Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 25, 1888 · Page 2
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 25, 1888
Page 2
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THE EVENING GAZETTE: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25 1888. Evening Gazette <!. it H. L. JOHN riihilihr-r* and rroprlct Ffr Wr» T K K M « : V ct«.| Per Year ... vpRKn PT ^AHKiim. Ei!<r«l at tb» PiihTi-i u Sur-id-Chii litter. SATURDAY. FRn. K. liw. IVK are just a -trifle afral Ipst ps-ople on the oatalde who get tt G»7.iTTE should think that, becans tlicre Is constant urging of Improve menta of divers kinds hpre, CO qucntly Sterling has nptd of these sal improvements. Sueli imprcssio would be erroneous. The GAZETT challenges any city of its size in th Union,— it cares not where, in popu lous SSew England or the less populou west^ in nil things, wealth, moral progress! verieasTin F~Hie~ fuiriisSurane tlmt our city will not suffer by compa i&on. We Invite earnest and carefu attention to what is said in this artlcl as it will give a faithful statement o our condition. .We claim, first, tha our young city la anomalous in ihl that what wealtJi Is horn has been pro duced here. Make a house to hous canvass, and one cannot find a ma who came here with wealth or with competency, even. It was the profit growing out of factories, or inerchai dlae, or the steady annual yield o farms, or legitimate business of bank ing which gave Sterling her^ggregatp wealth of many millions ' Visit on stores and examine their books W state from knowledge that every ma: In mercantile business in our city wh is possessed of capital sulllcient (At)' most of them are) to carry his busiues on is making money. It is likewis true that our bunks are doing a saf and profitable business, having pleat of money to meet the demands of th market. It Is equally correct that ou manufacturers are conducting sat and profitable businesses. And, look ing back, we find steady, successive ad vancement in wealth. Our city ha been free from financial depressioi and business failures which liav marked (ither- cities. We now read the proposition that our city is in sue shape that its future does not lepmir upon any single enterprise to-be, o succession of enterprises to-con.e I'o Its continued growth. The oontlguou funning lauds are, annually, throng] __ increased knowledge and experience,— through improved stock '("cattle, hoine ' and hogs) and through improved ma chlnery, yielding to their owners add ed Incomes, enabling them to npeti more freely and thus contribute t added business for merchants. An "_tbe diversified crops and products o the farms are multiplying the bus! nesses of Sterling, stock deiuandin one class of dealers, grain anothei chickens and eggs another, butter at othur, etc. Already arrangements ur making to have Sterling a horse mar ket and it is promised that there aha be a pork packing establishment here Our splendid roller mills already grin all the wheat of thla valley, and ou rye mills use up great part of the ry • And there Is our splendid, beautlfi Hock river flowing by our town an separating us • from Kock Falls b twelve hundred I'eet, yet spanned by beautiful Iron bridge and the tw places are practically one, as most o the factory owners of Itock Kails llv _____ In. (Sterling.. n8_do_many__Qf__the_pin ployes; and both are In the same Con gressioual township and governed b; the same board of school trustees This river not only affords dralnag' to our lovely, fertile valley, rlche than the Nile valley in times whw Joseph's brethren went thither fo grain, but It likewise yields .power fo our many busy factories, While It Is proposed, and the matter Is far ali.m| ou its way, to Construct another, dam at the head of '.tho r.iplds, some mil above our present dam, we desire to state to any in search for a site for i factory that they will not have to wni for the upper dam to be built in order to dud power, for there are 8,000 inches of yet unsold power; and by repairing . Of the flumes, and the stoppage of the leaks, and the clearing out of the races, the present power 01 the