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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Sunday, June 26, 1859
Page 2
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2, 1806.) mperor NjipoUwn, FQRSA lich Fall . rabBcrtberhatjMt recelToi*small Wheat direct rrjom Trance, and will reoeir* THE GREET EiYfiLlSB REMEDY, ?fl SIS Feiiiat \ th»bon<H of Buffalo, on the M of February, 18W. It- SKCAJEtPSTBna", commanded w^«M "^^^^ Frenoh. Allies, or4en for same. A» the orders early. *!* small, n . • -i»tffi- ~P-rqH**l-f f.r.T.r.:/:....Jnap26. wonnded and jprison The General* at (lie Battle of Magenta. The liame most prominent in the roll o lionor, ifl .the gre»t conflict between the Ana trianj ana Allies on the 4th and 5th of June is that of General MeMahon,; wlipse record* name it Marie-Edmonde-Patriok-Manrioe de MeMahon. .It ig .suggested -that General Mo- Hahon b of Irish extraction, and af ter a mos oarefnl sorntiny of the name, we are/ree to say that we are inclined to the opinion that the suggestion £e not entirely without some appearance of foundation. Without intending the slightesfawrespect to the most nunerons portion of onr " adopted fellow-citizens," we feel bound to say that the names "Patrick, "Manrioe," and "MeMahon," indicate to us an Irish origin, 1 notwithstanding -they are accompanied on the Frenoh roster with the outlandish and aggravating oognomena of Marie and Edmonde. In reference to the "war of opinion" which is now going on, without the head of George Canning to guide it, the position of Gen. Me- Mahon is equivocal. His father was a French peer and a loyal Bourbonist. The General was born in 1807, and entered the military school at St. Cyr in 1826. He accompanied the first army which invaded Algiers, and, after his return to France, accompanied the Duke of Orleans, and look part in the siege of Antwerp, and at the close of that affair he found himself a Captain. In 1837 he was again in Algiers, and distinguished himself at the assault on Constantine. He was next raised to the command of a battalion of riflns, and then to the command of a regiment of the Foreign Legion. His next step was in 1846, when he was appointed General of Brigade and Governor of Oran. Thus far he had not a European name in arms, but this deficiency he supplied in the war in the Crimea. In 1852 he was promoted to the rank of Major General, hut wag not placed in a position to attract public attention until he was appointed to suocned General Canrobprt at the siege of Sebastopol. Here was the opening of his fame as a historical character. On the last day of that great contest be led tb<- storming columns of the French against tbi- Malakofl. Seringa patam and Badajoz had left little expectation that anr pre ater glorr conld be attained in the HUH of Btormins limn was acquired by the British on thiw orcasions Bnt General Mo- Mahorr's snncejssive assaults up"i tbf Malakoff. ending at last in victory <,'u. Burnished, amazed and compelled the admiration of the world This was in the fall ofi855 May, 1859. found him in Italy, ot the bead of. the second division The seooo'd great battle, cov- erinc two days, in the vicinity of MagenH, which seems to have had an nnoertain termination, BO far as the ru-Higer-nts vrere e O D- gavn Gen McMahon an nriportanitv to himself iu th«- first rank of pommanderH. and his promotion on the battle ground to the rank of field marshal and to a dukedom, shows how well be improved it iieL Forty, whi. firsi attracted pmeral notice by his BUfoessfu! affair at Montebello, sustain.*: •' • , .•-.- • In- there acquired at Magenta H , ,- ... •..,, j-ears in Algiers.— • ' MAIDA—| sThe British .commanded bysSir John Stuart, 5J676 - ' French ;and ^Neapolitans, -,«oninjanded;by Begnier, 6,600. Killed and wounded, I— (-Obt H, 1808.) As I imagined. In«n Instant the •boutj-and with-»*t«rrlffo rosh cams crashing- through the bnshee nearl'.ia; B^inot |ine,t* wardsjne; bnt after running for ibont 60 or 70 paces they aiojiped ghort, evidenUy disip^ inted at not finding the enemy, a I Ml-very 'hipUned to"take lo r mjr. ' French, 'commanded by tb.9 Emperor Napoleon, 80,000. u ; "" •.. Prussians, commanded by the Dnke of BranBwiok, 110,000.,.; Killed, woondcd and pris- Frenoh. ^"Prussians. '4,100, 63,000 French/commanded by Emperor Napoleoni, 85,006. •"•:.'>. •-".,-' '?- •'•- ', v-^V.v Russians, rjommanderl by Goneral Benningsen, 76,000: . • / ;^ ; '-^ ' : : , •"-: ^renotV Russians. Killed, wonnded andprfsbn French, commanded by the Emperor Napb- leon,,101,000,^ , . r; -:.. Russians, commanded by Gen. Bennioesen, G6,-000. - !i ^ French. Russians. Killed and wonnded, 8,000 18,000 ASPEEB—(May 21 and 23, 1809.) French, commanded by the Emperor Napo- eon, 80,000. Aastrians, commanded luy tlte Archduke Charles, 90 000. filled, wounded and pris- Fmnnfo. Anstrians. oners, 18.000 20,000 WAOB.AM—(July 5 »nd 6, I8C9.) French, commanded by the Emperor Napo- eon, 130,000. Aastrians, commanded by the Archduke Charles, 100,000. French. Austrian^. , wonnded and prisoners, 23,000 38,000 NEW OKJ.BANS—(Jan. 8, 1816 ) Americans, nnder Gen. Jackson, 7,000. English, under Gen. Pakenham, 6,800. Americans. English, illed and wounded, 13 1,902 WAVRE AND WATERLOO—(June 18, 1815.) Frenoh, commanded by the Emperor Napo«on, 75,000. The Allies, under Wellington aud Blueher 10,000. Lilled and wounded. 