Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 17, 1930 · Page 14
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 14

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1930
Page 14
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DECATUR HERALD FRIDAY EVENING, "OCTOBER 17, 1930. DECATUR HERALD EST IDECATUR TO BLOOMINGTON FOR NON-CONFERENCE TILT TONIGHT n Saturday Itoon gild usually r - w" tun ,. ttr , [bo no exception to f n ntla no news of that It ptay ed ,, W«tvin. lait an. Jin . tuition 1 down to «* rt h s a roal *lp , n li ' w e e k . Th. twm |klng* strength that In the DP- new play, ftre b «. l1 but that deadly ris to Oano. Schaf- lellars. IB still bain* lls throw* the bftll Ice and on* of the (ways seem* to b* [divwn. to P)»j feam was Injured by ultra. Clark will b* fcp of Sullivan, whn lie with his jrradw. ·hopes to glv« Mom* Is pheince to show ui-day. Saundttt, rtslay In the back- Its fi*d BurgedB In jlikely hets tor serv- be called at » I Mattoon High band will be on hand to I spec ta tow between kttoon Croat Country neot this week and earned rwtt. FROM $29.50 tme [needleworV bought be- iys they are IP than »ver In Wonted Stilt* by inner 4 Mm$50 iser OS HOPE FOR VICTORY AFTER TTOON DEFEAT \ May Go To End, TJooien To Quarter In Toniglit'sjCame BUKESUE MAYP LAY ny LLOV» STOUI*KH HiJttH in its unbeaten march ))f Mattoon lust week. Decntur . pr Bloomin«ton thw evening 5|Aw« it will ·ttempt a comc- fpck against J«nn Harrison'* I llwmington Hif-K aqvind. The 5 man irtll bo played beneath tho I bhi« «' F * nt m ' Wl Btftr t'n« »t 8 I1 White Blnoinlngtor- wan nounrtly vrtillopotl by Po- orlu Central '.nitt week, 30 to 7. Klnt nor of nn e a s y con* !« will Albert Adams. 17-yearold Jockey, h*e Ht · new world record for conaecutlva wins (or rase rMcru by Moring: nine victories In a row ftt Marlboro, Md., truck. Six of his victories came on the SMUQ day. Adntns lives in Baltimore. evening showed rtuna Wnllem able to play If noriKMiiiry, but he will likely not tut UMOd, Other ' Tlio *" fW up. u m«mh*r o( the confercncn, but withdrew ftv«»l ywira fifto TDundAy nlKht Klntiwr wwt (MHl(hrlnK *t*rtfn(( tn« K*m« with M chnnKfl he lift* long con. 1 1* m»y i^nrt mil i"j(ulur numt*rlnMik, to riibk curt In pliww of Datmef, KD) platen I'ltin Itnuitin »t th« provldt* n ntron(*r «o(«ne ft(t»ln»t linn pUiJ'3 irnd Minor lnjurk«H to throo of hl» r* ulir plnyriJi, not Hiifflclent to ihtm «ut of on important (tamo bw rnxt tot- cntti])lcl» rooovury icwunt for torn* ff Ihc cliiHK«3. A Mtrowlcr nnrf Rnaf Walter* with dtrn inert bftclts. nni til Jim Htftton hn* a minor rib In 1'u (tot Ciuuwo plunn to giv* Knymont · bl(t Xdllow recently t««(ht up from Die retioi'Vbi, tlta itllbg call nt left tackle In plucn ol ton. BlttkdHld* Id otio or the big mm «n thit tiqtiiitt, heavier even ih»n Hentdo, and he hag shown ;*pld Irnprov^nifsnt »lnc!