Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 17, 1930 · Page 15
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 15

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1930
Page 15
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OECATUR HERALD FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 17, 1930. . WABASH TRAFFIC ON SPRINGFIELD LINE INCREASING Extra Engineers and Firemen Recalled to Service Thursday ONE PROMOTION MADE Thft volume of ( r u f f l e Id ft trifle heavier f n Mprtntfrick! division antl tin-it Ima bi,TM fuldid 10 the trclKht pool accovdlnR lo ft po»Utl T)wr*r)fi,v. Another bulletin nnnnunri'd thf ji in motion of Flrrsn. n T, Kuna to the jHiililrin of cnKlnrM 1 , Eiiftln ..... · A, 0. Y minis IIIIH been rn,illfl to -M'l-vlw n n d .Firrmcn ,T. Conrarly. H t'. Uliisby, Cliwjfn Utllf nnd T ,r,. Applo havo bcon rerfilleil and iiiifiiKiwd to B l u t f j find Hannibal M homo trii'tnlnnl!); two flrcnion have boon recalled lit Hannibal. Alto a Hi I ixl helper crew 1ms be on tn Utmnlbul. Thi) round- (nrrnttin ait; In strutted to hnvo ' fniiln^i-fft and seven firemen on (·'tint liotiid tit Dri'iiUir, nnd four mid five f f i c j w n tin th« cxi I n hoiuil tit l:(ffltfi, today ntlondlnjt a spoeldl meeting for Iho farm board leaders ot th« stftto called by Karl Smith, president of Vto Illinois Agricultural ftssoclA- Uon. Tho mooting opwncd In the Hotel Orlnndo Thuradny tind will ito ITrldny oveulHB. liono attendlns from hern are Farm Advisor H. N. Myers, T. R Tnylnr, Charles Wnlkei and M. 1, Goltcn. JVST SO r r l s K A I M ( O . M M N « ,1 T.|urtft, until m'tinlly 911- jiriliitmili'Hl' o[ Uie western dlvtHton cf Hie C t i l n c o ft Alton mil road, lins cxetcUetl hlsj MPtiloilty ilchtu anf tnken n pa^fmrei- run bctwoi-n Knn- ims Cltv timl ttinidlioutu' making hln f l t n l ( t i p VVi'rtncsdity. F'or iu«rly i'O your* lie hiitl bern trulnoiii.itcr and dlvlflrai imporlntrndc-nt. When hi 1 Jpft the office of xii|crlnt(!ndcnt Idea w;i" Ilitit lie would never be In nclivo service; lifter gcvpntl morUiji of Innetlvlly tic det'liirtnl t h d t IcllcneMi was mor- w-.iHnf; ( l i n n t i u f n iieivlct tind lin took bii ctiolen of pajtsent.'1-r t i-alnii, one of tin 1 fftsl runs OIK of KnnuM City wtiere hf hat made his home Jor a number of J'MVl*. Thn f f d e t a l cotut bus iiplicUl n rulmt; of ihe I n l r r a t a l n cominrrcc lon t c q u l i l i i K I'm J'cnn-tyt- Ralllttioro Ohio, Hc;ullnu nnd other eaHlcrn Mm 1 * to illxcon- (lnii« ( h e -10 year (ji'itctl^ nC /irovkt- Jrifr wnrrhoiisi 1 fncllltlbH In I'tillndcl- phln to H h l p p e r x on tho*f llnt'i. Tli« f r d r i n l r f l i n t ht-l(t Hint iiirh ra'iliHf-u h;ul heeomp n-Wtea and woro fllsi- rrltiilmillon npitlnsit oilier wai-ehotl;.e c"inparikM tind chlppcis which IM not imdfr the appi-nvnl tailffs par- ticipnte in the nllown