lower dam could be doubled. It being In the ownership of a most wealthy corporation, the same would be done i mined,lately upon demand being made fo? it. There are other projects on foot, wull being bored now In strong expectation of striking natural 'gas and opening up this wealth to our people Sewerage Is under advisement and a iplendid public building is about to bt erected. A street car line is a certainty In the not distant future, while at least two considerable factories will start up in the Spring, und at least two of our e*tiftlng factories will add largely to their present 1 force. Hesides all these, tho .North western railroad will, aa soon us veather per mlta, not only erect an elegant and costly depot bulldliig (an indubitable evidence of its confidence in our continued growth) but will also congregate here a great fqrce of men to lay an additional track between here and liix-helle, some forty miles away, thus glvlug double track from Chicago to Clinton, 1S8 miles. The splendid iirayel pita, three tulles , west of here, will also keep nere through 'the summer, great force of wen to get that out for use on the double track as well as for other polnta along tho line. Sterling 'will likewise be headquarters for the gang of men to be employed by the same road for the construction of the fine new iron double track over the Rock riferat Nelson four mllea. east of here. No, too, the 0. B. & Q, road has purchased an immense amount of steel , rails which will 3'>;>n begin to arrive and will make new bed and lay new i alia and moktj new bridges and cul- v arts from Shabbosia to Denrock and tirtyojwl, the ho*dquart#m for the men bain? Storting; and when that work l» S**rtluf will be on C. B. A j (}. main lino as (well »• Northwester main line. Tho foregoing plain stute mcnt of fact, told without coloring an kii')wn to every reflective man of Ster ling, toarhes beyond peradventuro tha the upper dam project might fail, th gas well might not yield, the street ca llr.e not be b«ilt, and still that (Sterlin is on the high and grand way to pros perity that nothing can stop. I'nder stand, we can pee by prevision,—by th iinmistukeable signs of the times tha great public enterprises, so long and s earnestly advocated are coming to pass but what we insist upon, is, tha though they failed, (we mean, of cours for the prneent,—say a year or too,— because ultimately they are Inevitable even then the coming season will b one of greatly increased activity; w insist that the solid, substantial, pro gressive condition of our business a; fuTrs'dremonstrate fills fo the entire sai isfaction of all who have investigated Sterling has been very close and .dea to us for many years. We have ob served Us history and have written its history for nearly a decade, -and it healthy growth has sometimes startlet us We know men whose fortune have doubled, quadrupled, sextuplec In that time. There are about us a the signs and portents of coming addei fortune. Our climate Is bracing, strong conducive to health and promotive o longevity. No city of America lieatthier; no city of our size contain more old people. Ours is not only hear or hope of things to be, but heart o enjoyment of present fuition. And th buoyant, helpful, strengthening condi tlon of affairs about us, Is absolute as uiirance of tlie coming da>s ofmulti plied advantages and increased addiri] unto of chances for accumulating Nothing can daunt us,—nothing can defeat us. There Is no boasting here The (JA/.KTTE wishes none to settl here from the outside except after in vestigation. We want none to com under misrepresentation,, that they may afterwards regret and mourn thei choice. Our city has no railroad o land rings; we are prosperous and w realize that added population and add ed wealth will add to-our chances fo greatly increasing wealth. We are al here to stay, and we wish those wh onio here to come with eyes and ear open, and to take things as ttiey are We might, as our citizens do well know speuk of other prominent blessing which seem to be sure of realization but we wlah no Bonsatlonalismsrlher is no band of speculators