Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 25, 1888 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 25, 1888
Page 3
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THE EVENING GAZETTE: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1881 0 &•: o PQ Evening Gazette. TUB I newsstands. sfi Ojunrrm can bo had at all tlio Price TWO CUNTS. SATURDAY, FKB. 25. 1B08. WOCIETIKS ASI» AMU»R1WF.VT»» TO-SIWHT. Rock IMver Lodge No. 012. A. F. A. M. Work; flrat. BREVITIES. —Mra. Moses Dillon is better. —Chronological; Today is the anniversary of the battle of Trenton, in 1770. In the case of Jacobs vs. Jacobs, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the defendant. —The changes in weather have caused some appearance of sore throat here and there. —Court adjourned last night until next Monday. Judge Grinnell left for Chicago laat night. —Bead the outside of the EVENING GAZETTE. Au will find live local matter on all the pages. —The Lauer brewery at Clinton, Iowa, has been.attached for alleged vio lation of the prohibitory laws of the State. —Master Paul Gait gave a pleasant party to a number of his playmates at the residence of Mr. AV. W. Jlaskell yesterday. —The GAZETTE'S motto is to treat all political parties fairly, and to call no mau names. Its opinions will be presented without abuse. —The Mikado will be presented, we understand, by the Wednesday Club, on March 6, for the benefit of the Library Lecture Association. —There was a sociable at Mrs. W. C. Kier's last night, gS$*i by the Ladies Mite Society. As usual at these gatherings, there was general enjoyment. —As we go to press the weather is still threatening, and there is a strong wind from the north. Little whiffs of snow have, fallen through the day. —Jury cases are over at this terra of court. Court will resume its session at 4 o'clock Monday afternoon. Chancery cases will be called and the judge will make decisions. —It is not time to get information touching the matter so many enquire of us daily. Be assui ed that the G AZKTTE will promptly apprise its readers wheJL there is a'nything to tell. —As soon as may be, impetus will be given to the street railroad matter, and the next time it is taken uj< it will be prosecuted to successful issue. No question in the world about.that. —The gnow storm of last night was followed this "morning by cold winds from the we»t. The sudden change caused shivers to early pedestrians, but tho climbing sun moderated things considerably. • •, —The Magonic grand examiner for this district has been holding a.series of meetings of instruction at Morrison this week.. A number of members from lodges throughout the county attended, - —The case of the Wood Harvester Co. va. George Hoover "was decided, the jury yesterday bringing in a verdict of one dollar for the plaintiff. The suit was brought to recover 8127.00 alleged damages. —Quite a number of farmers have moved into Sterling in the past ten days, they coming in to give their children the benefit of instructions in our public schools, as well as to profit by the pleasant society of our lire city. —The tea given by Mrs. Jarvla Dins.- moor last night 'was described to us by one of the guests as a most charming affair? The dining room and the tables had" pink decorations beautifully arranged. The'time was spent in most agreeable conversation. —We invite an earnest and thoughtful reading of our leader upon Sterling, its present and its future; a somewhat lengthy article to be found elsewhere in these columns. It is written for outside circulation, yet it merits the sober thought of home people, every one of whom will be ready to endorse its utterances. ,;—We observe that our friend Hill still shoves the quill in the Spike office.. A lady editor will soon succeed him, and then the association will have ad- — Next week is "moving week" among tenants, and for their sake, their wives and their children's, we trust that pie ,sant will be the weather. —Sterling will compare in morals und law obedience favorabfy with any city in the land. Our justices of the peace have but few misdemeanor cases coming before them. If there nr« infractions they are done so silly •S3 to elude vigilance of most vigilant officials. —The committee on overflow land notifies us that practically all the parties owning overflow land and having riparian rights have been seen and r.ome to terms with except one, and they hope and expect soon to arrange matters with him. —Larmon G. Johnson was at the county seat this week. Larmon is a flgurerin Dakota "politics just now and working for its admission,—as one or two, we know not which. The blizzard did not freeze him, and he has added an ounce or two to his avoirdupois. —The pupils of Miss Lilly Kline's room made up a surprise party on last Thursday evening. They took provisions with them, and while there refreshments were served. The young folks had an excellent time and Miss KJiue was much gratified at this manifestation of good will on the part of the pupili. —Another tragedy comes from Pine Creek, as we glean it from a Lee county exchange: William Rowland a few days ago hung himself in his barn. He was temporarily insane from illness, was 27, married and father of one child. The death was a horrible one, being protracted by the rope being so long as to suffer his legs to touch the floor. —Rev. T. B. Stanley, on account of ill health, will leave Erie.March, and go upon his farm in Genesee, but will continue a pastor of the Erie church. He was for four years our correspondent nt Erie and to his kindness are we indebted for the news of that region through that time. The GAZETTE sincerely hopes that life upon the farm Will restore him to health and strength. —Music in churches grows in importance with the years. In the larger churches of the great cities, choirs are paid just ag are the clergymen and sextons, and none but skilled and experienced singers are ^mployed. It raiy bemadded thatIn iTo thing 'has ouT own city shown greater progress in the past ten years than In church choir singing, and in at least four of the churches,some of the members receive compensa ion for their singing or playing on the organ. *-The following adopted by the Mer- chonts Social and Protective Union of Davenport, last Wednesday: "We the undersigned members of the Merchants' Social and Protective Union, agree not to purchase any chance tickets in lottery or raflle schemes, nor to buy any tickets for balls or amusements at our places of business; nor to advertise oui business on programmes or entertainment bills of any|kind, and that we are in favor of limiting the advertising of our business to the daily and weekly newspapers and regularly published periodicals." —It is painful to be called upon- to chronicle the death of that most estimable lady, Mrs., W. C. Robinson, which sad event took place yesterday at Falrfield, Iowa. Mrs. Robinson resided here for many years, and was the wife of a citizen whose memory is yet fresh and dear to most of our people. Her malady wag a painful one, but she bore it with the patience and resignation of a sincere Christian woman. There- mains will be brought to Sterling, reaching here on the 1:40 train Monday afternoon, and will be taken at once to the Sterling cemetery, where her former pastor, Rev. N. H. G. Fife, will conduct the funeral exercises. -a-We take the following from the Milledgeville Free Press of yesterday: "Word was reaelved here last evening of a fatal accident which occurred In Elkhorn Grove, at 4 o'clock. John Karrow, a German aged about 85 years, was the victfm. He was hauling wood and had felled a tree, which - lodged in others close by ; and In trying to dislodge it, he was caught underneath the trunk of the falling tree and his body --No news along the railroads, j Trains running on time, and freights j as heavy as ever. Passenger trains,; east, as usual, light as ever on Saturday. All the parties Indicted by the last grand jury have been convicted and received sentences, except Fleming, who has moved for u new trial. \TMs will be disposed of next week. -_The OA/ETTE ruling machine, because of increased business therefor, now has power attachment; so that every machine in the Job and bindery departments is now run by gas power, —Traveling men were somewhat plentiful in town today. It is noticea- able that the