Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on May 14, 1898 · Page 4
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 4

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1898
Page 4
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M E L V I N , STEELE i JOHNSON, EDITORS A N D P R O P R I E T O R S . SATURDAY MORNING, MAY 14, 1898. GARDEN DRAINAGE. Benefits of HU Undertlraiu For a Kitchen Garden Hud How to Arrange It. Surface drainage is not sufficient to secure the best results in tho kitcbeu garden iu tho majority of soils. Even uu ground having considerable slope 'heavy rains roiu:\in suflieieutly long about the roots of tbe growing crops to pnck the soil aud leave it baked aud Mt.VIMXG A SLOPING GAI'.DEX. hard ·nuder tbe iuflueiice of the sou. Surface drainage is but a makeshift. A friable, idenl coudition of the ground-n condition in which plants can do their best--is rarely obtained except by uiider- drniuiug. Where tbe kitchen garden ig not largo in size au nuderdraiu along the bottom of the- plat, where the ground is lowest, will ofteu prove a splendid paying investment. The best way to arrange snch a drain is shown iu tho accompanying illustration. It is dug to tho required depth to escape frost and tile laid at the bottom, though a Htoue cupped opening may bo used if the tile are iint available. Above this opening loose stones arc filled iu to n height tbat will just e=ciipo thu plow. Sncb a drain must of course have an oiillefc i n t o lower ground, when the garden v»ill give up its surplus water with grer.t ruidiuess and subsequent droughts nnd' Cccdiiigs be greatly mitigated in tbfcir ciltzctE, for a condition of the soil tbi'.t v-e"i:iits l u r u l u s water to drain off rcsidily makes it possible for water to be' drawn up from tbe depths below when the scrfcco soil needs it. TJiL-ra may bo gardens that would not bo benefited by a good tmderdraiu, bnt I Lave yet to become acquainted with one of this s^rt, says n writer in American Gardening, from which the foro- poiug is reproduced. Shipping; llees. Wo do not like to ship bees without an opening r.t iho bottom of the hive, writeii :» ooutribntcr to The American Bee Journal. As a matter of course, in a dcublo L-cttom hive it is out of the questiou to give them air iu this way. Bnt tbis may be remedied by n larger opening r.S (ho lop. We never put wire cloth over I Jo entrance, because wo havo often j:otic;rl that tho bees, being Bccustjivced to fiy:::' out at that spot, will fot themselves to fleath, uud their dead bodies will soon obstruct that eu- ttffuce, so that it might as well be ""closed. Whin tho air comes from the bottom, thc'O is more chance for a cir- calutiou. In warm May weather, with Eiuglu wuli hives, we have often shipped bees by covering the entire brood chamber with wire cloth, protected by » board raided two inches above it aud cleated on tbe hive. Tbe cap or cover which accompanies the hive is then shipped separately. Favorite Feu. The Eural New Yorker may be considered an authority oil peas, having tested nearly every kind of pea from year to year for 20 years. Following aro extracts from its experience: The Daisy pea (Carter's Daisy) was first tried at The Rural grounds during the season of 1S9G. Otir report was that the vines grew two feet high, leaves large, pods large, brond and well filled with about eight large seeds. We then regarded it as tho best dwarf or half dwarf pea tried that season. The pods uro larger than those of atiy other variety we have ever tried. Juno was tried daring the season of 1896. Tho vines then grew to two feet in height, vigorous and productive. The pods, of a lively, darkish green color, ^·were well filled, averaging about seven seefls, medium to large iu size. It was more prolific than the old favorite, Stratagem, Last season the vines grew to tho height of three feet. The pods average three