The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 17, 1973 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 17, 1973
Page 10
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Exporters rebuilding under Bratcher «} MIKKSUWKU, THE imAMWriWT Suportm, «»*> ooe« went 10 straight seasons wtth a winning; record, hnvc assigned the tusk o( rebuilding their dynasty to a y«mg coach who think* that baseball should be fun and that discipline can win ball games The coach I* Bart Bratcher, who is only two yt*r* removed (ran the campus of Baylor University but who brought the Exporters in with a surprising M dislrict mark in his rookie coaching year. "IF THE players learn to tnjoy the same enough (o discipline themselves they'll get better." saW Bratchcr in explaining his philosophy of baseball. "\l they don't enjoy the game they're not going to get any t*li« " Bratcher"* philosophy »5 one built on hi* love of the game Me grew up playing ball m Lubbock and was a two-year starter a! ftrw bate for Lubbock Monterrey. MIS JUNIOR year the Eagles failed to «in their district but the next year they bounced back to reclaim the champiom.hi}> Bart then went to Baylor where he switched to third base and started for the Jreshmaa team. As a sophomore he started » few games for the varsltv before an ankle sprain sMvtni him for the season. 1IK fAMK Iwck to st«irt in the outfield as a Junior and at third base a* a senior In 1973 ftratcher Maywl w .»•« an AMiMant coach for the Bears while getting hi* master's degree Then came hi* i-hatx-e to get Into nvtohing, a goal he had set fw himself while he w a* still in high school "A FUIK.ND of mine failed coach Schnntder < Dutch' ;»t lUvlor and toM htm about the opening here," Hratcher explained. "So I came down and a|yl«*t '"* the J* 1 * 1 «"*** \khen I got it I was ready for it "I wanted (w wwk with }tfun# pe*n>le 4 ind I've ai*ii>s bevei uiui'ved in baiehall. Id coached summer tsatl aw.1 •« lUyUw *o t was prepared (or th* 1 ieto IX IWATt HKH s firs', year at !he helm, (IrafiMport botmcvtt tetfk frvm a HI* *ra»on lo break even at U H vulh .1 yjuttg hall club Ttw Kxjwfters also Jim»h<4 fourth m the tough District» AAA \ tacc, rady two game* behind the trvchasnpntfv* "We got where we »ere w *M«w« and pilchms." said Uratchcr "SVe pwflrtl oH 1* duublepka)* that ir.vv'ived our slwi shortstop and secfMid tvisersiiin. l.o*m* and flam!) Viktors!! Th-i> K:u! f" MT- <b«* kcv d> our defense*. "THR IIKilll.KillT of our season *»» a fwir game winning streak we had in the *««mvd half of diMrtct uUy When we beat Victoria, i3. we were only «w §am* out o* fiiii but we tail our next two game* We weren't able to »tay in contention at the end " The Rxportrr* return (We starter* from that team and appear *et to make a jlrwi-j run .it the district title wit y«ar •I KKKI. tike *e karn*d a tot UVM y«ar." Hatcher *aid. "The kkb teamed • UM trf Km-twU and t t*tt««e w*'r* c« our *ay to a _ In *•(((.-(! lo give hw returronii ball more t'iprrtetKe and lo become t-vjiuwtnJ with the younger «oe», o j)Uy hit M»nk>r» in t.