The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 28, 1859 · Page 1
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 28, 1859
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JTEKMSJOFTHB WEEKLY PAPJK. Tttliaat, do. 8<Uy« do. do. do. , «,06 8Tr-.kt.v.j'6,<» 1 square, ljnonth...»«joO 1 .do. S month!.. 10,06 1 oo. Saonths.. M.OO 1 .tJo., *motitlu.. IBiw 1 do. «iDODth«.. 1S.90 3 do., »fliontlu... 20,00 do. ,1 jrew,...,. »,M ry. ; on their bells, and 1nrenHiicti JaMhlM' t«kJ,,.p ? ,r«l and aap^ln ^Mj^W^l^^^ /§S -^.^H-V.'---^^-.^-.^^^^.^:^^^^^-^^^^^^^!:^ B«it*0o.:t!bol6e ,rt M be t»i,l JOHK MABOKAPKB. j EWS. NUMBER 23 f^^ dbpleasnre, and. wug taken dowu as soon as tbe parport of lt-cam« to their knowledge. ,A«ENTS, I *& Randolph Street, or« trettorUed to re- OUtand aU^lie , and art Ou ota majority ^0^. discbarged the Svilon fofthe- course ,he; had t » ' • '•'' -'•' " ! "" i • •(---" ; ' 1 ''* i ' y Aji'V.' •'-' --•*'">- V- \''> ' * "' ^nrsned.-'*-^-;;^'-;--';: - V: "'." L V;', ;vJ -" i ' : ' .CdOHT— flis llpji.i 'June 26l— Ml" IN" TOWy AKD OUT OS 1 IT. '; _MAK ML .POMBOV, Editor. *V nctcnrotoirjcD.1 ItCcort, Iter Jnne 2T, •&» CO., Drujrgi,t.,l»sp rtnf SiMi. For Telegraph and Commercial matter* *ee fourth. Page. G?~ A fine bay horse end harness, and two lumber wagons, will be epld at Hood'g ano- tion rooms this morning at 10 o'clock. E5F* A moist rain Saturday nigbt, livened np vegitation wonderfully, and laid tfee dost in the streets to perfection. It was a rousing old ""°— jnst what we needed in thig vicinity. W Fond dn Lao is to be supplied with Ras . Tlie Commonwealth says the contract has FOOTS; oLael Murphy; vkgranojr, sent "'to ih» poor- bouse, - . - J. Hollfeiaer, ^IplaUng: Btli Airiion of city ordinance, fined $1 and costs. •" *John Davis, disorderly discharged Phitip Jacobus assault and battery, complainant did not appear in lime, therefore de-" fendant was discharged. Magdalena fiern, disorderly, fliwd $f And costs. • «. „,—..-*'- Joseph -Lebman, obtaining property under fclse pretensea; examined and held to bail in Ww-snm ofjaoo to appear for next Gport term' -toll ;tiii floor Iced and wet'doB-n.' lioii of air, but could hardly keep comfortable thin. . On ,C^»T*Aij«i.T.— A handsome young who o^ten driTes out whh * haidaome team and carriage to matcJf, with BO masculine gentleman by her side, to fender assistance in case the horses' Abald become nhmanigeabjev Ctn find an excellent hf>«>«! «t the "ribbons" in the person of bur i utuuitj self, by calling at m very hot one,'I -ableiett Ot-»Ti.B>i«a;-I t»ke plaasure-lln •ope of yoojSafei ,|nC myumce.lo Tflwj 1 * i Block, ta4 that on being ope led «thU» morning.after Ih* nrt, JTbij fcook* were (oaad tjo be tint jar ediiottdc. of UierorWi; and ncne«f tl|e';;iajierj. Jettroyed, ibd only f e ^ O f , hlnk /a»r B»fe rtoo'd Ihe tejt rewcc^ 1 am yours truljr. J- ..-r. A. r. CLARKE. --v-\: •-*• •- >> T>T Tlrtue cf av .writ -of rendltlonl npoou lotted *Jipnt' of arid nndCT tiM Mai:.of ."w Wrtrlct Ooort of Oie pblfcd Stktei for the'lHtMet ' of Wbebaitoi I ihan fxpjfe for «»'« and «ell at Public Anetlon to IheiMglunt ' proptller or trlct, on 'doeV In t B«ie», fcer i, njMhJnery, boats, tackle, apparel »ni fatal- tttrij « iU« now lie* in the. barber- ft f uperlor, la the Contiy pr Dobglai, In iild District of iriKonslm; coo- d«nintd at thfe nit or-Jtou* Boctianaa. Office, MU*»ukff, w:,.. Jane II, 1SW. C » »»»r«liil. . '.!£•',-'" Cii» ConriaoLLiii'8 Ornci, i • : •!> rCortraicI tHpartmer.t, Mil., Jane *o, 195». f T HJ5 folliirlDif <ti KfitKit lota. -pvt of lo • »od p«« p - CBl« of Uqd wiU be In nV6ths4 tolhe (mount HI op- through bloc* St, AMUSEMENTS. ALBA-NT II ALL O II T H K K K N I (J H T S , COMMESCISO ON SATVR1>AV. JITWI3 2S»h. 27th & 23th, THB OKIGINAL AN» WORLD P AK FAMILY. lee ,r'rm T DK ItJ r rastf 1 * dedication « SOCTAF. and srr:iwl)prry Sofi;i .ft!iB PflE-lms h-i n * -,..», .,.„,„., OATH KKI Nf i >\\ ih Refr PI?- A.lrnl* r v F. -v i -v f:. S 'if 4lritrl,.-. ••, ii.l th., 4,, .,,,, , it th" I'mr :6r. War<], " ADCTIOW or HntmjR, w jnst been let to have the whole pleted by next winter. works com* THS BODT.—The body of the young child of David House was found in the river Sunday. It was stirred np by the movement of the tng Tiffl, n«ar Walker's Point bridge. 1 Hie expedition uf tbe Sops of Malta to tbe Falls of Mimiebaba, start* from Chicago on the 2Ist of July, and the railroad and steamboat lines are all to carry them at half fare. uciDKci r is EARXEST.