(t the start tl th« inniifin, Conch Klntntir maheM Ihc «fll»mplst«d shift rr Hill to eml ItMbatr will hoUl Uuwn .Sehi'omli irinft flirt Niidllcn and Wtllwid Bay ift b»th ftvailnhlo for thu oonlor tMltlon, wild t|i Im'tnoi iiindt ilkuly toiUrt. A ilMiior'N report Tliurmlay Nine in a Row of the- llut'U|t t» . Mll» luriilw will be at left mill, mid on Ihc other rtfi tit JHukfHlcit, Ihu rvvmlt, will h« llwldlntt ut irft K\tnrA. tllnck'- burn uad Aiigiwllne will pluy rlcht pikrd mid rl|;lit tuuutn, n^IHX^tlVtOy, licllvr mid Box will bn ttio hulvts und W. Soh roller tho lnlllNivh. Thn gnmi^m Hie Ilfth of the ana- don for th«t Rctla, and marks thf hnlfwny point In their ten-ga tchntltilc. To date tltey havu won over aeorBi'»vi'n, ^ to 6, and Dun villa, 41} to 0; tied Ifrtann 6 to fl and lout to Matloon, 13 t« 5. The Rwtlcoata, Dectitur High band will uccotnimny the team to Blown ln((too, uvkliift HlDlr fli»t out of town trip of the msnaon. Many f*n» ar eupcvted to Uika the Journey "north. 1IONOU14I) AT SHOWBIt MONTICELI-O-MlssWiineta Auh by nnd Mian Bumlce Hoed mtoit*!n fd at i mlaiiullaneous shower Wed nosdny evpnlnw la the home of Mia need In Delaml, honoring Mr», W B, WUllck, whowttst recently married 1 MOVKS TO CHAMPAIGN CtlNTON--The household good* of Mrw. Kate Hcnsoti wore rnoVed WtidnoDdiiy from Clinton to Chain pnlKit wlwe ohe will muke her home Her daughter Mtirtha noounipanle hor and will lultn worl: In Chum pttlltn. Mrs. llcntion Is RTI accountant for Ihc T C, there. TO IIKSUMB FABMWG CHARLffiSTON-- HKeilff Slnnloy K Mooro. whoMft torm will expire en December 1, 1930. nt which tlm a. now fbvi'lff, fllcctod on this com K November *. will tnke office uM t« raturn tho (nrm Jn Huh molilt township. Bowling Scores [ KIIIM IHAXKMS A l « XlIM III lln llllll II) 1DI II' Hd tl? If. I, ·I'd n In , in T«t| JUT KK «IK IIIN IB. IPl tk.NTCItt M M'HINK Hltu MUJTTIl'tl US in I'lUSTV.Us I- M: 161 3J7 Ifid 31] II KK 4I7 fe«svffi ; ;v'."' l!i Pi i!! S "' ''! Ml! " 1*1 til » liis ISH «,| Mi-Mil]**) llnrrl* ., CUT *;i «KT I.M- I I w i L r t ... I I 1 1 1 1 113 M i i . - h u H ./i Ju tn; l l n y i i u t l .. B 1 . H( TT; \u m ,, ?( ni ni Tut 141 in ·I'nliil ,,t!I 3»~ H W d M O D I ' t hit in Hi til. ,lul i r r n M . ' ,.'*lil(i S t Illlllil .... 5f. 7' Illltlltlrnt' W IX 1.1'OKI l u i r l l i . , , (.imllr.v .. Kill In 131 I J H i T.,t lit S I IN ·7*. »Jf, 4S IN HID S-J SKI !*T 111 ICO T linorn-r ..!"» US id* ,IB( di.tM- . . . t o n IT, u: IM llniullrlkp U I I 41 III T 1 MONTICELLO IN 19 TO 8 REVENGE WIN OVER RAJAHS freaks Long Supremacy of Rogers' Team in Smashing Grid Victory TAKES EARLY LEAD MONTICELLO, Ont, IT--Montlce) 10 joined the runlis o( other Okfiw Valler teams who have broken At wood's ling auprcmacy on tho grid ran by scoring a 10 to 8 triumph over the Rajahs hero Thurnday. Pll- ng up o IS to 2 lead tn the first half and matching Atwood'* lone score In the Inat 1mIf, the locals hud little troubto beating the green visiting as- gradation. Montloello scored Itrst early in the nltlal quarter whun Fin-ton, stand n-r on the peal line, took a 40 yard 1UB9 from C. Watta and the latter dropklcketl th« point. Its second :ouchdown came In tho second quarter, when throe first downs (n a row took the bnll to AtwiwVs four yard marker and JCraU plunetxl It over. Steady M*roh The final tauclulowii for tho locnts mid turly In the third quattcr when Montlccllo took the Imll on l(a own 40 yard line and marched steadily down tho