The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 26, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 26, 1859
Page 3
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-|BOOKS AKP STATIONERY. BUSINESS DIRECTORS The following cnrlnjr t~ *• ofJimlneiiHoHsea and _., ienb are* araobR iheibe»l : ana .toos! OWCIE-NO. JO TOTOdf JtEW BLOCK. Plain and flpeelucaUonsfor all ilnds of Buildings urnUhed atsoort-notlceBrJ^on ^e mp«t UberaJ terins'. «AS HO. i91 KABT WATER BTKEET, »HCLRB»'H< iimi AND SISiM PIPES, GLOBE AND CHECK VALVKS, QUACK OOCK8, 4c;, Always oniacd. a large a*sdrtment of • • . , ' ' Wort done In & workmanlike manner, at short notice •Pd lowest ftricfa.; .' '.'•. .i ' i : i :.. 77 JeBtdlri i' N. OO.,; BETAU. DKiLKES IB LADIES', GKNTLEilENW AN J OH JLPKEN'S . . KOOTS, SHOES AND VAITEItS, M A S 0 N ST RS BT , !r " <> P j> o s tt e '4 h c '"W a 1 k e r ?H o a s fe ; ray21 . ' ..... H . \\ r E I N B li K N N EH , - KABOriCTCREB JKH DZAUEB tS I KOOT*, SUOJiS A,\i> «AITJGHJ>, NO. 24 SPRING STREET, ~_ o |» p o'ci:te 'A merle a n A. Shoe Store. IS EAST-i.Tl'A'rEK.' SCKEET- 1. R KKPS alw&ya on hand good custom made Boots and Shoea. . . i /Ji icindfi o^f Ladles' and Qentlemen's Boots and Shoes r-.acic to order in the latest ctjle and warranted tofrive ' JOHN RICE, W EtOtiJSALli D« Ijf; Ci I *>T, NO; ,gs EAST WATER STREET, UM just fecelred a full supply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glass, ntanufacturedJU Oleycland, New York. Tranapcrind entire!}' by'TeBsei, it tomes 1n perfect order, and ena- t>l>.*, me to veli ai ipw rates. I have permanent ar-- raoflements tb*cll this TjraaeT of Globshureafter. my^8 JOHN KJOK. H arper 15 r o t h e r * , (Beta Minted in 1S4S,) 30USE Sl&ti, SHIP, CARRIAGE AND ORN AMKNTAl I v a i i» tc-rsj Clazler* A J»aper-Hnii<f«T»« IMITATORS OP WOOD AND MAUULf, ^ «». 39 «» K F I I» A S T H E K T , ^ /T rr/ir>o.fiS EASTOP TEEtlA RKE1 BOUSE. JONKti * WHIT General Land and Insurance Agents NOTARIES, A-C., OTKICE, corner of Reed and Orepor* streetf, Meyroae's Blork, Klftli Warii Will atteBd tn Ihr hnj-inp and st-liinp of Real Estate. Injuring: Quods and IJuilumgb ic responsible Oompa- nu-:i. Attend to the Collection of Amounts, MakiUfT tut ni I),-,.J&. Mortpjtpefi, Coutr»'-u, Least-s, Ac. All Co*i'^cucnip Taatlt* on accounts placerl in our hand W:l' l,r prumpUy pai(iOTCI. A O'.I.'^C* ...... jy^- . . . h^BKKT si HKCECKFL A CX>MMI«SK>N MKKOHANTS. Real Estate and Mmify Broken, NOTARIES 1'UULIC, MII.WAUKKK, VI8COSSIN. (iprtOB — No 4 MarKr Squnr,-, opjtorntc thf 01-i P(,pt- A T T O A^ remoreti tn i-nrner of fH<-, »* D. d< tt W E Oflice. A T L A IV . i. Slate Bank Building, J»l> 1 DORA*. * ij&VY. Atiornev and Connsellors " Law.— Empire Block, 221 Ea*t HV/icr «t., 1 1 . W A CKER. . . . |ma.v25J_ . ._ . W IPOONSTN CMPITAI.SSTS* Vjt TT ILL find at rm rffu ppeetlon of Itnn-lt- rit-i,- rtO>ritl r/-r *>,!»- and M.,rlr . f.r>eti t^ their In- t'rs anil other Re- Morttrap^s or othf?r«*frurlll,- Inurept to filr n-ity mv th^ir -ans t,a!< . r>|,l,nt,lr Henry Wtedecken & <?o., ' BOOK MANTTFAOTD1USR?, * BOOKBINOBKS. Blndert' Bio ck,' printing Ink and' JriatPapen, always on hand In l»rpe<)naiitltl««. A«mjo» BnrnmB InJ-he ac»leiit«tyle'. : '' ---^ •••:•"• -••~--~ ••••- .,.' ' ' - -.: • r % h *..- '-^i. - •-. :21» EAST WATKE ST., KNEEL AND'B BLOCK, •;>V7 . ""• ' ADV N^tTRfiS CARSON, TheJJester of the Rocky !Hoentaln§, -, rFrojn facts narrated by blmielt Jnst received by "maylO STRICKLAND 400. =•> Reiibark's Lead Peiicils, ' JTOBBAM5BY & OLKAVEK, AJCD STATIONERS, 1GT East Water street, ilihoavket. have ja«t received a full-supply of theaeOele- , •iirated Pencils from the manufactory of J. J. _—jfnieh, In Begensbnrg, Bavaria. They ar e carefully assorted, and each grade la distinguished I y a popular brand, Particular attention Is called to Ihe "Ojppoai- UonjPentil," (round black gilt;) and to the "People's Pencil;" (round red gilt) also to the "Engineer's Pen- BU,'?j(t>eXagon gilt.) Alt of whlcb wUl be found inperi. or to any other pencil in tfce marlceL Ahrtjs on hand a complete assortment of black and colored lead pencils of all the desirable grades. A discount allowed to the Trade proportioned to .extent of ordcra. : - f • -":>. ,'iaptSi> A T,L1 BONE'S DlCTIOt^ARY OF AUTHORS." t. Critical _..„.. £rituA and American Jti ofthenineteentn Century.' Contain ing Thirty i Thou*and MiogrGptrief- and&Uefarv SottoeK irttK Rftfi t ~ Jnattou rfSiSfreto. 'Price *6. •> I NDISPENSABLY necessary to all wbo Bead,*all wbo Write, all Clergyman, all Physicians, all Lawyers, Scientific and Literary Men, Merchants and Farmers, Manufacturers and Mechanics. IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMPANION. FURNISHED BV STRir-KLAND Si CO., BOOK A STATION liltY JOBBER.