The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 5, 1971 · Page 21
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 21

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 5, 1971
Page 21
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TV REVUE AND PREVUE .Qgden Standard-Examiner, Tuesday, October 5, 1971 7B 'Nanny's'the Goat On Tough Schedule By CYNTHIA LOWRY .AP Television-Radio Writer NEW YORK CAP) — To sur-|season vive in the dog-eat-dog world of the Nielsen report for Sept. 20', to 26, second week of the newj television, ABC's frail whimsy "Nanny and the Professor" has more to contend with than most programs. "Mystical, magical Nanny, as the show's theme song calls her, is a pale carbon-of Mary Poppins, and the half hour is really . a children's show. It would'be much more comfortable among the Saturday morning Tcartoons than opening' the lineup on a night when ABC is getting .revved up for a profes- TOPS ON LIST CBS's "All in the Family' moved to the top of the popularity list, followed by NBC's Flip Wilson '.with ABC's "Marcus Welby, M.D.," third. CBS's I new "Funny Face" jumped — from 20th. to eighth— the only new series 'irrthe top 10. ..... Some returning shows, skipped' by viewers first time! out made comebacks: "'Bonanza," 50th on the list pre-' miere week, shot into 17th- posi- " innocent , tion; "Hawaii Five-O" went fluff is stuck on a lonely 30- rninute island of network time with periods fore and aft filled by local station programming. According to one network executive, this procedure was evolved so that local stations could-present sports programs leading tip to the football game. "Nanny and the Professor" is wildly out of place. BRIEF EXISTENCE And then there, is the competition — "Gunsmoke" on one side and "Laugh-In" on the other. The slight fantasy scraped rock-bottom in the first Nielsen ratings of the season. An early demise would be a logical prediction, except that it would be hard to find any program that Martin and starring Dean Jimmy Stewart .. r ._ . could survive under such conda-jtation. were more popular with the home viewers than their tele-' vision series were^another reason television executives get =ray early. j TONIGHT'S HIGHLIGHTS 6:30 (CBS) — The Glen Campbell Goodtime'Hour in color will feature '.the annual Photoplay awards as part, of a salute to 50 years of 1 movie making. Stars will include Ali McGraw, Ryan O'Neal, Jack Benny, Debbie Reynolds David Cassidy andj Susan Day and Writer Erich j Segal receiving awards as they join guest stars Shirley Jones and Dom DeLuise.' 6:30 (NBC) — "Psst! Wanna Buy a Dirty Picture?" is the topic for tonights' color presen- tions. Juliet Mills, who plays Nanny -is- a lively and attractive young'actress. She had trouble struggling through Monday night's inanities. It was something about an old rogue of an uncle—Ray Bolger. mugging frantically—being hired as a rainmaker in a drought-stricken town. Nanny, of course, saved the day with her magic. Richard' Long plays 'the widower professor, but his work in this episode consisted of opening and closing doors and smiling benignly. SEEKS SOURCE While seeking the source'of a large church donation, Sarge , finds himself in the middle of —^ a double murder. 