Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 24, 1888 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 24, 1888
Page 4
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.!!, V JtaN JUS Vi U A /< >*' I I I 1 - I -' <'V » jj tvO J\ From Montmorcnr.v. | We s^e by your 'Superb" correspon- Tempcrance meeting at the! d en t at I'enrose the nnioea of n few of schoo! house next Saturday night. j our frionds that have entered the race W. B. Emmonshaa rented the land , for collector, which is all right (with on the Mrs. Haskell farm for the coming season. The central examination for Hume waa held last Wednesday. Mrs, George Fitch has gnrn to Chicago to visit her son Charlie. The Hock Falls W. C. T. U. met Thursday at Mrs. T. J. Wormnn's on Dixon avenue. A fair number were present, considering the sloppy roads. Four new members were added to their list. The type last week should have said oil on the water In Mr. R. F. vShirley's well instead of soil. Mr. Joseph Spear has rented all but 250 acres of his big farm near Erie fur thU year. George Detrlck has brought his engine back from;Sterllng. The horse of Mr. Emmett, which Ml dead last Monday night a week, was being driven by a party of young folks enroute to a leap-year party in Sterling- Mrs.. Ben MoWilliiims expects her father- and family this week from Pennsylvania. It is" their inteution to permanently reside here. His name is Mr. Liedig. , Prof. Maxwell and Mr. T. E. Andrews will address the meeting to be held at the Oolder school house next Monday night. Mr. Will Childs who was kicked at . Mr. Wm. Jamiso'ns a few weeks since, is slowly improving. ' Mr. Charlie Palmer has bought a desirable cpraer lot in the new addition of Woodwdrth. "There will be a public prayer meeting at the Sturtz school house next Wednesday night. Hev. Bunker will lead the services. Several ears of stock will be shipped from Stone the latter part of this week. i>ouglass.,Murray takes one car of hogs and II. S Sturtz one of hogs and two of cattle, and probably J. C. Rundlett one of hogs. Mrs. E. A. McComber and Mrs. Hunter are visiting relatives in this section. Mrs. Charles-Melbury starUd Friday for Burlington, 111., for a couple weeks; her mother being ill. We sincerely regret that our old and esteemed friends Mr. and MrsTJud'aon Rogers found it necessary to RO to Colorado to reside, starting Wednesday. Rev. Mr. Bunker will preach Scott school house next Sunday noon at 3 o'clock. There will also meeting at the Sturtz school s house. Ed. B. Worman, who wintered at Reelfoot Lake, Kentucky, returned home today (Tuesday). . An interesting occasion transpired last night, (Wednesday) in the marriage of Miss E«.a Early, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Early, of this town, to Mr. David V. Grove, son of Mr. David Grove, of Hahnaman, at the residence of the bride's parents, at 8 o'clock. Ilev. C. A. Bunker,' in a few- impressive words, made the happy pair one. The bride looked very becoming dressed in a navy blue silk, while the groom wore the conventional color. 'The ceremony was a ve'y beautiful one, being -"wedded by the ring." An assembly was present to tha number of about fifty to witness the nuptials. A delectable repast was served that was toothsome indee I and which all partook of in the merry manner peculiar to bridal gatherings. The bride's presents were numerous and elegant, pur best wishes follow the newly married couple through life MACK QDEKKOUAIN.. those that are not left) and in watching them dancing around the official hive, a busy bee comes buz/ing in our bonnet and Sweetly sings the Assessor Song, Which strikes the chord and says "come on." GEO. at the after- tie Mr. and Mrs. Esrom M. Wade have been on a wedding trip and have returned to Penrose to make preparations to begin housekeeping. Mrs. Helen Hlpley is in nortu.Jordan, visiting her parents and sisters. Her sister Isabella Is still on the sick