— for a long time there has be->n a oewspapgr called the '• Spie." Its style was similar to the HbmaJunek, lately deceased in this city, a«d its editor was a lady named Mrs. Fredericks. A young man named.Beynolds, wag " get up w In it, and a few days after went into the office and demolished the whole concern. When he went tn, Mrs, t. attacked him with all sorts of mis. ailea, and for some minutes one of the liveliest of little exchange of courtesies look place, In which mallets, quoin, side-sticks, handfuls of type, olnbs, water pitchers, etc., were u«ed. At last ho knocked her down, when a jonr in the office made at him with an iron bar, but b« retreated in hast*, on having a hand axe burled at him. Reynolds demolish d strayed the type, broke op the furniture, then left the office in triumph. QKBELIT'S PIKES PEAK AKTICLB.— We hope it will be established that Horace Greeley actually wrote the letter from Pikeg Peak, giving a favorable account of the gold mines. TEH FOURTH.—Arrangements are being mad- for a regular .old fashioned 4th o f Jaly celebration hpre o n< the anniversaay of that day. ft will be jnst the nioert one in the State, orsameuody will '«br4st» before hand.— ,0,0, B^" A LlTTtE GlEL GOBEO BT A CoW. Yesterday, a little girl commented playing with a oalf standing on Market S|nare with a cow which was tied to a post, wfcen the cow jumped at the girl and gored net in the face badly. 1 An article is going the rounds of the papers, headed, "Henry Ward Beecher on cows." If the Reverend gentlemen ireaUy Indulges in this kind of equestrianship, we suppose it is after a horn or two that he rHes. EMOTED.— Pieroe has remored his grocery store to the new building near the post office, on Milwaukee street. We hive no handy place to eteal cherries now, ulthout going ont of onr way. r- AFFAIR.— It has be?) ascertained beyond a doubt that R. R R.4Rer. Rector Richmond, wrote the P. P. p.— | O me- roy'g Printers' Poem I ' WHY A SHIP is CALLED I; SHE."— Some heartless wretch who should be punished by being tied to a post with his face witWo six inches of kissing distance of a pair of bewitching "cherryTips" feminine lips, with the certainty of never reducing that number of inches between him and bliss, saya—"A ship is called SHB because^a man knows riot tlze-ex- pense till be gets ffce-^because they-are u»e> iess without xniployment—because they look' best when well rigged -"because their value depends upon their age—because thtjy are upright when in stays—because they bring news from abroad, and carry oat - news from home." tht) office, jriosst any-morning about 9 o'clock. We are not hinting tliat a ride with' her would be very pleasant, a> it certainly would, but spwlt^f Wjeigrtter jawly to ibfler oursrlf a» a guard, gattot, protector, driver, attendant, •oampanioa^ director; .page, esquire or some tiling of ilia-fort, to keep her front, or to res <)Qd her froa .danger. We have heard of se' rjolia accidflBte happenirig to ladies when out sJone drivia*; foetus, but never when in- the cornpany of a passable good looking, coara- gtons, bold, daring, valorous, intrepid, defiant, fearless «ditor. who is a skillfal reins man. It would be a «ad thing if that team of ponies should get scared at something in the strejit—become oamanageabie—dash np street — plunge over, tie bank into the blue and 1 very cfld jratari of lake Michigan —drown tt^Etnielres, the carriage and fair driver l.-jirpw' a«dly wonld we (gei when writing elfenotJoe of the accident—tne cause of it—the finding of the fair corpse of her who had thnsdepirted this life—and the efforts we had made io wain her in time. How-wild and dirpe-likc »»6hld sound the wind as it came in, anil !Low d«solat« wonld ihe wares make us fwl aw-lUey; '.rose and fell in agony of spirit wher) passing the spot where the horses and precto'ris load.disappeared. We are a skillful reinslnan and an expert swimmer. _ W ILL be.iold; j»t <Hopd'( Anetjom Boom*, * prlog i'rfeti on Tuejday marnbg, June ' 10 o'clock, one fin' and gentle, 4c ; Lufflber Wtjbn; 1 j«28 Jane 2Sth *« . . -, »-and lrindi 1 ilntfe Lumber ,Wagun; I doubles •Ihrtp'tTargMn.'-'•-• -.— •- \ , •Ferm 1 i. H.OOD,,AnctlnrW. For a Small Pile of Money. • OALI^ JANo EXAMINE ; \ Q-ooca a etxi d I*r J.o©is»f —AT- CITIZKHS' FIBS BEJQADE AND THEIB MilWACME ExctTEsio*.—At a special meeting of. the " Citireas' Tire Brigade," held BUTTON'S! Clothing EstabKshnieiit NO 9, iMvWIIAI.I, HOUSE. .# Jeff-dSt Lvl. 3 * 3 4 4 a « i 1 8 A. H. JOHN TON, 1. « TsWOB, ' Street Uaramluloi Block. Benefl C! •«,2S 6» SJM 61 6» ft 95 (2 •2 03 8.13 3,12 15,63 15,ei E.I/H. GARDINER Comptroller. Reward. the twelve- STRKKT the city of Milwaukee t«n COMslISSIONER'g OJBBTIHOATE3 on lots In this _„, . faraUIng sind Improving tlie *ame, amounting to about' . Ther were m«Je out pay able to Dao- l.l.lfelly o^ (ha El^htfi Wartl. Some of them were en- doriejl. The finUer «rlll receive tai above reward by returning th»m io the latiscriber. Tbey can be of no tue td the£nd*r,-u payment ftaiteen (topped. DANIEL K»U.V, Comer of Xlluteth ana Cook ita., 8>h W«J je2C dgt I. VON l> Y. ( TS ( tl ,V \» I N fi ATTORNKTS AND CODNf KI.I.,)R.