iicufi S.M'KTV JIKCOIH) LiiiHfiK tltc IliiCf yeara ended Sf|it. 3d nut n slnglp passenger luia "been kUInl on the New York Central, nc- rnrcttng to a loirnal ntntctnnnt ti- Btied by t h n t comptiny, Thn statement iclh th«t In JWf iho New Yfiik Onlivil f i i n l P d K ' O l ]ier runt M all o£ the jiii^enKi'i 1 tntrCIn (if the u o n i p n n y ntiil n j i p n i x l i n n t o l y IK liei- win. of n i l of (ho .Pullman busJ-i nr-iis of lliL- country. Alno I h c otutK-; nn-nt tell» that tu-ooiftlnf; tn figures »hoivn (ri riv-ouis n[ th» lntfr.flftl»| romtncTco commission, the, nvtrngd; nuinbef nf t i u l n iiroliffrflii on t h n l ' line are a Mule more than nne-thlrrt r.f the av(-rnft« of all ot Hie dftss l! line In the countiy. DECATUR HERALD LEWIS TO SPEAK IN PANA ON SATURDAY PANA.--Jumos Hamilton Lowls, Domouriitlo candidate for Unltod Stut«» Senator, will Bpouk in tills city on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 18, Mr. will sixmk at 2 o'clock In the Now Putaco Ihealor. He gcwn Pana to Taylorvllle from wharo h will go to Springfield for the bl Democratic meeting In that city o Saturday night. The unnuiil Homecoming and P*» Muster's nlKht of Pana loilfto, No 220, A, F, mid A. M. will bo hold on Thursday. Nov. 13, In the Musonl temple, uncording to an announcement mad a ami Mr.i. 10. E. I3)lrf- worlh ot HI oo in I union Sunday, Oct. IS will observe the W(h anniversary of Ihfllr mnrrlnRo; lliri reception will he li» Maplcwotid Courtly club. In yrnra of conUmioni scrvlcn wllh that · Am puny. Knglnrcr K l l t w o i t h Is on*i of Uie, urnlors nn Ihp C, A A, Cfndiici*ir C. It. A r m n l i n t i K Is on dnlii" 23-11 hctwpen Derattir nnrt ttnnvitlo while Condm.'tor W. O'Connell l.i nb*cnt nn leuvc. 1[« has goon lo Inrtmnn for a visit. Thn IntcrJockcr at ths croaalnp or ihe Wabaah nnd C. 1. M., Giand nvcmte tina Fifteenth (ttt-cet. SprlnE- flMd, la to be rebuilt by the C. 1 * 41. A bulletin icnnotmelnp mat wdrtid trftln ami enplnn men that ·whllfl the InltfLloeki'f In out of rom» niissilnn, nil t id Ins must come to a itov lit that ctevtlns. W, E. OolllnRS ard Edwin Arnold nnvc been elected dclcfciitf ami niter- nate by Wahaph «l-rkH tn lhi na- tlonnl convention which convenes in Col , DeWitTCo, Farmers Attend Decatur Meet C'UNTON ~- A ilclcvtiitlon of De- Wilt roiinty farmer-i ate In Ilcrnftiv MILLIONS OF PIOPLE U S E T H I S I D E A L TttATMENT B R O M O Q U I N I N E T*btelt combine ·n e»e«U*nt Una- li»e*rith quinln* ·ltd a t t i m u f » n t , making · well bat ·need «ml «fl«live li«atmBi)l for «ola» ·nd h«MUcb«». laxative BROMO* PREPAREDNESS Prepare now for your battle against Old Man Winter, with his army of sleet, snow, ice and blizzards by filling your bin with Riverside Sootless Coal -4- the best coal you can buy for the money. Riverside Bootless is mined in Decatur by Decartir 1 