list. E. K.Jenkins bought of Bruce Zigler a fine young driving mare the other day. CONDENSED NEW3. The late Mr. Blake, whorepre-sonted Waterford in pnrllnment for several years, left a legacy of £.5'JO lo Parnoll and legacies to neV' era! of Parnell'* supporters. Tha total number Injured by the explosion atDuhitb \Vedneoilay, including those slight! Injured, was thlrcy-four. Four are no dead. A coroner's jury at Chicago In the case of Fletcher Benedict, who died of broncho-pneu- monia Monday, has held Cyrus T. Teed, a "faith-cure" operator, who Is accused of haT- ing caused bis death, for Investigation by tha grand Jury. Dan Wren, one of the convict™! Chicago booster ex-county commissioners, concluded to waive all his legal privileges under the temporary stay of judgment, ank asked to be taken at once to the state ponitentiary at Jollet—to begin his sentence, He was taken down Friday morning. The ice Is breaking up and gorging in the Bnsquehanua and other rivers in Pennsylvania, Delaware and tbe -vast and causing Moods that submerge low land*, and have already cnused great damage to property. The brakoi failed to hold a luiuo er train on the West Branch railway, eight mile* west of Bradford, Pa., Thursday, and the train was wrecked and two men were killed and four more or leas injured. William Duncanson, and old citizen ot Alma Center, Win., was shot at through a window of his home Tuesday night, and upon running out was again shot at, the last shot taking effect In his shoulder. He will probably recover. The would-be assassin Is unknown. United Statea officers captured an illicit •till on a farm near Mlsblcott, near Two Rivers, Win., Thursday. Bam Dousey Is the owner of the farm, and the still was in operation whan the raid was made. •' "Doc" (Lovi) Wilson, the Nemesis of Moen, the barb wire man, has gone to Europe well supplied with funds by some unknown benefactor. The itory is that ho has been hired to forever expatriate himself. The executive com rait tea of the Indiana Greenbach party held a secret meeting at Indianapolis Wednesday night and decided to hold no state convention" this year. ; Tho British house of commons Thursday night finally adoplod-tbe address in reply to the spoorh from the throne. All home rule amendment** were negatived. Michael Fmnegan, of Philadelphia, In company with a woman whoso name is unknown, wns seen to stop near tbe Camdon, N. J., city hall Thursday. Then two pistol shots rang out and Fmnegan dropped dead, while the woman was fatally wounded. Nothing further Is known of the occurrence. Hamlet with the Title Role Out. LONDON. Feb. 24.—A dinner given Wednesday night at the American club in honor of Washington's birthday was attended by several prominent Americans, Including Minister Pholps, Consul General Waller and Bret Harto. It was a smjular feature of the occasion that Washington'* name was not'jnen.lionod at dinner. No speeches were made and not a toast, was proposed. Tlie Dominion Parliament Opened. OTTAWA, Out, Feb. 24. — Parliament opened Thursday with imposing ceremony. Tbe attendance waa largo. • No business of importance was transacted. The governor general's speech announced a number of measures which would be presented, among them several relating to railways, and commended tbe fisheries treaty to favorable consideration. Prominent New Yorker Dead. YOBK,' Feb. 24.—John F. Devlin, a prominent lawyer and Democratic politician, who died Thursday morning, will ba burled Saturday morning. Tba funeral services will be at the church of the Annunciation. The pall-boarors are: Mayor Hewitt,'Judge Brady, ex-Mayor Cooper, H. L/Hoguet, Jenkins Viuischaack, B. D. Babcock and Thomas O'Connor. IttJ'Cted Woman Suffrage* BOSTON, Mum., Fab. «4.—The adverse report of the Wotaan'd Bullrage committee on the question of license suffrage for women vras adopted In the senate Thursday. A bill offered aa a Biibstitute.for tbe report, and favoring such suffrage, was rejected 19 to IS. The prusidtmt of tbe senate cant the deciding vote. • The Uulletln at SBD Bemo. SAN RKHO, Fab. 24.