Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 31, 1941 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 31, 1941
Page 4
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Pag« Four .•> - —"«-*Uu«IUIJMB»""ll.ll»"."" DAILY GA2ETTE, STERLING, ILLINOIS Friday, October 31. Starling Daily Gazette Stnristt In Stirling; Clureltti j JORDAN LUTHERAN *eheoi ai 8:*0 a, m. Morning wornhlp at 10:80. Rev. p, C. Boy- wn will b* in charge. EAST JORDAN O. B. Pundny »c.hooi, *:30 *. m. under Anderson, superintendent. Morning worship at 10:4$, p. F. Grandon. Grnerftl Manager D W. Grandnn, Associate Turn to com:,' psge /or subscription and o'her classified information rfBRrdinft Th«- Sterling Garette Facts and Figures fiACRKn HF.ART High mass and Brr.rri:rt ;o;> ?.' a. m Low ma 51 , at 10. \Vrrk flc.v masses at, 7 a. m. Rev. M. B. K.J-.IZ. pastor. --—^ ^*~~~ FIBST CHURCH OF CHRIST SCIENTIST Church edific*. §03 First arena*, ftundiy (uprvjca »t 10:4S a, ra. (Subject. 'Everlasting Punishment " Run- «chr*o! at 9.30. Wednesday evening !f»tlmon|«l meeting a! 8. In con- nectlon will hr n ir-r'iire by Anna er. no'.ed traveler »nd author of i-hiWrrn '«; hook*. H*T iti.ih- jrrt. will h», 'Trr.v;n. Th<- Land of j the MASJ'I." Mi"; RutresberRrr will I b* in matum* nn<i h«ve with her an! exhibu of Persian object fi'*rt. I _______ _ _ j SECOND AVFNUK LU'IHERAN with th*» church edifice * fre« re*ding rooni is maintained. Trie room i« op*n from 3 to 4 p. m. where the Bible and all Christian Hi Science litrra'ure. Including the •.quarterly, may b* read or borrowed. j FIRST BAPTIST By Central pmk. Rev. J. S Hol- romb. pastor. Woiship end the Evening SERIAL STORY MURDER IN PARADISE By Marguerite Gahagan COFTR1OHT, IM1. K1A f fHTlCK, IWO THE STORY: Two murder* ml L«ke rrnew Ihf old re- nnd Ewst pastor, ! radnrs N>twwn «;rh<w<>? tesrhfr Mary Oonvr of S»r'>r.<1 »\ Tenth ,<;!:T<-'. F>!nr M 910 Second «\ rnii'\ phone fiTB. j O'C*iu»'*»r. varjUioninjc there with flub th.<; evening «l S Re- I her mother, Mstidir. and reporter in'tnic.ion for Rll children ^ Denni* H.rnn, *rn\. down from the MT'ernoon Irom 1:30 to;rily ta eavrr thr itnrr. Polirf are tn TV;|>'iifR R -?,S fluff 1] in. serSermon: KREE METHODIST Avenue K and We»t Seventh Lord 1 * Supper. 10 45 ». m. street. Rev. tJ. P -Jones, pMtor. iOo«r»el !>er\!re, 7 SO p. m MnrnmK Sunday school, 9.45 a. m. Momme' 1 unthem "The Heat en'?. Rewound " President, Roosevelt has add- worshlp _ lf , :4Si class me'-titiR, 12' tn- BrrUim'-n. B. Y. P. u clioni< in ed another agency to the agen- cy-crowdrd administration In Washington. This time It Is the office of facts and figure*. It Is another publicity office. Every department in Washington ha« Its bureau of publicity with a etaff of writers. Bometimeg the material Is information the public should have but too often It is promotion to further government policies. The office of facts and figures le said to be an office that will ««ek to end confusion in *t»t«- ments issued to the pren* and public on certain government activities. In the past there has been conflicting reports coming from two or more agencies on one subject. In recent months we have experienced members of congress Riving sets-of figures on production, departments giving another set and still other figures coming from a third source. Facts and figures will attempt to have them all agree. noon. Everting worship at 7 30. .{".piling seme r 9.30 8. m. B. Y P 11 a. m. Church s( hool. U. meeting. 6 30 ST. MARY 'p m Kemi-Annual dinrrh mret- Sunday at e, 7:30, 0 and^ng. Thursday e\enmg. with lellow- Confession* will be heard! ship supiw. 