33.uOi> 29,500 BDKXA VISTA—i Feb. 22 and 23. 1847.) Americans under Gi-n 'aylor, 4,900 Mexicans, under Gen Ssnta Anna, 19.0<iO. Americans. Mexicans \illed and wounded, 7&fi o jgo ALMA—(Sept 20. 185-1 ) Allies, under Marshal St. Arrmud and Lord iaglan, 5l.i>00. viz : 25,000 French and 26,100 inplish. Russians, ntrlpr Prince Mentschfkoff, 50,00°. Allies. Russians. illed hud wonnded, 3,100 6,000 INKERMAK—(Nov 5, 1854 ) .\llies, undiT (ren danroWt and Lord Rac- vu 8.000 English ,'),000 13.000, Fr nicti Russian?, under Gen. i>anneuberg, 46,000 Killed and wounded. r-ouy. d'rtnt at Paris hf In the Crimea he toofc On the o." usioi. oomtnauded a liri part in ihp bartli uf the Alms, and ai t!,.. l,nl tie of Ink.-rrniii . 11*- iv- DOW a Major General at thi' K {.'r- of fifty, thirteen ye.ars of hie life luinnp U-i'L passe.l in th- fi~ld 1-hanirU.r np ;i soldi.-r ii* inirt-jiidit 1 r'l-M Mnrshul Frani-oif Hi, chief 'r-rtain Oanrorwrt, lln battle of 4,126 10,500 MONTEBKLLO—i May 20, 185P. ) Allied French and SuM.r'sns;. undt-r (Jen Fore?, 11,500. AastrianB, under Count Stadion, 25 000. Allies. Ausmans. Killed anil wounded. 900 2,000 moment's reflection conyineiid, me; that safety British. F. and N. lay only in .ieeping close; and it was -well. I 327 "'' 2,460' "did BO,-for in a few moments the paterfamilias inade-an obHqaeJtiin;"----'-^"'•*•-•'-•--'- '-^ sbch force a* actually nelhad uprooted In his headlong course spinning in the air. - A huge branch remained fixed to one of hii tasks. His head he carried aloft, hi* huge ears were spread to tie fnU, While with his trunk he sniffed the air Impatiently. In this position, and when within less than a dosen pacts of me, he remained, I should say, aboi|t half a minute. I think-It was the most striking and thrilling sporting «ene that I ever saw $ my assailant looked '^- very picture of grand«nr and rage. [ have had several other interesting en- oonnters with elephants, bnt have no time for particulars. At present these animals have all letomy neighborhood, but I hope to find them again ahead of me, and to do some execution among them. 1 use a heavy rifle, carrying a conical steel pointed ballet—three to the pound—and ten tqiwelve drachms of llie best English riflo powder. With this charge I sometimes send the ball clean through &n elephant. Once I fired »t a hnge cow, the bullet entered her hfhd quarters, and obliquely trarersingtho entire length of her body passed out at the shoulder. Tho only objection I have to the gun is that it kicks frightfully, and I dare not fire it.without previously placing a thick wad on my shoulder. It is by PoweU,maker of my old rifle, mentioned in Lake Nyami, and with which I killed a vast quantity of game. Besides elephants,! have shot many giraffes, elands, gnoos, hartebeHst* ..koodoos, and, in- dued, had i wished for killing's sake,. I might hsv« shown a first-rate 'ibag;' 1 but 1 make a point of not destroying unless absolutely in want of meat to feed either my own party, or tl«e hundreds of poor wretches constantly following in my track. Wy wagon has only Just joined me. I pur- " " -ourney eastward in a . . ogress will necessarily be exceedingly slow for the present ; as w«l'l for the reason that the season is too far advanced—in other words, water is scarce, and I must wait for the rains before I can op«i the campaign with any chance of BOCCBSS—as that 1 have just despatched one of my servants to Ojlmbinque, to await tlie arrival of a vessel expected at WhaleBsh bay in September, in order to bring on a few necessaries and my letters. It is non- a long lima since I heard from my friends, and I should much like to know something further about them before 1 finally leave "civilization" behind me. The Art of Suicide. Krt.m I'.nt Corrrs Neir York Times Lt-t me aid a word lier« in memory of a Ren- of this city, wliom 1 knew well, and who was known to other Americans, Dr. AUJ- sartdon. of the Rue Notre Dame de Loretto who has just comini'ted suicide, in order to abstract himself from the Intolerable gnfler- inps of a «hronio di*.-as«- I met AusBandon first ai a small literaiy reunion at the house of Nathalie Fitzjames, whosp physician be was Anssandim b«longed an much to the Press as to Science. Hi« writings were full of caypty, of malice nnd ol hnmor. His last p'tihlica- tion? v!>ro a R.>ri-? o1 scientific articles In the ItflM .French, Allies. pose prosecuting my jo day or two ; bnt my pr ;and d .. aseaw _ 3d. No . real Uttsu-, 4th. Boodi tetd br theOd.Ja.