Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on July 17, 1975 · Page 16
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 16

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 17, 1975
Page 16
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iPage 16 Freeport (III.) Journal-Standard, Thursday, July 17, 1975/ PEANUTS PERHAPS KETHOVENWOOLP HAVE WRITTEN 6ETTK MUSIC IFHEHAPKENMARRJEP... THINS HE PIPNT NEED.IT WAS SOMEONE LEANING ON HIS PIANO TALKING TO HJM ALL THE TIME" Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer BLONDIE ACROSS 1 "Brother II 4 Mr Galloway 7 Expect 12-Jima 13 Grape 14 Girl's name 15 Breach' 16 Dutch city 18 Eisenhower 19 Suit fabric 20 Spiritual: "— River" 22 Letter 23 Fidel's land 27 Keep the — on , 29 Military dress hats 31 Legal 34 Alpha and 35 Chemical compounds 37 Whiskey 38 — Susan 39 .Lamb's mother 41 — Roberts 45 - fire! 47 Yellow bugle 48 Another Dutch city I MADE IT WITH TIME TO SPARE DONALD DUCK £{BE ABLE TO PEED ON TOPS OF -n&es. SMITH FAMILY BEETLE BAILEY A NICE NEW CHAlK MAJOR GOT WHAT'S BUTTON ON TME SIPE? A SEAT EJECTOR IN CASE TME (SENEGAL COMES IN SNUFFY SMITH WHV, SHORE, ELWINEV--VJHAT ELSE CRN I DO FERVE? VWARL--UH- NOW THAT WE MENTION IT- I'M FIXIN'TO WEED MV GflROEW PATCH, LOW6EZY--COULD I BORRV WORE GRUBBIN' BUZ SAWYER HOSPITAl...HOWIE IS P.O. A. HOWIE HAD BEEK IN TROUBLE SINCE HE WAS A KID. JUVENILE COURTS... PETTY THEFTS, AND ONCE HE BEAT A RAP FOR A STUPID HOLDUP. - HE PROMISED TO GO STRAIGHT. BUT WHEW HE AND DEL ROBBED AND SHOT MR. LAWTO N-—WCW HE SURE MESSED UP HIS , P.PNT DEAPl I GUESS I SHOULP HAVF SEEN'IT COAMNff, MR. SAWYEf?. THE PHANTOM THANKS FOR RUSHIN& ME. I WANTEC7 A REA6ON TO 00 THIS "PHANTOM FA9TEK THAN CAN SEB",,,OLP JUNGLE &AYIN&. FUNKY WINKERBEAN I'IV\ GOING TD PUT ON THE ROSTER UNDER THE POSITION C^OU WANT TO TRV OUT FOR HENDERSON, UJH&T'DG OJANTTDBE?- OKAUIV\EN, LISTEN UP I /•n / 6 °< \ MISTAKE \WOW V c THE66 AKE ALLMV AMTS. THAT'S •THAT'S Millet? THATS ALLTHOS6 NAMES? 52 Vigor 53 — face ,54 Hebrew priest 55 Onager 56 Twist together 57 Indian weight 58 Card game , DOWN 1 Unbending 2 Alert 3 Pith helmet 4 Sportscaster Gowdy 5 Confessed 6 Flaps wings wildly 7 Overwhelmed . 8 Tolstoy's " — and Peace" 9 Conjunction 10 Mrs. Cantor 11 Headwear 17 Hardy heroine 21 Roman orator 23 Opposed to intaglio Avg. solution time: 23 min. SHE! ElHflaH BJESI MBS] ENBHatl SHE OD t§Ha HSHGD HEGHdHE! @@CEHll[§ HflH ilfflii HHdae HEII [SLlii Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 24 Stringed instrument (short) 25 Marsh 26 King of Judah 28 Fish 30 Today in Madrid 31 Man's nickname 32 Medical org. 33 Miss Taylor 36 Prophet 37 Act of selling' again 40 Walks through water 42 Emulate 43 Dispatch • boat 44 Lariat 45 Cover with wax 46 Arabian ruler 48 Likely 49 Place to store hay 50 Aspen: a — resort 51 Sun dial number CRYPTOQUIP 7-17 CYLRA KULUAR ZMMYPYUT TUJ- JRA; TRUXRA UJUYXOC MRXPR K Z 0 C Yesterday's Cryptoquip — MATRON FUES ALONE FOR FIRST TME. (© 197S Kini Features Syndicate, Inc.) Today's Cryptoquip clue: K equals P Ann Landers . . . Dear Ann Landers: Somebody in this group is crazy and I am asking your opinion. Which one is it? Recently we were visiting a campsite. Mr. B'discovered a snake under a board and ran away yelling language that is unprintable. Mr. T caught ths snake (non-poisonous) and chased Mr. B for two country miles "just to scare him a little." Mr. C watched all the action and Mr. T, who was holding the snake at arm's length, was laughing his head off! Then Mr. C walked up to Mr. t and said, "I have always been a follower of the Golden .Rule. 'Do unto others as ye would have them do unto you.' Snakes bite people and I believe in getting even!" With that, Mr. C bit the snake and I got sick to my stomach. Who is crazy? -JACKSON, MISS. Dear Jack: Mr. C is the leading can- TV Highlights Complete area television listings are carried in the "tv talk" supplement of the Saturday Sunrise edition of The Freeport Journal-Standard. Today's Highlights 7 p.m.