here wit real estate to be boomed and be dis posed of, that present owners may se out and quit. We invite the strange hero, that he may be our neighbor an grow up with us and as he adds to hi fortune through our aid, so his pres enco and cooperation may add to our One thing, though, Is absolute and we' maintain It anywhere and everywhere Let every proposed ent-trprise 'fa through (a contingency absolutely im possible) and even then Sterling is o the high road to constant increase population and constant increase wealth. —In an enrly, perambulation thl morning we encountered, not exactly prince in disguise, but a hero, patrio. scholar,—lu rugs. lie was only a tramp and as he stopped us and begged fo "only twenty-live 'cents to get a squar meal, my stomach having been a stran ger to food for three days past," he add ed that he was down on his luck 'and that If we would but listen to his o'e sad tale, he could start tears to ou. eyes and our hand to our pocket book And what a story he did tell. At 2 lie responded to his country's call, with a gun upon his shoulder. He marchec with Grant to lielmont and was wltl him at Oonelson. He won' a lieuten unt'n commission In the Hornet's 'Nes'i at Shlloh and contracted a cousump tlon before Vlcksburg. Such was his ardor, though, his intensified patriotism, that he refused retirement. Or gaiil/,ed a regiment and figured in the eastern army at the wilderness^ and h: tho subsequent battles where his brav- won plaudits from his superiors lie was at Appomatox. Mustered out he went home, married and settled down to practice of law. Practice in creased, he was sent to the State Sen ate.. Here he paused, and wiped, or essayed to wipe, a tear from his grimy face with his ragged sleeve. This wqs live years ago. In his absence a fiend in human • shape ;empted his loved wife from home (he had no children). He followed the mim uid encountering, killed him. He wa arrested, arid lay for a long time in prison. He was tlrst sentenced lo ten 'ears in the penitentiary, but granted a new trial was acquitted. Two years n prison and lawyers fees left him a muper. Life was a burden. His wife had died while he was In jail; he had no near relatives, "and. and—1 became a vagabond," he said hesitatingly. 'For three years 1 have wandered like' he Wandering Jew restlessly. 1 have braved the rigors of cold, and have uttered from sweltering heat 1 can't >ray. yet daily there go up from my heart earnest longings that each day may be my last." Here he became athetlc indeed, and he is unquestionably a consummate actor, if he did ot tell the truth. Ilia story as told us s not strange as that of the South Carolina governor who has filled an undred prisons in the past ten years U we left him, he resumed bis journey] is legs trembling u he walked. —Again would we repeat our appeal or help for the Mt. Vernon sufferers. Kher cities are responding generously o the call for help, and our pride in terling makes ua especially anxious mt it should maintain its reputation or geueroalty. Our people are gener- us; they only need to be assured of the merit of an appeal and they rotnptly respond. This is a most leritoriom cjue. L«t via have your uhMriptiona in any amount and we rill forward them promptly to their e»Un*tioa. . < — Matters aro» vf-ry qniPt, induce around town. The police dockets are all empty. A couple of tramps cam along and got lodging in juil and thi morning were sent on their way. Thi for twenty is all in the way of arrests four hours. — Freeport is doing hersMf proud! regard to the Mt. Vernon sufferers The .Journal of yesterday says it is ex pected to raise a thousand dollars. W should be pleased to see our citizen take liold of the matter and raise som snm in order to testtfly sympathy exhibit charity. —Judge Grinnell said to a friend tha he should adjourn court for the term some time next week, but that he coul not now tell precisely what time would be; that it was not likely to las through the week. No r.ases of impo tatica remain-- on the docket -for- thi term. — The Hennepln people are not at a confident of getting any big appropria lion; indeed, as