The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 26, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 26, 1859
Page 4
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• < -t J. BY REPORTED FOB THE «M*On|M» amonht brooght and lent IndBrlng fbjt has been AFTfiRNOON REPORT. SaHlnsj.r sMoutcn. ;?• - Mtw Xoix, Jane 35, The steamship Futon sailed this mottling for Southampton and Htrrff, with 180 paneagera ted • njUHon dollars in specie. The steamer City, of Maaohwrtar alio galled for Liverpool, wlthl'-lio: pMsengerii iaA $75,000 in specie. v " ' " " •*-• •«• Bfattenu ; f-f ';?-;WA8itllfiOTbBI, The Constltntlon this morning revieara Judge Donglag' letter at length, aid regarda it =B?a deolaratlon of big purpose to oppose the nominee of tbe Charleston -Convention. The U. a Burvewg in Utah, Laving twoyeara ago been.interrnpted by the Mormon difficnl- tiea, they are to be immediately resumed by the. Surveyor General, H.Stelbagh. The lands already gnrrey«d amount to two million' acres. Francis MitoheU, the porter on board of the Bteamer Madison,"was arrested: at ChaHeUcnt on Wednesday.jnst before the departure of the vessel for New Fork. He had attempted to abduct a slave, who was found hidden away in MitchfiH'ji room. : v }/' ; LAST EVKN1N«3'S KEPOKT. QITBBIC, Jane 25, 6 30 p m. • As yet no signs of the steamer Nova Sootia now in her llth day oat, dae with four days' later advices from Liverpool. The telegraph line has since been interrupted and offloes have been closed for the night. ta*eniu.Jh«j«t|»r»tl<m. In degree of palm Jure bee i toe market ha r keen quit* acUre,' and large quantities of exeeflen wool, clean and light, hare been so!d*t prise* wgtoj from 85 to «. In New Torka'lirge' amount of foreigi wool Ins been pressing an th* market at a decline which his had the eff«et : io depress the market for domestic flesce, ., ,-, ,The following sj* the ssJes occurlng In. oar market ' .., ..,. ---« • 5: MbjceiT-«ot much eo«ntoflii.>r)o««-ratifs from S8 ' "' ' " ' ''' ;T«ry Uttle arriving. A few) sales at 22^8?.' '.'/.; .; " " ^ ' \". ' Wsmrenii.— more- active. Becetpts *,MO Ib*. • Bales-'- .— more coming Jn^ndroarirt more aettre; 1 rang* Sf@85c. Receipts by Railroad «,6flS Ibs ; saltaj SSOlbsoommon to X Wood at 80; 110 do X blood at ZF, 400 Ibs X blood : at SSi>l,100 Ibl X blood at W; S« Ibs Jf-lo; X blood at STSfrSi; tolal sale* 2.4SO Ibs' ' FAIDAT.— trade more aotlTe>nd a shade better. ' Bales overS.OOO Ibs common to full blood at Sp4}83. : Wbole*ale market. Itssja, JnneSi. an3a foil load of passrogsrs. The irealhw was fair,— I ftPFVI nil niineto tnMtba attaavn lady figta and ths prtprt- w * • lerXnnaity'swm* eight or ten miles below Datoar, 6n WednesJay, bounilnp. ' Ths propellers Mineral Eoek and Montgomery also arrived on tbr ssm« day with cargoes of copper and Iron ore. ftriAJiu roa «s tfv EMM Brrai.—* Httt-e steaiasr SO feet long by 10 feet beam ud 8 feet-depth has been bant at Olevelaad to ran on the Sbels NKW YOKE, Jnn»25. The iteamer Glasgow from Glasgow the llth inst., arrived here this p. tn. Adrleei anticipated. TJemocratlc Convention. BURLINGTON, June 26. The Democratic State Convention at Des moinea on the 23d. nominated for Governor, A_ C. Dodge, for Lieut. Governor, L. W. Babii; for Judges Supreme Court, L. 8. Wilson, Chug. Mason, C. C. Co\e. Great Cricket Match. NEW YOEK, June 25. The St. George's Cricket Club have taken the responsibility of raising the necessary funds, §7000, U> pay the expenses of the All England Eleven Club to this country, aod back home. The latter are expected here in September. The match between them and 22 American players will come off at Hoboken. Match es are to take place in Montreal and Philadelphia. The preliminaries have l>een arranged for the prize fight in Canada, Oct. 1st, between A, Kelly,-of N. V"., and Edward Bice, of Boston, for ?10,000 a side. FRXIGHM—»nchanged and rsry little doing, nbnr to New Tork 20c; .Wheat to Buffalo iie; Wheat to Oswego 7o. Np shipments to-day. ' . .-.."",:!' ' .PtOUB-lower. Becelpts'404 bbls. Bales 100 bbls mixed brands Spring Kxtra f. o. b., al «,00.- '. RTK nOCK—steady at 6^5—HtUe In the rasrtet. WHEAT-40 lower, s^ecept* *^88I bus. Bales 300 btu Ho. Sat 88; 1,000 bos No. 1 at IjOO; J85 bas Extra Bo. 1 1,1U; 8^00Iras Sol at(8; total sales s^SlSbBS Ejtra Olnb Milling 1,1»; Bed Winter 1.10(^1.20; WWte Winter 1,16X^1,80. Market doled downward. HTK—scarce and steady j»t 100. OAT*—dnll and lower. Becetpts »,779 bits. Bales 250 bos at 87*. CORN—dull and drooping*; «8(^JO. E»eeipts 151 «ush. ! CORN 51KAL—lower; bolted ifa; utb-ilted l 0&. WOOL—Bales 600 Ibs )( to X blood at JW; 84 Ibi foil biro* MSf; 800 Ibs X blood at 89; 209 Ibs X to Jo 80, TOO Ibs X to X do 8-aaSS; Z* !bs K to X do K; U Ibs X do 88; 140 Ibs fait blood at ^8*; l,lolbs good X do 87 Xi total sales 2,220 Ibs. WHISKEY—firm al 28(320. BEAN-—lower; common 60^1 R. Biles 45 bus at SOc- 15 bns at 76. HIDES—better, 0-recB IlftTX; Oreen .alted SfeSX; Qry 18I&16; Dry Hint 15^11. PROVISIONS—shade lower; Beef ness (101^12; Pork, prime mess, tit; Pork, mess, 118(g.lg,K»; Lard catted the Bel. Beymour. She passsd Detroit on Thursday on her wsy up. • ;; - - ' THSlaisBAgnirisB—Thrs. wor^', says tbe Jfopruf, is bat pvUally completed, and In a precarious condition. The State should provide ihe means of complei- Ing it. We are si rored that t lie eltl«ens of Buffalo wDl famish »10,000, |f the State o 111 furnish a similar rum, and that amount will enable the contractors to complete the work.. IT Qapt. Ward's Steamers between Buffalo and Cleveland are havtnggood stnoess. He Mends to pat the Torrester Into the line shortly. PATENT MEDICINES. BUSINESS CARDS. 0*0. 1 cor Kit. 'II msyti LAVVYEUS. . Osu> svJniiiss. 8 He- JcnkiiisJ NA&SAtl ST.. NEW CHANDLER & HICKCOX, Attorneys &Ounaellora at i J1ILWAOKKB. tnm d*t,xnLtm, [sprlfij JASI MEDICAL. » tag t. Moare, vblch, for a fe» monthi past, •bss been lying at tbs dock at Windsor, nas been pumped oat and raised. 