY AREA BOULEVARD : Hall-way between LaPorte and Seat rook, I mile wejl of Highway 1U ! WANTED- JOURNEYMEN WELDERS I AND FITTERS ' far aluminum ana steel. Meiperj a!» • wanted. New shop. Excellent working con. ^ ditions. ; ; Offenhauser Co. • Boyport Division of Shaffer Tool Works ; HA 4-XM1 "in emolove needs to make!t? r P«ition NO. i in me scnooi Trust« , , .__ * _;• _ , i efection. invKes interesjeo persons to call j a choice only once, and jings continue automatically," he I said. "In this way. many people — who otherwise might nev- fauild up considera- NEVV NU.V.3ER 522^355. !er save — | ble savings." *• The Houston SANDERS CAKE SHOP — WEDDING! SPECIALISTS. Catering service, mono- i craiirned noDktns, wecidino invttatlons. j Drtae Socks. Ooen 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., 1611 ' Jones Rd.. Hicn'onds, 42t-2in?- ORDER SUN PHOTOS } Place oraers for reprints Df pic- area Campaign i tures mode Oy Bovtown Son photo-sro- ; will continue through May. the! ?fte rs sjr? cf C P>'.O! itox^w. 3oyri«v'n nS TnJ j 25th anniversary month for sav-j gffifin^S * *te^«'&''Sxl? t £ ! ingS bOnG5. jasronal print from Trie Telephone Linemen FOR CONSTRUCTION CREWS APPLY 1» STIMSON TO MR. M. A. TAYLOR General Telephone Co. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER tncties. print from Trie scn-.e fteGc?iv£ i sizes ve SXlO. 5X7. cnri 3' =XS j J4. ER&E's Sid Brady Named To API's Pollution Panel LIKE A LETTER FROM HOME. A strb-! . ! s^notion to Trie Bcylown Sun is rnousnt I NOTICE 1 ! ful. inexpensive cmd wil! oe appreciated! Desisnc'So^s rjs to sex in oyr Melp ! dov after aav. Stort vour su&scriptio.-! | V-vonrefl crct E-nctoyrner;f columns are ; Tcxioy to your favorite serviceman cr stu-, ^r^cde only (i> to indicate oor,o iide oc- i dent cvjsv at scnoos. Just call The cupatiorio! qua'if.cct'ons for employment Sun circulation department, S32-S3m. ! wnirt en emsicver 'eacrcs c s reascm- (osiy necesscry to the nc-rrrscl operation of his business or enterprise, or (2) as s conven.ence to our reader to le» n know wnJcfi oositi^ns the oxjver- . r seiieves weu'-o &e of more interest i I to one sex than The otner because of trie e; n TS^^S v, - , iTRI-CITY MONUMENT CO. —Granite ' *o r * Involved. Sacn desisnations shcil o. U. J3raa\ Has tieen appoint- | morBle. bron:e monuments, grave mark- 2 C te t=v.en :o Indicate ttict any aaver- Cemetery wortc. Ter-ir-s, no carrying i " ! ser intends or practices any unlc"wful .v,crk« at W. y.ain. next tc | a'eferene*. icrniTot.on. specification or i Ctscrirr-ir-.ation Ln ernpiovrnent proctices. Monuments-Lots troleum er of Am. Institute's Committee i Peoples State Bcnk. 5e!-f?32. ^on Engineering and Technical ! Research of the newly estab- ilished Comminee on Air and | Water Conservation. He is also a member of API's 'Committee on Disposal of Rei finery Wastes and the Biological ; Sub-Committee and Solids Waste 'Subcommittee, and is chairman of the Separator Design Panel of the Oil-Water Separations Subcommittee. A research specialist in Esso P.esearch and Engineering Co.'s Baytown Research and Develop- j mem Division, Brady has been very active in air and water i conservation work for many : years. He is a member of Texas Air and Water Resources Foundation and of Baytown's Air- Water Conservation