*, 135 East Water etreel, MIL WA UKEE, WlSCOJf&JJf. From Tlieopbius Parsens, L. i.. D., Profesior of Law In Harvard University.] OA«HBJDOI, Jan. 6,1S59. DBAB BIB :—I have had the first wolume of yeur Dictionary lor some day*, and bave sat sued myself that yonr p an Is excellent, and that you have carried it out rUb very great industry and with good judgment.— Pbe fullnesi and accuracy of its information concerning modern authors and their works, are Indeed remark** He. To any one wbo desire the knowledge your book mrpnrte to five—and what educated man does »ot?— t must be oi (rrc-at interest aid value. Be*pectfully, *c , TUKOPH1LDS PARKER. .S. Austin Allib',ar, Esq. From 8. Ireomus Prime, D. U., Editor N. V. Observer.] NEW TOM, Feb. 3,1S59. &£STl.U(B£ :—The firsL volume of yt/ur great Dictionary of Aulhora, 1 have peru*cd wltb astonishment aid delight, il is just That 1 liave long desired to have, and iiav.- sought fur in vain. Thousands of clergymen, ntfi, and all literary and intelligent men, mtut wish to have just tlis work; and they will have it, when they learn that it is in Iht world. It deserves the most cordib.1 reception, and 1 trust that the jtulltor and the publishers will hare the largest reward for their enterprise aud labor Yours truly, 8. IRFSJEDB PRIME. i Peterson. SCIILI'V, CJ-OO1J CHANc'K. inn M vivo i OT r<m SAI.I-; ciiKat*. f- IIK undersigned w-:'! sell hu House Bu<i Lot, now I occupied as ft Tar n bj him. mluate'l 01, Main Rl., Kiw-.ine, Wisconsin, oe-ir the Steamboat Landnp and the K. 4 U. B,Jl,tDcp"t Th- house Is loeaieil on the Itetl ImsiDesp place, and thr Hout>t ae n-fti a> the situn- t,oti n! tlie l^ot^^ouid answer tor huy Uraticl, t»t bnfi- r,es«, especially for Whnlnalc finrt, irliic), brsncli Is itlrrad> now projeCtt-,1 ai that very iocallty Thowr d-hp likr to raake'a goo,l t,ar(.'a,r,, are requested to apply Rl the undersigned. JOHN II\KTIJ. Rapine. January Sii, l-i59 Jan27-dCm I, st m her V «»«**«»I» for Sale. Kr.h^ontT Pashlcm, 224 tans. Schooner D. Newhall, 190 tans. Scow gchoouer Bucby, 168 tuns. The above vessels will be sold at very low prices for satisfactory security. Good title. TATLOU & JEWKTT, buffalo. New York. Enquire of B. B. JOSKS, MI! aukee, Wisconsin. feb2i WOOD AJ\D HIV YAK II. O. H. L.AMBKKTON H AS just opened, for the benefit of all who may be- cqjnc hit Customere, a Market for WOOD and HAY, at the K. E. Corner of W e*t Water and Clrbonrn StreeU, (Office with Messrs. Mabbott 4 Breed.) HIF Stock of Wood is large. Dry and Hard, (Cut and Split or oucut ) His Kloxk of Hay IB of the BEST QCAJJTT, and BALED IN GOOD ORDER. Each will be delivered to any part of the City on the SHORTEST NOTICE and the LOWEST TEiillS. N. IT—Wood Pedlars, anil those who sh'p large qoxntities uf Hav will always find it to their advantage to buy of us. We will sell so that dealer* may make a handsome profit by telling m the street. marlS G. H. LAMBERTON. GENTLEMEN'S FUUNISH'G. noon TO A. •<* B. VAIV Q P 0 a TJ o o <30; Si •»H -3 ! 31 •»•« B: 0 CM H. H USB ELL. D EFAULT having been made In the condition of a certain promissory note, bearing date December Int., A D. IS5I, executed by W. Ii. Hlbbard and John 8. Uarria r ao'} also in the-£ondUiun uE a certain vessr.l mortgage M the samedati- ^executed bs said Hilibard and Harris to secure the payment of said note. N c-tlre i* hereby given to all" parties interested that we shal" expose for Bale and sell on Toesday, the 5tb day of JOLT, 4. D , 1889, at lOo'clock in the forenoon of that day, at the Spring street bridge, in the city of Milwaukee, the Sshooner William H. 6 epheiiE, her masts, bowsprits, saitn, boat, anchor, cables, 'and all other necessaries tuertnnto apperta-lning and belonging, tn eatiafy the amount rpmiinlnir -due on said note and mortgage together with tbe coats And expenses of sale. MOSES A, JAMKS, and * JOSEPH JAMES, Mortgagees. By W. W. Bsnwn, Agent. BDTLKE, Borraicz A OOTTRCLL, AttorncyK. __ LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE RAIL ROAJX 1 S5_9. SS^^^ 1859. SPRING AKBANOKMKNT. «ttEA.*:*pllTlI- WESTERN STATES MAIL & K XJPK ESS AND ONLY ALL RAIL ROUTE. TO LA CROSSE OB the UPPEK MISSISSIPPI HIVER. On and after Monday, June 20th, • Two Through. Express Trains Daily, KXOEPTED,) MILWAUKKK, FROM DEPOT TOOT OT^JHESTNDT STREET, ••• ' '"'v'" is *oiioire: '"•":.• "' 7 :«5 A. ITI. and 1 :5|ft P. Ill . Trains arrive at Jlllwaufcee at " '••9:86 A^>I.AN]LX 3:315 F. Mi Close connections are made at-LaOrosse. . , Twice. dnUy each way with the JJIin- nesota Packet Company's Pfevr And Splendid I, nttPdStBtes Mail tine of Stjeatft'crfi to & Tirjbm'St.'Patol -' fl* iiitenhieainte 'points. ' ' rouW, r *iir«av* 100 : . miles in iBstince and 13 baurs time, from Chicago or, Milwauket-to La-Orosse p'r-Bt.