men. It's fresh from the mine every day and delivered promptly by careful drivers. Telephone 4444 MACON COUNTY COAL CO. Starting Saturday, Oct. 18th, 8 A. M. 3-DAYS ONLY SAL OF REBUILT 111 WITH BALL-BEARING BEATING-SWEEPING BRUSHES TT is a real pleasure to be able to oSei our i customers a remarkable opportunity to own o Hoover for only a fraction c/ the cost of a new machvni-' Each cleaner offered in this sale has been rebuilt at the Hoover factory by Hoover experts; we are placing on sale e limited number of these machine* 90 day guarantee, EvcrV' cleaner has "been equipped with a ball-bearing beaung-s weeping brush. Even when new. thwe machines did not have this feature. Each also has n new bag, cord and belt, «nd all mechanical parts ate in perfect condition. Don't miss the*; rare bargains! Get yours before the limited number is completely sold out. $ DOWN i MONTH Cash Price $21,95 .Without Wt- »io iruwh.n* t, a Homer Comftmj JUbtilll NtimtH'r Avitlluhle Ai Thin 9»e HOOVER C L E A N E R . ITRtAfS in ItSumu 01 H f'liin, NOT A ' GENUINE HOOVER FACTORV REBUILT WITHOUT THIS NAMEPLATE Rebuilt Hoovers for Sale by the Following Dealers, Who Are Membeu of the Electric League of Decatur DECATUR ELECTRIC CO. 124 \V. Wood SI. BODINE ELECTRIC SHOP ltr.6 E. Wonrt St. REX ELECTRIC CO. 114 E Wtlllnm St. HEISE ELECTRIC SHOP fiO") S, Bi-ontlwHj' St. TROTTER ELECTRIC CO, 104 K. Plitlrle CHAPMAN ELECTRIC CO. 2SO S, OHklnntl St. GILL-DAV1S ELECTRIC GAS APPLIANCE CO., 159 Merchant Street. KRIGBAUM ELECTRIC CO, 107 S, Main St. ILLINOIS POWER LIGHT CORP, Clinton, Illinois 124 South Water St. _ Illinois,. , Power and Light Corporation Dill 4121 O t -- -- ^^^^ Save! Shop at Stewart's Saturday! HorveMl Snle 3 lUrvani Safe * Iferveit B*to t IbtrvMt S»I« * H»rv*wl Hktn «. llftfviwl H»l* ·* Harvml Mnk * ||,, fw ,,, ~ , fW* lOc Cake Cunay Tullfl 3 Cnh« 19c SOc lUrv«Ni SOc Hind'. Hooey Almond Cr«*m, Bottle Goly Faoo Powder 69c 3Sc Pond's Cream Cold or VanitMnff 23c H»rv*wl SOe Pepiodent Tooth Patio Tube «, llftfviwl title 25c W«odbury' Hmrvmt Hnk 4 |i«f W , M ,^. 50c Bft. Watkin'i Shampoo ·All Shampop Path WAr lA(t SpetW ,TL ' 3 Cakei Sbampop i Sitordiy A ^ ' ^* f * ' Bott ' 1 28c 1 45c. 36c. 33^ (fyap\alues Galore at this Gi*eat New Gloves CHAMOIS liTTK-4). 3D Cham nitrite, cnibrolJ- t y li'lm. cuff and slip- on ftylcti, nit jtlwii - In Inn new Full shades, a I The Store for AU th« Peopl -DRY GOODS CO.- Now filovoi IMI'OltTllt) KID nnl , C A l ' K - A I I H.;w HI! 4 Uk i'ly|o^ In nhjxiii "*-i *· * ' · U f f fttl-fMI Hi hld'-U, i n n nnd » I'wlr In The Harvest Sale! SILK HOSE t ""t Full Fathioned--Slightly Irregular* Regular $1.95 Values These hose are of £, well known' advertise brand. Silk to top and silk to welt. l r u)l fashioned French heels. Medium aervico and chiffon, A pair : Cinderella and Kayser Silk Hose Genuine Grenadine