inches, straight, averaging eight seeds. New Lifn was tried for the first time in the season of 1806. Wo quote from our report of tbat year: "The most productive pea und, all things considered, the most valuable pea for home or for market of its season that we hove tried." The seeds last year were planted April 1, aud the first picking wns made June 80. "No moro vigorous vines than '-these aud those of Juno; best peas ever tried'at Tho Eural grounds. Marvels of vigor aud productiveness. Often niiia laige seeds to a pod. July 12, still bearing quantities. It is hard to say which is moro prolific, this or Juno." Tho unts from Rural New Yorker are hero presented in reduced size, showing the comparative properties of the three varieties. Stmuge Christmas Kvo Custom. The London Mail describes the still continued practice of serauul ing the widoAvs at 13urnb.;tii)-on- Croucli on Christmas eve. Each widow has Lei 1 five minutes of singing and 'importance. When the .liymn is ended, the leader knocks at the widow's door. It is at onco opened, the widow's hand is out- Stretched, nncl into it is placed a goodly amount in silver. £arly Fairs. Dates bave been ect for fairs the coming ansou as follows: Syrncnsc Aug. 29-Sept. 3 Wnvarly Park, N. J Sept.a-9 Interstate, Treiiton Sept. 24-30 LevrlatOJi, Me Sept. B-9 Cranston, B. L .".Sept. 8-9 White Diver Junction, Vt Aug. fll-Sent. » (Conlimieil Ironi l ; irsl page.) you promise to turn over the proofs to me aud leave the country?" "Yes, that's just it." "At tho same timo you admit that all these documents of yours aro forgeries and that that letter you hnvc of mine was written for another man who happened to have my initials;" "Oh, of course I know all (hat, hut if you let it go to law I wouldn't hesitate to swear just the opposite, and I defy you to prove that I am lying." "Well, you certainly are candid. Aren't you a little afraid toacknowl- edge all this so boldly?" "Not a kit of it. Of course I will deny that I ever admitted anything of tho kind. If I hadn't admitted it, you would have known it just the same, so what difference does it make? It doesn't help you any, aud just makes things clearer between us. I admit that the whole scheme is a lio, bin you can't prove it, and I think that after a little consideration you will rather give me what I ask for than to try it." "Maybe you :ire right," muttered the judge. "Just wait a minute." He stepped over the big desk in the corner, and when he turned he was grasping n pistol. "Now, my young friend," said he, pointing it at the visitor's head, "you sit where you are and listen." He reached in the cabinet over the mautol au:l touched a spring. There was a phonograph concealed in tho hack of it. The judge had started it when he got out the brandy. Wow he reversed it and attached a funnel shaped device, and the whole of the conversation came out in tones that could he heard all over the room. The judge sat in his chair, holding his pistol and smiling pleasantly. The stranger's face was a study. Surprise, rage, fear came aud went, and were finally succeeded by a look of comical disgust. When the last word was finished, the lawyer could hold in no longer and burst into a hearty laugh. The stranger glanced up in surprise, aud his look of cool impudence returned. "Judge, I tell you what we'll do. Give me §100, and we'll ca.ll it square." "Cool as ever, are you, my cheerful liar?" laughed the other. "Now maybe you will tell me why I should not send yon to the penitentiary 1" "Oh, you don't want to do that! You are going to be married next week, you know, and you would not like to t h i n k that your marriage meant the beginning of a long term of suffering to one of your fellow mortals." The judge was so pleased at getting out of what it little while before bad seemed a tight place that he latighecl again. "Well," said he, "yon come back here tomorrow at 9 o'clock