* IT l.,»>v. OFFICE—fCmpIri* Ulork, 2'J1 -, v-, <• A'n^r BELL RINGER OF TWELVE MEMBERS, j R ESPBOTJCLLV announce three of their nnrimiwi entertalnmenu at the above Hall. Having Re-or- I ranlted, EnUrged >n,l Perf.rte.1 for ,h e ir Annual. I ST IT K i Clri:li.t L'mirt, Norrtern mnrt Baatern Tear af iece!t«l a new let of fWtls frnm lo the ortjlnlai chime of 63 TneWly Iwr, complete »eu Country, will Introduce «. profframmn of , an ,i hiving »e.iy ' Or! Is, Itishsrrlli <t!(it>f Ijji and Dun . I N »ir'u» ik. I..n •I W.. I ' h-- .-If h ever imported Into this kll tbeClty • (Jny of NOT 14O ill. '. C'ITT Co»pTEOu.««'8 Ornca, ( Oootraet Dcp«rtmcnt, iflltraukee, June 20, IS&9. ( T EIBfoM»irlDg Is a jcbedule of lots f/octlng on 9ti lireet, la Ike fcl War*, of Ullvauker, an<l an aj- 'letitnent of tbe benefit* to the mpccttre lota, accruing from rtpairing tbe itreet and ildewajki anJ pitten in il, front of tRe lame, In the manner preicrtbed In the plan and specification of the City Engineer. J H. BUKNINO, LOUIS AU6R, Street Commlstioners. T -n\ i an r m»« INOTICE J CITT OonrraoLLn'* Omcc, I Contract Department, Milwaukee, Jane 25,19B9. f T ILE following 1* b schedoje of loti and part* of lots In tbe Third i Ward of the city of Milwaukee, which have been declared public nolunces, In consequence of stagnant water and fllth thereon, and tbe amount act opposite each lot I* tbe amount of benefits which paid lot. will derive by filling rafflclenily to abate laid nuisance. i i : JOHN MoQRATH. P. MeCOBMlCK. HtrettOommmlssionors. Lot. Black. Benefits. South half of 3 S2 ai05 00 E. U H. GARDINKR. t Comptroller. UNITEE STAfTES MARSHAL'* Armand de MaCarty, ] T*. ' i James Ooggin, PMSOSAI..—Col.'s McDonald ani La. due, of this city, hereby tender thar tkantfl to Gol. A.WakeBeld, of Albany, K'.y^ valuable public documents, delivered by M Streeter, of the'Llght Guard. !"" Stos.—When yon see pwple at * concert, after a piece has been sujg, loo* around to their friends in different parts oftka room, and smilingly nod their heads, you nay safely call the concert a good one. ThatVibi way they do at the Peak Family Concerti; COKQOBKOR.—The Rector has .11 along declared himself fighting tbe devil in Milwaukee, and lately adds "Con- qneror " to WK nsm* fie says he can clean ont ths city, and the faa that four waeks ago he had about two thousand persons out to hear him, acd Sunday last but about a .hnndpd and fifty, shows that he Is whaling them out finely I • TB« Lira OP GAKIB/U.DI.— Barnes A Burr, 61 and 53 John street, hare in press and will shortly publish the life of Gen. (Jar. ibaldi, the Roman soldier, patriot Mdiero, embellished with a fine ateel portrait Thb work is made up from his private papers, written by hlmse^, and wfll be work. He is without doubt the bravest soldier, «blest*Bjineer »nd most celebrated milt t*ry man of the present day. : : • THB OZAT/KK Pon-Omoi.—W« un- <aeraUnrl thatiHck Owe it atfll making an efr fortito be re-instated £nU»eOzanteePo«t-Offlc4. He«ay«,Jin tia paper, that his femoral wa« broagbtaboat byanch men M Larrabee, Stt- Tertnan, and other*, when the canaes cf Ida remoral are to be found in the colnmna of his paper, ae nay be seen t>y looking at 10s ^les Mr. Bohan i« so well and atrongly Teeommend. ed for the office l>y leading, working democrats of the 8lau,that we UtinkaU efforts ioremore Urn wlU & » Mlnre. Big wnnd dewocraoy ,^-lExcnasioir or TH» Sons OF MAITA.— Dodsworth's celebrated New York Band has been engaged to acsootnpany thr Sow «f Malta «n their great excpmon K> Minnehaha fallt. LIBBL Surr AGAIHST THS PrTTSBrrao DISPATCH.—In 1857 the Pittsbnrg Dispatch pub?: ISshed an article charging that the proprietors of the Chronicle of that city had defrauded an employee, by discharging him'; that one of them maltreated an orphan boy, so that he was forced to call upon the Mayor- for protection ; and that they had shaved notes with money entrusted to them for church purposes, for which they nfterwar'ts gave a slow note in payment. For thi* the proprietors of the Chronicle instituted suits for libel. The case was tried this week, submitted to the jury on Wednesday, and they returned a verdict for the defendants, thus justifying tbe statement. This suit with its termination, famishes an indication of the character of newspaper men that i* not very flattering. tif~ A GRAHD FOTOTH or JUIT CELIERA- TIOH.