Twitt--Full Fashioned. f» ^B AP Th« very popular, benutiful DULL FINISH \^ W\*\ Chiffon How--very sheer, all silk, pitol top-- *l · · V V French heel--in the new leading Fall 3.98 Pt. Wool Blankets wool I) i * n k » U )t] a l l ; ' ( l f i r i i ; trj Hint, h $1.39 Sheet Blankil Only a Harvest Sale Could Offer Values Like Tktte Men's L W. Dress SHIRTS JInro nrcn hlrts of the fin ertt bro/ielelijth ami ri-jTMlni'jt.50 v u l U M , I n stlrlpes, and omflll p a t terns, plnln colora 95c Boys' Union Suit* Boys' heavy rlbhed Union Suits in roltoo or [j.irt wool, log, nil si Boys' and Girl* 1 Union Suits Winter Wright union suttn Hoy*' comi In fihod slrcves iiti(i knee l(ni. r lh. Olrh' in shnrt slowp, knfp length. All aljrs fur Trimmed Winter COATS Types For Every Woman and flfis* Basement Styles and Colors: Moulded I InTM . . . Flared eflct , . . Straight linen . . . Pouch Collara , . , Krnwn. Win*, Orcen, Black. Materials: " . BrQHdclotb, Vttf Fahrlc*, Sport. In the Harvest Sate 3 Piece Ensemble KNIT SUITS Lingerie and Knit Goods Department Every new f. is lit on noli- for (lip Full smiFon h»s b«'n expressed in ihU srrtnrt Kroup 1 Thief pier* wenvc"; of Blue, Green. Brown wntl $ 10 *16 51,89 Pequol SOePofluot Cases 35c BOc 9-4 Shieling Mr, M ^li'iiiiniis JK ^ 25c A yard 25c Slevens Crash ISc Bin. Mnlln 89c 29e Oordwl Midrit .95 --SKIXND FLOOK. An Exciting Group of Drenet lor the Harvest DRESSES Basement Silk Dresses of the season's Fashion «en«ntton!«tnnew low price n t w It) sty linns cl all )): Aulinmi, All str.;!t Wool Jersey Dresses n.-gnlur f.!J U5 nil w o o l 3 « r * v y i\i'u*xt$, In l)hu, 1.1D and |, r i'ipn. f f Sixes for woimm nnd L^l VOBCB 2 95 - MeBroadcloHi 3A ttii hoa wttU\ in H prinf«: r-illi!fi'j fin. irih; frtisi enlotYt; » ftont of o o 1 o r f 11! yunJ . . . 19c 35c Hope Prints 25c M y; in lilting: $1,76 Worth For $1 BASEMENT HARVEST VALUES sac, OIL ;LOTH-- · - While «id Fancy, a yd. $I.OI BKKA13 ttOXKS-- Beautifully cnwjjieled »,,. ](kj SIZE 1VOHY SOA1--- , Spoclal for Saturday, 5 calf OB BBu UAYON BLOOMEJIS-- Women's Slop-Iris and Jlloomd'S, 2 for... »IJ» WOMEN'S HAYON OOWN8- Lucc trlmniort neck HUSKING GI.OVKS-- Tyn thtimti siylcs, u dm, HAo WOMEN'S SILK ItOSK-- Ravel-stop; (ill ^il7^,s; 2 jir, 19c 29c $1 $1 .$1 7»r 1'UIITO BICAN GOU'NM-- Women's nfi]il-niiifo pntt-nd, £ for . »l-19 OUT1KG FI.ANNKL GOWNS-- Wnmen'H (Ine flunn#l unwn* ........ WOMEN'S UNION SMTS--FloretJ, dliort *lo«ve, ankle mid hitee )nnK*h ...... BOYS' CHICKKT 8WKATEHS- Colorful plill-ovi'r K\y\«» .,'. N MKNT9 WOOL HOSIt- Hftftvy welsltt wool; ]nii' tfc Ml MKN'S 7»c WORK SHIItTS-- CA- M«n'n blue shii-ts: K\M* H lo 2fl OUC Wtn HODSK BROOMS-- * * $1 $1 $1 $1 Coal Nodi VMn. Hotl 35c Jlort No, 1 Tub ., No, 2 Tuh . GahraMizo4 Tubs ...59c ...69c 'nnt Ji ill HIH, j^if ii

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