—At midnight Thnrs day the official bulletin announced that tbe crown prince had passed a satisfactory day In all respects, and was considerably better, Dr. Mackenzie; is exceedingly hopeful, and lays that bid patient reads and talks and takes interest in everything about blin. Colorado Wool Growers Heard From. I DENVER,Colo.,Futx24.—At a convention of, r. i t i u i j i L. j..' t I Colorado wool growers Thursday resolutions lately held In bOUth .lor- | W()re adopto d asking Colorado's senators and representatives at Washington to use all proper efforts to restore tbe tariff on wool to the rate existing before the reduction of March, 1883. i Tlie W»j Frye Looks at IU NEW YORE, Feb. 24.— Senator Frye severely criticised the fisheries 'treaty in an interview Thursday morning. He said privileges had been surrendered, new exclusions introduced, and the fishermen's- necessities juggled with. , KroM Hpnln. .Ian. •_'!!, 1*-^. .My dear Father: Another week has passed and WP lnive been travelling over a good deal of ground. I write you /rom Malaga and so will begin where I left off. The ride from Malaga to Granada was one of the most beautiful I have ever taken. For some miles w» rode through a beautiful valley of orange and lemon trees. Tne hills covered with almond trees in full bloom from the car window lookefl like big balls of pink pop-corn. We were surrounded with magnificent scenery for most of the way; deep canons and rocky cliffs on both sides. We arrived at Granada quite.late in the evening and BO could not see anything of the town. \Ve stopped at the Washington Irving Hotel, which Is inside the gardens of the Alhambra, which was the ancient palace of tbe Moors before Spain was 'taken by the Catholics. I don't mean that the hotel was the pV.ace, but the Alhambra. In 1810-12 tie -French turntd it into barracks for their troops and they tried to blow up the whole palace. It has since been and now is being lestored by the Spanish government. The palace is riot a single building, Out a little town surrounded by high walls, entered by gates and protec ea by high watch towers. We went first to the top of the largest tower to overlook th :' surrounding country. The valley stretched out on one side to the high blue h lla and on the other to the snow-capped Sierra Nr.vada and ia very pretty Below on one side was".-the old town with its many colored houses and crooked narrow streets; on the other the newer town with brilliant white houses and beyond on the hills were the caves of the gypsies that looked moie .like pigeon holes thaa the home of any human beings. Coming down from the tower, we stopped to look at a curiuue figure in fantastic dress, who came towards us and said, "I am the Gypsy I'rince; please buy my picture, only a franc." And as we declined, his royal highness looked very sad and with pathetic face and gestures made us understand that he had four small children wiih not ing to eat. Walking along from here we passed the famous Gate of Justice, with the hand aud key, about which the legend is, —that — when - the - hand . grasps the - key Granada - and the Alhambra will fall. After taming a few more corners and walking a M- tle further we were in the midst of the Alhambra. The first court was the court of Myrtles, and gets UH nan e from the myrtle that is about it; there is a long pond in the center with gold tish swimming about. Tbe graceful arches of the arcades were all reflected in the surface. The sun shone brightly and lighted np the bits of color left in the delicate arabesque that covers the walls. '•' We went through the halls surrounding the court out into the court of Lions, where the grim beasts surrounding the fountain of Alabaster liave kept guard for hundreds of years. Tin whole place with Its delicate columns and arches seems