we understand, the will not ask for it. What they will tr to do is to get 8500,000. Our frien General Henderson, while we don't lik the Hennepln deal, certainly has stuc: earnestly by the Hennepin folks, yea by year laboring to secure an approprii tion. —Ice is good in its place; hut it i sometimes averse to being disturbed,— is stubborn, as it were, as a good-na tured merchant fopnd it this morning He first stepped upon a sheet of it an then sat d wn upon it— real hard, too He talked to It when he picked himsel up by help of a friend and told it, i had no business there; and still it de dined to move. —The postofllce patron reglste shows constant accessions of populn tion. September i, .last, a eomplet house to house canvass was made, ani everpbody recorded. Since that tlm. there has been constant growth In pop ulation, not a day passing but one o more new names have been added, an oftentimes a goodly number of name in a single day. As but very fev? hav left and as very many have been add ed this is proof irrefutable that ou dty is growing in population. CONDENSED NEWS. Tho people of Ni'irinal, Ilk, sent the Moun ,Vernon Riiff.<rers f K1A -Friilay. I Joseph Wilkinson, of Albany, N. V., offers to hot f 1,1X10 Hint he can sleep continiiousl for 142 hours. """Ofaforjuniicu Miller,"of tho United State luprunw court, will deliver the oration a the Juno commencement of tho Btate Un; mrslty of luwu. Firo at Monticollo, Ills., Friday morning destroyed I'. R. Keys' drug store and B. A Ball's grocery. The total low will be $7,150 with K>,4K) insurance. Tho boilor in John Hydo's" saw-mill a Guidon, Mich., exploded Friday afternoon killing J. Lamb, the fireman, sorioualy Injuring two others, and completely .wracking tb mill. Business failures during the saren day ended Friday numbered for the Unitec BtataB, 237; Canada, 3,-t; total, 2W; com pared with 800 for tho oorrosponding last year. It Is reported that a syndicate of French, B-lglan and Dutch banker, has advanced t< Russia the sum of 133,000,000, refusing grant a larger loan unless the Bulgarian question Is suttled peacefully. An English poacher, charged with wound Ing a gamekeeper, has been acquitted on th ground of golf dofoiuo, the judge InUructinj the jury tlmt keepers have no right to nun poachers as if they were wild boasts. A man who appears to be William H. Monroe, of Knightstown, lud., by letters found on his. parson, jumped .fronx.tho.Viu dalla passenger train in Terre Haute Frldai afternoon, and received fatal injuries, John Cor, a woodsman working near Casco, Mich., was cutting trees, when one that had been split sprang back, and catching Cox's. bead between the two pieces crushed his skull, killing him Instantly. Senator Btockbridge, of Michigan, on Friday sold his 3-year-old stallion Bull-Boy to Frankfort, Ky., partlea, for 135,1100, the highest price ever paid for a 8-year-old. H. gave Senator Stanford |5,000 for the horse year ogo. As a 2-year-old he trotted a mile . Charles Martlndale, of Toledo, Ohio, , was burled five years ago, but astonished his family Tuursday by walking Info the house alone and well. He said grave-robbers stol bin supposed corpse and he came to life on L dissecting table. Being In debt he left town and stayed away until Thursday as stated, Religion of (he AbTulnlani. The people profess ft kind of Christianity almost identical with that of the Kopts unil Syrians, nnd very similar to that ol the Greek mid Russian orthodox rites. They are Monophysltea, who recognize bul one nature In Christ. The head of the Abyaslnlnti church bears the title "Abouna," or "Our Father,"'und takes runk as a patriarch of the orthodox Greek church. He U always consecrated Alexandria, In Ejrypt, by the (senior patriarchs of the Coptic church In that country. The whole country swarms with priests, monks and nuns, whose religion consists In the performance of utterly unintelligible and monstrous cere- Monies. Altogether, the Abyssinian church Is the most utterly debased form of Christianity, just as the habits and customs of the people denote tho reuinunts of i most debased form of. civilization. Nevertheless