Board. In The Air Pollution Contro! Association, Brady is a member of the Petroleum Technical Coordinating Comminee and the Local Sections Service Committee- He is chairman of the Legislative Advisory Committee of the Texas Chapter of Water Pol- lustion Control Federation. In Manufacturing Chemists Association, he is a member of the Air Quality Committee, the Water Resources Committee, and the Joint Air Quality-Water Resources Task Free on Solids Wastes. Brady holds the bachelor's de- igree ir. chemical engineering from Kansas State University. He and Mrs. Brady have a son and a daughter. They live at 414 Azalea Drive. Easter Seal Trek Set Here Tuesday 5. Personals 15. Work Wanted i jALCOHQUCS ANONYMOUS ' '* V° u have a rjrinklna problem. |CO ii 553-9700 or sei-27iJ. • 6. Lost and Found A-1 PAINTING AND DECORATING. ' r R T E ^r,^* TSS - Ple "* R*'""":" i i . * . sn i RLt T . i 582- 5X7. _ liALL KINDS — Carpentry, St>eetr00c. i . ! cabinet work. No ioo too s.-nait. Call - i LOST HORSE — Strayed gray gelding i Ccri 503-3703. 3 LOST !N VICINITY PRUETT and AMER\ iCAN STS. — Tan end btach Pekingese dog w;in tectner narness. shot te£s crt- ? BABY srrrrNG — ] In my horr-e, Ocv cr night. 3 months to ; 4 veers of CQC*. 53~-5C2o. i CABINET AND CARPENTRY WORK^ E^Dfirtlv dane Fr*»s> esTlr-ictes Cell 5S3--S055. CHILD CARE — Infcnts to 3 years. ... xper;enced nr>cTure in private LOST DOG — German Shepherfi, black wood ofea*. Cell 566-7m or 56<>-7Dsb. ] LOST POODLE — Blue* and grey, male,' vfc^iry G."eywootf. answers ?o "Pa^V : % GEORGE H. — 128 W. . .v.r. v.'fttct, be our gyest to crte-is Tr-.e showing of --//.adOT%* X," now srtowcng ct rhe Srunson T.^eetre. Present Tftis cd ct me ticket oftict for your rwo free admissions. in rr> Y r*c-l». tiCvt. O «» yfrsr C* CffP OT SDCv*. Prtonc 552-6'07. - CHILD CARE — Loving care gfvcfi your , cri.-d, on* yea-'' o* cgc cr aixive, ;n my e ; ".crre. 5S2-6^Ci- 7. Instructions U.S. CIVIL SERVICE TESTS1 CANDY CANE NURSERY i ln'on;s fa 10 years. New Nu.'iery. IC'isI, i nteii'gent lovinc care. Hs: .MeaJs. Pre' scnoci instruct'cn. 6 a.m. Ts i p.m. 533- |CH(LD CARE — ~ . 'n rpy no^rsc, Ccv cr rignt. ; SC2 Soum =ourrn. jCHiLD CARE — In my nome, onr noun. tjOMSSTIC WORK WANTED — S " n!!nt - Preparatory training os long os SSSct .USSr^U^ °/R'E'E l£ nhon*. L.'-.ctrin'ssrvicE, Box 73-IA core Ca " = o' The Bortawn 5un. ' : SSS>?! ; DO>JE. P:CK UP AND DELIVER CALL " INTERIOR - EXTERIOR PAINTING _^ Time wc^x, Fre* cstir-ates. aos F'ancts. 72-t E. Aron, Help Wanted BARBER WANTED ^° rr Iirne ^cnrl Soturdcvs. mais or femoie -'HELP WANTED - Male or ftmale to ! "J^^, ' n '"'Chen in preporctior. o? f cc ,r. a <- I xr ss " r >- ADD!/ ;n person, PITT GRILL,: i .^-Ker Drive. ; I : \ 11. Female Help Wanted ' HAPPY HOUSE DAY NURSERY — Slot* ; :ico-ise. *rorn..-.3 rr.oTtiers enrol! /our crt!iu ; *cw ;r> ocv cs^c nur^ery. Coii S23-2S27 for • SEWING — Specializing in chilCrens* cia'^mc Mrs. John Colims, 5605 WilSurn • 5M-S326. 16. Apartments For Rent i volunteers will join with more than 15.000 Easter Seal mothers in Harris in a cicx>r-to-door drive from 5 to 9 p.m. Tuesday for the Harri.s County Society for Crippled Children and Adults. District majors in Baytown are Mrs. Louis Godwin. 