The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 12, 1914 · Page 21
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 21

Decatur, Illinois
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Sunday, July 12, 1914
Page 21
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Sunday Honing, July 12, 1914. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Page Twenty-one START WORK ON NEW ORLANDO HOTEL Bids on the new Orlando hotel will | probably be called for Mond«y. «nd It I) expected that the bids will be In by Wednesday. Charles G. Powers said Saturday night that he was confident that work on the steel structure would be started by the first of September. It will take about six weeks to get the steel after tbe contract for It Is let. and In the mean time he excavation work can be carried on and the footings put in. There will not be a great amount of excavating to do. there having been good basements under most of the buildings that were wrecked after the fire that destroyed ft greater portion of the block. ARE SELLING STOCK. The work of securing subscriptions to the capital .stock of the Orlando Hotel company has been going on for the past few weeks, but Mr. Powers and j his associates have been so busy with the details of the department store and office building that they have not had ' much time to devote to the hotel pi op- ] edition. However, several Decatur men of money have promised to subscribe for stock, and a number have already done so. In answer to a request for Information from a prospective purchaser of «tock, Henry D. Spencer sent the following letter, which explains the plan In detail. He enclosed the proposition jri.ide by Mr. Powers to the Association of Commerce committee, composed of J. M. Brownback, Robert Mueller and J. A. Meriweather. The letter in part follows: FROM HOTEL MEN. ··In addition to the figures mentioned In Mr. Powers' letter, I would sav that 1 have applications from ft number of successful hotel operators asking for a lease of the premises on a basis of 6 per cent of the total cost, plus taxes, insurance atyj repairs, provided It will be made for twenty years. We also have an application from Louis W!K- Kini of Springfield, in which he agrees to pay 7 per cent of the cost of the buildlnar and B per cent of the cost of the ground, also taxes. Insurance and repairs. This means that the directors of the Ibotel company can pay all maintenance and operating expenses, the Interest on any bonds that may be Issued to complete the building:, pay a reasonable eum annually Into a sinking fund for the repayment of such bonds, and also pay 5 per cent per annum to the stockholders on their investment. ADVERTISE TOtVJT. "In addition to giving Decatur a high grade, first class, fire proof hotel, that will do as much, if not more, than any other one thing to advertise Decatur, those who put their money Into this enterprise will be obtaining a high grade Investment that will pay them 5 per cent net, and they need not be afraid of the assessor, for the lessee vrlll pay the taxes. TELLS OF LOSS. "The Powers estate lost $150,000 by the fire of April 7, and it is not pos- eible for them to rebuild the office bulldins;, now under construction at cost exceeding; $300,000, and the hotel also without borrowing a large sum. It would make them assume a greater burden than'would be justified by good business practice. "The members of the Powers family have always been leaden here In public Improvements. They have built two theaters and maintained them until each was destroyed by fire, and at no time have they asked the people of Decatur for assistance. "It seems to me that when Mr. Powers invites the people of DecaUir to BO Into partnership with htm in the construction of a hotel It is an opportunity for them to show their appreciation of what the Powers family has done for Decatur, and they should be ?i»d of the opportunity to take stock in this enterprise. Thev run no more Hsk than does Mr. Powers and they do not have the anxiety and worry from the details of construction, for Mr. Powers will take charge of that along with the construction anxieties ot the office building. FOUR IN" STATE. "There are only four