—At« meeting of a number of business men and citizens generally, last Saturday night, at the office of tbe United States Insnr- snoe Co., Mr. J. A. Helfenstein was called to the chair and J. S. Fillmore was appointed Secretary. It was moved and carried that a committee of three be appointed to draw np a programme for a Fourth of July Celebration. Tbe committee cosaisted of Messrs. S. 3. Daggett, Caleb Wall, and B. Throop. After an interval of a few moment*; the oommittee,Who had retlradfre-appeared and reported ;the following programme for ihe Cel- ebrat!oa,and recommended that money lenongh be raiaed, and that we have the most extensive celebration that has been got np-here for year*: PKOOhAJCMB TO* THC PA.T. Federal Salute—13 guns at nmrlie. National Salute—33 guns at noon. Parade at 10 o'clock. Military. Fire Department. '* *' Civic Societies. Draymen. Erpresa, Tamers. Drnids. Good Templars. ' Odd Fellows. Masons. City Officers. State and County Officers. Citizen* Generally. Clergy. Orator of the Day. Revolutionary -Soldiers. Dl6tingni«hed<3ap»ts. Hie Procession to torn opposite the Newball House in Main "street, at 10 o'clock. on Thursday rvening, the 23d inst , the tbl- lowirig preamble and resolutions wereonani- tnously.adopted : ' ; WjkxktA*, On the occasion of onr first annual (excursion to tU« city of Milwaukee, we the members of the " Citizens' Fire Brigade " rccei jed at the hands of tbe officers and members W the Milwaukee Fire Department, such marked and distinguished favors, that it is with the greatest pleasure we express onr most heartfelt and sincere thanks for the kindness and courtesy which were so freely and generously! extended to ns, and which anticipated onir every w.ish and made onr trip and visit one *hich «ftll ever be remembered with pl«m- ure and gratitude ; therefore be It Resolved, |Phat to Thomas H. Eviiton, Chief Engineer, P ' Van Wchten. Foreman of 0n«m» Co. No. 1, and to J. 8. Fillmore, E*q M ire !«.-! ourselves especially indebted for their unprecedented efforts to make our visit pleasant and for m/&t aasidnous attention to onr every want and material comfort, and words would fail to convey the desp and U»tJng tmpVeuion which their kind and hearty welcome has made upon onr homrta. Revived, That lo Engine Co. No. J, we desire to eipren onr hearty thanks for the marked attention paid n* and hope that they will afford ns an opportunity to reciprocate their kindness, assuring them tbafthey will always receive a hearty welcome and always be held In grateful remembrance for the manr courtesies abown us and their many practical expressions of interest and regard. Setolved, That to the gentlemanly proprietors of, the Newhali Boose, we wish also to return tucks, for their endeavors to make ni feel at (home, as well as the fine sty la in which they administered to our ever; physical want and bodily comfort, and we think that Mil- «raok« ha* reason to be proud of the Newhali, and mine hosts, Mejars. Kean & Rioe. Remlvtd, That our -thanks be returned to Oregon Engine Co. No. 3, for the splendid collation Spread for as; alBo to the Milwaukee ; far their efforts to contribute to oar it; to the teacher* and scholars of John Dahiman, Timothy Doer, Elward O'Neil, '• Robert Dathe, and tVUllam Dnramer. I N pursuance and >>y %-lrtn* of a decree made by the District Court of .the United States tor tbe District of Wisconsin, on thaJili day of June, 1889, In the above entrUed cause. I sh.ll sell at Public Auction at Tbe United States Marshal's Office, In the City of Mllnakeet IB sild District, on Friday, the thirtieth day of 8rptem- ber, 1SS9, at thre* o'clock. In tbe a&crnoon, tbe follow' tog described property, mocb tbertnf as may be necessary to satisfy tald decree, to wtt r "Lou ore [f>| and six |&J In Mock thirty-four [34,] to the North East quarter ,.f section thlrty-iwo [32,5 1° «he Fifth Ward of the City of Mlwankev, and also the North West fractional quarter of section thirty-six [88,] In township «1» [B.] North of ranke twety-lwo [221 East." Marshal's Office, Mll-mukre, June 23, 1859. H. J. THOMAS, U. 8. Marsbal. Oonn, Blow* * Oonn, Complainant's Sonciton. Block. 187 197 191 m 198 193 ltd HI 1S1 181 181 IS! 181 163 MS 181 Lot. 18 17 15 1U 14 13 IB 1* 13 12 11 10 If 10 11 10 Benefits. 85^4 47.U9 53,16 22,34 4,70 23,50 23.60 8831 23,50 ?6,65 J3.SO 4409 95,69 50 K. L'U. UAKDINKB, ComptroMer. r¥1H M. S0 f June NOTICE &TT Con*TBOLLiH*3 Contract Department, June 25, Ia69 Common Coaaell by rexHutlon adopted lS&9, baring concarred la the r*c^mm«nda- UOQ of the Street Commtuiooen of lb* Rth Ward, It u ordered : That:* 'ewer be constructed Vn fttb arenae from Scott street to WuhiugtnQ itrwet. and la Wubfbgtoo street, from 6th to 4tb srenae, Qth Ward, in ace rdaoce vlib the pla.n and speciQ cations of fch» City Knglnecr, on nie In the Comptroller*! officr?. O*n«r» of propert/ no said stre*-ta *re hereby noti- jQed tocoMLroct «ald icwe^ vttbm twanty-two days from thu dal«, or the S;retr» Cominiasioo«>ri of the Slh Ward, will cause the «»me to be dont and charged to the re«p«etiTe lota, according to la*. L ' H - GARDINER, Comptrou*T ortfer. Bariag Mons. Jean Alfred Fays, Sole Violinist, from the Theatre Murt.n ,,IIH W. H. PEAK, 3OLO H*a?I Ihe above Company appe&rini* ;n tli« r Np'W CpSTTJME, at Ihe Jeperate BeH !»•,!«, «oni,-il, "ever before been .ttempte'l. for particulars •« Prnpnmmr for lli» -von n Tickets r-durc< tn »».