Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 27, 1959 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1959
Page 3
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"This dance it's your turn to lead!" Daniel Designates 4-H Week In Texas By proclamation, Governor Price|good citizenship are their most Daniel has designated the week of,significant goals. During the past Dulles Hopes To Resume His (ItPf) — Admin- wan ftttt ^related by any fmml- ne« c?lflfs-'but Was ft teheral slralefy ,<es<won. IStfatlon officials said Idday that ailing Secretary of State John Poster fculies Is taking a, greater part in foreign policy each day, and shows every Intention of fe-1 suniln.* his fvosl full-time If at All possible. j The secretary, under massive radiation treatment for candef, £ave dramatic evidence of this increased }iafttclp:atl6tt when he . ... summoned his top fttdes to Wai- BONN* Germany mPi)~-West- ter Redd Army Medical Center em diplomats predicted today the late Thursday for a, strategy con- Soviet union would sign a sepa- ference on Berlin. Officials said Dulles, who was found to have a recurrence of cancef when he underwent A hernia operation Feb. J3, began last Sunday to show strong: signs of Russia Extracted To Sign Treaty With Germany Mainly About People - f *• • * a Masonic Services For C. V. McCord . services for Charlie V. MfcCor-d at Softer, retired farmer, M-Sg t ft a f w. ft y L. will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday ShaiffiS, son of Mr. and Mrs. Al- in Wesley Methodist Church. Bor berl L. Shanks, Star Route 4, Pam- na. his wife, the former Miss Freda Davis of Christr.hureh, New Zealand, and their children arrived in Hawaii the latter part of ger, with Rev. O. A. MoBrayer, pastor of the church, assisted by Rev. O. M. Butler, pastor of Pampa. Methodist Church, officiating. Mr, McCord died in Wor•January, where he has been as- 1 ley Hospital at 8:45 Thursday signed duties a« maintenance chief at the Pacific Marine Force headquarter*, Camp H. M. Smith, nlffht. He was born June 12, 1887 in Frost and had resided in Pampa Oahti. T. M. Before entering the until nine years ago, when he mov sen-ice, Sgt. Shanks was gradual-'ed to Borger. ed from Borger High School. ; Masonic rites will be held at rate peace treaty next month with « P. Communist East Germany. The oft-threatened action would give the Communist regime authority — on paper, Spelling Club tonight at 7:30 In his home. 'get Cemetery Under the direction ,* _ y Carmlchael Funeral ' H Masons will meet at 2'<5 ii-iome. Masons win meet ai *.<io •p.m. Saturady at the Masonic Ffterf thicken Dinner....Satuf- home betorfe &oing to y^ {vinera j. at day noon and evening. .Strawberry , s urv jvors include his wife, Richard M. Nixon and with his brother, Allen VV. Dulles, director for the East German regime and to assert control over West-'Shortcake for desert. O & Z Dining Mary Elizabeth of Border; two Parnpa, Mrs. T. C. Kitches Jr. of Spearman; three sons all of Borger. Jerome, Joe and John: one sister. Mrs. Inez Chapman of That was the day he conferred; It also would be a major ad-j belle Ingham, Mrs. Anna L o u i s e at length With Vice President , vantage tri the Soviet campaign Rentfrow, Mrs. Billy Jo Forney, to Win recognition internationally all of Borgnr, will be guest artists for the Treble Clef's Spring Quest Tnilork, Calif.; six grandchildren of the Central Intelligence Agen-ito bring About formal negotiations i Night, program to be presented arw i five great-grandchildren, cy. They discussed Russian j between it and the West German (Tuesday evening at 7:45 p.m. in I threats to Berlin and Germany and Allied preparations. government leading to a confed-,Lovelt Memorial Library. eration of the two. Summoned by Dulles lo mcetl Walter Ulbrichl, Kast German |, with him in his hospital suite forj° e P ul y PI cm . ,' ^"1 an hour Thursday were Acting Party chief, told UFi Secretary of State Christian A.i vlew , "cenlly the Herter, Deputy Undersecretary would February 28-March 7 as 4-H week In Texas. The week will also be observed nationally by about 2, year, 4-H members have c o m* Robert Murphy. Assistant Sece- tary for European Affairs Livingston T. Merchant and Joseph N. Greene, Dulles' personal assistant. „ °" ' in the controlling congress of such] a confederation although K a s t Germany's population is only one- >f West Germany. Km* sal* by owner: inv «fjulfy jn new 3 bedn ^ m homc . MO 4 . B125 > Mi " Marcl * *'" r '*°''. 'lauRl.Icr of Mr. *nd Mrs. I, A. Morrison, j is a member of Tarleton State Col- Schoiarship Society for the spring semester, it has been an- Livestock Show Begins Saturday Livestock began arriving at Recreation Park today for the fifth by Registrar Stuart Chi!