flro-proof hotels In Illinois outside ot Cook county, the Illinois at Bloomlngton, the T.eland at Springfield, the Jefferson at Peoiia and the Merchants and Manufacturers' hotel at lUoline. "If Docatur wants the traveling public to come here and stay because of satisfactory accommodations and snfrty at night, the people should see that this hotel is erected. "Very trulv ours, "HEXRY D. SPENCER " TO THE A. OF C. In his letter to the Association of Commerce Mr. Powers sas in part: "We have an offer of all the needed money for the construction of the building, provided the hotel company acnuires the title to the Innd. ' "In order to help acnuire the site for the hotel we will take $23,000 of the purchase money of the site In stock. which will leave $75,000 to be subscribed by the citizens of Decatur. "We have an application from a well known and competent hotel operator for a tnenty-year lease of the build- Ing. He w i l l pay 5 per cent ot the cost of the ground ($100,000) and 1 per cent on the cost of the building, provided such cost does not exceed J300.000, alro taxes, insurance and repairs. "From the figures we have on the cost of the building and ground and the rents to be paid by t h e lessee we know that the directors of the hotel company can, from its income, meet all expenses of maintenance and pay a dividend on the stock of at least 5 per cent per annum." IN Ml ESTATE W. J. Huff Sells Residence on West Main. WILL POST TO BUILD Eugene Head Gets Bungalow on North Edward. 24 23 aa.870 39,630 22,425 0,37, 1.175 58,745 35,003 SIS , . 811 2,770.571 7S2 1.510,501 700 1.3(10,874 1,124.946 1.344 034 731,447 1,308,141 53,571 49.625 4 123 30 15 20 24 1 0 08,670 S1.5SO 22,423 SO Sflfi -sn OCR' 031 TRAINS DELATED. A small blockade In the Decatur yards was caused Saturday morning when one passenger and a few freights wert delayed on account of the lend of hose stretched across Wabash tracks during the fight with the R. R. Y. M. C. A. fire. The blockade lasted only 15 minutes. '~CTo~l~0~0~0 tMflTo'o'O O'O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ..OlfOO 0~00 0 0 f(To 0 0 0 0 0 0 l a Q Q O O O O O P O O D Q O O O O O n O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O Q o p q o o o o . Ninety-five Per Cent of Decatur Renters Come to Us for Houses That Is whv we are able to rent vour house promptlv Seventy-fhe per cent of thr ·bouses we handle are never advertised The applications on file in our office do the business before the house becomes vacant. Cost. By renting your home Immediately to responsible tenants whoi« iccords wo Investigated w h e n their application! were filed, we save you many times the a m o u n t of our comml6 c lon which Is very email. The scores of prop^rtlfs we manage enable us to make ft better rate for collecting; than any other firm in the city. Money for You. On account of the larg» number of houses under our mftnas-f-ment we have rates with dealers anil expert workmen that enable you to make any kind of repairs and Improvements at a remarkable discount Irom regular pricei. Alwars Eeadv. "We have over 100 applications for houses ranginp in price f r n m f0 OO to sV)fMi ti month The'v are good tenants that don't have to mcne, but w i l l f f w e f i n d t h e m houses they like better. Don't Jet your house stand idle \Ve are rcnrlv to send ou a good tenant. Relieve yourself o£ the time, trouble and expense reiuf-"d to handle your property. Proof. bother with the rental business and many other owncn «OClal and business life whOM property we now handle, Maradaftfin RICH SOIL, GRAND IMPROVEMENTS, IN N. W. OHIO, THAT PAYS 8% NET, WHERE ALL CENTRAL STATES PRODUCTS ARE GROWN SUCCESSFULLY. CLOVER AND ALFALFA ABOUND. GOOD LAND, GOOD MARKETS, HARD ROADS. FARMING TERRITORY SECOND TO NONE. Higher prices for farm prochicts than here. These lands $100.00 to $165.00 per acre. Small payment down, long time deferred payments. WHY PAY BIG RENT WITH THIS OPPORTUNITY? Round trip $12.00. Free hotel. Call or write. 317-318 Citizens Bank Bldg., Decatur, 111. Both Phones. 