6 p. m The Woman s at the regular hour, Rt, Rev. A. J. Burns, V. G, L, 8. T. pastor; Rev. J. T. Smith, assistant pwtor. CHURCH OP THE BRETHREN Kenneth C. Becntel, minister. Cl/irch school at 10 a. m. Henry J. Brubaker. superintendent. Morning worship at 11. Evening worship at 7:30. All are welcome. FIRST OPEN BIBLE CHURCH Located at 30tf Fifth avenue. Beult M. Pottinger, pastor. - Sunday school at 9:30 n. m. Morning worship, 10:45. "Overcomer's" meetings for young and old nt 6:15 p. m. Evangelistic service at 7:30 p. m. FIRST CHRISTIAN Second avenue at sixth street. Facts and figures were to be sort of a clearing house under the direction of Archibald Mac Lelsh, librarian of congress. Of course if Mr. MacLelsh is not permitted to give out all the facts, facts that do not do a department or the administration credit as well as the facts that will bolster public confidence, the office will not be living up to Its »nd Figures." name of "Facts Indian Summer to Com* Argument concerning the correct place in the calendar for Indian summer appears to have been set at rest by Dr. BrI- Bates, Cornell university Indian exten- aion adviser and an authority on Indians of the eastern atatei. According to Doctor Bates, the legends of the New England Indians, the Indians of New York itate and Ontario, and those of Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota agree that Indian summer comes at the time of the November full moon, after the first hard frosts. At that time, when smoky haze rises from the earth at sunset and a warm •un through the day creates a false sense of summer's return, the lazy Indian who has not yet harvested his corn and pumpkins, nuts and beans may have a belated opportunity to gather food sufficient for the long cold months ahead. Since the pioneers learnid from their red neighbor! of tha occurrence of an eleventh month harvest season, it is manifestly reasonable to go back to the source of authority, as Doctor Bates has done, to find out the correct dat* of Indian summer. Voice Of Tut Prtss OOLBTING THOMASES (Christian acienc* Monitor* They can't believe it. That God's lav* should haye protected and sustained five-year-old Pamela Hollingworth during the eight days sh« spent supposedly lost en a New Hampshire mountain U to them Incredible. Men who acotpt noth* they cannot nplatn by physical cause 1 and effect are ttretchlng every medical theory they know or Inventing new eaes to eatUry their Own unbelief. But folk of staple faith and other* who know fraea personal ex* perience or well-altered records the power of prayer rejoiee in Ood'a twines*. Their hearts are uplifted to learn that iM UtUe girl with ehUdlike trust aaaed her "Father- Mother God" to guard end guide her. and that thouanat of others had faith or understanding enough to fray, To them, Pamela's lack of fear, her fine physical condition and her parenU' unanaMable assurance that ahe weuid be found need no other MplanaUon. While the douMlag Thesnasa* un- ravelfine-spun theories about «u- aar earbohydratea and her isolation Claude E. Cummins, minister. Sunday school with graded worship nnd instruction by department* nt 9:45. Earl fl. Fine, superintendent. Morning worship and Lord's Supper each Sunday at 10:45 a. m. WEST STERLING MISSION CHURCH - OrUwoki avenue. Sunday school at 11 a. m. Regular preaching services Sunday evening at 7. Gospel songs. Bible study class every Tuesday evening at 7:30. Special invitation to all having no'church home. BUhop D. O. Lapp, pastor. ' PENRO8E UNITED BRETHREN Donald C. Sibling, pastor. Sunday school promptly at 10 a. m. Class meeting at 11 a. m. Christian Endeavor at 7:30 p. m. Katie Tlllman is the chairman of the committee in charge of the question box program Evening worship at 8:15 p. m. Subject, "Matthew, The Man of Business." CHURCH* OFTHE NAZARENE , Comer of Thirteenth avenue and Fifth street. J. W. Silvers, pastor. Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. William f. Shoftner, superintendent. Classes for all ages. Come itudy God's Word with us. Morning worship at 10:48. Evangelistic cervlce at 7:30 p. m. Fraytr meeting Wednesday evening at 7:30. PRESBYTERIAN Chester M. Xrwin, minister.- Bible •chool at 0;io a. m. Morning worship. 