The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 30, 1975 · Page 21
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 21

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 30, 1975
Page 21
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H*» I I t*4>*MI>i. lt| MM, I <V «t»«t kit* »*»• XI* CH4« •«»"»»»!«**«».»*««HU<M.^*WM«I«I mm t OWI f«r>»w llUto*. t •«*•<• I 1 *4UM. I C« H"H M I Ml M ft*M <*««»«> «M4 kw IIM H 1 *<*m UtJM I MHl «'M» t*KM< K» I tM takl kw« *u itWM IMI t Mr . I MM. I Ur H'*** , . Iblt Hl***M Ml- •«» il f«MB AIM Ml »• <«» * kMM <M*H< H • M»«y t«l H*»K Ml l«n»l I MANY OIHII H«AIU||| !»,' (HMAUM *** HuHf *•>*><* IN Mil 1W4HI* MM 1411 **************** Public Notices 130 "• !-•««! I>«*M»*<*I n»wi WlMUl (till lhl«lK »«<H« l*r l>» Mil M: t >M< INTtHNAtlOMU. ICMOOt. • Ullt. I IIM !«I»«K»TlCm»l KHOOv »Uk I urat* tan Tk«H «M M' «»• N «*M| toOriMvil i<*Mi| I* t ««»l. », IMtKlMf t»f »MU bKtM M MM Moi«inm*i Ox i nil Tta ick*U M*<» •>i HIM to r«i«tl ill kKi M •MM* »M IMMUM «H«I tot M«c*«f OK D*. MCHMMI M* W Mk* kkw AMHWtlrtltta t*tt***| »n« »<t« M k| m«llM M teiimkK I. IHI w > MJ tfoitt • t«ttlll< Cb«tk il IM I KM MI f Ht MtAtOtttMT r»t§PO«T, TCXAi, 1UHDAY, MOVBMiBB », Focfs malpractice series wins... (Continued from Page I? portunily to be aligned to the itory. Contett Judge* bad th« following comment* U> make about The Bratotport Fact*' flrft-plac* rating among daily n«w*p*P* r * in the contest: "In the Braxotport area malpractice •ulU and the resultant effect on health car* have become a critical problem "A tmnendoui effort ha* been made, over many month*, to dig out the fact* which are presented in detail and volume and which are Impressive "No thoughtful, or even casual, reader of The BraHWport Fact* can be una ware of the existence and «eriousn€*« of the malpractice problem a* ft relate* to the community and to each person residing there," the judges Mid "We had 34 entries from daily newapapers," Mailman said. "Six dailies from five state* were given unanimous top priority. The stories are Informative, well written and well wilted," Hartman continued. "They are better entries, however, because iwme extra work went into presentation. Some good art I* used. Some fine make-up, with good hwidlfnei. i* employed," Hartman unld. "In short these six are al the top because they were probably read more than the other* and because they almost reached out and grabbed the reader," Hartman concluded The judgws issued a statement of appreciation to the contributing writers along with contest results, which read: "the three Judge* have renewed appreciation of their colleagues In the newspaper profession after studying entries on the medical malpractice problem," Serving on the three-judge rrmfpsl panel with Fred Hartman were Buford Boone of Tuscaloo*a, Ala., retired editor and publisher of the Tuscaloosa News and a Pulitzer Prize winner in editorial competition: and Dean Sfnne, managing editor and veteran news and editorial director of the Maryville-Alcoa Times, Maryvillc, Tenn, Other winners among daily newspapers were, second place, The Tuscaloosa News, Tuscaloosa, AJa., Cash prize of $2,000. and, third place, The Clear-water Sun, Clearwalcr, Fla., cash prize of 11.000. Merchonfs impatient with shoplifters from Page l» the cily't a%f-ra({t- (A •ppref»«vJ»id a month, ihr una tier twwnt^wi ccnttrs in f-rrffpwr! av-ffSRc itit arid in I,ak«* JiifkMjri a!