number of these gentlemen Increases month by month. Increase of attracts more of them to our midst. —Presently, growth of population will necessitate, absolutely addjtional school room. The . Second Ward has already been compelled to add a large building to meet the demand. It is well to consider the central high school question Relieving tlie schools, each of its high school, might be the m'-st economical way of meeting this urgency, as it certainly would greatly improve our present system. Public/Mincing Clans. In the lodge room over Oliver's store Tuesday night. All invited * the new tf ad of N. Carpenter & See Co. Miss Jessie IJoustelle in her great dancing and singing specialties March 1st. Oii«««ilntlon. The tlrm of Haskell & Bush have dissolved partnership, and the business hereafter will be continued by both parties, separately. W. N. I. I. BUSH. Xotlen. The business controlled >^y Haskell & Hush, witb real estate dealers, "landlords, tenants, mon>»;y loaners and Insurance patrons, b^a been assumed by I. I. Bush. Office at the old place of business. i. i. BUSH. 9 PEOPLE'S COLUMN, ty We will Insert thrpe lines In this co- umn one time (or 10 cents, or for 40 cents a week. Kach additional line will be 6 cents a single Insertion, or 15 cents a week. FOB WALK H OUSE. No. 722, on east side n< near the north end. of Broadway, 11' F ARM of 160 acres, 4 miles south of Rock Fulls, gnod house, nearly new, containing 8 rooms, good out buildings, suitable for name. Will be sold nn eaiy terms. Ailrrcss by postil, box 309, H-erllng, Ills, or personally, W. W. I'ratt, Rock Falls. Jl» Sterling Boomlnfc. • Call on P. T. Vanllorne for plans and specifications for all kinds of buildings and cut of same. tf I WILL sell at auction on my farm In Uopk Ins township, Friday, March 2, the Nornmn Btal- llon, Hercules. Also, about 25 head of mare* and colts, shoats, cows, ike. W. It. Burdlck, K) A GOOD farm of 210 acres, four miles north of Lyndon. Terms «asy. Apply to J. F. Crlswell, Room 0, Academy of Music. tf New Addition to Kant Hock Falls. inn LOTS for aale lit a great reduction and JUvJ on easy terms, j These lota are 53 by 17» feet. Now Is the time to buy. > Apply to W, N. Haskell li Co , Exclusive AgenU. tl f\ OOD light bob-sled »nd a democrat wacon. V J Enquire at this olTlca tf A LE Brewery and fixtures for sale.' George K. Boners, Sterling, Ills. Address, tf FOK KK.\T. T7<OUK rooms. Corner of Bcoond street and Third avenue l>EVIDENCE of E.W. Edaon and the store JLV room under Farwell Hall. Apply to J. A. McHuno. . tt Lots tor Hale. I will offer for a few days my remaining 4 lots in Park Place at a bargain as 1 want to dispose of them. Call on GEO. W. CHAMBF.RLIN and learn terms and prices. C. GOSIIEUT. tf The "finest darkeys on earth" with the Trlxle Co. • ^ THE CHILD RECOVERED;—My little gfrl, aged sevenyeais.was afflicted with a severe cough and cold. She could not sleep but coughed almost incessantly. I was induced by a friend to try Cimmberlain's Cough Itemed; and waa astonished at the immediate relief it gave her and the cure it produced. I would not be without It irt the house for any price. 1 have tried many remedies for coughs and colds, but this is superior to anything I have over tried. Prof. J, M, MEIIAN, Capitol City Commercial College, Des Moines, Iowa Sold by fetrickler & Hoorse. tf .Despite the rough weather, the merchants have been busy fro-day. Mr. Edwin Haniferd who plays the part of "Bob" In Trlxle is the author and star of the popular play "Partners in Crime," which has been so successful in Boston, New i'ork and throughout the east. He met with an accident in Ohio which disabled him for many weeks, and on his recovery joined the Trlxie Company for the remainder of this season. —Lettuce and radishes at Bunn's. .-• Stolen. A new band cart: painted orange yellow on wheels and yellow and green box. Will pay rewaro. for arrest of thief; also for cart. 11 ' ' W. S. STOCKING. D ONT sleep out of doors when you oan get a comfortable house for Irom six to seven , of V. B. Hubbard. tf O FFI&SS 'or rent In Bell block, being deslr- anleTXnd finished In elegant shape. Apply to J. K.lhiijl«! Bon. tf CANTED, C OMPETENT girl for general housework. Apply at 607 West 4th street. M AN as agent.