and bring all your little documents with you, and we will see what i»to be dono. In the meantime you need not try to slip'out of town, for I am going to pui the police to watching you right away, and, my boy, before you try this kind of thing again let me advise you to study up all tho latest appliances for thief catching," and they walked down the stairs together. Just as they reached the street a handsome double seated sleigh dashed up, and a sweet voice said: "Oh, William, we have been looking for you! Come and take tea with us, won't you?" "Thanks! Delighted!" And the judge threw away his cigar aud climbed in. His late visitor plunged his hands in his pockets and stood looking after him blankly. "D-- my infernal luck!" he said. "And it all comes of being born on Friday!"--E. Jouett Simpson in Home Magazine. DeOuUioti of a Poet by Wordsworth. What is a poetl To whom does he address himself? And what language is to be expected from him? He is u man speaking to men--a man, it is true, endowed with more lively sensibility, more enthusiasm and tenderness, who has a greater knowledge of human, nature and a more comprehensive soul than are supposed to be common among mankind ; a man pleased with his own passions and volitions, and who rejoices more than other men in the spirit of life that is in him^delighting to contemplate similar volitions r.nd passions as manifested in the goings on of the universe and habitually impelled to create them where he does not find them. To tliese qualities he has added a disposition to be affected more than other men by absent things, as if they were presenjt; an ability of conjuring up in himself passions which are indeed far from being the same as those, produced by real events, yet (especially in those parts of the general sympathy which are pleasing ami deligh'/ful) to more nearly resemble tho passions produced by r e a j events than anything which, from the motions of their own minds merely, other men are accustomed to feel in themselves; whence, and from practice, he has acquired a greater read- iuesa and power iu expressing what hu thinks and feels, ami especially thoho thoughts mid feelings which, by his own choice or from the structure of his own mind, arise in him without immediate external excitement. liobton Muuuuieutg. In the early days of no sidewalks people who were wont to tako their nightly outings carried their own lanterns, ami this custom was adhered to until 1S'J4, when gas was introduced for street lightiug. The old Latin school was built near King's chapel, and later on was rebuilt on the site now occupied by the Parker House. It has always been thought that Robert N e w m a n hung out the lantern on Christ church for Paul Revere, but now it is believed that the deed was performed by the latter'3 confidential friend, John Pulley. The grasshopper weather vane on Fanouil ball, built in 1742, had its origin in the writings of Plutarch, QUICK CURE FOR : COUGHS AND COLDS, PYNY-PECTORAL The Canadian Remedy lor all AND 116 AFFECTIONS. BOXTL.ES. 25 CTS. DAVIS LAWRENCE CO., Urn., PROP'S PERRY DAVIS' PAIN-KILLER. FOR SAL.E BY dealers. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. 7 J L B E R T C. TOWERS, ATTO1ENKY-AT-I.AIV Denton. Maryland. TTfT ALTER S P A R K L I N , ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, UHNTON, MARYLAND. OFFICE WITH JAS. N. Tonu. UMJ. QSCAR CLARK. A ttorney-:it-I.,;i\v, DENTON, M A R Y L A N D . Collections mid nil professional business promptly :iUon«lo(l to. TTTTILMER EMORY, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, C K N T K K Y I I . L K , M J "Will practice also in Caroline, Talbot and Kent county. TIT ALEX. I1UTSOX, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DENTOX, MARYLAND. "Will prncliui! is the courts of Carolina and adjacent counties. rr\ PLINY FISHER, ATTORNEY-AT-LA »', DENTON, MD. All business untrusted to my euro will receive prompt attention. Collection of claims 11 specialty. PJARVEY L. C O O P E R . ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DENTON, MARYLAND. Close attention will be given to (ill business entrusted to mv care. JOHN W. CLARK, JR. jSi.-u.ction.eer, Box 56. Denton, Will sell property in Caroline or any of the adjoining counties. III;NKV it. unvis. WILLAKIJ ]·:. WBST. LEWIS £ WEST, A TTORNEYS-A T-LA W, DENTON, MD. Will practice in tho Courts of Caroline TalboUnd Queen Anno counties. GKORGK. DR. P. K. I'ISIIKR GEORGE FISHER, Physicians, Surgeons Gynecologists, DENTON, MARYLAND. Office at residence of Dr. Enoch George, Main Street. J. B. K. EMORY ^ CO. (EMORY A NEAVITT.) --GENERAL-COMMISSION MERCHANTS, LIGHT STREET, Baltimore, WM. II. DEWKKSK. . KttKD K. OWENS DEWEESE OWENS, DEN TON, MD. Office in the Court House. Mortgngcs foreclosed, estates settled and prompt iittention given to all business eu trusted to us. "Will practice in the State mid Federal Court. WM. II. DEWKBSB, State's Attorney for Caroline county. PAINTER AND DECORATOR, . . . . DENTON, MD., lias had ten yours' experience in tliccilics of Wilmington, Philadelphia and New York, nnd is now ready to nuikc contracts and guarantees skillful work, fair prices nnd entire satisfaction DRS. W. T. L. D. KELLEY, : DENTISTS: MAIS OFFICE: EASTON, M A R \ L A N D Will practice at Preston on Mondays; Denton. on Tuesdays; Federalsburg, second and fourth Thursdays; Ensl New Market, first nnd third Thursdays. Best work guaranteed. Gas administered. Tborrjas Camjiije, COBTRACTORASDBUILER, Rid(?ely, Maryland. Contracts tuken in Cnroline mid'adjoin- ing comities. Thirty-three years experience. Plans and specifications cheerfully furnished. Best of references from Cnro- line, Talbot and Dorchester counties. Seeds and Plants For Sale, CANTALOUPE SEKD: A n n e Arundel, (Kurly.) Improved Jenny Lind, Novris, (Lale.) RED BASPBKRRY PLANTS: Miller, Cuthbert, Brniidywinc. LUCRETIA DEWISEKKY PLANTS. STRAWBERRY PLANTS: Glen, Mary, Clyde, Enormous, Lloyd's Favorite, Branilywine, I icliel's Enr]y,Grecn ville.Lndy Thompson, Tennessee Prolific, Gaudy, Bubuch. AT RKASOXADLK TKKMS. RICHARD T. CARTER. vJ. BARNES, PRACTICAL. BLACKSMITH HORSE-SHOER, DENTON, MD. I shnll constantly k^op on hnml u full nssortment of Iron and Steel for nil kinds of Pnrra and Wagon Work. I can furnish you nil sixes of new wheels nnd nxlcs, nnd best classes of horseshoes nt short notice. I guarantee all material tind work nt lowest prices to suit tho hard times. Shop on Third St., opposite Livery Stable. Give mo a trial. JOHN J. BARNES. Subscribe for the JOURNAL. Fresb Groceries. T-TAV1NG restocked my G U O C E K Y DKI-AKTMBXT, I am now p r c p u r ed to s u p p l y my customers and ( h e public generally w i t h e v e r y t h i n g i n t h a t l i n e , fresh and o!! iiie best quality- ; MKATS. f| CJOFFKK. TOMATOES, I j O N P K C T I O X S , ( COliy, TEAS. Ribbon? AND Drcjj Trirr)rr)ir)35. My stook ot t h n l a t t e r is very complete, and ray lady f r i e n d s w i l l do well to call and e x a m i n e my goods before g o i n g elsewhere. Spool Silks, Cotton. Gloves and Hosiery, aud in fact ;i general l i n e ot N o t i o n s . Drop in aud sec the stock. Oysters and Ice Cream, For a good Oyster Stew give us a call. Ice Cream will also be served in season. Any q u a n t i t y s u p p l i e d for f a m i l y use w h e n desired. 