4*0? off.—The seb*ooner Ouuvay has bees got off, and arrived at Detroit on the morning of the 18d, In tow of the Elliott. * BY TELEtiRAPH. COMMERCIA1.. OKO. OODPRET, EDITOR 18; Shoulders, smoked, 8©8J<; Bams 11® tl X; Dried Beefll@lSX; Tallow lie. POTtTXWS— lower. > eceip-s SSI bai. Sale* 359 bns common 92; !>0 buiKestianoeki 1,05; 80 bos Nnbanoeki 1,10. BUTTKft — Demand and supply fair; flrkbi fresh roll 13(^16. Receipts 4,898 Ins. EGOS— In goo-l request, tales by the bbls at 14. OOFF«-ES-8t. Domingo 11XQ12; Lagnlre \fiiv Nrw Tom, Jane 24. .""" <» lrk 't dull, hewy and l«c lower; sale, S.400 bbU at 6,70<a«,00 for nperHne state 6,10® «.*» lor extra state; *,IBa«.0«> for >apertn westera-, •.'806*7 for common to gonU extra weslern; 6,4u " eop WHKAT-heaTy and lower, sales 1,683 basal 1,80 tor white Ky. and new amber Oa ; 1,40 for Inferior red white southern. KM— lower and dull; salsa 800 bos at 91. BARL3f— dull and nominal. CORN— firm; ssles 16,000 bus at S.j^US for mixed western; 84 for tor western y«ll,,w; 8& for white borth- e<n. OAT8-l»wer ard duH at44@4« for state; 47®48 for BUFFALO llAEKFT.. BorrAM), JaneB5. FLOOR— dull aud tendlnf downward, sales 700 Mils at 3,60<a6,8rX fur B.ate fnfm BprlngWnei^ lit* ^do fromc'ub; 6£t)f®6.75 fqr good 10 chnlce extra vest- era; 637X1*7.12^ for estra, Indiana and Ohio, and 7,n<%7,T6 for double extra. U'HRAT — tn better demand towards fee close; sales 94,000 bns red Michigan, red Ohio while do, aod white Wab'ah, all private, bit known 'u be within the range cac^s, . i. a. ; CROSS 4 l*AHBlSn, j ! CODN8ELLORS A 1 ? ilJAW. KID. IO, Albaiiw Ilnlldingy a ( .l . . .'. • : PtiCK.II.ani ic. ATTOB^EYS & COON8ELLOB8 AT jl|Aw. Araadt BttUUng, ITS Zatt WaUr »i. t UUvxuAce*. 0. W. P«CMiM, formerly I > | PaouLtUB J| CotT^Albany, J. Fsi»ca BUwDBOon. New York. .; \ '.'•.. W. BLOOOOOOB is D. g. Court Oonmlulonei! andi Oom- miMioner for several statei. navlS-(16m HA1 MKlt di BTAKK, • itiorneys & Conusellor* at jlaw. tS?~ Olfiee, No. a, Mitchell's New Uank Dailding.eor- ler of Michigan and East Water streets, Milwaukee jan2ft i i " aiLBIST I.. FJ.R« ............ .......... I. W. VMS MTISS JMHIk A V \\ 1IVKKN, Attorney* and Coun»ellorg at taw. STBVKXS roiXT, . . . WISCONSIN, '•'. W10 practice in the various Courts of the i<rrentH cial Circuit of tviiconsln, and will faithfully »it ud to tM botlnesj Intrusted to ol, remittance prouptlj mi<^. I sod Warrants located tn tcloi-ieJ l«trH Im those »ta>>ll3taace. uuxrnn, Bankers, Btcvens Polau 1. R. gHis>ers», Ksq., Milwaukee. : LlTTICLL Jk lllCXB, .Mi)w%uki;p. fiilBHiS t ItOOTB, " : MATTOOM <c Riuos, Qon. J .CATOI, Ottawa, III. COEN— firmer, no sales, Oat»— steidj; sales 3,000 bu»h western at 42. BVRLKT— dull. RTK— flnn at I,00®1,06. WHISKBY— «al c s 1,15 bbls at 23. Maracabo 14><@16; Rio 12®14; Java 16318; Mocha K E K V K K V I I W OFFICE OF THE DAILY NgWR, , Milwaukee, Jcnt 25,1869. ( AlOKaTABV.—The money market during the week hss been very steady. Currency has been In moderate supply and the demand has been light. Exchange has been steady at 11 per cent, without any Indications of a reduction at present. Exchange has been up to 2>f per cent, all week in Chicago, but If any ohange takes place h»re, it will be to abate the rates somewhat. Gold Is steady at 2 per cent. Freights The shipping business has been light dur- lup th<- \rett, very little flour or wheat has goneont' and the rates «.re unchanged. The rates have been, on . flour to New Turk by st-am aad rail 60c, to Buffalo 16c; wheat to Buffalo 4c; wheat to Oswego 7c; flour throngh to Boslott liy N^.l.-rn Transportation Line 65c per bbl. The Blapmrnu- 01 tl ,-•• .luring tbe week have been bui 4,611 bus; of ih<;a( J . 117 hus have gone forward. The fade In lumber h»- u en rather dull during the week, (r'tti receipts \ty lake as follows : Lumber, M 1,405 Picket, . 6400 Bhlnplrs, M 861 Cedar Posts jfco Timber, M 108 B . R. ties 9 5oO Lath, M. ... 191 " ' In addittou to the above the LaOroste B. R^, bronght IB *om«i 43,238 feet of lumber, besl '.•« K few shingles.— We note the sales of the tailoring cargoes : Schooner Pauline T.', M at 6,50, schooner Barber 55 M at 6,60-, schooner John Weeden 280 M anl schooner Shanghai 140 M. both OD private terms; an assorted cargo of 60 M from the Bosr boatman was also disposed of at 1 7t. Th« retail sales have been light, the prices are unchanged and firm at last week's quotations. Breadstuff) and Produce. The market for flour has been very dull all through the w«ek, and prices have had a uniform downward ( endency. The sales have been few and light, holders being very loth to submit to a decline, and buyers refusing, pretty steadily do anything at the figures asked <%! the close wi note a sale of 100 bbls mixed brands of country «|>rinp extra at 6,00 f. o. b., which may Indicate how the market stands. The tendency Is still do»-oirard. The receipts for the weei have been 1,278 busjand the shipments 4,611 bbls. Wheat has moved off at a moderate rate, but at a constantly acclleratlng decline of from one to two cento a day at the opening, to four cent* on Saturday, when No. 1 was s ilil at OSc, but before the close, wan nf fered ir, \uln at those figures. Other qualities declined correspondingly. Tbe receipts during tbe week were 2&,024 but. shipment*K,117 bus. Tbe following are the dally transactions In flour and trheat : HOKDAT, Jane 20. FLODB—dull and drooping. Receipts 2BO bbls; shipments 2,678 bills. Hales 100 bbls 1'ho.nli Mills at 6,25. WHEAT—dull and market tending down. Receipts S,»50 bus; shipments 11,714 bns. gales 1,500 bns N<-. 