The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 12, 1914 · Page 24
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 24

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 12, 1914
Page 24
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Page Twenty-foil* T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Sunday Morning, July 12, 1914. ···^^^^·^^·i^^p^^^TM-^^--· The Basement Bargains--Monday GALVANIZED WASH TUBS. Ste, 0 size galvanized tubs for...iOc 65C, 1 size galvanized tubs (or...Site 7tc 2 size galvanized tubs for.. 4!lc LARGE SIZE GALVANIZED WASH BOILERS, extra heavy, reKUlar J1.25 boiler. gQn Monday www 10 «T. GALVANIZED WATER Monday, I C. TIN WASH BOILERS, with best copper bottom, regular $1.50 value. Qflft Monday *""» SOe GRAY GRANITE TEA KETTLES Monday, 39C for 3»r GRAY GHANITE DISH PAX, 14 qt. size. Mon- 19C We Give J8/.*/T Green Trading Stamps The Basement Bargains-Monday (or Monday, 10 25c TSc COMBINETS, white American Porcelain, with cover and ball, OK(k Monday, each *»*!» Be TOILET PAPER, rolls for 35c SPLINT CLOTHES BASKETS, large size, durable, each 35c POUR- SEWED BROOMS, .at Stewart's, Monday each MRS. POTTS' SAD IROSiS, new Improved style, 3 Irons, stand and handle, $1.25 value, set 9 OX. JELtiEV GLASSES with tin caps, Monday, a doz- 4 QA en 1 ww 10 BARS OP LENOX SOAP will be sold and delivered Monday to every customer making other purchases of 50c or more, 10 bars 9Rfi for fc *"* The Lowest Prices Ever Known in Decatur MONDAY 50 pieces of fine RIpplettes, renu l»r 18c a yard. Stewart's price for Monday. cnolct. a yard. 9c MONDAY 100 places of Zephyr. Red Seal and Plain Cham- brav dree* glngr- liains. atandftrd 1ZH values. Monday, yard. 6ic MONDAY 5000 y»rd« he«t Standard caliches. la all the best colors, best s^sc calicoes. Monday. 10 y»rrt! for 34c MONDAY »0 pl*e*e at best 7%c unblenched ·heetlng. at Stewart'* Monday, the lowMt price on record, yard, 4ic THE management of this store has never r f^ed a competitorjto name MONDAY 20 pieces of the best A. C. A. feather ticking worth regulfirlv 20c a yd. Stewart's price, Monday, yard, lUc MONDAY 50 pieces of t h * beat 7*3 P im- bleach^d roller dish toweling Stewart's primal ways lowppf. H y»rd, 3ic MONDAY Upwards of 1000 yard* of best 20c t»bls oil cloth at Btawtrt'a Monday. tta lowest prlc* on record, yd* 9c MONDAY U*c'l Porox Knit a»4 baibrlgrgan ·Dirts and draw- era, kn«e and ukl* length!. 50c xarm»nts. all each. 22c MONDAY loo» knee ·mmmer union ·utU, 3«c» trlrn- all sizes. S0« val- Monday, the nit. 22c MONDAY One treat lot of rain's n*w style coat shirts, regular 4c, 6c anil $1 valuea, at Stewart's Monday, 29c MONDAY 50 dozen men's elegant new tub «te«. regular 25c values, wonderful bargains at Ste« · «rt'» Monday 5c Women's $3, $4 and $5 Summer Dresses, $1.19 DELINKING Monday, for quick clearance, we place on special sale upwards of 300 women's beautiful^Summer K i *,, ^ TM TO f^e materials-crepes, lingerie, tissue ginghams, voiles, Swisses, embroidered cnam embroidered French lingerie. Exquisite Summer dresses in all the latest styles brays, embroidered Women's $10, $15 and $20 Summer Dresses, $5.00 i« ,, h fl r.»ain of a lifetime Upwards of 500 women's Summer dresses--Foulard and taffeta silk dresses, "fesu^;££e and woJewesses, genuine silk crepe dresses, French eponge dressy elaborately m- broidered H and lightweight wool rhallie and wool crepe and outsell all competition. Monday and all this week, your choice. $1.00 Dresses, 38c Upwards of 25 dozen "Decatur Maid" dresses-- percale, gingham, chambray and madras dresses in all sizes and , in all colors -- striped, figured and checked dresses-- all the latest styles. One-piece dresses worth fl everywhere-Stewart's, Monday, the lowest price on record, choice ............... ' , , ' Summer Summer $1.50 Dresses, 68c Upwards of 250 women's pretty wash dresses, made of fine ginghams, percales, chambrays, etc., in all the latest mid-Summer styles, nicely trimmed _ with braids and piping. A full assortment of sizes, Actually $1 and $1.50 values at Stewarts Monday, your choice for quick clearance fancy To $15 Coafc and Suits, $2.50 T HIS is like giving goods away. We have upwards of 25 women's suits and 35 women's and misses' Spring and Summer coats; suits made of worsteds, serges, novelty mixtures, r a t- mes, linens, etc. Coats made of waffle cloths, serges, eponges, linens, repps, ratines, etc. Suits and coats worth up to $15--all sizes and all colors. Come and get a bargain, choice Skirts Women's $1.50 w h i t s ;Mque and white cor- dine dress skirts, the \ ery l a t e s t styles, Monday, P t » w a r t s price. 78c Skirts Women's elegant Honeycomb Eponge wash skirts, in black and white and tan ajii white checks. Worth $3.50, Monday. 98c Skirts Women's latest style Russian tunic wool skirts, fine granite cloths, serges, etc. All sizes. Wonderful bargains, $6.50 Waists To quickly close out about 100 women's white ana colored shirt waists, worth up to BSc, Monday, choice, each, 19c $10.00 Dresses, $2.98 Women's beautiful white lace trimmed lingerie dresses, worth up to $10, women's fine, soft, clingy mercerized silk crepe dresses in all colors, women s fine Egyptian tissue dresses, and women s ratmeand French eponge dresses worth §5, $8 and $10. Monday, at less than cost of materials, choice $25 To $50 Coats and Suits, $10 TF you want a bargain in a high-class man-tailored suit, here is 1 your chance. Remember! Suits that were made to sell for $25' $30, $35, $40 and a few up to $50. Made of the finest all-wool materials; coats silk and satin lined. All the latest styles and colors. We want to close out upwards of 50 suits this week. Monday and until sold, choice at the unheard of price. MONDAY Upwards of 50 dozen men's high grade new style Inen collars, regular ISc kinds. Monday, each. 5c MONDAY Upwards of 25 dozens boys' new style summer waists in all colors and sizes. Regular 60e values, choice, 22c MONDAY Boys' fine cool poros kntt union suits In all sizes, regular 39c values at Stewart's Monday, the ault, 19c MONDAY 1000 boxes of high grade berated talcum powder, standard 10c cans, at Stewart's Mo n1 ay, th« box, 2ic MONDAY Genuine eastlle soap, Jap Rose soap, Tar soap. Auditorium Bath soap, Glycerine soap. etc. 5o and lOc cakes. S cakes for lOc Waists Upwards of 200 women's white lace trimmed lingerie waists. and silk ·waists worth up to S3 All sizes, choice, 95c Kimonas Women's 25c, 39c and 50c flowered klmons --all the latest styles and coloring!. Monday at Stewart'?, each. 19c Kimonas Women's $1.25 long klmonas made of lawns, fancy organdies, batistes. etc. Newest styles. Monday, each 39c Nightgowns Women's lace trimmed fine cambric and nainsook nightgowns, 76c values, wonderful bargains, Monday, each, 39c Corsets American LadT, Warner's and C-B corsets, broken lines, odd sizes, fl to $1.60 values, Monday, choice, each 49c Brassieres Women's beauti£ul lace and embroidery trimmed brasslerles, regular 50c values, Monday, each. MONDAY 3est six cord