>»/jl (twr monthly, mccwdina to polfw offtciah tfjttp "Ttn* trrtxJ o( all stva busiiiK"** lias changed (ncr the last !hr«w to four year*, end its changing m«<- arvi (nt»t<",' nccording l« Iton Cash, atvirtstr IkritMR iMiiflf Dowroun! Kowfe "We (fwivj th»t p«w{4f (ton't ap^Jftt.'!*!! 1 - ft h*d t*«*n t« kw {j (lungs qme-!. to Uk<* DM- ap{jr«*«jiJ(«d ditci^Jiflrr to lhe> back rtiorri and talk tw ham We jliJ! don't ttke to mskr « fust About it. but •*•' do call tlw fK4»rr 6jsd pr»4 ctwrtef* r>y* Cash »;ti<5 "In Uw" ('»**( (tf r«-l»»kr had !'•»• !fr..'lffjf y in ?p;<nk thrir K»nd »fxl »9) 'Don't d<; that t>ut tl'» hurl J> I/) r«o! [*t«"«Air5g cliarv-'- Ix- f-iid Hintwn ot«l lhr<K> «<>>» Ihr scrMruuLitwl UA»(-S to »hi.»j>h(!i!4g fturl the local rruioftiy ^ie crmwrncr is hurt fcbm (h«- ro»! "f :'.<-!n* R<jr* u}.> t.o the kraM-» (row sJitipJ; ftir.({ s«ir»ll l»u!i:!x-.vv<-» tt^.rK than !hr Ufjjw ulurfs ;in'i Ur *i.nrika£c <fc«ft UiHu can drive- nom? fr»t-rclian!> <w! <*f fitu .inr?, ^ And !hr c:!ut«-rs mutt tiear UK- huffjrti o! the 'ui»-* to p«i> ',hf c<»u» rf tlif rrsultinK polirt- and «»ur t ctisu »tm',a'.r<i U>r !<ww> due to for Ihn* to fh<- [*T rcn! «( an tlrm't Cf»5 Th* ro»Mgfr t.4 anoihet »lof e wui (.' '.?•'<- ;.«r<tMxtitt- n>wc- »h«pli(trrt «tsrji they arc Woman directs surgeon in own brain operation , K> <M»« - A Kentudsy woman it frt* of wn-wf h**<i*ch« (or llw ftr»l time in her life After guiding * rteurcwurgeoo in a d*hc*t«r 17-hour operaUon on her <r*T> brain "It't like walking a ughtropp." the LauaviUe doctor w>d "The paUerU snd the surgeon walk it together, moving cautiously and tedjou&ly to avoid any/ mt*vtrp that would !e*d to dina*tw " Th« *-om»n'* headaches were rained by abnormal blood veuei* two and one half inches beneath her Idt t«T!^e, near bratn c«>ters that control cptwch and other vital functions To wa) off the abrxirmal blood flow without cutting crfl the normal flow to the speech center*, it w«i necetjary »hf remain awake — protected by a local anwttheiic — to her reiponiei to electrical stimulation of the brain could be observed The woman thought she wouldn't survive the operation, but the ordeal paid off The headaches are gone The wurwurgeon awl the patient granted interviews after her recovery, though both asked that their names not be used. The utitnar>. iV MI id sJM- had always felt "my hfjdachw just went with living and raising two children " Bui they became worse, and last January she suffered numbne&& m one arm ar*d shoulder and went temporarily Wind in one rye SJie was transferred in the spring to Norton's Children's Hospital in Louisville and the surgery, pioneered by neurosurgeoas from the University of Louisville School of Medicine, was performed in October During th« 17 hours the operation lasted, the neurosurgeon took only two brief breaks Both he and the anesthesiologist spoke to the woman during the operation The patient, who had to remain extremely still when the surgeon was working. was given several breaks to change her position slightly Toward the end of the operation, when the malformation had been removed, she was given a general anesthetic and allowed to sleep. Since awakening, she said the headaches haven't returned. "I'll get along without them for the rest of my life." she said DEATHS and FUNERALS Mrs. Esther F. Johnson FRKKPOHT - Service, for Mrs Esther hVrneil Johnson, a 10-year resident of Freeport, will b« held at 2 p m. Uxlay »« the Bethel Baptist Church. Her burial will follow at the Galilee Baptist Church Cemetery in Braiona. Mrs. Johnson of 509 S. Ave. H died Monday tNov. 24. 