1 I. o b., etl,12)i; 300 do extra at 1,30; 250 do do 1,31 25 do red winter at 1,88; 10 do white winter at 1,60; 2 d'. do 1,65. Total Bales 2,170 bus. TUESDAY, June 21. PLOUK—inactive, end tendency downward. Receipts GI> bbls. No shipments nor sales. BTE FLODB—steady at 6.25®6,60. WHEAT—doll and lower. Receipts 1,9U bus. ghlp- menu,,none. Sales 970 bus No. 1 at 1.05; 300 but do at 1,06, to be delivered on B&tnrday; 126 bus No. S at LXXK 85 b» extra No. 1 at 1,59; 90 bus extra at 1,88- Total 1,470 bus. WsDSkSEiT, Jnne 22. FLODB—very dull al a decline. Spring exl ra 6,76^ 6,00. Receipts 215 bblr ; shipments |B18 bbls ; sales 100 Bock Lake at 600. RTE FLOUR—steady at «,2S. WHEAT—dull and declining, Receipts 3,192 bus ; no shipments. Bales 8TJ5 bus No. 1 at 1,00 ; 100 bns good Nn. 2 at 1,00; 475 bus choice extra af 1,25 ; 80 bus extra at 1,22ft; total 1,030 bns. Offering freely at the close for 1,05 without buyers. TSTOBEBiT, June 22. FLOOR—market very dull and drooping. Receipts 191 bMB, shipments 111 bbls. Bales 71 bbls spring extra at 6,12ft. W1TCAT—2c lower and mill declining. Receipts 6,805 bin; shipments 6,000 bns. Sales 2,000 bus No. 1 at 1,05; 279 do extra (last night) at 1,30; 600 do No. 1 at 1,04; 300 do extra at 1,25; 800 do do 1,S«V, 400 do No. S at M. Total sales 3.874 bns. TBA8—Young Hysan SOiftTB; Black Wong 32@S5; Gunpowder45<a*5-. Imperial 45&60. FISH—White Pish hf bbls 4,0004,80; Dry Cod owl «,- TuQ.o,T5; Mackerel, Urge bbl, 53,00; Msckarel No. 1II ©18. SALT—common One $ bbl 1,80; ground solar »,00; coars* 2,00; ground dairy *3 package 2,7»^S,OC. MOLA88E3—Miucavado 37>.@4A; Plantation «7<a 60; Sugar Bouse 80&K; Common Byrup 40 , Golden Syrup tSQ,fi&. SCO A 88—common to fslr 6#@T>$; good to prime 8 0«1[; Loaf, doubled refined, 12; Crusted, double re- flned 11; Crushed do C lO**; Powdered do II; Powdered do C 10J& refined whlbi 0 »H; do do 00 »; do yellow A 6Jt; do do B 8ft; Maple brown 10&18. • LUMBER—Common boar -is 110,00; joists and scantling, under 20 feet 110,00; do 20 to 22 few f 12,00; do 24 feet »I5; common siding »IO; 2d clear do »18; clear Biding U6; common flooring dressed $16; id flooring dressed $18; clear floorln dressed $23; undressed $80; clear boards tSO; 2d boards 22; 8d tdo 118; clear IK IX, and 2 loch plank $85; do $25^30; 8d do $20 pickets $10; lath $8®«X; warranted shingles 2,76® 800; No 1 do 2,60^2,75. LEATHER—Sole Spanish SO; Oak Slaughter 85; Oak Crop 34a35; Harnts, 38; Bridle 87®38; French Oslf 1,00(3.1,16; French Kip »0@1,00. FBD1T-Apples f bb] 8,OO®,,00, Dried Applies-* tt 10&11 ; Champagne Cider f) g^ji o^,.. QurranU, Zante $ ft 10(ai2X; Citron, Le horn JS®29; Orsn- berrtes $ bu -; Dates $ tt SffllOc; Lemons fj box t£0®5,00; Oranges 9 box 6fS>®tfO; Peaches, dried unpared f» tt 10iai«c; do pared 20ia25c;, keg, $ ft lOiaiSc, Raisins, cluster, H B 8,25; Jo layer 3,78. Railroad natter*. UECZIPTB BI Mu_ A BAAABOO VAIAIT BAILSOAC. For the week.-86 bbls flour, 2,Sol bns wheat; 4.2SW do oats; 188 do potatoes; 4,510 Ibs hides; 4,773 do butter; 6 b It egti; 1 car cattle; 60 Ibs poultry; 5^40 do rags; Io,fi82do sundries; 1,192 do wool. Bscnm BT LA Oaoaas A MILWAOAKM RAIUOAD.— 409 bus wheat; 480 do oats; 28 do potatoes; 3M bbls flour; 120 sacks do; 139 do glrseng; »,427 Ibs ginseng; IS cords wood; 5,S5tn lumber, 2,428 Ibs hldet; 17,288 do snodrie . Bean ra BT Mn.waDT.xs A Mmansim BAILBOAA. (SO bbls flour; 2,117 bns wheat; 164 do corn; 147 do potatoes; 280 Ibs nldes; 220 do butter, 9 bbls eggs; 2 dressed hogs; 10 tons stone; 1,120 Ibi rangs; 18,«10 do sundries; 6,706 do wool. THS NuQiBA Agn Dnsorr Emus RAILWAY.—The Detroit Fret free says that ths Directors of this Ban- way Company on Thursday, closed a contract for the constructs of the road, with James Morton, of Kingston, who will proceed at onee to the work. He has also .promised to remove his locomotive works lo Windsor K M H i. () Y M K N T . *6O n Month and all Kipenscn Paid. A N AOENT Is wanted In every town and county In the United State* to engage In a respectable and letsy business, by which the above profits may be certainly realized. For further part calm, addrc-s Ds. J. •5 "*^T Wi asna, corner 12th Street and Broadway, Aew York City, enclosing one Postage Stamp. jell-dA-w-8m ' I. i. n'oaiTo .......................... ,. , tM1 WALL PAPER J. J. TlciJKAful & CO., 21 \V1.-.COI\SII\ STB.EET nrosraa, waoi.aui.s uin anAO. naxuas rs Paper Hanging*, Window Shade*, &c. Competent workmen sent l,. all parts of the City and Country for Decorating and Paper Hanging In all its branches , all work warrante :. febSS JNO. A. 8AVAOK, J u.; Atcornev aiid Counsellor at. Law NOS. 8 t 10, PHOK.MX BUILDIN ) V1ILWAUKEK, WISCONSIN Is Ournmisitunrr for f>. V., l*, Ohio, larllad*, 111 aod Iowa. United Sta£t*» antf <)ircvit Court <\.mmiiii}i<«nr, Jeo ^ ' J. V. V~PLAT'sTO, Attorney Si Counsellor at La w. B»~ Office in ililcUU's Bank BiillJIng, r<o. 8, Mll- wsuttr, tt'lscoiisin. jtnlT iKor.i,)^ & Counsellors at La it. EflT Ojfor, .V<.j. 3 {• 4, A/lnny Builiiiny eiri,, ^/IcAty. ;l £ JJuirt O3.'vcji. Opposite the Newhall tloue... Ullwankee Wit. n. a. uuo&»a §, sr ASQXSIUBBXI (.HEAT K\< ITKtIEiM ! Tbe best assortment of the finest WsitciacB, SUror Hare, Jewelry and FANCY OOODS Ever brought to Milwaukee Just th* thing for Boll day presents. Just received Terr cheap for cash MATRON * LOOMIS, derle Ml Ewt Watn street, Milwaukee. Wit. „ Mll.WAUKKK BA2AAK.- C, OELORME&OUENTtN 159 Soft Wai, ' Otrtet, NKXT DOOB TO MES8R> BRADFORD BRO'8, IWroKTXKB ASTZ OSU LSOC a •»nc> Uuods, Toys, Willow fc are and Yankee Notion i Also, Embroidery Goods and Zephyr Wonted. mySO JOBS OAST WALLACB PAaTT. OAKY d: Pit ATT, Attorneys sand t'oaniellor* at Law, Offlce In tonng*! Block, Corner Main and Wisconsin street, MILWAUKEE feo20-d3m WI8CODJ8IN IJI'IIA.TI A UKAHAIH, atio-neys at Law and Bollcitors In Chancery, No. 1 Wisconsin street, Milwaukee. Jan 1-1 MIBOKLLANKOUS. (/base & Bradley, JVAJHJKK AND KAO UKA 8 >8 WT£ST WAI Ell STREET,. MILWAUKEE, .