lew- ng cotton, Coats, darks. Bowstring etc. Black and white, all numbers. Monday 3 Spools lOc 19c A Sensational Sale of 65c To $1 Beautiful Silks, 39c Yard 65c to $1 spotproof Foulard silks, a yard 65c to 75c fine silk Messaletas, a yard.. 65c to 98c fine gun metal silks, a yard. : 65c to 75c fine China tub silks, a yard ; .. fiSc to 75c fine Habutiu silks, a yard fine to 85c fine silk lining satins, a yard r,5c to $1.00 silk eponges and ratines, a yard.. fine to 98c silk channelise and crepes, a yard. CHOICE 39c YAED ilks=«Genuine Bargains! Silks Worth Up To $1.25, For 69c Yard $1.00 Cheney Bros, guaranteed spotproof foulard, yard $1.25 fine silk crepe eponge and ratines, a yard $1.25 black and white striped waisting silks, yard .... ; . $1.25 genuine imported Rajah pongees, a yard $1.00 to $1.25 kimona silks, beautiful designs, a yard $1.00 fine satin faced all-silk messalines, yard -.. $1.00 to $1.25 fancy and noA^elty silks, a yard · $1.00 to $1.25 black and colored taffeta silks CHOICE 69c YARD The Lowest Prices Ever Named On Exquisite Summer Wash Goods · A««»^»** «···»·· ^·4* » * _ . - · * - * j · j*. . 1 «TI_ !.!__ T»,_-., n 1» -f Ntn Tr»/1ii Unrmo MONDAY To Quickly close out upwards of 6 down women's black fans usually sold at 15c. choice each Monday. Ic Fine Scotch Lawns in small neat patterns, worth 7^c a yard. Our July Clearance Sale price, a yard Beautiful English Batistes, in floral designs, dots, stripes, checks, etc. Kegular lOc P ~ values, this sale, a yard vl/ Beautiful Pineapple Tissues. Primrose Batistes and Loretta Batistes, silk striped. Organdies, etc., worth 18c to 22c a yard, 1 Of* choice, a yard ivr v/ Exquisite, Dainty Crepes, silk striped novelties, imported tissue ginghams, voiles, etc., worth 25c a yard. July Clearing Sale price, yard Silkized Foulards, 27 inches wide, beautiful, silky looking wash fabrics worth regularly 25c a yard. July Clearing 1 O JL|» Sale price, yard ................... ·*-*·' 2 V Exquisite Crepe Eponge,, in all the popular shades and in white. Never sold regular less than 25c a yard. Our price, this sale, a yard Imported English Voiles in plain shades, stripes and floral designs, 40 inches wide, worth 39c a yard. July Clearing Sale price, a yard New Nippon Cloth, a popular new wash fabric, 19c all new col- Exquisite Windsor Crepes, never before priced less than 25c a yard. Monday, Stewart's price, the lowest ever named, a yard Beautiful New Plisse Crepes, in all the very latest patterns. Regular 22c values everywhere, at Stewart's, Monday, a yard Imported English Voiles, full 40 inches wide, in all the latest designs and colorings; regular price 35c, this sale, a yard Handsome Mercerized Silk Poplins in all the newest designs and colorings, worth 50c a yard, July Clearing Sale price, a yard Beautiful White Dress Goods, fine India linons, very fine flaxons and dainty sheer checked flax- ons and nainsooks, 18c to 1 Of* to 25c values, yard J. v t/ White Eponge and white ratine, sold everywhere for 48c a yard, our price for this July Clearing Sale, a yard Exquisite White Splashed Voiles, rice cloths and fine crepe voiles worth regularly 50c a yard, choice now, a yard Imported Paris Muslins, Persian lawns and exquisite French mulls--white dress goods worth up to $1 a yard, choice, a yard MONDAY 6x9 Crex with plain and stenciled borders. regular price 85.98"; Stewart's Monday, choice. $3.25 MONDAY 6x9 Brussels and Axminster rugs sold regular at from $S to 113. wonderful bargains Monday, choice, $5 MONDAY All short lengths of cork linoleum. 