—A new article, sells everywhere, city or county; no experience need(me New York agent's first order, a car load . , au , New Jersey ancnt's, hiUt car: Ind. agent, half < ¥ nr, and so on. Rare chimce; permanent business; exclusive territory. Write the Monarch Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, . sat-tf 'CLIMAX COOKS m tUNGES. Home Leader COOKS AP RANGES CUTLER- Y, ded to its numbers something new in Whiteslde'B history—a managing editor of a local newspaper who la of the fair aex. —Eochelle haa Bxed a horse sale day, the flrat on March 15, and thereafter the third Thursday of each month. It does seem to us that'this most sensible and needful plan, could be carried out here and at once. DeKalb haa tried it successfully, and would not renounce it for much money. There is no outlay of money required like starting a factory or build- Ing a dam, and delay simply means postponement of a blessing. —One of the most patent things in the world IB that when men run around town slandering their neighbors and insisting that this and that one has] a grudge against them, that they are unworthy of notice. Men of respectabil- ty mind their own business, and have lelther time nor disposition for misrepresenting those among whom they live. They likewise know that ifIhey merit respect, they have It from all who are themselves respectable. Tomorrow Is the anniversary of the acquittal of General Daniel E. Blckles of the murder of Philip B. Key. No trial for murder ever occured in this country, not excepting that of Professor Webster, or the Anarchists, excited such widespread interest, particularly at the south where all sympathy with UeneraJi Sickles, who was ut that timoamemberof Congtew. The south however, got dlsguatad with him whea he returned to bi» wife, who WM the Uk« U.rribl» tragedy. crushed to a shapeless mass.' Karrow lived in Genesee township, and leaves a family. He was accompanied by » German who could not speak a word of English, and it was with the utmost difficulty that he made people understand the terrible accident that had taken place. Karrow lay where he fell several hours before the fact was known, and friends came for the body.' 1 —Ben Shaw quotes the GAZETTE prediction that there will be great activity here this Spring and thus comments: "About fly time, probably." We can and do forgive the sneer con- •talned In our esteemed brother's re- marfc.but his Ignorance of bugology, never. The Mea of so astute, so profoundly learned a scientist as our confrere [of the Telegraph, which flashes wisdom from its advertisements, even, and infinitely more from its sweat-laden editorial and local lucubrations, flashes which daily light up our own darkness and cause us to receive them with smiles of joy,—the Idea that 6ur brother, of all men, should be so ill acquainted with the habits, customs, practices, language and peregrinations of the fly, as to declare solemnly that It comes at such a season. The activity we speak of Uro. Shaw Is that of saw and hammer and chisel, and. spade and shovel and trowel and all the other accessories to the hum of Industry. When fly time shall really come, the inaecta will not enter here to stay, for they'll not find any of our people quiet long enough to enable them t^ alight upon their bodies; but will betake thsmselree U of yore, ot|t&e qui*t^«r«a»,p**oetul, acdiatsub- «d city of Dlxou. May all the homes visited by the GAZETTE this Saturday might be happy. A large stock of watches, clocks and silverware at Clark Glddlngs & Co's. Also they do flue fsatoh repairing, tf Don't forget that Keeney & Harrison have a few plans for houses and are agents f ofr Asbestos fire proof roofing and metal shingles. See samples, To Tomato «Jrower*. The undersigned Is now prepared to make contracts for coming season, and will be at Johnson & Mercer's xatore Wednesday, 20th inst . \ n . JAMES E. WEST. Try St. Patrick's Pills and compare their effect with any other Kind made. They contain the good properties of the older preparation in the market combined with the most valuable medicines discovered in modern