The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 13, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 13, 1894
Page 5
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/ ^7 '•• it. "' f US AfcdQifA, ibWA, JWfll £ ^»'t< <Spl Iftft. Announcement Extraordinary I $MM!^ We will place on sale FOE TWENTY BAYS nearly our Entire Stock at OUT PRICES, The great stock must be turned into cash, This shall, will and must be* done; and we can assure the public with the greatest confidence that it will pay you to buy even if you have to lay them aside for future use. BE QUICK ABOUT IT ^_^ *«< ... - . .. .... i -*% +"^t <-^b -^fc Or you will lose an opportunity of gain arid profit which you will surely regret. When the NEW ENGLAND makes a cut on prices it means that you can buy first-class goods for almost half what you generally pay for cheap make and old shoddy goods. We are going to make this the Great Sale of the Season. You will come to the conclusion after an inspection that we are certainly " In it" , -Strictly- One Price. 'Durdall & Co. ALGONA REPUBLICAN ALGONA, IOWA, JUITE 13, 1894. LOCAL MATTERS. Mrs. May Newton is traveling in the interest of Williams' Hair Restorer. A. "VV. Moffatt is making quite an addition to his already commodious residence. Burt Tuttle, who had .a school near LuVerne, was obliged to dismiss by the prevalence of diphtheria. The legend: "No Flowers," adorns the High School commencement program this year, .the same as last. Geo. H. Williams is making good progress in the fine new residence which Eugene Tellier is erecting. P. L. Slagle has built an addition to his residence, which adds much to it in ",the way of convenience and goodlooks. T. J. Julian reports the finding of the cushion of a top buggy in front of his house. Anyone who has lost one may " consider this a pointer. Frank Conway, formerly of Algona, was tried at Mankato last week for the murder of a saloon keeper atrthat place last August. He was acquitted. . It has been remarked that if we could ' have a good, big rain Friday, in place •of the circus, it would be money saved and money made for the people of Kos- -suth. It is now the talk'that Col. Sessions will make his wedding excursion to Denver with the Republican Club Con, venton. That, would indeed be romantic. The Fourth Regiment, I. N. G., will have its annual encampment at bpen- cer this year, beginning August llth. Company F. will make timely preparation for the occasion. , Friday's republican convention will have so much business to attend to thatlit will be necessary to meet promptly on time and work hard to avoid a conflict with the circus. Mr. Boyle, of Whittemore, was in town Thursday, and the Champion, reports that he had a runaway during his drive home, but it was only the matter uf a few spokes out of his buggy. • • A brother of Station Agent Vesper is the-manager-of the postal telegraph at Cripple Creek, where the strikers, the deputy sheriffs and the state troops of Colorado have been putting in such a hot summer. John Gilske was in Eastern Kansas last week. He reports that the oat crop was ruined by the heavy frosts, but that corn and fruits will be a good crop. Tne country out there just now looks better than ours. '$6_me thirty Algona people went down to Clear Lake, Sunday, to take in the musical program, which is reported to have been very fine, Five excursion trains were run and an immense crowd was at tbe park, ' • Cteo, 0, Call last, week sold 500 acres of bis Palmer-Grannis tract of land, near Ledyard,' to Benton Comngton, of Story county, who proposes to settle on his pWQhaJe next fall, This will make a fme farm IQV M?. Corrington. Great interest willbe felt iw toe Normal Commencement, nfxt Tuesday evening, It .cojses.ofi ,at tbe Opera House, and m atoJggJQB fee will be ebargedi of itae pJOgra.P will be tbe, by Ja,h»j D.eW}t,t Miller- • 'The excellent -foundation of F " i new yejiden,cg en Thor'" „*. ^88 been, cjgnjpjetgd for ijjndMoRdayfflQruiBg \te t..... i ii~ ~__ ™,«_i_ ... H ^V| tn6 SVLP&P b«,a " ti'i Auditorium. Miss Keith spent two years as a nurse and two years in the medical course, and now takes her degree. Her ambition was a worthy -one and she attained it by her own unaided efforts. Dr. M. H. Hudson and Geo. C. Call, President and Secretary of theKossuth county Old Settlers' Association, have fixed upon Thursday, July 2, as the date of the Old Settlers' annual picnic. It is expected that the program willbe handed in for publication next week. , A. Rodgers, the liveryman, goes this week to Nebraska, where he has contracted to run a mail route between Harlington, Nebraska, and Yankton, South Dakota, a distance of thirty-one miles. He, of course, takes his family with him. He gets the contract from Call& Cowles. The school examinations were mainly got through with last week and the work of the 'children for the present week is light. The teachers, however, are busy looking over examination papers and preparing for the graduating exercises to occur tomorrow night.