more like fairy land than the work of people over a thousand years ago. The Hall of Ambassadors is ti:efinest and largest, but the decoration is'all Unlovely arahes que. We visited tun rooms occupied >y Washington,Irving during his stay at the Alhambra. While at Granada we visited a monastery, founded by an order of Monks who called themselves Cartujas; it was once very lich, but since it was dismantled by the French, the order has been dispersed, and it is now unoccupied except by the keeper. The most "beautiful part of the whole building is the sacristyJwhlch is beautifully finished in the different marbles found in the Sierra Nevadaa. 'The chests that were once. ; usid for the robes are of tortoise shell, ivory, silver and mother of pearl. That same afternoon we drove through a portion of the gypsy town; they live'in caves In the sides of the hills; their houses consist sometimes of several rooms, and in them lives the family, the horses, gjata, pigs, sheep, etc. The gypsies just swarmed about our carriages begging, and followed us for a long distance. Tbe beggars in Spain are something terrible; so before we went into the gypsy quarters we armed ourselves with some small coppers.they call them centimes, and it takes five, to make one cent in our money. The beggars are young and old, fat and thin, healthy, blind, halt, lame, cross-eyed, toothless, noseless and evary kind of deformity. Some of them often say give me a penny aud I will go away. M re strong healthy looking men, women and children beg than those who seem to need charity. Your Daughter, EMILY GALT. JACOBS Oil • r <\ / . . ^ i M«i> 1C "V NEURALGIA. Nerves.—AVer-pit jx>v*ilil«to ot«rrveti>* misery of the. world in some concre'r I'nrii!, iiiitliin<r ever conceived wouM '•nrp:i-"< i'.s linrror>. Ki-cry one of tin thf':i'l-!ike nerve* li:m> each B late!.I power (o c:iu-e cxenici;iiin.;|, tlie limit of v.-hi.-li i* simply (lie Imut ol liiiiniiii cM'hinimv. Think of the tuotli- uiili a *in;_-l" linif. nerve at work toilrivc iiiH'crn-y: think of NEI;HAIXJU, willi u lew in iln's<- Ml irons torment" all luiL-iiic p.iinrully nt once, and then nMlc'-f Hint HI Hie y;ime moment than- MI in K lens ot tlioiisnnrls, perliafa millions, nre MiilK-ring alike. CHARACTERISTICS. Subtile Pain. -Neuralgic nircctions an- pprlnijis I lie most pronounced in the enormiiU" list of nclimaiirl piiins. Nothing in <M> siilitihj In its approach; nothlna so llii»niiit, nrnte nml distressing, and eertninly iiotliinp, all the world admits, yet discovered, so completely subdues it.« ravages nnd so permanently conquers iti pungs M that above mentioned. SYMPTOMS. Symptoms.—N<ninit);!a is defined to t<? a nerve disease, the chief symptom (J , which is n very acute pnin, intermitting, •which follows the course o( the nerve branch nlft-ctal, nnd which seems therefore to be waled in the nerve. The general symptoms nre: Soreness along tho nerve; pains altcnintiiiR between on nohe nml acute pain. Arising from a disordered stomach, It is often attended by vomiting. TREATMENT. Treatment.—Apply BT. JACOBS OIL frequently, gently rubbing tlie afflicted parts; npply to the whole extent of the nerve sureties.*; keep up a gentle friction • until a burning sensation is produced. Avoid sudden change! of temperature. Sold by Drufgittt and Dcaltrt Everywhere. The Charles A. Vojteler Co.. Italto.. Mrt. l?*«*R Wemdcr* e-sHt in thousand of j Enrrns, but ftrr smpn^i^d by fin m.irv •!•< : of invention. Ttiwe who ftrft In nn-d nf pmftt,iMe Wt"»rK thftt can be done TvriHe Hvinf? :»t ; Wne should at once fend Iheir a*!t1rcs^ In I 1 . .' ett & Co., Portland, Maine, and receive free, HHI i Information how either sex, of all 8i<p*. eiu-n fnim ft5 to $2"» [>er day nnd ispwhrils w h'T^-, .