^Puri.-DTeTanyoaier ' • . IClw»akee,JiinelT,iM9. . ;'.•-,/ EDWIN H. GOOPBlCIt. •' - -anil Deal era IB tber, Eluding*, Hid o», ' IDL WILD, Jan. SMSfiD. MT DKIR 8th : —With h Uer knowltdee of your book 'com repented fcastn upon it, 1 am asham-jd to bare written you BO cooiiuoDj'lace an ackunwledgment of ha irst rtc tpv. Ul all the storehouee of lutereatlng and readable muti-r the **Dict.ionarj of Authors*' Bee a S t.. me Uiriuosi t-apUva.itig. Thegoou lanic, iudtuLry, anil pi;111 of urranfrt-mctit thtr«m manifesi. if rooid n ot b* assed, • n»l ;t wU make ,cr jou a repalation Tery 1 Hhal; irr l* make amends In print for m> fiTetjUj iuaj.prrctBtiVf firfi acknowledgment of the uis.t nn iiti cnaa>- sincere thanks Cor Utv |>r>£« I have LU k. I rcmHin, my <!es.r sir, Y- u?8, faUifulty, N. P. WILLIS. ma> 19 All.hrne. Esq. \ K V» J I'll UJ.1SHKU A l.ICK AM) flUOLPt: Aunt Judy's Tales. Parable from Nature. Motes in the Sun Iteam. Kanny, the Flower Girl. Ubcle Jack the Fault Killer. HY CAKTKKH. For sale by TEERT iCI.EAViH. . 167 East Waternt. NEW BOOKS —AT— T£RRV A CLEAVERS, 167 EAST WA TKK STRKRT. TJAETH'8 Travels In Central Alrica, 1 vol., abridged. JD Livingston's travels in Southern Africa, 1 vol. Bpeergeoua^Sermona, 5th series. Higher Christian Life. may IS KliS Ot PKODUCK C AR supply themselves with Bills of Ladtac at TEKKT *CLEATEB'8, maj20 167- East Water street. BOOKS. O UR stock is the largest in the Weat. We sell t»ery Book at the Publisher's price. We can fumlab to order any book which elisu, either In the English or other lanpiages. We receive ne* books as ifisueti from the Prefta. janZO STRICKALITD * 00. W School Books. £ have every bchool Book in demand, and sc them at whol.-a'ile or retail. « STRICKLAND A OO. BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES W F are prepared in oar Bindjry to Bind Magazines, PenodlcaU or anything elte In tbe form of a Book,In neat and durable styles, at low rates. J*n«o STBIOKUAND A 00. Stereoscopic Views. \jlf * bave rcclved a fine lot of Sterescopic Views T T embracing views of interesting localities in BIJSSIA, SWITZERLAND, SPAIN, KOYP'l', NUBIA. GREECE, \TtrBREY, IBELAJTD, 'AC., <1>C Also a large variety of new American Views. New and very desirable styles of Stereoscopic Instruments. STRICKLAND * CO., Booksellers and Stationers. *prt 134 East Water «treeL SIXTH WISCONSIN for sale al feblS REPOKTS STRICKLAND A 00, 134 East Water Btreet. PJKfci'S PEAK. A HEW MAP, showing tke Roote to the Sold Re- irions ID Kansas, just received by \ BTSICKLAND t CO., _'^bl9 124 East Water street NOTICE THR I \SPECTOH OF FISH, A PPOINTED by the Common Council of the City of Milwaukee, ID pursuance of An ActoT the teRisia- turt, approved Mnrch II. 1858, hereby (riros notlc<- that he 1a now furnished with the proper welphtd anrl brands Tor 'he due performance of the duties of his office. Ky the said "Act" It Is made the duty of all persons dealing In Pish to pi re notice to the Inspector to have the same duly inspected and branded before packing. W'. SmiUi will be found at the New .Warehoase of Mewm. John Furlong * Son, South Water St., Walker's Point, where all notices are requested to be left« • -Milva-kee, May 7,1859. mayM JOHN SMITH^oipector. JAB. «. jxnna. Eyan & Jenkins, COUNSKL,l,OK8 AT. L,AW, IWIT*:HEL,L,'JS BANK «ni>»iivG, Oonurr East ITater and Michigan gte., MUwavkt*. roay5 _ / JFaiiies . A y Swain, OF THE LAT ( EFIRMOr, ' M A Q I E # S W ; A I N , VrILL remain at the qld stand where ha will be pleas,ed to welcome th^patroni of (be establishment^ 'api-12-Jtf '- • / ' '•;';; -'.•• '• -" • • ' <-•' OH ARISES QUJSNTIKT A CO.' >^OARLES flfrjENTlN 4 Qp., corner of East Water \J anJ Pason street, Mil waukoc, Wieconiln, have for «ale !Keai Estate, in the City of MUwaikee.ln large or amaUparceU. Building lots in every Ward on h City," of all sizes and prices, for business orresldroo '«cd on easy terms. Also, (mall Farm: of from S io-SO acres, Hear the City, for gardening purposes. Also, several thousands of acres of (he belt farming landi tn Wiscnruln in rjnantltles to isult any demand. <• • fetes ; ; 3HARLE8 ittUKNTJN A CO. INStJRANOB "COMPANIES. ., Cash Oaplt«l and 81 aciWAn CITY Oaab Oajillul anil Surplus, jsoi.isf 48 I Hollcit hu»!ncs«<or.(be abgve name^l iiompanjei, en ttrety aBon-tnelr-Swn "memr and "re«pob.<nfintyv «nj refer to tleirj>l)jmj4 a,o4 liberal ietttemc,nt p( all Losses heretofore, as a guarantee for 0)? filers. '' PoUriesls- sued without delay. ?fl" . v , ,,W. HKNRY.HOL JOHN KoCI^Vui'AlFt. ' MoriHit'ei D. P. MAHanAiir.toryeyor. Wisconsin 8ept5 .