the churches are full of louvenlrs valuable In ecclesiastical history. Among the souvenirs which are in - „ . CT . uu uvv* i *.uu £} 11 uitn aiv 11 much repute nro tho insignia of the order of Solomon's Seal, which consists ol two nterl«ce<l trlmigles inclosing a cross with- n the large central aperture, a ring and guard being attached to the upper apex. —Philadelphia Times. ^ Hypocrisy of • Ix>re Token. "I have become a hopeless cynio from ny thirteen years' experience as a eweler,"said the foreman of a leading Irm. "I have learned tlmt eo much Is insel tlmt shines aa. gold that I can only ook on the world's splendor as clinquant hollow Bhiiai. Even when the genuine gUtterliiK gold, plucked from the bowels f rich Tolosi and set with gems of purest ay serene, adorns fulr throat, or rounded arm, or tapering flnger, It only produces a eutlment of scorn for the hypocrisy of man nature. , "Let me Illustrate: It has been for some time a favorlt* fad with young men in society when one becomes engaged to present hla lluuceo with a jeweled bracelet, hich thevjeweler rivets on the wrist so that It cannot bo slipped off. This U «up- Kxsed to be a token of the eternM bondage of the wearer to the donor and a perpetual reminder of fidelity. But In A day or two he young ludy receive* a noto from the eweler requesting her to toU. When she ot» so she U itown u oecret aprlna, whereby she can put aalde the bond at ill. "And I hav* obserfod," added he Jeweler, "that although the fair lady rot«.ta a«ain»t mAkJug UM of the iprini he U. delighted to find tfa* secret <jj tt.K.!! ' Prtw. —A croaker called today nnd told us a long story about the February moon getting too far north, or too far Bouth, or too near the east and weal, or something of that kind, and then something else about Jogs in this month, and when lent began'-ai d a whole rigmarole more tangled than a lunatic's grievance and s;iid that nil theas signs showed thai thereM be poor crops this year. He looked very happy when he got through. How can men flnd time for such rldie- u'o js figuring as nil this, and yet support t elr families. . The future Is as blunk as a lottery ticket to every man, Chnrch.Notleea. Services In the English Lutheran, church to-morrow at 10:30 a. m., and 7 p m. Sunday school at 12 m Morning service at Grace church at 10:38. Regular services every Sunday evening at "1 o'clock'. Sunday school at 12 m. Services in the Presbyterian church tomorrow at 10:45 a. m. and 7 p. m. conducted by the pastor, R«v. N. H. (i. Fife. Sabbath school at 9:45 a. m. At Hroadway M. E. church—Preaching by the pastor, HOT. Mr. Stuff, at 10:30 a. in. and 7 p. m. 8. H. at 12 m. Young People's class-atfl:l6 p. m. liaptist church. Service at 10:30 u. m., and 7 p. m., conducted by Rev. G. T. Richards of Chicago. Sunday school at 12 m. Revival prayer meeting at 0 p. m. Services at the Christian church at 10:30 a. m. and at 7 p. m., conducted by the pastor, Rev. T. W.Grafton. Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor at 0:15 p. m. Fourth Street M. E. church services at 10:30, a. m., and 7:15 p. m. conducted by the pastor, Rev. J. B. Robinson, D. I). Sunday school at 12. Young People's meeting at 0 p. m. Church of the Sacred Heart, Rev. H M. Fegers, pastor. Services on Sunday, first mass at 8:30; high mass at 10:30. Sunday school at 2 p. m. Vespers and sacramental benediction at 3 p. m. Regular services at St. Patrick's Catholic church to-morrow, conducted by the pastor, Rev. C.J.O'Callaghsn, D. D. Mass, 8:30; high mass, 10:30; vespers and benediction, 7 p. m. Regular Sabbath services in the Ev- an'gelical,church at 10:30 a. m. and 7 p. m., conducted by the pastor, Hev. II. Mosher. Young People's meeting at n p. m. Sabbath school at 0:15 a. m. Congregational church services at 10:-45 and 7 conducted by the pastor, Rev. Martin Post. Subject in the evening: Rev. 3: 20. S. C. E. at 0 p. m. Sunday school and liible classes at 12. The Chautauqua Normal Union class will meet for recitations Monday evening, at 7:45 o'clock, at the Congregational church. All invited. Gospel temperance meetings will be held in