Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on April 29, 1897 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1897
Page 6
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m-UNO, ILL., AFim, -m 15597, THIS AND THAT. Men antS Women, F*e*s »«<J Fanclw la a Knt»h«». ' It te jftoeWog to discover < llsst the bank that hoW* ?eur cwh, Hsu, b*e»sse of some «b»<wnd«r, * Are you going to Dedication of Grant monament,N, Y., April St? BinglingB offer $1,000 to anybody that rides their bucking elephant Saga* beets require more cat* than corn, and ten acres enough for a far* .• met. • ' - •.- -• - - • Schoolhonse burned down in Indiana, and youngsters have a vacation till a "new one is built. Basse!! Sage, N. Y, banker and miser, has a new suit. Judging by the pictures in papers, tio homely girls are married in Chicago. Den Voorhees, so long senator from Indiana, must hav6 been an honest politician, for he died almost penniless. Edison says airship is a fake. We told you so. All in your .eye. . Pattl's favorite poet is Longfellow, novelist Is Dickens, but likes all flow.' . CM.; , ."• . • ., •.' . • Down in th6 strawberry region, the boarding houses give you dried apples and prunes. If you would avoid a crowd, stay • away from Grant monument celebration. New York will be packed. > Rev. Samuel May, Worcester, Mass., 87 on Sunday, was a classmate of Holmes and Charming, at Harvard, 1829, al way • a strong abolitionist. City elections are over everywhere, and now we can breathe freely again, as the country is safe. ' Patrick John Ryan, archbishop of Phila., is tail, fat, gracious, benevolent, coming in 1884 from St. Louis. Should a minister wear diamonds in pnlplb? Referred to Ministers' Monday meeting. ' ..;' A man saved! Where? In the pa; p.ero. Every day a picture of a fellow saved by Poodle's Palaver Pills. /"\ Archbishop Ryan has a deep, rich voice, and ranks among the first orators of the Roman Catholic church. Mokinley is fond of horseback riding. Do us all good. Ail we need is a present of a Kentucky thoroughbred. Bachelor girls of Michigan have en- tertfd into an agreement not . to marry ntil 25. Drive boys off 'with cross dogs, S.F. Smith, elected Mayor of Davenport, Iowa, is oldest son of late Dr. Smith, author of "America." Salvation Army had five brass bands to welcome Booth Tucker on his return from a tonfi and kept neighbors awake allnjght. Petronins: You can find a spade at any hardware store. Use liniment to limber your back. Spit on your hands. Von Hoist, prof, of history in Chicago University, is sick in an N. Y. hospital. Edward Egglaston, author of Hoosier Schoolmaster, visiting in Indiana. . Sir ^ _ baapador, insists that he must walk next to Pres. ahead of V. Presdt. Big Injun, Upon what meat, &c. * Let us Bit down on. him. - • Jx>ve isyouDg; each day . He comes to greet, . And Jay a row . . , ' .; At her dear, dear feet. No part of Greece is 40 miles from Why should merchants keep all the dead beats ? /Let farmers chip in. Michigan has adopted apple blossom SB state flower. . . Have we our best men in the legislature? We pause for a reply. Foretokens of ; Immortality is the last book of Dr. Htllis, Chicago's great prejcher, la 1890 Greece had 2,187,000 people, . , tmt they are all ready to fight the unspeakable Turk to the laat man. Air ship eeemsJJ to be ausgesplelt. Gone up the spout, so to speak. Don't cut your corn, may lead to blood poisoning.* Let the thing grow f of f oifca to tramp on. • A curfew law to send truant husbands home at nine is needed really lyoree than one for Innocent bpys. MfiBte Carlo, Italy, haa . a cemetery for *uie|4eff wulting from gaming tftale;j851aa| winter. The cancer spot of theeastb r _";' v '-; : '-.' :: '•; <s»,Jn the world, one miJliQB bjlndj -ot one in 1,500. - Buaala and Egypt have the moot on account of dirt aud Band. To grocers: Rub sprouts off old po- totees, and polish for fresh Bermudas Jaidy Tighe, who was present at the ball on eva of Battle of Waterloo, was IS whea Victoria was born. Whei'e is the sea