-i (hey live. You are starU'rt free. <"ftpit.'it n'»i 11- ! quired. Rome have made over S-Win B sin :,- , ay at this work. All succeed. d\vi: , 8. M. BEECH ER, PLUMBER, STEAM —AND— GAS FITTER,. Iron, and Sewer Otilvert rail I/Ine of Bnuui 6aod», Trlmmlncn, At Pumps and Pump Repairs, QM aid Oil Fixtures. " MHOF OPPOKITK POST OVFK'K OR FOURTH BTBKKT 5c«nfs fl cnta Special Sale for 2 Weeks. Ta,"bl© a,n.d. Corsets. . From Jordan, Feb. 21.—This waa a busy bee day at K. BtauiTers, not particula:ly BO in Ma apairy, where, he masters the I urges t vstablishmeiit of the' kind in Jordan, but not to lose the thread of our atory, we would say it was' iu Mrs. StautVer's parlor which was turned into a ball room by a long string of ladiea from a clear atrip of the promiuent patches, T7T and tagged endh of Peuroae. Aud we. could aa easily paaa through the eye of a needle aa to cat ail we did not eat on the heavy loaded table which was the sweet end of -tha bee,—now thia ia no made up yarn. U. W. Sanders from Madden, M IBS., sends us his county paper, "The Dawn of Light." Oulside of its patent iuaide it would be totally eclipsed by a single page of a single daya issue of tho EV.K- |. NINO GAZETTE At the dan, a committee was appointed to write a letter to the Jordan "Heading Elan" politely Inviting them to join in . the evenings festivity ot a quilting bee on the 3rd of March at Wilson's. A resolution in spirit with the request waa voted on at a recent meeting of ^ the Reading Circle, and lost, the few members of both present, voting "aye". The Jordan lyceum last week waa full, Interesting and long. TRe tariff question was discussed but the jury failed, to agree, sentiments, essays, recitations and songs were of good material and well made. Mr. and Mrs. DavicUen.from Walnut, the bitter a cousin to. Mrs. "Ueo." Jor- danized a few days last week and took in the lyceum and was well pleased. The list of test words sent • out by our Supt, of the schools of Whiteslde Co. lately were all correctly spelled by Miss AdeUa U. John, of the Stone, and by no-other la the town as fur aa we have heard. They say they were jawbreakers. | The new sign of "W. D. Datweiler" on Penrose store is a daisy, and we are glad to note that the trade dope there warrants these sparks of Improvement*. , We were sorry to sea a report of th e F«mo8« charivari party In ithe QA- ZKTTJS Laat week. No matto^ how or- 4*r!y the boys were, they w«^ engaged eTcr wheaftver lt .ppro,^^, tht) ca ' pu , 0| anu^a's CATAKXH ilKMEDY-a ^ ia »rowdy btlBH8««, blotting the re- j by hUtuaturlugstndiilgianaoJ tb* cross, HtiT* OOTB for Catarrh, Diptheria aud COjtJ of eur town. - j teemed to bnwk, awt Uia danger WM j Canker Mouth. O.A.Oliver A Co. 3 ITow Oyxtrrn Are Caught. Most of the best oysters sold at raw boxes nnd restniirnnts nre taken by tong- mcn, ivliile i he very finest are cmight with nippers, which is now In & small way commencing to be one of Maryland's sports. The tongnien form n, very large army of men catching oysters in Maryland waters, and while the size and quality of their production are far superior to that caiiKht by dredgers, the product is much smaller, being a trifling proportion of what is annually caught In the Chesapeake.. Tongs are only used In shallow water and over beda which, In many cases, are the property of the tong- meu. The oynters arc canght from a small boat, usually operated by two men, one on either side. The tongs consist of a pair of rakes with the teeth curved Inward and attached to wooden handles from flfU'eu to twenty feet-long, which are joined -by n pin ubouL_one-third_of_the distance from the iron. The tongman has a platform placed amidships across his little craft, and w'ier over his beds he plunges his tongs Into the water arid, working the handles, secures a few fine oysters, possibly not more than half a peck. This he repeats until ho has secured a bout load, generally not more thnn half a dozeti bushels, the work of two moil for one clay. The oysters, however, are large and line and bring good prices. The largest and finest oysters taken are caught with nippers over planted ground, one at a time, planted early and continually fed, for you can feed an oyster. They grow to enormous sizes and bring correspondingly Inrge prices.