201 Arbor; Mrs. J. D. Wooten, 5101 Somerset Drive; Mrs. N'iles K. Brill 2801 Virginia; Mrs. Jo McShan, 500 E. Republic; Mrs. B. J. Crow, 412 Pamela; and Mrs. \V. H. Callam Jr., 1702 Richardson Lane. Mrs. J. B. Bowers is a district major in Channelview. She lives at 1019 Woodland. Channelview. Easter Seal program which is headquartered at Easter Seal Center, 3839 Morningside. Houston, has an all-year schedule of social activities. More than 300 Harris County handicapped persons participated in the recreational program and more than 1.300 take part in other phases of the program. . . JIAN WANTED 'Sr ELLEN HAIR DESIGNS, Po-t*. GA l-Ocil. ARBOR. 115 — 2-t>edroom briet duplex. :j-r-rsi»tf. «,c!er - oas oOiQ. Appiy IIS A'^O-, APT. *. i CAR WOP WANTED ! .VOa'SELL S DSiVE INN, 2103 N. V.Qir. .HOUSEKEEPER — For rooming nausc! ; ~C^T *:~e. mcrr.irQ or afterrfOOr-. ApD?v f '^' HarSor ber^een 1 ona 3 s.rr-. only. j BARKELY SQUARE TOWNHOUSE : ^D*« Cast Luxury a"id Convenience ' 5w mminq poo), cenrrci oir. patio, car; tori. rf'SnwaSher. refrigerajor. dis : tics x,a. ins ^oscl. ed unfumisned; utlll- ParK ct Deck-r Dr., «:* fjea BI-J« HO. NEED — Girl to wor* in office. Apply in -crson, ni E. Fiiyle. HATHAiVAr S ?OCD .V.AP.KET. TYPIST — Must ae cccurote with num- 25rs.Exaerier.ce -frquir^i. wr:te star.n; ^uGitficcTions ere. Sox Jls-i m core 01 Th.-. TOP COMMISSION 45 PER ^, -jzier Cosmetics. Hours ct ytnjr ICK'VCP- ience. sort or full ti-ne. Coliecl CA 4^>*33 WANTED — Experienced inside woi-k Aooly in oersor., not>. 150! Alexcncer Drive. WAITRESSES WANTED — ABPIY in per- SVoivl" BOWLING' LANES. Splendid Spare Time BLUE80NNET APARTMENTS New 1-bcriroorn furnished CDortments. air :orttiitior : e<3. u!ii:rie^ pcia, weekly of "onrnj. 1 rotes. Hwv. 1»6, 5S2^9l7. COUNTRY CLUB MANOR 35*X) OeCKer Dr;we. Secnon 1 FREE SSNT SONUS : and 2-bedroor-: furnished ona unfLr-nfsti- »c electric (citcnens; air con- S.ttor,.-.c;; arG&e-'es and swim-nino pool. ^none 5<:oa6i3 FURNISHED 1-Betfroom apartment, water 30:3. SJ5 ,-r.oOtn. BAYTOWN REALTY, 5i2-::3;. GAIULARD. 303 N. — Clean furnilAoJ ^conmen? su;tct>!e for 1 or 2 odl/ltj Ao- 3IY 3Q3-A. GRAYWOOO ARMS ~ One Q-.ti Two-D«3roorn Apartments Furnished ond Unfurnished Prom SW.SO Utilitiei Pcia FREE USE O= LALIMDRY EQUIPMENT ^305 Wemcrtcl Drive PART-TIME (12-14 houn per week) 50 year old AAA.l manufacturer has opening for ambitious lotfy at field manager for Baytown areo. No experience necessary, company tratnipg. Excellent overwrite commissions. Call Mr. Dallof Tuesday Only 9:30 a.m. -~ 5:30 p.m. Phone SZ3-7U1 Rites Tuesday For Mrs. Gilliam 1 12. Male Help Wanted {ASSISTANT COOK — Mate, age 16-24, no I experience necessary. Mi/st speck Spanish. I Apply in Person, Monterey House. MINES, »'T — Small furnished scrag* aocrtment w:tn ooroae, no cilts paid, 535 j rrcntn. 553-654°. j JONES, 30S N. — Nice large furnished 4; room du£!e*. util ties paid, ffaraoe, adults. j no pets. Apply 307 N'. Jones. ! KENNEDY APARTMENTS — M30 Michl. | pan. 582-6314. Four-room niceiy furnished , opcrt-nent, cir conditioned, central heat. i LIVE OAK, SIJ — Tws room fumivhed j aocrtmenf. Unities Dotd. SGO month. ' Pnone 5SJ-37U. I , _—__ i RUTH. «n'i — «-Roorn furnished garage i apartment. Wash room, gcraoe. utilities ; po.a. S32-97fJ. Mrs. Irene Estelle 86. of 1012 Sunset Drive, died at j 4:30 a.m. Sunday