• ,' !/ Agenl. ' • -, '.^ : T ' ^ • ''• • •••- •/ *r^ Office, under Rfltbhe1r T s~Ban'k,'c'orwerbr- ni/, BU PA'*#..„. , mazaroaa: . nncr.0 Si-.nmrl Hale, H I, Palmer, ). i Aflle a. D. DOOBMAJ*, rice President. W. T. PAIAIER, Genera) Agent. : B. 0. W «B», Seoretary. .Jjfia 8.8. D>eoKit, Treasurer, B. L. nutra, Attorney. - J ' m&rM In Kliir.Iicll Itiiildinp, •»!Irlilpnn (.1. CHARl'KREV VATITAJ. } - - S'200,000 i'a-li Paid in, S1OO,OOO. DLRSCTOES: ij. D. DAVIS, S. B. Ooxovot, J. DotrBur, J. H. OORBE8, C. OOH£TOOK, E. TOWHSKND, President. A. L. WA,l.RATH,Secrcl»rj. U. I.. PAUI». Attorney. OT fire and Marine Risks taken at current rates. W. A il. KHLEBaimrv, Jossref. 11 ILL, JIB. MCIJUI, Oco. Drra. cl. L. Piu»a, E. TOWKEOK, . It. KKU.OOQ, J. 8. IliUdiB CBJH. fliisMBO. II AKIrVH ATVI> Flit li lUK noderalraed Is prepared to take Marine Risks and Fire (isks on rrotlnce in store, in the North Western Insurance Co., of Osvego, New Tort, at as low •ales afl by otter reliable Companies. Thr repvtation of this vell-lkiuwn, long established Company entitles i tto public cotfiuence. HORATIO HILL, Agent, novS al nfflee of H. i J. f. Oill *nd after Mondiui^April4U>iuu1 until further no?, » Passenger "Erara will l*»ve Wtwadke* from - -' "• - • jgcn arriving a Mllw&nVee by Uie Milwaukee4 *K-Tt.7T»"C'0« iB-*Wtlfcrfci-«lfd MU. * Miw. or by Boat, «an itocetd to the above places. - -' nectlonsaroniadi it'.Waterlown wlth'ttaptii fo/ Lake HIUi,Jeffertor,;W iterloo,lIiochelvlUe,Snn Prai- ""^""-•.taRe'QroTe arii vMaai»6n^' Also at ColutnbOT .-„--!,MerImse,AUe;o,Fall,BJrer,I4ea'* Coraerj Hatfdcn, Lowvine,B»kc fa'Tort, Arlington, tirfital and for all polnu to the We t and North West,- ! Passengers arriving at Ihe Joniitlon from the above places make connection r h the Milwaukee * Missis " 1 R. P.., for JaneerlUe, Madison anil Pral'rie dn D and at Milwauk'eei with roads to Uie Sonlh, West North. .ft- ; a../ -; ^ •,.,., aprS . B. ^. MKKBIiL, BupertntendenX US" SIJ MK^HIGAN CENTRAL "' sl ' . -j-AMD- iv Western (Canada) Railway. ,O^*INS leave theorem Central Dipot, foot of Lake J stroet CMea£o, ns ftijlows : 4IOO A. M.—DKaT(lIT ACOOM51ODATlON,(2nn days ejccptcd), arrive at Detroit 6.04 r n. I i:0<> * . i»t.—OINCIKMATI EXPRESS. (Sundays exceptefl,) Arrive at Indianapolis 4.-UO p. M.; Cincinnati 8^0 r. M. II.— LIGHTNING KXPREJ8, (Sundays ei- cejite>l,) arrives at Detroit 7:00 r. •.; Cuspendon Bridge or IlulTalo 4:0) A. • ; Albany 3:UO r. ».; ^cw Tort »:00 r. M.; IJtlton II p. M. IH.— NII.Kxl AUtOMMODATION, except 8:,UO P. m.—NKW ?ORK AND BOSTON EXPRESS, (exceptjSatorday.) Arrive at Detroit J:15 A. ij.; Suspcnglon bridge at Buffalo 4^4) r. M.j Albany 4:00 a. v.; New Tort 10:00 A.ill.; Boston 2:U9 p. M. 8:OO I'. HI OINOINKAT1 AHDLODiaVllLErX- PRESa., (Kxcejit Saturday.) Arrive at Cincinnati 9:(io A. u.,- Lonisvllle 4:00 r. n. One train on Sunday at 6:UO p. anil 8^)01 an,! \ll points C'^t; at TJ.ronto with OraiTif Truol- Rait- wa.v, to Kinp-n .1, Onli-tihlturv, Monlr^^l, Quebr-c un,l all points in OtnaJa hlatl, N(ftr>hrrn Vermont, Nt»w Uarapnhire and Mnlue. • ^^~ Baggage check vJjlhrouch. Tlrrotlgh tickeU Tot s^ile at the principal itailroau offices in the West, an*) al tbe general office, eoruer ike A Dearborn clreeu, op|>oslle tbe Tremool Iloujic, ^icaga, an.l at the Depot, To^.t of Lake street. R. N. RICE, Sup'l. U. J. 8pii.Dtro.Oe!i r*»>s. Ai-'u apr12 Del roil A ITlil. Railna*. TUG Steamer Cleveland will take her place In line of thi Detroit 4 alilirau- Kailw.iy, on Monday, the 14th March. Passi-ngers through tickets can be supplied on and after Um»lay next, at C30 East Water street, or at Uie office ,n the 4ock of thr Detroit A Milnaake Railway Co.— tor notice of the time of departure will be given. Thta rill make the shortest, tbrapeat antl '(uickrK route lo II pnluu Ka.t. marS SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Tiiltvaiikce A ,18s««*i-»!<i|»|u . followi, vltr . GOING WH«T,.. ...*... »ypBaclil«f«r Davis—Freights Ace^ .. •ine for Belolt—l"a»siin(!er,' . fj v-i eOINflKABT. •" •• i >aveBelalt for Racine— Passenger, . ] Leave D»vlf for Kaeine—freight A Ace., ! Pb*B«nM«d h*->~»kt>»». «|IB T *• -M f>*3 6. 1858; ''•** M' ' - "• * »*. ». " 9 T. •. a> *. train on the Lake rairilol foad at n jlllw*u!iee, connect at ttnciae'wlth iris; arriving at Davl* at a?0 r. vr' 8tag« 7U for'PreepoM' nn ArriTal of iraio. 8:8o.a. i i. train from Da.vii Racine with af}erae<on . . trains on the Lake Shore Kal orth aad South. Pittiburgli, Fort Wayne & CMcogo \ i KAIL ROAD. e» and direct 'Sent* now ep-nU>Hew lark. to-.iob, Pittibargb, Philadelphia, Baltimore and as,, :. !.!