[aprtf] WISCO'vHlS. a. WHJJAU..... w. B. aonwiT. DB. HOOFLAB1VS GERMAN BITTERS, ABO DR. HOOFIiAHD'S BAIi8A9DC COBDIAL,, The great standard medicines of tju prtttnt age, hate acquired their great popularity only through year* of trial. Unbounded satisfaction it rendered by them in all eases; and tht people hoot pronounced them worthy. Liter Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Debility of tbe Nerrous System, Diseases of the Kidneys, and all diseases arising from a disordered, liver or weakness of the ttomach and digestive organs, are speedily and permanently cured by the GERMAN BITTEBS. The Ralaamlo Cordial has acquirtd a reputation surpassing that of any rimilar preparation extant. It am cure, WITHOUT f AH., tht mott sever* and long-standing Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness, Bronchitis, In- fineon, Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient Consumption, and has performed the most astonishing cum •vef ATifim of Conflrmed Oonsrimptioa. A. fevs doses vnll alto at once check and cure tht most severe DlartilCBa pro from COLD n TH« BOSTILS. These medicines are prepared ly Dr C M JACKSOS & Co., ffo. 418 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pa., and art told by druggists ami dealers in medicines everywhere, at 76 cents per bottle. The signature o/C. M JACBISOS will be on the outsidt wrapper of each bottle. 1 Fn the Almanac published annually by tht proprittori, called ETKBTBODT'S ALMASAC, you will find testimony and commendatory notices from all parti of the country. Almanacs are given away by all our agent*. 0. H.lRM'*QTO\ jn.l B, EOSWORTli k i>O:.a _Agents for HooSand's Oen»an Bitter., Mii.aakee Tact, that man? *jrph:liiir j.^t.,-. <tr« ra»ile ints*r»h(,- with run. by tnal-treatment (fo n m^xp.-r -;ri phyaici%n» In general pr<tr,tir*; ffeDerxlty«detl by the (•*>*( *rv thcftmly «n<t auin.t,f(TfUDt of eOgr«>ss i tent »r.J •«.v*'fj«jfi,l i[ t DR. M'LANF s CELKBRA TH) VERMIFUGE LIVER PILLS. '.ill rhr rnc \\7~F. heg leave tion of' rhc I r.ij especially the Physic:, country, to r\-,u ut rhc lar remedies now he-fore VV'e refer to Df. Cha.s. IVlanf's IVIchrati-il V'ermilugc ami I.ucr I'i We Jo nor rrcii'Tim-"!! - kt -r universal L'ursr .ills, Ki;- -,-iT'."iv what their rume [. ,,; per" >, . • THK VKKMI1 ! i, I-: For cxpelliny \A,'.r-- • ... human sy sreni ! r ;-1, ,,..„ , - adminisrerej \*,--:. ••• ••-, -.• factory result, -,. , i- , . , \ - . subject ' HEOIC1L Discoray OF THE AGE. THK I For the air.- < ill BlUOl s HEAL.-AIH: FFVH preparitorv nine, thev il l speedy u\: ['I INVIG H 6R V ATOR! PREPARED BY DR. SANFORD Compound Entirely from KIMS, J, now before the pobllo. Thes* Gvm9 remove • fcll morbib br bad ro&tt^r 0^ from ihe »ntem, tupplj- im^ Ifif tn their place a -,,. hrtvlthy flow of bile. >n- ^j f1gor.ttlag the itomach, H canslnK food to veil, purifying t H t Mood. »-lv1n«- tone and health to lh< whole machinery, rtmovlnit tf.t eaose of the disease— effecting • radical care Ooe dose oflen rep«aU e«l Is a sure core for Choiera Sforfsut, to** • preventive of (."*<*»».- Onljp one Dottie :• vh , «dlotaro* nut o, M. system the effect ^ aiefliclni; tft«r K lonr A li snlu BOAKuINO. t oar Parlor and Bedrocm adjoining a gentian to and wife, and several rooms for klaifie gentlemen, can be had, together with, by applying at 3jO Jefferson st. A few day boir.le s can alsu be sccommodated. je!9 [ »NN •„• I'ATENT PARCH >fflNT LETTER COPTUIO I Uooss, a gocvi supply ai low price*- For sal* by TERK.Y * CLEAVER. 12 167 Rut Water street. Orrr O.>«rrsoujt» > » Omoa, l Cootract Department, Milwaukee, June Z2, 1859. ( T IHg following described lot In tbe Seventh Ward of the Olty of Milwaukee, win be benefltted lo th. amount Ml opportt* tl by filling U with » •nffioLcc* amount of earih to abate th* nnisanoe thereon WM. A. Korea, VICTOR 8CHOTR, Street Oommlnloneri. Lit 2, block 7', benent tSOt 66. Je2»-d« «, L'H. GARDISCE. Comptroller. (ftef Trside and Aajrlciiltanil. Coma Uismo.—Tbe Ontonagon Miner, of the 18lh, has tbe following Items from the mines : " The mining fore* of tbe Toltcc has been Increased to 36 ; the Bohemian has fair prospects of good results; little Is doing at the Altec; the Adventure Is meeting with good success In stamping ; the new Ridge boiler will propably be In operation In July ; the Evergreen Bluff took oat a 1,600 pound mau a few days ago, and has decidedly good prospect*; the Ofima 1* not yielding so well as heretofore ; th* Mass 1s not mining at present; the Nebraska hat just holed Its level; the Superior Is prospecting In the low grounds near Its buildings, where a rien bas been discovered ; the Boekland has DOW 275 feet of XI fathoms level driven, and I* sloping with good success; the general appearance of the Minnesota works Is favorable; and the National product for slay was 64# tons. MARINE RECORD. 1899. 680] SHERIFF'S 8AXC. 8IATE OF WISCONSIN, I Circuit Ooart, Milwaukee County, f Robert stensles aod ) Robert W. HcClellac, [ Snrvt.lng partners of | Jodgmeot w,d Bale Methe firm of aJenctea 1^ y cbanlos Lien. " DtusAOo., against Olemsos Karoschalli I N virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered ID said Coon, In tbe above entitled action, dated February &, 1959, I shall expose for sal* and sell at Pub- Bc Auction at tbe Post-Office, on the corner of Wisconsin and Milwaukee streets, In the Olty of Milwaukee, on Saturday* tbe 14tit ttsf of JUtaT, 1SB9, at the hour of S r. «. of that dsj, pursnsit to Chapter ISO Btrrised gtauues, entitled of the lien of "Mechanics and others," all the rtght, title and lotei osl of the above named defendant in and to t!>c foilowlnp property on the 6th day of February, 1969, to wit r "A certain building situate on lit Ho. twonty two [22], tn block one hundred •• d thirty eight (IWJ.ln L. W. Week's sabdlftslon to the north west quarter of section five (S) U, htti rV.,r-' al the City of Jlllwaukee. AUo the Intel«FI ol the said i^fendant lo and te Uie said '" N. 13S, on Uie 6th day of February. 