in a hospital! in Baytown. j She was bom Oct. 27, 1879, atj Sand Springs, Iowa and lived j many years in Beaumont be-| fore coming to Baytown nine j years ago. She made her home j with her daughter. Mrs. Doro-j y A. Payton. her only sur-! vivor. [ Graveside services will be \ held at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday atj Forest Lawn Memorial Park; Cemetery in Beaumont, with the j Rev. A. L. Jordan of Memori-| al Baptist Church, officiating, j Burial will be under direction j of Paul U. Lee Funeral Home. ! STERLING. 124 W. | duplex with yjrcse, L I 582-4^7 Nice furnished ties pcid, couple. toble. Sclcry or commission. A£p!y Tony M.essick at Kemp and Tony's Rambler. S30C N, Moin. Bavtown. EXPERIENCED AUTO PAINTER — Must be experienced, first class man. Good references required and reliaole. Salary Or commission. Apo'y Tcny sick at KeTX) and Tony's Romb'er. 33X M. Main, Saytowri. NEED YOUNG MAN — Aee 30-39, 'a work :n warehouse ar,d drive truck. Commer. cial license ecuired, 537-827*. SALESMAN WANTED — To sell nationally advertised brands. Salary plus commission. Excellent company benefits. Ap- AUTO, Mr. T. SCHILLING. 100 — Furnished oporfnxsnf, Sills paid. 560 -nontn. JOHN Ml. SHEAR- j SR REALTY. 582-4517. i WEAV6H, no — At Wooster. Nice large i 4-room furnished opcrt-ncnt. Air eondi~ j t.ened. oorgoe. pills pcid. S44-M33. WHITING, »3 s. "^ Furnished aport- rnent witl gorage. Couple or.iy, no pets. Apoly 205. WANTEO _ Two new ror „,.,„., ond cne used cor salesman. Good opportunity or ricjnt man. See Mr. Morgan ot THAD FELTON FORO. WANT BIDS ON — Floating and toping NEW APARTMENTS Wickersheimer Manor J19 Williomj SI. 1 ond 2 Bedroom Units Furnished or Unfurnished Utilities Optional Individual Air/Hecf Covered Paved PorVino Near Cnurehes, School, Shopping SS3-11Z7 LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE it herely given thai the following named person has filed on opplicofion for 3£ER RETAILER'S ON PREMISES LICENSE ot the foltowlns location ond -md:r the stlcwlcited type Business: NAME OF APPLICANT: EtHeiee Olivette Molcombe LOCATION OF BUSINESS: 4726 Highway 146 TYPE BUSINESS: Kfngs Row —Monday. March U, 19«6. WANTED — Experienced appliance service man. Age 25 to *5. Good salary, perrr>anent employment. Write stating previous experience, number of years and ororKjs serviced, to Box 3185 In core ot The Bavtown Sun. YOUNG MEN — Aqes i« to 15, free to travel and assist photographer in adver. tis n3 campalrn. Transportation furnished. JAoolv ASM Photo Shoo, -"2 E. Texas NEED MEN who sincerely want to become electricians, molnte'onee engineers or plumb- en. Up to S3.50 per hour while training. Up to U per hour after licensed. Call Mr. Wi:::3ms, 583-312* or CA 7-3384 alter & p.m. 17. Houses For Rent ALABAMA, 1504 — 3-bedroom lumlshed house. Oir conditioner, wall furnace, go. j raae. sloo, no Dills paid. 583-4375. ARBOR. 4» — Reel clean, J-bedroom furnished h;v«e. couple only (lease). Ao- oly 423 Arbor. CEDAR 8AYOU RD., M17 - JeRnUcfw Addition, 2-bedroom furnished house By "- week, all bills pold. Coll 583-54J7. D6FE6, joi E. — Partially furnished 3- ocdroom house, newly decorated i50 :M-57??- offer 4. SB2-92-!). ELM, Ull — 3 rooms oid bath, complete '

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