10:45. Sermon. "The Listening Ear." (Second in series on "The Fire Religious . Senses.") Special music includes a ladles' ensemble .which singi. "The Green Cathedral." by Hahn. And a choral anthem, "A Song Of Peace." by Sibelius. Nursery for small children during this service. Christian Endeavor, 6 p. m. SCIENCE RIDGE MENNONITE Bishop A. C. Good, pastor. Two and one-half miles north on Six- 'teonth avenue. Bunday Mrvices: Preaching .at 0:48 a. m. Sunday school at 10:45 a. m. Howard A. MaUlnger, superintendent of adult department; Mrs. John Nunemaker, superintendent of Junior; Mrs Harry Wltmer, superintendent of primary; Mrs. C. N. Steiner. superintendent of beglnnert, and Mrs, D. W Good, superintendent of home department. Young People's meeting at 7:30 p, m. Mission Circle meets at the parsonage Wednesday afternoon m 3:15. 8T. PAUL LUTHERAN Festival of the Reformation. Sunday school will begin ai the usual time. 9:15. followed by the festival Communion service at 10. Sermon topic: 'The Abiding Word." You • re invited to our services. Announcements for the week: Church council meets Monday evening at 7:30. Ladies' Aid Thursday afternoon at 3. Choir rehearsal Thursday evening at 7:30. Luther League at 8:30 Thursday. Catechetical class Saturday at 9:30 a. m. G. H. Doermann, pastor. GRACE EPISCOPAL Saturday, November 1. will be All 8alntA day. The Holy EucrmrUt will he celebrated at 7 and at 9:30 a rn. Sunday, twenty-first Sunday after Trinity. Holy Communion will be at 8 n. m. Holy Eucharist and sermon at 9:30 a. m. Church school at 9:30 a. m. The concluding service of the mission will be Sunday at 7:30 p. m. All services will be In the chapel. Monday. November 3. will be All Soul's day-. There will be a requiem mass for the departed at 9:30 a. m. Rev. H. A. Berngen, rector. FIRST METHODIST Broad war and Fifth street Harold E. Olson, minister. Church school, 9:30 a.-m. Classes for all ages. Leo Blair, superintendent- Divine Worship service. J0:40 a. m. The choir will sing. "Seek Ye The Lord," by Roberta, the tenor solo will be sung by Clarence Yeager. The Methodist Youth Fellowship will meet at six o'clock. The C. I. C. meets at seven o'clock, picnic supper and study and worship program. Wednesday, choir practice in the church, 7:30 p. m. Tuesday, reception for the pastor and family in the church. Picnic supper at 6:30. program following. All members and friends invited. BETHEL REFORMED Located at the corner of Fifteenth street and Second avenue. R. W. Vand* Bunte, pastor. Morning worship at 0:10. Subject: "Behold Your Ood." Sunday school at 10:45. Evening worship at 7:30. Subject: "Running with Ood." All are welcome to worship Ood with us. Announcements: Wednesday, 2 p. m.. Ladles' Missionary society. Mrs. R. Ten Hakeh of the Newton Reformed church will be the guest speaker. All are urged to be present and bring your friends. Thursday, 7:SO p. m., prayer meeting at the home, of Mr. and Mrs. F. Pyse. 511 Wallace street. Saturday. 1:30 p. m., Bible echool for children. ' Thf Fnd nf All Twines !<- a; Hand " I Prirr 4.7-11 Sunday school at 10 a m Church bcmirl meetini? Tursdav e\rning at R Lecture on Christian Fundamental* Wednesday e\enmg a- 7:30 Ladies'. Aid sophi^tifatrd Herbert Coitl w«« hilled hy janit'trr Slosh Vereltl, i'orri> drath at first im- pl lea led Jejunie >Iorri«, whom he had ronrt*d for two summer* only t» Margie Dixon to Pxrsdise thli year a* his fiancee. Second mysterious death was that cf MKt Millie Islcr. Oh. ye», th^re wax a moon and a n*rffCt *ettinf. hut rrrrrv events didn't mukf for romance. RO«.--.;P Thursday afternoon at 2 Junior .Morris. Jeanfr'* stern npin«ter aunt, Walther I.^flRue Tliursday evening nho hept locked in hrr heart the at 8 You are wricoinr to- worship scrret of a girlhood romance with with us. ST. .TOHN'S LUTHERAN Rev. Albert H. Krck, jr., pastor; Dr. R C Harn?. pastor emeritus, innkwper Chris Gordon: loral edit W who Hr.nrd his letlen "Kit." Other character* in the story are Lisa Holme*. Mi« Millie's maid who xUyi on with Jeanie; elderly The Sunday «-chnol meeu nl 9:30 in all depanmenf;. The chief «er- v;ce belnR at 10 40 The sermon subject will he, "What Are These Worth?" There will be anthems by both choirs./ The Luther Leagues meet Sunday evening at 6:30. Monday evening: Church council. 