Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 31, 1941 · Page 2
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 31, 1941
Page 2
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Challand, Walton Commend Bicycle Safety Club Work Soy VFW Is Rendering A Timely, Valuable Community Service With both trie Wallace »nd Union schools conductine a campaign of education dmorij? the pupils because of the Increase of bicycle ridine. Superintendent JumM Walton of Central and Lincoln . school*, nnd Superintendent H U. Chuiland of Wai- luce school have joined In malting « statement renardlna the vulue of the V. F. W. bicycle safety club, which Is operating in both .«chools tnd which they assert Un a most timely and valuibJe community service. Through the bicycle club actlTi- U«s in each school, they writ*, pupil* are brought to a thorough un- deretandlnf and appreciation of the importance of obeying th« code of Mf« bicycle riders. Safety motion pictures, safety talk* and demonstrations are included In the dub program*. Violator* of the safety code must appear before the school's bicycle court. These courts are officered by the student* under the direction of faculty advisers. Penalties are imposed according to the seriousness of tht offense. Offenses occur very Infrequently, which reflects the ef- feetivwncM of the "bicycle club pro- tram. The administration of the bicycle court by the itudeals in an excellent experience in citizenship training. Officer* of each club are provided with very attractive badfes, patrolmen whOM duty It is to report of- fttuea are equipped with special badge* and every member of each etub Is supplied with a reflector to .attach to his bicycle.; Thi* equip* metft, all of which is of • substantial character, make* the program more vital and realistic to the pupil?. The V. T. W. prorldea thai it and all other materials . t« curry an the pro$rr*m frf*» of ch«rg«. 8!nc« the nsles for wtfe bkvcle riding are very similar to mir* for wife motoring, the bicycle riub member* are eKUbltahin* habit* which should Insure s%ftr motorists in the future. The code of sxfet.y whlrh rarri pn- pi! must learn before b«y«rr;:ns * mpmbrr of the chib and uhrh ;.«. printed on the b*ck of the rm-n- bmhip rsrd Is PS folio*-*: "Bicycles grmll nnt. csrrr mo:r than one n*m>n, rxrrpt bicyc>«. ;^> ronMnictfd for innrr; stop at ai! stop .sign.-;; ridr nnJv on the :'c:i' side of the street; do not hold n:-, or hitch bicycle to anv other \e- hlc)e; do not ride at niR.'-.t w::! ft light on the front and rX'.rr'or or lamp on the rear; do not nde abreast of another bicycle rider; do not ride out of alleys or driveways, or from behind parked cars, without stopping and locking to ire that sidewalk.-; and streets are c!r«r of traffic: obey traffic signals and orders of traffic officers and xhoo! patrols; do not enframe in any trick rldihjr or weaving in on anv street or public highway; become familiar with and obey all traffic rules and regulations; be watchful and alert at »11 times and safety mindrd ' TURTLE FRY TONIGHT PETE'S PUCE Lyndon FRIED CHICKEN SUPPER UTURUY MillT Name John Hall Chief Clerk Police Station John Hall waa named chief clerk of the district highway police sutlon by Chief Sullivan Thursday. The appointment becomes effective November 1. Mr. Hall WM appointed * clerk at the slate police station June IS and hlA promotion comes a.s a result of his efficiency in the position. Goes to Urban a Park Buptrlntendent E. C. Ooeh- ert has gone to Urbana, where he will represent the Sterling - Coloma park board at the swimming pool conference tn progress there. _ __ V.F.W. OLD FASHIONID DANCE SATURDAY, NOV. 1 •nd «vtry Saturday ovn PLOWMAN^ I OatOCMT iTOlt BEAUTY IS TOUBS WHEN ITOU OO TO THE CEYSTAL. Permanentfl U64J06MIJO 8HAMTOO "Ve^ roron WAVE ...... /9C PHONE 240 Crystal Beauty Shop LI Ufa* AT*. - STEBUNi BOWL YOUR BLUES AWAY! ROtt "EM DOWN OUR CENTENNIAL LANES. MAKES YOU FIT AS A FIDDLE.- OPEN DAILY AT S P. M. We c*ter especially to the ladles !