serpent this season ? to be doing the tra- , so l -^^r A * thf* sff'nfi'-n fl*sr «» nvt'l. '? Dn.'SJ^y W>rsw rpfnrncfrom Mexico in high ftdlmiration of Presdt. Di&z. • - . Whoa* reporter told | Henry Ward Beecber he found 216 errors in his sermon, B said: Young man, when the "English language gets in my way, it stands no chance. Mre. Gladstone is six months older than Queen Victoria. ' ' Vienna haa 200 horse butchers, and 20,000 horsea are eaten every year in the city. We prefer rice ^pudding . to horse every day in the week. If the defaulters of savings banks were hungry oftenerj "these things would not happen. Too bad for poor to lose their careful earnings. Yes, David.put corn, beans, beets, in at once. This south wind means bus!-, ness. , " It costs Paris 81,340;000 a year to keep streets swept, each '.sweeper re* ceivlng seven cents a day. Big mbney. .Danger of spring fever now,. When symptoms appear, avoid rocking chair, pull off coat and make dash for the garden. Daily doses of an hour. Now the question of the hour, , : Ii a burning one you bet; It Is, stall or shall we not .Let the furnace go out yet? Young Garibaldi, 6 ft., is going to Greece to tight. Ringllng circus has left Chicago, but it is not coming here. Tell the boys. If every prize fighter who hurts another, put in jail for 5 years, stop the business. Mother McKinley has reached her 88th birthday in excellent condition. A baby is born at every tick of the clock. A Boston Unitarian^ minister, Eev. Dr. Burrowes, elected to Congress. Whatever you lose . don't lose your temper. Hold on to it. No body else wants the thing. Fatti has a passion for linen, and her closets are full of sheets, pillow cases, and napkins. „ • v Don Cameron's daughter, Rachel, and Senator Bale's son, are engaged, and may go to Rome next fall on wedding trip. . You remember Byron's There was a sound of revelry by night? Ludy Louisa Tighe, 93, of London, was at that ball in Brussels. Ona Kentucky editor told another, to change his name to, Judas Iscariot. This was sarkastic. Tecumseh Sherman used emphatic but true language: .War is hell. Local treatment not enough for skin diseases. Your organs need attention. Put blood in order. . Foraker's father, Ohio, had 11 children, and the future Senator had to wash and iron, milk and spin, pick geese and go to school in log cabin. How our Sterling boys would kick. Last winter University of Berlin had over 7,000 students. $24 from Chicago to N. York this week, round trip, Grant celebration, and the writer is ready to start at moment's notice, provided his friends — . bouth Dakota is called Sunshine State. '••'•; ' ''..-'• Springfield, O. has a curfew law obliging bqys_under 16 to be at home at Sin winter, 9~inlum"mef7^ . ' -~ Lectures at Field Columbian museum begin promptly at 3, and in 10 minutes doors locked. Brluga folks to time. London is crazy over Queen's coming jubilee. For 3 windows to view Pfocesslon ,..83,000 refused. Hetty Green, ^ the N. Y. millionaire, is sporting a new spring hat, black ribbon, with a dash of red. Can you explain to a child how water puts out fire, or the difference between a leaf bud and a fruit bud? How little we know after all. Pope Leo is one of the few popes who have even seen an English ruler. Gunsanlus wishes to leave his fash* ionabie church on Michigan av. and 25th st. for an audience in the heart of the'city. . a Bishop Thos. Bowman, patriarch of the M. E. Church, 80 next July,' will spend his declining days with a daughter in Evanston. Weary ob delce, '< ...'