7:10; Young Women's Mission study class meets at 7:30, Wednesday: Social Circle. 1 p. m.; senior choir rehearses at 7:30 p. m.: Troop 90. Boy Scouts. Thursday: Younn Married People, 7:30 p. in : high school choir rehearsal. FViday: Cnthajte college choir concert at 8 p. m. Free will of- Tod Palmer, In loir with Jeanie, Ted, Mary, Jeanle. and iJennl* spend a pleasant ereninj In the city. The next day Jeanie and Mar? find LlM's tody hanging in (he attic «f the Morris home. She ha« been m»rder*«l. It MAt DIE ACTS! CHAPTER XXIII was B Rood thing that had a full night's slc"p because from then on we seemed to live, in a nightmare. LiWs death went down on the record officially as murder and the ferine. Saturday: Catechetical class j nm day trafnc Rft , hpflvv rou „ •' ° - « • fit 10. a. m We junior chotr rehearses at P(U . RdUe ship and work with us. invite you to wor- TRINITY EVANGELICAL Corner of Fifth avenue and Third .street. John R. Bouldln. pastor 611 Fifth avenue, Welcome to Tnnitv phone church 1899J where the message of the chaneeless Christ is preached to «n ever changing world. Sunday school. 8:30 a. m., with classes for all ages. Abram Hey. superintendent. If you would like to live as a Christian In these hectic days join us in a Bible study class. Divine worship, 10:30 a. m., with sixrial music furnished by the choir. The sermon will be preached by Prof. P. E. Keen of the Evangelical Theological seminary at Napervllle. Evening service, 7:30, with music by the choir and sermon by Prof. Keen. Come and bring your friends. Notei for the week: Tuesday, 7:30 p. m., Prothean class. Wednesday evening Plus Ultra ers driving tip and Wlth rurlOMtv fieek . the roads stretching their silly nerks to look at any of us who happened to stick our noses outside. Dr. Orway shook his head in despair. He'd dropped in that morning with a tonic for Jeanle. who looked so pale that Maudie had called him. She had gone out to his car with him alter he'd left K prescription and they had a long talk. "She'll probably stuff you with custards, beef broth and eggnoKS." I said. "Anyway she s been out there talking to him long enough to come back a full-fledged nurse." But It would have taken more than food to help Jeanie. Tht police were always there, cither asking her questions, taking her back to the Moms house, or to the State Police Post. And na-sty rumors were going around. Denny confessed enough!, took time that, "There'* *o nrirh damn on i "And no many things do look bud for the kid." ' B;!' the police <aiv that Stush Vereiti killed Herbert Cord." I reminded him. Crimp riirln t fit in with the peaceful quiet of thr lake. There was scarcely a ripple on th* path m»de by the moonlight. Fxcept for the gentle swish of the rater made hv the oars and the occasional soft quack of thr duck* feeding over in the marshv section, there was no other sound . s . "It s the V>rettl angle that's knocked the whole picture cockeyed hr admitted "We're sure Slush knocked Cord off He hasn't confessed, but he'll go the hard way oner the trial starts. He hasn't a chance to beat this rap. "But then these others — as Maudie so sweetly. points out • — they aren't the work of the numbers boys. At least they shouldn't be because what harm could these two old women do them? Certainly If Miss Millie knew anything damaging about the Cord murder she'd have spilled it before she was knocked off. Slush Verettl was in the custody of the police before she WM killed." He rested on the oars and we drifted along. "If it weren't for my conviction that Verettl's guilty I might think to this talk Oh. I know what you're going to say." he told me before I could more than start to argue. "Sure, she's a swell kid. The picture of Innocence; a nice girl, and tops with Tod Palmer. "But IVe seen some funny ones In my life. That little blond that stuck a knife between Tony Ram- mofT'c ribs was the kind that could model for a young mother ad. And Sadie Robins looked like a gentle old maiden aunt, yet she did a good carving job on her •later." "Well, don't talk like this to Maudie,- I warned. "She's had about enough of your crime deductions." "She's got her own ideas about these murder*. 