-Channels 2, 3, 4, and 23-The Waltons. John-Boy learns that Ben borrowed his car without permission when a deputy sheriff comes around asking embarrassing questions. 7:30 p.m.-Channels 8, 9, 13 and 27- The Texas Wheelers. When Zack (series star Jack Elam) gets a wandering foot and decides to return to the Superstition Mountains to find the Lost Dutchman gold mine, his daughter, Boo, demands to accompany him. U.S. Air Force Man Able To Change Name, Solve His Problem SACRAMENTO, Calif. (UPI) -Lieutenant C. Weddington has a problem. He's really a staff sergeant. Weddington, 33, was christened "Lieutenant." He decided to follow a military career and joined the Air Force. So the McClellan Air Force Base enlisted man with an officer's name decided to change. He filed a petition, Monday in Sacramento County Superior Court to have his name changed. If granted, Sgt. Lieutenant C. Weddington will be known as Sgt. Dee G! Weddington. Now You Know By United Press International Of the 3,469 space objects being tracke'd by the North America Air Defense command before the Apollo-Soyuz launch, 783 were operational. 11 Gilbert and Sullivan's . . , THE MIKADO A light operetta set in Japan JULY 16 - JULY 27 Curtain: 8:30 p.m. (7:30 p.m. on Sundays) Reservations: Call 815-244-8844 Box Office Open Daily Noon — 10 p.m. Except Mondays. SKY-VU DRIVE-IN Tonight Only Return To PG "MACON COUNTY" Plot "TERRORIST" Friday Thru Tuesday — July 18-22 "DEATH B "HELL'S "ACE Pus ANGELS 2,1100" R ON WHEELS" Wednesday Tluv Tuesday - July 23- 29 "W. W. AND THE DIXIE DANCE KINGS" Plui Second ixcltlng Feature • GOETZ THEATER • Now Snowing !!«._ *.___» !>» | »«> nCBBIV didate for the hatch, with Mr. T his possible roommate. * * * Dear Ann Landers: I want to know if it's normal for a wife to be upset when she finds $30 in her husband's billfold and he says he is saving the money to buy her a lovely birthday gift. Then, when her birthday comes around, he shows up with a cake from the bakery and hollers, "Surprise!" I took a part-time job and saved $90 for that jerk's birthday gift. When he hands me something that cost $11 - especially after lying about the money in his wallet - I feel that he is being selfish and unfair. Any advice? -LET DOWN PLENTY Dear L.D. Plenty: The next time the last of the big spenders has a birthday show up with an $11 cake and holler, "Surprise!." * * * .Dear Ann Landers: May I be you today? I want to give some advice to all the widows in the world who are longing to remarry. When my husband died I was sure my life was finished. We had a beautiful marriage and I was certain I could never look at another man. Several months later the loneliness set in. I began to accept invitations from interesting bachelors and widowers. One day a very attractive man asked me to marry him. I said yes. Here are the questions I wish I had asked myself: 1. Does the man have children? 2. How do they feel about his remarrying? 3. Do the children get along with one another or are they still fighting about their mother's estate? 4. What about your children? Does the gentleman want to include them in his family circle? 5. When decisions are made will he consult you or does he go to his children? 6. Does the man really want you or is Answers Your Questions he looking for someone to take care of him? Had I asked myself these questions I would not have put myself through three years of hell. I'm out of that marriage now, thank God, regaining my health and enjoying "widowhood" - something I never thought possible. -LEARNED THE HARD WAY Dear Learned: Thanks for the lesson. I'm sorry Life was your teacher. the \nyage t STARTS FRIDAY 7:00 & 9:00 * ACMUL FILM cowaunoN ROUSE POSITIVELY ENDS TONIGHT FRENCH CONNECTION OPEN 7 P.M. START 7:30 FEATURE 7:35 OPEN TILL 8:30 FEATURE REPEATED IN PART 7 DAYS STARTING FRIDAY Starring Shan Eubank EM. Only Fri. t Sat. Open 6:30, Start 7 P.M. Feature 7:20 & 9:30 DAVID CARRADINE ONE WEEK ONLY A CROSS COUNTRY MAD WRECK' A BIG FIRST RUN TWIN BILL * Fri.-SiM.Tiie. Death Race 2000 1st Paper Chase 2nd JT

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