- I. S. Bunker, formerly of Burt, Iowa, but for the past two years a resident of Lanark, Illinois, died at the latter place Sunday of cancervof the stomach; He was in the sixties. He leaves a wife. Mr. Bunker was a member of the Odd Fellows and received sick benefits for the past year. The Board appointed John G. Smith and W. H. Nycum toexamine into and report on the couuty finances as shown by the books of k the treasurer and auditor, and they are at work this week, with a view to the submission of their report at the adjourned meeting of the board on the 25th inst. The County Supervisors did a very proper thing when they ordered that board walk from the southeast corner of the court house square to the court house. Heretofore it has been a serious question whether'twere better to trudge around to the front walk or "to run the gauntlet Of Matt Osterbouer with his "keep off the grass" club. Rev. O. A. Stevens preached at the Baptist church Sunday morning and evenin'g, and so well pleased were the members of the church that they ex- .tended him a call to become their pastor, which he accepted, The new pastor is a graduate of Chicago Theological Seminary. He came with very high recommendations. Caucuses were held by the republicans of the first and second wards of Algona, Saturday night, The result in ithe first was the choice of J, G. Smith, J, W, Wadsworth, Ed. Hackman and Alex White, while in the second A. D, Clarke, E, H. Rist, B, W. Haggard and M, Starr were named, There seemed to be no issue, even circus tickets awakening very little interest, A home-fQr»the-friendless boy living with Mr, Peck, northwest of town, was knocked down by a bad bull one day last week, But for the prompt arrival of re-inforcements he would likely bay*e been killed, As it was hjs leg was very badly bruised, and it was at the time thought to be broken, The boy was brought in'and Dr, Morse attended to his injuries, invitations coming to Algona friends from Portland, Maine, set the date of the marriage of Geo, 0, Call and Miss Alice Spear for Wednesday, June 80th, Mr, Call goes on this weefc, after putting bis fme residence in readiness for occupaaoy by himself and bwde 9. n W 1 return? wbjeh it is presumed wju wt fee foy a couple of months, Man ftisMs in and eleswjm-e n to epBjaJHjaMons, of Mr, Chas, Ai ieHall Palmer was at th£ rgs^eflfie. Qf ,evejUBg, cancies in the force of teachers for the coming year. Miss Gertie Clarke was elected to take the place of Miss Gilchrist, as.assistant primary teacher, and Miss Tena Wallace was elected to fill the vacancy in the intermediate department occasioned by the retirement of Miss Jessamine Jones. The latter will assist her brother, Wilfrid P. Jone$, at the Wigwam, for the year to come. We are pleased to be able to announce that the publisher of the Inter Ocean has made a special offer on the weekly edition of that paper during the present political campaign. He will send the Weekly Inter Ocean for six months to any subscriber on receipt of thirty cents. This is a very low price for one of the best and ablest Republican newspapers in the country. Good Republicans should try to increase its circulation. Subscriptions will be received at this price from June 1st to August 1st. 'After that the regular prices will be restored. List of advertised letters for week ending June 11: N. N. Bague, S. H. Connois Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Caulkins, Jane M. Cormack, Mr. A. J3. Evans, Mis. Emma E. Foster, J. B. Foulin, Jacob Fehr, Mrs. Cora Hunt, John O. Jorstad, Miss Anna Larson, Mr. Wm. Myers, Mr. £. T. Mortenson, Earl Miller, E.D. Markham. Mr. Pete Melin, G. D. Nicoll, Melvin Bushi, Miss Albert Nehring, Mrs. Cecilia Olson, Mrs. Alma W. Patterson. Mrs. C. D. Price, Mr. A. G. Bedfield, Mrs. Effa Boberson Mr. F. Stout, Mrs. H. B. Stafford, Wm. B.Thompson, Mrs. M. A. Ward, Miss Ada Russell, Mrs. Effie Robinson, Mrs. Elnora York. There was an unusually large attendance at the Social Union meeting Friday evening, and the program was one of more than usual interest. The paper by Miss Cramer on Kindergarten history x and that of Miss Coan on the history of Ornamentation elicited great interest, and the children's chorus came in well with Miss Cramer's theme Mr. Ryan's address on oratory combined profundity and humor and was much appreciated by the audience. The German song, by Julius Chrischil- les, was enjoyed by