1 * He threw his clgaret in the water and we heeded back for *hore, "I get a kick out of the way the figures things out. I'd like to know how she sizes this businee* up. I know she hasn't expounded her theories there was something about Jeanie Morris. and that's not lik* her. rr.n-,h« inn were right. I mran. «•':•*- •>vrb- sblv doesn't want to «rjrk i-*r t htn out with any wild (first p.-,;: I b*t they'd h« hrmrys. M*-!r!:*r detective story , reading v-rniirt make this a field day for he;-.' * • « We hM ft field day -on--: •'• *:-. ">•• d expfctwl. Tn fs" •r.:-.z- ?remefi to have h!' th^ir !"•>,'». ''," n«xt noon when OfTirrr A' ''•: ?r- MVfd Q:nr;ly mir! no a: ?•;:;•.;. ..*• announced he had fin 1 .'- '•' <•"• Miss Morris. Hr T\;I. :?k:>.z :-.r r with him. hr rxpUinrr! "You're under s;rr^ r M: •• V •Ms. Sorry it ha* to Hr •:•.:- n • hut the polire arm! sv,r<?;r-: •.*..-.\ '-'our answers." Hr \i?,-r. : • •> •> hardhblled and T think t:.' .*;..:;• of the girls helplessness a::r! Mr way her shoulders sacfd n-.v> him dislike his enanrl I: < '*' s legal move." hr add^d Y^-J- «!torney will handle th:r.c« I' won't br .'.o had--" Personally. I didn't <-rr ! . ', (• nuld he any worsf- Mfl-.,(i." -A a o! no help She sa.t thrrr A :i'! •vept. Because we didn't k:;- 1 -'. hnw long Jeanie would lin-. »• '•>•> lay in jail. I mansard tn ( w, t -k a few of her things in an overnight bsg "But Denny and Tod will set vou out," I kept repeating. "You mustn't give up. This really means nothing—" "It means everyone thinks I ctlled them. It means people have been staring at me and tasking about me all these days and think- 'ng I'm guilty—" She clung to me in thr benroom while I tried to get hrr to put on some rouge "You — you don't think so. do you?" ''The ones who know \ou don't hink so. I — I think the police ust have to arrest someone. TV.ev'vp messed these cases up so horribly. They haven t uncovered H single. 'clew and yen know* de« imsrdinj trtion. Th* pro*e«nt-or'l 'prnhnhiy ninnint for nrTlf* this full r.r.d hr wan*- 1 * a rhanf* (0 start' •something It's always that way, .Irame. R\it your att/srney. h*11 ( know whs- to do." i PJir looked !one and forlorn M ••hr ]rft the cottage. •I <rr!«;n!v hop* h*r kiiO'A -.vha: 'n do Mvid'.r f :• i> v.n: - rr the '«r. \Vrii ! rti not I repeated' fo *\frt?t{ going w«if. l m going !.-> do something right !-,n-,« . ' <!ir •.sir!, nhlle 1 atarwl at iTn Cnntinnwl) From Our Readers I.IKRI8 H. S. EDITION S*ir.t> Wash . Oct. 37, 1M1. Ffllior Dailv Oajeite: l \u 'M •<-> rx;irfs.s my appreciation or thr sv.'ii'.ement to the regular rxlitmn of Or-oher 7 and 1 am ,-ritnm it wi.; i>e prized by 1 ¥11 Old «:«(!'-. I think vou did a swell job. I a^o want to tell vou how much T rn:n\ed thr In.--!. Progress Edition of \our paper. Waller O. Stanley. Get f a*t relief in 5 hour* tha way nu*t- / Uti thouwmdidcx-with CLKAJt-AOAIM T*blct»...or your money back I BeiwtiAe formula,devtlopH by doctor*,rl«ar»y«uf head, relieves ' «tuff*d-up" feeling Itttl "fm^A Only J Scat your dniiflM'a. CLEAR-AGAIN HEAD COLDTA»LiTt with the forces of law CONGREGATIONAL Second 'avenue and Fourth street. R. Norrls Wilson, minister. Church school at 9:45. Morning worship, 10:46. Dr. Mary Cushman of West Africa guest speaker. Chester League meets at <Tp7m. Tuesday afternoon and evening northern ar«a caravan conference at the Rock Fall* Congregational church. Wednesday. Women's Guild dessert luncheon at the church at 1:30. The entertain* WtiUy Siriiy School Ltuoi •7 wmfc» E. Ottrty, D. a Peace and Rest Are Rewords for Life ' Lived in Justice and Righteousness TEXT: GaJ»Ua«a <:T{ I Joha l:|-t;g UNITED BRETHREN Corner of East fifth atrer\ and Fifth avenue. W. V. Longenbaugh, minister. 