• Ir, sun Ihr 'Icjieta for tale at UerciisteuT, MU.I.T Stor*. Sale nf Tick, ts to comin^o. - »; 10 H'L-I.J. li Sm arday morning no Tickets sol.l nfter tv hou*^ H -*,M fortahly fllled. fcs9 Doors open at 7!,, to .-00101000? tl t Pro, seats reserved for ladles. C C. CHA->E, I' 23 Oen»ral Bnstnrss Min.^-r QUEEN CITY IX >DG K, 1VO. 94, 1.0. OF «. T. Oar Pl'»»R S Jl s fe la* I Festival . lo STATES. M A IIS HAUL'S MALE. riorgan Carpenter, vs. Dichael Uanrabac. Mary-Htorahtn, John Bacrahan and Bridget Hanraban. I N pnrroance and Ujr Tiitae of a decree ma/U by (he Distrlci Canrt o/ fin. c_»w otawiTortn* Dlitrtcl of Wlic above NOTICK. Orrr COMFTBOLLEB'S Ornctt, | Contract Dcpartdent, Mil., Jan* 2ft, »S59 f lHE Common Council, by refiotattoa a4opt-Ml Jont . ^fth, 1H59, hartnK coocar^i m ifae recwrameiiJa- tton of fhe Street Commlaalonen of the 2d Ww ', u it ordered'. That 8th itrtrt and fidevalkv from Wlnnf bip^ «T- -^n io Tllet.itreet, in the 2nd Ward of ih«- CHy ,,{ M u iu- kce, be {Traded U> the eatablish^l ^rad,-, itdewalki curbed and planked, jrattcrs p*w t an.i st-trpt gr rr-)r<l Jft) accord an ce with plan and r'timat" -T the Cuy Knifi- J>*cr, OQ file In the Comptro ler'« «.(tic^. • Qrnat*of pfopertjr oo «Aid strt-n are h-rrby noti- <Jed to ro?ke the above liaprnvrnir-nu within i««-nty-iwn dajra from date, or th« S:ret?t rornmiiKi un*-ri of ih^ tod H ard will cajse th»f §aro«rto \*n JOQ-, aod cd to the re*v*^tJre tou, according tn lair J je2g-dfit 1LVH. GARDINKR, Coiiptr^llfr. Opening WILL COME DWV AT ALBANY HALL IN THIS CITT. ON Thursday Evening, Jane 30th. A N ADDBrSS WILL BE L>KU\ ERF.n I1Y T 'X BROWN, Editor of Hi* •• \V!,,-.. n ».n n, -i. ,", which a Supper will b furnutfted t.-Lfei.-,. r v in *tr\* berri«^ an«l Cream, an«l jucli 'iehcni-'«^ is -K~ • • t . .. may aargegt. ^^~ Uaslc will l>e farii3*h«.ij 1.7 it,* ^nii-r c..r-i. BanH, Jurlni; the evening and fur i l*rimi>n.i.|«. I^F" The will Ne lev ,1^1 r., ' . -, .< [U ; , TrmpJars Hall, which wii! tw f.-rnnily .i^^-.^l •. ' occajinn. A H Bruin K. L L. CKOL'M.-K. M HKNORUKJ, OwmtnHu-^ • f * mnif^m^n' <. AJ-I H.-ur Y The k«-, Jan« l.'i. I*fi9 MILITARY BALL Il4>littf0lll<-r\ ( >IIK'1 I H (> A T T U F I IZ 3 E A r* T W -J 1 I > t: U \ A T K R N h. X 1 *1 0 1C \ . Nil | K I r r " h«tseTenth rfmy of Jjine, 1859, IQ the caoae; 1 ! ihaJI sell at Public Anctlon, at f Mil ibe Onlted States Marshal's Office, In tke Otty of waukee, In said district, on Thursday, the twenty -ninth day of feptember, 18M, at three o'clock, lo k the afternoon, the following described property, to «K i "The «Ml half of th* soatb eait quarter at jecUon nnmker fonrtren (14). In tosrdshlp noisber eight ("), north of lanje number l enty^-one (21) vast, containing rtfhty (M) acres." llar»h«J'« Office, Mn»,nkee, June 25, 18S». j M. J. THOMAS, 0. a. Manhal. Goon, Blow» t QODCI, Oomptl'j Solicitors. '' i Contract Depmrtment, alllwaQftee, rfucc TrtHE GommcA Council by motatioo »d" JL 1S5J, cinctured ID th-r r t-v^ib tjfe Street C«>mmuuon<rrf of ti.e UN 1 '.Thai Miner*! str»-M and Fi^ewalk* ^Vcnaea fcth Ward, be graced io ih«? r^ iod cldeiralkj planter! *rcof\h"« tu thr plan of Ihe C.I/ En^iue'-r, oo pje in iht- C^ )• la At 11 1-2 Peak Family' (SwiM Bell Eingere) perftrmat Albany Hall. Oration at Coart Hoai* S^ui*, at 1 1^ o'clock. : DeolaraUon of Independence. M 3 o'clock SfrtM Bell E&gere, ; ;. ; , «W»i Dinner at the Newhali Hon»e, ; '-'A 4 1 ' "BwiM Bell Engeire at i'o'olooik, '.«t l ' ' the Seventh Ward High School, for the pleasant bodr spent with them; also to the Campbell MinstrtlB and' fbe proprietora of the Panorama t' t»r. Kane's Arctic Expedition, for the excellent entorUInmenta given oa in the trrca- Ing. Retolved, That to tbe eititeni of Milwaukee and to one and all of the many who exerted' themselves to contribute to onr enjoyment, we pray you to accept this expression of our appreciation of the uniform kindness received at your bands, and we are rejoiced to Lave had the opportnnity of witnessing the prospeiity and rapidly aojfrrjenting wealth and inflnenoe of your beautiful city, and we earnestly hope that ill progress in the fatnre may be as marked aa were yonr efforts to make onr visit pleas, ant. If we may have omitted to particnlaHze in these exprcasJoDs of onr gratitude, it U the error of tbe head and -not of tbe heart; and we hop*Jto be forgiven therefor. ReiMtd, That we beliere In thegeneral good and benefit*, resnlting from thrae pleasant re- anionsand hope that we may be pennUtedto psrtlciwte in many snob, and thus increase those feeling* of Interest which bind ni together hi bonds of friendship, which no petty jealonsieji ought ever to disturb, and W?wiau the officers,,members and friends if the Milwaukee Fire Department^ God apeed, feoHng that in their success We are beneBttea, 1 ,""" : ..';;' Retolei d ;Thattbejie ed in tbe Chicago and Milwaukee papers.