times. • As a cathartic and liver pill, St; Patrick's are perfection. Sold by 'Strickler & Boorse. - ..' tf; Reserved seats for Trixie on sale Monday morning at J. P. Lawrie's. Don't neglect a cough and let it remain to irritate your lungs when a safe and speedy remedy can be had for 60 cents in-Dr. Biglow's Positive Cure. For sale by O. A. Oliver. HARDWARE &, STOVES, At my new store on Third street, opposite Jacob Elsle'a Merchant Taltorlii; establishment. Lewis D. Wynn. RICH AND RARE WERE The Gems Sh© Wore, CHOICE —OF- DEAL'S Buds. DEAL'S Havana Filled, DEAN'S Silver Ash. ' DETROIT Free Press. Al.Ii S-CKWTERS. Feranle At Fuller's Book Store, r>. J. Office la Boek Valla, ever the Pcmt Office. The backman, Buctsrtl. will take parties to and from Sterling to Dr. Pollock's cfflm tree of charge. $59.000 W?rtt ° r «t"li«f »>< tat Mil Fn purtj loU ii lintf Btyii \ 8 A 100 Lots in Sterling sold In IS Day*. — &3 §\A Few Bargains on Hanfl . H4 8 \ _ _ CEO. W. CHAHBERl.™. ^ g ACADEMY OF MUSIC. *" S> - * STERLING. ILL. BARGAINS IV ACRES, valns in Lot?, Bargaln»\ f!.. In HOUSOQ and Lota. \° p O/ tan Buliiap For Bill ul Bntl \ J 'The Present Prices will not be eontlnmd long lor a Boom 1s approaching. THE IT PLACE OF ALL, Gochran's. CHOICEST AND BEST HOME-MADE IMPORTEDTOBACCO All the Brands of CHEWING TOBACCO. THE POET MEANT Oar Stock IB too lance and mu»t be reduced at once. Warranty with each Instrument. i INDEPENDENT : GROCER. THE OF— $5 00 to 910.00 per Month. CUT 'BATES CONTINUKI>. CO., Cult Hoove Block. Ernbroicleries, "White Goods, GROCERY Is the moat Independent Grocery Honsa In Sterling. We make our prices and Mil GOODS SO LOW That prices astonish every one. All Roods •old at the lowest living prices; no over-charging. A child can (BUY GOODS At the BEE HIVE as low a» a grown penon Tnelargeot and finest stock to select from; every thing first-class. A large stock of Fine Out, Plug andBmoklng . , TOBA.CCO'S Bought before the recent advances. The BEE HIVE customers get the benefit of the low prloei before the advance. A large stock of Ollt Edge If you wish to go to the best place to buy goods, be sure to go to the place that keeps down expenses, and that does not try to be too stylish run ning up expenses so that goods must be marked up to keep up with them. The place here at Sterling where you will Und such a place is the Boston Store,—the dry goods emporium of the city, where is a full line of goods, always new, and always cheaper than the cheapest. You cannot And a better place to buy- in this whole section of wuntry. 11 Fay Your Taxei. The tax books for Sterling township are now open at the Sterling National Bank. A few days yet in which,to pay personal taxes. Will be at tb'e Bank evenings from 0:80 to 8:30 o'clock. WM, A. CONNKLLV, dwtt Tax Collector. ** Trimmings NEW mm m P^AMENTRIES, SATINS, A6 45 and BO Centa per Gallon. Bock Candy Drips, pure white, at 75 Ceata p*\r Gallon. EOCENE OIL Non explosive; the best oil sold In thli market, at as low price u Inferior oils are sold .eluewbere. Don't b« deceived and buy low test oils and ran . the rltk ol being burned up.. . Uemember you buy the GINGHAMS. MUSLINS, CORSETS, TABLE COVERS, HOSIER Y, GLOVES, Ourtain. Goods, Towels. ALL THF, UBIES USE THEM. ASN'Ol SCKMKSiT. TM1U ucdaraigued desires to announce hlrnseU 1 a candidate lor th« office ol AsMMor oJ Uia town at Jordan, subject to Uie apprural o< bee As my expenses are light, I oan and will sail cheaper than' can be bought elsewhere. J. LENDMAN. At the BEE HIVK. Snow Flake, Paragon, and Kansas Winter Wheat : all Boiler Patents and all Winter Wheat; makes better and whiter bread : keeps moist lojiger than Spring Wheat Flour. A genuine article In Pennsylvania Buckwheat Hour II Ten thousand pounds sold laat season; Blx thousand pounds sold so far this season. This flour has no equal In this market; Is made by the Utesl process; patent hulled ; no black specks. A One stock of, Canned CM& Qricd Fruits. California Fruits of all kinds! The Genuln* Down Ka»t MAPLE SUGAR! Too aftu sav« ten to iUteeu rants on ei'sur dai ttr» worth JOK buy U the BEUUIVS, R. L. TUB 9BK HITS

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