4 i to 14 yards, best 60c and TSc values, 4 yards wide, a yard, 35c For Full bleached mercerized table linen, in a big variety of beautiful new patterns, 35c quality, a yard 19c SI by 90 readymade unbleached sheets, worth reK- ularly 79c. Big Stewart bargains, this sale, ench 59c ginghams, voiles, etc., worm exact copy 01 pn«i*u «m ^....o, -- -- -- fulv Clearing Sale OK/, up to $1 a yard, ^ C1 « 15C B^gSdV^. 25Cpn^grd g ^DC choice, a yard Economical HousekeepersI-Phenomenal Bargains In Domestics,^^ Lj^ 08 ^^ 5xnu.i S lt« mercer- Elegant new mer- Imported all linen Bleached and un- Fine linen roller Bleached or un- £0 dozen f i n e ^ f°«°4nef ISd white" ""chittedIMMW tiles "« bleached zed satin dTmak oerized damask.. Irish damasks. 2 bleached cotton toweling extra bleached all linen J u ^^ el f; m °«* ^ hemmed bed spreads, pearl spreads p e a r i m a d e . in inches, wide and extra wide and yards wide and roller toweling, an wide and heavy, roller toweling 10c_values. 1 umtea P regu iar hemmed, fringed hemmed, extra, very be, r erce zed satin damask. iO Inches wide and white as snow. Worth 50c. Stew- art'e price, yard . 35c Elegant new mer oerized damasks, extra wide and extra heavy, worth 69c a yard, sale price, a yard 48c, 81 by 90 full bleached seamless sheets, all ready to use, worth regularly 85c. Sale price, each 69c Full bleached ready-made pillow cases, best 12%c cases. Stewart's price for this great sale, each lOc Imported all linen Irish damasks. 2 yards wide and white ns snow; worth $1 a yard, sals price, a yard Bleached and un bleached cotton roller toweling, an unusual V % c seller, this sale, yards for 150 pieces round thread sheeting, yard wide and unbleached; best 7c grade, Stewart's sale price, yard 4lc 10 Fine linen roller toweling, extra wide and heavy, the very best lOc grade, In this great sale, a -ard 100 round pieces thread of unbleached sheeting. Best lOc grade, a big bargain now, 10 yards for 79c Bleached or un bleached all linen roller toweling regularly sold for 12lie. sale price, a yard Upwards of to pieces of (me 8-4 seamless sheetlns, unbleached; worth 25o a yard, price, a Yard sale 19c 9-4 full bleached sheeting, ths very finest 35c grade, Stewart's the lowest, sale, yard , price this 24c 50 dozen huck towels, lOc values, limited 6 to a customer. Monday, wonderful bargains, each 7ic pearl hemmed bed spreads, regular SI values, priced 'or this sale Best Hope yard wide r . and Lonsdale full bleached muslins; 13%c grade, Stewart's price, 12 yards for $1 pearl fringed -- t corner, 11.39 values, each '00 bolts of flno English white Lonscloth worth regularly $1.50 the bolt This pale a 10 yard bolt for 200 pieces of fine double fold percales In all colors, , large sl»». worth I! sale price, each $1.49 pieces pretty new Apron Ging- best grade. hams, This gale, ft stirring bargain, yard latest , designs, worth a yard, Stewart's sale price, a yard »« 72 br bleached readymade sheets; the very best 50c val- each pieces drawn work, beautiful ccarfs. Battenberg cen- ter«, etc. Valu«. MONDAY TSc Roman stripe couch covem. 40 Inches wide and 2H yards long, tan, red and green. Stewart's Monday. 49c MONDAY Single lace and scrim curtains, brussels. Cable Net and Madras, worth to $5 «. pair, choice. Monday, each 25c MONDAY All remnants of Jap and China mattings, length* under 10 yards, values up to ISO a yard, Monday, « yard. lOc lEWSPAPERr iNEWSPAFERr

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