18S!> • Hated Sheriff's office, Ullraiikr. April I, .1 <4 PncHsa, LTXUK ft Mnxam, i t. f ~ ~* Pl'fls AU- } i. aprl-law«w Williams*!.: Rod way, Auction and Commission Merchants, LAND AGENTS AND MONEY BROKERS, NO. IB WIBCON8I* STREET, VTTTLL give particular Attention to the sale of Farnl- TT tore. Dry Goods and every <le*erl|.ttna of Uer- chandiie, at their Sale room or In any pan of the.Oity orOoonty. sdsr Liberal advances on cords^imentA, an a prompt retorns made. N. B.—Bonds, Notes and Mortgages negotiated. Janl> UNITED STATES SALOON, Corner of Main and Wuconri* Strtttt, WKDNK8DAY, JUNK 22, 1869. Urea! Free buncii, F R O U S L E O S Lager Beer of Beat A Co. Choice Cigars and Tobacco. fJ« n -dlt"] JOHN MA8CUAOER. STUAY OOLT. T H« OWNER OF A STRAY DAY COLT, ABOUT four year* old, ls requested to cal at the Station se on Main street. WM. BECK, Chief of Police. cured, an.l, what \* bei t«r, previ-nted t>y the or easlonal use of thr [.ITIT Invtgorator. One dose after ealloff U SuAdent to relit- > - In stomach and prevent ir>. food from risioff And soaring. Only one do«« uk«n before retiring, prrrenu Only one do.e taken at night, loosens thetxiveU ireotly, and curr* ('.«» Uftnttt. "T)ne dose tekrn A't^r •achmeal will cure lf»- Jose of two te. spoonfuls will Always relieve tH^t UtailatA*. Only dlately wnllc £U ,cA „« u art ny in it* favor . one dose irarae- relieves iW(<- ncallow both toyttJLer. rajcs oaa DOLLAS psa fttirn.1 DR. BANFORD. Proprietor, No. 845 Brivl.Aj Yor. Ketalled by all Druggists. Bold >aod Retail, Milwsnkee, Wi*. »M ('.., 4ls .V-TI, .v 1 ?* '"I? •*" Uhereby postponed to Saturday the 11 th day of June, 1859, at the same place and time of dmy. Dated Sheriffs r ce, Milwaukee, Hay 14, 1859. A. J. LANGWOBTHV, "J^^WTW un* c*i, Sh'ff. MIL Co., Wls. The above sale Is h rebj further postponed to Saturday, the 8d day of September, 1SB9, at the same place and tune of day. Datid Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, June 11,188t A. j. LANG WORTH T, i tK «B>eriffM11.0o. Wls. Port of nil Ivan Icee _. .June 84. ARRIVED. Jtnn25TB. FSIDAT, Jan* 24. FLODfi—flnn and more active. Becelpt* 153 bbls; shipments 503 bbls. Sales 100 bbl* Stone Mills 7,00; 400 do Hidlson Olty Mills (. o. b.; t,lS)f; 600 do Magnolia and Phoenix Mills 6.26J 60 do Wh'te Winter 7,00. Total 1,060 bbls. WHEAT—Zc lower; more active. Receipts 7,778 but; shipments 5SO bus. Sales 350 bns No. 1 at 1,02; SOD do do at 1,03; 3 0 do extra raniing 1,20; 6,000 do No. I (all next week at sdleis) 1#2; 162 do extra No. 1 at 1,10; 100 do extra at 1,20; 60 do do 1,85. Total sales 6,262 bos. Very little has been done ID Oats and Corn, and th*y too are on the decline, though not so rapidly. Oats at the opening commanded 44e, but at the olose goes beg King at 88. Corn which was worth 7fic on Monday, could not command marc tbso TO at the close. Tfce reeelpta of oats were aJ28bn«; of corn 2,688 bns. The ahlpmsnts.were Insignificant. Bye and Barley have both been very quiet, not enough being down In either (to keep the prloes In sight, wltbTery trifling receipts and shipments. s\>t*»oealjaTe Been high, very high, and scarce. On Ttnr.daroomsaon potatoes sold fer 1,03. or more than «o.l wheat, rats, bowewr, was the maxlmom ptloe, front which they nave declined to We, *t which figure sales w«reinade4 > t the close, the Undenov4wa«<»tai Downward. Keoelpts for ifae week 1^44 bas;Mtpmeats but trifling. ' Buttur has been In good supply at fair prices, firkin bringing from U to 12 sad fresh roll IS to 15.- Eggs bare been ta good request/and'** ths close were bring.' Ing Ue by tbe barrel, - , ^ The market for wool hsj been hnprorlng! as be|ur Dualities "are brought forward; bat this brongUia far ssleto'the city has been limited.' prloesMthebeginnlngof the week ranged at 21 bat at ths dose may b* put down at 25 to *«ryinlertor lots lifting disposed of as low as SOc, while ' tiaa.meusd'M B«nr Traveler, Sweeny, Chicago, IS bags rye, 12S ken white lead, C7 pkgs sandrtes, 21 past. JmnSBra. 8cbr riorenca, Freest, Muskegon, H a lumber, Zu a lath. Schr Codlne, Tliom-json, Usnltowo«, U m luu, 11 m lath. Prop Socket, Elce,Chicago. Strnr Cleveland, Dongal, Grand Haven. Prop Ouyadoga, Welsch, Buffalo, 47 tons mdi 36 tons stores, 202 pkgs sundries. Schr Experiment, Ames, St. Joseph, 27 m lum, 6 m shin- 080] SHERIFF'S SALE. STATS OF WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee Ob. f William L«m, against [He wsi Mary Tittle aod J-./ndiment Bale. WUber t. Tuttle. I N virtue of and pnrsaaat>t jodgment rendered In said Court, in tiie above entitled action, dated April eighteen, 1861, I shall expos* foT sale and ™££" l °.*"2S jHfc_ 1 »S. 0 "» <" tt « Oi " •' PAPER WAREHOUSF! Hauford, Blackmarr<fc Co., (LATI HAKRISON, BAIFOBD & oo.) Connected with HAHR1SON, HANKOKD & CO., MANDFAOTITRERB, '. OtTYABOOA FALLS, OSJO. H AVZ opened stB Albany Block, Michigan street, bp: poslte Newhall House, a large stock of - , Boot, Stua, Oarer, Colored avd Jtnveiopt Papers. Alto, Ledger Papers, flat Oapt, folio Post, Letter andjfot* Papers, ' Klilch will be sold very low. Constant addltlups wll be made to the stock to meet the wants of the trade. H! Printers and others are Invited to call and ts- amlne oar stock and prices. aprlB NI W TREATM:ENT. (ohfidenUal AjTD Medieal 4». -Thery, ,n rannjf ail lin t by the unanimous I Q«eil o,<t lay ir. ful ^n/ii,. ,*r.a \n.t ire aaaaia n ^rt-icn do ,t v.u, A a. L l t &il,aa<l cur ( .4 .Mi. E H .n. ».•• »tia )L . DVSPFPM CllKIMi V SECTORAL, PalpitAtiuo u t«h-»rt, pa.n . the spine AQd imall of the &.<•», p t eban fou rciire, .rr-guianty .('ir.o if.Al moil ctcrucuung of PII.EN. ^j ' One ^* color frnci Lhe skit. *^ One dose taken » short r*n time before eating ,TI*M ^^ vlf^or to th, ^^ ar.