-ii . i'--i. ' •' 1. M. 8. B, RJtxmdi, 1C,«OD 2. Toledo;''Nprwalk' ' ACIere. bbnrU.. 4vOOO 8. N.I. E.B. «. Blocks: •»'D> B.'6« t'worth — D. _". worth.;.. B. N. Tork do worth.;...If.:..". 2«.J03tB 6. Debit doe cored b; toirtgage on no- . • encumbered .real «itate, worth doable the unoant of mortgan, "per lehe- dale" bearing T per cent. !olere»t...J..., \U,tS1 \9 0. Oebti o'thenrlie aecured by itocki, mortsagw aod Insurance 4orlp of U»i« • and other companies, and Interest on »»me......... 84^13 It 7. 1'ebti for pnmlnraa, con- •IMlojf of bah receivable,' 85,^24 T8 8. AU other ttcariUa and clalmi doe the Co., salva- V. Henonal prof p o ' t by the Co ,' eteun owned 80.BM 8t 20,«30 n . , TotalASMti «M,6»«r I III. LUBIUT»S< B. The amount i «f llabllltlej • dae to baD)c> and other . creditor. Kpue, except- , 1ng what li Scontaloed In No. 10. I C Loisei Jdjuatcd and due. None 7. do and not doe. NODI*. b. Loavea anacjjtlsted. Sup- pored lo bo it tho ezt«« a aocmt.*.,. b.. ;.-...-.... 9. Losaea In suapenae. 8an>e aa No. 8. , ' 1(1.- All other cl|ilm« agaitiBt Uie company, lodivlitual balancM. antlalmr-d dlvl- den.fa, anl redemption of Scrip uficalUd for ...... t.too I, * ToUl IJal.illlicj ' IT. 10,8^ 7 "f 3 11. ThegreatntWnount Insured In one risk. t/,t* of fire tfskB ti.the tuual limit; bat JH nmti c&sea t tbort ri«k< $10,000 On reuds and cAreoei |l5 000 ii the u.Unl limit, lnc:udmg both. : 19. Oro» tui'tunt of prulntuma received in Stale t Wisconsin foV 8, l'B9, current year, cndlne PebruafT , ; lli. The market v^lue of ; tj utock. Th« Comp»ny. his no stockholder*., the scrip Uaueil eu Uie Mlitu^l plan bj UB-eliarier cnnstitntea fu capita) and the value of ac.tji Taricj according to tt> priority ol iaMlP. 14 Dlridend, 7 per cent on IU outstanding acrip. ' 1&. Tne citarter or act of mcorportjon of said Company. Sent ' ' JAM»'S C. EVA\S, President.: A A. KO^TAPHIC tK, Fecri tnry. ' STATE «>» Allies. Russians rvportoil morta.llr wounil.'d Mat'fiti^. iv nn<^!i(*ctjottaMT > so far a« .i,r..<-tn,.; tb- i:.-ii«ru. ,-iinduct .,[ :, oampfiifm. lr\,i |,^ Ijn^ mO..-? V-nn incline.! u. allow hi.- juaii, t,, work Ujr-m^e!re* out. lu doul.t bat rtrnnj; temptations ar,-offered w tilt Crimea tie WaS Unallle to i>arn».t.i n .. ^-ith •">"'—•»• inonuy <a p.1«=">3 tl.rnnph thu Lord Ilitclan. .-mrf rolunUrily par,- place u Trouble Amon^ tlie Postmaster?. Sevnral Postojastur.- in different parts of the United Plain), arv Lavuig trouble with the Government at Washington, on arcoum of errors, omi^«ior,^, peculation?, and r>n- thing nnd another, roum-c-t*. i with ti.fjr rarioas offices. 6ome. it is saiii. hnr,. liorrow.-d smali sums ol inonny anri coul.l iiot replace it n-adiiy whei. called on, other? nrc accuseii of hj-. H K tujuli- spwul (ieimsit? r f GovHrnment funds in hanks tn tn-ir ,.wu ,-ivdit, ID (act, all niannrr of '«" - ••- • ' '.hem by Iho.s.. who ari-luiw- eSlMd in p^ttlTic th«m out of onic-e for th. sake of eetlmg the places th-tuBelVKS. Thnr* it. no columns of th- .Strrfc. (ajonrnal on »hich he held th» pnct of smei.tlfl. editor,) and which lie was shout to colj,., t into book form. Three tunes a week he crossed the river u> hold a eUtui/ut foi the poor, in a lugubrious a»id re puisive quarter, m N,. 8 Rue Larry, opposite the old house In whic , 01 arlotte Corday kill. ed Marat, in a sort of -,//,r,.u»n galkerum, » here science is obtained ,in<l -r diffiruhi-?, and where dinner> and .lal.ions bathes, wanh. r- women and boot.blac) •< are furnished to sty. d-.u at u rate within h AL-«andoi) devoted i OPtlOB, i • St»ni»-li, May «1 IS;,?. •(• Satisfactory oirDiiNncr hAvmg t»ren fu/o atied ia me . , Branch Warehouse. Walker's Point. —• ' ~ T8 htreby given that 0. C. Murray tu wlftdrtwn Irem JUUietttmof MBirajr.PrlOTAro., having loM an t>l» right and Internt (ji laid arm to Wl Uam H. Klmball 1 ' ' ' - - <O.O.HDUUT. will hereatter o« conducted 'unOer DM •trie ot Prior, Hatblek* Co., wha »iU»etUe aUacooatBi Af Mnw*W tt»tfi* aV n_ ot Morray, Prior * Co. A. p. raioB, J. F. UABBICK, WM. M. KIMBAtt. 816 KKWAK1>~SLUT L.O8T. 1 SMALL Black and White floUwemrtng «» IL » new leather itrap around her ntck.JsJ^* and barber can cot to a point tn the ibapc or tax e«rt, and amnren to Ihe name ol "Jennie," wa* loit on afujrnr— — — aaturday , noOB, Jnne 4th. Wbo«T»r will return , . »»!d Slot to 311 Maio alreet, will recejT* tke dbove r«- •MO. a. rAac cpo«.. smioi a. loixaria.. cniaus o. onrro*. COON, HOLLISTEE.ftCOTTOH. Attorneys and t'ouiiMellorn, N03. 4,6, AfiO S, PDCESIX (197 Eait Water Street,) L«iHt or Mloleu, * PBOMI'OKT NOTE for »Sff, p» 7! Uij e in Barbara JCI^.Ueiil, tight moothi a(4er date. Kxccated bf rrelderlch Froe^ri >n<l Sl^iJi Ch r ( org<-i, dated Mll- waqkm, October IS, 1859. I warn everybody not In bay laid note u U will not he p»i,l to aor one ticept to me. (>»] BattBARA fllKD. N OTIC I-:. H AVINb purblia»eil of »l .bl»j * Co , lh> r utodi In trade, comhlmif of Clollu, clothing anil OeoU Far- lUWoe Goods, with intere«i ic iJi* buaiaeaat [h- jtore, *O. 198 Eut Water < r,tt, <r «n> I Intend firrjtng on >he ClothiDg buali.eflA In aAl ilj bf%ttcii^9 Mtlltaukci-, May. 30, 1459 (i. R. UAkLRV. W K have solfl lo O. E. M.nt.rpy «r .t with l& t,n ImslPiya, Na 19 t> We reC'.Rnn.'ntl blBP T • nu/ (*u^t,,ni..ri tc geoc'rally Ullvauki-f, 1 ft in t«»de, faai W^tpr aft-l tNt puh- May J. MARI.EY * OO. Gentlemen'a, Hisiet' & children' Boats, KHOKX, N4.IPPKRO * HI ItBr.liS. F1.