7:30 (ABC) — Tonight's Movie of the Week in color takes look at collectivist society __ the future where a young couple must flee when the U.S. government - enforced - population control. The' made-for-TVers is titled "The Last Child" and stars Van Heflin and Michael Cole. 7:30 (ABC) — Tonight's color show . of "Ironsides" is titled < _ - -j +1,.,* "The Gambling Game." There is some evidence that 5 viewers are moving around the TIP POLICE channels sampling the offerings A policewoman inf u r i a t e s of the new season. Old favorites ironside when her amateurish . are still tops and. the three ma- efforts when tip the . police depart- f . f jor networks are fairly close in ment's hand in a crackdown on the average ratings, shown by gamblers. TELEVISION PROGRAMS ACCURACY of television schedule is the responsibility of the station. The following is printed exactly as submitted to the Ogden Standard-Examiner •^ re £ U ? dT But I evading because CHANNEL O KUTV (NBC) CHANNEL CHANNEL O KCPX (ABC) KSL (CBS) EDUCATIONAL TV STATIONS T KUED, flit l«k«: » KOET. Oi<tn; 11 SITU. rr»»»; 1» KWCS. P|<in •Denotes Color TUESDAY, OCT. 5 EVENING 6:00 Q Scene Today—II* f3 Truth or Consequences* 0 Channel 5 News* 6:30 Q Sarge* Q The Mod.Squad* @ Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour* 7:30 'O Ironside* O Movie of the Week, "The Last Child"* with Van Heflin, Michael Cole @ Hawaii Five-O* 8:30 Q Dr. Simon Locke* i@ Cannon* 9:00 0 The Funny Side 0 Marcus Welby, M.D.* 9:30 0 Arnie* 10:00-0 Scene Tonight* O Perry Mason ^ Channel 5 Eyewitness News* 10:30 0 Tonight Show* 10:40 .0 Tuesday Night Theaier, "Corsican Brothers"* with Geoffrey Home 11:00 Q llth Hour News* 11:30- O Dick Cavett Show* 12:00 0 Man to Woman* 12-05 0 The Late Show, "The Servant" WEDNESDAY, OCT. * 5:55 0 Farm Report* 6:00.0 Sunrise Semester* 6:15-0 Understanding Our World* 6:20 Q Guideposts 6:25 O Farm Report 6:30 O Viewers Digest • 0 CBS News 6:45 0 The Morning Scene 7:00 0 Today Show* 13 Fireman Frank* 0 Beverly Hillbillies* 7:25 0 TV2 Morning News* 7:30 0 Today Show* Q Corner Pyle* 8-00 0 Dinah's Place* . 0 The Lucy Show* 8:30 0 Concentration* Q Cartoons and Morning News* 0 Family Affair* 9-00 0 Sale of the Century Q Petticoat Junction" 61 Romper Room* 9:25 ,0 Channel 5 News* 9:30 Fl Hollywood Squares* Q That Girl* Q Love of Life* 10:00 0 Jeopardy* Q Be-sritched* 0 Where the Heart Is* 10:25 Q GBS News* 10:30 0 Who. What O r Where Game* O Password* EJ Search for Tomorrow* 10:55 0 Carolyn Dunn Show* ' 11:00 O Somerset* . O All My Children* Hi Midday* 11:30 'Q Baseball Divisional Championship- Pittsburgh vs. S. F.* Q Let's Make a Deal* 13 As. the World Turns' AFTERNOON 12:00 O Newlywed Game* "• 0'Love : Is a Many Splendored Thing* 12:30 O Dating Game* 0 Guiding Light* 1:00 O General Hospital* 0 Secret Storm* 1:30 0 F.Y.I.* 0 One Life to Live* 0 Edge of Night* 2:00 0 Jackpot Movie, "The Long Voyage Home" with John Wayne, Ian Hunter O Mike Douglas ; Dialing for Dollars* 0 Big Money Movies, "Violent Road" with Brian Keith and Dick Foran 3:30 O. Bugs Bunny* 3:55 0 Spotlight Five* 4:00 0 What's My Line* .Q Daniel Boone* 0 Big Valley* 4:30 0 I Dream of Jeannie* 4:58'O Dialing for Dollars" 5:00 0 Scene Today—I* Q Five O'Clock Report* @ Dragnet* 5:30 0 NBC Nightly News 0 CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite KLO—1430 14 H»ur» Dtilr 'RADIO NETWORK STATIONS KSL-1140 24 Houn Diily N<vn, Minic, KVOG—1490 5:40 J.m. to 12 Midntiht Ntwi, Muilc, Sp« rtl KSVN—730 '«:4S «.m.-3:4i p.m Niwi, Muiic, KANN-1WO ««.»!. 1*4:45 p.m. Niwt. Music ANSWHRS, - WDEPENbENTRADlO STATIONS KBUH-W .\ KCPX-1320 «:43 i.m.-S:4S f. Hi-Flfaliry *•«'« Newi, Muiic 34 Hturt Dilly KBOC FM—101.9 7 i.m. t« MHni N«wl, Muilc MOUSE, 3. RACCOON, 4. LATCH, HOW PO ' TW&V & UP ONJ INTHE WHAT'S TMAT? 1 LIT ABNER THASS A.OOBOMC/ ^ /AH'LUGITIM TOUCH WIF HEP. BV E.S.P.