- annua | Gray County Junior Live- To qualify for membership in slock Show, sponsored by the Pam- pleted over 3,831,000 "learn by do- 1 They said the Dulles conference Ing" projects in farming, home- -201,600 youth between 10 and 21; making, community and other ac- CWC Case Tried years of age, who belong to nearly', tivities in their rural, urban and J VT ^ v*"** "«« 90,700 local 4-H Clubs throughout suburban localities where they the United States. ilive. In Gray County 161 4-H Roy Stanton of Pampa was fined $1 plus costs In Gray County and theJr Eaal the Societ - v - a sludcnt must post pa Noon Lions Club. Twenty-nine German satellite always have' 8 • & r » de P° int ratio of 2 - 5 or more ' ,calve B and 48 plRS have been en- warned they would conclude a ; Miss Morrison is a freshman in i lered by <-H club and FFA Chap- •* .._ ' «1o tn on t a T'tr urtn/i'i l irtt-i o t Ta riotrtn . .t_._ * *-» —- «— J separate peace treaty if the Western powers did not participate. Signing of a separate Soviet- East German peace treaty would. In the eyes of the Communists. girls,) About 281,000 serve the conn-j Court Thursday for Swindling With' make East Germany's borders elementary education at Tarleton ler mem beis from Pampa and j McLean. Judging will start at 2 p.m. Sal- State. UtimnuKte sale 628 S. Cu.vlnr Frl- and 180 4-H boys representing theory's 4-H Clubs as volunteer lead-! a Worthless Check. day & Saturday. Special bargains ,urday with Dale Hoover of Perry- at Thrift. Shop.* item as judge, Dr. N. C. Nicholl, Pvl. Olen ?. Ktmkel .Ir., son chairman of the Lions Agricultur- 16 Grfiy County 4-H Clubs under ( ers _. attending club meetings, vis- the leadership of Cecil R e g i e r,; iting 4-H'ers to sea how their ass't county Agricultural a g e n t, i projects are advancing, and offer- 'and Alb Kuehler, ass't county, ing suggestions where needed. In Stanton pled guilty lo the charge and, in addition to his fine, was ordered to.make restitution of the $4.75 check to the Highway Pack- |the official borders of Germany. O f Mr. and Mrs. Glen S. Kunkeljal Committee, serves as supenn- This would strengthen the Com-! o f McLean is serving with the istjtenclent of the show. He is assisted and Alby Kuehler, ass't county, ing suggestions home demonstration agent, w 1 1 1 addition 101,000 older club si gtore observe National 4-H week on a and girls assist as junior leaders.' --- 1 local basis. jThe 4-H members and leaders all Members of this organization for ; work under the Federal Extension rural youth carry on widely varied Service which gives national lead- projects In farming, homemaktng, i eruhip, and the State extension community service, and other ac- service which gives state leader- tlvitlcs. They raise livestock and ship to the program. ( poultry, grow gardens and field Emphasis this year will be. crops, conserve the soil, sew, cook, placed upon salutes to 4-H alumni 1 preserve food, and improve their, for their accomplishments in var-j homes in rural or non-rural areas. | ious professions and other occupa- RICHARD V ROPER In keeping with their motto, they,Uons where they have exemplified * strive "to make the best better." the high ideals of 4-H. Mora than For a well-rounded life, they enjoy 1,000,000 Texas young people have play and recreation as well as 'been 4-H members during the past munists "legal" position in event the Western military ignores Eaal German control officers on highways leading to West Berlin. Battalion of the 1sl Marine Regi-jby members of the committee. m?nt at Camp Pendleton, Calif. Jupiter Rocket Firing is Success will meet at the Mason-1 WITHDRAW SAVINGS ,lc Home at 2:45 Saturday before! VALLETTA, Malta (UPT.-Mal j going to Borger for the Charles, tese deposilors have withdrawn; V. McCord funeral. j savings from a government bank Mr. and MM. W. 4. «»<-n and! in a new dis P Iav of P awive re ' sistance against Britain, a 'bank; official disclosed today. children, Jim, June and Mickey, Pampa,. were called to Palestine, Tex", today by the death of Mr. Green's father. J. D. Green, 81. Burial will be in Botota, Tex. I prwjs In , ernatlonB , Fla (UPO . l % r £ fan -The Army successfull rued an interesting worthwhile work Character development |50 years. Today. 