03T"Meiils at short notice. . JULIA DAY, Successor to Jarn«s iiilHESIASOlTI WILL BK FOUND A GOOD STOCK --OF -- Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Etc., --AT-J. M. BEAYBN'S, HILLSBORO, MD. Larqe Stock of GROCERIES AND PENSWARE You can also find at the LUMBER Y A R D Full supply of all kinds of Lumber Sawing and Planing d o u e at short notice. Ceiling, Flooring, Shingles, Latbs, Doors, Windows, Etc., always on h n m l . K. W. KKDDEN. IV. F. MUKl'HI REDDEN MURPHY, BKALERS IN FIKST-CLASS B U I L D I N G MATERIALS -- A N D -- CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS, DENTON. M A R Y L A N D . Prices on all goods wixrrnnted to bo as low ns those oilcrcd by city dcnlcrs. Sir Murpliy, ft builder of long experience, wil hnvc charge of tlio practical work, n u t satisfaction guaranteed in every particular Frank C. Bollon, LeeB, Bolton BOLTON BROS. PAINTS, OILS AND GLASS, PRIZE MEDAL ttttl PAINTS, b« Frrjlly Saf«gu*rlOU, Machinery Oils, Tar, Oakum and Pitch, ENGINEERS', MACHINISTS, Steamship and Railway Supplies, 418, 420, 422, 424 E. PRATT ST., TREES ^PLANTS The leading varieties of Apple, Peach, Pear, Plum, Cherries, Small Fruita, etc., for sale by A. G. GELLETLY CO., WJLLISTON, SID. ~JAMEST7MORRisT (KIBQKLY, MD.) AND EXPERIEBCED HORSSEHOER. In vll brunches of my business I i^i nntee satisfaction. In horseshoeing! hnvc Uie endorsement of best veterinarians. JAIUES T. UOKHIS. For Sale, Five million (5,000,000) Tennessee Pro lifiu Strnwborry plants, nt SI.25 per thousand. THOS. H. EVEKNGA.M, 1-23-iim. Concord. Md. B, KINNAMON, , A f u l l l i n o of fresh confectionery always on hand, at REASONABLE PRICES. FRESH BREAB^PIES, ETC. I WILL HAVE A NICK IGB GSBAM PABXOB, IN SEASON. Ladies' and children's patronage solicited, and tho children especially looked after. Lowney's Chocolates a Specialty. Also a full l i n e of CIGARS AND TOBACCO on hand at The Old Bakery. T. BOYER, CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER, DKNTON, MD. 1VJEW GOODS! O W PKICES ! We hnvc just opened a hirse invoice of SPIUNG GOODS, and 11 hotter collection from which to choose has never been of- tuvocl in Denton. To bo appreciated it must be s^en. Your inspection is invited. The prices will be n very startling fen- tiiro i«f tho sales hero for tho next t h i r t y days, and buyers will do well to note them. How would sonic of these strike y o n ? Percale, the regular 12c. k i n d ; our price, while it " isls, only Sc. A better grucle nt l'2c. Calicoes, 5 and Cc. Blue and Light Prints, plain mid fiiucy designs, oc. Pique Remnants, 10c,, the regular 15c. kind. Ginghams, from 5c. np. Lawns, regular price 12c.; our price, lOe. Wo have nn excellent assortment of tliese. Table-Cloth, choice quality Irish Linen, 50c. per yard. Pantaloon Goods at various prices. $1.00 Smyrna lings nt SOu. A. E. COOPEK BKO., Denton. Sid. 40 9 E.PRATT ST. ^BALTIMORE. BLINDS GOOD-- L C H E A P Cut this out lor Future Reference Buy Your H O R S E S AT KING'S MARYLAND SALE BARN AUCTION SALES Monday, Wednesday and Friday Throughout the year. "We deal in al kinds, from the very best to tlin very cheap est. 400 HEAD of Horses. Mures ant JIulcs, nlwny* CM hund Visit iis, it wil pnyyou. PRIVATE SALES EVEKV DAY. KDI.t. I.IifE OK JAMES KING, Prop'r, 6,8,10,12,14 16 K. HIGH STBEET Near Baltimore St., one square from Bnl timore Street bridge. BALTIMORE, MD PAINT SOLD UNDER GUARANTEE. ._ ACTUAL COST LESS THAJT $1.25 FEE GAL. W. E. BROWN, - - DERTON, MD., SOLK AUKXT. Before Leaving for War .LEAVE YOUR ORDER WITH DEOTISFOOKS DEALERS IN Cypress Fence Boards a Specialty, TO THE PUBLIC I I desire to inform niy friends of Denton and the public roundabout that I will be at tho store of ST15WAKT BUGS., in DEHTOH EVERY TUESDAY, where I will be prepared to tako orders for all kinds of JBWEL- KY and lo make repairs. All work will receive prompt attention, small repairs being made before leaving town. Orders loft with Stewart Bros, will bo carefully attended to, I thank you for past fnvors, nnd hope to receive n continuance of them. MOSES THE JEWELER. o-ie spooo axoqv 00*01$ am* j MOJ13A aouiuoo INTERESTING TO FARMERS! W -T" litfV- ~~^l'* vsfty " Ur Aline of Implements second to none on this Shore, Suited to your Wants, and Sold under a Guarantee. Better Made and Made of Better Material, and decidedly the Best Finished Line Now Known. OSBORNE COLUMBIA CORN HARVESTER AND BINDER m K COLUMBIA BINDER TWINE, OSBORNE COLOMBIA MOWER, ONE AND TWO HORSE Osborne Columbia Low Down Grain Harvester and Binder OSBOUNE C O L U M B I A REAPER. OSBORNE C O L U M B I A REAPER, Ko. 8. OSBORNE ALL-STEEL TEDDERS. O S B O R N K ALL-STEEL SELF-DUMP R A K E . OSBORNE ALL-STEEL H A N D - D U M P K A K K . OSBORNE REVERSIBLE FLEXIBLE DISC IIAKROWS Osborne Spring-Tooth Harrow NE COM BIN \TION SI'KING-TOOTII. OSUOIIN'E COLU.MKIA AD. l L r - T A » L K VKG-TOOTH · '-'l'-'-JiN*!