\'K HOOTS MADK TO ORbER. no. 223 Fa*! llnlcr xlrcct (llp|K»lt- W»ik-r H..u»,-,> MlLvVADKEE... [nnjillj Wl'CON-IN. R. \. \T .4 !•: ANU AUT OAl I,J 17i Kail tliilrr S/rrel.' FIN i UY, H A VI Ml secu'f.l ll.o «.vlil moBt ejijr-rl.iLc<- i '. t, •' < A r> \ Mi. » n P L™ 1*™**"** ^ -*- «**• I' H T R A W < i t M > I ) S 41. />. v Phynctnn Extraordinary to '.It* (f •«•• • j r ^ • Thli inT»la»hl« mcillcinc Isanfailini! 'Othf :«.-« ,i .'. fl•»•P•l•*•^a»l^^»a^If«^B••1^hw^l»^» «n whieh thi- r«. dale oonaututljo jiuojrct.. (l frio.i.irn,*, in *,-,.,, and remote* all otairaciiaai, b* relied on. TO nUlHRIED I. t» to pacoliartj ralteil. tt mil, in » ^r.ri «m-, • r- •., , n Ibc montHy ptrloi] vith rcKoUrlty Rach bottle, price One Dollar, bein tin- u. r.rn-i," •tamp of Gnat Britain. t-> primm . -,i.: ,i',- u « i .> lltaii tan lu- ,,«, Jt ANY OTHER | »KCTf,kNTS »h,. T MK \ v >. "f.VT J^,,*,*'" FtKSTTBKSK MO.Villb >/ ,'l.rttiy IA, , j. „, t\ty \ tn» Back and Limbi, tation of the Huir'., Hy«tt r ^-p .- : \ irill effect a cnr« wt«n all 0^1. r i^ ( . i" although a pnwrrfa.1 rrmvtly, >ln nm nel, aotlmony, >>r any IMnx hiurv/ui i Full tllreetlnn* In thu pnmphl.-: ,; ,,; vhlch shmilil b* 1 cnfvfuii^ t-re&vrv<- I Sole Aijent fi.r thr Un.ceil SUui ... JOB MOSKS, ll.«i' I i H. N. H. -»1,IPO »n,l5pn«lt« rt-vmi.. .. thormuit AKeut, «iii ,wu-.- • u.->.. r . pfllS, hj- rt'tnrr- rr.a'i for «al^ i>v < .HKK!.. ; 1 J< Vailituc <n-|anhl exerunn, K\,pt- I ) > '.liJcil, *i. I i. 4 >:.> N. T M< » \ I 1' > N ,\ U' ' N N lit 'N N If' ' N N r' A r vi * I I : ' U I.I IK f r K 1 I J M hATHAWAY & btLiiLN li.\NKl.Svi. 13 Lit fad and 4 o m i < ii ii i . I . ' > U t.'HON, i ....- HOt^LS, &C T \ .- R i- T A i r, t.- H ( > i | 01 | v, • : T 1 -> CODLinuarn < »' Txi n- tny t!- 4 with r 1 ),, • r .n • fort. » S'Sil ALBANY RtSTf»UhANT ; ' 11.1 I \ !; J > i, . £.-r in td« \Vcat- 31 Masens, («*»nse skfl! in hf* Jrpartnir-r.i is well kn.iwn to aa-'iy ol Ui fltilobi of M IwilieeJI am now prepared o offer to the j-ul)!!'- ^-vrfjf ,lc-i ( i M,lf *i vk o: Pu mr« nown to the cOtnianuity al l.iwer ralen jvnd ex--CTite<( n a better mailrt«r UiAg cao t>? Joac m any OLhr-r c-- In lh«- W,-,i 7T E&at Waler »fr ; - f, : .rnirily fa u ho<nna. ii FEED THE HUNGRY, » poor t reach of all T'wr. ir.. hours .'T.-ry nther ly, t, tl,.. all.Ti->t : , ,,' n f th, wl.or'oK-ded hU.-on-ultation \l,s^ai, ;..- w .ia t ^v. frank, loyal. ui,.t th- i.,~i ..,,.,r in tha: witty, careU-i. j,,y,,u« !.«nd »i i;,.|,. mm,* 01 'in I'r.-ss « h.' make ti>-- (,'i.f- du Held- r tli-lr r u.l. 2V(,,i.«. II- tr a * th- hmnf compOeii with Ui« ri-ymrrujeat of i*-ct oo orje flf ntcf iiot mcufport'-G l-y i-h" fti*u- it Wia -oti« c,";ap- proTfd March IT, lK r <9, an : bar njr also j.aM tnu> UR< t*talp Tr**ft5ti' i y UIP hum nf litp^f p»«r crt;t. oo th* cTf'f* tmount n/ jiremnims received m ibe btiic nf it Sow, UitTtrfore, U3 pursuance of tlir »rt \l >TK» 1>»vlii W. Jones, S-^crciarj of i*ial e ot ihi ConS'ri, d<i her, l.y rVrtilj t)i*l U' ¥ Jl u ^*, f he l>r- duly fciath^rii d Ity sjltj C __ take rickri, receive .premlutus and traonct Ui»r tmi . f arj |[i«*uranrp Agrtj: Tr>r &a -1 Coinp-nj fn i from ihu date, anUl tbt Brst dny of Jn&airY, In wiuicsfl thereof, i :-\rt htreunt.' »*i my &o>l iffiit**.! the >rr t ftt BCA! u ( tt.e ?ta*a» ri th«0a..i'oi ,- Ma. iton, U,.^ Ziti ,j a < of Ma), 1WJ f J. IJ. j'-M-Miii A»fl Blunt Sri r, j , l . '•' fullest elti-nl bj KAS'f WAT Kit JSlU*-,t-.T IK-sir The > VI. :i.: ,.,.,.,„,', H mY« A l .*>'. J Sill n CI.'iVI- . ,.-.- i H i,, ry *j I r»> othe ll. .( J> j LOOK IIEKE, \ I \\ tAKI TKA < t » IM. II t -i-L> I N 1 N (i s .\ I . < . • I OC.lTUi -,-ar •'.. M . 'I ,i ,, J !• JU.^t It'- | »-. • ' -T- . ,, •• , . , mralj, for t»\r- •mail sum of i.'. . (; i^ . t •, . W.'' >V! tfl [.pi,...! * \t-, M r • . . ,: •• , o \ ST »: ii »- % > n «.«••> i sv LANDS ANDJ'ATEH'OWERSl 190.OOO OK ( lioicc Ka nit in« and Pine pet. the ccntr<- «if th- i (inly ihi J't-lissinr. n ho infused the liremh of life into of I' )FtmasU-r vrbich is not oailed for iuiniedi-, to invest it wh^re it may yinld an inter- the general plan which he had laid out. He I esl i atl ' 1 for ^ f last two °r three years there commenced hi» military career in Africa, and ' llaTl ' '" > " I] fuf¥ '' ca P' ta ' chances to lend 10 on one occasion, when many of bis regiment '' anlcs alul brokers that we should not wonder were debilitated with c.holera. lie erad«d an if EonDt ' of the char .e< ;! ' 'bat have Iwn laid attack of tht- enemy by informing them through an mtHrprcter, that hi? men had the plagm-. He IP fifty years of ajrc General Kspiuaspe. who was killed at Ma- pnnta ..v»d hi£ prominent military positi..i, to | raftrtB on ttliE Bnbjoot- against them were true. We belief, this has Ixvn proven in Philadelphia and iMrcit how it will be in other places we know not. The , Philadelphia, has these ;nst re- Pul.lir hi§ devotion to thp interest of the Emperor.