Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on March 5, 1936 · Page 8
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 8

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1936
Page 8
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flABLE. LENOX, IOWA RATE—lOc per line for first insertion; 5c per line each insertion thereafter. Display classified, 25c per inch. ForSale FOR SALE—Round dining table, good shape. Enquire here. 23-lp FOR SALE—National hard coal brooder; Stove, complete with hover; two 1 in. mesh netting chick pens; one 3x5 brooder; 17 good hedge Eclipse Lumber Co. chick posts. 23-1 FOR SALE—-Sauer kraut. Ernest Froescher, Phone 125-M. 23-2p FOR SALE—span horses, 4 and 7 years old, weight 3600, sound. Also 10 tons hay and 30 tons straw. Wm. Wurster. 23-tf FOR SALE— Shellane gas stove; breakfast set (table, 4 chairs); electric radio; 2 floor lamps; electric sweeper. Harry Walter. 23-1 White Blossom Sweet Clover, $3.50 per bu.; Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover, $3.75 per bu.; Alfalfa Grimm, Minn, grown, $13.50 bu.; Grimm Alfalfa, Nebr. grown, $13.00 bu.; Grimm Alfalfa, Nebr. grown, $11.50 bu.; Common Alfalfa, Nebr. and Iowa grown, as good as Dakota No. 12. Korean Clover or Lespedeza, Mo. grown, $1.75 bu.; Timothy seed good and thoroughly recleaned, $1.50 bu. McQueens' Inoculation for Soy Beans, 5 bu. cans, 17c bu.; McQueens' Inoculation for Soy Beans, 10 bu. cans, 16c bu. We have inoculation for all kinds of Legumes and Seed Corn at cheap prices. All the above seeds are first class, high in germination and purity. All our Alfalfas are in sealed sacks, with Government Verified origin tags. Most all in one bu. sacks. J. W. Abraham, Prescott, Iowa. 23-1 Wurster. The meeting will be open for the transaction of such business as may legally come before it Dated Feb. 24, 1935. GEO. L. GOODALE, Secretary. Published in Lenox Time Table, Feb. 27, March 5. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Notice is hereby given to all persons interested, that on the 29th day of February A. D., 1936, the undersigned was appointed by the Clerk of the District Court of Taylor County, Iowa, Administrator of the estate of Augusta Haas deceased, late of said county. All persons indebted to said estate will make payment to the undersigned and , MARCH 5. typing: George Austin 36 words Helen Wurster 35 words Margaret Wurster 34 words Vernon Stoaks 21 words lone Bare 20 words First Grade These little folks have a new grocery store In their room. They're even equipped with a free delivery. They telephone their orders in to the store and their order Is delivered to their door. Charles Gray, Mllo and Beat- Ice Kimball have returned to school after six weeks absence. Second Grade The seventeen A's In spelling ast Friday ended the contest, ,he result being a tie. New sides >vere| chosen with Mafrcella those having claims against the: Brown( the captain of one side, same will present them, legally authenticated, to said court for allowance. Dated February 29, 1936. H. ROY LONG, Administrator. FOR SALE — Good bean and timothy hay at farm. R. G. Barr. 23-Ip FOR RENT—7-room house. Inquire here. 23-1 FOR SALE—Early 103 seed oate, 35c bu. Some alfalfa hay and baled oat straw. George Barrans. 23-tf FOR SALE — Two incubators, Klondike 240 egg, and Super Hatcher 240 egg. No. 1 condition. Mrs. Guy Baker, Conway. 23-2 FOR SALE — two acres, set in raspberries, small house and double garage. G. A. Bryant. 22-tf FOR SALE — Seed Corn, 92% better germ. Sold on basis it will grow. Cafe. WANTED — 5 or 6 room house immediately, modern preferred and close in. Inquire here. Harry Gray, Lenox 22-2p SEEDS—We have a full line of the best farm seeds obtain-* able at very reasonable prices. Come in and see them. L. F. Davis. 17-tf FARMERS SOW GOOD SEED.— Red Clover, Minn. Grown, $13.50 per bu.; Alsyke CloveE, Wis. Grown, $14.50 per bu.; People read the Classified Ads. You are doing it now. Wanted WANTED—Job on farm. Inquire of Tom Chandler or Roy Fine. T. J. Chandler. 