<3 makes lh? fco'I Jl^^ resi well. ^*v One dose,often repeated, cores ^S" r\*ifi in .t« worn lutiu^ w i w*i)le Summer ana ^^ Bavnl Oompla\nti yield alm^«t to the flnl dose. A few bottles vU curt Z>rt*jwy by exciting tr.t ^.j absorh^nts ^^ cine as a pr-;vr K^ »»..*•. in I • UK U] ifsllty t lerfttl vlrtaea. also, bv JOBS &1OR, idric«! NOTICE. T HK Jaron sppolated by precept of His Bonor Arthur McArthnr, Judge of the Circuit Conn, for the purpose of deciding as u the necessity »f taking certain Linds for the pttrpose of extending Pleasant street, IB the First Ward, will proceed to view the premises pfo- posed to be taken on Monday, June 2Tth, at 10 o'clock Je24-d8t R. B. LYNCH, Olty Clerk, CITT OosuTsoixsa's Orncs, l Contract Depanmect, MUwankee. June !4, 1S59. f S EALED PROPOSALS will be received at this office until Monday, June 87th, 18S9, at 10 i. »., for prvlng Huron sireet, from East Water street to line river w|th cobblt stone. > )e24-d8t E. L'H. GARDINER, Comptroller. • day of • > -• - F, K*. Of thfttdaUT. lefpliowlng described mortgaged premises, lo wit The east thirty feet of lot number three m, In block number one hundred and slxty-tbrre JM8J, in the Second Ward, of the 0,ty and County of Milwaukee and Slate of Wisconsin With the buildings and Improvements thereonj. 1 Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, May 20,1861. Pl'ffl Atl'y. f a D i ff at u (v. ii|. msyn^alunHastewlaw ' Oo " WU ' gles, 1 pass Stmr City of Cleveland, Sqoler, Grand Haven, 18 ton* mdi, SO pkgs sundries, Mpsss. CLEARED. Schr Floreace, Freeze, Muskegoa. Lchr Dndlne, Thompson, Manltowor. Prop Eocket, Bice, Buffalo. Prop Onyahoga, Welsch, Chicago. Schr Experiment, Ames, St. Josepa, H) boxes i»nil«t, 8 bbls crackers, 1 wagon. Stmr Cleveland,Dongal, Grand Haven. . Bchr Lone Star, McKarty, Marqcette. nABinc Lonxa roi TnamA.—Thi schooner OUfton toot* cargo of lumber from Sandosky, Ohio, ths-other day, for Richmond, Va. &ACOSJ bosR Hotrat.—The Buffalo BefuoUc says that ths beacon light upon the end or the north harbor pier at Racine will be.from and after this date, s bright white light, Instead of part green, as It wag heretofore. GOT Or*.—Tbe Qrana Haven Jftws says: " The scar. Enterprise, commanded byOspt. Peterson,' has .been brought Into port, after Jylagnpon ths beach, at the month of ths rl»er several weeks." !___ TheOrand Kaplds fliroWsays: " Tbe Horan Is advertised to run Into ths ports of Kalama- 100 Hirer and Black Lake (Hollan/ Colony) evtry Saturday, durins the nmamdsr ol the season." The t>llowing,l* a Hit of vessels which passed Betrplt on Thursday: Bound Up—Steamers North AST, Bel Seymour; propellers Plymouth, Potomac; bark Mary Stockton 1 , Star of the Worth, HtunboUt, Moselle, W. H. Orll »aTOc,Harte<|n)n,Zephr. •™"~""™' ,«» , Bound Obwn—-Propellers Kaclne, Pocahontas, Montgomery, Mineral Kocfc; barks ereat Wert, Sarah A. fisift, Northern LlgWbripU»erpool, R&Iute;" H! S!S u i? ; i M %Sf5 i «^L" < '! »s*ttone,ljacy J. " LOST. A aAFS SET, Brass Head and six projecting wires. The finder will be rewarded br leaving It at the general delivery window of the Post-Office, or with I. Bonnel, 89 East Water st. Milwaukee, June 21,1859. >s24-dat' «03] SHERIFF'S SALE. (Hews) STATE OF WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court, Ullwankee County, f Lucltn Battles, Executor of the last will and testament of Joel Buttles, deceased, Klrabeth Greenneld, widow of Adolph Breenfleld deceased, Louis Aner and William ffltoder ' Foreclosure, :o a Judgment rendered In NOTICE. Geo. 1. Parlnglpn and 1 Abner I. Scranton, I In the District Ooort of the vs. , ( United States, for the District Schr. Charley Hlbbard, [of Wisconsin, her boats, tackle ( appar-1 In Admiralty. , al and furniture. j . Smith A Salomon, Proctors. " ' B ? vlrtoe of a Monition Issued out of the said Graft at the Instance *f tbe said LlbeUants, for the sum. of three hundred; and twrnty-thre* dollar* and forty- three cents, claimed by them for supplies, I have attached the said schooner, her hosts, te, at Milwaukee. Notice Is therefore hereby given to an persons claiming the said BcrrJ Dharlsf Hlbbard, her boats, tackle, apparel and furnttare, or knowing or baring any thing to say, why the ssjne should not be condemned and sold pursuant to the prayer of said Libel, that they be anjl appear before the] said Court to be i In and for tht o »' » •• , shall expose for sale and sell at pnbUo auction, at the Post Offlce In the city ofMUwaa- Si f,,J ur ' aT ' **» zd *ar oi tar, 5™tfe?!, ho ," 'L* *• "• of *"** ^/'tte fcllowlnl described mortgaged premises, or so much thereof si may be necessary t» raise the amount of saldjndgmenk interest and costs, together with th. sipensSof.^ iot number sixteen (J6T, tn block one ban- the said District ofl Wisconsin, at MUwankee, on ths twenty-eight dsylof June, 185», at JDersn o'clock In the forenoon of the said day. If ths same shall b* k day of jortsdlcOdn, otherwise on ths next day of Jurisdiction thensJleri then and there to InterpsM a claim; and to make their allegations In that behalf. ; ' Marshal's Ol jeM~d4t »£llwsnkee,June»S,18W. M. J. THOMAS, Marshal. A T the BuflsJo Private Hospital—established for the iX care ofgyphllls, Seminal Wr»» ness anil the Secret Infirmities of Tooth and Maturity, hy Dr AMOS A SOS, BuffaJ., N. Y. Office, corner o( Ma.n an.l Quay itreeu, (up stain.) A MOST BOIESTIFH3 IWEIsTION.- An Instruoxot for ttie care of Genital Debility, or Nocturnal Kmllslons, more properly known as Seminal Weakness, Ac.