— He commanded the regiment which surrounded the National Assembly, when they en- j proval of men of all parties. It' is of the gaged in deliberating upon the overthrow of' h j cl ' H ? 1 importance, that in so responsible "a " The condnct of the Administration, in removing Hie late Postmaster of this city, and the grounds on which it is done, meet the ap- Louis Napoleon, of the repub- . lie He was a diplonjutist, and left ihe Min. istry of the Interior lor Italy. Count Jacques Louie Cesar Alexanrir.- Random. Field Marshall, is in his 64th vear HP was a sub-li«ut.enant at the battle of Moscow. He serred in Algeria, and shortly after the r-mif. d ttat was nppoim«d Governor General of thai dependency. For nearly nine years he lias been Grand Officer of the Legion of Honor He superseded Vaillant on the field of Magenta. Why, does not appear. He had previously superseded the same officer aa Minister of War. Marsha.) Vaillam it in his 69th year, and commenced hie military life in 1809, as lieutenant in the sappers and minere. He served at Antwerp, aud in Algeria, and wrote a work on military bridges. He also superintended portion of the fortifications at Paris. General Neil, wounded at Magenta, is one o the aides-de-camp of the Emperor, and a Gen eral of the Engineers. He Las been present at several regular sieges, viz :—Antwerp, Con. stantine, Rome, Bomarsund and Sebastopol Gen. Niel tool; in the present campaign the command.of a forps d'arniee. Of the unfortunate Baraguay d'Hilliers, marshal, we have heretofore spoken on more than one occasion. The Emperorseems to have sent him to.Italy for the purpose of obtaining an'opportunity to get rid of him. Baron Hanry de Bess, the Austrian oom- mander-in-chief, is seventy-two .years of age. He was at the battle of Wagra.ii, where the Anstrians were defeated by tlu Napoleon in 1809. situation as lhat of Postmaster of the city, the most perfect reliance should 1* fek that both the offioer in charge and all bis subordinates are reliaWe and honest men." As a General he does not appear to have much reputation except as a strategist. He is well acquainted with the theatre of war In Italy. Gen. Gjulai fp a Hungarian, now 60 years" of age. He. commanded a brigade under Radetzky against^the Piedmontese, in 1849. During the insurrection of Hungary his loyalty to Austria wag (inspected, and he was kept, at Trieste as military commander. He commanded the Anstrisns in person at the late battles of Bnftaioraj Tnrbigo and Magenta, ^General Clam-QallM, who^took part in the battle of Magenita, commanded the Austrian reinforcement of 50,000 men -which anterejl Lombard/ tiy the passes of the Tyrol. In. connection 'with tbfe present war in Italy, we give, from the New Tort SKnteiJtlbe follow-' ing table of battles in Europe and America, from June : J4, 1800, dptfn to ,May 20; J85 d , We do not ' fcnow ; Wno Is entitled to •.tue'creiiit of getting it np, but in .some few insjineesihe ' figures cwinotbe reliei ; i)n' s ,^800 j . '!';,-..'• ., AoBtrians, commanded by Alelas, 40,000. - ;:^V;' '" :r -- '•' -'^ J:;^Kp^;-aiiiBtriBnB^ : Killed and wonhdea, «,' " ' Prisoners, 1,000 4,000 "PmscH JOHX, or VEEMONT."—The New York Tril,unc thinkf Saxe's nomination to the office of Governor of Vermont, is a mere "compliment" from his party, and hastens to express the opinion that he has not ''theghost of a chance'' to be elected. However thai may be, it is certain the Tribune is not a reliable prophet. We remember that not many years ago, when Mr Saxe was a candidate for State's Attorney,this same Tribune came=down very heavy upon "Prince John, of Vermont," —as the editor was pleased to call him—and predicted his certain defeat. But for all that he was 't/tctrd. The Tribune ig rather a smart paper in its way, but its predictions must usually be inverted before they will do to bnt \t\-~ ili-alh ho .icjcrihed lo M. il.- VH- m.-ssant, i-iliio of Furs---, and wilb a nietho.ii ral. chillinf; in.iiff..rei)r-. ..f nwmier, th» pr.,p,.i way lo onnimit .»niri<l- « ith s pistol Tti.- fo|. lowrnt; is the frightful f..rmuU : I-'.- I tt ,.. ul ,.l on (be skin over the heart till you fin.I th. place in which the pulxation; thpn slip roar dnijer down its width belnw thi.