A. O. U. W. rooms, over Oliver & Co's. drugstore, every Sunday at 3 p. m., until farther notice. Everybody Invited. Movements ot Population. ' AHRIVALS. Mr. L,. E. JJrookfleld is home from a two-weeks visit through the west. Mr. and Mrs, E. H. Clark, Mrs. W. A. Kintzle, Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Werntz, Mrs. Mallory and Mr. W. A.. Uaker returned from Rock Island this morning. Tluyhad attended the Mikado opera there, DEPARTURES. Mias Irvine, guest of Mrs. C. Uurk- holder, returned to Rockford to-day. Mr. John A. Page Is at Chicago and Mrs. Page is at Dubuqun. KOCK KAL.1/CI. -+-Mr. Benjamin Barnes, of St. Louis, and Mr. Robt. Humphrey of Waterman, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Zeller. -t-Mr. Henry Petrle express messenger on Doo Boyntpn'a train has been confined to his home by Illness for several days. -f-The GAZKTTK is under obligations :o several! Rock Falls friends for furnishing news items to Its reporter day oy day. +The'Young Ladles Foreign Mis- sionery Society of the Methodist church met yesterday afternoon and evening at Mr. Harry Price's. »-Dr. Fred Hubbard, brother of Miss Grace Hubbard, of Fulton, died at Brooklyn, New York, ou Thursday, is we learn from the Fulton Journal. His sister. Miss Grace, of Fulton, has many friends here. >-The drill of the gas projecting company is still in soft gray shale, and at a depth of 200 feet, a progress of 45 feet ince last report. This was at ten i'clock this morning. The shale has hown no change in color for two days past. -*-Rock Falls people are imbued of he same spirit of confidence which marks their neighbors across the free iridge. They believe that the year 1888 will be one of greater prosperity than been before In the history of the wo places. They hopefully regard the well being bored, and are conlldent the triklng of gas means certain blessing. -t-MisaOlaf Krarer, an Eskimo lady, f diminutive stature, delivered an ad- ress of great interest to her auditors n the manners and customs of Green- and, in the Methodist church. The ery Inclement weather prevented a nil attendance, but those present felt really edified by her utraightforward ccount of life in the frozen north. Dr. O. M. Wheeler's office, over I. Volfa store. Chronic diseases and Iseaaes of woman my specialty, tf. Cbleaao Market*. The following are the cloning quota, ons of grain, cattle aud hogs on th« hicago market reported eapecUUr for the OAZBTTK by W. 8. MoCr*« A Oo. Wheat-SO&c May 75,^c; cuh; firm. Corn—6iWo May; 47,^'n cash; film Oat*-3iUc May; fl^c cub; qul«t Hof»—^utat 6 lower. Catti*—tt«»dj arm. For Bit. Vcmon HnfTrrrr Amount previously reported George Mohler, Total, i.oo Next Tuesday the Triiie Company will appear at the Academy of Music for the second time this season. Their return is In response to the general desire of our people to see them again in their "very, very funny" play of Trlxie. Miss Jessie Bouate!le r for whom the play was especially written, possesses a beautiful voice and is one of the beat dancers on the stage. The play Trixle abounds in beautiful music, fine dancing and overflows of fun from beginning to end. Maudolins, banjos, guitars, xylophones, occorinis and violins ate used in the specialties with pleasing eflect. The company boasts the funniest darkey on earth. They are playing at the Standard, one of the funniest theaters in Chicago this week. If you want to enjoy yourself hugely, just attend the Trlxie performance. The value of thought cannot be told. Just so with the best of everything. Take Dr. Biglow's Positive Cure for all throat and lung troubles, If you appreciate a speedily and thorough cure. Pleasant to take. 50 cents and 81. For sale by O. A. Oliver. "Velvet" aad "«7.» Two choice brands of cigars. Sold by dealers. C. H. Seloff, manufacturer. tf Academy of Music, MONDAY NIGHT, FKBRUARY »7. Grand Production of the greatest of nil Spec- tdcular Dramas, Under the Immediate supervision of the well- known Metropolitan Amusement Director, W. J. FLEMING, Esq. (LateManager Nlblo's, N. Y.) 40—I?EOI»L,E:—40 * Carload* of Special Mcenery.