—Philadelphia Times. A Page'« 3'nnlfthment. :' Another of the boys had a faculty of drawing. Ills sketches of members were fairly good caricatures. The easiest mftrk for his pencil was the statesman from Massachusetts, and the caricatures ot Ben began to lloat around the house pretty promiscuously. Tho matter corning to the attention of Mr. Butler, complaint was made to the doorkeeper, who hod charge of tho pages. The offending boy was kept.after adjournment to be-rejprl- mauded. He was taken before the statesman, who had waited to hold court on'tbe litUe criminal. , , "So you are the boy that has been making these pictures?" "Yes, sir." -''Umn. How old are yon?" "Twelve, sir." j "Well, go to the cloak room and get my hat." " . The boy scampered off on the errpnd, glad even for the momentary respite,' but revolving in his mind the possible character of the Impending punishment, which was such that the Judge needed h}«hat before going to the place of execution. When the youngster had retnrnedj and tremblingly yielded up the tlle,rthe (general, who has an enormous head, threw the hat like a candle snuffer down | over the tow head and flaming face of the boy. It covered htm like a second mortgage. "My son," said the hero of Nevf Orleans, "when you can fill that hat you caricature Benjamin F. Butler. : Now go."—"Recollections of a Page." Collection of Famous Footwear. The historical museum ot Dresden 1 has a collection of the boots and shoes of celebrities believed to be nnequaled. " Among the historical footwear are a pair of shoes worn by Luther, .the toilet slippers of Maria Theresa, and the pair of riding boota which had to be cut to removt then) from the tired and Irritated feet of Napoleon the night, following tho battle ot Dresden.—New York Home Jouruah " Now is;Y OUR GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY To ^Purchase these Goods at Much- Less Than (Regular (pr.ices. We have Just Opened New Prints, New Ginghams, New Black Dress Goods, New Stamped Scarfs, Splashers, Tidies, Tray Cloths, PiTttDw"iSham3. flew^ "Linen" Col Lars and Ruch- ings. We can save you 25 cents per yard on every yard of Black and Colored Dress Silks. WE ARE THE CHEAPEST DRY GOODS HOUSE IN STERLING. Be.t in the World j BUTTERICK'S PATTERNS I B«t in the World. N. CARFENTCR & CO. General Henderson's assured. nomination is In Consumption Incurable 1 liviad the following: Mr. C. II. Morris, Newark, Ark,, Baya:" Was down with Abscess of Lungs, and— friends and physicians pronounced me an Incurable Consumptive.. Began taking Dr. Klnp's N<JW Discovery for Consumption, am now on my third "bottle, and able to oversee the work on my farm. It is tlie finest medicine ever made." Jesse Middlewart, Decatur, Ohio, says: ."Had it not been for Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption I would have_-dle<i of Lung Troubles. Was given up by doctors. Am now in best of health." Try it. Sample bottles Strlckler ' and JJoorse'a Drug Store. Congressman Hill is have opposition. not likely to "The.beat on earth" can truly be said of Grieg's Glycerino Salve— 'a • speedy cure tor' cuts, bruises, scalds, burns, sores, piles; totter and- all skin eruptions, Try this wonder healer. 