« point, apply ihe linger Hat against the breast; lay tb- muzzle of tlie pistol on the upper eii^ of tlm finger, anil opposite the point where tl,,. pulsation was felt, but do not apply the muzzle against the skin, because then the pistol may noi ezplode; pull the trigger, anrl you will die between two breaths ! Thl.' terrihh- formula seems to have !.een faithfully executed upon himself bv Auasan- don. At two o'clock in the morning be attempted to extinguish life with chloroform; his wife detected him, and then, in a moment when he was not observed, he seized a pistol and discharged it« contents into his heart. NBWPOBT DEPOT OPKK.—Owing to various causes, the opening of this new depot on the La Crosse road has been delayed far iK-yond what was expected. Last week, however, it was opened for passenger and freight business, with Mr. Uunter as the obliging agent. Hera- after trains will stop regularly, and as it ig the nearest o-.tlon for merchants and others living in this n. 5 hhorhood, it will undoubtedly do a large busi ntss. Sooeem to it und its enterprising proj. tors —Baraboo ^Kl.UTfti • 1M up. In m tr,,- U,»n O I.H ' .!- i. i! . .-mi. ar* ii. o of. rru F<> H SA..K. ; BY THE ' ' ( Fox aud Wisconsin Improvement C6., ; III I s, fin L.itx-ra.1 1 .' «-U! qii«iitM*4 K. st K Alt MI N(i if.r .URfrfut v%r.«i \\ fM» - o( tbe Htne L.»r,<ia, nrr wrll W liDK Brooks, au<j arv in t pinrr i, A>DS '. f\irem,lf ralfaiblf.helnf loc»t»d In ttif very heart' • e Htnc Kef^dn of Wisconsin, aod hmvlDp bet-D citizen wiUi pwUCalar reference to Uie quality ol the- t, nnd Ibe nclnllr of l,.|; e lng utreamt. ' WATKK 1'OWKKS. Th»- »tt»r;tlon of Eutrm CapltaltrCi it no« Ini-ltf'i;! In tlie Water Power! owned bv tlm Company TtiCTtii Mill Privllrge! irt limited dlreculr along nils t),,i Canal which unitet -the Miulnslppl wlUi the Orflat.M l^kea, BO Lhat jrooili may be shippeil br steamboat di - rt-c'ljr to an fre.n the !Ullli. 'I ^P~ These Pow«r> will tw Initpd for s term of resr« il M may be desired^ MacombcrS Sal.iri Cream iOOO M<-AK < I Uf.,0 HA11V. The besl ever i-tlerM In tint city. A Uo Ja KKI..S. .ni-^N POItK Put up trj[irea*Jj f T ojr vra*le KKKSH CiKOl'NU 1-l.OlK Always on r>.anrl fr^m tl- |.mp--i- ^n.l N*-i YO-V \l •! ID,! / (/ (VT A l.o.\i; Trie hest -.f Or ..-cr',-? r .t '" ln wn " Ol1 " ' Ll '""«' AS \\ V. s H J, L r U K C A S II , Elephant Hunting In ATrlca. Two letters have been received from Mr. Charles .John Anderson, the African traveler. In the first, which is dated August 30, 1858, he says : About two months ago I wrote yon from the banks of the Otnar.ura river, acquaintingyon with the unfortunate termination of my late journey, my future plans, etc. Yon will also remember that my wagon waji to proceed to Ojimbinque (Riohlerfeldt) to be repaired, while I myself slowly wended mj way to the river (or rather watershed) from which I now address yon; with the view of seeing some Trner. plored country, and for the purpose of hunting elephants, and I have to some extent accomplished both these objects. I encountered a very considerable number of elephants, bat arifortanately chiefly cows with their yonng, which Are both dangerous and unprofitable. I hare had sotne periloHg adventures with these animals, and have been taught somerery fcerere lessons, which 1 am not likely to forget, and if I have not got"» great deal of Ivory, I have gained a great deal if experience, and Borne interesting insight nto-the natural history of the African elephant. However,! besides some female elephants, I hare killed several truly noble bells. The more I gee of these etapendous animals the more I am snrpriBed. I should very jnuch like to know the real -ftrength of a fall grown male; it must ba something almost incredible. Nothing gives a person a better idea of their gtopendons ,powers than stay's ;w;alk through one of their far6rite/hanBtB. : ; There may be seen whole track of fores* iiuil prostrate, wid snoh trees .sometimes. The trees, wWoh are 'or the most part .of a brittle nature, atensoal- y broken short off hy the beasts, bnt when hey meet Trit^ a.^TeethAt'.seems to "them too tough lo snap »t 6nce,,ap it goes, roots andall. If they^oan do:thi8fiitnfere play, or for the sake of feeding on jte-branchea, ect., of the prostrate trees, what will they: not effect lu a rage?, ,* ; . j, - ,, The other day, after very many tionrs'ife- igning "tracking^'I Tpattdlosingwlth;* very- srge troop trf; dephantg,"consisting chiefly ,of females,'when, toi ipy left I suddenly espied an-' Wlial party do you belong to now, Bill V said Joe, tlie other day. '•{ Mong to the know—DO. :hr American—no, Ueput>—no —the—the—i -igpd ef I aint forgot, Joe.— n hat sort of varmint was It yon ketched toth- er night stealing chickens ?" "It was « oppos- sum." "That's it, Joe, that's U Op—op— what did you say it was, Joe 7 " "Opposum.' 1 "U wa» likeoppossum." 1 "Opposition? 1 said Joe. VI know d it ifas somethin' or other.— My party changes so often, darn me ef 1 ca keep up." For furtht-f InformstiOD, enquire of ROBERT 'i -MITU, Apeut of Trustt-es, or (>ANI>L C JtNSE,] Ornrral Agent, at the dfflci-nf tin- Lln.f Department, .V* AppleirKi, VVm , orol W. 0. BODWAV, Companj'i AtLDt, ma J^ 19 Wlaconsin ft.,51il. p N la. I ma^ie or. liafl ilebts, ^ib.