all, though some were doubtful as to its' sentiment. Chas. Cdhenour will be the program committee for three months to come. The Fort Dodge Messenger says that a gang of about fifteen pick pockets are following the Ringlirig Brothers' show and the Singling Bros, make it a part of their business to carry their own detective force and protect the public. One of these detectives shot at a supposed pickpocket at- Fort Dodge last week, and got his man in jail, but the detective was fine.d $25 for shooting without authority, while the pickpocket got off without punishment because the lady whose pocket was picked could not identify him, There never was a circus, big or little, that traveled without its quota of thieves, gamblers and thugs, and those who want to see the show should guard against them, And those greenies who are inclined to stake money on games run by the professional gamblers who follow the qircus should be put under an able bodied guardian, for the day, , PERSONAL NOTES, . S, 0, Spear left for the Pine Tree s^ate y$^rday. He, expats to return borne goon after the wedding, JrE. Franks, ef Pubuque, has be©n voting his daughter, Mrs, J, w, Hay } for the paet wees. M,i88 'Nellie IngbaW BusjelJ jg visit* ing at Iw Algona home, Misjj Mliian. Ite?? WbQ bag been §tu,dywg music. wObwMQ for |be past »ajmved. bQ»§ Monday f day, to attend commencement at St. Mary's Hall. Miss Lulu Clarke and Mattie and Maggie Haggard will accompany them home to-day. F. II. Vesper received word, Monday, that Miss Loeta Leavitt, a relative of his family, is the point death at St. Paul. Miss Leavitt is a resident of San Diego and is well known on the coast as a talented actress. Miss Amy Bigelow, who has been a skilful compositor in the REPUBLICAN office for time, has gone to her brother's home in Elmore, where she was called on account of sickness inthelat- ters family. Miss Bigelow has many friends in Algona. M. M. Walker and wife,ofDubuque, visited Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hay over Sunday. Mr. Walker, who is the well known wholesale commission merchant at Dubuque, returned to his business Monday, but Mrs. Walker remained for a visit with her sister, Mrs. Hay. : The young people of the Baptist; church tendered a reception last Friday evening in the church parlors to those who so kindly assisted them in the Jarley Wax-works entertainment Decently .given by the B. Y. P. U. CJake and' oream were served, and a delightful social time was enjoyed by all present. A. O. U..W-. AT HURT. A Strong Lodge Organized There Monday Night—Alarona Elects •'*. ' New Officers. Twenty-one members of the Algona lodge of United Workmenjwent to Burt Monday night to assist Grand Deputy Harding in the installation" of a lodge of the order at that place, the names being as follows: Dr., Studley, Dr. Glasier, Sheriff Samson, Photographer Peterson, James S. Taylor, Frank Lull, Chas. Winkie, Eugene Tellier, P. J. Christiansen, Will Ladendorf, Ed. Winkie, Geo. Williams, B. F. Grose, 0. Byson, A. P. Hanson, C. Laage, Will Lacy, Joe, Steil, Jr., P. Chandler, L, W. Hackman, M. Starr. The lodge wa£ organized with eighteen of Burt's best men. At 'one o'clock, after the arduous work was concluded, the company sat down to an elegant spread served by 'the ladies' aid society at Mrs McDonald's. The Algona workmen were very handsomely treated. The officers and members of the lodge are; Past Master Workman, Geo. E. Marble; Master Workman, M. J, Walsh; Foreman, M. E. Phillips;Oversee, G, R. Wightman; Recorder, H. O. Buell; Financier, O, H. Richards; Receiver, G. G. Wheeler; Guide, J, L. Tibbetts; Inside Watchman, Wm.Deh- nert; Outside Watchman, G. J. Guit- knecht; Trustees, Geo, E. Marble, Dr. Beane, H. O. Buell, H, Dalziel, 0, F. Miller, W. H. Wilder, H, W, Manus; F,.|)ehnert; A, Krienke, W. H. Smith. AfcGONA. LODGE ELECTION, Algona lodge of United Workmen last night elected officers as follows: W,;M,, Eugene Tellier; Foreman, Dr, E, j8, Glasier; Overseer, G, A. Butber* ford: Recorder-, A, L, Peterson; Finan* cier/W, J. Studley; Receiver, Jas, Cowan; Guide, W, A. Ladendorf; Inside r Watcbraan, Ohas. Winkje; Out* sid| Watchman, Lew Hackman; Trus. tee, r C, A GRAND £OOLOQ{CAk IBS Brpthera 1 Menagerie, the largest and Finest in tne World, 4pong the educational features of W«g potbera'World's Greatest i, which exhibit in Aigopg june 15. Eisp?Qial attention liven to tUe mgpagwie, ju —" tbf li,?gee$ gQiiectwn , T ,- r .,,wl§^Y&r.