..' . Tired ob tie snow, Want to git out . What the buttercup* grow; Please, Mister ^obltak,;'; ' Come, ere long spring, ' . , Honey gal, come along! Our White Houee is too small for a gi;eat nation.' We need a big palace. Mendelssohn and Schumann were Jenny Lind'a favorite song writers. Grant's tour around the world occupied two years and seven months. Tight lacing injures many a woman, but what ehall we do? It is baae ball in America, and can* uoo ball in Europe. Atcliiaou Globe thinks a man who haa one new idea a month is a genius. Grover Cleveland uses too many big woi'ds, stilted phrase, to be a megnetie orator. , , , ' , Bfypn,'s M»W of Athens j« . If popuJar chavuster uowittoya, She to of fight as w&il ta yw |r|" „" f»t you. Why shooM not school yard be the garden ppot ot the whole district? Beautiful with shrubs, flower beds, evergreens? Give the children plans for home decoration. Jenny Lind was a email eater, and cared nothing for elaborate bsnqaets. Lsst year we sent 89 million dollars abroad for eogatv We do not manage things econottmicaUy. Poor house* keeping. ' •- ;.' Presidential train tan from' Wiah- ington to New York in m honw. It is tha Congressional Limited, fastest on the Penn. eystem. Some families In this city keep barking dogs that run after people as they pass. Such dogs ought to be shot, and the owners fined. A nuisance. ' Silk mittens have appeared in English society, , : 'Providence Journal: Pie is sapping the life of out American institutions. We move to except green currant pie. Cleveland's speeches at banquets are long, dry and read from M. S. C. Is* no Henry Clay. Outside of, our debating societies, orators are scarce. Slr'Edwin Landseer'a A Piper and Pair of Nutcrackers was sold In London for «8,136. , , Instead of the old saying for a simple person, He has wheels in his head, now it is, He has seen-an air ship. Ten American colleges have .dally papers. Among them Yale, Princeton, University of Penn., Wisconsin and Michigan. < . . ; " A disappointed office seeker in Washington writes to bis brother to send htm a B. B. ticket, or a pair of stout walking shoes. Booker T.Wa"8hJnglon L P^lncipal of Tuskegee institute, Alabama, is ( the brainiest colored man in the South! Col. John S. Mosby, the famous fighter of the Confederacy, had stage fright so badly at Bichmond that he fled from the hall, in spite of entreaties of friends. , ~' RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT. Adopted on the Death of Anna Hoover by the Fenroce Sunday Sohpol. The following resolutions were adopted at the Penrose Sunday School on the death of Anna Hoover, who died April 8,1897: , , WHEREAS, Death has entered the ranks of our Sunday School the first time since its organization, and God in his infinite wisdom has permitted our sister, Anna Hoover, a good worker in the Sunday School, to be taken from us, -"• •• • • • ••;•. • • • • / ,. Resolved, That in her death, the Sunday School has lost an earnest worker, the church a faithful member. But while we shall miss her we are glad that she was prepared to meet her .God and that our loss is her eternal gain. Be it further :_v «.. 1^_. Resolved,' That the Penrose Sunday School, of Penrose, 111., unite in extending sympathies, to the bereaved parents, brothers and sisters, and that. we shall pray God's blessing upon them, Resolved, That these resolutions be published in the Christian Conservator and placed upon .the records of the Sunday School. JABEZ A.'GILBERT. MAHY J. PAIGE, Com. • .HIS TALE OF WOE. The JFeUow-~Who-8ald ThU Mu»t-Be a ...Boarding House Inmate. • ;. "Backward, turn backward, oh time in thy flight; feed me on gruel again, just for* tonight. I 'am' so weary of sole leather steak, petrified doughnuts and vulcanized cake; oysters that slept in a watery bath, butter as strong as Goliath, of Gath. Weary of paying for what I don't eat, obewing.up rubber and calling it meat, Backward, for weary I em, give me a whack • at grandmother's jam; let me drink milk that haa never been skimmed, let .ma eat butter who,se hair has been trimmed Let me once more have an old-fash-' ioued ple.and then I'll be ready to turn up and die." * . ' ' Y. P. S. C. E. SOCIABLE. Presbyterian Young People Save a Good Time at the DavU Home. The Young People's Society of the Christian EndeaVor of the Presbyter* Ian church held a pleasant social Tuesday evening at the home of Miss Maud Davis on West Fourth street. The following program was rendered:' Piano Solo,;.....:., Mias Mary Hat vey. Vocal Solo. <.....H.N.Hansen BeclUUon ,,....,-,-Miss Flora Kirk Piano Solo.. ..,..,..Leonard Miller Kecltotlou , ..