203 East Fifth street, Rock Falls. Church school at 9:45 a. m. A claaa for all ages. Morris Johnson, superintendent. Uoming worship at 10:45. Or. O. W. Bonebrake, of Decatur, 111., our conference superintendent will b« with us and, bring the meuige. .He will also conduct the official board meeting Saturday •t 7:30 p. m. Junior church at 10:45 a. m. Evening worship' service at 1:90 p. m. The mid-week service Thursday evening with a fellowship supper at 6:30 and followed by wor-j shin service and showing of moving pictures of the otterbein home of Dayton, Ohio. Rev. Owens of Co-' leta will -present these picture*. He ' has shown them In several atatesj and at the General Conference and have proven of great Interest whenever shown. The public la Invited to attend. The Women's Missionary Society will meet Thursday at 2 p. m. at the home of Mrs. Roy HUB-' sung, 502 East Seventh *treet, A welcome to all services. FOURTH, arnnrr from germs, reUfttu* acknowledge th* Itual power. flAdly of eptr- them speak of UUe instanoi of Di« VUe protection M • "mira*J«." clau- <M it with the or special affair* Divine m the Bible ol Ood only fals»rtagly believe* that •ed'l tew it always guarding His At the moment of writtng, many column* In the daily papers in the city where I live are filled with the ttory of » former sheriff, who allegedly betrayed hi* trust by dishonest and dlMOlute practices in the jail over which he preaided, and by extortion from employe* over whom he had authority. For nearly two year* the man ha* been a fugitive from Ju*Uc* and ha* managed fo elude all Mort to apprehend him. An arreat for drunken driving in far-off California has lad to hi*, identification, and the news U thaj, ho will be brought back to Boston to face Indictment. The culprit U reported to have said that he i* glad the strain is over. He is apparently broken in health, at the end of his m-gotten financial re- afturces, and in every way a sorry figure. A* 1 have read thaae new* col* umn*. that verse in the Bible which come* from the early history of Urael came to my uindi "Be aur* and that they nt*d only fut Uuttaelvtt under the "shadow the Alwlihty" to abide as safely i» Pamela. They believe spiritual op«rat«s only on occasion hy *pe«lal dUpemation. How do w» think of the fttUMl M ogitraiing with tht o«r- ol law— when «* put «un»l»e* « us our *Uly (** to mSfttt us Iram the hoisojne aad th« arrow that ilieth ' MAierialitU try to npltin ». tut 91* w* ait aJJ 4oibt- untU your sin will And you out." and the equally strong pronouncement, "The wage* of sin ia death." • * * Here in our lewon Paul, writing to the GalaUans, put* the whole thing equally clearly. There is, of course, much in life that' seems to fOittre4kV thea* declaration* concerning tilt rwuili Of ain aod evildoing. TMe •IbUMl writer referred lo tfctt wlMM b» Mid that he had •Me Uw Wie|te4 flourUhlnf and |U«AfU Uae a grata b*y tree." Perhaps it was because tome of tbe** early Christian*, buffering lor cofcaelence'* aaJie aeelnf .other* aDparenUy In eaj« and con tentmeilt, may have been tempted to Uunk that after all righteou* liv- w« dally prove that He U unchan* in| k>ve. by His ii*ture, ing did not pay, that led Paul to be so specific about it. He warned them not to be deceived, that Ood i* not mocked, that whatever men aow they reap. It U true that we' live in a world where the innocent suffer with the guilty. Je*us never promised His dlaciple* a calm or easy way. He did promise them rest and peace. It Is this that constitute* the difference between those who allfftf far righteousness' take, or a* innocent victims of the wrongdoing of Other*, or from tome Innocent cauee, and those who cufler because of their evildoings. It is not in reference to one case, or in the columns of a single