26 cts. Guaranteed. (). A. Oliver & Co. Let Mack in served out his term. . ARE YOU MADK miserable by Indigestion, 1 Constipation;• Dizzinebs, Loss of Appetite,-Yellow Skin? Sliilolt's Vlt- aluer is a positive cure. O. A. Oliver &Co. 2 Chicago is proud over its conviction of the boodlers. Punishment certain A NASAI, INJKUTOK tree with each bottle of Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy, Price 50 cents. O. A. Oliver & Co. 2 Buperitltious Conoarnlng Wares. There are some curious superstitions concerning waves. It was formerly held among certain of the devout that the commotion of the sea was owing to the serpents which St. Patrick had imprisoned in a box when he cost them ont of Ireland. The Arab Bailors believed that the high eeoB oft the coast of Abyssinia were enchanted, and whenever they found themselves among them they recited verses which were supposed tosubdae them. Ap old traveler, in a voyage from Hoiislna to Malta, writes that he saw tha captain, an old and experienced Bailor, standing at the bow muttering and pointing with his finger. On being asked what he was doing, he replied that he wag breaking the forco of, a fatal wavti by waking the sign of the crosi) and eaying tho prayers proper for the occasion. He said that every ninth wave was tlie dangerous one. Tbe writer adds: "And as tho ship was Immediately driven more violently, and tbe water suddenly beat high over It, "Thin," laid he, 'ia the ninth. Take the number and count on.' Strange It U that every ninth wave waa much erwater than any of the others, and threatened tha ship with Immediate detraction. ThU wave, how- whenever it approached, thucapt&la, t,Ut at Patents Granted to citizens of Illinois for the week ending February 21, reported through the law ofllce of O. O. Daffy 007 West street, N. W. Washington: J C Uarlow, Quincy, corn planter. M T Chapman, Aurora, pipe well coupling. Same, windmill. N Ctim, Gallon, horse detacher. J N Cruson, Elizabethsowii, raster gage. . .. C Erton, Quincy, hay press. , J MGiberson.'Elsah, railway tie. J F Glidden and P W Vaughan, DeKalb, cultivator. J Goodrich, Henry, foot power bench vise. W A Melbourne,, Swanwick, telegraph key and, instrument. S D Palmer, Rock ford, churn. B U Pritchett, Chrisman, cotton seed planter. L C Tiffany, Jacksonville, harness for veterinary purposes. W B White, N«og», gat«. To ALL MEMBERS of society: Kemp s Balsam will cureyour distressing cough. We guarantee it. Price BO cents and 81. Trial size free. A. R. Hendricks, druggist. OK '^ Our city is growing. Bueklen'* Arale* Halve. The best salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises. Sores, Ulcers, ; Salt Hhcum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped flauds, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skim Eruptions, and postively cures Piles,! or no pay required. It is guaranteed ,to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded Price 25 cents per box. For sale byS triokler & Boorse. 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Dr. Jones'' lied Clover Tonic Is nature's own remedy is purely vegetable, can be taken by thi most delicate.' Cures all stomach, kid ney and liver troubles. 50 cents. Fo safe by O. A. Oliver. St. Louis gets the national Democra tic convention. Eleetrle Bitterns. "This remedy is becoming so wel known and so popular aa to need n special: mention. All who have uset Electric Bitters sing the same song o pmls.-A purer medicine does not ex la and it is guaranteed to do all that I claimed. Klectrio Bitters will cure all diseases of the Liver and Kidneys, wi remove Pimples, Boils, Salt Ilbeiya and of er affections caused by Itnpur blood.-Wili drive .Malaria from th system and prevent as well as cure a Malarial fevers.-For cu*e of Head ache, Constipation and Indigestion try Electric Bitters-Entire satisfactlo guaranteed, or money refunded.-Prlc. CO eta. and 81.00 per bottle at Strickle and Bcorse'a Drug Store. SUH better days are ahead for us. WHY WILL YOU cough when Shiloh Cure will giro you immediato r Price 10 ota., 60 cte. and 91. O. A. Oliver & Oo^ 8 Many Letter J<lst. Letters remaining IB the Poatofllce at terling for the week ending Friday, ebruary 24,1888: aker.Geo Fellery, jno V rown, Mrs Mollle Kink, Miss Lulu arry, ,J LOolder, Miss Maud ueklcy. Mhs Kinina nines, John ootli, Miss Idn Mueller, August ocher, Wm Stienccr, 8 B nnen, Uonry F *\ anliiiskirk, Aden avi-, Clell .. Walter, (* A all, U Welch, Brsdget Vood, Mrs When calling for above letters please y "Advertised." , WM. A. McCuNE. r. M. SutLon' CURE will immediately re!eve Croup, Whooping Cough aud Bronchitis. O. A. Oliver & Co. t Mnrrloce Chas L Logan and Cora Young, both )t Union Grove. . J C Behrens of Hopkins, and Ida ,1 Tolkerg, of Clyde. Martin Maing and Mrs Amelia John- ion, both of Mpntmerency. Mason W Pratt of Fenton, and Margaret K Saxtonj of Como. EL Barnes, of Uenesee and-Minn Beeinan, of Sterling. Henry J Hendricks and Mary Alldritt, both of Clyde. WILL YOU SUFFER with Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint V Shilotnj Vitnl- "zer Is guaranteed to cure you. 2 Best Kiitate TrannferM W B Price to Michael Kelly, lot in Sterling, 8800. A S Durward to George , Durward, and in Uatick, $1400. Chas. C McCee to James VcCullock, land in Ustick, 91800. OMary Dawaon to Fred Grater," lot in Sterling 8000. •. ' ' . Emeline A ' Dyer to Geo. Mohler, land in Coloma, 82,000. Henry Green to W H Scott, land in Montmorency, 8800 ; W H Buzzard to M R Watson, lota ii Sterling, 81000. BG Wallace to Wm J Wullingford lota in Sterling, 8350 A Smith to Jacob Vandermark, Isinc In Ilahnaman, 8500., ATTENTION! I invite your attention to the fact that I nave WOKTH OF BOOTS SHOES Ol the very test quality, which I will sell at and befow COST, as I wish to retire from business. 1 kindly Invite everybody, and espeoltt'ly my old custom- • ers, to come ami profit by this sale. This Is no catchpe -uy aJIiilr. but it Is a Fair and Square Sale And u I uave & Urge stock o( Boots aud Bboen, you will h»ya achanoo to get iiuh bargsliii that wero novf r heani; of before. I IT Kurt Thlr4 Street. Havt, on hand a lig' stock of_LiyoOedar (Posts, the best J&ichigan ScH (Pine Lumber, 'all kinds ] of (Building JdaUrial, Sash, Qoors and (Blinds, Coal, Lime, Cement, Hair, etc,, etc. . Everything at Lowest Jafar- Tcet (Prices. A big advantage in dealing with that you can get your loads without going over the railroads. Nieeot kt»d of Hqnare and Flat Fluk- eta. tor garden fence*. 1 nat received GO t: C3 CO Ul CO •!«? COIT A tira I>-:K.I OAT BCOOT P»nrr t Frl<liy. run U toi Ni.fv'.t Kuii'Uy. XiflhC hlonaLlu bl<ail<.^: I Uik. M.ttooa. VenolUoa llluc. VeUi»v, Ulho l.Al •--, I'.in-Mcr >nd Wtgon cni.. K j \.ituMiini.' tiCkcviify. DHtt b«y4 k ft M »bUiff. M Otic Com «i.,l job U done YOUR BUGGY Tip ftp fat Ch.iln, Lflwn Scatf, Sj^h, Flower Pot»,Hftby Caf7i.t t ;c*. Lurtain I'oltt, homlUire. Kront IX«or»,Siuf»;-front». Screen IXx»r», &o*U, Man;! C », Iron 1-tnrri. In (.ut c^rythlne. JuM the Uiliig fur the Uilica to u»c •* bouM FORONEiDOLUR GOIT'S HONEST Ar* you going to Paint this year I If to, do nt buy & paint containing water or benzine wtxea for the BAIIIC money (or lieiwiy to) you can procur* tDlT A CUIt Htltfe PAI.NT ts w.urui«4 to be «a HUM HT, <.KM_ l.\R UNfSEKD-WL MIST end free from, water luitf bcnrlin. DVMB* tkU \trmm4 *s4 take •• olbrr. Merchants h*adlinf ft *re our agents and authorized l-y u*,ln writing, to wtrrutlt lowrar i YKAKH ttllh ft COAT* « t VKiHil «]|h ft (lUTH, Our Srudni AT* the Umleil Stylet used In tbe liast nnw becoming to popular in the Went, *nd up with the timei Try Uu» brand of llUNKhf I'ilNT *nj you wiU never regret It, Thli to tt>e wise U sufficient PAINT COIT'S FLOOR PAINTS Pal'it that never drici'.'bcvotd the sticky point, w;tiie R week, *jwul V c !••:•. .->mt then sweurl Next tuna oil for I MIT I i If* I UKIH PllXT 4 popular *nit * !e ih»U->, w:trr«a(»«l (• 4rj *tli our i>it.liU No truuUft. Ho flWOJJT DRY STICKY Sold by O. A.IOUver & Co. Cted L,ine IVo. 1. I BWIN ne haul lu a s IN McMANIUA.1. IIA.H STARTED A iw dray, and Is prepared to do all kin is ol >K- Moving household Rood* and piano* laity. Leave nrdura at Mclvlu ft Snug .wnrr Johnson's Krocflry. -. vo^ot/ To Trade. A well Improved farm in Whiteside Co. of 140 acres to trade for Neb.-^or Kansas lands. Strike quick if you w&otlt,it t» desirable. tf F. B. HUUBARD,

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