<in city, Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buffalo, Niagara and all eastern cities. Cincinnati, Colombo*, Uajr- prlngfleld, Urbana,. Zanenrnie, Steabtcville, New ls and WhteUns, nat all init» lor tovw of Ohio, Pron- sylyania, Vlrgloia,- Jlarjlsn J, tttw Jersey, *c. . fitfiking one Craad Unbroken It- K. f.ine tfTVva OHIOAOO AXD VUtMJtin- ZL» ^1^ Lu W A& JUIJT O TUER %<J i' T£. Thau dtilruigtalgo ij thlcJlaBtc will be pa>- aad [inquire for Tickets via Port Wayne, thcrel>; voiding the AQUOTanct of revUetking their Basf^'agc. TltAJJfl, I.SAVE DffOT OX YAK ^rfiff.V ^1 • Si DAJLX, A&J/V1.LVWS: S:0^ F. M. — Night Kxpr< ^», daily, SaturJayi cacepteri. d,-89 A. u.~ Mornlotr Mail and Ksprefv, .laity, Kundayj s • exceplmi. : i With bnt one change of c«r» lo Pittobanrh. t ' i OVKOKI90 UAOOAOB TBBOtnni Sotltuburgh, Pliiladelphia, Baltimore and Sew Iforl, eoonectlng directly with triins on t!,c greit PenmyWanla: Central Railroad, to all eutera cftin. Aiso, nth OleTaland A Colnrobtn ttaflwid to ClcnsianO, Kunkul, Uuffalo, Niigara FMIn ?is Now 7ork Central aod Now folk i K'rle Railroaita fa H*w fork aait lioivm. JFersobt jainp east will ami thin roate hy lar the most o\ei!rabte, both from the' advantag? inrpnttii of ^iaian vnricty and beauty of Uie Mwutrj u,ron ( -ti which rpaiis paaa, as well as the tecs frequent chances of t ajid the anooyaac* of re-chrcktn? ba^rifafrp required other routet. ', F&c.iatles for the transportation of Freight and Live by this route are onsarpasaed. . &aua a> l*w 8laCk by Ibis route are unsurpassed. &au »l S:0tl p. m. another r.BJiU-.Md.wiUuwial dispatch. »! P. M. tram* ooniigctat Paita. —>*trreti far sale at allt he urlacipal ticket i S "°' OH _,^! rm3r f -£™$?!!' *T«^, »•"!>« Company's orfce, jfo. So'ftearl ** Company •« Office, No. SOfeirbom jtreet, osite Treroont Uousv, Clirrapo, anrf at ft*- 1 offlc l.akc Wtore Rallroail, Mllwanicr, l>y A 0. Inlan JNO J. UOlVrON, ' Genenl freight Agent. Pitbhar^h, P». , Mar.-h t, 1 <l«neral Western AR«nt, Chicago 1'liica^o K. K. 1859. sijMMKK AltKANOKMKNT. Qrqat United State* J/a»/ and Rjj>resi> Route. o TUR F.AST, ftooTH nry Ltue icaklUK ure O-irtraK^ to [ffincipaJ r jlfiK only reliable and ILL JL ^n,i N OHTH-\V«HT, and the ftns. Bnfnapf ch»j.v»il On und »fi*r leaf e 0 I*. <'<*., PIIIA. Quaker City or rini ADTaOBJZlD OAPITM. PAID UP CAPITAL AND A8SETTS,. . iT.Jjte Franl&in Building. Ku 4l>* Walnut ftrtcl, .*WO.iW. T HK snbsrnlT haa been ap| olnted agcnl forj this Company br Milwaukee ard vicinity. Risk- U&eD on as favoratil* i^rmti as olh»r responsible Oompaules. JAMES .v H IIITK, Agent. OEQcr-, corneriif £aat \Vater and Uuruu titreeu, up stairs, over-lie Marine Hank. ma>29 BY ,TATE AUTHORITY, \VISOONS1N C1ENKKA1. INSURANCE t IIAIU Kit o,t hv »IKF. Hartford, Ooun. CASH -ASSETS THi; A K II 71 OS'S F. \ I* )F, n IT I «> I S It 01 T ft ! TO 1 l.a 4'roHxr, Winona, Read's Landing. Red PKF^COTT, FT, PACV AND .ST. ANTHONY. lift. |K>t, cortt«r «f i lu (<-.!. .'4-, — KxpEk^a P*fW ciuro »t 210 r. En afcsw* ^Afs . ca r ,o .11 6:15 P. coODt-ciion* wi and Hoaih Wn &uo Mtssiiiipp ;»nctk>n, Tnr I (<n that \ATtf- t Trkln l^avw at ^:K(» A. r Trains leave *>nr»»-i» *• r sui*— 4rriTiri« ai i'*n. • , &n.l uiat'nc close ith ETrninc Tra<.u KaM i, ao<J with Wic Ua«ki* l nth»-r FURNIT URE C33L.QSI3NTCS.- QTJT* - NOTES, PiBRZHEIM & CO., B^rvt^tJ^ •"•••*»«•".">•" "'•"•." -».iV. F U R N I T U EVER OFFERED IN THIS CfTY, AT GREAT SACRIFICES, . • FOR THK NKXT SIXTY DAYS Till; ST«<J5§4 IS Hi-lVV, AND HIST Bl MJJ.ii 218 and 220 East "Water Street "1 1 1, MISCELLANEOUS. H. ~ DRY GOODS, «.- i? SPRING AhD SUWMtR DRY GOODS! J. J-M. u •' 1, The Late.-r Nc velne: J. K. OurOi, Silas klerctvact, |3P~ OfBce, Kir'.y'l L, ap ItMiwtf nil-: DETROIT & MILWAUKEE ilaihvay Steamboat Lhn ! / VS an.! afl.-r -2tl M*y ni.-i1, [inrtt,.- «-.ii h- -ir* . ! » IM p ,N, w.tft us .-ki-- fretting ;.>iuur"».~ . t.i f?ra;,.| H <i / arotui-1 ll»>? ' ,IY YPM M BF, .- \\illlr l»t,,.,]- A. 1 I M 1-. P.rt.^4 f .-k'-<* bii. flour* «*f M s:\ilim; A I r .in. \nr; t"-^ 10 l Tiror, Mouilnf, Apr, I 1. I >T TH II -on A M , I.I PS Mil \» \l KM • untlrfN.^t,»-1, havtn" Iv-.-n «i.;rf-' ,ant« IB<1 *l ,rir, uh-rr nr Irri, ran b* l^fi. an 1 *tll r.., '•Titu.r,. ''Ur anlhfni'^f r,M,.rl-,r-H w.i! r the 1 WTirrh,,ust-» ,,f ^htppt-r«. 4nf .rm»l,f ^ 10 infrinn W lnron*,(i CLOTH •r,vi»K »l Jnn<-T,l'e 'J .10 P K P. M , Prxln,- d,i rt.fU -M«l P. M I •nQectmg w)tli lh« Pra'rie ,lu C!il<?() and i . Paul Pacirtj, nhich !i-«v,' Pr«lrlf <li! nen n:i thr arrival ,4 the i:«U P. M. Tr»io. . > U-ltlcr at 111, o'lirr uf Kr. A. * Oj. il" 1 :. 11 • v>n TIC A IN i.r.AVi;s 6.11S I' M ; \rr,iu,^ *t JafiVnv.i I'W*i f. V ir, t , nil p^mtl on 11 r r.n,.-r K..UU- I KI.F Ma.l;»fr. (IKHC5 OF BISHOP i ( n 1 M Pi,5rt>-r i F V .. .