-: l i l G I D REVERS- i ':!'. : i s n n ', it HO IV. OS · I I N K i: R I V A L DISC I I . '· 15IU.AV o M J M J I N K f c l ' L K Y SPUING H'OTi[ i, v it ROWS. o.,i ( r J t X K HORSE HOE CULTIVATOR. E V A N S CORN PLANTER. PERFECTION PLOW. The only Chilled plow made with a Ribbed-Back mouldboard positively preventing breaking. Castings furnished for any registered Chilled Plow ever made. Any of these goods f u r n - ished you with a warranty in your own your own possession. You have nothing to risk in trying them. An inspection will pay you. Sold on liberal terms. WM. J. BLACKISTON, DENTON, MD. S. SON, UNDERTAKERSEMBALMERS AHDFUHERAL DIRECTORS, DENTON, MARYLAND. Twenty years of experience" enables us to insure entire satisfaction in every particular. Our shops are fully supplied with needed material, and first-class workmanship is guaranteed. BUILDERS TAKEJOTICE 1 1IAVK I'OR SAI,H AT DENTON BRIDGE 25O.OOO CYPRESS CEDAR __ DIFFERENT GRADES. ^ TRICES TO SUIT. Z. T. HDTCHINSOK. DR. ANNA GOING REGISTERED PHYSICIAN, Twenty-five years' experience. ^Specialist ii] D'Lveases ol Woirien .only. Private Sanitarium o l l i i g l i 'repute. Absolute privacy n fiord- cd. Female Regulative Pills $2.00 per box. Advice by mail. 603 EAST BALTIMORE STREET, BALTIMORE, MD. 'cgclnble Compound for Keinnle Complaints, $1 Wives without Children consult me. COALWOOD^HAY Egg, Chestnut, The public will fiud constantly on hand at my coal yard at Denton. Bridge a full supply of coal, stove wood and baled hay, which I will deliver in any q u a n t i t y anywhere in town. Stove CoaJ, 2240 Lbs. Per Ton, $6.00 5.75 - - 5 - 7 5 STOVE WOOD BTMLOAD OR CORD HAY BY THE BILE OR TOM, DELIVERED. IF DESIRED. OYSTER SHELLS, GAS LIME, BRICKS AND LUMBER ALWAYS IN STOCK. Wharf for the use of the public for landing or shipping all kinds of freight. Hauling of all kinds done at reasonable rates. L. B. TOWERS-. THOMAS H. MITCHELL MANUFACTURER OF Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Brackets, Newels, Hand Rails, Cabinet Mantels, Balusters, Etc. JS?".Estimates Promptly Furnished on all kinds of.Building Material. Undertaker and T. OOOIFimiR,, Fnnml Director Mr. Cooper's Ions experience in embalming and all the other branches of his pro- cssion, render absolutely certain the proper performance of liis duty in" all mutters ntrustcd to his care. All calls, cither by day or night, promptly answered, Kesi- letice on Main street, opposite Urown'fi new dmsr store. Money to Loan. I have money to lonn on lirst mortgage n real estate, in sums to suit borrowers OSCAlt CLAKK, Denton, lid. For Sale, Miller Kaspberry, line hard plants, at 2.00 per thousand. Addrsss F. L. STAMBATJGH, Ridgely, Md WEHAVEMO AGENTS ELRHART but li^vo sold direct to the COD* aunicr for 25 yean at whole* Kilo prices, saving him tho iJcaier'a profits. Sbipaoj Kbcro Tor cximiuatioo. Everything warranted, llSttvlesof Vehicles,. 25 styles of Harness. Top Uiiggics, S-T6loS;0. rrejs.SJUtoSin. Carrii ,, I, rhiuouj. Trips, Wagon- otlcs, SpriDj.Road aad Milk i. Send| for luge, free xveoeaurrtj. p,ict,witiicoruli ;ue«t «1I our styles, ihadc, apron «Dd feoitn, |60. ^icoolii W. PHATT, aee-f, ELK.HABT, T. H. EVANS COMPANY, FRUIT AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 214 Light Street, Baltimore, Maryland, and Vegetables; Maryland Peaches and Sweet Potatoes. 'SPAPERf 'SPAPERf

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