7573 The total of real estate transfers ana mortgages recorded the past week follows: BY YEARS. Transfers lust v cek 27 $ Same time last yoar 2u Mortgages last w e e k 20 Same time last year 24 Farm t t a n s f e i s last week 2 Same time last year " City transfers last week ~ :me time last year BY PERIODS Transfers 28 n-eel:s Samo time last year Mortgases 25 weeks Sime llnu- Ian year City transfers 2S weeks Same time last rear Farm transfers 2S weeks Same time last j e a r Village transfers 28 weeks Same time last year BY WEEKS Transfer* last w u c k Previous wt*k Mortgages last w e e k Previous week t r a n - f t r s last week.... PreMous week MONEY MARKET. Average Int. rate last week Average Int. rate previous vveeX.. Average Int. rate last year Of teh money loaned $21,000 was at G c /e, ana Sl.*23 at 7^: $22121 wns loaned on city property and J300 on village property. Real estate made a good recovery during: the past week as compared with I revious weeks and quite a few deals and trades weie put through. The real estate dealers figured in more than usual. One of the important local sales was that in which W. J Huff sold to Mattle L Obenshain o£ St. Louis for Investment at $6,5000, the ten room, thoroughly modern residence on the northeast corner of Oakdale Boulevard and West Main street. This house has not been built Ions?, is on a lot 151 feet deep with a 4S foot frontage and 52 feet in the rear. It is Ideally located. TUCKER-OILMAN SALE. C. J. Tucker of this citv, as guardian for Caroline Tucker, sold to George K. Oilman, a fortv acre tract of land about five miles scuthv.cst of Warrcnsbur? In an ideal farming district for $225 an I acre, a total of $0000. This land is unimproved as to buildings but Is all In cultivation and well tiled. Mr. Oilman gets it to add to his other farm holdings around there This sale wns made at public auction several weeks ago. LOT FOR J3.3SO. W. F. Calhoun -sold to Mrs. Mary F. Peake. a lot on the south side of the 400 block West Noith street, just east of College Square, for S3 tSO. The lot is 43% by G4 and Is a choice location for an eight-room thoroughly modern home which Mrs. Peake expects to build there. She sold to Dr. Calhoun the lot at the southwest corner of Edward and North street for $5,500. This lot IB 50 by 103H. The purchaser may build tl'ere later on. It adjoins his other property bought last fall fl om Mrs. Peake and gives him a 00 foot frontage on Edward street. BLUE MOUND DEAL,. A Goodale of Blue Mound sold a stork of shoes in that town to C. A. R i r k e y of Decatur for $5,noo. Mr Rickey putting in as part pay, a five-room new and modern cnttago on a regular city lot in the 2100 block East Prairie street, Mr. Goodale getting it for a home at $3.000. Tie will move here shortlv while Mr. Rickey will m o v e to Blue Mound and conduct the shoe store. The latter paid the difference in prices In cash. C. B. Mosharger and companv made the deal. I. J. Chappel! traded to .1. J Swatz of Macon, en eight room, thoroughly modern house on a regular city lot at S93 West Lcafland at $4,OitO. Swatz getting it for a home The l a t t e r put it, as part pay at 12,800. a stock of boots and shoes at Macon and paid the balance in cash. ChappeH will go to Macon and conduct the store. H. F. Drobisch and son made the deal TO EUGENE HEAD. Edwin McNutt traded to Eugene Head his home at 1748 North Edward street, a six-room modern bungalow, very complete, on lot 40 by 167, the price on it being $1,500. Head put in aa part pay at $3,500, a seven-room modern cottage on a regular city lot, at 1013 East Eldorado street, paying the balance in cash. McNutt traded for a home and Head for investment. W. F. Pickle made the deal. WILL POST TO BUILD. W. P. McDonald sold to Will Post a regular city lot on the south Bide of the 800 block, West M a i n street, directly opposite the Milhkin residence, for $3,500. Mr. Post will tear down the little brick house now on the lot and SPECIAL NOTICES. STORAGE. For Rood clean stompe room «ee Chance, 148 K Franklin St. Ptorge goods for sale; all kinds of second hanrt goods at reduced prices S, E. Corner Central Park. 7706 STORAGE. Hello, Central; give me 80. IB thli the police h-jadqusrteri? Yes This Is John Smith from Boody. I have 1 :t my u l f o ' s pold handled umbrella and the rest ot m« hair If I don't find it. Tou had better see Djyton, the proprietor of the Illinois Ruhber Stamp Umbrella W* . at 22T E, Eldorado Bt. By heck! I remember I left It there to h recovered. Thank you: good bye. 7312 Multigraph Work. Letters, specifications, office forms, cards, etc.. Imitation of typawrltlnE. 