% • M . » i . i • • O K sin.: *llf r < ;.r.< 'J;).. :|i -. p.'- ]-'• n - .fMI.-UC 9S t-HANGJ. O N an,I »«• r M..i,.l;i,, w^uk.-, . \\ at,-rt',B i, vtll arrive ,D Miln»uk<,r 1^0 P. M. mrr-1-<lif TIML:. Apr, A t' U 11 ronttrili'- mn:,lMy ana; j r. v, nOICTII ATHKHU'A'N FlltE IMS. CO. Hartford, Conn. SITT8 :fflM,(MO<* w i:sn:KN ^IASN. FIUF. INS. <>o.. 1859. MD FAVORITE EOUTE .A. XI JD V\ \ i r. \ N • li r\ Ft US :!>'«.. If OUfi JOBSiNG DEPAfiTMcN" I • I IX D&\ AND YiSKiri, ,\oT., .N M. FIUF. Of PltLsfirld, Mass. CAJHA88CTT8 fZOK.COO 41 «'0., .t263,4il 47 II ATI'Of: N FIRE INNI^HANCF. <•«>.. , gprtnitf eld, Mam. OA8HAfl8ETB.... 5 ... .;..... . .. »226,WKi <:O\VAY FIRF. Of Oonway, Masi CASIU8SETS.. 01IMK11 FIRE COnPAKV, OA8BA88KTB Or Phladelphia. • »284,J89 73 m«r28 J. \V, Crain, A^ent, NO. t, MARTIN BLOCK, DP STAIRS, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. BAST & .\OKTII-W*>T DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R, R (Now opened tt, Lake Michigan.) lan 'City of Cleveland." & "Cleveland," (Thrroughly rcf.tEed for this rr,ulc ) O N AND APTKR MOKDAF, Junr f.lfl, !>>.•,». it-nv-er Trains will run as follnwn: (HHNC* WKS'l: TRANSPORTATION COMPA-.Y ' Wilt* dnrtn|r *r*r |t^twrn« •^•n«ri, .u" 11^. ' w^li iinuwn ajiil j»r, polar LIT,-- M|' ! Firsl t lawMftcrcit i ' Rfiru-lfirTj , br i n ••« SHl 1 K<lH ,V ( Tin i ri'i K >.->\\ I <.,<>. Tormlnp a .•it-mi-We, O»wego, an.l Cbira i ortjj cnnrjr^MOrf a: SADDLERY HARDWAKF, (.11 ( 'Alii. J.\( 11 . riUM.MlNc II «< I < K '1 i > Is i Pa-v I Bo«»f4j , Na.ii'i-1. . an.l at U» ULLINERY GOODS. IN LIQUIDATION Bargains in Dry THAI IMMZNPK STOCK Of AI-3 No. 18? Ei tit Water Streci, MOST BE CLOSED OUT iV TJ-iE tireajBargain* raaj be Expr«led« aprlT-ftf ' JOSEPH CAKV, Assign**. STATES ntAueuAL'.s SALE The Farters Loan A Trust Com 1 P»oy, i ; I ' , W. I • The Mllauaee A Superior Kail- road Orjfpany, I ID the 0. 8. Dls- Jlty of lilwaakee, Vtrict Oonrt for the lobaBtkart. , | District of Wisconsin. Joba»o1. A. AJIeniiDl, i In Equity. Obristli Uahm and | GottfrlJ WodUcb. j and by Tirtae of a decree made by the „ , Court of the Doited States, far the District of Wlslnsio, vn the nineteenth day. of Marcb,lH49, in the abac entllled cauM, I shall sell at Public Auction, onTaela; r 2ud day of August, 18SB, at 8 o'alock in the aftfnoocj rrom the atepa of the Custom Bouse, to the Oltf of Milwaukee, all aad singular, the mortgaged prembji mentioned In .the bill of complslgt In said cause, pddeicritail as: "All the following, present an* Intture to be acquired, real aid personal property aarttal estate ol tb< said defendant, the Milwaukee and B*r»or RaHroad Company , t ^at u tu say , all of the BrBdivulob of the Uilroad of aaid Railroad Com paui tfendabt, from the City of Milwaukee, to the Jltyflj JreenBay In said State of Wisconsin, a dls- tance qnehnndrwJ and twenty miles, Inelodins the right < way, and lao'J oecnpltd by iald Dm illvlstori of" said ri d, (subject to Uie right, Uue or «aiiu, which the <aid efendaoti Stewart,' Allerdlngj Bahm and Wooll I, o» either of them, oaf have had at the time of mafDgiakd decree, to Ian* upon which aald Rail- toad *i»any- »u located Iti way, and for which DO comfM sation has been made to them,) together trlth be an ntrnctore and truck thereon, aad all rails and ither attrlal* used thereon, bridges, viaducts, cul- yeru, nces, eflnlpments,nece«sAiy depot ground! and blnldl I thereon, belonging to the said Railroad Com- tany^nd afl • rftlllng itock^ engines; tenders, -can, ools.iaterials, machinery, txtorei, and all other per- aonalpcopenir -•ppertaUilsg 4o said flnt divWon or said ltd, and all rights thereto, and Interella to be ac- qnlr |bjr»ahfid«renaanvm* Milwaukee and Bupef lor iallr A Oompany, togtther with the name aad flinc- tlonf jpertalfllag to tbe aald Brstdlvlsion of • aid road, all tea, rent" and lorora* to be hadiir Itvied tbere-' fromina'MI corporat* 1 «nd other -franchise*, rights and j rrilegcs W the said Rattroad Company in or -to -' • - -- • -• -- ., ... Mi hal'sOfflu, Milwaukee, WH,, April «,185», > ,- M.J THOMAS, l-dtl , 4 H«mt.'TOi,C<lmpl'u BoTlcltoM.' •-•' •-- - • - \j 'a/« *>n" ,(ef :,....,; M ! nrolng v FlnJd/.Bn(r!tj, TurptSUnr,'al- ' at] '" " " '" '-' '" . , Wi^coiisiH State Tell E WUconHo gtate Uueii ron from laCrowe, fond da Lw and Wao Routes. : Ala) from Milwaukee to Jane Sup. Brnlgp, Jr|,art •Detroit, depart.. *Oswego* arrive St. John*, arrive ... Grand Rapids, arr... •i/rand Haven, arr.. Milwaukee, arrive.... Ma,I M.zt-l f. M A. H. »:20 4. ii' Sij-bt between • «»»\v«{ro.BTrof, It): in r. si. S:10 8*0 A. M. Sh85 KAST Mail * xpr's r. ». *:00 A. •- nr * *nv Vork, Dunkirk wi» ASJJ KRIK KMJ.!;VAI> And forming a Tri- Weekly Railroad Llnr bct»«j) Uuakirb, Milwaukee & Chicago. ^3f- Property f«rwar,lcd by lh»A Line iriU be to but Qp.r TransliiDmeDV t^* MerchandiA marted «*JI. T. IX). tX. PHEN»," will be forwarded (rod Xttv Z»rk by an Noon. ! &/"•«* Freight Tr»im otrr t>u t/nc \r»k it EHi 14:00 And promptly forwarded from DunklrkJ APHL^ TO J. UTILS Agent N. T. Co., 1T7 Broadway, Sew York. U •WAaMa, Agvnt N. T. Co., 3 OttntTes Mlp, Srw 3OO N ight Kxpr's. Noon. 0:46 Mllwaultee, df-part... •Grand Haven, dep. Grand Rapitls, arr. St. Johns, arrive Owosso, arrive. •Detroit, arrive SOB. Bridge, arrive... •Refreshment!