—can be permanently cured In from fifteen days to two man-hi by the ase o( this taslruaneal, wh«n used conjointly with meiHctnes. YOUNG MEN TASK PART10CT.AR NOTICF. Dr. A1108 A SON taie pleasure ID aonoonclng that they hare invented a most Important Instrument for the cure of th. above diseases. It has been sabjecud to a test by the most eminent physicians In London, Parts, Philadelphia and New York ; It has been declared the only useful Instrument ever Invented for the cure of Seminal Weakness, or any dJaease of the genital organs, caused by the secret habit of yonih. Price ten dollars U; mall or express. • A CUBE WARRANTED. Dr. AMO8 A SON hare devoted their attention ei- eluslvely to this peculiar class of maladies, and the relief they have consequently been enabled to render their fellow creatores, Is fully testlaed and gratefully acknowledged by convalescent patient* and others daily arriving In town from all part* of the country for the express purpose only of conaaltations, while ihelr exertions have been crowned with the most signal sd- vantages; yei from what they h«jv* experienced In enquiring Into the causes of those infectious complaint* (from their most simple condition to that of the most dangerous and Inveterate,) they have always enur- talned the possibility of their prevention and remoual and likewise Invariably found that the most horrlWe and malignant form* of disease could aljaost InvailaUi be traced to on* of the following causes: ignorance, neglect, or th. 111 .Beet, of unskillful and ImpropS tr*atm.nt; therefore, Da, A«os s, So, have succeed^ In dlseovortng, ta the selection of their remedle., a safe, -effectual and cautious eoursej omitting all coo- Wnatlon of remedle* which bear an equivocal charsi- ter, as well u thouwho** premature or Injudicious aj- pllcatlon might be productive of bad consequences n Ihe hsnds of private individuals. In sho^ the laud" bleendof their remedies Is the lewenlng of a grelt man of human nslaery by tbe alleviation, rellefaid prevention of those grievous afflictions that *MB reaflty the secret foes of llf,, sod wh.oh, while thiy „ extensively surround us, call aloud for our .kin «£ Interference In tbelr extermination. COUNTRY INVALIDS. Person* in any part of the world nay be •r,.m tlus Jisem^ inJ ..jj , m tneir oerl d.x.r neighbor does aot know 1.1 impress on yuar m.n.i thai <u . , , ld ,, ouice of preyintl.,0 t belter tN«n , pour.'.l In the .TIEDItVAI. UlStOV you hare both the pr-TentAliT. AnJ a.- -ur- w u •-,, great and good quality, that it will acvcr, an.ler vn ', '•' , oomstance .do you AQ \ojnry . Yoars truly, _^ D'iNALU K KNS'I'V Price 11.00 per b.,ul«. f .., ,AJ, o y AI,., ,.,» lr (< _ r ... Q Milwaukee, ftreeD A Uuttoa, aaj li.. s w^-.,', t -..•./ An i it retail by dminristj averrwber-. rl\ TO BE AIM. IKi I) THAN THK Ooop, Whoopine Coast,, lnrlTi,.ni 3a,»Hix lrs« 1 will in—'r^*"' •„!*','"' ,. •>"aKri, T^iop. *od [h* .h««t IIWI»A«. -f n, -, ,' ^Mi^'r^ur',,, 0 '"* *""" "'" r -'" 1 - '-i'^-n ,. UK. - I tl&il . Ut - H1CHE8T DIADLM !r Kver vroru by Kings or Empt-rur*. | i'."^" A BEACTIFTl. HKO U F HAIR A BBAL'TUfUL UKAU OF H\IK A BFAl riFVI. HS VI) ••>? MAIK A D>.\lTm-|. HKAD .IK liAlK. NATt'RK'S OWN OBNIMKNT NATl'RfS OWN na.1l itlrNT NATCKE'S UWN OKN.»Mh.NT. NATL'RK'S OWN i)X.N«MCNT J.NFALLIBLr. ar Phthisic, and Broachlti. CAN BE CAN BE PKSMKKVKD VsViluBLY CAN BK PRESgRVKD INFALLIBLY CAN UF. PR«>Ka.B.D 1.NKAL1.IBLV BOTH TIIE i,,(,,.VTH IM< t .n u a BOTH THE IrKdWTH »M) C<;l'uK BOTH THK (iaoWTH AMD CuLt.R BOTH TBE Git.iH TH vMJ'ul.If TO Til- ,>RSATEST AOK. TO URKATK3T AUK TO THK 88KATKST AOE fO TaK SRBATEST AGK. , f .„ p , us ha.. Ul Oat.No WiH>O'S HAlr< HY USING WOOD'S H>ls KESTOK » n V a' FT ALSO RK'TORES GRAY II A I K IT AUo KWT ... t .. I.NI, i,. utt . IT ALSO RK8TORE8 GRAY HAIR. TO ITS NATI SAL C.'(..)* TO ITS NATl-RA(, C.'I.OU TU ITS NATCRAL ra™ In Uu. .ertlca. It tn, r .n«.™| «, ing fymptom. ,if •nninmptl.m. u,,l . n who h.. I.Bon.1 „„.!„ .„ .«„„„ !a«t (brty ysmr.. HXNHT ,. A A. RAJI.ISY M p . . %LMO writ™. *,pt. «. I W4 • Dnr1ll<t ^ nolhln, -,u^ LO r .I r-iw u, ..„.„„, „,,„ p. •mch u ..rsj -Tir»bi«, • •». m ,«hc .d;l „„„„,. .„ ,^. 0- , ,, rlncin« pr .rf ,f ,h. «ro,« af u, ta .^. •db«u upon n-tal ' oniinmptlon. l^obably <•« O Q . r , mw | T ^ „„ ^ ,ur«l «, inany an.l .„,-„ lano^n. ~. 0 - hnm.n .14 -»n r^ca . „„, „„ to , rh«t r-nr ,-,,HH • ; %. >]"„,, U'Hrroa t r«i to inform run nfA !*hi« bi»t] pr~-nr. <,,. ucll Dr Itro NEW BOOKS JUST BIOE1TID BY STRICKL/irVO 4t CO., 138 KAST WATKK.ST. W AIL BTEMT so Cashmere. A Journal of BT. years lo Asia, Africa and lorope PUTIRT* ITB PBJCVKMTS ITS PBBTINTS ITS CALU.N«. PRBVBNT8 ITS »ALUSO. COVggs TUK BAI.i) H»• ,i.. OUVK.HS THIC BALD HKAt) TDK UAL i UtAU 8T8] 8HEKIFF>N BTATBOPWI800NBIN. i Olreolt Oonrt, Illlwankee County, f Jsba sterltrj, ' : ' ~\ Hivr, agalust Sntwald I reel osure and Bale.' RSSCMD.—The steamir Mlcb4g»n has refumed her jtnpi between flrtnd Bates) and Grand HapUs. ' *"" " -^.»teaiMr/nnnois, Thomas Satwald, Josephs GotwAld. AdamOrth, ToepferWenteL A i »??«2 0 Hi(. 111 «h«**oreentttied'i<oUoi> 1 dited~De^ SfaT u 1 ' "fV $*" SB 0 " r ° Mll> " M1 »"«" " »*£ lie Au»0on u thePost-Omo- on the earner of flTsooo- sin and Milwaukee streets, lathe city of Milwaukee, jn, the aotb rfarof AugumZ iSO, it the hour of J r. M of that- dsy, tie following described mortgaged premises or so much (hereof ss Day lie necessary to raise the amount of said judgment, interest and coits,"together with the expenses "All [that piece or pane! of land situate In the , County ef MUwankee and 3 ale of gtatsof Wl»: '- known ud described u the sonlh easi •^^sjasr 11 "" 1 *" iiNOTIOfci. ! Assessment Ust for tbe several Wards, of the the Olty of Milwaukee, will bs open for tbe examU nation of the taxable Inhabitants thereof, at tbs Comi mem CouncU Boom, at • o'clock A. St., on th* foUowlnJ dayfor las several Wards, resp«u T ^j to wit t ,, > t ror tbe First Wsjrd, on ins flfth day of July next. • For the Second Vard, on the sixth jdar of July n«xt- For tbe Third W ird, on the seventh day of July nettt For the Fourth 1 rant, on tbe eighth day of July next; For tbe Fifth Weird, on the nlntn day of Joly nextTi Forthe Sixth Wsird, on tbs eiersnthday of July nexti For tbe gevenUi Ward, on the twelfth day of f. next. • And tbe Olty art Ward Assessors csssar, addWoa t, ind, jSTZ Changs* tn traloatfa n or description. je22-dlot THE Si:ALP FREES THK 8OALP Ftt, >M ALL **eiS TUB SCALP FROM ALL _„..