5084 ^ Violet Bourne. Public Stenographer. Bell phone 332. 705-7 Mllllkln Bide. PERSPECTIVE V1EW-FHOM A PHOTOGRAPH. Tbla home is located In the state of Washington and makes a very complete ana modest dwelling. The architect wishes to call attention to the big piazza which may be screened In In the summer time and sashed In in the winter time, making a livable porch the year round. The piazza is 20 feet wide and 12 feet deep. The size of the house Is 32 feet wide and 38 feet deep over tbe main part Finished through out in gumwood or Washington fir; birch or maple floors throughout entire bouse. Full basement, T feet 6 inches in tbe clear; first story, 9 feet Cost to build, exclusive of heating and plumbing, $2,200. FLOOR FLAN. will build a nice, modern home there. E. F. Drobisch Son maie the deal. J L. Hedrick sold to David Bowers, of Danville, a five-room, new and modern bungalow on a regular city lot, in the 1600 block East Main street, the price being $3.500. Mr. Bowers will move his family here and occupy the place for a home. R. S. Eohon made this deal. Mrs. Harriet Gray sold to E. F. Drobisch two five-room, but not modern cottages on the usual size lot about three blocks north of the Wabash shops, the price on each being $1,SOO. The purchaser gets them for Investment. TWO NEW HOUSES. W. H Cullen sold to E. C. Hill, through E. F. Drobisch. two lots, each 40 by S5, nn the west side of Mercer street. Just south of Grand avenue, the price for the two belnc $1,100. Mr. Hill will erect two six-room modern houses there for Investment right aivay Mr. Drobisch also bought of Mr. Cuilen a lot 40 by 97, just west of Mercer street, on Leafland avenue, for $700, This lot E coveicd with fine, large shads trees. Tile purchaser bought the place for Investment. J. X. Duncan sold to John T. Francis MB home, a six-mom, not modern cottage, on a full city lot. at 2039 North College street, the purchaser getting it tor Investment for 11.500. Mr. Duncan s moving to Minnesota C. B Mosbar- Tcr Company made the deal. TRADE HOUSES. H B. Foley, of Garrett. Ill , traded a =ixioom, not modern house on a lot 25 bv 160 In the 2400 block East Cerro Gordo street, to Art A. Harlan, of this citv, for investment at M 000. Harlan put In as part pay a SI 000 stock of shoes recently moved here by him from Cerro Qordo. The balance he paid in cash. Foley will sell the stock. C. B. Mosbarger Company made the deal. J. C. Myers sold to Joseph Lukev » lot 48 by 151. on the east side of CobD avenue, one block north of Main street In Onkdale addition, the purchaser paying $1.250 for the lot. He Is already erecting a seven-room, modern house on the lot for Investment. OTHER DEALS Mrs. R. I. Tatman, of Montlcello, sold to Walter Qarver. of this ritv. a three- . i^ e _\^ room, not modern house, on a regular 11^99-- Xu|. Sept. HOTTER THESE 104 in Shade Saturday -Might Be Worse. It was 104 in the shade yesterday, and it may be hotter today, but don't allow that to worry you. Somebody predicts that along about August we shall have some real hot weather. has been a good deal hotter in Deoatur than 104 and there are a lot of us here yet to tell the story. It takes a much higher temperature than 104 to hurt a mm REAL mm Of the Year in Decatur. --The annual ·»!· ot th« SavinCe Realty Co., of Indlanapolt*. will itart on Tburtday, July 1C. ThU al« 11 al- wayi watched (or eagerly by the people of Deoatur, and they hare alwayi found It well worth watching: (or. The property to b* (old this year on the term* that have made the Savlnga Realty Co. to very micceifful, li without queition the finest they have ever offered for aale In this city. It li what li known a» the NeUon Park Addition and be- lon*» to the Powers Broi. It Is situated on East Wood street and extends trim Seventh street east to beautiful Nelson Park, and from Wood street south to Powers boulevard--the main entrance to the park. It Is seldom Indeed that property of this kind, situated