-r» who ,1o & tjm.- CU of their prollu in \ a ii STOCK AIAVAYS i r »J till tl V N r> rwjuested lo call an. I -\.uaj"<; H,,bURutS.i6 U U OF liielafmed 'Freight and I- 7 or .tin.. &. I.ACHOS.SI- o. u. W ILL be sold «t., on Ih the follow -or lost ld at Hood's Aoctlon Rooms, No. , urlUay mornlnc, the 30th daj of J aad Baggage, QCless calltil for and charpw paid prerlooa to day of sale. Jfart* Fred. Hostel! No mark. fl^- By the nilionil censns of J850 Cincinnati-bad a population of 116,000. ID 1&53 another census was taken, »nd the population was found to he 168,000. The last six years has added considerably more to the population than the increase between 1850 and 1853. There is another evidence that we have at least 230,000 inhabitants. The population of St. Louis has been recently ascertained to he about 190,000. St. Louis polls 19,000 voteo or one to every fen of her population. The same ratio gives Cincinnati 230,000, as it polls 23,000 v,otea.— Cin. E^'/urrcr. &PEGIAJL NOTICES OELKBB^TED VERMIFrGK AND LIVER PILL*. i^~ A singular comMnntlon, but very effectual, as the following will uliow : Ns ovember S», 1S52. Knowing, from experleme, ihe r»hi»Me <}n*Iltlei of Dr. Jr>/Mne'* Vtrm-t/uffr -nnd Uvtr PiU», prepared by > lemlnfe Broi. Plttibqnb. I h»ve for «ometime back coniidercd 11 mjr -duty, «nd made it my tmilnen, lo make those article* VDOWTI wherever Jwent anwng oy friend*. A short time »po I became acquainted wltt theowe«f» yo«ng. glH, wh» «emed to be troubled with worms tnd liver complaint at the same time, anff had b»en rofferlng-for sumo two monthi. Through my pemulo i the pnrohaBed one bottle of Dr.' Lant't Ferttifuffe, and one box of Liver PUlt, ntilcb the toift direction*. The retail wu, (he patted » utg« qnantltj- of worms, and tblnVs lh»t one box iriore ot|tbe Pllli Will restore her to perfect health. Her name «nd resident) e can I e learned by calling on E. L. Theall, DragtlBt, car.Bcr of Bulger wi3 Wonras «tteet». .';..;. - , . ' ....... '' '..:., &T Paitthweri Will he careful to-juk' for DK. M'LAHPS pELEKEAf ED VERMIFDGE, m»nuf«t«r. ed by FLE^IINO BEOm. of PitttbtrrgJi, Pa. All other 1 BlacV TraTeIln|r B>g, 8 " !• 1 Carpet, 5 lllack Rnri, 1 Carpet Bag, 2 Black Bain, 1 Carpet Bag, 1 Black Bag, 2 Carpet B»fr, 1 Leather B>K, 1 Oirj^t Bag, . 1 Bundle Clolblng, 1 Band Box, 1 Ennett Tr»nll, ' • 1 1 Black •• •I Black •• I Cheat, 3 Black ] Bujsett " 1 Ckest, 1 Box, 1 Roatett " 1 Blact " 1 feather Bed, " 4 Black Satchels, " tC«pelBag, •• 8Gana» •• 4 Bat Boxes and Hats, " 13 Bandies GIcthlDg, " The above goods have remained on hand at the Depot of the I. a and Milwaukee Railroad one year anil over, and will be sold without reaenre for caah. J. 11OOD, Auctioneer Call and Examine Our Bti. It, whrt.'., r v a wa.;l '. , l. u v -i -. . a 1 ^^ will freeljr show yi,u our irn,.,i.s 31,.! j»r-:-es T!,,,|I T,know catlDM tall to plrase jou. ...I'l? _UfNN_4 CROSaY. Ttit; Franklin (hemiciU Uorks ^O.'ZIt.'iOaTH HIA>KLI\ »TREET, CHICAGO, .- . ILLIMH*. W E be? leave to aorrrunr** to our cn^tnineri, nnd li> t»e trmle In gf-neral. iNsl luru^- ihn .. aa. r, no tmrel ng Hfevl will he dfctpatrh*-*! frrim W a u K. I*. I al»i . o c f- Jly HOOk*. .-ur »rnr •• e mvjie, our oltl coatomera aod olUrrj to lavor u letter with their onlen Tor by r|1HE SRW AND THB OLD M. n romantic i.i^cts, hy i Mosa C3, by t: .• %uli t ur .( Sl A Ba.-hnlor'> ."tnrT, hy O Ir Ufe , it General Havei..-*. r. Thr C< nv •!.-•«. ^ni. ny N I 1 Th-- .^parrrtw^r^^s J v »|>^r» n bj F. T C. :;.-•! Jusl k. . • v .1 F i - . I / Prer!. UnneMi C. M. Perrls. J. A. Blanchari No mark. fl. O . Oreea. No nark Essences of Liquors, Which, as always, «||] lie executed lo -heir entire -i.^tln- factlon. Tliouaacds appreciate Ute pint upoo ahjch OUT Kiaenrrs are made uhlch presents the follrw-nc ad vautagls and laciluies nc-vcr . ffere,! by others 1. The K--»ence> from these work* are anually gained by nlstiliAtlon, therefore KifaJthy «o.» |-nre — Borne hing lhat others cann'*t or dire net ria'm fur thelm. 8. The Costs are ruuci less than others ; beo&uie theae absences -re put up in packaged, each ,-jntAinlnp enough for forty gallons, and e ( ,tnpc»iD( not only all the repaired Ingredients, l*ut a/*j LAe cuL.rn^j. Addresrletteni tn CiEI. ERLKR. Mat,a t "er, franklin Uhenlcal Works, Chicago, 111., P. u. Smt. M43 TKRitT .1 CLK»V,K. li,, t i<" * , r €i . !* E II 7fi O > !