- » v E-JO-RV-SENS1BLE PP.O-UECKSHUN- MOONBEAM McSWlWE lS-L/SH. r -FITTEM FO'— SHE'S TM'FOPCT KWOK O'GLOP/." WHY DIDN'T YOU TELLL MAKE YOU MUST LURE TELL US THE (SLOPS ty B'JfORD TUN LOOK-IF VOU HA-DN'T R-UWKBP THAT COURSE IN SALESMANSHIP YOU COUL.D HAVE THEM WHY MOTj VJILBERT? SHE J05 SURE— BUT THERE'S BRAP/ HEP HUSSAKIP- RES,SINCE MY SISTER/TAFFY GOT MARRIED, SHE DOESM'T INCLUDE MONEY IM HER LETTERS By COKIR * PINK LANCELOT TWONOSR IF!SHOULD ASK HIM IF ITS ANIMAL, I'LL SHOW YOU AFTER I MAKE ONE.' AND WHAT IS THAT? ..YOU DONTMIND \ WHY, NO, IF I USE THE WORK-} OF COURSE SHOP, DO YOU, ~y NOT... DOCTOR-? Ir ^\VHATREYOU DP iq ANYWAY? NOW WHERE'D THAT BIS TIN CAN SO? HE WAS RIGHT HSKE A MINUTE * SO "-~ JUST DOING MY THINE, MAN: THE~JACKSON TWINS TCMTSUST issuer SPAC6O HOW'M I DOING, WATCH f EVEN A USE THIS GWT BELIEVE THE 'ECO' EVEN HAS A NEW WAY.TO CHANGE TIRES ( PLUGS 50 EASIL.V REALLY GET WITH A'cAE •y LANK LEONARD MICKEY FINN WELL—IF YOU WANT MY OPIMION— MURK DID IT.' I ONCE SAW HIM SMACK HIS KID AROUND SO HARD WAS AFRAID HE'D Kl THE COP WHO'S BEEN ACCUSED BEATIN' UP MONK'S 15 HE A FRIEND OF YOURS? NOPE.' BUT HE SURE HIT THE JACKPOT.' HE'SAID HE'LL NEVER HAVE TO WORK AGAIN] AIN'T THATSOMETHINV YOU HAVE NO IDEA.WHERE RAYKER 15 GETTING ALL THAT MONEY? tv HAM FISHER JOE PALOOKA WOW.' WHATA RUN .' THAT WAS SOOP FOR 30 BUGS BUNNY "«"* V TO 08 SE *V E TABLE-/ THE NICETIES CLOTH \ ' OF OUR AM'TH' \5URROUMPlNS5, REST O' ! GUV'NOK .THIS , -r HIGH-CLASS (_ . •LUNCH/ SYLVESTER LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE THE WORRY CLINIC Busy Life Keeps Old Folks Alert By DR. GEORGE W. CRANE Jennie Crane, aged 94, is my mother. She still does her own cooking and lives in her own home, with except her nobody there brother, aged 8». He goes in to the village to A^C gVJ^W *ii "« «*«•** • —--—o — dine with her and stays in the house over night, for she afraid of being alone. Her failure to remember names, however, is not due to the emotional blocking that can strike even a young person. For all of us may have a name "on the tip of our tongue," yet not be able to bring it forth. My wife and I usually take them out to a restaurant each week at least 3 or 4 times and also for Sunday dinner, just to vary their limited menu. My mother, like many older folks, is very forgetful. Recently I was talking to her on the phone and she said she had company that afternoon. "Who's there with you?" I asked. "Oh, it's my good friend and neighbor," she cheerfully If" we deliberately try to is gnore this frustrating situation and go on about our business, sensed that she was my question just she probably didn't know the name of her guest. So I persisted and again lie hidden name may suddenly pop into mind. But older folks have a fogging of their memory, due largely to lack of nourishment to the brain cells. For when their arteries harden, this slows down the exchange across the thickened membranes, of sugar, oxygen and protein amino acids. Besides, oldsters usually have anemia, with a reduced red blood cell count and lowered iron (hemoglobin), often due to their fase teeth! For denture wearers tend to skip tough meats and _ raw vegetables in favor of whipped potatoes, gravy, and semi-soft , , inquired as to who the visitor menus. They "dunk" their doughnuts, too. Emotional tonics, however, noiiey, i •."=" "-"" — turn to her visitor and inquire, plus caffeine beverages, often " was. "Honey," 1 then heard her "what is your name?" And it was her own sister-in- law. Margaret Sever 1 But please notice how skillfully my mother tried to "cover up" her memory failure, as by glibly telling me it was "her good friend and neighbor." , dissipate that morning mental fog. So does the presence .of relatives, plus the discussion of childhood events. Alwuyi writ« te Dr. Crint In tin of this ncwspipcr, encloimi « Ijnj stamped, lUnatt envelope i»i 25c 1o cover typing tat printlns costs when you aiti for ont «f his booklets. CARNIVAL »y OICK TUKNft "Hey, Mom! It's that lady Dad says holds the record on our phone!" By Phil InterlancK 6-2^ -^rfr.^-. 4/ggSBg^^^-^ ^-^^^^^^^m^^^^^^^^*^^**^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^--^.-- mi* A TA«+> •^™^*"sf^%£^ •^KSSMSaiSSfe"**' 9. CAN.

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