as this Is, can be offered at terms of only IS down and f 1 week, but these are the terms upon which the Savings Realty Co. will sell Nelson Park Addition. The advance men for the sale are now in the city getting things started--men and teams are at work on the addition, staking; lots and putting up price cards. Offices have been opened at 123 N. Main street, and every effort Is belnjr made to have everything ready for the opening day. This Is the f-iurth sale by this company In Decatur In aa many yeara, the additions previously handled being Wise addition, Rivervlew and Highlawns. All these additions were sold out In the first few days of the sale. The addition this year is large, but from the Interest already displayed it will sell Just about as quickly.--Adv. OF ICE SLIDJ01 HILL Ira Marquis, Driver, Has Odd Experience. i Though he was driving: the coolest load in town, Ira Marquis bad the hottest job, Saturday morning. Marquis is driver for Martin and ton, ice dealers. He started out with his wagon loaded. After making a few calls in the south part of town he headed his team up the hill on Jefferson towards South Franklin. At that I point the hill is so steep that It is i 11 ! most perpendicular. Steel Work on Powers Building Going Up Fast. 8-STORY FOUNDATION In Suffern Building--On Heating Plant. "All corner posts will be set, the buildlnr lined up and the riveters will begin their merry music Monday morning;." That was the announcement made regardlnr the new Powers building; on Saturday afternoon. It has not yet been decided whether or not two shift* of men will be put at wort on tha building. If it begins to look as though two would be necessary to finish the work In time, they will be put on. FRAMEWORt GOINQ UP. The Decatur bridge company has at least three-fourths of the framework cf the basement and first floor in place. The framework extends from Water to State street and south almost a« far as the department store and office building will extend. At rresent the framework is belna- held together by bolts. After the ground frame or lower section of the building is In place rivets will take the place of bolts and about »ix gangs of riveters, it is said, will be working at once. The steel work must be completed by Aug. 8. Mr. Cas- ·on, who has supervision of the bulldog; for the architects, Patton * Flynn. says that the bridge company is doing great work «o far. EIGHT-STORY FOUNDATION. All who pass along- North Main street stop to look at the deep excavations that are being made In the basement of the new Sutfern butld- ng and wondering why such Immense footings are to be put In when Mr. Suffern has announced that his build- tig Is to have only two stories and basement The footings are very wide f nd are from three and a half to five !eet below the basement floor line. lh« fact la. Mr. Suffern Is putting In what he considers a foundation of sufficient strength to support an eight- story building. At the present time he is not figuring on an eight-story Building, but he expects it to be elgl.t .,,,..- "° rUs some day. BEGAN SLIPPING. With a roar, the load ot Ice began slipping out «f the waeon bed. It knocked out the end gate and tipped people who are temperate and well or- | thft wagon bed UP| throwing Marquis into the air. He retained bis "eat dered in their habits ot living. WELL REMEMBERED. There was a well-remembered day, July 2:, 1901, when the temperature registered 103 in the shade. Then was i however, but narrowly escaped falling 1 off backwards. SLID DOWN HtLL. Meanwhile the ice had slid out the some real ground for complaint a b o u t ; back of the wagon and down the hill. the heat. At 8 a. m. the thermometer I Marquis climbed from his seat and saw marked 92, at 8 a m. it had climbed to ' a t once that he couldn't load the big 8; at 10 a. m. It marked 104, which was I blocks of ice back Into the wagon. as hot as tile hottest yesteulay, f i o m j started cutting thtm up into 80 100 11 a. m. to 12 noon the top thread of mercury waa opposite 107; at 1 p. m. it marked 109 and it stood at that f i g u r e u n t i l 2 o'clock. At 3 p. m.' it had dropped to 107. at 4 o'clock It registered lOTj. and at 5 o'clock it had declined