„.„. PRESS THE 80ALP FKOJI ALL DUEAffEB 801* BY ALL DRUROISTS SOLD BY ALL. DRUGGISTS SOLD BY ALb ORUO«laTS. ftOLD BY ALL DRUfK^lSTS AND BY 0. J AND BY O. J AMD BY O. J AflD BY O. i 114 UARKET ST., ST. LOCHS. 114 MARKET ST., ST. LOUIS 114 MARKET ST., BT. LOUIS' 114 MARKET ST., «T. LOUIS. AND 312 BROAUWiY N y AND SIS llHOADWtr' v v AND •»•> BROADWAY' s r aj, 4 ta ., -t7 Hi* klDOnoaB, « w» in r , mr .ml; &,,. ,„„ Pr>,m that Uy Jh« la a ,,t ,., », itr ,, n , t... buc 1. ft». from Q.r « n gh, an.1 ,-,ll. a. V >ar» with ir.tttuil. an,l -^jar-l OHLA.XIMJ SHELBY' ,, i bnnmpaiu, do not Ixrpalr all roq n»r Casaar PICTOBAL. It la maJ» UT ,,,. ,t , h Ayer's Cathartic PiUs. thalr armo« to WOOD . co. WO )L> < L)U WOOD A oo. WOOD * oo. ar. .bown th« th<« P •* th. onUnary nr^rfsntodly upon th. «t<>.m rf .11 a,. n .nd p)^ tratlnj p m ^ lnnnn,«,hl. . ..rtn- vhlch mn anj that th. T . th. vit*j »Uwiua, o , «,mnl.t. Llfeand Times of Carey, Manhman and Ward ih^ to i?;c o . r 6 1 £. 8TOmpo " m «°"* M*rsb'sBelence|ofDouble-IotryBook^eeBin« complin,, L. nawi OOGSWOiL, \ City Assessor, Oily of Milwaukee. tteossrtof tbe twrchssers for the city trade bating I Ortanagoa imnday night, arrWed at ftteottt »ssi Mia. ^asahCTssnu tnsjr xcntt In the country. Isrsinng. »habronghtdownaloaaef tcoppsv ! . ' -« Taat Tentota* sir i»t from Ornox. ii * i Ward/ttli-or. 18. town owclS UK tbe rtdewalki curbed aid* W? «««"«•'•) hereb, notln|d toprOTtments within twenty-tTO i^Wreet OsaunlasJotuMof the fch to be Wyoming j Its h story, stlrnng Incidents and romanJ tie adrentures, by George Beck, D. D., 1 M. lun "-f Tbe Ssrp of a Thoosand Strings; or the o^lntesaeac of human wit, waggery and wisdom, 1 24 <|lu ^~^ c Army Ufe on tbe Paclflc. A Journal O f the bnedl- OOB sgsJnst toe Nortbern Indians, th. trlbes^tte CwarftAUnes, Spokansand Pelooses, IntbTtammer on«W,| by Uwrenoe Kip. of the D. ». ArmV. ftlce O.J. WOOD * 00., Proprietors 31J Br 0 .d»», N ,_ LTunx7i" 3 ^ui:. i M 0 ^' B ^----" Art of btettpore Speaking. 'Hints for the rnlnnoh* m "^ Diary of Udy Morgan,! iSo. The Bomsnce of a Poor Young Man, 1 00, New lUostrated. ^Bural Manuals; comprising the Boose, the Garden, the rarm and DomrstlJ Animals.— Wee 1 60- Hints iowards Physical Perfection, or the Philosophy of toe Hnman Beauty; showing bow to acquire and retain bodpy lymmetry, health-and vigor, secure long life, and avoid the Infirmities sad deformities of age, by „,„ . bj ^5 A *^! rSTO( ' tod •" C0"«l and Fancy Good* Dealers. * HOUSE* qu.nt.ty of Beal esoniisUng ?f Improredand nnlmprovedF*rm/ 0 f parehasers, School Lands every sis« to suit »el«cte<l »t , 0 »' ">.' D.B. CTOIJVVW * Bvtufvu*, TOlnms five. 100. Lore Me UWe, Lore He Long, by Chas. Eeade,-I5c. History of thebomlnlon o the Arabs In Spain, 8 7». A JpuwiBT *vQ8 North, being note* of A fcfMencc to Kursls.byeeorgeAnguitasPsls.l 00. L >*o««E» .Medical Adviser- and Marriage Guide, wnh »««rtyWengraving.. Pri«el». « ? . . i_ThePlllaroffire,;orIsrsd In Bondage; by Bar. J, H. Ingrahtm, 1 B. Irr'ng^LlfsofWash! i Alllbpne's Dictionary ,,.,.,.-We of Kit itogton, volume five,! 60. ot Anthonys M. 09. . * •: p ; . IMfast WatcVstrswt. llCfQOK WANTED. ,at9(lMamstr.M. OIROfJIT OOORT. I Milwaukee County, Wls. f "sgdslena Slegl. , against lacob flaff. tote of Wisconsin, to Jacob Uaff : equlred t«> aoaver •hlch has this d ">s said com. th « lr 9fllci> ' in "" oltv - servleaof thu summn DS "**<>« sachservlo.; ud if e<"npla'nt within the time aV4losJw,Il apply to the . .. .—•' tmpart fi«Rii(i, i too. with strength te the whnl. lra . m I U»y onr» th* |S« be«t of human skill. Walle -.0-7 pro-loo. p.,,-,fu, ««*ctm, th.y ar» at th. .am. tlm.. In llmlnlaae.1 .!.««. ,„. saft« aad bast physio that can h> »mplo T «l (br -Bli.ln.,, 8.tng sugar^«tod. they an pleMaat to »t. ; ...l >-,!,,, pumly T«^r,bi^ ar« fra. fr»m an; rua of tiai-m Cur.. have bam tna.1. which inrpaa. b.llef ».r. th«y oat .ui> <Untlat«d hy men of such iialU.1 p^itlon and ebaraot..r •• to torblil th. vniplclon ,)f oncrntk Many «uln«m aLrgymen ud physdclan. h«v» ]«nt th«lr aam« to ^rtify tu the public U>. reliability .f my muslin, whll. jth^r. oa». sent m« tha avsuraae. ,)f th«4r wllTlctJon chat ,uy Praparatlonii ooocrlbut. Immonsely tu th. rstlff if in y afflicted, •nferlnj esDow-aua. ,. Th. Agnat twlow aamoil Is plnasati to furnish fntin «y Amorlcan s Imsnafl. ""^'"'ulTig 'llTTrtlnns frr ih*lr ^B«,ui'l (•.rtlflrmta. «f their anrem, of the fallowing L-omplalnrn OostiT«Dfl*a, Billon. Complaint*. Rbramatlim, Ornrn^. Baartburn. tlaiulach. arising from a Ibul suintarh, Vu u sea, IndUpMtjou, Mfirbld roactloD <>f the Buwnl. « n -l l*>uii anainf thvrvfrum. Flatulency, l*mi at Appntlta, all [?lmr t>us and Ctttannun* Dtofmaw. whtrh rwiulnt ta *vu-iinn[ mnilcintt, dcmfnla or Kind's Bvll. They also, tty purify Ing the hloixl aDiJ BtUnuiaCtng tht system, ,Tum III.MIV mmnUlnt. which It would, not b. snppond they -ouij reach, inch a. Dnafneaa, Partial BIInJn»«s. Nrnira/Kla anj Herrou. Irritability, Dnnkngement* of the Lrvsr and Ulci- oeya, Gone, and other Undriid oomplalnt. ailalng anm * low state of th. body or obBtmetioD ,)f It. funetlcn^ Do not b. pot off by nnprlnelplnl iMi.r* with som> other pill they mak. o»r« profll on. Aak Ibr Arim'i flux, and Caka oothlng »l»e. No other they am <l»o you comparna with thu m It. Intrtnaso 'alne gr »rattv> poarers. The sick want tha bwrt «l,l th«r» I. fcr ib.m, aod they should hav* IL Prepared by Dr. J. O. AYEB, frsMUeal and Aaalytlaal Onemiit, Lowell, MASS Paics as Cts. rxs Box. frvs Boxss noa t I. HOLD BT JOffS aiCB, Milwaukee. inlj m wd**

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