- i SAM'tB. KAT»OND, Erea't. . HoaATio H. Mir, Sec'y I tVIT'-.DSTATEsnARCHAIA* Armand de MsC.rty, ) n. ' I Jobn DarlB, ' Mary 0. Darls, Frederick D. Clark, Catharine Maria Clark, Kdwln Town^end, Jobn G. Townsend, William Borlock, Walker L. Bean and Tbe Juntas Bank. : I N pursuance and by Tlrtue of a decree made by tbe District Court of the United yufc. for the District o Wisconsin, on th« aerenth d-y of June, 1853, lo tb« «boTe en Itled c.a.e, I jnall Mil .at Pablle Auction, a the Dnited State* Martbal 1 * Office, In tM City of Milwaukee, In .aid district, oa Friday, UK tulrUt ' ' Peptembbr, 1859. at three o'clock In thr aftei following described property, to »«: ^ "U eight (8), tn blnck n amber .oneharidr nl ana L... (167), In th* Third Wark of tb» «tly »f «llwaak<e Marshal's Office, MlHraakee, June 29 ISM /^ r, «^ ,y.J.-«OaU8>.b-.B. klanbai. Oann, Baow* t Oagav, Oomplfs Solicitors. je2S-Iln2w-8m ITC: •• .r CrviTEDSTAT Morgan Oarpenter, -. Ts. Jame* Oogfln, Kltia Oogjin, Icbabod Srultli, Hiram Fanntn, i» MARSHAL'S SALE. . ber of emigrants arrived hsre destined for this and other part* of thfr conntry. freu. I . - *->K s ±'.*' < r OF TUB ilOMORT OF ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLD, , • | John J. Orfe«, at cujor. o»i tbe lut will and teftanjent of j Alll on L«wlf , deceased ;and 1 Th*8H»be3mnk. ' J fmm li: i« 2-1 of pro'pTiy on said nr%»f are hefehy n->t'fi CfJ to make •aid unfmrcmentj w.t*itr» ivpnty-tv> *t-»y frcm Jkl»tt, or the Stret-t Oomm.*^)n-rn of -l,^ si tfard wlI) cante the fame io be do-* and char u'ml t« tlue re*peetiv« lot*, acconlinjr to law. K l/II. GARtMNKfi, Com| trMM Tick la on« Joltir, .noi-i tin* Jt-fr be hmj »t >*Uei ion'* Newi LJr[-M.t. it F- Capt. bincbaDT 1 * &rj<I from ihe m- ru'.^r^ ,, j^l U> '"r.lcr. J M. CAl I.V. l,'nj,n,,,au N< " )T1 C -t-- DkU.el Isfrernu.'l, | I,, ;he flmr '• ! fie L'uiled .+ ThePrlir r ,«n»y Uii.liu-J. i'l>ntm-i if VV her boaiji, t.i.-ile, s,^.arel ' in A.iin.r'vli anil Turniture. J Butler, Butlr.cS * Cnltr.ll, Pr -I..M I s ,, l I 11 nl .1 > . I li B Y vlrtae at , \l ili- .1 &n.l f. rly :.i I hnv M,l. i Cm CoitrranLLn'a'Omci,.! < Contract D?partnunt, June !&, }<59. j rtIHE following Is a ichedale of blocki M<1 I- it. ,n I JL SlntWWwiJ.Cityof MHwaotP^, J»cljire<l nulsant. adil an astauoietlt of beneflu and damauva derive*! bj Ibe tame b; Itic abating of the ooiiaoce thwcnn ; JOHN UAOBR^IICIUKR, H. RCCCKBHTT. ( *' • Street Commi9<loDtr fflori. 11} lUi 111 IL: 110 110 g«g»i *«n*a IS 13 Lot 6 4 « a 1 2 Cost. G9*7 BeQeflti 87,(ti 196,9) 13 ' 14 » 4 i .DDITIOB. ; i e i 4 3 2 t , * lrtoe of • decr »* ma te by tf,e D Utrlct 0-.ort of the; DnKed States for the OUtrlet of Wisconsin, on the ilith day of October, IMS, In t"« abBTe entitled canse, I than sell at Public A action, at tbeJJnited »'»*« Marahia.'i Office, | n , he O ity of MH- wankee, In .aid durtrict^on Thursday, tbe elerenlb day o.Angnit, 1859, at three o'clock In the .fUrnoon, the following described property, to wtt : "The nnrth half of lot number eleven (113, In block numbered thirty•even (37), In the Third f Ward, of Ihe City of Ullwaa- Manhal'i Grace, Mllwiokee, Jnne 2*. ia» Mj J. IHOMAsTfa. B Marshal. Oonia, Biow» * Oo»fca, Complf. Solicitors. ' • NOJTIGE. Cnr ConrnoLua'a Omc«, i Contract Department, June 2», lgS». f T M following U a licbedole of lo. U) part of lot* fronting on Jeffer.on,.tTeet and Detroit «lreet,M Ward, which will be benfeatted by grMiwt to is liabed grade «trret and sidewalks, and^sub for In front of lot 1, block 31,8rd Ward, City ' JOBN MotJttATH, JrKANOIS UeOOaUHOtt, Street ComanrH oners. Lot. ' Dock. Benefit*. W i ; . *V»,.|.:-::,. g •W" s K. L'Jt O 600^0: UN JTED STATJEf jdibna Hathaway ani Ann J. Hathawty, 8 . a S I 8 ft S 9 10 U U 111.00 1»£7 J3,$; 103.SJ IBS, 78 94.ST 63,25 ZJ^i 6937 «I,K 1SS.T5 41,62 C7.75 . (9,37 »0,(W 1S.OD 6«ot) ISu.iiO 103,0) .14,0:1 62,1)0 84.00 97,00 57,00 6SW •Jl.lX) 113.UO 70,00 21. DO 6300 146,00 S3* . e. L'H. OARDISSR. QpmpVroller. NOTIOK- Crrr C«xrT*oisa's Omsn, I Ovatract Department, VII., June 25, 1S69. ) fflBI bUowCDg docrlbed tract, of land lying on th. JL j'o *>Ui irsjnn* In the first Ward of the Oily of M.iwito, Us*, wlH b* benefited to tbe amount set opposite betCff (faded to the e*taMlshed grade. JOHN LOCKWOOD, FRED. HE1NEMAN, Street Commtsaionert. , , * . - BeneSts. ID SiE >{ of 8 t» Jf ,t Section 18, Hospt- , lattia c^ ., 143,18 Becerro Ir tract, 283,75 ••—•- E, L'H. QARDINEB. Comptroller. lice AJt uKiunANce nae -an* BepsJate fJteamboat, Kallroad and , M'l Jtannera. iTne:>IjyorandOoinss«o Conncll of the Cltr of Mil- rauJiee. do prdaln aa folsswi: \JKTTiON j]. No person ibsjl act a* a steamboat run- fp Ber orasaioUcttorof paasenftrs for anj Steamboat Or Kallroad, or aa a rannerlfor or tollcltor of gneili for any Hotel or PabUc BOUM, at any of the *dto*a. B^»U or 8teamboat«uidln.n to thto eitj wlth- onl ft lieeose from the ait? therefor luaed •• In this of- Mayor to hereby autborlzed to «c«Me retUent oftheclty ortr tsrtotr-one Jenlmort 6." Potneroj, trator of the Estate of tuna? Dnggan, Johnshifgan, 6f^tlie*Bjn,iApDyjtrB«»byB«ea 1 oT«e r.Jt, Salomon,Kip., - . : —;:. ent I* the, Homw of afonralng. Mary Duggao and .; .Philip fiagnn, tataotbtHet". i. Dngj« A general eommatw _ by iheHtn.