to 1"0. That day's temperature took something out ot one and the most orthodox persons wondered If to- phet could be any worse. In the heat of day it was reallv hotter riding; at a fast speed than it was stinding still, and that is a condition which leaves much to be desired. A good many ot us said yesterday that it was t h e - m o s t oppressively, excruciatingly hot day tiiat we ever knew in our long and eventful lives. Of course, we knew when we said it we were deliberately prevaricating, but It was hot enough to excuse a good deal of prevarication. There have been a great number of hot days on this old earth, a good manv of which we didn't know a n v t h i n g about and some of which we did. DAYS ABOVE 100. Here are the days in the last twenty years when the temperature right here In Decatur was 100 or higher: of the ' Pound chunks. Ho borrowed a hose from a woman who lived nearby and washed off each cake of Ice and washed out the wagon bed. By the time he had tne Ice loaded again and was started on his route Marquis found he had lost three hours. He was still delivering his ice at 10 o'clock Saturday night. He says he will never tackle that hill with a load of ice again. 1S»4--June 11-85--Ji ne :«07--July 1887--A .100 100 . inn ' city lot at 1041 West Howard street, the purchaser g e t t i n g It for investment at |700. J. M. Fickle made the deal. William Burgees sold to Lillian Hen- dricksa, corner lot 25 hv 150, on East Cerro Gordo street, in Elson Heights,, for $300. The purchaser will build there for Investment. P. H. made this deal. ClarlBEa Sterret sold to Theodore Fisher for investment her residence, a seven-room, modern house at 717 West Prarle street, on a regular city lot The purchaser will entirelv remodel the place. The price is not given. Dr. Elijah Collier sold to J. G Stocks the property at 731 West Wood street, on a lot 60 feet wide. The cottage is seven-room modern, but Mr. stocks will rebuild there later for a home. The price Is not named on the property. Miss Ethel Qulnlan made the deal. FORECLOSURES. W H. Black had two foreclosure =rles at the court house Saturday afternoon. Lot 2, block 1, Homestead Place was sold to John P Schuerle for ssoo.33, bo4ng the full amount of the debt, Interest and cost 1 ; In the case of J. P. Schuerle vs L. C. Mav et al. The other sale was In the case of the Blue Mound Building and Loan association vs. W. H. Harris. The property involved wa« lot 4 and the west half of lot 5, block 2, H. H. Wise's ad- Mil--.lull 11)11--Tilly 1913--June 1!13--.Tun. 1913--June IMS--Juno 1013--June . IMS--June Brueck iflij--Juis 191J--Tub' 1013--July 11)01--July 2J 10-, 101 1013-- ?eyt 2 101 3 1011 20 101 111 100 17 10: IS 102'j :o ioi i" 100 21 101 17 ion Zt lui 30 lOS « 101 in iiki 13 ICO 10 I(V \'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.K1 2 103 1913--Sept. 3 103 HAVE HAD HOTTER DAYS. Thus we see we have thus far nave set only one new heat record this year, that Is a record of 104 as early as July 11. We have had hotter days In other years than we have had so far this year and we had more hot days last year than this year thus far. Of course we have a chance to hreak all ot the records before "the summer of 1014 is over, but let us not anticipate that. Let us apply our Christian Science, if we have any. or our New Thought, if we have any, or our religion, fi we have any, or our philosophy, if we have any. and make up our mindg that It isn't so worse. Let us eat sparingly of heavy foods, be careful about guzzling ice-cold drinks in the heat ot the day, avoid acting the fool In as many ways ai our natures wilt allow and the LODGE OFFICERS ARE INSTALLED Officers of True Rebekah lodge, No. 767, were installed at tha regular meeting last Thursday evening. Mr*. Nellie Mosbarger, deputy, acted «s installing officer. She was atBlited by Mrs. Betty Kaericker, Mrs. Metella- Gouker, Mrs. Sadie Jones and Mrs. Idella Watson, all of Decatur, and Uri. Morehead and Mrs. Warren of Tuscola. OFFICERS. The officers aTe as follows: Post Noble Grand--Mrs. Bertha Cantrell. Noble Grand--Mr*. May H. Kenney. Vice Grand--Mrs. Julia Harder. Conductor--Mrs. Mett» Davit. Warden--Mil* Lor*. D»vt«. Chanlain--Mrs. Lois Smith. Recording secretary--Mrs. Margarat Harrouff. In*lde Guardian--Mils Irene Hard- Ing. Outside guardian--Mrs. Edith Newell. R. S. to N. G--Mrs. Mary llosbarger. L. S. to N. G --Mrs. Cora Rogers. R. S. to V G.