23-2 WANTED—For wall paper cleaning, plaster patching, small paint jobs or any odd jobs, see Jim Pierce. Phone 43R. 23-1 Legal SCHOOL ELECTION NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING, INDEPENDENT DISTRICT OF LENOX, IOWA. Notice is hereby given to the qual,ifited voters ; 'of the Lenoxi Independent District of Lenox, Platte Twp., in the County of Taylor, State of Iowa, that the annual meeting of said District will be held at School Gymnasium (west side) on the Second Monday in March, 1930, at 1 o'clock P. M. and closing at, 7 o'clock P. M. A Director will be elected for a term of 3 years to succeed Ohas. Leach; One for 3 years to succeed John Porter, and a Treasurer will be elected for a term of 2 years, to succeed Ben James R. Locke, Attorney. Published in Lenox Time Table, March 5-12-19. llllllllllMIIIIIIIIIIMEMItlillMllllllIiilllt Lenox School (Continued from page 1) iimiiimimmiiiimmimimmiimmi towels and will make holders for their next assignment. Music Notes Paderewski once said, "If I do not practice for one day I know it; if not for two days my teacher knows it; and if not for three days every one knows it." The importance of daily practice can not be over stressed if students are to make any advancement. The girls sextette would appreciate having an opportunity to sing for any club meetings or parties within the next three weeks before the coming sub- district music contest. Their success depends much upon appearance before the public previous to the contest. The sixth grade visited the eighth grade music class for a few minutes Thursday, for the purpose of hearing the eighth graders sing a few numbers. A music bulletin board has been put up out side the music room door. Commercial Both the beginning and advanced shorthand classes are entering the Esterbrook pen contest. Each has to write a certain plate hi shorthand. They will be graded fifty per cent for theory and fifty percent for penmanship. They enter by clubs of fifteen. A silver cup is given to the winning club although certificates will be given to the clubs,worthy of it. These students have passed the following speed tests in and Dickie Walter, captain of the other. Dutch windmills and Dutch boys and girls from construction paper, are being made in art class. Third Grade These little folks have been making rhymes in language class. New officers are: librarian, Lulu Mae Eller; health inspector ' »- For Sale By HAWKEYE LUMBER CO. spector, Rimel Day; desk inspector, Kenneth Probasco; pencil sharpener, Mary Lou Long. In art class they are making a hyacinth poster. The Kites and the Windmills are tied in the spelling contest. There were twelve A's in spelling last Friday. Fourth Grade Fern Kimball has returned to school after six weeks' absence. A new Easter spelling booklet has been made. Each time a pupil receives an "A" he or she will get an egg. Last week there were fourteen A's. They are making Dutch posters in art class in correlation with their Dutch stories in read- mg. "As the Air Man Sees the United States," is their topic in geography. Fifth Grade In arithmetic they are. studying the multiplication of fractions. In correlation. with their geography topic, "Africa," they are making desert pictures in art. Story writing is the new topic in language. The girls won the spelling contest as there were eleven A's in spelling last Friday. Paul Ethington and Francis Brown have been absent. Twilla Hughes was a visitor Monday. Sixth Grade New charts have been made in spelling. Last Friday there were sixteen A's. The bulletin board is devoted to Dutch pictures. Tulips are being made in art class. | Mrs. Barteau'and Janice vis-, ited Tuesday. These new officers were appointed: Inspect desks, Billy O'Dell, Marian Wurster. Inspect aisles, Betty Reynolds, Luella Deaver. Take up papers, Roger Kelly. Pass out papers, Louise Kimball, Wendell Randels. Erase blackboards, Ruth Catuska, Lyle Hayes. Check library file, Richard Preston, Earl Richards. Water plants, Gene Holben, Gene Reimer. Pass out books, Charles Barteau, Betty Mae Manroe. Take up books, Bobby Wynn, Robert Kilby. Host and hostess, Roland 3 ennebaker, Dylorus Marshall. Eighth Grade These students have been studying the structure of poetry n literature class. They have written couplets and ballad stanzas. In geography they are study- ng the unit of work on North and South