paper, that all this is made pUlrl. The | records of sin and penalty are innumerable. Not long ago, in En< gland, a man died by his own hand, who wa* a self-made millionaire. There was much in hi* energy *J ability that waa commendable, but he chose the war of ert! living. When lie kilted hiinaelf, owing *ev- mi million dollar* >n debU. ha left a note not -unnaturally expressing the view Uat aU MOB won greedy vultures. How different is the way of the righteous, and how well this way i* expt«ued in the contrast between darknaae aim light, which Joba ha* given u* IB hi* flrat IpUUf, Tht way of darknaae is the way of lyinf and daitructiaa, but the way of light la the way »f cloaiittan am hoaor aad good falUNuttp. Jeita reimind* us that we are never entirely free of evtl, thttt if we **y we have BO sin i deceive oumlv**, but he doal not Rev. Albion J. Tavenner. minuter. Church school, B;90 a. m. Ruaeell Meldorf. superintendent. Morning worship at 10:40. Oxford club for young people. 5:30 p. m. Paul Or'lb- bons, president. The aubject of the morning worship service will be "The Cult of Illusion for the Psychology of Drunkenness." Rev. A. J. Tavenner preaching. The choir under direction of Mris. Roscoe Eades will sing "The Silent Sea," Neidlinger, and Miss Vera Young will sing "The Silent Voice," Roma. Mrs. F. C. Ris. organist, will play LarghettO. Foot*. nnd Postlude, Dunham. The official board will meet Monday evening .at 7:30 o'clock at th« chujpfr, Tuesday at 1:30 p. m. the Fideli* circle meets with Mr*, Foatar pike. 401 West Eleventh *treet, for dee- •ert luncheon. AssUtlna* hoaUaa- - U be Mesdamee Robert Wamor, '. Wetwter. and Atanum ~ . Tuesday also, the Jhrer-ltoftdy Olr«it will meet at 1:30 p, m., With Mra. B. L. Vail, 803 Welt Fourth atrett the ataiating hosteaaea, Mr*, DUkm Emma Tuttle, and Aetna ~ Tuesday the will meet at 7: Charlea Weatherwax, Twelfth street esses will _________ „ _____ m Frtier, and Richard OehringT Wed neaday evening at 7:10 the aenior choir rehearie* with Mrs, Eades. In normal times, the breeding of aay that with our ten dencies it t* aowiWe for buwsn be- iBt*. like ub. ,u> walk l» Ute *fid to ha>M feUowihi atlwr. a* we **«fe; Die end help of Him who i* tit h«bt af ^^p^ew »n- M tit areb red annually to be y_earlings. Fingertips The t w o popular shades of tan and teal blue in fingertip coats. Smart for school and good for dress wear, the sizes are 34 to 42. The popular coat for high school and college men. $|Q.95 Others $5.95 to $17.50 —Tai Coriiroy HATS Very amart with the niw fingertip coats ... an ideal young man's shape. Dark browns are here also. $1.50 Leather Jackets O«ataMlneHMther-coat*—-with—belt- ail around and tipper front. They are tha bast for wear and smart appearance ...... Others of CapeskiR $*.95 te $16.50 Loi| Sloovo Polo Sblrii '2 A ihlrt every young man enjoy* wearing, pi a id* and plain colon, beautifully ityltd .so A Fine Quality Better Styled SUIT Choose from either worsteds or twists*-that have real body and firmness for long service. Hand tailored..for correct fit and lasting style/either single or double breasted. You will be-made-th-an -pleased with an E, & W. Twenty-nineJFifty. 29 .50 •etiie Cleoninf - Pressing •loin Dress ond Suite .... nc«i>r •«« AIOADE Lisle Aikleh Zelea ^V^rw^PlB Either crew or elastic top •tylM, made by Munsing, •11 the new high color •hade*. A jaokot for «11 weather with Mpper front and snug fitting bottom. Wind and water proof—Teal or Tan colon, *£••* SH|HM SvMten Fancy or plain weave* ia either crew or victory neck atylot. Blue*. Una or rust shade* OTHEBft I1J» U SiJI E&W Clothing House 17 IAST THIRD STKJIT OTHIRS JZ2.JO TO $40.00 The Dobbs Overcoat Hat These new brush' t and silk finish hats are ideal for overcoat wear, their hard finish keeps t h cm 1 i gh t in weight. New bluei, new browns. *5-°° and $$.50 OTHt* MATS, S2.M a«i SS.M E&W Clothing House 17 IAST THIRD STRUT

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