—« MAUNIFICKTT 8TAQE EFFECTS, MARVELOUS MECHANICAL AND SPECTACULAR INCIDENTALS. A 8TKONQ CAST. GRAND AMAZONIAN MARCHES AND DRILLS. Notwithstanding the enormous e*i>onse connected with this grand production, regular prices will pretuli, viz: M, GO and 75 Cents—no higher. Sent* now on sale at Fuller's lluok store. FOB MALK. An Old K«tabll*h«d The und-rslgnod will receive bids for the sat of the stock otciotlilng, Furnishing Hoods and Huts, ot Isaao Wolf, lately deceased; of Sterling, Illinois, subject to the upproval of the County Judge. The purchaser can take the store In which deceased conducted business for the past 20 years. Appraisement can be seen at tho store by parties desiring to Inform themselves. EMMA WOLF, Administratrix.' Sterling, Ills., Feb. 18, 1888. g The Choicest Line of IVuts, aintl Tobacco im merlin*, or anywhere else, can b« found at JNO. P. LA.WRTE'8. Ladle* Pebble Goat Button, •! eo Hens JL*ee, Button and Congreoa, X US Children* Kid and «oat Button. «K> Hisses Kid and Cloat Button, 1 «S TKK GOODS AT COST. D. W, HOPKINSON. ATTENTION I I cannot say that I have the largest stock ol Th© Best can bQ had A. T A. R HENDRICKS OPPOSITE CALT HOUSE. PURE URD VS. REFINED LAUD, SPRING SUITS -IN- The Public's attention lias been called to the subject, through the proceedings of Congress regarding the subject, and we vrish also t • GALL ATTENTION To the fact that we have At 12ic per Pound, We have a tew more of those Sweet Florida (hip, At 25 & 30o per Dozen. N' inora to be had after these are gone. OUR CANNED FRUITS AND VEGETABLES are selling fast. TRY OUR COFFEES AND TEAS. The best in the city. Maple Sugar and Honey. We can save any one money by trading with ua. JACOB EISELE, HAH JUST KEGEIVKD A Full Line -OK- SPRING WOOLENS Hulls to Order. Perfect Kit*. Reasonable Prices. Hhortent Notice. CHICAGO REAL ESTATE. Heine connected with an old experl- rlenced IlKAL, KHTATU firm In Chi •aso. 1 have at all tlmesi choice City mil suburban properly for Male. Lots, altio acres, for nub-dividing; into lots. Chicago la .growing rapidly ; real estate IN Increasing In value ; an In- < vestment there IM sure to pay big Interest. I can cite many Instances where properly, both lots and^acrrs, have more than doubled In value In the past sis months. Just now 1 have two extra good bargains to offer. Also, some houses In Sterling, aud two good farms near Sterling. J. V. KJIM ITT, Sterling, III. I ry one und you'll smoke no other. Bold only by UKA FUA8KB, who also keeps choice brands of Tobacco, cigars, pipes, and floe con fecttonary at lowest prices. I 1118 re vo ! t " 1 °" lz pd the world dur- l UK the last hull century. Not least among the wonders of Inventive progress Is a methocf and system of work that can be performed all over the country Without separating the workers from their homes. Pay liberal; any one can do the work; either sex, young or old; no special ability required. Cap^ Ital not Ueeneil, you are started free. Cut this oui and return to us and we will send you Iron sometlilnE of great value and Importance to you that will surt you In business, which will brlngV you In more money, right away, , else In the world, (irand outfit tree. True & Co., Augusta, Maine. than anything •—- Address ,dwtf I n Sterling, or that I sell lower than any other bouse, but will glye you an Idea of my fcStocl*: and Ir*riceH, ind let you ] udg« lor yourself. January « 188s 628 e^ k »iTpT££k Kl< ? Ur: "" V6ry 370 bushel Potatoes at Jl.oo per bushel 8 to lo cents per 000 pounds 8tarch. 8 to lo ccnU per pound. Over (MO pounds Hiking Powder/20U> 40 per pound. , Besides, Sugars, Te«, Coffee), SYRUPS, SPICES. attracts, foreign mod Domestic Frulto, Green and Dried, and a LARGE STOCK U( other krUa«i too uuawroua to mention. City." L Lu Uv. L. JOHNSON, We show an immense line of new Wall Papers. The most desirable patterns in evetfy grade, with borders, ceilings and decorations to •* ' match. Plain and figured Ingrains, Embossed and plain bronze papers suitable for any kind of room. The greatest variety oi patterns we have ever shown. * STEIGKLER & BOORSE,

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