field on }limi,'ea by Alien and White, wltli the latter finally taking It over from the three y»rd line on an of I-tackle emnah. Atwood Kot two points on a lucky break In the second quiuLer when Krata tumbled In the end wont 1 and the bftll rolled onto the field, auto mallcnlly giving Ahvood a safety The Ttnjnhs Rot their loiiehOoivn '» the tlnal ptsilod, when Kratv, kick log from tho end zone, (rot off a poor boot, that cttirled only to- his own in yjirtl line. A nine yard sroln by Quick, and an offside penalty pu tho hall on the one yard line and Baldwin went through center for the score. Rlnnkisiihorn Star Wontlcflin's entire buckflckl per formed wull, and Blnnkcnliom In particular tore off nonio gitod Rfi/ni around the ends, Wayue Bnltor, ai loft tKckle, was a tower of strenfjlh to Atwood on defense, but Quick watt thn najahe' only consistent ground gainer. la Umlt, n .f. i 1 . I'l-ii-f. ii; o W]nn l |pr rtf ... Ion»» I E ntTM. re MI ATtt'OOO , ,. tv. fin*Is . , , ri, Hrtin K, 81101* :. (Jai IK, R. rtii , It. \V, lln , , ,lu, )l trtt ill. \!«U1lflltio1l 1)1 Sanf rij, gi Hlllllll D i l l .1(10 1,7 I I ! l'H9 ., «- ;.. :i j i t mi KII or ;si Tain! -ttii On -IJ113SO -)I!PI*RT 8PORTIK(3 11 It hull '..Kin ]Dt 114 n ll ,141 '-i m ns tt'l'iVisi-r 1'uLnl .,tUll 0011 1.10 l.ll.t.lAN 1'ltCUID Tot i l l 8B .::: M IIS 1in :»!· .. I l K A I ' T V SJ[Ol'~ Tot M I'ulVli 102 1'JI 111 SHI 11,1'i't a'tl 1'Jl 103 S~ ^16 111 Idt 1» uu 1(111 M'ABAStl It. 1-iwy ...11 NflYdll ., Hart .... . .7f. 1in 111 It IS - Trit, 11) 101 l i t SUB »s :« it lit ,m I'ourL .,,.10* HrlEii ..HIT Clt'inltiKd J H llfinilirnan "f , Jr. pv 110 J H 70 T5 in t \K l»l tn T«IM ..SOP !00 "Mllli-llO 1 f II II hiiirliiK! 'I'lHiPlmon iw, Vliuiuii. Krnlt, Will in Irtnl) for vvntt-i). n i k l i l n l n . I'nlnt -i; U n t i l (ilroi^k'hl. SnTnty- /livoml, I*ni|i1r-- Kmn (Illliiolm Leak Causes Gas Store in Arthur to Explode ARTHUR -- Fire caused by a oaky gasoline ,Rtovo crcuteit consider able excltttmont (it the homo of .f. R. Grtivee In the east part of town Thtiffldfty itKirfilni*-. When Mrs, Graven lighted one btirner'of the slovo preparatory (.0 gcttlnif breakfast, oil ttmt had accu- nmlitted In Iho drtp pun AH a result of the leak, caught fire and 1 lames soon envclo|jed tho whole room. Mrs. XVMI threw dirt on Hie blaze ami had 1L fully tinder control heforn the xirtmrnt »ii rived, Dnniago consisted only of blackened wulls and curtains. Rully day will be observed next Sunday in the Vino ntii'et Christian tidny jioliuul. An effort Is being imulo to huve a rucoul attenclnrico. SHELBYVILLl!--Mr mid Mrs, ,f. W. Yuntta, Mr. un-l Mm. C. W. Steward, Mrs. Martha E. Chrtotinnii and Mrs, Ella Stcwaixt, all of this dty. and Mias Clarlbel BMbottom o( SI. lXula wore (fucsts of J. A, Janios nod dnttRhter of Pana Sunday at ti dinner In honor ol Mr James' birthday. BELIEVE IT OR/NOT, --By Ripley. DR, BEStCK 18*7 W. tttmtt St A tftW PHVSICtAM CHICAGO (JLANO Of 5% fAUt W WS OWtR 200-Acre Farm Near DeWitt Chang« Hands DELANO --Carrot Xtrvdith of aiwfhtU purcbawJ the 20-*c» Cemp Fuller farm, on« mile eturt of Dtwltt, tat week. The ptece ti a combination «tock and (rain farm, *nd it eat