• the afternoon. LEAGUE BOWLING Mcarftjra, We«tne«(Uys, Thin. 4ain aai FrMaya—7 U t. OPEN BOWLING AFTER I tattanlftjr, Sutay, Tveatfay «ptn to ererycne. PHONE POLO «5 GOLDEN BOWL BOWLING ALLEYS POLO Foreclosures on , FHA Homes Remain Low Report Shows Charge from Resale Is More Than Offset By the Prepayments "Tie fedrrftl hnuMns administration, which bus Insured more than TfiO.OOO small-home mprtRHges under the national hou.Mne net since 1634. hn.i less than 6f>o foreclosed home properties on Its hands awaiting resale. Administrator Abner H. Ferguson- announces. Up to August 31. 1941. lending institutions liac' foreclosed and turn- rd over 3.070 Insured dwellings. These represented only four-tenths of 1 per cent of the total number of mi/rtgages Insured. The FHA has resold 2,511 of these foreclosed propertied, leaving 559 on hand M of August 31. The tola charge to the mortgage Insurance fund resulting from these resales WM $1462.131. after payment of all expenses. An average net loss from disposal of these properties Is unavoidable. Mr. Terguson pointed out. since In oues where gules proceeds exceed the cost of the properties to the FHA refunds are made to lend- R ADIO Oouna Amplification —— 1-uwrLlTI HOMt-AUTO OKIVI-IN SERVICE RADIO! MAIN 411 wcairca •OUKD QUIPMINT SEECK'S FREE! 8.LBMMt KHtfeNQUcfc With Thli Hmr CROSLEY RADIO ln« lr,«Ut nt ions to eompfnimte for foreclosure expenses, and remaining b»lsnc?5 are psid over to the origin*! borrower*. In Rctusl prsctirf, moreover, the net charge to the mutual mortgage Insurance fund from the resale of foreclosed properties has been more than offset by prepayment premium* p*>i<1 into the fund bv borrowers who have retired FHA-lnsured moncaser in full prior to their ma- t'iri'y. By AiiRU't 31 such prepay- m^nt premium* h<*d amounted to $2 049.456. i The mutual mortgane insurance fund was established on June 27; 1S34. by a contribution of 110,000,000 from the federal Rovernmcn't, pursuant to the terms of the national housing act. Since that time the fund's aynets have been Increased to $44,100.012 through income fiom fees, premiums, and investments, after deducting a proportionate share of the operating expenses O August 3! the total liabilities of the fund were M.790.342, consisting mainly of debentures issued to Sending institutions in exchange for fo-eclosed properties The net balance in the fund was thus $35,309,670 on that date. 125 Registrants Are Classified by Board A total of 125 questionnaires were classified by the aterllnr drift board at 1U regular meeting Thursday evening. Notices are being aent to the registrants today, informing them of their classification TODAY-SATURDAY A UNIVftSAl PICTURE —ALSO— MISCHA AUER JOHNNY DOWNS ..'IN //+ Vs. $22*95 - CASSi W TEEM! OHMEMfim •ME, TVBD »T. GOOD MUSIC 9 to 12 A nctt Knot "" •* A smoocfaer Drape TlM • .... .._.. •V WIlftOM ftlOTHHS Lecture and Question Forum • with JAN YUII4-*: Author of "Out Of The Nlglit' CONSISTORY AUDITORIUM, FrNporl GEN. ADM. (n« reacrvkUtna) 5«e, IBc, Me Tkktta avaJUbk—IUUeit §eh«tJ A O«k« Suwply C*. EUNICE BEATTY Announces fhe Opening of her Reaufy Salon af 405 Firsf Ave., Sferling I «ffi to ••«• for kwlMM UU S«t«r4«y, N*v. L Watck far »«r famaJ nnlmg. CHIC BEAUTY SALON 'aAaWal ftafB llnLTI IAUiWE'EN ONTHESTME! FUN, LAFFS, AND A GOOD TIME FOR ALL SUNDAY 3 DAYS! THE HEW f H 0 N I 4 0 S USTMYl AVE. rmomm dAUON PACKAGE ICE CREAM ADULTS ONLY! ALL SEATS iOc UkCst ffALLS ^"•w|p^|D^s^i> ^ra^^Baiiwa^p^ CflSTLf I AVINUE A .nd FIFTH STREET, STEfLIN* W 0 ( K M U L '•> i MESQUITEERS "GANGS OF SONORA" ,_.Ai«A— • *•*•*£•% | OIOB^^^" ' EDDIE ALBERT in WEAT MR. NOBODY' Prophefstown Will Efitertiin W. R, C. of District on Monday thirteenth district convention of the Women's Relief corps fill be held Monday at the Ma,«onic temple in Propheutown. The morning session will start at S o'clock when officers will bf elected nnd the installation will be during the afternoon Mission which start* at 1 o'clock. A lunchfon will be served at noon in the Congregational church and will be served by the Kum-Joln- Us guild of the Congregational church and the MrthodlM Ladle*' Aid society. Mrs. Catherine O'Neal of Deer Grove, district president, will