> «» , LK PROPRIETOR .1 VI A N TP » .TnRER - V I ' K OHIO CAT AWBA BRANDY, ihu- t I'tinhng fcddiuanAi OrrrCK or rng MIL. i *li«.it<oTi u. R. Co., ( MHwankw, Jor.e (I, JS.11). f N OTICE Is hereby ftTen, that th- deftl of o»Kaaiza- Uon of thli Company, a In the offict of the Sitre- tarjr of thl« Oompiny, fn ttie City of Milwaukee, rwidy , to be executed by holders mortgages of the L»Crow« , »«nd« *ecare<j by the Co , Mtlwauke., 7nne W, ISM. ielO-d4tln20d f B T re 6th, , missioners to grade North alley t running through block 1(3, IB i •etolnllon of the Camnton Council, aJepud June L ISSii, the recommcndatloB of the Street Con"- *-- : - -" - to Ihe established grade die Second Ward, u u ordered, • { That nld alley be graded to the e'tablithed grado. according to the estimate of the OI*y Knglneer on We In lhi« offlce. ; i. • • • ' s 'OirDen of t* m» nen of property in said alley are hereby BoUBt ake auch lvpror«meoti vitbTn 8P daj« bom ti> ti>U Vennlfn/eijin comparison ure worthless. gennlne Vermlfoge.also 1,1s celebrated LlTer-'PiUs, can now be bad at all respectable -drug stores. ' daU, or (he Bteeet CbmmlMionen of the.gecond Ward will canie the >une to be done and charged to the re> ipectlre lots according to law. • - - ' Jtll-dCt . g| >,'U. UAaPINtB. Comptroller, i. a under tarceloinre of which thl> Company tt organised; and perioos holding inch bondi who iiave cot alreaiij executed the lame are notified to do so In p»r.nn or hy Attorney duly anthorlied. Notice Iralao £jvra, thit the Secr«tai; »f thu Company will liitu eertlficaUs of the utock of Uila Oom ( ia- "- lo the hotden of inch bond* upon surrrender then-In pursuance i*I" the (*rorislon^ of the 4<>r<i of or- jganllatlon. ; Notice l> Rlio Riven, that t!i» Boanl of Dlrrrt..n .<r ibis Oonrpany has made an aucaament on Lh« jiot-k at ihe rate of one per cent, for the ivtrposc »f p j-mg ih.. ilpen«« of foreclotlriK the »»ld mortm^e- »ed a< or- |»oizlng«W» Company, payable no at b»fore the Brat flaj of July next, to the Treasurer of this Company, u Ills omce in the CJly of Milwaukee. ! Jrf-dU DW1QHT W. KKVrs,«ecr«»ary. PROOFING, HARDWARE, &c. _._ —. An. • *n enu-rpriSf anil i lp5 at hom* Til- the l> m TJ cwrr- L ed «i... The coiintrjf , by th« - !ir -.|u«l •ty ami B i jr ".tost I'^rir •n ol an ar'.k^le tj M to Mibersccitr the »*•<: .in«J us- poanda hl an.le-r n*me oi Br»n i r- . .,» posiejses ail the ftoo.I Dualities claiui«-.I fr, r ImporteU liquor*, And U of perfect punty »u«i ' ' flavor, ovod flatulencj, Cr«m t >, Colic. iJ Debility, Ac. SO FAMILY Betnil l* of the United Statr.i. G. Simmnnili tia.i a ward their >^r Ifrs By catiiDft on is. n %n<i sure r«mt-ily BE WfTHorj i i'V \ ' ' A EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY, ' * . . MACHINE WORKS f T»n*OW'A- JIERCOimt, ftroprietori. t 3DO, 3O2oad3O4 WfCST WAfTEB STREET: Two blocks bdojrithe ta Orone t B. 1 : MAKtTTAc 8AMJtNaiH«8,J, QRIHTAgAWMUiLS, for Jiolldlngv , owe left the first! Vr^»pi»i4Tpn)6eededl /to ;»t- J twofc the 8eoond.,'il f«ita1k«t"^Dperca78d to ^ilBuh twwitjr|Bt:e^ict!a ; Tpr titte'herd. which to ij :anttojrtoo&r'Slilia 'tha; they ajso were mostly ooffe «nd o»Ir«t. Th«r« were, how- PL, j, ' • jeM-d»wlm.'' rLKMINQBEOS. ' ...., ^ThJtitacomplalnt very-common^ specially among females.^ lffw/ten<Pi;Gem6n\Jtltiw^pWtt*iiMt'to cure this i disease. lite: «ystero, nnder its use, ta restorer] to jib <>rjglaa! ; ftrcngtb.'andi'-Tljfor { Ui» appetite becomes jood, the gpiri ts become cheerful, and In! body j mind you'feel the -lull mtoration of health. *or _ Power, r and owners ef WaUN -- \r? T A 111 . lit E \ C L E A: $ O I\ ! HION OK VfclK KEB KETTLE I '.' OEALEB8 ID Stoves, Sheet Iron, Tin. Hardware, ': ! ' —AND— •TUTTLK WATKK WHEEL, i Ice orAa«kw»t«,«nd oatog IMS P«PO ( rt"<«' I* «w power iproduc^ttin any eel In the ijuirlet. . A dtscrlpUTa elreolir fora * ppUc * tl( f • FODB BILLiAHD i^l^l'l^y^^sti^ . ,. ^,~ _-_., Who'are atiUiorl«e4l"t4«c«lT MW*U!a«,an otttamo^MntDlltlt latlng papers througtont U>e toUre Horfli^fiat, IMPLEMENTS, GOLD rapeelfally latorm their frienrli and the |fT pBWlogeoerally.thM they hart opened a Wore a» *06 ^..WIBI WATKH gTSKKT 1 >or the l*l| of the abore named artkelea, tcreth -t ; . with 1 Jl 'a-.^^ 18 ' «HQYOa», RAKS6, HOBB, And AgrlmUtnral Implcnunti gBiierally, M *•!! an an ; i ' iort » of 8|£EET IROW AND TINNERS' WORK, etc. etc, etc. np 'o order. f&~ Roofln«. , .^t^^^fJQ at all kinds, and every «ort O f wort u> taMlna pmetaaUy attended to. r'fVT Qrderi left will be attended to wtihout d«lay. 11 HXACLE * SOB. ||I>H. H. KNAPP. "Decently otN.T., may becousalted athtsroomNo t lANewhalt Home, HilwanVee, the ftnt of ereri qionth, commencing November 1st, In regard to. all dU eises,which n» treats wlthnnprecedented netess u, «n|M chronin cases of disem«», whleb. have h«en' prrv tbft medlcA} facility• freneraJJ* Baoh as Keti^a^ and" Neuralgic Affections, plnam ol Iformsof gcTofula. Dyspepsia, Oj)luUpatlan. . JM»uane«roo» and Tuberculous Affeetl todlng PnJB>on»rj ; Qonsnm»Uon,' khennuUsnt ] rf«.-tur.... D._I..— -'_.. intermttUnl ABetttot THIS WAY WITH YOUR MO If EY JOHN W. LEDYARD, (Jasti (.rocer nnd Umc HcaLr. >«>. 101 K\ST " \TKR ST. T HE BC3T PIAOK TIJ BI"Y PINK BUiCK o: \. J- .N I The nrsl place to'buy OLD JAVA ,n.l HOC II \ r The beat place U> buy nice SYKl'PS The best plane to bay all nf MOf. The beat place to buy all UndJ of SL'UA lid T«« beit plac* to buy all kinda >r SAi.r FIHH The i esl place to hoy Cross * Black-well•>. 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