4-H alumni are, other workhorse Jupuer on " Wheat Gets Bigger WASHINGTON (UPl) — The Agriculture Department today estimated the wheat carryover on July 1 will rise to a record l,285,000,000 bushels, and will shoot up another 200 million bushels next year. The department's publication, "The Wheat Situation," accounted Bank, for the carryover increase by July 1, 1960, by assuming a 1959-60 crop of 1,210,000,000 bushels, imports of •about 8,000,000 bushels, and domestic and foreign consumption of j 1,025,000,000 bushels. t The department said wheat and wheat flour exports this year are running heavier than expected earlier. The total for 1058-59 is expected to reach 450 million | on bushels, about 48 million bushels above la»t year but far short of th« 1956-57 record of 550 million bushels. The us* of wheat for food and feed la increasing this year, the department said. It estimated total domestic consumption at 619 million bushels compared with 587,500,000 bushels last year. Per capita consumption of wheat in 1958, after declining every year since 1946, was unchanged from a year earlier at 167 pounds. This ti only a little more than i\alf the 315 pounds consumed a half century ago. In 1945, the wheat consumption p«r person wa* 330 pounds. a n <1< leader.-* in, industry, the j 1 '" 1 "" 16 „ i lirAfeMftions «nd government, and j Hr« amon« Ihe strongest support- "* u/ " 10 °" ^Service sponwed Check-UpMeeting Set For Concerts (liflil early louay and it.« attention lo the Icet il lia.s HMemhled 150 yards sway. The .lupilf!•'<< flight tit loss IhMii its full 1.700-mltp ranc'p. sol tin- stags for blastoff of the Army's second space probe, expected some time this weekend. The Jupiter will again be used as the Army moon rocket booster. Today's Jupiter test wan the Workers in the 1959-1980 Com-'first in which Air Force troops inunity Concert drive, will attend have participated. About 10 Air a check-up meeting Saturday, ac-jForce rocketeers, trained by the cording to Mrs. Jack Fostor Army at its Huntsville, Ala., mis- the first stage Jupiter burned ollt GrOSS Fl'fC oo soon. Pampa-'firemen Thursday extin- As a result, Pioneer III traveled guished a grass fire in a. Hill less than one third of the way to'Strect alley. Read The New* Classified Ads. lh« uio.iti before falling Uirl. aiul , Tli burning in Hie e.nlh -i Hlnio.s|»lit'i <:. p.111. \va.» If (liii Ic-d at I : H INCOME TAX SERVICE In Vour Home or Mine BOB RATLIFF MO 1 •S105 membership chairman. The meet- sile center, helped launch the 50- Ing will start at 2 p.m. in t h e' ton weapon at 12:49 a.m. e.s.t. basement of the First National! The Defense Department said I two hours later that the flight was Mrs. Foster advised workers to successful. A spokesman said the bring money and memberships to "firing was a test of the Chrysler- the meeting. Campaign headquarters, made Jupiter's nose cone, war- In the,head, engine, and fusing system. Southwestern Public Service Com-j The new moon rocket, a four- stage vehicle with a 13-pound payload mounted atop it, will follow the trail through space blazed by Russia's Lunik if everything works pany, will open Monday for the big push in the membership campaign. Bob Stafford, Concert represent- From— HAZLEWOOD'S Farm Dairy Pwrt . Whole MILK 'Nothing Removed 1 i'*, Fwr's, How & Gee, Ideal 1* Milter's Fao4 Store Baton's Gr^ry Country ative from New York City, will be properly. The 3,200-pound Lunik, for the completion of the according to the Russians, skimmed past the moon nnd went j into orbit around the sun. The Army's first moon rocket, fired last Dec. 6, failed to attain the 25,1*00 miles an hour speed needed to boost the. Pioneer III pay load past the moon because TRY A CLASSIFIED AD? now ZJilE'S otters tremendous $aving$ on this handjf 7 PIECE CHROMED KITCHEN TOOL SET NOW ONLY LOOK AT ALL YOl/CfT! COMPARE WITH i SITS TO $9.9S Hurry to Zale's for the greatest kitchen tool value you've ever seen. Top-quaUty heavy weight with sure- grip handles in cool ebony plastic. Z ALE'S THE WORLD'S GREATEST DOLLAR VALUE IN DIAMONDS _ NEVER BIFORE A PRICE SO IOW ON */4 CARAT OF Fl I4« nxiii ill tuiow ooio JBrldal Pair in 'lavtly eriglnalj i Zoli dttlgn. $79.501 chanting Bridal I Palrwlth»n-| twintd d*»ign. &79.50I Fiery double row j of diamonds in) I her thrilling Wed- I ding Ring, $79.50| J^^^W? IOW PRICE! if' JqHOKE w I N.w Bridal Dual — matchtd ringi.j I lor him, $40.00 1 l.r h.r. $39.50 $79.50 $]50 WKKU, NEW LOW PRICE Zale's buys rough diamonds direct from the mine owners and imports them direct to eliminate middleman costs. And...for more big savings ... Zale's grades and cuts the diamonds themselves, mounts them in thrilling settings of their own design! 1 /4 CARAT »«r him In] iimarl 14K Flerto-| I lint finiih jold $79.501 [|riU«inl nfw Din- Original $79.501 •DIAMOND WATCH UK I «bl<i . 10 I with l Or «» n with I diamoidt l»lal-| Hog e lull '/ 4 79.501 ,,«/•' MOVfMENT NO MONEY DOWN! VM^MV w w VHW^MplP * 4 fliooe Orders Promptly fi Slsl fttE PAMPA »A1L¥ NEWS Vest FRIDAY, FfiMUAH? Sf?, 1S5§ Pampa Daily News Classifiei Ads Get Results! 21? tf. Cuyler MO 4<32Si SATURDAY SPECIALS ROSE BUSHES Reg. $1.19 Final Close Out 2 Yr. 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