America. "Animals" is the topic this six weeks in agriculture. At present they are studying horses. Candidates Announce FOB RECORDER I hereby announce my candidacy for the office of Recorder of Taylor county, subject to the decision of the Republican voters at the primary election June 1, 1936. Your support will be appreciated. PERRY O. CROUCH, Bedford, Iowa. nation for the office of Recorder of Taylor county, subject to ,he decision of the Republican oters in the Primary Election O be held June 1, 1936. CHLOE H. WISDOM, Bedford. W. C. Lewis, Mgr. Telephone 78 FOR SHERIFF I hereby announce that I am a candidate for the office of Sheriff of Taylor county, la., subject to the decision of the Republican voters at the primary election June 1, 1936. I will appreciate your support. BEN LONG, Bedford, Iowa. FOR COUNTY TREASURER I hereby announce my candidacy for the Republican nomination for the office of Treasurer of Taylor County, subject to the decision of the Republican voters in the Primary election to be held June 1, 1938. J. R. HENDERSON, Bedford. FOR STATE SENATOR To the Republican voters of Adams and Taylor Counties: I am a candidate for the Republican Nomination for the office of State Senator from the Sixth Senatorial District of Iowa which is composed of Adams and Taylor Counties, subject to your approval at the Primary Election on June 1st, 1936. O. J. KIRKETEG NEW DISCOVERY in hog feeding saves money! Good news for hog feeders ! A sensational new corn saving product. Mineral plug tankage, comolete in one sack! One pound pf MINERAL MEAT MEAL actually eaves 10 pounds of corn. With torn at 60 cenU. MINERAL JflSAT to warth fu a hundred, Jo corn *»«• Vet it cost* kM tost tto Mweit in ttf ****** Pearl Reynolds FOR SHERIFF I hereby announce by candidacy for the Republican nomination for the office of Sheriff of Taylor county, subject to the decision of the voters at the Primary election to be held June I, 1936. Your support will be appreciated. CURTIS O. MBLVIN Bentpn Township FOR COUNTY~RECORDER I hereby announce my caw dacy for th« Republican nonv- FOR COUNTY ATTORNEY I am a candidate for the Republican nomination for the office of County Attorney of Taylor county, subject to the approval of the Republican vot- irs at the Primary Election on June 1, 1936. GEORGE A. SCHOENMANN, Blockton miimimiiiiiiiiimiiimmiMmimmt Town Council (Continued from page 1) imiiumumiiiiiiimimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 5. The Town Clerk is hereby authorized and directed to cause to be prepared all such ballots and poll books, and other supplies as may be necessary for the proper and legal conduct of said election and to do all other things necessary and proper to :arry out the true intent and purpose of this resolution. The above and foregoing resolution was seconded by Coun- illman Eberle and passed With record vote as follows: AYES: Eberle, Madden, Tyler. NAYS: None. There being no further business the Council adjourned to the call of the Mayor. : •. C. B. CASSILL, Mayor.' W. C. LEWIS, Clerk. Lenox, Iowa, February 20, 1936. A Special meeting of the Town Council was called by Mayor Cassill for the purpose of considering applications for Beer and Cigarette permits, and any other business that might come up. The following Councilmen answered to roll call: Eberle, Madden, Nelson, Preston and Tyler. The Clerk read the application for Beer License as presented by Messers. Funk and Freeman. It was moved by Tyler and seconded by Preston that Licence to sell Beer be granted to Funk and Freeman. The roll was called on the above motion and the following vote recorded: AYES, Eberle, Madden, Nelson, Preston, Tyler. NAYS, None. An application for Cigarette permit as presented by Funk and Freeman was read. It was moved by Nelson and seconded by Eberle that Cigarette Permit be issued to Funk and Freeman. On roll call the following vot- was recorded: AYES, Eberle, Madden, Nelson, Preston, Tyler. NAYS, None. There being no further business Council adjourned. C. B. CASSILL, Mayor. W. C. LEWIS Clerk. FOR SHERIFF I hereby announce my candidacy for the Republican nomination for the office of Sheriff of Taylor county, subject to the decision of the voters in the Primary