^9ugbtin this It. 8 curious animal is the only representative of its species in the United States, and nowhere else in this country can the strange catueleopardbese'en. This towering beast is over eighteen feet high, and is undoubtedly the tallest animal that lives. Another rare wild beast embraced in Singling Brothers' menagerie is the gigantic four-ton hippopotamus, the heaviest beast in captivity and the only genuine blood-exuding behemoth now in this country. Ponderous and unwieldy as he is, the great hippopotamus is an intelligent brue, capable of instruction, and many of the tricks he performs at the command of his keeper, are astounding. The giraffe and hippopotamus are,however, only two of the many features for which this grand zoological display is noted. Of surpassing interest because of its rarity is a monster bi-horned gnu. A pair of horned horses also attract unlimited attention. Then there are pretty, striped zebras; sacred cattle; llamas of a dozen species, ferocious lions and tigers, leopards, hyenas, kangaroos from Australia, baby lions, a drove of camels, two big herds of quadrille-dancing and performing elephants, two baby elephants, and scores of other curious creatures. The mammoth dens and cages used to exhibit Ringling Brothers' menagerie are the largest, hahdso'mest and most beautifully decorated of any circus in the world, and those who have seen them this season are unqualified in their expressions of admiration. ,NORMAL SCHOOL NOTES. Taylor's. Several Normal School people drove to LuVerne last Friday night to attend the high school commencement. They were entertained in elegant style and report an excellent time. * Professors Johnson and Lilly with Surveyor Tellier go to Mason City next Friday night as delegates to the Y. M. C. A. convention. They will return .Monday morning. The reports for the Normal Summer School are favorable. If all come who have expressed their intention of coming,,there will be a much larger number than at the present term. Prof. D. E. Johnson received two letters from managers of commercial schools last week, asking for teachers of penmanship and book-keeping. He thinks they can be supplied from the present commercial class at the Normal. There are always positions for those who are ready to fill them. We Have Got to Move, Great reduction and removal sale now going on at the mammoth furniture store. Come early and avoid the rush; com,e while our st9ek is complete and get your choice. First come, first served, _ J. R, LAIRD, EXCURSION RATES, For the annual encampment of Sons of Veterans, U, S, A,, to be he}d at Davenport, Ja,, Aug. 80th to 84th, excursion tickets will be sold by the C, Mt & $t, P, By. at fare and one^hird for the round trip, • For the annual encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic to be held at Council Bluffs, June wh to 8ist, ex* cursion tickets will be sold at fare and one«ihU'd for toe round trip, via C, M, By, DO Know Our Millinery? "It's Correct— " It's the Millinery of the Town— ARnriRTiri tf iraf1f*' and REASONABLE. Clear Lake Park, Iowa, Season of 1894. A fine program has been arranged for this most popular of Northern Iowa summer resorts, including lectures by some of America's most noted 'speakers; gospel meetings led by the most popular divines of the nation; camp meetings, band concerts, and numerous other attractions which will be announced from time to time. The Annual Musical Festival will be under.the direction of Prof. W., S. Weeden ;of New York City. The Hotel Oaks, built in 1893, willbe open to the public May 15th. This Ho-S telis large and commodious, bu|lt after the most approved plan for?summer hotels, and managed by men who know the wants of their guests. . . ;^ >~t+t-» . Remember the summer session at the Normal School is right in line with the county institute work, and those who attend both will , struction. June 1 ;et seven weeks' in- is the opening day. & Best flour in Algona only 70c. sack.—JONES & STACY. 34-37 Dressmaking 1 done to order by Mrs. Wm. Cleary, southwest part of Algona. > >-«••»-« «• Remember the removal sale at J. B. Laird's furniture store; everything must go. >^yi MmMl^i«l«llWA Excursion rates for various conyen. tta to fce held at Denver, Col, Bate, via Q. M. & st, P-, By», and Swux Cjty, Wil} be $gj,g8 toy the round twp, Fourth, of July wn sold at fare, asd, When you come to the circus ,,„-„ T , see us. It will pay you better than the side show, at the Opera House Grocery, Nursing. Anyone in need of an experienced and efficient nurse, please call on Mrs- S, J, "Weston at Wm, Cleary's, AJgona.,; Beferences furnished. $MR : ' * ' V'j^i' Try a sack of that lOc, flour, Every ^' sack warranted to be as good as .any 1 ^; dollar flour in town-—JONES & STAGY* ^i '^1 \°%s \ >ji V^5 Don't forget Angelina at the House Grocery, W, B, Carey lias six per Qent« with small commission on city- chattels, B ^2 , *3i DENTAL Ovej tfe§

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