Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 29, 1987 · Page 7
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 7

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 29, 1987
Page 7
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-THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29,1987— 7 ANN LANDERS Avoid a senseless tragedy AIDS risk termed low for most U.S. heterosexuals Dear Ann Landers: On March M our 9-year-old son, David, went to his friend's house in the morning to play and spend the night. He left jwith his little overnight bag and a few toys, wearing a brand-new pair bf shoes. Forty-five minutes later, bavid was dead from a rifle shot to tiie head. ! At first the parents of the other child tried to make us believe that David had accidentally shot himself :whilc playing with the gun. We 'soon learned that the father of ^David's chum had placed the rifle 'under the child's bed a week earlier, •and it was loaded. The boy appa- ircntly wanted to show the gun to David and foolishly pointed it at him. In a matter of seconds David •was gone. \ It is impossible to describe the \ feeling of emptiness knowing that our only child is dead. The other ; family has not so much as apologized for this terrible tragedy. No charges were brought against the father for leaving a loaded gun in his child's room. Ann, please allow me to tell your readers the following: If you have children, and they visit in the homes of playmates, call the parents and ask if they have any guns in the house. And, if you own a gun, and there are children in your home, for God's sake, make sure you lock it up where the children can't get to it. If you are worried about prowlers at night, keep the gun nearby but make sure you put it away the following morning. It takes only a few minutes to unload A gun and lock up the bullets. Or apply a trigger lock that costs only $9. In a split second our beautiful son was killed. Our hearts will never heal nor will our lives ever be the same. I am pleading with every parent who reads your column to pay attention to this letter. — S.B. (Sarasota, Ma.) Dear Sarasota: I hope it will ease the pain to know that millions of people read your message today and you have surely saved some young lives. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family. And thank you for being willing to suffer the Henry Ford II dies DETROIT (AP) — Henry Ford II, who took over his grandfather's foundering company at President Roosevelt's urging in 1945 and over 37 years restored Ford Motor Co. to profitability, died today after a battle with pneumonia. He was 70. He had been admitted to Henry Ford Hospital on Sept. 12 for treatment of pneumonia, but his condition had deteriorated as he developed heart and kidney problems. He had become ill while in Europe. During his tenure, Ford won recognition for his advocacy of corporate contributions to social progress, for his backing of Detroit's , Renaissance Center and for his tcm- ! pcstuous dealings with such corpo- ' rate lieutenants as Lee lacocca, whom lie fired as company presi- ; dent in 1978. For its part, the company enjoyed some notable successes, including the Mustang, and suffered a notable bomb, the Edsel. Henry Ford n turned over the chairmanship of the company to a non-family member as it began a rctrcncliment to counter foreign competition, but remained on the board of directors and as chairman of the finance committee. A Ford company statement announced the death, saying it occurred at 7:21 a.m. He was born Sept. 4, 1917, in Detroit, the oldest of four children of Edsel Ford and Eleanor Clay Ford. He graduated in 1936 from Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Conn., and attended Yale University but did not graduate. Edsel, the elder Henry Ford's only child, took over the presidency of the automaker in 191$, and died in 1943. The senior Ford resumed the post In 1944, when young Henry Ford was an officer in the U.S. Navy, Franklin Roosevelt became alarmed that the automaker would collapse because of mismanagement by its aging founder. The government allowed the officer to return home. Ford n was just 28 in 1945 when, upon the retirement of his grandfather, he maneuvered Harry Bennett out of the presidency over some opposition from the old man, who died two years later. He then set about rescuing a company eclipsed some 15 years earlier by General Motors Corp. as the world's largest automaker. Ford began reorganizing the company in 1944 while executive vice president. In July 1945, Ford Motor became the first manufacturer to exhibit a 1946 model car, but it lost $8 million in 1946. Ford Motor ran a steady second to GM during Ford's years as president and chairman. While it enjoyed huge success with its Mustang, Continental Mark in and other models, it suffered setbacks with its Edsel and Pinto. agony of putting your story in Writing. Dear Ann Landers: This situation is so bizarre it will sound like a soap opera, but it is very real. I'd like to know what legal consequences could be incurred by a person who breaks up a marriage. Here is the situation: A man I am close to is having an affair with a married woman. Her husband knows nothing about it, thank the Lord, because he is so hotheaded he would probably go crazy. My friend says it may not be morally right according to the Bible, but he doesn't believe in the Bible and insists that so long as he isn't doing anything against the law he has nothing to worry about. I disagree. Marriage is not merely a religious institution. It is a legal contract recognized and supported by the law. Ann, I am truly worried that my friend could be sued by the angry husband if he should learn of . this affair. When I told him so he said he had never heard of such a thing. Please set the record straight. — Worried in the West Dear W.: Once upon a time there was such a law. It was called "alienation of affection." I know of no state, however, where this law still exists. Worse than being sued is the possibility that he might be shot. I wonder if this notion has ever occurred to Romeo. You might run it up the flagpole and see if he salutes it BOSTON (AP) — Despite an epidemic of fear, the risk of catching AIDS through heterosexual encounters is still exceedingly slight for most Americans, experts say. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome is spread most often through sexual contact, needles or syringes shared by drug abusers, infected blood or blood firoducts, and from pregnant women to their offspring. Homosexual and bisexual men are afflicted at higher rates than the general population. According to one calculation, the chance of getting the AIDS virus from a single act of heterosexual intercourse may be less than 1 in a million. However, some health experts say they are reluctant to emphasize the current risk to heterosexuals, fearing people will refuse to change their sexual habits if they understand the danger is still low. "I think it encourages a false sense of security," said Dr. James Goedert of the National Cancer Institute. Added Dr. William Darrow of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control: "People will say, 'If it's that low, I guess I can return to cruising bars and the things I did before AIDS." 1 Instead, they hope people will practice monogamy and other "safer sex" strategies, not to stop any heterosexual AIDS epidemic but to prevent one from Studies have shown, on the one hand, that some people have had sex hundreds of times with an infected mate without getting the virus. On the other hand, there have been reports of transmission in a single exposure. So what is the real risk? Dr. Jeffrey E. Harris put it this way: "If two people who are exclusively heterosexual and don't use intravenous drugs make a sexual contact, the chances in the United States today that this contact is going to result in transmission of the virus are very small." The hazard is small, at least so far, because so few heterosexuals are infected wih the AIDS virus. Harris is an economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an internist at Massachusetts General Hospital. Using CDC figures, he calculates that if someone limits sexual contact to people who are neither needle drug abusers nor bisexual men, the chance that a partner will be infected with the AIDS virus is less than 1 in 1,000. And if someone does have intercourse with an infected person, the chance that the virus will spread in a single sexual act is also less than 1 in 1,000. He said this means that the risk of getting AIDS from one heterosexual encounter is less than 1 in 1 million, as long as neither partner is a bisexual man or drug abuser. However, he cautioned, "How do I know on a random encounter whether I'm dealing with somebody who's a drug user or a bisexual man? I don't have an answer to that." 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