Election to be held June 1, 1936. E. P. SIMPSON, Bedford FOB SHERIFF I hereby announce my candidacy for the Republican nomination for the pffice of Sheriff of Taylor county, subject to tfce decision of the Republican voters at the Primary Election be h»W June W Mrs. J. A. Dresher and daughter, Mrs. Ira Pfander of Sharpsburg visited from Friday until Monday at the home of her daughter and family, Dr. and Mrs. E. R. Pennebaker. Salem Affairs Here we are, with roads shoveled out, so mail can be placed in rural boxes once more. Drifts 4 to 6 feet were shoveled on highways which was a real tiresome job for a few willing farmers. Many roads are blockaded yet. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Riley and son Lftverne moved to their new home a$ MUJerton, Iowa, Thursday, and Mj. and Mrs. Wm. Margerpa apd grandson, Ken- netfc ftipneF, moved Saturday evening to A)lerton. Many trips were mdefcy trucks during ^ ^ki,.i$f|<er the roads were •fw work was pushed owing to bad roads off FOOD MARKETS B SEE MARCH UNITED FOOD NEWS for a complete list of (Seasonable foods attractively priced! Fresh Fruits Apples Delicious, solid, juicy, $1.19 bu. • Oranges I Sunkist, sweet and juicy doz. J Bananas O mm Golden ripe fruit pound Quality] Meats Bacon Sliced and rinded, per oi* I ib ^5c Cut from corn-fed beef, per -t n I Ib. Lard Compound pounds 29e The Ladies of the M. E. Church will ,hold a bake sale) Saturday, March 7. the paving. We are very sorry to lose these two families from our midst, .for good neighbors are always missed. Darl Brown, Lowell and Lynn Hamilton accompanied Earl Margerum to Allerton to unload Wm. .Margerum's goods at his new home during the past week. Mr. and Mrs. Lester West of Prescott vicinity visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Dolsous Thursday evening. Buss Pugh of Stringtown accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Margerum to their new home at Allerton, Saturday evening. Ralmond Riley, Chas;. Riley, Wm. Riley, Claude Bovaird and Chas. Case each lost a work horse during the cold weather. Medical aid could not be obtained due to blockaded roads. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Kemplon of west of Corning are moving to the Ed Hogan farm, where Wm. Margerum lived. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bowers have moved from Kent vicinity to his farm recently vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Earl Brown. Carl Bovaird spent one week recently with his parents, but will begin work today, March 2, for his uncle, Harold Riley, of Mercer Center. Velda Wray was unable to get home from Lenox the past two weeks, owing to blocked roads. Mrs. Leo Wray and Dan Wray were Lagrippe patients over Sunday. Leo Wray and Dale Walter accompanied Fred Riley and son, La.Verne Riley, to MiUerton la on several trips last week, I ing them move. ;>| Mrs. Chas Cace and Mrs,fl Wray called on Mrs. Friday. '•-.'..' ; Olive Colyn and Helen t, fer visited. frierids near] last week and were . at the Lenox high school i day. -.'Professional «mm» GEO. L. GOODAUl OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examimed Glasses! GOODALE JEWELRY Lenox, Iowa o. p. ARNOLD! Funeral Director Licensed Embalraerl Lenox, Iowa J. H. BARBER I Funeral Director Licensed Embalmerj Lenox, Iowa JAMES R.LOC , Attorney and Counsellor m Farmers & Merchants BaniJf Bedford, Iowa General Practice in All Coi State and Federal Special Attention Given to Settlement of I Frank Wisdom 0. J. Wisdom & Kirket LAWYERS Special attention given to a ment of estates Bedford, Iowa Seeds Seeds Seeds Seeds h f v e all kinds of farm seeds ?? M ° f the highest <H"My ob- tamable and at very reasonable prices. Come in and see them and compare our prices. They're hard to beat. Good SEED CORN is going to PJ a scarce article this spring. Hace your order with us now and be sure of good, uniform, high ger- nimatmg seed. , Our samples are here for inspection. han dling BULK , this «»»rin* Our ar ? °J display now, and you and h r JUSt what y° u ™ Buying, and beheve me a nickle goes a long SEED. y ° U Uy BULK L. F. GRAIN, COAL & SEEDS na» 11- ' ' a good supply of brooder

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