—Hotel InJ Depot at Grand Haven. Boat will leare Milwaukeb c>n Sulunlays at » p. u.— for Saturday Night's Expreas passengers weil, t,ut 3 A. u. tra n will a.ft leare on RtlDilaya. Trains leave termini daily, Sundays exrrpted. 11 -Uil 6.80 A. H. 4:00 S:3fl 10:30 1:15 2:20 1. K. 4*0 . TI1K TELBXJRAPH LINK, tt now open for Pnldio Bo- sraass. ' OONNECTIONfi. AT I'ETBOIT—OaKAT WKSTKRN BAIL WAV for. all points tint—MICHIGAN OKNTilAL and MICHIGAN SOCTHKKN RAILROADS, abd ULEVK- LAND Line of Steamers, i AT tiRAIMD HAVEN—With " UDRO« " Steamer lot Oil 10AGO, 4c^ Ac. AT MILWAUKEE—With the MISSISSIPPI, LA CIIOS8K, CHICAGO, ft'ATRUTOWN aa,1 HOK1- OON RAILROAD!;, for all important points W«t and Nortliwest, and on AfianTssippl Klwr, and with Steamers for Ports on Lake >!ichigin. Paaiongen for Great Western. Railway go on the KaH- way FBKJtr STxama, at Q. * il. H. Dock, Itavinp D»ck at 8:00 a v , IS:0-J No«n anil ?:30 r. si. NIGHT TRAINS have 8I.KK.PINa U A RS attached. The Company's Time-Tables can fee bad at any of In* Stations. j < «T. K-l.Ill/III. G<-n'l Suu't. WHITHAI t Foeura, Ticket Agenu, 290 JCasi Water si Wn.Ga>BAH, Freight Acini at Oomoanv*> Dock. H. O. WILBUS, General WentiTn Agent. I). * M. U. Offices, June,jI869 Jeft J l^.rlc. Cnif.P. TArrA.i, corner Ct»i an.l Che-iont It., PMIa Horilr A CaawroKD, OswegO N V. 8. B, CUu>wnx, Afrenr, Ifcinklrlr, N. T. CB iji oiaun, CUwmitn t Co , I'levelaM, o< Joal BI>?S.ISO, Agent 21. T. Co., K Jiute el., !>»t»n A. Oc4»uts, Agent V. C. Line, Ins ftaie it , ll,»uin J. r. CBcaCB, Agent, Soese's pnial, N T Oao, , L. J, MIGHT, Milwaukee, R. R. Agent, Ogdrnstmrgh, .N. r. , oilK-' l.ACrn»... * M of . Office near M. * M. R. N. li-^Shfpp«ra tire reqaest^d to ir* n& Aj^enU ttefore rai^tng coo tracts, *a Uifjr to otTeff'erjr low'ratff, »nd their connections »Uh tftr Otdenibtirgh anil Oaw e go ranicc* aaU especiAllj Ihe NewiYort A Erie RAilroaU gl»« th«fn facilitlegifor cheap »nd sp«^ly HOUSES TO RKNT. W F. have several Brick And frama Uoniel to rent on very reasonable terms. We have also for sale a Tast quantity of real estate, CO sisting of Houses, ixjt-, Improved and nnlmpritol Fans*, 8ch«ol Lands, ftc. We bave 60 acres near!the City, with House, Barn, '.-., for the small rent-oft ID and taxes. J ORE60RT A CO., may) j i EM (Cast Water street. ' ,- I. I Oil]. SHEKlfsns SAI^E. . STATE 0» WISOONSIti, ( DIrcultOourt, Milwaukee County, f . '. MeyerShoyer, 1 •• | ' against I Judgment off Foreclosure, and iarah*. Weld and [sale, i Colin M; Fanner. . j - - :•• > .-. • ffj virtue of and pnnnant jto a judgment rendered In J.'mid Court, In the abofe entitled action, dated U»etwenty-elghtdaTofMay-,UM, I shall cipoatfor sale and sdl at Pnblio Auotlen, at the Post-Oftoe,--ln Ihe Olty of Milwaukee, on Saturday, «Uc luth tlar • of September, 1*5». ot-tlte hoaBof^ P.M., of that day, the following described mortgaged premliei)or lo-muoh'therepta*may >be neeeaiarr to rals^ the amount of said judj menl, Interest and coats, together with the expense*of sale, towll: ... - X . ; •'The tooth twenty (aoj-fejet ot Jot number nine . ' [»], In block number Jtxty-four 164]^ In the -•..'..: Seventh }T] W«rdf of the City ot MiUaukec, In IbeOouBtyofMilwaukoi nndfltaUef Wlscsm . . "in," ' Dated Sheriff'B Office, Mill aukee, June 8,1869. Lrri Hcaieix, I - : ; A. f:lANfiyOBTHY, -.- i ^\ .1 1.Co.,Wls. ' Ejy AND EAB Np. :»3 Randolph, comer of Dearborn street^ Is kleg mlraclei In the way of restoring , 8I&IIT AND BEARING. » pt t\VQ HDNDRED have been received bj itWn the Lut four weeks, many of whom have • ibr months and years, have , had, their sight v-;Ai.H;liitgcfj Bt6dki f " [»' prepared t> furnish plans! for all kinds tt liefiidrtett Ml ~" •'*•*'• ' _ , wno;.ha?» been Buffcrers from Wri^)j«>»l7 enred by mUd»bd gentle treM- 5i BKPKRB»ptt,:,: _,„,,. jomrn.»«, new p»UenU from , u cured, , .«W*i!*!Jiv^-.^^K,» B'n.'.yi'.u'•-••.-..-:..'