«-«R i ci halt Ihift summer •i \v\vTt;t> to Koaett the team to thai t couki work »ith the guy* and meet *»n« o< the jwmgrr sjn*»," Hratcher e.tpiaincd, "Our (it's! objective » lo work on te*«hb^ diK'tpiiw j»i tt^uitgh that imprwr their »Xt.ll fiut 4', iNf »4sn* time we're *ltlt tfyirtg la w«'re Mill trying to do th« othtr thing* Ifcte sumnwr," ONCK AUAIN the K«p«ter» will r«Jy on their iMtnM and pitcntng to wta "Our catching and pltehlng are |eod," said fratchtr '•»'•>• gat g«Ml dt«lh MM! itr«ngth th*r« and in the outfkeW. But w« nav« to rebuild our infrtid am) rifht now U'* young and inetperwnced " "WK'LL «K Krappy offewtv^y, rttytng on running ami bunting a kx We've got a tttti* bit of §p«*d but you can run If you team la* KvhnMjitMi My g«mral phttoiophy t* that If you're re*dy to run alt Iht tlm« y«u'r« galeg to run a little matt But you'** get lo g«i mca on b*M> befer* you tan do anything " With the mpMMoc* th» Ktporttn »rt H»i*ung thi« tummer ami with thrt/ r«<urw«g talent they will be nmottf the dwtmt favorite* «*»! ytdf 0u< it'i * lw*gh r«*(J an«»d ai BrMi»|icr) wri««t td r«um H* *• ptonuwerxc* I2ut totiugM ttee) two tUte •VVi-'r»- (orwarti to ewst >«*»r but -ITS A <s»d fcAwUtt «rwi." Hratctwr "Tlsrr«'i a tot c< wirrrst u» itse <jni* here ind I h$f» ityit wv tan tmtrtt to ptay »*U muu^h lo kwp tftal Utiirf v»i. " Liffle League Baseball Results Bnves skin Bobcats FBEEPOKT — T^e Braves look home an U -3 wtn over the Bobcats here Krsday in a major league bMile Ken Fairch'Ud pocketed the win with Allen Rogers taking the toss. Leading hitters (or the wuwers were Johivney Sw«at. Ted Cartwngh;. I'Xin Robenson and Ken Couttw wtule the Bobcats reoeved has from Charley Mar'.inw. Joe Maresh and Ttieron Rogers Bucs tie Sox CU.TE — The Bucs and Red Sos fought to a 1-3 tse here Thursday to a Hi-Jr league battle. The Bucs went without a hi: in the coolest whik the R«J Sos collected hits from Matt Williams, Ed Lewis. Craig Permenter, Bobby Skinner. Dallas Pkhmr. Ricky Talwn and Randy Talutn Pirates rob Giants CLLTE - The Pirates took j a fr-2 win over the Giants here Thursday w a Ht-Jr league battle. Kenneth McCuB* picked uji the win wish Ste>e SVilwn suffering the loss Leading hitters f»r the •Airmer* wet* tincg Browni:;g. Gary Keathlry .inil Marc Sfir tngs *hit*r '.,';*• l>s*eri mer ledby Sco;t Namitw an James. Yanks scalp Indians l,\KK JVCKMIV — Tli-- Yanke*^ pwrked up a ?•* »m o%er ih« Inds^r.'i here Thur«t«> in .tr- \riivr-.-c.t;; Gary K he u'la wtuk- M:ke Kd^j: the los.» ng hi!U,*i for '•'•'*ere Jo»u< 'Af.nvr. David Bonddren. Ahtr. MJWUSI. Jrff StegjH. t..'irv Smith and Mar* Dan;fU -*hi!.the Irtiurw girt >u!i (ZUK: Diviii Kremmer. Otenr. Krrnss, Mark »au-b »f-J Ronnie i'o>$*r Rangers stun Missions - Ttw over the Mts.fion* here Thurstti >:•- J m.icttf ("ri.uvk i*U - r pfcriied up the list- S'».v ,\lan M* SUr-iSs,,- .u".* lOef -f-vev the Sejdir.g hi'.'.eM <t>r She K-iP^<r5 vi hi Ir the V-tckett «}> (»!.» fr .\tutt e-*» ('**r'.«ik, Wade JV.vr'.Fett icsl Slmc Hjrrwwi Slallions jdt Raidere 1 AKr JMKM>S ~ TJ*- >:j!iiOsv< fcf«"i«4 'u JO '*-> iVciuif; ti«:r TSci.'ii'iiv in 4 •A:'.!; }Urr> Kidiifi! U:i!!ig thr :•-'-"'< '.1 i.radtrix JuSlrri tot the <-.':.;;«•"; -*-.-r?- Trio 4(!«1 J»hc Braires zip Giants I AKt J \r KS'iS -.. It-..- liraies ,:oi;i-.-"' 1 ii A ifrjf.w'. «ith d Si> win trter tl» OuaU W ttae **» tiur>Ji< snfoute- t» t&e . >*!lh Stw low*. itrj'Harvt, Trvy W<xxtt icti ,>et! VtiSUa »wrc lfc« top tusirn fot th«- winarf* *6ite J»'^J Jf'l!-". » 4,1 th* *0^ ftitJ^f :«r :f-jr k«<o Panthers claw Rams 1 1 1 rt: • TSw pjtAttwri edged I'ftf lUrr.i. t.Vt*. fc«rr fhii?y.t») in 4 miaswr Urafjir S:.lS!i»" J 1 ?s<-Sift VtfUfral fafft* t}t H:'.'.rr-« f-* tfaf ••taiwft Si-rrv Hugh**. f!<-Unk"oijrt CHH lU Uut ky TaUa-oA). Top? ,>;•!.! Vsctur Zjrj!«r 1) Sljftl«r5i •*».» tft« hsstrr £«f shir inurrt rip Cats t t.t TK ••-. Thr !»•>* Moke the most out of your checking account .if -• , & pr'S? •and pay the least while you're at it. Prrbaps >CMI do not know. Fir* I .National Bank of Lakt* Jackson cttecking account plan for >car». 