1975) in the Alvin Community Hospital after a lengthy illness. She was a former resident of Bmoria and had been a member of the Galilee Baptist Church there. Survivors include her husband, O&by Johnson of Freepttt; two daughters, Mrs. Ruby Marshall of Houston and Mrs. Zenola Bonucr of Freeport; a son. Finish Johnson of Kreeport; two sisters. Mrs. Rosa I. William* of Frwporl and Mrs, Mildred Toran of Houston, and two brothers, Lorenzo F'erneii of Berkley, Calif., and James Ferneil of Syracuse, N.Y. She had three grandchildren Arrangements are by £. Viola 4 Son Funeral Home of West Columbia. ... srttifw already <:l^im io follrf* a practice of pressing dwirges ag/iirtst all <jdmt\vn-, <nv of the Mw* hardfVi tiit by the crime has b<«n Walls Bargain Onu-r l>-,ivinfj 'he *tor«rs. >.)><• ne>\nm<T reads a sign which warns. "Shoplifimg is a crime Anj'owr can go to jail." Then- luivf U-*TI d/iys. 'Ahen a f.'lutc police car has in.'i'.i" five \i\\f- to \\tf department slon? to deal with *hi>j.>!]f!i"n, c-xpiains Wa!!« ;iMjslar<t manager Richard Ward "In UK- pa«l >i-ar we've h;id to get tougher," he said ".Shoplifters n-t-ns to g«-t toi!<-tt*c-T on this and they tell «u h other this i'» llx- pasH-%! store to steal from It isn't." )*:• s.nd f*ointjrsj! to a chart indicating; 70 apprcbt-nsions • iricludine juvf-Ciii^i virscc Juw 'We didn't UM><! to prv.-ecuK- every offender but \*c I<jur»'j tfiip fjfi*- 1 ! 'A? ii-t go w (jnj)d )usl try i! again." said Ward ' No-* •*? arUi;ili> cf/nsi'i'-r j! a favor to the othfr to Saddles stolen Loss of *S<39 worth of saddles and tack in the burglary of a barn on FM 518 near Pearland was reported to Brazoria County Sheriff's Department al 9M2 a.m. Friday. Paul Virgademo of Houston told Sheriff's officers that a western saddle, a roping saddle, a racing bridle and four halters were missing from the barn. Pol Sbol* Teapuli '.'-fxl l'> t* 1 I';"* awl •Aid^ bccau.M! lea k-j'. *-s rw a.vj pipiarxj ir ( h'jt water or. ;.V- ii'h«:-r hand tfiid !o smk to th» bcl- . ,')vin? th<? pvrr r!«-jn brc* ii 'h* top .U an- u!l in ^KSFW: > BRA-CON UPPLY,IN IS WHERE I GO FOR ALL MY PLUMBING SUPPLIES 132 COMMERCE CLUTE 26W734 -iberty is No Laughing Matter < The Facts i P.O. Boi IHi l. Tt*. ' nwi Bui " ''6" i». Thi» Utrn book by The Anocimted Pre»» take* you back 10 the year it all tMX*n, \~'d In uproariuut word* and hundred* of rare illuurjiioni it brings to tifr (br fame and foible> of (hat illu»lrioui year. Mouih by monih it intnxiuco a cast uf incredible character*., .(he cor*et-maket vi ho unite independence fashionable...(he Englittunan who invented (be sandwich v, hi If hi* nav> rolled . . . the French playwright who wa» (he rebel*' uuc-raan »r*cnal...\Va*hing(on'> oihei lady friend...Benedict Arnold the hero, not (he villain the ifal George 111,. .Indian*... cobblers... farmers... lord*... the whole >. orld of I ?~b recreated in fact and anecdote that prove* our hitlory wa> anything but dull. To find out what rcafit happened in 1776, fill out the coupon right now. With I/in ftriliiig i-o/iimr. ur a if offering a larjge, colorful u-all map of colonial 4n;tn(a. I rui> an outstanding ivtttt — for only J7. 9S through th\i nfwiftaptt

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