-Ul83 Maud Davis Violin Solo... ...:......'.....;,.John Stager Piano Puet Kisses DeGroff and Cocbran Beporta were heard from the various committees of the society and business * matters were attended' to, Ice cream and cake were served, "Pillow, Dex" furnished no end of amusement for the guests. A very pleasant time was epjoyed. •',• ' '.•".-•• •;' -••.•- /'.''., —It was related of one of the members of Grant's first Cabinet, a former college professor of the "know-it all" variety, that be was on one occasion discoursing on the subject pf the Druses, when an auditor interrupted him with the remark that the cyclopedia did not agree with him, "Obi" wfts the reply, "I ka,ow a gr§<*t dc»l mora fiboa^ thf Douses 8b»p I did when 1 mrote th%fc ar?iel« Ja Made to order, and all kinds of Porch, Work and Brackets turned out on short notice at my Plan- ing Mill. Try our : : : ; CARPET PAPER, ;Nothing "better for laying tinder carpets. When you want .anything in : : Posts, Shiagles «r Lumber of any kind, I can fit you out. Telephone No. 19. Come to Stay. NEW MILLINERY STORE," With the latest designs in Hata, Ribbons and Flowers. Call and examine our stock. We can please you. HARTMAN , and SCrlRINER. First door north of Gait House entrance, . 117 Locust Street, Sterling, Illinois. :* The Man Who took his Pail... and sat down In the , , middle of the field on, a rock, and , \yalted. ~- for the cow to .back up to be milked, w,as first cousin to , the, fellow who would not advertise but ex. , psctcd the public to . hunt him up and buy his wares."..., , J.M. ENNlS WILL BE HERE AGAIN ONE; WEEK FBQM SaTllBDAY On May 8th, AH0 mmm HORSES, AT HOWiWI MVISV IAS*, GOODS FOR THE LADIES. GRENADINES MRS Latest styles in striped and JFigured. SILK aBENAmNEB, Perfectly lovely, ••/*•>• •''••• . '" ' ORGANDIES- * t An attractive assortment. - SHIR WAISTS Larsce and elegant variety- s o . D.Davis. OUR SALE ON A few Choice Patterns left. Do you want them at the Rediiced Prices ? A L. H Business. ' Now is your chance to ' purchase a pretty and Hat > at HALF PBIOE. 'A large and complete line of , - ii ' . . ' ' ' ', ' i ' j • ! ' • • f ' * . i latest eliapes and Novelties. All new goods, to l>e sold regardleBs of cost. '," - : ''';' : ''' ; ' ' "' . *' ' ^ Come early, while there is a good assortment to select,firom,' '' Misses Cook & Hopkins, 20 West Third St., Opp. Randolph House, '•-•A 1 My priceq sell the goods. .Sugar, two to three pounds more to the dollar than you can buy on time. Extra Honey Syrup.,.,. ..,,..,....,... ............ 2oo IP Jbs. Beat Oat Meal..... ............. ......... ,.., 25o Canned Corn, . .... , . ................. ..... , ..... 6c to 80 3-lb. Can Peaches. ,.......,,.. ..;. ,•,.. ...; ...... •... , lOo 3-lb, can Pears. . .... ...... 1. ....:.,;;.; '. ..... iQo and 15<j Fancy Siloed Peaches ,,...,''.,.., v ...... lOo and X5o> can California Dried Peaches,' 8 Ibs .,..., .............. 26o Evaporated Apples *.". . . . . ..". . ;....;,... .;../..; .60 to 7o ,. M , ? :,., ...,,,;.. ,„„.......; ........ ','... 5o ' ate Beans,'. . . . .... .-,. . . ... . , . ... . . , , .80 and 4c a quart ' Butter Cr.acfeers.. .....,.,,.,....:.. S^o tofilbs. forSoo Solid Packed Tomatoes. ..;. ........ ................ 8c ,Beet8our Pickles,., ...,•:.......,....,. ...... Beado?en CofEee..,. .............................. .......... 16oup Starch.... ....,..,,.........,...:-.........6oapackage Japan Tea. ...... .25o ^ndSoc— others sell at 8Sc a,nd 60c . . Spear Head Tobacco.;.;},.'....'.,.., ...... ..sgeapouad Fine Cut Tobacco 25«, that you have bean paying 40c for > , Choice Butter..., V..V.r"--.. ......... ..... IScapound, • ', Eggs ,..>;.,, .':...:..,. ...,.............,.,,..7oadozen ',, JIarohall'fl Best Flour is the be§t. There .is none equals it, Paatry Flour, 90c. i warrant my goo^s to be as repre4ented. J sell for .Cash and can eave you 10 to 25 ceute on the dollar, R. L. KIMBRO,

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