by tlta public rood And railroad, Mr, U«r«dlth lmy» the farm for a OF TKST15K 1AY'S OABTOON V. a Ontnt Grant was chrlfilenod Hiram, attnr nn ancestor, with Uly.isss lor a middle name. The .congressman who tecomnwndctl him for West Point supposed UI Vines waa his Jlrst name, and addwl thereto the name ot Mi mother's family, Simpson. In the Civil war Grant enlisted In the 21st IIII not H Regiment, and soon obtained the commission of colonel. He rose to the rank of brigadier- genera!, major-general and lieu ton. ant-general In supreme command of the Union lot-cos, but the rank, gen ciat was not given him until the sprlns of 1865, by a apueinl act of Congress, only n few months before his death, ,-Iuly 23. 1SSS. A Pull of Wiinit Viator Wot*** IXn Than tt 1'nll of Cold Water The bontii ot comparative welghta (Hticclflo Rnwlty) is wulir at wiro dcfjrena centigrade, or 32 degrees Fahrenheit, when it la In its mosl condensed form. When subjected to heat, water expands and fills wttn nlr bubbles. Physical ojtperlnnontii prove that a cubic foot of cold water weighs 62116 pounds, and the same unionnt of warm water weighs 61088 pounds, Tomorrow--- JBINITI'H Awnsotno Mountain Health Officers Hold Two Day Annual Meet Rv VnMwl X'rtlt.) SrRTNGFIET.D, Oct. 17 -Honlth :fricent from lilt parts of the state fathered hero Thursday to attend a ,wo-dny snanion of Che annual IIII- nolw Health Off lews' conference, 3r, J, A. McLauKhlln, surgeon, ltea States Public Health aervlce, and Dr. W. P, Klnj-, state bealtli commtasioner for Indianu, and others spoke on vai' stibjecta (Thursday. ( TAV,D JBB1UKB FARINA--Burlolof Fret) Nlrider ot Klnmundy was made In the .Farina cemotwy Wednesday. Mr. Nl- rliicr waji well known In this community. He was the uncle of Mr*. S. B, Gwin of Farina, LONG SEHV1CE BATTERIES we -i^" ro ^ "Hl-fj-fe 1 ;!" I TO* w Cloth ssssr PUMP Red Tire Wtlt, S6e M*hii (Ml. I.Mtt S*rvto» tissssa 55c gal. DCHEIT 1MK GEBHART'S MOTORISTS SUPPLY CO. 110 E. William 614 E. Eldorado ' 626 N. Water iirurt ·«** jlj/U* in btaekt and b t *» n i (« and youVe seen many higher priced' shoes that can't equal f them. See Our Window* bom*, but «tp««U to kwp hli ·nt IMM for a y**r «r two, Tb» c«j-*W«r»tJofl WM not nw4* KBewa. Tbe deal WM huidlrt by fUaibMt- fiwvte BgMH-y of DtUnd. Otto Fuak, «f HlOMww, 111, pUy«d a violin «wy fto» ot th« w«y, waJklnn (rom N«w Tortt to San Franctico tn IM dajm. H« I* n yeara old «nd w*Htm IIP paumU. HAVEAniW Don't Let it, Happen A You! Mtu'* gf«fttett auet it hit «ppewwm §o why dtouU ujr m*a, mwried or Miglt, rich or poor, dony him- t*tf the tttubctioa, the attraction, and all that goo with b«inf well drewod when be nuty outfit bimi*K in ( FaU't m«t «tyB»h tpptfd , ^ on America'* moft liberal plan of ' payment t m For the very unall mm of 89c, you nt immediat* po»- MM»n of any one farment in any of iboM aik group* fat*. Come in- try on a» many fannenU at you like-take at leatt one home with you and if you are not more than utiified, we'll gladly refund your down payment! Mens'SUITS Top Coats *0' IN TWO SfitlM MM! ten brm ntmir » y«M Osm- MirmHM* ·t IM* chinMtrr

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