--Mrs. Ella Sunderland. L. S. to V. G.--Mrs. Phoebe Pease. Though the lodge has been organized only three months it now contain* nearly seventy member*. Plan* wers made at the meeting for an ice cream ! social to be held on the lawn at the j residence of Mack Davis, 1114 North Water on July 15. A committee corn- paged of Mist Lor*. Davis, Mrs. Roger* and Miss Harding will plan for the event. A musical program will be given. flltion to Blue Mound, rt wna bought chances are that we will weather the by Alexander Mclntosh for »600. hot season in good form. KiRBY R. STAHL ON LONG TRIP Klrby R. StAhl, anlttant catbler ot the National Bank of Decatur, and C E. Cook, the commercial traveler, started Sunday morning on one of th« most extensive and comprehensive vacation trips of the season which will cover both northern and eastern statef, Canada and many hundred miles by boat around the Atlantic coait They will wind up their remarkable trip lu Richmond, Va., In time for the dedication for the new, million dollar Elks home. Friends who wished the popular Decatur men on voi»« predicted that they would reach the home just in time. SAVES IN HANDLING. The footings are not going to be as large as the excavations indicate. The holes are made big in order to hav ·· plenty of room to work around the forms, for wooden forma are to be used. After they are taken out tlu lemainder of the holes will be filled with dirt again. This Is an Idea of Mr. Suffern's, but one can easily see that It IB much, easier to move dirt than the dirt that forms the gangway l«»dins down into the basement. After he has hauled all the dirt out of the basement and starts cutting Into that gangway, the hauling Is going to be mlg-hty hard. A good deal of that dirt will have to be moved twice at least, so, it would not be bad if Mr. Sutfern had a well at the rear of tho basement Into which he could shovel the dirt from the gangway when tho hauling- pets hard. He would proba- hiy save, time and labor by making a deep excavation north of the gang- nay while the dirt can be hauled out easily and then fill the surplus excavation with the dirt from the gangway. Several cubic yard* of H will be disposed of In this way about the foot- irgs, anyway. START HEATING PLANT. Baker Bros?., who h«v e the contract for building the heating plant In the basemen'*, of the court house, began tearing up the concrete sidewalk at th» west side of the court house Saturday morning. The boiler and steam fitting will be put In by Dawton Co., The caul room Is to b« under the s.dewalk. The old boiler room, which Is under the north room of police headquarters, will be lowered two or three feet. There Is not room In th» taeement for storing fuel, so It Is necessary to have the coal room under th* uldewaJk. NEW HOtJSBe. W. E. R«ld will build a new house in th* 100 block on West Division street to cost $1,800. II. M. Lynn will also build a new cottage In th* 600 block on West Division street. It will cost $1,500. E. C. Hill Is to build two cottsxes In the 1104 block on North Pine street They will cost 11,200 each. JUDGE HELD Will Be on Circuit Bench Here Wednesday.* Judge W. K. Whltfleld will be on th« bench In the circuit court WednMdajr morning at 9 o'clock to close UD th* business of th« May terra. DEEDS RECORDED. A. L. Sarran to Jay ChappeH, lot IS. block 1. H. H. Wise's subdivision; Jl.200. Jay ChappeH to William Hunter, tarn* property; 11.200 Frederick Parian! to John M. Byrne. lot 7. block 5, Montgomery Sbuir* second ad* dltlon: $1. C. F. Smtt* to Lelah B. Hoy, lot 7, block 8, bit-tin's addition: 11,600. Miry A. Lilly to Mtllndt P. Fullmer, lot 4. Murray A March's lubdlvlslon: tl. W. H. Cullen to E. F nrnhl**- 1 - "--th 8T feet of lot i. black 2, Leafltna: Height*! fl. W. H. Olllen to E C Hill, south SO fe«t of lots I and 2, block S, Leailand Heights; C. W Battles to A. L. Fullmer, lots M ·nd 17. C. W. Battle*' wbdlviilon, 12.800. EWSPAPERl ·IWSPAPERI

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