- -— BOOT*. OKNU1NK AHTiai.K ! •= MAMUPAOTDRSD BT JOHN P H A L E N , T Q E only oJDe authorized to manufacture the abvw bamed Boots, at !72 EAST WATER STREET. Tlie Ph/ilen Root is one of-the mottt unique aoti e e- fTAOl. covtrlngs for th« fret that baa ever b«en inventext. Thrj( are &iatie of the bust of stock and moat finished wbrKmkiuJtip, arid ar« warranted to cure Coma, Bun- lonsj swelled Feet, Hwetle.l lleail, lUimnatism, Oout, Ac. ', Remember Uiat the Snif AR*n* for thcue Itiitt laveuted Boots in thl.. City, i« to be found at ?i Kant Water at-, BOOTH A XHOKS, I^AITEKV A< ., Kor 6*ntl4man and La'liea that there is tn this macket* all niannfax-tured under the supervision of tt^iiabscri- ber, I ' [mayiV) JOIfN PHALEN. Pifl Nic & Pleasure Excursions. BK<M It\V\V'« LIi\ E , \ -OF- ANL> P ARTIR8 wbblng to engage Hacks or Omnlbusrt for the Bnrpose:6f visiting the O-trdens or for Pic Nlc Parties;ciht.e«a()pllc<i with ant class ve-hieleion ih- shorti'M notice and mo^t'reasonable terms. A itn* of Omibnneiwfll commence running on the 1st of June for Poreat Hotne, tearing Van Cott'i corner at» A: H.'anii 2 r. Kk T&e Omnibus for Wauwatosa leaves Van Oott'j<15p.ll.-) SflT-B ROCKWAT, -. mapoHUm '' Foot of Bason street. H EARIN" F. A. CADWEfct, Formerly of Toronto, C. W., now of Chicago, III., the eminent |and jkillful operator on the KALI, i LIB t A \-r \» ,» r ^. it tllJ. itia)TH«i <V i O. Ii f r I . *'/Ai i '.V.-,, s fbtli l>?,iteri , M)LTH \\KJJ.. J , J«iiu. r , J1M j j . jur W O OULD r**t>cctru!ly .vnnnanre to ihetr 1-1 -u.<:. ni that ihfj «tiH contmur tn <i-«*p th^ '*r,-*-.i »n«l )>est *elt*ttfj t*ttn-k of Go<hla m their I.EIC .^ i-i founj m Uie Stat», 1D*1 will cnn.iu.-l their bus, :)'•*•«, i.- he-retftfofe, wia» ihe intention «f irivinjr i.-vt;sf.i.-i ->n Tn a* nairy new c«at04nen M may feet im-im«vi to ifiv- m * tail, we wgolri a»I doe uf our flrm rea:>l<^ .o Ne* Tork, aiu) we haTe faci.itirs for Lh* purchase tn-1 man Hficttif'' "^ gootts that cajn Dot be eic«-I!eti. \* f ir- nt ail tiyira r*»4y ta take »dva«ta(ie of Ka.tU.TH Marten, ainl have Utfen enaM«] to rtilucf th«- price •<( many of KOO,|S, wht«.-ti v -hall eontmu.- to je[< it th. lo*-t?S* [M-ICV9 tD \w r*U-TO V rk.«tj. W* are oonwtanily 5ecvivm(f a>M tjons tn nur ifnct. itlsj wUl keep i; r> *ompleU? v« t^ t-r stilr- a; ,\.l Mm*to fiH f.,r \r.y kfn«I of ^adilir'n', <-'arrtn,t:e Trim , and will do 10 IQ a man eei t4<|u*4iiy an-i pri.-rs. f Sent j?tufT, I'nl^s, Shafts. K^-r; .;;,:;• • \ ''. : HI • MI 111,' Tl 1 ' ; , f | ; , DWELLlXi W A K K H (, > I - > .. »CIIOD tn rrs We also aeep *D as3orMn*nt md, r. lll ni ft* ,lea te« for y > r Jer, any I in.1 Cotwh, \\ REMOVAL F . B \ \ I, K 1 . Has r»in*>vr«l lo Ills ol«l uaml, K A M W A T t It .vr H F. F. T, "»(>.nki TIM **-rv !•-» .1 K i : M » n ri J- 1 M i; Ir' O K T 11 A 1 'I S : A^ f» enah e >»m »•> <ay to tbe public with -•onftilen.-'- lurnian lh»m «Mh nv,ry ,(,.. r kn,,»i, 10 the eominnnnj, »n,l -w Pn,-»s u to lefy cnmpeiitinn that IK " no» r,r.-|>:»r-,l uratle it»l« of \-.:-ui at'siKb Astouixlin* I foreE»mpl», 1,1 tor li?i f 13O l'«)4. II A PII •• ,.ie. Mid 5«c (nr Uie OuHi,- Vor i>ttty $1.1*0 Id*- first one, ,nF.i,Ai>ro-i VPF.V 4. d In fa4:i pve»y wifcer >»y'e of P\«turp, at cntrem- • poottiDK tuw prices. lltlPRKIAT PMOTIMJBA PH.% CoJnred lu either OH or Water Oolors, an.l Snub..! in the Mirhrst style of the AnJj TIIK. aTF.KI.OTl'PE. X new ao.l popolw style of Picture, Colored In Oil, rfhlch fW eiceis in Accuracy, Boldnew and Beauty ,,( finish, any oiher Picture ever offered to the Public.— These Pletnr« have only «o be S«D to be admired. Ul Wbo ar» destroua of saving monry am respectfully solicited to call amj e»«n>lne Sp«elmeTH it th^ Olil !v*. n i*86 f>ut WaUr ttreet, XUwKifee, marlS-d*™ ' W. F. BAVtRV, A nud A T W A S I ^ l I .W, \CKff. \ 1 I K ATLANTIC ( \;. j KAi.l, si \ |,» s U -Ni-|.» it>-. „,.,.. -I.- , a ... , i, , II,,, "-.,.., ...... ,, !SA II ' I > A Kn 1ST «l O a A I < . 1 I r r O O M«-nm to the Principal Town* in ENOIAND AND SCOTLAND FOB $30. The powerful Iron Steamahipe om or BALTIMORE,, cm ot WASHINGTON. Wllloall from Hew »ofk for Cork, direct and thence la, Liverpool, The CITY OfMAHCatrartm an.1 VIQO w»ll «ll froo BELFAST and COKK to New ?ork onc«a Month. Rate of Passage from, New York To Cork, Idfeipoor and Ihe principal towna In IRELAND, S»eLAND am> SCOTLAND Cabin,., - ......... ,... Third Claw.... ISO. at from_Ca8.K__or BUJAST to ;. J. Curtis A Co., 177 Broad- Milwaukee, Wlsconsto. W. B. Airvvor} A c;oMM l^iSJON MI-.IU M»», 8UH W r.ST W t \ i>..v, i r r r I I r\l ,ti,, r «., an,i ui in .\oii-Expl fpaE pahl,o JL ai ' «>|ual If ,,<>t 5nperi>- ail.tpted to Church.-", frlvnte DwrUin<», a, pravt- its luperlority use. It 19 unhlte 1,11 ,< Itrilliant, c<'»n,"nir:>l. what ,n more, .-uttr^i y •ion. Apply *l f with the IlkST, !*Al• 1 !«^•r ,H.iu- er Ml P,trt:ir,l ^ fr-,ui JOHN . n. 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