pre| Mdr over the meeting! Welcome,' fwlll be extended to the convention| wts, by Mayor Kenneth Miller, Rob- I erl Herald, leader of the Bon* of ; Union'Veterans. Mrs. W. A. Sommers. representing thr Amcriwin Legion auxiliary and C. B. Mum- mart, representing the American T 4t rr 1 rvn . ^ Sweet! Swing! Jive! TOP BANDS of the Nation Monday throufh Saturday (for Coca Cola) Starts Monday, Nov. 3 9:15 P. M. WHBF and MUTUAL 1270 on your dial. The ritual mil the Prcph*tat0*n by Meters Nef $364 First Two and One Half Days in Springfield Parkin? meter* which were placed In operation on the downtown streets of SprinffllTt !««? Monday netted a tot*! of 13M !n the first'two and one-half day*, it was learned when the pennies arid nlrkl#.« which had been deposited In the devices were Although the parkins? mct^r rrp- . through whom the ron- trftft wa«! rnnde for the Installation in Ster'lnz, stated that ryprnrncf has 'shown tliar the mot«n < -t.s for th? flrM t<*o In ISM. a «ho«-er Of bird* dropped • >••••• -in. ....^1.. •-...-. ,..-. from a clrsr sky in Bstcn nous:e, «hy of trw parking meters for the LA. Catbirds, duck*, woodpecker?. first week or two. Springfield proved, and many strange bird* fell in heapi an Px rcptlqn as h evidenced by the about the streets. VOf'RE .4LWAVS WELCOME AT Daniel's BOCK FALLS CANDY FOR PARTIES We hare a hat* aeleftlon of fancy hard candle* for parti**. Al»o many kind* of batter-toasted nutt. Select them at Daniel'* to aMare yonr rw*U »f »he frethett and b*tt. Sunday Dinner Nicely Served Al The Sterling Elks Club 11:30 A. M. fo 2 P. M. Delicious Food—Modest Prices PHONE 779 1 4 < 4 RESERVATIONS SOlJf ITFJ) HI T NOT NECESSARY. COME! TRY OUR ICE CREAM CAKE ROLL Sfrrn It For Dtsstrt SATURDAY NIGHT Serrei from 6 to I 9. m. CHICKEN AND HOMEMADE NOODLES BAKED SWISS STEAK T-BONE STEAK WITH FRENCH FRIES SUNDAY Mmd II to 1 P. M. Rooit Young Tu?k«y with all tke trimmln'a OR Fried Spring Chicken E»eb diauter e«na»Uto with Socially Correct! Qualify Not« Auortmcnf Portfolios Childrtn't loxts that art R««lly CUvtr. An Aitortm«nr«fiMntUmfn'i laks in MatcMnj Colors PLEASE NOTICE DUE WEST WINDOW HASKELL S Special Hallowe'en Stage Show Sponsored by Sl«rii*| Elks dob COLISEUM, FRIDAY, OCT. 31st A Rollicking Rampaging Stage Show, Featuring Ninety Minutes of Non-Stop Entertainment With "Shoot The Works" Different — New — Terrific Fun! Comedy! Music! Variety! Entertainment Galore! With Jo« Bonnet ef tht "Funa A Fire" •how and hli company. With Stars of Staft, Screen and Radio. With a line *f Movlm In a Oorfcou* fiacky Line. Make a date tor thli outstanding event •nd an ereninf of fun. AdmlMlan S5« with tax 8 P. M. Student Admlaakm Me with Ux THINK YOUFEIEEDS! I atoeerety •pfnetato your pt>tr«au«c al Bay Omai Opnlat »"d tent* y M to fame afain. TO U«M wh« turn Ml SUM «y MW tU» I extutd « (wrdial tarlUUMi to irt* fa far a itlktoiu -Juat a vWt -WOTCJi ntOPMET We Specialize In SWIFT'S ICE MEAN CaJw • Facaa B*0 • NwpoUtMi CITIZENS BEWARE! "BELLE STARR" (THE UNDIT QUEEN) ARRIVES AT THE STATE Theatre Sat. Nov. 1»t I A wMc •t «f M«k M4 IwJk k 14 SavMt to aaiaet See the Delicatessen Refrigerator in our East Window for lunch suggestions. Mill BOWL CAFE •M B. TBttO ST. WARNING! Rwerve Thig Date for the Popultr —r- W •!••&• Sterling Coliwum-Tyeidiy, Nov. 11 (ArmkUc* Day) Aftmooi 3:Oa-lli|U 7:30 aid 9:00 FRESH CANDY MADE IN OUR OWN •riffle . Ib. 29e Boamif Irifffe, » 29e Rod Skin Peanuts, Ifc. ....... 25c Salfad Faeans, Cashews andMbed Nufs SANITARY KITCHEN CLUSTERS Dipped in Hershey's pure milk chacalafe. Fecan Clusters Feanuf Clusfers VALENCIA CHOCOLATE MARASCHINO CHIRRIBS QUART RRICK Freeh Made VANILLA ICECREAM With 5-ei. cups af Caramel Fecan Syrup.. Bvto'l OHa«M JMt h! MI CHOICE IN Mi prwai «f Mr CWMM! MM* jrtlfc lh« flftvtr «l a wttjl Ml a*MU aW mt ta » ««talr Oav Oa fir ALL trtCULfl TO* AN ENT1M WBSK ICE CREAM SHOP Red Foley and All your favorite W.L& Barn Dance characters will be here in person, Adm. 44c, Children 17c— All Tax Included •»••»«•* »y Uw Br**4w*r Ckveb Mm* Ctek at li»patlM a? fr«g» my

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