The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 12, 1914 · Page 22
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 22

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 12, 1914
Page 22
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T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Sunday Morning, July 12,1914. Many of Them Experts Home Construction. in THESE PEOPLE AEE PEACE-LOVING. MRS. LINDSAY'S WORK Tells How She Enjoys Planning and Building. Decatur has a number of women who ( have built more than one house Some of these houses h m e been built for homes of the builders and afterwards sold A list of a half doien might be named who had built as many as two i or three hoii^ep In this way At this time no v.o*ian is recalled who has | gone Into the b Hiding business anv more extend ely than that. SHE mil.T FOURTEEN Mr' Arthii'- O I indinv, who has visited In Decatur and charmed relatives and friends that she met by her quiet, unassuming, southern manner, without anything about her that would suggest an enterprising, pushing, business life. Is, according to an article In the Birmingham Age-Herald, one of the busiest house guilders in that city. She has built and sold fourteen houses Mr» IJndsay Is the wife of Arttinr O Lindsay. «n of Mrs Edna Lindsay, ««« East Cantrell street. Mr Lindsay went to school to Decatur, and learned a «ood deal of the newspaper business H* Is now assistant business manager of the Age-Herald 13 WOMAN'S WORK. Mrs. Lindsay Is quoted In a recent number of the Birmingham Age-Herald as saving that home building t« distinctly woman's work She makes It appear so In her Interview, parts of which follow SHE STATS THERE. "Don't yon think It a profession that a woman ought to know something aboutr she answered quietly, turning interviewer herself "They eay that woman makes the home, so why not the house* I consider a woman far more capable of buildms a comfortable, con venlent house thin a man. She Is the one who lives In it constantly, who knows the necessities snd conveniences like she knows her A B CTs The lack of closet and cupboard room never occur* to a man When he Is at home everything looks beautiful and smooth running. "He doesn't know what Inconvsn icnces his wife has had to put up with rrobaMv on account of a poorly planned house 'I think the Ideal house could e hullt only by a woman ' "I quite acrree with you on that point,' the answer "I have never ye Street Scene in Durazzo. Th. peopl. of Duraszo and an of Albania, according to George Fred WHl.a.n,j, - Peace-loving and industrl- ,,,«. He ha. «,pp«*J«d to the world to help them gain Independence and self-government. seen an architect who would put enough closets in a house or build them Die enough, unlesi yon took a sledge hammer and knocked him in the head with It. and then »n 'extra' was charged to yon that never appeared In th« contract" TKIBS THEM AM* "Men are not supposed to know all tho«« things," said Mr». Lindsay. "I plan and build every one of my houses just as If I were going to live In them myself Indeed, I have lived in nil of them--sometimes onlv for a very short time, but always long enough to know whether they wera comfortable and convenient and that, I suppose. Is the reason I have been successful In selling- them to an adantage ' "So far I have built fourteen houses I build by the day, employ day labor instead of doing the work by contract. I can do it to a much better advantage in this wav " EARLY ON JOB "My workmen and I get along splenflldlv. I am on the Job at 7 In the morning, when they are, and atay until 4 SO In the afternoon when they stop. I usually get home about B. as it takes me probably a half hour to see that everything Is left In proper order and locked up and taken care o f " "I take a personal Interest In all my workmen, from the people who do the first stroke of excavation to the man who drives In the last nail, and In return thay are Just as considerate and kind to me," said Mrs Lindsay. "In the winter I make coffee for them and I try to make things comfortable, and I know many of their families and take a personal Interest in them. This spirit of camaraSarle between them and me makes conditions very pleasant, and I hare never had any trouble whatever.' FINANCIAL SIDE Hrs Lindsay was asked how Bhe got along financially. "Verv n ell indeed," was the reply "I have been satisfied with small profits but sure ones. I've sold on good terms, in mativ Instances for cash, and In that Dr. B. L. Maenithal Physician Dr. H. F. Armstrong Dentist Have opened their office at 245-249 N. Water St. Above Kaufman's Clothing Store. way there hns been no uncertainty Altogether the financial end of It has been most satisfactory." "Recently I have had an appreciation ot m work and ability shown me tha ] as pleased me very much," said Mrs Lindsay in conclusion "I was offered i l*nr« buiiainn on * p»re»ntac« taili If I would undertake th» construction of them, and I felt very hlgh- j complimented to thick that so much confidence would be imposed In me. It made me very happy, because I knew that unless my work had been up to the highest standard, such. »n offer would not have been made!" More Judge--Kent--"Are you ever affftct- ed by the lingering: notes at 'Mr Old Kentucky Hornet'" Bent--"No, but the Hnserln* notes of ray remodeled New England home frequently take a Hie out of m«," RcapomilMIltr. Uvlnistone l*nce.--"Mab«l, I am drawn on the grand Jury." "So am I, Gertrude." 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