1 rt u> -i money while banking with us Here's how it works; had a kiu cmt sou him to sair If you maintain a minimum balance of JJuo. or more rach mouth, YOl' t'AV NO SEKVICH i.'»AU«iK SSH \TSOKVKU'. From tlWJ.OO to 1199.00. >c»u pa> only tl.w* »crvicr charge. \ii>thi«g It-is than IIWf.M) balance will IH- f!.£j. . .thai'-, it! Write a» many cliwrks a* >ou nerd and Ou- MOST il can c«*t yo« i* 11.25! *" ""'* It's coovfiiieat, a (id il cosU k'su. . . Why Pay More? Open A Checking Account With Us Today! 11 NATIONAL BANK QF UKE JACKSON MfcMBF.U F.U I.I. "The National Bank That Belongs to Brazosport" icj T.I li! win ^iiy in * niifttx witn Use CaU. the "in n*mssju. Juftft Oaiii* jf-4 Pinto skill Bnvts Vktee Z-araU. ,\l!xr> 4 i Sft 4Btt tin)*** l*U<Se ft Dodtcis, Gtants tit I'M 'It: - the ta 4 i««« i'M3< to J ft< SUtlrtl IW vat twt> l!»* jfcrt i l>*.t JtoV^-.'r^ TtlK BH \/it« J i)HT I' «-"T* Sports News Teenage Results ftnfcs Tees? Astros involved in four-way fight \<a» Mi pocltt ftttrai to 4tiTir,(([ tfwf ortt «Uf). vnSJ* t!»r oW»r '»!*.« »iil wife t» th« !:<i4-S >j/ !J« ."in ons c j« ««»> '»* sup* wh-W «iK fevp^xm Ssri iS >« rt (hji <>•(«•? tl* jw« y>mr'«. it hA* 8»rr. fru'twri SR^i fa W,« t M '*. .» fc » * ^ 7 Vt4 •<&«•*«. j-.».T. H *»fet »*«•-:> I'* |fir,".;.-;.f Sir ',»* "»>w« •*•».« IJ^r.n ft.tfV* Lake Jackson LL meets («»t.iliF«( Mr J-ifc !,<>{!*•» *fji Von f on with ontf tb« Hill k*i. *h*!* R.-JH f ip n* 1 * ru/n** tjuj! K»v* r«rt,*t (>*• ctui> acii when (w ipjr'. t*if> Ccdcno *»>d Jk>fc W atwxi **« WS. wi'j Tsmmj Hdm.s >3m« "fvrrn afctr*? J30 CifKiAn«li utn I J!*H(WI[ b*a l"»4 *«ark Irstn f «« IhitA'i ToJjn. Tooy Vrtvt. Itertta J-t*r.k« » JIM] - 4jE«vfc» icwt 'Jut ti«rwnfr*», r«c timi a M **'»**•( >'!»•»»>«««•» t ** AAerHi FumHur* •NnM • R-efilol Fre«port, Hill* »rtera«.i ran Mtt$t)inr lh«- I A ««wt liuni ks4.* » yet lo b* iwrn. but Ajlnj b<4ts T«l Smiifc. * MriAJimg etprrt toe inany yrdrt. pouttt out lh*t it Uit<!* iiftw !<> drii^kft )itunK Ulcni. <w>4 thjt UKS« "youngUrrt " <:erumi> Mtn't vet twKtnd Ihr ran "'There'* a *•»« diffctcnc* t<f4wvm ta**t»»ll *rd othtt »f«»»t» ' iunith Mid ' Suf*. (fair* at« Cvdetto, MK) criijUf Oavid Ojtk. Urt i! u<uai!y a fe* year* " Stnith (»)in!» wit lival tfc* A/nerk4n Ijpj^iir'^ teadinf MJ*r Ron Bfoflittrg, w» the No I dr*fl in IW7 »hihs Mixit^ ^,,-wd lu< (fitfk to rr>tictjt« y«uitg wk;-»«»'Ji«<v» luch at Sjn LHtgo Urt in fact both il* |>«trra »r»1 ftiiiiies ha*r wjine fir* younn Ulrn*. and liwigh it » r»f sluwii^ u|> in lf«r tot vcorc my* . a *iU be e-nfknl m trw n«xt {cw year* ' ' Srnith Mtd • It liits nine lo gel * Mad logfttvcr. but a KituSing (jrgifiiwlK*! should be ba.tically Kiund within I»v year*.' h* said "but ifi important to know ih»t th« dr*ft is very twnplrs, w«d lhai )CM have proUemt. such a» &tn liwgo in now having *nh (-lay Kuby , whfjrn th«> **r« count ing twavily on " N«nw ll«u«lon and Cu*Uai*li havt the caperwnce and &>n Fraitdsco and IM» Angeles have Uw jouth The Astro* and G;afita have Ih* power, the Kcda have (be ipwi »»d th« Dodgers twveih* pitching But colyocwot them can win il ail NCRYDAMS uilMTie' BARGAIN DAY AT HUNTS BLACK & DCCKER 20" MOWER Tfiin IMVI* TV SERVICK1 (AJL TED'S TV 2337221 (STORE) Oft 2fM3l (HOME) SKMVICtON All •HANWS, Ak INK ONU rACTOKY-THAINKD CUttlU-MATMia TECMNICMN IN WUWMUA OOVNTV. nn !(.<*& UTBAT'TMV IN OS OLD SMOKEY BAR44) 7« HOME WHEELBARROW 8 IMH HI.K HM.r. HEDGE TRIMMER OVER 150 EVERYDAY HARDWARE ITEMS ON SAU4IG SAVINGS HUNT HARDWARE I'l.AXTATIU.N PH. J4«*M)i()\' I

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