- Bjiupbony by; Btettoren-, plec* or parcel of land, il ^ti^S^^^SS^ altsaftd tottellrn the City of .IClwankee, to .' DoUgaatcd Ja» loc ^^l-Jasftw^-^ has rolunteered to'acccm* Jwigle. feS^ _iS |t-T.v; A ;i^.iB;.;4.«^. theralla io-iakeV. r. SAMinm, ' sr'MA— -*»i^_' 1 . :^T^ S^^^^^i^lifei years tof agdlo act u a runner, or solicitor of panen- gersjforany'Btearriboat or Kallroad or a* a runner, or •olldtor o/'guaals, for any pabUo bonte to uu* ettr, npoo hi. enta-log loto a Bond riming to UwCltrof MlHTaukM wftti or without snrltles, to be appointed br IheMiyprlijHieptrjalt/ofone hundred. «oiUn con- <8tlODtdJbrp>erajment of all penalties which the person io llcenie* may iacsr, »d alt damage* for «hloh ti« .•halt beoomi llaWe. 'I i 0t*. 3 Wleo »ny application ta thsilayor for a > I Kcaia*, pantaaot to th« prorUlons of ihl« OrdiniUce, 11 shall be |rmit*d, th* City Cleric, naort th* payment of 11 fen abjlar* into tb^.tTlty Tnasvrj* and two dollar* to,»l I tte Mayor^pr frrantlng the llcrose and appearing the timn «nd orie dollar to the Clerk, to lno« a DMOK,, and 30j«ua itbe «fme to be regteiered and nonbend, and - - "-T,.«, (nntedand rsned ifeaU owrfUue la force rear from the dale thereof- -- ' >•'"'.JWry penon who shall be licensed a» afore- uli shall torthwith caaae tne nnmlier of'hla license to- ftet»*rTrUh«bo»»n.«ofilieBt«ajnbcal > HallroadCora- ' ' Bt«*iata»t ; or . Railrqad Line, fiotel «r Public , for wtjch be I* so llc«n»ed lo act a* raoner or r painted on a bKlge whlchhe ahali ~~^ * or aolldlor In a con- w.wfi;^'- VH.HC aiuiHu wfj •wuutur •pteaiuarja^Aonthefroiitofhuihatorcap. "" ' » who ahan, at any time act ai » : nor anj' .Sanroad,,«eam ., or ihaU solicit anw passenger for any ' Boat or BallroW jOoakirJ BaUroad,' or Steam "haj^ Mllcit any -person '" — ' to otbecom** olel' or.pabUo haatv^anrRtllrewd'. Boat landlngilu thl* city, without be-' , prtrfHed In thl* Ordinance, «r shall act , or «lleKor without wetxrlni; In a eoa- ' be plainly-palnttdth«ii«Biber of hi* • with HM nm« ot tie 8teu5 Boit? Rt_ PolilhirfiAOfe, Br »BJ<* hel* *o a«tln», " thereof, Ije fiwd Un dollars ^ar H«UUHL..»4«3»,M»»or. Bl nv.a "f t iirty e ^ti*. ,jc th*-m fir Hai'.n Notice is therefore berehy given to inif the ,a..l .S^l.r. Lh»rl-y Hibi.arrt ti, p»r-l .n.l fur-iitur.-, . r l nu «| ni ; or I "r. why tfir ., m - ,t, >uM not lie ,-,., [•iirsnanl I., th. |.r,y» r ••! .«,.! Lit—i, • I'pi-ar txf.iri? L/ir said l.',, u rt to bt? s»l,i Limr'rt „( \Viscon twenty.-> k ht" ,|»y .,( Jan t,ir-ooon ,,r the «si,l .Uy, f the ., m * ,1 .ill •„ , | , |«un.MllcLion, ,.il«rwis« ,,rrtli» n-M .|a» .r jur . ! , | ther<f»fter,t.'en in.l ther^ 1,1 it,c,rj,,,^ t cl.i.m. ,-, r all^^atinni ;n thai r>r-h»ir I M. J Tl«»»l.\.4. H.,r,t,, I NOTICK In ih; District Cnurt of tlie Cniu-l aui.-s '.,. •,, i Ir.ct <x (V i.-onali, In A.lmirxH v virtue if two llun.tlon, I-HI, ! ..u i' (I,, ,• Court, »ca,nst tbe3ol.oon»r Cfiarl^T Hihh>n, boats, tackle, app»r»-* in'l fun : ir^. n ,. ,, , '.. stance of Orson VV" (i<,,i !.i r tfie .inn >• f;i claimfnl by h'm for ,«pr>ll r a *n.l un.- 41 i'.- -i+tin An.lrew Jnhna'm, ".nn tlefi^s-fy. Kob^rT M-i. fj 3- TrumhuU an,l <j^>rj;H ^.tb^i (,>r t!i- ,,i m .f t<y them lor Mar ners' wtj. . I !iav- ,uA.-tie.| M,, . Schooner, her boats, Ac , a tl.twauVre 5'o'.ice ia therefore hnretiy Klv-n to all p^ni. *\* •! . mi; th- said Schooner, !i«r ho»L«, t.v!*!e. pare! an^ furniture, nr knowin.: or hnvnir my :f.,r.^ say, why tli* sarae lh.iul.1 not he i', m .|e,n,,..t U T.| . pursuant to Uie prayer uf >,.\ul llb,.|, that they i,e H appear before toe s^i-1 Cimrt io t.e heitl .n »n-l '.,r said District or Wisconsin, al Mi.waukn- -i 2Sth day «.f ^un^, US9, at -levpn o',-l.,.-!i a it,, i,. noon of the »aid day, if tAe larae .liail ft- i i, 7 jarisdlction, otherwise on Ihf a.-\: Jay .n" nr.s,!,. ; U>oreafl*r, ih^n ami there lo m'.erpo^e a ., .ID.I mab» their »ll-pKi.jns in that behalf. Ms.rshM'3 OtHce, Milwaukee, June ."2, ls.',<> je23-d5t M. J. THIHIAfi. Mar.lia St. Loais Sagar Unred Ham-. - 11 t H I t t 1 M.I.- I AM constantly receirlng a supply of .. ted Hams, the beat In the Doited States woulj these ceiebra- , Those vnn ! ito well In -all « n j love joo<l thloits In my lice eiamlne my itoca. JOffN W. LED7ARD, Orncrv anil Wme Dealer m "^ S 101 Eas, W.u*r street Ilirsu J hn Slat- NOTICE. Crrr Co*rr»ou.ra'« Orvtcs i Contract O<*partment, Mil.. Junr •it, iu,\>. ' ( T HE Common Council by resolution. ij.,pte,l jn tn June, 1SJ9, aavinj upproved of the rec.immoa.Ja- tlon of the Street Oommissloneri of the Eluhih W >r ,l tt Is ordered : That tkealley through block SI), Eighth Wart, be ;rs, tied to tbe established grade. Owners of property on said alley as above named are hereby notified tn make .aid Improvements within twenty-twn days from dat«, or the Street Commission- ' ers of the Eighth Ward will c«u»e the same to i>e lone and charge*! to the respective lots acconlinv io law. • -• •- t. L'H.OA«DLVER. Comptrollei MAP <J PUJCE THK SKAT C T\V*:NTV-FIVE W A K N EW Map of Sortharn and Central Italy, showing the Sent «f the War, Position of the Arm>es etc., lo which Is attached a imsUl Map of Kurope — all for -.'. cents. !***, A fine Map of the Theatre of the European War, With Portraits of the Rulers In Europe^ etc.. ,~ price 30 cenls, at 9T&ICKLANO S CO'9 i22 134 East \Viier Street j >laria I ». L. 1 S.ili-r Uyrnn Ch.lrl p n n n t .1 Mlllf.T I t 11. II-ll I W CUl • t S. On BUTTER. nrtlich CotlOLy. : WOULD etui the attention of Fftmili Hone o' '9 to my i CHOICE BUTTEK. ....y -. f ihe sube Uiiil,liiu>, L am dally receiving by Express, choice lots of Bntter from the beat Dairies IB the State, which for <|uality ' and Saror Is unsurpassed. Prices always to ca rrea- : ;x>nd with the "market rates," and quality warranUil i Oriiars solicited and sent to all parts of th« city free. i JOHN W. LEDTtBD, Grocer and Wine Dealer, ' m»y28 1«1 Eut Water .tteel. i NOTICE. CUT Coiirrgouju'aOinoi, t Contract Department, Jnne 25,1859. ( T HE Common Council, by resolution, apopte d June SOQt, IsSS, harlnft concurred In the recommends). Ion of th« Street UomralsaloBeri of the Second Ward, t U ordered: That Poplar street and ildewalks, from Third tn Eighth itregt. In the feaond Ward, be graded to the fi- tabllfhed grade, tldewalki curbed and blanked, gutters pared, and street graveled, In acrordanee with the plan and apeclncailona of the City Engineer, on nle In the Comptroller's crtflce, Owners of property oo laid street ai e hereoy notlflt-d o make the aboTa named Improvements wlth'm. twenty- two days from thl* date, or the Street Commlssi^non of b« Second Ward will cause Ihe same to be done and fiarged to th* rnpectlre tots according to law. E. L'H. OARDINSR. Compl»oll«r. I>Uinl on 3; .tib.'iny after thf .««rv n utirij it*rv,cv. t ti.13 &4JE.IOI1 Will rappl V fii m tr-.c Mnijilatiit. Datfil J un ^ U, l-^ii* I I CITT ConmoLLCR's Or/icr, i Caorract Department, Milwanfcee, June U, '5»^ f IIHBComraon Concll, bjr resofution, adopted June X SOth, 18S4, ttartBg approTcd of therecommem'a- Uo» of the Street Commission*™ of Ihe Blghti Ward. U Uojrdeml: , - - loat a lewer be coaitrncted Ihrouah Mineral itreet, rom First to Second Arenoe, In tlie Eighth Ward, In accordance with the plan and: «p*ciBcationi of the City Ijigtaeer o« file. In the City Comptroller's office. Owner* of property OB tald itreetue hereby BOtlBtd • mak* said lewer within' twenty-two day* from thl* ilateor ih*8tre*t ComaUnloben will: cause the tara*. of b$ toot and charged to the retpeetlfslots according 1 o'law. -•'''.. •'.••• je2a-dwt '- «. L'H. GA5DINEB, Comptroller. nod arUc]«,inaiotw,IbraUa. 1 unow*njaN.ninoir. 1077] Kill HlK|-> s.M i,;. N ,-« » STATE O.f \Vl?<'ONHIN'. t I'lrcutt Court—Milwauket- Oounty \ llt-nry ^. B.-U-TII, an.l Miriam FKtlton Ornwn, , Jdm^s P. Whitacy. in.l in.I -*n ,- Veriaaa, hi§ ^ir^, -» m | i U"nrj Cat!«*•(). \ I N virtue of ftnit pursuant to iJJ*iil';im*nt rviidt-, -.J ,n «»iil Court, tn me ibovu itMmn, Jut...] tin. 4*h J^y Of Junt?, l.^ii, t <<xpi<se f nr •<:,(,• .itdl •.,•!! ti. Public Auction, »t the Pnat i iliot- in :ii.- Cn, ,it MJ wftuhe*?, nn 8ATUUI>AY. THK 17PI1 IMV Oh' .-KfTKM 8KB, IbS*. at th«* hour of '3 P. H .if thru lay. '.h- f\i lowing tlcscrtbed niorttfSiri'^ prwnnsfj, >r «n niti»-h th«-rr-.ij a-4 n\\3 lw n«c«asary in rim*- tV iinount »f tnni men.., iptorrst nnd ft-*ts, t,ii;r-th«r ^v\th tt,f ^xpcn-*.^ ,f sutf, the fnllowln^ real (.•^t^tt', lynaf mil t.»|n^ n ih C-mnty of Milwaukee, ami tUatti nf Wtamniin »i,.i (toown anil JeacrtUnJ v, u> vtt '* Cnmnienciutj twelve Tqet i'-uth ol the siorth west corner of lot nine (9) in h!-.,oh, tiv.-|v.' i^Tj), IB tb« Pourth Ward of the City nt Mittfiukep ] running thence east an a line p» nilfi trith td,north line of snkl tut to the r*;i-it line -tf <:.|.i lot , thence soutf, on the ^ line ^f ^.iitl •!<•[ twenty four (*^4) r.*ei, thence -T-JSI -tri <t iiu,- parallel with the icuth liue <>f ^nht ''>t t>< th.- west line of aald lot, and thence north twenty four (24) feet to the place of beginnim*, and tii.? ballOlDg* thereon." Dated Sheriff's aiBce, Milwaukee, June 14. IH.VJ Oooo» BBOWa A OOTIM, ) A. J. iMNGWORTlir PriT's Att'ys. f flherilTMIl. Co., Wl» AMERICAN CORNET BAND! 13 NOW BEADY TO FD8SI8B ANT number of Instruments, from one to d twenty-two, for Balls, Parties, Parades, j fectirslous, ic., 4c., >t reasonable ' rates. *PPly or address American Cornet Band, Hoiptted'* Mtujo SMre, 173, Cast Water n. ^iiw^^i

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